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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1926, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - June 17, 1926, Postville, Iowa Official paper Alla Makee county official paper town of Postville thirty fourth year k c. T. O Hake splendid m4yjb0wm lers arc Fust finding out that it pays by far the boat to s beef the Boarder cow. We testing association records in Sivore responsible for move milk cow from the herds in 1,000 Iowa Farmers this fact a closed in the a monthly report to be issued by Iowa state col it hich includes 66 associations in Over 20,000 cows wore tested a ilk Ami butterfat production. B edition to Tho 284 cows sold for Why to stink association members a so sold for milk purposes while pore purchased for Dairy Pur inefficient Cream separators their Ownens $516.85 in May All Jajch could have been avoided by i adjustment or handling of the ties. The 21,394 cows on test during 3,12 yielded More than 40 is of butterfat each while 1,124 cd Over 50 pounds. In May go Only 2,150 cows produced id pounds and Only 710 exceeded buds. Jil Cook of the Hancock county nation no. 3 led the state in for average Herd production nosing out Floyd Gilley of the Ite county association no. 3, Pas been in the Lead the past a months. Or. Cookie Herd was up of 8 Grade and purebred Lins and the average per cow 7.1 pounds of butterfat from Bounds of milk. Or. Gilly s 11 fed holsteins averaged 56.5 of butterfat and 1,594 pounds Carpenter of the Bremer co. Atom had third High Herd a in May 51.4 pounds of butter his Herd wore 13 purebred Lins. The fourth Best average in Lite was made by 9 purebred and j jerseys owned by John Ham of Franklin county. B. Bauer brie ii county captured the fifth Jerd average with jigs 12apure-Iid Grade holsteins. County association no. 1 i the list of 65 organizations for a production of butterfat per May. The average was 33. Of butterfat and 785 Pound go for 345 cows of which 32 a milk. Hancock county Asso no. 3 was second with an a of 32.5 pounds of fat per cow eng 2ti0 cows of which 250 wer Tri City pow avow thursday june 24 a live newspaper in a live town Postville Iowa thursday june la a enormous undertaking both t v1 Hulette on june 24th Ami Thi.  equal to the task Hiwa 8 18 an a Nung thatthct1 he a by soveral thousand pro a a a s it and the number 32 june bugs open House to help feed Ano keep a to for nil the overflow n fact Thov Ord fourth and fifth Best Assoc a averages were made respective o Brien county Mason City a school picnic wednesday june 23 Forest Mills sunday school a association will hold its an it Iii at the Forest Mills Pic rounds on next wednesday 3. Be program of speaking vocal Strumental music has been a and no pains has been spared a it the usual Happy and help vision for All who come. Postville Bothel and Forest sunday school will Send big Del p and each school will have a the program. No the speakers you will be in w in hearing Are Rev. H. E f of Monona revs. R. F. Gal e. T. Finck and c. W. Har. I of Postville. A a. A Clara Gordon of Postville and pious ladies band and orchestra present to make the Hills and resound with Melody arid there b vocal soloists and choruses t As Well program will Start at 10 00 a continue until noon when a fanic dinner will be indulged in which the program will be con general Public is most cordially to come and enjoy the Day he to the program and meeting fends and neighbors. Pack your to muskets full of Good eats Load tily in the car and then come pig picnic and enjoy yourselves itch convenience of the Public ashment stand will1 be on the Niber the Date wednesday 8-and come. End want visitors com far and near to feel at Home and get the most of their visit to the Gateway of the great Winneshiek. Arrangements Are being made to Ake care of As Many visitors As shall Jomo to Prairie Duchien by showing them the places of interest especially the historical Points giving Mem an Opportunity to talk with the old French pioneers and enjoy the i Beautiful drives in the Garden spot of the Middle West. Mcgregor likewise will be in gala attire and their citizens will make the most of the occasion. The Heights pikes Peak and pictured rocks will furnish a grand Outing. Marquette has a most wonderful View from Hillcrest at the very door f a $1,000,000 Railroad terminal. Ten minutes walk from the main Street to a Virgin Forest containing hundreds of varieties of wild Flowers and a View unexcelled in this country Over the Bottom lands filled with lakes and bayous the famous Pontoon Bridge and a background of Wisconsin s rugged Hills across the Mississippi is a enl treat. The governors of three states Christianson of