Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
16 Jun 1921

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
16 Jun 1921

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - June 16, 1921, Postville, Iowa 1irkeys spread 6apew0rm pest demonstrated by experiments carried on at Washington and on nearby farms. Old chickens not infected Otsus can be Gre atly reduced by keeping Young chickens on ground that has " not been exposed to contamination . In by Trio United stolen department of agriculture Are probably the Nii Tinnil no to if the Gripe Oriu a serious Post men Young Csc Freim Ami Are an Man rant Rector in their he Reid this Lis been demonstrated Liy ii zoologist f tin i lulled still pcs department of us the result of and other investigations carried to it Washington i. A Mill in farms n Mvi Hii localities in Mary loud. Many turkeys Harbor tapeworm a. Pairing three Winter seasons begin in in 11 Lein Lier. 1010, n total of Mikitis mid 070 turkeys were examined in tin Washington City no rpt. Jct rape Wunno were found in Hie cd Kun us but 22.5 per cent of the turkeys were found to lie infested. From 1 to s Worms were found in each of the infested turkeys. A report of these 1ms been published by the department in Lupar Tenient in Ulleton 030, Trio Turkey us in in Pur Tiitu actor in the spread of in View of the Complete absence of Pipi Workins from is Largo series of moult Lilc Keiss mid their conic icon a a a Curri Iiene in n similar series of adult turkeys it would appear the bulletin . Hint adult chickens Are poorly us noted us hosts of gape worm. That turkeys above 3 years of Ace May burlier Gnu Worms is established by the fuel hint it Turkey which was kept at Ilie Depitro Tinnent s exper Lemeni a to thin it Ile Thesda mil., for three years after it was brought there was found afr its death to be infested with ii pair of Worms. In i lie perpetuation of tapeworms from year to year on infested poultry farm Hie two chief factors according to the bulletin appear to be turkeys the Postville Herald Post Vitae Iowa. Increased average of purebred sires Progress in better sires better Stock Campaign. Public sometimes defrauded be altogether 431,139 head of Domestic j cause of Many types att animals and fowls have been enrolled by owners great i containers for farm products sizes now in use. Est activity in Ohio. U rep ird by tin ,.l Stipa ulem. Of a noticeable increase in Hie number of purebred animals listed in tin Heller Slock Campaign is the principal development during the Glrst three months of Lirl. Tin suit has been to raise the Era go of tire Beds for Palgon 111 per cent. Kid Bend of Domestic fowls have been enrolled owners. Of hint number 22,, Standard will reduce Cost relatively few styles and sizes would satisfy All demands of Trade hamper is especially popular in the East. Re general us the whole cum  altogether ill 1 re let by 11,0 United states depart Ami their by meat of agriculture to eliminate fraud in the marketing of fruits and vegetables by Trio substitution of Short measure packages a 1 in a 1" 1 at full measure prices is one of the Shes and be ,.,.l, scr Are females .,.iel,. Ems of Kllc Utiss of the of various Breeding but a were bred. No a ,.h Elm rement of agric no 1 Tare now making a study of the hundreds of different types of cont n ers in use. For example baskets which contain seven eighths of n Bushel Are Frei gently used is Bushel baskets. It being Lute cult to detect the i Short measure. In Farmers bulletin la my from the Bureau of markets just published by the department the specialists discuss the need for Stanil Ard containers for fruits and vegetables and describe How the Public is sometimes defrauded because of the Many types and sizes of containers i now in use. Multitude of sizes increases Cost j the serious Luck of uniformity of i containers increases the Cost of mar Side lines insure against bad crops Many stories of achievements reported from South. Case cited of Arkansas woman with co operation of husband sold $1,-200 Worth of milk butter and eggs in year. Prepared by the United st Tea department of agriculture numerous Little stories of big achievement arc encountered in going through the reports to the United states department i f agriculture from Home demonstration agents in the South. In estimating the Money value of the returns reported in the various activities of the clubs it is necessary of course to remember hint account Seldom is taken of the land value interest on investment Board Neil lodging mid such things although credit for labor it the current Rote of pay is set Down in most cases. However the value of the achievements rests upon something More important than Money the Fine comm the use of scrub animals on any farm is an expensive practice. To purebred males according to the owners pledges. Although the number of pure i i is ii Ozeil. Increased noticeably More scrubs also were j Ketting say the specialists because of listed than in any previous up Arterly i renter expense of manufacturing period thus helping to accomplish one i 11 hire number of unnecessary styles of the main objects of Hie Campaign j uni sizes and by breakage in