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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - June 17, 1926, Postville, Iowa Youth rides West by will Irwin the Story so far on their Way to the new Cottonwood Gold diggings in Colo Rado in the Early seventies Robert Gilson easterner and his Pfortner Buck Haj Den a Veteran Miner witness the hold up of a stage coach from which the express Box is stolen before the bandits Are scared off. Among the hold up victims Are mrs. Constance Deanc and mrs. Barnaby who intends to open a restaurant la Cottonwood. Gilson meets Marcus Handy editor on his Way to Start the Cottonwood courier. Arriving in town Gilson and Hayden together Purchase a mining Opalm. A threatened Lynching is averted by the bravery of Chris Mcgrath town marshal. Gilson becomes disgusted with Gold digging what with its in ending labor and Small rewards and so the sudden appearance of shorty Croly old time partner of Buck is not altogether disconcerting to him. Com Tim by nil Iowla Wisto service chapter in continued the Loos which Buck flashed Back at shorty was a Herald of destiny. Had not Buck dropped that Little hesitant  flutter of the eyelids had i not caught it on the Wing the furore might Hare run very differently for All three of us. It expressed was it regret of his bargain on the one hand there stood i an unseasoned Tenderfoot of Little use in Gold washing on the other his old and tried partner. Yet he was bound to me by ties of Law and Honor and Buck was not the Man to Edge out of a bargain. He could not know How much at that moment i wanted to Edge out of it myself. The sight of the Camp of human beings in aggregation had further sickened me with my hard lot on Placer claim number 32. It flashed on me that Buck and shorty wanted to be alone that if they could talk it Over they might come to closer agreement with the outcome which i desired. And there in my hands was my excuse. I met the editor of this paper coming across Ludlow s pass i broke in. And i promised to look him All right replied Buck with a readiness which piqued me in spite of my deeper desires. Guess til be somewhere round Camp until late so Forth i went to search for Marcus Handy and the Cottonwood courier. Then i first saw it a week before i had thought of main Street As crowded. Now it ran brimful. A Blob of Light above the Roadway Drew me up a Side Street. It illuminated i saw presently a Board Shack leaning against a log Cabin. I looked again and there stood the object of my search. An , such As i had seen carried in political processions proclaimed that this was the morning courier Pioneer newspaper of Cottonwood. The main Cabin like nine tenths of tie buildings in Cottonwood had not yet achieved the luxury of a regular wooden door. In its place Bung like a Portiero the conventional Gunny sack. I pushed through this to my nostrils came a scent pungent and pleasing but strange Printer s Ink. Among the details of a cluttered Interior my Eye caught first the Central group. At a Printer s Stone just Large enough to hold two forms stood Marcus Handy in overalls splashed with Ink and grease hammering a Block out of a Galley. In one Corner fumed a hot Sheet Iron stove. The Shack beyond revealed the figure of a fourteen year old boy tinkering with Marcus Handy s precious Flat bed press. Beneath it their Heads propped on a pile of a White print paper Lay two other boys even smaller sound asleep. These i a was afterwards to learn served As substitute for the boiler which Marcus Handy hoped to get some Day from Denver. When press time came they a would turn the great Crank which revolved the Flywheel. To one Side of the room in which i stood rows of Printer s cases Lay so close to the Stone that two ancient printers furiously setting Type constantly bumped the Boss. On the other Side was a Pine table littered with newspapers proofs scattered sheets All weighted Down by a double barrelled Derringer. Marcus Handy jerked up at me a nervous Eye. For god Sake Don the began and then of the Tenderfoot he rested in position for an instant his wooden Mallet poised and i saw that the lines of his face were drawn and his eyes bloodshot were Yov fooling when you said you had a College education the beet and most Complete education that Harvard University dispenses or affords i said taking up where we had left it off on Ludlow s pass our Western game of chaff and rhetoric polished refined but Handy broke that off with a gesture As though the situation were too serious for humor. God almighty must have sent you to Reward Roe for the one Good deed i Iever did which i Don t know what it is said he. A Printer s got drunk and run out on me and the