Minnesota Kendall of Iowa and Blaine of Wisconsin together with members of their official staffs will be on the program to be held at Hillcrest also numerous Tate officials with Wisconsin Highway Engineer Donaghey one of the authorities on roadways in the Winneshiek members of the conservation commissions of both states City ind town officials civic clubs seven bands scads of amusements bathing i boating in the old Mississippi excursions on one of the upper Mississippi s most palatial steamers saving a capacity of 2,500 passengers on which the visitors will been Erlaine with dancing mid music and Tun for everybody. Already inquiries ire coming from Many states As to accommodations and Many private Homes together with the Many hotels will provide room to those who wish stay a Day or two after the pow wow to visit the Region that is being asked about throughout the United states. Many will bring their Golf clubs along to take advantage of that sport on the courses in the Tri cities. Others Are going to bring fishing Parn Phenalipa and try their skill for the wary Bass and not a few will bring their bathing suits to take a lip in the father of it is too Early to see the famous Lotus lilies in Bloom. One of the largest bad in the United states is to be found within half a mile of either one of the Tri cities. These do not come into Bloom until about the first week of August and Many who will want to see this wonderful egyptian Flower will make a return trip Early in August that they May View the White and yellow blooms in All their glory. Council proceedings Postville Hospital entertains nurses four head cattle killed by lightning John Selberg of Ludlow township suffered quite a heavy loss last saturday night when four head of his cattle were killed by lightning. Or. Selberg was in Postville monday with the hides of four head of cattle which were killed by lightning during the electrical storm that swept Over his Section saturday night. The animals were out in the pasture and becoming frightened by the storm sought safety in a sink Hole where they huddled together and where a single Bolt of lightning killed All four of the animals among them being a pure bred Hereford Bull weighing 1700 pounds. Or. Helberg says that to spent nearly All Day sunday with his team and ropes dragging the dead animals out of the sink Hole. The Home of or. And mrs. A. A. Schmidt of this City was the scene of a very pretty social occasion on tuesday evening when the doctor and his wife were hosts to the nurses past and present who had taken training at that splendid medical and surgical institution Postville Hospital. The affair was auspiciously open by an elaborate 6 30 dinner served three courses. The color scheme was Pink and White and the dining room had been transformed into a Bower of Beauty with bouquets of Pink and White peonies and roses. Pink and White also predominated in the table decorations the nut cups were Pink rosebuds Pink candles graced the White candlesticks and Pink roses at each plate were Given As favors. The place markers were very unique at each plate stood a nurse of White crepe paper with Cap and Belt and a place card attached. The place card for the doctor at the head of the table was also of White but minus the Cap and Belt. Orchestra music for the occasion was brought in Over the radio. At an appropriate season Between the courses miss Christine froning of Maynard and miss Hazel Stover of Oelwein were presented with Postville Hospital pins having served with proficiency during their course of nursing. After having feasted and enjoyed the sociability to their heart s Content the girls decided to organize a Postville Hospital nurses association which they did by electing mrs Chas. F. Reincke president and miss Myra Daubenberger Secretary. Those present were mrs. Celia san Der mrs. Chas. Schave mrs. Agnes Bothel miss Geneva Wells miss Hertha Gass miss Myra Daubenberger miss Hattie David mrs. Chas. F. Reincke miss Christine frohning and miss Hazel Stover. It was a grand and glorious occasion and so heartily enjoyed by All present that hereafter it will be an annual event to be looked Forward to with no Little pleasure. Some safety rules for the children father they say was under the Hay during the absence of a minister a Load of Hay upset in front of his House. When he returned the boy who was a swede was working As hard As he could to get the Load Back on the Wagon. It being dinner tune the Minster invited him in to eat at which the boy replied a no tank my fatter Lak of he won t care said . The buy consented to come in but every Little while he would exclaim Aye no tank my fatter Lak at last in impatience inquired Why in the world will your