transit which is to Grade up inferior animals by the use of Good purebred sires. The greatest activity during the which is sometimes directly attributable to the Dolfl Mculty of loading Odd sized containers. There fire in cosh ii rent year so far us " enrolments j Lull n use at present about 40 sizes of Are concerned has occurred in Ohio ii Oliage crates 20 styles of celery with no in i second. In Justice to rates to lettuce crates or boxes 50 other states it May be added that Sev i styles and sizes of hampers 15 styles Oral from which Only a few pledges a a my sips a round stave baskets and to use Only purebred sires were received have been Active in other branches of the work particularly in the procurement and distribution of purebred sires of Good Quality. Kentucky and numerous other suites. Including West Virginia Minnesota Wisconsin and Virginia Are launching aggressive drives against inferior sires particularly scrub hulls. A feature of interest dining Hie first quarterly period of 10" 1 was the dispatch of Ive emblems of recognition to fur off Linnnie. Our Island outpost in the i Neil u. Thousands of Miles beyond Hawaii. For Best results with Turkey flock give them free Range and Ronan Nln Neil soil. Whether in the absence of turkeys from n Furni Kip worm fall Letlon among chickens ill regularly disappear has not been definitely established but it seems probable hint it May often do so. Tapeworms among chickens appear to be More prevalent on farms where turkeys frequent the Chicken runs than on farms where there Are no turkeys. Available evidence indicates that gapes has 11 tendency to disappear on farms following the removal of turkeys. From experiments recorded in the bulletin it bus been found that chickens unlike turkeys Are readily susceptible to infection with tapeworms Only while they Are Young. They become less susceptible 11s they grow older. Adult chickens Are Seldom Likely to spread infection for in those instances in which tapeworms develop in adult chickens the parasites arc Likely to live Only n Short time. Methods of avoiding loss. Losses from Anpo Workins can be greatly reduced if not no together avoided according to the bulletin by keeping Young chickens on ground hint bus not Boon exposed to a Onnin in Atluri within it least n year by chickens with gapes or by turkeys and by excluding turkeys from it during its occupancy by chickens. As tapeworms Repp car rarely to occur in adult chickens Brood hens Miry be As to fluted with Young chickens with Little risk of infection. The simplest Means of preventing or reducing losses from gapes appears to by the exclusion of turkeys from Puruis whore chickens Are raised. Big saving of farm labor hitching third horse to two horse walking plow enables Man to plow much More land. By hitching a third horse to Nunn Enn plow it least a Porter nere Moe land each a Day Sny specialists of the United san tos department of agriculture. This makes a difference of about 0 acres in 20 Days or a Savins of from two to three Day s work a w item during a Busy season especially a Short Spring. Location for Bush fruits Cool Well drained and Fertile soil is much preferred for currants and gooseberries. The mail Fielo Etsil a for Trio currant nil Uil 8 Obj Hwy should he Cool Woll dry fled i a Ltd Forillo. Ti19 Chuvy types and is Gilt or Clay Lonnis lire is Unity lie nor in these respects than Sandy soils Nult Lodr fruit will do Wall on. Jerul Ali Foo Vitur. A flit it a Row any port of Trio Yew. Preserving soil moisture pernicious practice of permitting a. 1 ter to escape from soil should be discouraged. J the practice that prevails in some irrigation localities of letting the nut j urn i moisture escape from the soil j with the idea that More water can be applied when it is needed is most per Kious and should he discouraged say i specialists of the fulled slates of j part Merit of agriculture. It Hie moist j tire thai gets into the ground in the i form of precipitation or is irrigation water is retained by the soil it will in 1 Able the Soli organisms to act upon the Plant foods rendering them available j for Plant growth. There is a feeling 1 of safety in having an unlimited sup i ply of water for irrigation purposes t but it should be remembered that Ini j gallon costs Money and labor pre Cpl 1111 Ion is nature s gift. Marketing baskets varying in size from 1 to 24 quarts whereas relatively few Standard sizes would satisfy All demands of the Trade. In Many cases the to Quirt Market Basket the 1-1-Qunrt peach Basket the Bushel bean hamper and the 5-Peclc lettuce hamper Are confused with Peck Lulf Blishel and a Bushel baskets. No Standard hamper. The Federal Standard barrel Law and the flitted states Container act which Esi Standard Conlu Lynors have done away with a Large number of unnecessary sizes of barrels Berry boxes and grape baskets and have awakened a widespread demand for the application of the same principle to other containers says the bulletin. At present there is no Standard hamper which is one of the most widely used types of containers especially popular in the Eastern and Central states. Almost of these baskets Are personal visit to