Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
14 Jun 1918

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
14 Jun 1918

Read an issue on 14 Jun 1918 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Herald.

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - June 14, 1918, Postville, Iowa The Postville Herald. Lan to get rid of Grasshoppers poisoned bait distributed Over infested Fields proves effective remedy. Garden vegetables need Sonny place syrup or molasses is used a coarse flaked bran is Moat desirable although Ordinary middling or a Alfalfa meal May be 8ubstltut-. De sow broadcast. 4 is prepared by Tho United Statos Dopart Sam ment of agr culture pm poisoned Hult Litis proved to be n jul Blin ple reliable and cheap method of a Al destroying Grasshoppers. It is made Ftp As follows wheat bran Twenty most crops will not thrive if planted in shaded spot. Fair amount of Sunshine is essential to Beans tomatoes beets peas Corn and carrots avoid North Side of House. Prepared by Tho United states department of agriculture most Garden vegetables will not Noutko n satisfactory growth where Ulicy Ore shaded during even n part at the Day. It is extremely difficult to find space in the City Buck Yard where there is not some Shade at feast n portion of the Daylight Livours. Such plants As lettuce onions and plants raised for their leaves can to grown in considerable Shade but Benns tomatoes beets rag Apple kor Dyke Pontiac is now world s Champion senior 3-year-old 3ljtt0 Points parts Green or crude nor a Senlac one Pound Lemons or oranges Fyk Lka tax finely chopped fruits Low Grade such As refuse from sugar pm factories or cattle molasses known As strap two quarts Tenter two of to four Gallons. The lit att and Poison Jet Sis Stefo thoroughly mixed while dry the a saw chopped fruits arc then added und Taefi lastly the molasses and water Are Over the bait and the whole f0 h by pass to night. Apparently they Are Frap hungry and thirsty at this time and greedily take Tho bait if it to Avail Able. In the Molster portions of the hmm country such As new Englund and my Florida the balt is Best applied in Tho Early morning. Err rag Apple kor Dyke Pontiac. Another forty Pounder hns risen in the ranks of purebred Holstein cows. Rag Apple kor Dyke Pontine is the Twenty seventh cow of the Breed to yield More than forty pounds of butter in n week. Her record for the seven Days is ovil.8 pounds of milk yielding 41.04 pounds of butter. Inasmuch is she was three years nine months and 27 Days old it the time of her freshening she is now world s Champion senior three year old. She just beat the previous world s record in this division by a fraction of n Pound. The previous record wus 4i.s1 pounds of butter made by lady Pontine Johanna hag Apple kor Dyke Pontine is n daughter of Kag Apple kor Dyke Viii. Her dam is fitly View Pontine darkness ii. She is owned by Oliver Cabana. Jr., Elm Center new York. Definite plan for pruning in season work must necessarily be done in systematic manner where problem involves management of extensive commercial plantations not easy to operate in miscellaneous Way. Of working of peach tree Spray for asparagus bugs one or two applications of Lead arsenate or Bordeaux mixture will kill beetles. A grape pest is controlled two thorough applications of a. Senate of Lead Are satisfactory say specialists. He from the United states department of by agriculture my Iii go Scalo spraying experiments la galust Tho Gripo Berry Moth in Prog a eks in Northern Ohio vineyards in co 5�ppcratlon with the Ohio agricultural to per meat station Honvo conf rmes Riler results obtained it North East according to Tho annual report of o Bureau of entomology a United states Down rement of agriculture the inclusion from Tho experiments is t the pest can be controlled by two Borough applications of arsenate of a preferably in Bordeaux mixture by the trailer method Tho Torst cd Littely after Tho falling of Tho blossoms und Tho second two Wooks la this la bold to be in important improvement Over schedules requiring change of one variety to another May be done by shield budding or by grafting. Prepared by the United states department of agriculture sometimes it is desirable to change the top of a a Nch tree from one variety to another. A grower May find after his Orchard begins to Bear that he hns n larger number of Trees of some variety than he wants a Block if Trees my prove to be some other variety than the one ordered or for Soma other reason n variety is not Well adapted to the needs of the owner. In such cases he May top work Tho tree either by budding or by grafting to a desirable variety. The Oral nary method of shield budding is most commonly used for this purpose. If the tree to to top worked is not Moro than two or three years old it is usually practicable to insert the buds directly into the main limbs Well Down toward the Point where they leave the trunk. If the tree to be top budded has reached Tho ago when the bark on Tho Noiin limb has become Tori thick and firm to be manipulated readily for budding it is necessary first to head it Back somewhat As when Tho top is to in replaced with new growth of the same variety ond later insert bad on the new branches that develop Notor the tree has been beheaded. When this course is followed the buds should be inserted in the new growth As near the trunk As is practicable in order to have is Largo n portion of Tho top As possible of Tho new variety. This is also desirable on account of the subsequent management of Tho tree. Top working is sometimes done by grafting instead of budding the Ordinary Cleft graft being generally used. However in dding