father care if you Stop Here and eat dinner at which the boy replied my fat or toe Bane under Dat Load of notice to Public use of explosives or bargain Days Postville june 25-26 Friday and saturday june 25 thirty six of Post vice s live business houses will put on two Orgain Days and offer to the dependable merchandise at Khich will at once be recognized fee Nous savings and which Attiat hundreds of people to is the sixth year our business ave put on their Dollar Days and each year customers. Have Fawn to Postville from an Ever f g radius. Postville is one of y Best towns in Northeast Iowa in merchants carry stocks of n All lines of merchandise that surpassed in Many of the Lertg is and they sell them regular very narrow margin of prof it. So True that All times you can our produce Here and receive West Market prices for same frequently the prices paid Here Newham above at which you obtain elsewhere week the country willbe flood a we Bills announcing the great Lis offered for Dollar Days and i you to read them carefully fit thereby. Watch for the bar feets read them carefully then. V. The regular meeting on w buy liberally. A j sle no. June 21st, de can sell your product Heton Mowday wish to or prices the Elk the willing to apply your needs by More meet a to the play to be than elsewhere Why riot make try out Tor p be your Home trading town produced. Saturday july 3 and monday july 5th Are hereby designated As the Days on which fire crackers torpedoes , and other like explosives May be fired within the limits of the incorporated town of Postville. The firing of an explosive of any description at any other time is prohibited and will subject the offender to the full penalty of the Law. W. Hanks mayor. Attention o. E. S. Many rules have been Given to Drivers for the Protection of children and goodness knows they need them. Here Are some for parents from a traffic expert Don t let your children play in the Street. Don t let them walk in the Street. Don t let them Cross a Street in any other place than an intersection. Don t Jet them run across a Street make them walk. Don t let them play near congested streets or intersections. These rules arc More easily Given than enforced. Children Are naturally heedless and they make a peculiarly difficult traffic problem because a Driver can never Tell what they will do. But while the conscientious Driver is doing his Best to look out for a sudden irruption of children across his path parents surely can do no less than try to Hammer these elementary rules of caution into the children s minds. Reception eventually will succeed and carefulness become Hawkeye. Weed notice to All land owners you Are notified that the Law requires All noxious weeds to be Cut along the Highway. This also applies to Canada thistles on your farm. All weeds and thistles ure to be trustees will have the same Cut and qut before july 1. After that Date the charged against the owner of the land. By order of the trustees of Post township. 32c Geo. S. Tuttle clerk what the Postville folks were doing 25 years ago interesting items taken from the files of the Iowa Volks Blatt of june 14, 1901. Mrs. Ira e. Smith enters eternal rest Ictor Walker has returned from. Ida. Miss Jennie burling is clerking in therace t store. I Stu Derit Fritz Luhman is Home from the University at Iowa City. Mrs. C. Harnack sprained her an Al duty falling off the porch. Frank Standorf has purchased the Street sprinkler of we. Rollins on. The King Perkins theatre company will play Here wednesday and thursday. I \v.js. Webster spent last week in Prairie Duchien to take turkish Baths for Nis rheumatism. R. Of. Hecker attended masonic grand Lodge at Davenport last week As a Delegate from Postville. Imm uth Schutte gave a dance sat Day evening for the Young people at his Home in grand Meadow. Community Church notes. Morning worship at 10 a. Sabbath school at 11 a. The pastor s Sermon subject will be what did the common people hear Jesus say try our want and column. Wilkes a Illiams purchased an 8 ton Scales and Frank Sebastian and Chas. Krumm each a 5 ton one. The concert and dance Given by the fire department saturday even ing netted that organization $53. The state Board of control has decided to allow Iowa prisoners a ration of tobacco. It makes them More mrs. R. Of Hecker was in Clermont Friday to attend the funeral of the 13 year Wolfl daughter of or. And mrs. Fred . George Goetz Fred Welzel and John is Osby and their better halves opened the picnic season by spending sunday at Livingood s Springs. Eight Hundred acres of Public land in. Clay county was recently opened of settlement. Who would have thought that Iowa yet had such cheap land. Franklin and Post