Market grower enabled to acquaint himself with distributors and improve marketing practices. Many times a personal visit to the Market will More than repay the shipper for the Cost of the trip says the United Stales department of agriculture sluts that seem trivial to the producer often Are very importune to the dealer. Such a visit enables the grower to acquaint himself personally with the distributors to select trustworthy representatives to learn the of Hie Man at the other end and to improve his marketing practices. Farm woman feeding her flock. Nulty effect the leadership developed the general nil round Rise in agricultural morale. It is impossible not to be deeply impressed by the work reports of some of these Southern worn in and girls results accomplished very often under conditions of us usual Dill culty and discouragement. An example of what May be accomplished under the stimulus of the Lime demonstration work and with encouragement and co operation in the Home is afforded by the Case of mrs. Jim Dorris of hear ark., who enjoys the Hearty co operation of her husband in the work she is Dolny with from three to six cows tills con pie sold from january 1 to december inst year .?-iris.s3 Worth of milk and $-105.75 of butter and from to liens 1k-19.s0 Worth of eggs. This 51,200 from Side lines coming in through the years is important on any farm and in Many cases is a form of insurance against crop failures. Potato storage a Success much depends on Quality of tubers temperature Mol Ture and. Slie of piles. Successful storage of potatoes says thu Bureau of markets United states department of agriculture is dependent on such factors us the Quality of the tubers stored the temperature it which they Are held the moisture Content of the air the size of the storage piles and the exclusion of Light Trio proper temperature Rongos from about u5 to 40 degrees fahrenheit. Produce Superior product Apple grower must prune Trees carefully study habits and Spray religiously. The very first thing Trio Apple grower has to do is to produce a Superior product. And to Enn not do this unless he is willing to prune his Trees carefully study the in hits and requirements of his Orchard and Spray religiously. And through spraying will Como Trio greatest results and the surest com Rico to get Orchards Back on their feet. Ducks Lay very Early the Duck usually lays at night or very Early morning. Once in 11 while they will Lay rather late in the moral lug but rarely . U a Cloctt. Feeding calves it to and Ofton is the front secret of mining Youns things., never Over feed the calves baskets which contain j of a Bushel Are frequently used. Used annually. The sizes of hampers which Are recommended by the Bureau of markets of the department of agriculture As being sufficient in number to satisfy nil legitimate requirements of the Trade Are is follows squirt or 1 Peck 10-Qunrt, or one half Bushel 82-quart, or 1 Bushel 48-Qnnrt, or 1% bushels. It is suggested that the latter be made in two styles to meet the preference in various parts of the country. The round Steve Basket for which there is 110 Standard is popular in All regions except the Southern and Middle Atlantic states and on who Pacific const. About "20,000,000 such baskets Are manufactured annually. Trio sizes which Are recommended is standards by Tho Bureau of markets no the same As those recommended for the hamper except for the elimination of the 8-Qunrt size. Tho splint or veneer baskets for which there Are also no standards no Well known to Tho Public As Market baskets. The ulsses which no proposed by the Bureau of markets Are five in number -4, 8, 12, 10 and 24 quart. Work done by speculators shippers Overlook fact that middlemen Are doing things producers fall to do Many persons opposing the operations of speculative shippers Overlook Tho fact that this Type of middlemen is doing however inefficiently and extravagantly the things that producers have failed to do for themselves. Carefully organized efficiently managed loyalty supported co operative organizations can perform the services rendered by those men in n More satisfactory manner and in so doing shorten Tho distance Between the farm and the consumer. Prevent decrease in milk silage Green feed or Grain can be supplied profitably during the warm weather. Supplement Tho pasture of the Dairy cow with feed. Do not allow the milk flow of the cow to decrease Shaget Green feed or Groin can be supplied profitably because it a cow Falls off on milk product Lon during the warm weather she will to n. Is act producer lifter Tho fall feed is available 1 t windbreaks save moisture farming and living conditions More favourable in regions where Trees Are planted. When the Prairie regions of the Middle West were first developed the Lack of Trees was severely Felt. The Clear sweep of Tho winds across Tho Plains was a great hindrance to Ngioc Ulusc for the soil was dried out quickly by evaporation Grain was lodged and Orchards injured by the Force of the wind. Windbreaks were the Only remedy and thousands of Miles of them were planted along roads and farm division lines. The effect of this planting although Felt Only