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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 28 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - June 28, 1918, Postville, Iowa Postville Herald successor to the Twenty sixth year june 1918 number 35 killed near Milwaukee passenger crashes into Ford Cor tuesday Ladys Skull crushed two others severely Complete what promised to he a delightful Joy ride was yesterday turned into a grim tragedy by another of those terrible Grade crossing Ucci clench that Nowa Days Are All the Story As Given to a Herald reporter is substantially As follows a Luhetta Carl Thompson and her miss Carl of Shine had been making a visit to the Home of the formers a at having finished their the doctor sought to make their return journey Ono of rare Delight by a Cross country which at this season of the year is most inviting with All Taro aglow in its glorious garb of accordingly on with a favouring sky and a smiling cd they started out from Kudd fir their Wisconsin Home in the until this noon lunch the Mother occupied the front scat with after which tin daughter sat in front and the Mother occupied the rear seat All went Well its they drove along until a Little past when As they approached the Grade crossing near the old Cornell about two mile i West of when the who was no train is there v and informed there was lie it re that ecu us Shin and the Milwaukee and Hock Island tracks run Side by and at each crossing Between these Points the Road traveler crosses both and the military Road Uno parallels the Strum save at the hence it might have been that the being to this chanced to glance in their backward look Only up the Rock is land track and of course found that he that As it just As the front wheels of the Iford were close on to Milwaukee a shrill shriek from a locomotive struck terror to the hearts of the occupants of the Foi there was a train almost upon like a hush the doctor slapped on his emergency Brake and threw his in Giue into perhaps killing it god Only too late the car Hud nosed onto the truck a few inches too As almost at the Sami instant Ilia above was the Milwaukee eastbound Trail crashed into the front wheel o the Ford with tremendous com plemely somersault ing the cur Hack hurling it about Twenty Frei where it landed Muju Virely Bottom fortunately for the doctor am miss Thompson the to of us car was which doubt lots them from being crushed t death hut ruined and dazed Tiluy from beneath the and begun to search about it and Call to the Moll i but finding no sign of her and jeep in lug no reply to their and Limo ing Down the truck they by acid will horror the lifeless form of the Molliei lying on the grass just boy oud the cat tie her Skull crushed ills presumed that we Iii the Miglino Hiigli the front end of the car it whippet the rear end violently against lie Sid of the engine and throw Tho nip son with Tho train Crow picked tip body and the Oiler members of Parl brought them to the Choily was taken to Tho undertaking brooms of Harris be Huotu and pro Parod for going out on the inight rain for Tho old Wisconsin Horn Baocam Panold by daughter and i truly a sorry ending to trip it hut gave so us Ion Promise of pleasure Thompson was a age 8 months and 17 Days the entire party Woro Appeal ing people in every and Lii alb Ortuno visited upon Ali mini Quoit of of sympathy on Ivory hand the doctor says the engine of tvo n warning whistle until Lite blast jus i the train into them i Ifred Lilley took the laughter Buck to Tho of the Reou Sci Plou up any personal Halo ii they might have loft in limit hut Jed anti to have this Wrook i oar towed into i Ulio drafted boys who loft Walro Al i letter Troin Oliver Philadelphia june Uncle in Philadel shia waiting to go across to some Viliore in dont expect to be lore Oiny a few loft Pons cola aim Day night and got Here this t seven came by Way of Cla and went through during Tho Day and it sure s a pretty would hate to have missed seeing through Washington about Pic a Idalu of the so didst Sec the station Here is a regular Clear no House for there coming and going nil the seven Here were at Liberty every night while so i came to town not ii Meh a Bud place but am anxious to be on the Way nothing else to so will quit and write More when 1 get a Chance Over of Volt n a the above letter was received Hee by Tululu from his in a son a former i Stville and who now re sides at lilo Outing Coil car Wilile meandering1 about the Mil win Luce depot monday we noticed the yellow stiff inscribed with a piece of Sandstone on the steel Side of a Coal cur Harvey Itol erts Hud received that Lay from somewhere in Illinois when i am dead and Laid away i will have no use for my Back pay Hilton my Tombstone i want it wrote waiting for an increase got my Goat it is sad to relate that one is pitted is a writer of epitaphs should fail to his that it might be handed Down to hut cruel ate this Gneiti of purest Ray Serene Mist forever go rolling Down the Cor of known Only by that in own name and that would got anybody fair Kool merchant represent a gives out tie following list of fair food prices for Alla Murce county oat meal 7kc per in Corn Corn 0je Hurley Willce e Oats s e Liolu 1earl liar Ley c wheat Zijic 25 5 s Dittli of an a baby boy was born to and Villi let Sanders last in idly oven but it was not decreed that the frail Little form was for Long to bless the Iunisi into which his coming had brought so much of Joy to parental of on Tho following evening1 the frail Litlo a peril was wanted Buck to him who suffer Little children to coma unto and forbid Thini for of Midi is the kingdom of and at live Oclock suit any evening Tho Little body was Laid to rest in Poolville attend family attorney and hurling and mayor and hurling and family of this oily