paper Ain t half written. Don t say you re doing anything tonight just grab a Pencil land a handful of that copy paper Over there and bring it Here even As he spoke he had hammered out the Block and when i had obeyed fascinated and turned Back to him he was lifting with careful fingers a stick of Type. Take notes on this and when you be taken them sit Down there and put to Jpn into the English language he added never looking up from his work. And Don t Stop to get any of your College grammar into it either. There was a fire this morning up in White mule Gulch. Got two Cabins on a claim. Faroe of claim Jennie june. Name of owners John Ferguson and and Woolwich. Got that Down Marcus jihad now filled out his column and set in the Rales. All right. Two Hundred words. Work in Someth Fig about. Where there Are no fish. A Uncle Eben Euglon said Uncle Eben la a great a omit it until Yon begins to at about it we a neigh Bra a. If Lactea 8t&& Ostrich As food the flesh of the Ostrich is used for food to a limited extent in the sections of the world where the Ostrich is bred. It is used fairly frequently by the arabs who regard it As most wholesome and palatable. The value of the feathers however makes it improbable that the flesh of the Ostrich will Ever be used to any considerable extent Askew to a Tho Blu also than mountains 08 rendered to Tho accompaniment of a guitar a violin and Tho Only piano in Camp by a Hawk of cod woman in Short and ruffle skirts. 1 had to wait until she rendered two encores Bosforo i could announce to Buck Ulm shorty that i wanted to Soo Thorn Oil important business and drag them to the recess Between Tho variety and cheap Jack Eckstein s dry goods Emporium. And there i wasted no Lino with preliminaries but plunged straight into business. Shorty i said i had never heard any other name for him do you want to buy out my share of our claim it was Buck who answered. He looked upon me with a startled Eye which grew a Little suspicious As he asked what s the game got anything in sight nothing in mining said i. But i be been offered a Job on the newspaper. And i want to take shorty spoke a slight difficulty in pronunciation proved that since i left him he had taken Many drinks. Thrown Down your Good old partner huh he exclaimed truck gently. Double Cross him  shut up shorty commanded Buck. This is a Square kid. Only i want to see if he Ain t a in fool. Don t you know you re Lettin go of a mighty promising Prospect i know you think so i replied. Course said Buck with the flush of an understanding for which i had not Given him credit you re plumb disgusted with Diggin just now. It s hard for a Young fellow to get Down to real work. But the first week s always the toughest. You Law come to the p let exclaimed shorty waving slightly toward me As though to begin hostilities. How much do you want to skin me for i Don t want to skin you at nil said i a Little touched in spite of shorty s condition. Just what i put into Don t know s i can let you cheat yourself that Way said Buck utterly ignoring then and afterwards the interposition of his muddled Friend. Why Don t you grub stake shorty then you la have your share Comyn grub stake h-1" broke in shorty. No grub stake in mine when we strike a pocket concluded Buck. And How s shorty Gold to pay i d rather not grub stake anyone said i and shorty can pay me on the instalment plan can t he i was growing eager for our discussion had brought up in my mind the sickening memory of that last week in the ooze of the Stream bed and the blisters on my hands still burned. I perceived however that my affair was going Well. Buck had not denied that he wanted to Combine with shorty. Only honest Man that he was he had tried to guard my interests. I be got a better Chance with the courier i added. Of course i Don t like and Here i stopped too shy by virtue of my youth and my origin to bring out the rest. I wanted to Tell Buck that my Only regret at Selling claim no. 32 was the thought of leaving him. Toward Buck i Felt at that stage of my Western wanderings As a Young Soldier must feel toward a Stern but benevolent and efficient Superior officer. But Buck it seemed understood for he replied in an Union Teddy Low voice ill be sorry to lose you and it was done All excepting of getting logic into the muddled head of shorty. Alternating Force with tact. Buck accomplished that shorty had admitted ownership of a Hundred dollars. He even Drew it from its hiding place in Back of his watch. I should have Eliut to bind the bargain. I was to keep my horse and the personal articles of our equipment and to take shorty s note at three months for the remainder of the Money we had put into our outfit