gradually was very distinct farming Ami living con do tons became More favourable through out Tho whole Region. Cow testing of big value member of association knows for cer. Walnty Worth of various animals in his Herd. When n Dairyman joins n cow test Long association he knows for eur Nln the Worth of his cows within n Short time. He saves Tho trouble of testing his own milk by having up experienced Man do this work for my the tester also weighs Tho feed and log ures out the Cost of the milk so that at the end of a year the Dalry Tenn knows what each animal has produced and what the feed of each costs. Fet contents 15pluid a Faete children cry for of so t alcohol apr Casni. A ave Similatinlhefoodbyrcuto-11mgliie5tomiirfentidbq� in ants / children to Jeremy promoting digest and nether oplanic morphine a Mineral. Wot narcotic a Senna a debt in i Tomt pm Rmel Vun Fin Styer a helpful remedy for Gonstal pation and diarrhoea la and and of of loss of sleep 1fultlnlhotfrcininlntantyl fac simile signator of pros Gen Tajh go Tahk special care of baby. That baby should have a bed of its own All Are agreed. Yet it is More reasonable for an infant to sleep with grown ups than to use a Man s Medicine in an attempt to regulate the delicate organism of that same infant. Either practice is to be . Neither would be tolerated by specialists in children s diseases. Your physician will Tell you that baby s Medicine must to prepared with even greater care than baby s food. A baby s stomach when in Good health is too often Dis arranged by improper food. Could you for a moment then think of giving to your ailing child anything but a Medicine especially prepared for infants and children ? Don t be deceived. Make a mental note of this it is important mothers that you should remember that to function Well the digestive organs of your baby must receive special care. No baby is so abnormal that the desired results May be had from the use of medicines primarily prepared for grown ups. Mothers should read the Booklet that is abound Evert bottle of Fletcher s chst0r1a genuine Castor a always bears the signature of so Eaty to new shoes old shoes tight shoes All feel the same if you shake into them some Allen s Foo Hase the Antiseptic Healing powder Lor the feet takes the friction from Tho shoe freshens the feet and gives new vigor. At night when your feet Are tired sore and swollen from walking or dancing Sprinkle s foot Kask in the foot bulb and enjoy the Bliss of Leet without an ache. Over 1.8 10,000 pounds of powder for the fret were get a Fly our army Anil Navy luring the War. Ask Lor Allen s foot ease. la. Fol willing to take his time. Life is 11 great study in t us ves and one hint i m in no hurry o graduate the Cuti Cura toilet Trio. Having cleared your skin keep it Clear by making i lit Laura your every Day Ollet preparations. The soap to cleanse and purify the ointment to soothe and heal the Talcum to powder and per i fume. No toilet table is Complete without them. Hoc . Final Triumph for Maurice merely change their tune members of great and Noble army of croakers Are never permanently discouraged. Orvllle Wright was talking at a Dayton dinner about the new Caproni biplane which carries 100 passengers. What will the scientists say now lie laughed. When my brother and 1 were trying to Fly the Uncle mists proved time after time that flight was impossible to Man. Afterwards when dying was actually accomplished they proved that air planes would never be More than dangerous toys big stable ones could t be made they d be too heavy to Rise. Those scientists were like the old lady who was taken to see the first trolley car to Start in her Village. She looked at the car Ami sniffed " Tell never go rut the car did go. It went beautifully. Then the old lady staring Afler it shrieked " it la never Stop i " Cut lettuce for shipment far less decay developed in transit when two or three lower leaves Are removed. Care fully Cut lettuce with the two or three lower leaves and All diseased Lenyous removed develops far less decay in transit than the commercially Cut lettuce in experimental shipments from Florida to Northern markets says Tho United states department of agriculture. Potatoes in rotation plan specialists advise interval of two or More years Between crops for Best results. Specialists state that it is Best to grow held potatoes in n regular Rota Hon keeping an interval of two or More years Between Tho potato crops because of Tho liability of disease carrying Over from one crop to Tho other House for turkeys. No housing la needed for turkeys excepting in Stormy weather. Thoy should not to housed closely with Chick tits bog in preservative. I a not leave eggs in Tho preservative a than one year first typesetting machine. The original inventor of the Type jetting machine was William Church if Boston who had it patented in England in is j i or a i years before Mergenthaler was born. In All there Cere 20 different typesetting machines tendered useless by Morgen Tumler s invention. The ancient egyptians made coffins of Cork. Small boy endured much but in the end he made Strong Point Over rivals. Ten year old Maurice was in