were at Tho Llen Dricks Homo Kle Evillo of last weak attending u reunion of the Icet Chuqui i turnings people about Sevonty live Woro in at representatives of the fam ily being present from six different these reunions have Boon an annual event in this family for some yours Ivul the pleasures attendant on such gatherings Are beyond but lot or traitor v you Are either a Patriot or a you Are making your own open coil1 i Sulon by your it May to years before you Iro found out As there is a pod in so will Trio Hugo come when Iho withering Blastoff punishment will fall upon you with a mighty and relentless to a Togo upon you and your kind a awful Revenue to satisfy lip try which will go up in the memory of american boys you Are helping to Council Helen jul gave a Plenzo Paziy at Dupion he thirs last tuesday fat of Yoou or Murtle v Postville will celebrate july 4 plans perfected for a monster Celebration in this City on the nations Natal big feast of fun and the town that does things and does them has arranged a big program of patriotism and pleasure for next july and invites All the Liberty Loving and happiness Hunting people of the towns and country roundabout to come in and partake of the greatest Gem of Joy that Ever lightened the gloom in a world of time and space forbid that we go into but we positively guarantee every feature advertised will be presented for your enjoyment and to your entire what Postville purposes that she we make no promises we do not make and Bear this in mind Postville always totes fair the and the people tote fair with in the while the people Are the Postville Community greatly will play plenty of popular and patriotic and promptly at 10 Oclock will Lead the Gracd Parade to tie Postville High school where the speaking program will be held in the big Chautauqua which Keith Vawter has turned Over to the local Talent and absolutely As his contribution to our glorious patriotic Here Taylor of Waukon will dedicate Postville service there will be music by the band and the Arden Reading of the declaration of Independence and a patriotic address by Hilton Ira Jones and possibly other no every thing absolutely at noon a big picnic eat and Park your Altos on anybody and you will lie extended every Courtesy and convenience at their after More music by the at our big five Day Chautauqua opens with a grand program of mirth and Melody by the Arden four talented and superbly gowned american girls who never fail to including War after the a big program of races and contests for and purses will occupy every minute of the time until the supper after supper a big free open air at 8 another big Chautauqua a musical first part by the Arden followed by a wonderful demonstration of electrical science by Hilton Ira entitled a study in including War Only Welcome to july to our big patriotic bring your friends and your sweethearts and hired girls and have a Happy Day in hip hip Hooray most Vullo 125 Yerx from files of june 1s93 editorial dont let the soldiers miss Tho Book kill Zuver Keliik decent to n German spy is Sam ily wasting american soldiers Are making Good wherever they Are now is Hie for All Good women o come to the wild of wooden ships will to of More serv Ico Timu wooden to but dont spend your life grinding the other Fellows the fellow who coined the phrase of look and also did a Good Days it will to a Wise policy for habitual liars to talk about something else be sides the whether every Man has a Book in him or every Man has his own pet War everybody else in Hulland May be kept but Tho minister of foreign Trade has a besides providing the War Gar Den gives the Home defender practice in Trench some of those who Are crying Speed up the War Are pretty alow going in their own Lloyd George says newspaper men make Good Public it is in but with them to Kinnke a longer la a human consumes the food that is intended to i stun Tho life of somebody the Riuo is not always 4o Tho but n Tho present Nood for government production Speed is absolutely Neces the management of the fourth of july was hut it is requiring n big it Nickle to Render the whole world Safe and the Wiir weddings show that in the March of events cupid always keeps a step or two ahead of the procession led by while the roman offs May be in annl they should to Able eventually to do Woll in vaudeville if Only they could reach this and now we Are Lienk urged to ont whatever perfection to May in pc Titt Flynod in or Ostlyng with ghetto is going to come in the United states is to draft 000 class 1 certainly they Are firs class As that is the Only Brand of fighters this nation Henry Llonna my a visit from the Stork this Walter Cliris is climbing Postville his to lift of Decorah of friends Here Harvey Anil Hessie Roberts have re turned Home for lit Rummer a reunion of the Kerr families wan held Al the Kerr last Hun and John Meyer and Meyer were visitors at Ridge Way this and Poesch and a Waltz were Waukon visitors of Agar and Krank inn Arturr Are it Browns where they intend to Huy Ward is wearing abroad smile caused by the arrival of nether girl at their in Hun and Coli Moi returned rom Hie worlds fair in of Adair who has Een Here on a visit to her returned to her Home me Kinley took n Carload of cattle o returning yesterday with Cheek for the amount re lived for thieves entered the Home of Christ Joesph last sunday and took iwo watch necklaces my other will celebrate the fourth f july in a big next Frank Merriam is speaker of he itunes Hoy will read the Dee i ration of Independence and the bund rom Elgin will furnish the Jos Villo gets Nashua Hud Hist week Hie id Licul Chautin Quimi Talent that Postville peo Ile will be enjoying next and be wish to Call to the particular at Enion of our people to following comment on three of the Altra Lions u Charley Wallis