townships must have the Best assessors As the supervisors lowered the assessment of the former 5/ per cent and the latter 10 per Centre. A base Ball game Between nine fat and nine slim Postville Fellows resulted Iasi Victory for the slims. No doubt the onlookers had the most fun out of the game. From monday evening at 6 o clock until tuesday morning at 6 o clock tha Corn grew 1% inches. John Welzel took the trouble to measure it. Paradise Iowa the Baccala Sivate address for the High school will be Given june 16 in san Paul s Church. It will be delivered in the English language by or. In ton of upper Iowa University. $30,000 was subscribed by the business men of Garnavillo to begin the building of an electric railway seven Miles Long to connect with the Milwaukee Road on the Mississippi. The Irish settlement Between Clermont and Castalia witnessed the wedding of Nellie Fitzsimmons and Jas. Murphy tuesday. The bridegroom is a brother of de Sheehy and owns a farm in North Dakota. Postville can be classified in the City class. Anyhow it appears that Way when you look at today s Volks Blatt and read Luhman & Sander s and. You can buy goods in Postville for less Money than in any town in Alla Makee county. A statist Ian has figured out that a Bushel of Corn makes four Gallons of whiskey which if sold by the Glass will bring $16. Out of this $16 the government gets $3, the distiller $4, the railway company $1, the Farmer gets,40 cents and the consumer gets a headache. The local masonic Lodge conferred the third degree on prof. Anderson last tuesday evening. The Lodge membership has been growing lately by the addition of new Brothers. Masonic Brethren from nearby towns were guests at this meeting and after the initiation a banquet was enjoyed at the we. Moll restaurant. Notice no swimming will be permitted in Oehr rag a Pond. V. We. Oehring Jennie Marie Smith was born in Post township near Bethel Church july 9, 1875. She was the youngest in a family of eight children who with their parents or. And mrs. N Smith All preceded her in death. Her education was received in the Public schools of Post. Township and in the Postville High school. After this she taught in the District schools for two years. In her youth she joined the Bethel United Brethren Church where she has always been a faithful member. On november 19, 1895, she was United in marriage with Ira e. Smith. They were the parents of four children Lester Pearl Clinton and eth Elyn. She passed away june 14, 1926 at the age of 50 years 11 months and o Days. Besides her husband and children she leaves to mourn her a daughter in Law two grandchildren one Uncle three nieces and two nephews. Mrs. Smith was a teacher in the s. S. Since girlhood and her Sweet Christian spirit won and  held her Many friends. She will be missed in the Church which she loved next to her Home. She was a Loving Mother a Good neighbor always willing to do her part in. Rendering service to those in need. The Faith that saved her soul in her youth has been her Comfort and stay All her life More so in the hours of her suffering during the past few months and the last hours of earthly life. A life truly crowned in the Grace of god. Her life is Only begun As she will live in the lives of others who have known her. Her leaving Means another invitation to our heavenly Home. Funeral service held at the Home on wednesday june 16th, and her earthly Temple Laid to rest in the Smith cemetery. Rev. Chas. W. Harris was in charge. Her life Friendship Wash own by the Many and Beautiful Flor so offerings Given by friends and neighbors. Card of thanks. We hereby extend our Heartfelt and sincere thanks to the neighbors and friends for their kindly assistance and sympathy during the illness and Bur Al of our beloved wife and Mother and Are also grateful for the numerous Beautiful Floral offerings. Ira e. Smith and family another Murphy Case recently in court attorneys in the Henry Bohrer is. D. J., Murphy foreclosure suit filed written arguments last week and submitted the Case to judge Taylor whose decision has not yet been handed Down. This is an action to foie close an alleged $8,000 mortgage on the Murphy Homestead in Waukon. Tho Murphys defended against the foreclosure on the grounds that the mortgage was a forgery so far As mrs. Murphy s signature was concerned. On the witness stand mrs. Murphy testified that she. Had never signed a mortgage whereupon an adjournment was taken in the Case for the purpose of introducing e. F. Medary As a rebuttal witness. Medary later appeared in court and on the witness stand produced a document purporting to be another mortgage which he held on the Murphy Jiom Estead. Again mrs. Murphy took the stand and