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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 14 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - June 14, 1918, Postville, Iowa Postville Herald successor to the "3ctt a Twenty sixth year Postville Iowa Friday june 14, 1918 number 33 from our Soldier boys 7 letter from Harry n. Hanks cup Johnston Florida. Juno 7, 1018. Dear folks received Mother s letter yesterday mid As i have mulling to do thought 1 might As Well answer it now. To Are All through school now Ami All we do is to go and report Ai one p. 1 m., and then we re Oit for the rest of i Tho Daw it is pretty soft hut you get tired of doing nothing. Think will be going Bunek up to Linck k one of these Days As they Are forming two new companies of the men who Are through school. Turco men out of our class went up Mere yesterday so 1 expect to go now Auy Day myself. These companies Are Luss a organizations Tho highest in Camp and practically All of the men will have ratings As either corporals or sergeants so 1 think we will All get something fairly Good out of the school after ail. I think these companies Are being formed so they will have the men All together and when a cull does come in for them they can pick them out right away. Our Entile Block Lead a boat ride up the River wednesday night and it was a joke in some respects. Left Camp at 0 30 p. In. And did not get Back until 2 a. M. Yesterday so we were All pretty sleepy All Day. One of the boats v broke Down and the one i was on Hail " to Tow it Back to Jacksonville which took about an hour that we could have spent spa coping in our bunks. They took plenty of grub along but for some reason or other our Bunch lost out on it with the result that we were All ii pretty hungry by Tho time we reached for Camp. No More excursions like that Tor As they Are not Worth the sleep you lose. When you Are used to going to Bod at s.-30 or 0 01 and then do not get to bed until 2 a. M. You can sure feel it Tho next Day. Clot a Good night s rest last night so i feel quite like myself again. It has not been quite so hot Here tin last Day or two and to certainly appreciate it. This is sure funny weather us it Clouds up and you would swear it would rain and then in a few minutes it would be cleared off. 1 think the last rain we had was about a Mouth ago Tho Day that i moved Down hero. Did 1 Tell you folks that a fellow in our class named Mineu who lives at Waterloo was born at and has a brother living there now Joe Ile Hien i Bellove in the Monument business he s a mighty Nice follow but awfully quiet. Toll dad Whon to goes up to Ossian again to look him up As they might want to compare notes. I suppose the Kaisor thinks his submarines Are raising i with our shipping along the coast but to Hud better watch his step. Anybody can go out and sink a Fow unarmed vessels but believe to you have not heard of any transports going Down yet and Don t think you Ever will. Their submarines have fulled on the other Side so suppose now Thoy think Lioy can Peonio Over hero and scare us but Thoy Are Barking up Tho wrong tree. I Julie a number of bouts Are being built hero at Jacksonville and about a week ago Hoy Ludo a world s record in laying the keel for a now one. I guess our soldiers Over there Uro showing the Hermans that they can fight after All. Think Tho allies Are just waiting for Tho right moment to strike and when Thoy do they Are going to got a mighty Good Long Start toward Berli there will be absolutely nothing that can Stop the u. S. Boy alter Thoy once get started. This 1b Tho Healthiest training Camp in Tho United states and you hour of practically no sickness at All a Low broken arms and logs but that s about All. You Don t Vovou Soo any mosque toes As Thoy Loop Tho swamps sprayed All Tho time to kill Thorn out and it buro Doob work. If it Wasu t so blamed hot Here tills would sorta Only be a por oct Oai Nuj As it is to have no cause to complain very much. Would Elko to Soo Koith of Hogg us i la bet to sure is some boy now. With Lovo to All Harry All take a Shower Bath and clean our Teeth after which to All swab out our tents or swab the deck make our Street clean and Roll our tents so the air can circulate thru. At meal time the companies form in column by twos take n knife Fork