which had now been transmuted into our claim. That note shorty was to pay off on the instalment plan from Curren yield. Having arranged the details of this simple transaction having got momentarily at least the consent of the party of the second part Buck and i hurried him to the Comstock lode Saloon. We managed to Jam our Way to the bar gave shorty a drink to keep him quiet paid the harassed bartender four bits for a pen Ink and two sheets of paper. Buck wrote in his scrawl hand at my dictation which seemed entirely to satisfy shorty. But he Drew Back at the last moment glaring at me with a suspicious Eye. Then his shoulders began to heave with suppressed laughter he suddenly took the pen and appended the signature of Edward d. Croly to agreement and note. And having handed Back the paper he let his laughter go. All right he inquired. Look z All right Don t it Ain t Worth paper z written on. Note signed by Drunken Man Ain t no shorty s laughter became Homeric. Some trouble to get Light in Early times it was not until 1834 that incite matches superseded the Flint and steel. Every House in Britain prior to this time had its tinder Box filled with charred Linen rags. These Burnt fragments and shreds known As tinder were kept along with the Flint and steel on the mantel above the fireplace. With the tinder Box were Long thin Flat matches tipped at both ends with Sulphur. Thus there were matches Ages before the Lucifer match was invented but they would not fire by friction. When a Light was needed the matches Flint and steel were taken from the Box and the tinder left in. No Appeal a journalist his wife and child Little Alice were having lunch together. Can i have Home More pudding Mother inquired the child. I think you have had enough said the journalist it or tit make you 111." his wife As is the Way of mothers said let her have a Little it will make her ill insisted father. Utile ahc%looke4. From one to the other. In Tofily we Bee your half of our output n a Roand Shuro i had act halt of our output ready for Yon Vio go in the mall detail of re Ward or my week s work. Not in the least disturbed by a Drunken re Mart out he note i jostled Back to a Marcus was still sticking Typo Wlton Jerky maniacal Speed. All i said ill ill re it echoed Marcus. Now move n a hard Boss i am. Local to awful Slack. Has t been a stage shooting and it s saturday night at that. Want three columns of Telegraph stuff Telegraph sure news of the world. Toll find the Denver Friday morning Pale i and the wednesday k. A evening sheets there in Tho Heap Mem and rewrite me a set of looking . If there s a hanging anywhere play that up big for the main Story. If anything happened in Congress make Throe or four inches out of that unless it s got to do with mine. And remember were Republican lock Stock and barrel. Trent the democrats i a tiered the Denver papers to my self and settled Down to my Job. How Over ten minutes inter Marcus looking up As he transferred a stick of Type to the Stone found to loafing and called Hustle i what i want Nln t literature but Speed Struc Gung with the creative problem of imagining How a Man might Deport himself on the scaffold i had looked up to meditate. And my Eye had caught on a Sheet of proofs hooked to a leg of the Stone. At us head was an advertisement for mrs. Barnaby s boarding House nud restaurant California and Aspen streets special attention to transients. At Marcus rebuke i started unnecessarily and As i Bent to my work i Felt my Cheeks burning. Marcus on bidding me Good night added that sunday was a Day off for the whole staff excepting maybe him and he did t know but that even he was going to get the big sleep. I had found in the meantime that my duties of the courier like his were not to be wholly literary. When the inst news filler had passed into Type i helped Wash the forms carry them into the pressroom fasten them onto the Platens. As soon As the somewhat Jerky old press at the furious Impulsion of the two boys began to Knock off passably fair impressions All spare hands set to folding Marcus on the Stone i on our editorial table the Little Printer s Devil on the floor. But not before i had retired into n Corner with one of the Early dim copies and read myself for the first time in print. It was Marcus who recalled that i had no lodgings. Sorry i can t bed you Down he added but i m sleeping three in a room As it is. My Cabin s just behind Siegel s Beer Hall. If you re doing nothing today come around about noon and rout me out. There s u lot of things i be had to leave at Loose ends. You d better go to the St. Louis lodging House. Tell them i said they were to give you a by now very tired what with a night