is to to preferred especially As Tho wounds Hamdo in grafting do not heat readily in Tho Caso of the peach though when properly done Tho Union of Stock and scion is generally Strong enough to make u fairly serviceable tree. But trouble resulting from difficulties in Tho Healing of Tho wound Are Likely to occur. Belgian Hare is Superior weighs More than other Breeds develops rapidly and Quality of meat is excellent prepared by the United states Dopart ment of agriculture Tho belgian Imro is one of the Host rabbits for table use. It weighs Moro than most Breeds develops rapidly und Tho Quality of Tho meat to Superior to nil Tho others the flemish giant is a belgian Hare bred exclusively for Largo size with Tho result that Tho Nikont is Connor and less delicate la flavor. These characteristics Are co prepared Tho United states department of agriculture prune when your knife is Sharp used to lie the advice of earlier horticulturists. This is a comparatively Safe method to follow with most plants but where the problem involves the management of extensive commercial plantations it is not so easy to prune in this miscellaneous fashion. The work must necessarily be done it some particular season and carried on in a systematic manner after some definite plan. With most Oroher dusts and gardeners pruning can Best be done during the Winter or Early Spring months and where the object is the removal of Small branches this season is undoubtedly quite is satisfactory is any other. In fact pruning during late Spring about the time or just previous to beginning of growth is particularly advantageous with the peach because it that sen son As it Rule All injury to the Immel growth from Winter killing will to apparent und the primer can take advantage of this to remove All dead or injured branches and at the same time modify his plan so As to leave a maximum Quantity of Wood in order to secure a profitable crop of fruit which might not be possible were the usual practice of removing one half the annual growth followed in such seasons. With the Apple and Pear which suffer less from Winter killing the annual pruning can is Well to done in february or March in the North As Nanny other season. With the grape however which is Likely to produce n heavy flow of sep if the pruning is delayed until late in the season it is undoubtedly Best to do the pruning during the late fall and Early Winter months. There Are several questions in connection with this operation which Are not yet definitely settled for the different fruits. Some growers hold that late Spring pruning tends to increase the fruit Supply and that fall or Early Winter pruning increases the development of Wood particularly with the grape. Rut As there Are no careful records upon this Point one must necessarily be guided largely by convenience or is in the Case of the peach climatic conditions. As a Rule. It is undoubtedly Best to delay pruning is into is possible where there is danger of Winter killing. In other cases where this injury is not Likely to occur it May be advantageous and equally satisfactory to prune in Tho Lato full or Early Winter. Convenience and climatic conditions must be taken into consideration in determining the period of pruning. In Tho removal of Largo branches however Tho work should be done at a sen son when growth is it its height in order that Tho Healing process May begin it once and As Long As possible during the season in which Tho Cut is made. For this Renson it is a common practice among Oroher dusts to remove Largo branches of the Apple and Pear about the time they Como into Bloom which is also about the period of Tho beginning of Active growth. Tho same Rule will hold with Oren mental deciduous Trees except that Tho period of Blooming cannot be taken us thy basis. Tho Gardener must observe Tho time v. \ annual growth begins and regular. Nos pruning accordingly. Prepared by Tho United states deportment of agriculture if beetles Anil larvae Are at work on the foliage of asparagus plants one or two applications of lend arsenate will kill them. Two pounds of dry Lead arsenate or 4 pounds of Lead arsenate paste to to Gallons of water or Bordeaux mixture will make a Spray of sufficient strength. This treatment made after the cutting season should Lessen the number of beetles next year and also enable the plants to make a healthy growth. The common asparagus Beetle is distributed Over a wide territory extending from Toronto Canada through new York and new England except Maine to Southern North Carolina and Westward to the Bonier line Between Illinois and Iowa. It has also been reported from one locality in Colorado and three in California. Tho other species the 12-spotted asparagus Beetle also known to growers As the red species is not so common and somewhat less injurious. The Early broods of these insects feed on the yet Iii and tender asparagus shoots and Render them worthless for mar Ket. Later broods of the common species devour the foliage and frequently kill the plants ond those of the 12-spotted Beetle feed on the berries. Sympathy not called for further proof that the Man who keeps pegging away will generally come out on top. Once there wus n Cobbler who was deaf and mute. But in spite of his misfortune he got along for he was a go Oil Workman and his shop wus equipped with modern machinery. One Day there passed that Way a disciple of the Universal brotherhood of Man who had a soft spot in his heart for unfortunate Fellows. It was ii wet Day and lie stopped in to get ids shoes half Soled. The fellow charged him 10 cents More for the Job than he had been accustomed to paying so lie howled but when lie discovered that the Shoemaker