spoon cup and a pan with a cover about four inches wide 8 inches Long and an Inch deep. Into this pan we put our food. By forming in line we avoid the trouble of jams and a disorderly company. It seemed funny at first when we went Down this Long line. First we get to j Patocs then Gravy meat next Rice or i something else maybe Jam and bread and co fee. Well to us it seemed like soup after everything was in the pan. After we get thru eating we Wash our pan and cup and form in line again. When we pass the hot water the dishes Are scalded Good and inspected and then we put them Hack in the Large boxes made expressly for them. This is Only customary while in detention As after one gets out of detention the food is served on tables. One 4ms to keep his clothes clean at All times and has to Wash them himself. No excuse is accepted if you step into line in the morning with soiled clothes on. Cleanliness is the motto and nothing Short of it goes. The first week while in mention one Don t do much but get clean clothes Ami take care of his Teeth by seeing the regimental dentist. Also the in Noi lations or shots As they Call them keep the Rookie Busy to keep from getting sick tilth a few of the boys go Down to the floor from fright. These shots three different kinds follow at live Day periods and each stronger than the other. They give one plenty to do to help him forget any Trot thle that might Riso up in his mind by putting him on detail work cleaning the Camp of paper matches and other refuse. Sometimes we Drill from morning till night Only formation and squad drills without guns. The seamen get guns but special men do not. I la Tell you More next time. 1 Don t know Why but somehow 1 Don t fuel like writing any More. They kept us Busy today with Road work shovelling gravel and Stone and after supper you have to Wash your clothes. No matter if you shovel Coal you have to have shoes shined clean White suits and underwear every Mornin so we have to Wash every night after supper. At 8i0 we have to be getting our hammocks ready and at nine o clock we Are All quiet. They have such a system that you get to certain things at a certain time and nothing else and we Are All getting used to it now. Well Bill they Are calling us for the y. M. C. A., so will write again soon with Best regards to yourself Elihu and All Postville friends i am your brother Arthur Klingbell. Co. I 3rd Reg. Camp Dewey a German women must Register the registration of German alien females will Start in Postville monday june 17th, and end wednesday june 26th. Miss Emma Nicolay the local postmaster has received from u. S. Marshal k. R. Moore rules and regulations governing the task. The registration will be in charge of the postmaster and in general the plan is the same As that followed in the registration in february of German alien men. Registrants must give their names with age address and fill out and sign affidavits proving that they feel Friendly toward the United states. Photographs must be furnished by each individual their linger prints Are taken. Later they Are provided with registration cards to be carried on their person at All times. Postville 2s yours Ako. From files of Volks Blatt june 15, kept Ali eur Promise. Six of the Young men who were called for the last draft All of whom lived Down the Hue of the Rock Island asked permission of the exemption Board to go Home sunday evening and spend to licit last night with relatives and friends. They promised faithfully that they would report at the train when it came along monday morning and go on with the. Rest of the boys. Tuesday morning tie Board was notified that every one kept his word and went with the rest to Camp Dodge says the decorum Republican. Lold your Liberty Bonds. I earnestly ii Ope that every Ono who has bought Liberty Londs will try to keep them for the period of the War at least. A if each and every purchaser keeps h i s Liberty Bond he helps to protect the credit of the government by maintaining the Market for the Bonds at Par which is a very helpful thing in War time and he also renders a More essential serv ios to our soldiers and sailors in the held by practising those economies and savings which release materials and labor necessary to the support if not the very life of our army and Secretary Mcadoo. A Lino from Camp Grant. Camp Ruut 111., june a uus dear Hill hotting used to this life and enjoy most of it. Hope you Are golfing along Nicoly. To tuvo a Post Villo Man As our commanding Oll Cor first limit. Allison e Sec Sou. Am working As his stenographer and overheard him say he lived at Post Villo Iowa. 1 Don t know when but expect to Usk him.  