love with the pretty new teacher and did everything in his Power to get ahead if the others in winning her affection. Monday morning he was distinctly out of humor when in walked John and gave the teacher a ticker. It s to the at our he said proudly. I bought this ticket for you so that you could come and hear me a few Days later he was More provoked when in came Helen bearing a ticket. It s to our dancing class party i want you 10 come Ami see me dance she smiled. He scowled and scowled. Hut later in the week his turn came to smile above nil the rest. He too bore a ticket to teacher but his speech was different. Here s a ticket for you miss he smiled. It s to the masons supper and i want you to come and eat with me not watch me that relative theory. It happened Afulei the club meeting. Two members met in the corridor. I was just thinking about poor Uriah said one. What about him Well you know what a Lovely Home his wife bought with Bis insurance Money ". Yes of you know the Man who married his widow married again As soon As mrs. Hiim son passed Liat again " yes that s three times for no Wooller you say Toor Uriah " yes indeed just think How to must feel up there looking Down on a Man he never saw living in Bis House As his wife s second husband with his third ii Sylvania unch howl. Good intention thwarted. The wind Ami Hall were causing much havoc. Stepping out of Iho i ionised on my Way to work. 1 saw a girl ahead of in running for dear life. I he Lieving tie wind was carrying her off and that she was unable to Stop j i gallantly made right after her got hold of Bur Arm Linnley and steadied her 10 a standstill. 1 said ill hold you miss so the wind won t Chase hardly did i utter the words when she angrily jerked her Arm from my grasp and running ahead called Back idiot i m running to catch the Street car Chicago Tribune. Wonderful Telescope. The excellence of the by Telescope and the steadiness if the air when the conditions Are Good on mount Hamilton Are attested by the statement of one authority that double stars whose components Are nearly equal in brightness can he measured if the distance Between hem exceeds one tenth of a second of arc. What this Means 111 accuracy of definition May be understood by remembering the fact that one tenth of a second is ii Una to thu apparent diameter of an Ordinary pin viewed by the naked Eye at a distance of two Miles. Good joke Pew clothes. 11c-will you marry to she do you think you could keep me. In clothes he we partly in. You would t want to dress out of style would you st. Paul dispatch mexicans study English. In compliance wit i a request of numerous employees of the mexican railway in the City of Mexico the railway management has arranged a course of free instruction to railway employees who wish to study the King Lisle language after working hours. Topsy Turvy. Peggy i m head Over heels in love with a Telly How very upset you must tastes Fine and better for health Postum Cereal is a pure wholesome Cereal beverage contain ing nothing harmful to nerves or digestion. It should he boiled at least Twenty minutes. Then Postum Cereal will reveal a True Coffee like Richness of color and flavor. There s a reason sold by grocers everywhere. Made by Postum Cereal Battle . Pesky bed bugs p. D. Q. P. D. Q. Kills bed bugs Roaches ants and their eggs As Well a 35 cent package makes one quart enough to kill a million and contain a Patent spout Freo to get Thorn in the hard to get at places. Your druggist has it or can get it for you or mailed prepaid on receipt of Price by the owl chemical in sonics Terre Hnuter ind. Genuine r. D. Q. Is never peddled. Freed from torture Atonic cleared flu up set stomach the people who Honvo seen me suffer tortures from Betiru Luln brought on by an up set stomach now see me perfectly sound and Well absolutely duo to Katone writes it. Long. I rot it by sir. Long s experience keep your stomach in healthy condition fresh and Cool and Nyvold Tho ailments that come from in Nold condition eur tonic brings Relief by taking up and. Carrying out the excess incl duty and gases does it quickly. Take Tui Katone after eating and see How wonderfully it helps you. Big Box costs Only a trifle with your druggist s guarantee. Oriet pomade grows hair when you have tried All t get Dtho Arteney Alvo a thought to Oiyuet pomace. It grows hair Stop tailing hair in a Tew . 13 per bottle. To prove my statement you May me a trial size to last a month for 2s Cynta. Ails Arthur Lncoln 38 Weist 33rd Street new York. To was Bald Over so years. Orlet la growl or Hll hair. Order no w. P. I diver a Wash Tickton place now York n. A agents us let a or x Kly Movo keeps your Stock comfortable in Bara and pasture and increase Milnw of milk twelve to Nua unteed to do the work. Sold i gallon cans Only. It 11.25 per can. Money refunded. Walls he Nita Vjio oin co. La j 8. Uveitis ave. Chicago til. Ford owners attention buy your a re a direct from factory. Don t confuse with re to roiled or double stitched tires. 3 1x3 4, rebuilt by experts t i. New method tire & Supply co. Not inc 373s Archer. I by eau. Fue Les k Utor.

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