could neither hear him nor make reply his Wrath subsided and he went away i with sympathy in his heart. For Many weeks he went about telling every one he met to patronize the deaf and mute Cobbler because he had get up enough to Hustle for a living even though he was a child of misfortune. Eventually the unfortunate fellow s business increased threefold despite the fact that he charged High prices. Finally the great humanitarian left a pair of shoes to be fixed. He said that he d Call for them about ave but something delayed him and he got there about a minute after Sis. There wus a big touring car standing in front of the place. The deaf and mute Cobbler was just leaving the shop As the brotherhood Man approached and he would t unlock the door. With one hand he pointed to the town clock in the Steeple while with the other he cranked the Auto at the curb. That night after supper the Liu Man Tarlan saw him out Joy Riding with a wife and four husky boys. Moral tie Man who keeps ids Mouth shut and pegs away is Seldom in need of Public sympathy Exchange. As be enjoy cynic description of Home and Church weddings. Evidently penned by one who was in some degree prejudiced or has been unfortunate victim of cupid s Wiles. A wedding is a party where two people who Are in love with each other agree to spend their lives in trying to get Over it. Before the wedding takes place nil the tradespeople within u radius of ten Miles Are notified und All the relatives within 1,000 Miles and the Groom is served with u notice to stay away from the scene of operation until the fatal moment arrives when he is to hand Over the ring und his Freedom. There Are two kinds of weddings House and Church. When n wedding is held in u House a prominent circus Man is consulted and he sends his main tent which after buying been placed in the Back Yard is filled with waiters wines and relatives. Also several other people who having been forced against their will to buy wedding presents Felt it incumbent upon them to come and locate the position of sold wedding presents in order to determine just where they stand with the family of the Bride. In the front of the House is also placed a Canvas so arranged As to cover up the confusion of the Bride and Groo n As they escape and also to protect the aforementioned guests from rain Snow Hull and curiosity. When Hie shades of evening begin to fall upon the unhappy scene which with our modest pen we have attempted to describe the wedding breakfast is held and the presents removed to a place of safety from which later on. I they can be exchanged for other things fully As useless. The Church wedding is usually held in a Church but it is not improbable in tit near future that it will be Broadway really thrilled. An interesting a Loup occurred Oue evening recently on Broadway but it was ended after a few blows had been i transferred to some other building As exchanged. It was t a cop or anyone \ churches Are no Lunger in Regie in the else who was responsible for stopping i Best circles. Making use of cover crops it it was the Power of patriotism. A Sailor and a Young Man in civilian i in he s were the interested parties. They became engaged in a heated a Gnem and went to it with Bare Knuckles the Sailor Sonn showed that he was the better Boxer and it looked us though his opponent was due n Licking lust is the tackle was about to land a knockout however a salvation army band across the Street began to play the Star spangled instantly Tho Man of the sen quit fighting and stood at Salute position. The civilian saw an Opportunity to turn the tide of Battle. He started Bis fist toward his adversary s nose but suddenly checked the blow. Then his lingers relaxed and he slowly took off his hat and kept it off till the band had finished a Luying. With the last Strain the civilian stuck out Bis bund. Put it there pal he said. The Sailor grasped the extended hand and the Battle was a thing of the past. Sometimes limited in particular seasons by Lack of moisture find soil troubles. Prepared by the United states department of agriculture the use of cover crops is sometimes limited in particular seasons by Luck of moisture. If there is a protracted drought at the time the seed should be put in and the Trees Aro suffering therefrom it might do More harm than Good to make a further demand upon the moisture in the soil by sowing n cover crop even though the soil May be known to Lack humus. In maintaining soils in n highly productive condition it is important to learn what factors Aro limiting the performance of the Orchard. The lint iting Factor May be an insufficient sup ply of some kind of Plant food improper physical condition of the soil due to a Lack of humus or poor drainage or it May be something else. The real problem is to determine what Tho trouble is and then apply the proper remedy if it is known. A tiered by some Persona As desirable spraying which usually result la i but this la largely a matter of Lud Avld Lorod fruit at picking time. 1 jul taste. Guinea As watch fowl. Tho Guinea is u Good watch Bird Wyllo its cry is somewhat objection Able yet this Bird is the first to give warning when danger threatens the poultry flock. Berries for Home gardens pinched her own Flowers. To a Hosp Al for wounded soldiers the Queen of England recently sent an exceptionally Beautiful bouquet that had been presented to her. The inmates received the gift with much pleasure says an English periodical and to show their appreciation of her majesty s kindness and to prove that the Flowers Hud arrived safely they commissioned Oue of their number to stand at the Hospital Gate the following morning when the Queen passed. The