Fred l. Kollel 2sth co., 101st depot Higrade Juetter Iron at Kun Kubuj boil. Groat lakes Iii Juno 10, 1918, dear brother bul i am still line find Dandy and feel bettor with every Jay s Dawn. A. Little glimpse of Nuvy life follows i on arrival in Camp we Are each sup Mied with two Woolen blankets and a Hattreas cover and Are then assigned our Bur rocks. Regularly we get up at live o clock but on special Jiyo it is it Fotus after Buglo or Revillo we the above is from a Friend of ours in Tho old Homo town Monroe wis., and we Are pleased to note that his com madding of incr is u Postville Man whom Fred will find us splendid gentleman Asho is etl Lemont us us Olla Cor As to Street oiling. The government having assumed control of Tho output of the Oil Fields it is a Little Uncertain when Postville will get Oil for Tho streets or whether we will get Auy at All. Requisition for Oil for Street purposes must now to made through the Federal government which of necessity at Tho present time cannot handle matters of a minor nature As promptly As it could lie done if we were dealing directly with jobber or Robner of Oil. However the City has made request for the Oil and if Uncle Sam can spare us the Bluff without interfering with the War Gamo to will get it otherwise to will not. So lot us to patriotic and patient for the water Wagon is still Here and we can use pump juice if need to to hold Down the dust. Council proceedings. Lof Lelal publication regular meeting of the town Council of the incorporated town of Postville Iowa held june 7, 1018. All present mayor a. H. Hurling presiding. Lles Philion for oiling streets passed and approved. Petition for Cement crossing across Tilden Street from n. E. Corner of clock to the. S. E. Corner of Allock 24, presented. On motion petition Laid on the table. The following Bills of account were allowed and ordered paid Ink Kasai. It nil j. E. Welsch labor erecting hag 3.5u it. F. Hein labor erecting hag pole. 2,50 Ronneburger pc Klingbeil publishing Council proceedings and notice. 1. 10 i Eltiti liros., service hag. 13. 50 l. A. Hollows salary supplies Etc. S0.95 by Loki to fund Fred w. Tuttle labor on streets 0.80 c. Segnor labor on streets Man and team. S.2a i. A. Brooks la Boruni streets Man und team. 03.10 John Hubbel labor on streets. 4.05 Wiiks fund upper Iowa Power co., pumping 00.01 1.iuiit fund upper Iowa pc or co., licht for streets. 73.75 resignation of councilman j. W. Howard presented. On motion resignation accepted. A. C. Webster was elected Council Man to 1111 vacancy occasioned by the resignation of councilman Howard. On motion Council adjourned. William ski huh ii town clerk Lois Tuttle of Decorah spent sunday hero with relatives. De. Prior went to Elk Der sunday to accompany mrs. Prior Home. Rev. Hand of Tho congregational Church was in Muscatine sunday. A Cyclone which hit Mitchell county monday did considerable damage. A Little daughter arrived at the Home of mayor Clinton this week. Rev. Smith has returned from Nora Springs where he delivered the decoration Day address. Mrs. F. N. Heedy and daughter departed tuesday for Chicago where they will visit the exposition. Peter Wilke and Ann Swanson were United in marriage last tuesday Rev. J. Class performing the ceremony. Postville Muir Ltd t prices wheat t r a Barley 25c Corn i5e hogs so.75 cattle s3.00 butter 25c liens 5e eggs 15c. Or. And mrs. Joe Mushow of Sioux Falls s. 1 concluded their visit Here and departed for Chicago to visit the worlds fair. Sheriff Muy Uard of Waukon was in town yesterday to remind the local Saloon keepers not to sell anything but soft drinks and Black Coffee. Henry Posseli detected a thief coming out of the John l Liel tin Saloon Early thursday morning and from All appearances he must have spent the night in sampling All the different brands John carries in Stock. Williams llros., South of town Are contemplating the building of a Railroad from this City to their and 50 new dwelling