of mental work piled out a Day of physical i trudged Down main Street. It was three o clock in the morning. The clerk of the St. Louis lodging House Lay wrapped in n Blanket just inside the Flap of his tent a dim lantern illuminating a drawn and unshaven face. He woke when i Shook him muttered that he was full up fell asleep had again to be shaken awake before i could make him understand that i came from Marcus Handy and must have a bed. Then without a word he shed his covers Rose stretched yawned took the lantern in one hand and a Roll of blankets in the other and led me to a tiny compartment with Canvas Walls. On the floor Lay three men snoring Between them and the Wall a pile of Hay afforded just space for one More. My nostrils fresh from the pure air of a Mountain night bridled at a vile mixed scent of human effluvia stale tobacco staler whisky. The clerk unrolled my blankets collected my two dollars and turned away. Next morning stirrings on nil sides woke me and i Misook out my clothes dressed and emerged to the outer air i made my toilet with such poor and soiled facilities As the St. Louis lodging House afforded a tin Washbasin encrusted round the Edge a roller Towel whereof Only one hand s breadth was Gray instead of Black a Hairbrush from which the bristles were coming out in Bunches a stained whisk Boom a piece of broken Mirror. Some pro munition of need had caused me when Buck and i left the claim to slip a clean Collar into my overcoat pocket i put this on and started for breakfast at mrs. Liar Nuby s boarding House in a condition of Sabbath respectability Tsevat had i entertained the slightest doubt of where i intended to Board la Cottonwood. I pushed through the Canvas Flap of mrs. A Barnaby Shrof ejecting to fun a mrs. Deane at the Long table wholly disappointed when i old not. Three of the mines their Eves on their tin plates were wolfing Ham an is and sue in own of cuff race i Learned later were acc dental transients. Just then or Parnahy herself waddled in with a Platter of steam Ink and three pm inc doors Hook Fawke into the other the 7"r� a Long Ingham apron not any too recently laundered but to Gray pmed list t a a by Veryl by a be to of a Holdup 1 606 j0" the the insulin follow closely. Don t ," \17ith. So Many brands clamouring of w attention it is sometimes hard to choose. But Monarch Coffee and Monarch Cocoa have been favourites for More than 70 year nip potted by Factor a High Quality 2 lows Monarch quota?jfr%2faa$ " note Boia tit rough Chain stores Zuj Reid Murdoch. & co. Chicago  by Stoa  Pitt Burah new tort Persia to make paper the persian government 1ms decided to expend not More than $400,-000 for the Purchase nil building on paper making Plant to be operated in conjunction with the government printing Plant established last year. Latest in Suk a a new Typo of a Mitish Bim nil said to be capable of 01,a� merged two and Aiumu Tler do nuking a nonstop von Miles. It is 350 Rcpt Loitz Crew of 121 men. G m eat yeast foam for boils and pimps Don t endure an unsightly skin with this simple effective remedy available yeast foam not Only Cleatra the Sld but it overcomes constipation relieves indigestion and most astonishingly builds up weight strength and Energy in run Down sickly people.  drop a cake of yeast foam in a blast of water let stand for five minutes stir let Settle and drink die Milky water including the White , if you prefer eat the yeast with a Cracker or a piece of butter. ----------.---------1 a Northwestern yeast co.  1750 n. Ashl and ave Chicago id. J Send me free and postpaid your Book i dry yeast u m and to Alao a i ample of Yea to foam without Obj Gatioan name. Take your Choice does your new novel end happily it s a matter of opinion. They marry it takes vision and work to get results and often they Art not United la the same individual. She understood Sigma Annette Kelph told me last., that Jie s a woman hater. Nanette is he broke snaps. A near thoughtless Man Lsan thinks Only of Lilin if. J wham an words the end i Fly enj0y Days and rights free from flies and mos i quinoes. Drive them from your porch. Destroy them indoors. Spray fut. Flit Spray clears your Home in a few minutes of ease bearing flies and mosquitoes. It is clean Safe and easy to use. A a kills All household insects is stall a Fht on your em1""1 fabrics that it 8pray d d not Eivia the nl0st d olisti9 of exhaustive research by expert ?jnu8ts-. " in harmless to Mankind. Faith of Doelfs quickly methods a a a a a a a Wuy a a insects a get a hit can and sprayer today. For Sale Standard Oil co. New Jebsen destroys "  flies mosquitoes Mot a ants bed bugs Roabee

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