result was a tremendous Surprise. Queen Mary seated in her car saw the Soldier standing it the Gate bouquet in hand and assuming that he wished to present it to her she had the car stopped. As the Soldier exhibited the bouquet the Queen took it in her hand remarked upon its Beauty calmly appropriated it and gave word for the car to go on. The Soldier stared in amazement. Then recovering his speech he said Well she s pinched pm when the i Leuhers of the immediate family and relatives have been firmly strapped Down in their seats in the front part of the Church and Separ Jated from hoi Pollok by a department 1 store ribbon the rest of the world is permitted to enter after which the for Bride reclining demurely on the Arm of her father sails Down the aisle and is met at the altar by the Clergyman with a glad smile. The choir boys Are then permitted to slug u song and the bridegroom is assisted to tiie fatal spot by two or three of his closest friends who hypnotize lit in into fulfilling his part of the contract. The minister is the Only one who comes out ahead of the gun the amount ranging from �1,000 to ?10.-000. Later on the Bride and Groom after they Iive returned from their honeymoon either Settle Down to a life of quiet and obscure friction or else make their arrangements it the end of a few months to take the unlimited accommodation train to the Valley of unrest via . Overbearing varieties Are favored in Northern states because of their hardiness. Prepared by the United states department of agriculture Straw Herles May be produced throughout the Rummer and autumn months in the Northern United states j plants of the overbearing sorts Tuny be j set in Tho Spring and a crop secured j in Tho summer and autumn of Tho \ same year. The plants Are very Hardy j real compliment. Billy sunday has had Many compliments but the one he prizes most dearly came to him oddly enough from a criminal s lips. It was in Philadelphia. Sunday had visited Woyame slug prison. There he had talked with a House breaker so convincingly that the Mau had promised to Lead on his discharge a Christian life. This House breaker discussing sunday with u guardian afterwards said he came in Here sunday did and he fairly turned me inside out made me sick o Niesel that s what he done. Of he s a Winner. I think he s one getting around it. If a fellow wants to look a Little bit like a Soldier without the trouble of actually being one he can have a Belt sewed on his overcoat at an average Cost per Snappy garment of about one savings certificate. The leaders of this Mode Emo Fleur Wear belts about their Coats and we saw one Sartor us Ulysses who had his Waistcoat thus encircled but anyone who puts a Belt around his shirt they la come in summer time ought to have another behind the ear. Our allies have no remedy in the matter and anybody who cures to do so can Rig up a Bow legged baby la the dress of the Besag Luerl or the Chasseur a plus. All it takes is a Little cheap nerve. After All it does not matter much. Those who Are helping win the War will keep right on doing so and those who show their Zeal by flourishing bits of cloth will keep on doing that. It s the eternal difference bet Wen real and Sham and even this War does not Rouse some of us to see s. Ease a Mhz j Fojt a a a Refo a. A they continue to produce berries until i Hurd frosts occur. These character i Isles make them especially suitable for Tho Home Garden. Now. Do something for country help food Supply by keeping a few hens in Back Yard Start wisely on Small scale. Prepared by Tho United states department of agr culture do you want to do something for the food Supply meat and eggs even if Only in a Small Way keep some hens. Not n new idea of course but until now it never was quite so Neces Spry or urn Antory to grasp every food making Opportunity. Try it in Tho Back Yard beginning wisely on a Small scale say ton Bens. Write letters that smile. A plea bus been made for More letters to the men in uniform. Write often to your men in the army and Navy and make your letters smile says Roger Daniels of the army and Navy department of the brotherhood of St. Andrew. Don t delay your letters for there is an untold amount of cheer and Comfort created by the word pictures la these Home messages. When you write smile and keep on wonderful Bridge spans Danube. The stretch of the Danube Between Russia and Bulgaria through Rou Tania passes two great works ancient and modern in close proximity. Oue is Trajan s Wall a double Rampart of Earth extending from the River to the romanian Black sea port Cou stanza. Just below this the Danube is crossed by the great railway Bridge of the Bucharest Constanzo Hue one of the most wonderful engineering triumphs of the modern world. This Bridge is Over 2% Miles Long. The biggest of its 08 spans is a cantilever of Over 200 Yards crossing Tho main Stream. The piers Are Laid in water nearly 100 feet deep while at Low water the height of the Bridge exceeds 120 feet. It Cost nearly $7,500,000. Hospitals multiply. During 12 months the United states army hospitals increased front seven to sixty two in number and from 5,-000 to 58,400 buds 80,000 More bods Are being added. Delicacies classed As people with delicate palates will be grateful to Tho food ministry for us of club definition of tills not very appetizing term is now defined As covering such dainties is Tongue kidneys oxtail and sweetbreads As As heart liver tripe mid calves feet. As offal bulks so largely in the rationing scheme the food ministry would be performing u Public service if it introduced u More euphonious appellation London Globe

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