declared that her signature on the Medary document was also a forgery. Regular meeting of the town Council of the incorporated town of Postville Iowa held june 4, 1926. Councilmen All present. W. J Hanks mayor presiding. The following Bills of account were allowed and ordered paid. General fund l. A. Bellows salary As marshal 75.00 g. A. Brooks salary As Street icommdssioner____________100.00 g. A. Brooks supplies Etc 25.19 Clayton Standorf labor _ 23.97 g. A. Brooks labor of team 61.80 George Schultz labor f. C. Ruckdaschel labor and use of tractor Northwestern stamp works officers badges interstate Power co., Siren charge a 5.00 water works fund l. A. Bellows salary water works supt e. P. Durno labor and supplies a. A. Dresser extra labor and material making water con. Neptune meter co., supplies interstate Power co., pumping 1770 k. W. H. Light fund interstate Power co., Light for streets a a sewer. Fund l. A. Bellows paid g. Bur sell labor 3.50. Ordinance no. 226. An ordinance Scenara it. Amending ordinance no. 210, was duly c. Meyer of passed. Brick City ites Pickle pirates in close game -4.57 25.00 sunday s game shows Good baseball can be played just As Well in showers As Sunshine. On sunday afternoon last when 1.80 they should have been Hunting ducks 6.30 or playing water Polo Postville s Ball team went Down to Clermont and 9.00 played Ball with the Brick pm shape but the fans who vent8 a that it was a Well played game is 22.75 evidenced by but one error being tallied up. The final score was 3 to 1 9-62 in favor of Clermont. Clermont scored 11.49 my in the first inning and 2 in the Sqq a Steth and. Postville got her lonesome pitched for Post Ifie arid he made pm .-142.121a a run in the ninth thlttbxg6 the Goose egg variety. Palme 3r Post Ifie and he made e tabulated score Postville Cluff 2b__. Permits to sell cigarettes granted p to to Thoma bros., j. Of Sawvelle j. W. Alas la Palmer a 3 a -4 -_4 -4 _____-4 Steele. " " a Schara rf__--------4 on. Motion action deferred on a h. Meyeis 3b____________4 plication of j. W. Hammond and sons Schultz a 3 for permit to erect and maintain a filling station on South 1-2 of lots 10 and 11 in Block no. 23, Lawler s addition. On motion Council adjourned to 7 30 o clock p. M., june 9, 1926. W. Hanks mayor William Shepherd town clerk adjourned meeting of the town Council of the incorporated town of Cowles Postville Iowa held june 9, 1926. 1 councilmen All present. W. J Hanks mayor presiding. Application of j. W. Hammond p. Hammond and Roy Hammond asking a permit to erect and maintain a filing station on s 1-2, lots 10 and 11 in Block 22, Lawler s addition to Postville read. A Resolution by the directors of i bases of balls r 0 0-1 0 0 0 0 0 h e totals _________-----34 Clermont a Sullivan c--------------4 Shipton 3b-------------4 Bigler Cf----------------4 Larson p----------------4 ss---------------3 Carr 2b_________________3 Nelson if---------------3 1 Paulson Rf--------------3 Ritchie lb--------------3 15 1 r h e 2 2 0 1 2 0 0 0 1 1 01 totals ---------------31 3 70 strikeouts Larson 11, Palmer 4 the Postville Independent school District asking that the Council take the necessary Legal Steps to prevent the installation if is in their Power so to do read. Petition of residents in the imme Diate Vicinity of lots 10 and 11 in Block 23, Lawler s addition to Postville asking that permission be refused by the Council for the erection and operation of a filling station at siame location. Attorney Gohen was present also the applicants and discussed the question. And after due consideration the Fol lowing Resolution was duly adopted passed and approved. Be it resolved by the town Council of the incorporated town of Postville Iowa that whereas j. W. Hammond and sons have asked for permission to erect a filling station on s 1-2 of lots. 10 and 11, Block 23, Lawler s addition to Postville Iowa and whereas it is the opinion of the Council that said filling station would be used for the storage and Sale of gasoline and other inflatable oils therefore be it resolved that on account of its location such permit be not on motion Council adjourned. W. Hanks mayor William Shepherd town clerk. Off Larson 3, off Palmer 1 two base hits Paulson Bigler h. Schara. Umpires Hungerford and Gregg. The Only other league game sunday was Hawkeye 12, West Union 4. Postponed game tuesday at St. Olaf Arlington 2, St. Olaf 3. Next sunday s games. St. Olaf at Elgin. Pc Olga City at Hawkeye. West Union at Postville. Clermont at Arlington. Next sunday West Union will be with us and a rattling Good game is in Prospect. If you want to see some real stuff be there at 2 30. Come on everybody let s go Milwaukee trains change time sunday a