presented it in his Bush us Post the melting 1ot was by far the Iest attraction Ever placed before u Vashus a Liiv was Linie y As it deals with the great problem if making americans out of the Vari his nationalities that come to out the were excellent and the audience gave undivided at edition from first to last Tho thursday afternoon lecture by who had gone to Krance when but 17 years of age Ulm served in he ambulance was a Clear interesting Story of the War and was at tent Lvcy listened the thursday evening entertain a Cal by Hie Lloyal dragoons was a season of mirth and Melody and every one had a Good time of Tivod the Lawler Chuu Tauquil system is positively bringing to 1osl Ville this year the und highest class Talent Ever by or any where on a Tive Ilay at cast two of the numbers the melting it co and the Schild Liiva presented on a Ali Radical Eire i would each Cost you As much us is asked for a season ticket to this in Ligniti enl ten number is the Price of a season making the Cost per program but can Yoi afford to pass it up tickets now 01 Sale it every business place in most Huy yours when the War is Over and Tho Des Olatson it has caused is viewed in its full history will stamp it with the Baleful made in Germany thinks Thorto Are on 000 or american soldiers in there Are that Many american newspaper men Over the name of general we Ore informed from is pronounced to rhyme with but weve Al ways wanted to know what boche1 rhymed no Pomrin in Khaki can be served a hence the female of the Mill tary though As thirsty As the must choose Between patriotism and playing 18 Hills of Beans this sum met will be n great Deal More Benell Cal than 18 holes of besides you will get Tho Beans in addition to Tho Gorman wounded arc being sent to so that the people at Home wont know How Muny of them there it ought to be quite a treat Lor the 1miio Creamery Secretary Carl Sanders monthly re port of the Postville Farmers Coope Rativo Creamery for May is an sex one Dinghy Good it shows that to receipts of Cream for the month Aggro gated which Lintt Rumic Svi Hullit converted into o of a 1 which sold at Ai average Price of cunts Pur Pound the average Price paid for butter a was 47 Trio total receipts of Tho Mouth Woro and the to till expenditures leaving the i jul sum of to to divided among the Creamery showing of this Hind is indeed one to be proud of mid should boing Alluto to the patrons of the Cream Ery and the citizens of this common the Farmers Creamery a it big asset to Postville and the Lle Raul is neighbourhood items of interest from Allama acc and adjoining tie whole nation is buying Icaro Cuni has been found near a to Tim Lias changed is a Nick to at a keel Cross dance in last week 100 Wichels were the inn in state Hank at dyers Villo is now the United states children were born in Winn Shick county lust 201 girls mid 104 new Albin will celebrate the fourth of to go to the Keti tin1 Elkport cheese c Cream piled per for Bette rent for Hie Glrst half of Litton cutters in gotten Borg Are on i strike i Nee last demand ing higher a Carload of hogs donated to the red Cross by the banners of Brot the sum of Ossin held a big patriotic meeting at which Dunn delivered the the Garnavillo used Cross chapter will celebrate tie fourth of july mid Ilso hold a Sale of North Mctie Rygor is Lew additions Are being platted and tie lots Are Selling me a Decorah Soldier who died at Camp was buried in decor us Ploug of Elgin sold eight steers Asl week for which he received the icat sum of or Clayton county has started Ess Day fund we Rich thus far has net Ted for the Iowa soldiers Emer gency Harold and Horace of have each knitted a sweater for the red and some women wih not James Meginnis of lost two Middle lingers and half of the Little linger of his right hand when his hand caught in a Pulley while working at the a week ago sunday miss Catherine Ive Enan of near Waukon died she is the third child in that family taken by death within the Short space of three eighteen cases where the owners of land refuse to destroy Barberry Bushes have been submitted to judge judge advocate of the service league court at Lgeorge 25 years and miss Irene both of Buchanan were instantly killed when their automobile turned Turtle on a High the used Cross at Prairie Duchien is planning on a big fourth of july Celebration on july 3 and 4 among other it is proposed to have nil aeroplane there As a free attraction fur the two men were arrested at recently and Are believed to be responsible for the theft of autos and accessories in Iowa and about Worth of stolen property was recovered from a farm near the three persons Are dead As a result of a collision he Ween a Chicago Treut Western passenger train and an Auto Mobile on a crossing at in Marshall the dead Are Gin tier a retired his wife and Ernst a lures Noii of was on the Chicago Market lust week with three loads of sixty four averaging Lum sold at 817 with one averaging at this is the highest Price any yearlings Over sold for of Iho open the slackers Monument erected at Lawler Lac the Suh Luller family some time has been removed Fiou the main Street and burned to Tito me platters have Hud a Large steel hug pole erected on the former site of the hideous Monument and have donated to the Utu cuss of that Jim mayor of learning that William tuft would glad to note its increasing come to Mcgregor on the noon v j kidnapped that get Luau and hauled the comi Nateo on Relief him in his to the Milwaukee work have decided to extend the time shops and induced Taft to address for bringing in lit clothes until West the showmen which he did and during in order that the country the talk to dubbed Breezy Jim people May Iovu Timu to bring in their Juying him other As a live

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