new time card will become effective on the c. & St. Paul railway next sunday june 20th, and As the new time cards have not yet been received it will be to the interest of All planning to take a passenger train from Here on and after that Date to ask the agent As to the time of train. The present East bound night passenger now known As no. 6 and due Here at 12 18 a. M., will beginning sunday be known As no. 22 and will arrive Here nine minutes earlier or at 12 09 a. Ing passenger now known As no. 7 the present West bound Early morn and due Here at 2 53 a. In., will arrive Here considerably earlier probably John Engebretson father of mrs. About 1 55 or 2 00 a. As it is due Charles Knudtson of this City a Pio in Calmar at 2 30 a. Neer resident near Waterville who trains nos. 11 and 22 Are scheduled was brought to the Knudtson Home to Stop Only at Mason City Charles Here about six weeks ago suffering City new Hampton Postville and from a stroke of paralysis has taken Marquette. These trains will Cross no food whatever so the family say the River at Prairie Duchien and go for close to forty Days at this writing to and from Chicago via Janesville saturday. Since the paralytic stroke and Madison Wisconsin and hence his mind has been affected and he has will give no night train service be no inclination to eat or can t Swallow tween Marquette and Dubuque but drinks water freely. Or. Knudtson train no. 22, East bound will Stop who has been with him All the time at Ossian and Monona on Flag for Waukon Man fasts forty Days Postville girl wins b. A degree at s. U. I. Iowa City Iowa june 14 special to the Postville Herald at the commencement at the University of Iowa Hazel l. Davis of Postville. Was granted a Bachelor of arts degree and a certificate of education. The number of persons graduated by the University the Msj month Oyer 900 in All is the largest number Ever to receive degrees at As single commencement at s. To. I a -3 try of Avant and column. Told us tuesday of last week that he was positive that h had partaken of no nourishment for thirty five Days. His body has shrunk until it is nothing bub skin and Bone and he is a gruesome sight. Of course he cannot last much longer and the end May halve come before this reaches our journal. Narrative report big four association \ the big four c. T. A. Report for the month of May. Twenty six herds were 436 cows were in milk and 57 were dry. 84 cows produced Over 40 pounds of fat. 25 cows produced Over 50 pounds of fat. L. B. Folsom s Herd was High with an average of 1,300 pounds of milk and 42j pounds of fat. Eli Bailey s cow dutchess Roberta was High with 1,662 lbs. Of milk and 76.5 lbs. Of five High herds were As follows l. B. Folsom 1,300 pounds milk 42.4 pounds fat. R. C. Bugenhagen 931 pounds milk 37.7 pounds fat. Ernie Smith 1030 pounds milk 36.6 pounds fat. A. W. Of Fley 902 pounds milk 33.5 pounds fat. L. Of Larson 950 pounds milk 33.5 pounds fat. Asso. Average 691 pounds milk 26.4 pounds fat. Alvin Thorsen tester Don t miss Rex Beach s big picture winds of Chance at the Postville theatre next monday and. Tuesday. One show Only at 8 15 p. It s an eleven reel production passengers beyond Marquette. And train no. 11, West bound will Stop at Monona on Flag for passengers going on the i. And m. Division and to Points West of Calmar. The new time card will be in the hands of local agents of the company possibly by Friday of this week. Hence before trying to catch a Milwaukee train on or after next sunday ask the agent concerning the time. First band concert draws Fine crowd that the people of Postville and Vicinity like entertainment was again manifested on tuesday evening when the Postville High school band gave their first open air concert in the City Park. At eight o clock when the program started the entire Park was surrounded by autos filled with people from town and the country round about while a not inconsiderable number were within the Park and All heartily enjoyed and vigorously encoded each number of the splendid program. All present noted with pleasure the improvement in the band s playing due to the constant practice the boys keep up and the capable instruction of director Reuben Bills. A a it would be a Fine thing if arrangement could be made with the band for a concert one night each week during the summer months As it would give them the needed practice and the Public no Little pleasure. A band stand should also be erected in the Park for use on such occasions and it could also be used to advantage As a speaker s stand in the Case of an out of door meeting. Kenneth Sanders and Pete Steahr tuesday w8re Al Hin Over at a Hihl a a. 

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