houses will be necessary to House the labourers who have been induced to come Here mud work in the quarries. Of 140 Ltd Tolstoi Ori in Alla Makee wednesday june 5th, 110 Young Mon of Allum Akeo county who had attained the ago of 21 yours since Juno 5, 1u17, registered us Tho Throe Regis True Iota places that had been Dosi Gigut de in Tho county-01 at Waukon 38 at Lansing and 17 at Postville. Thou who registered Here Woro Georgo Dewey Harris Frances .1. Mcdonald Georgo William Hotelier Lynn s. Lord nor Georgo us Ward Winso Leo v. Unit Pohroy Walter f. Lam inert Oscar Theodore Hanson Aulger a juju Paulson 1511 Bills Dally Walter Albert Meier Fred Jahi Icke Roy William Vetera to chord Leonard Meskimen Carl Belchford Nell slut Dot of Lutu Voy a 11, sell nit/., vouchers selected the Vos Villo school Board has already signed up the teaching Force for the coming school year Ami of Eon Roo All Are interested to know whom they will be. To make a Long Story Short with three exceptions the teachers will to Tho sumo Ell client ones that have been with us Tho past year All of which assures us that Tho Vos Villo schools will to kept up to their present High Standard. The teachers Uro mrs. U. W. Hunt principal and Normal training miss Edna Stoldt of Odebolt. Mathematics miss Lillian Wolin of Des Moines. English miss Mary Fulton of Grin Noli. Music and High school miss Francos Uronen of Iowa City. Domestic so Douce miss Helen Andrews of Shawano wis. Manual training miss Mary i. Wil Sou of Rowoy wis. Eighth Trade mrs Flora Franklin. Dopart Moutal instructor miss Pearl Mledd Hobrook of Rio Ovillo third mud fourth Ovid a miss by Diu us Hulqui of Waukon. Second primary miss Louise Jones of Mou Regor first primary miss Cora a Darling. Tho Tiv of who will not to with is next your Are miss Yatos who has Auto pod a position elsewhere or. Leo who is Litho draft and miss Ruth who will Complete her College work. To to to Resolution for oiling streets. Do it resolved by Tho Council the town of Postville Iowa that Green Street from the Rock Island depot to Maple Street Williams Street from bloody Street to East end of Williams Street All of Tilden Street Post Street from liar Croft Street Lawler Street military Road from Post Street county Lino All of Lybrand Road Maple Street from military Road Green Street All Lawler Street Aud a truck Street Reynolds Street from Tilden Street to Stoneman Street Ogden Street from Tilden Street to Rock Island depot bloody Stroot from Tilden Street to Williams Strout he mud Tho sumo is hereby ordered oiled Aud the entire Cost thereof except Tho Cost of oiling Tho intersections shall be assessed to the property abutting upon such streets in proportion to the Bonelly conferred thereby. Tho oiling shall to done by Tho municipality and Tho benefits assessed in accordance with the Law providing for oiling of streets und assessing of the Cost to the Bench god properly. Passed Aud approved this 7th Day of june 1018. W. Ii. Hurling attest mayor. so ocl Llulu town Clark. Crops looking Fine. A trip thru the country at this sea Sou of the year when ail nature is glorious in its varied shades of Green is indeed a rare treat. And on sunday afternoon last thru the kindness of John Hani inel who needed ballast for his Ford we had just such an enjoyable ride As far East us Mcgregor. All along the Way wheat Oats Rye Corn and Barley never looked better at this season of Tho year and give Promise of abundance to the Husbandmen when the Harvest time shall come. Livestock is fairly wallowing in the Blue grass pastures on which they have grown sleek shiny and fat. It is also pleasing to Noto the splendid Homes and substantial that Dot the farms and the numerous evidences of other buildings to be erected this season and at most of the places an automobile is owned. All these arc indicative of the fact that the Farmer has come into his own Aud is prospering As never before. And Long May this continue for so Long As the Farmer prospers so Long shall other lines of business thrive. Arriving at the pocket City to discovered that still other pos Trilliaus had meandered that Way among those we recall being or. And mrs. A. L. Meir miss Amy Meier accompanied by mrs. Otis of Monona or. And Mill. S. Luh Iuan or Aud mrs. Fred ii. Lehman and miss addio Sanders a Oom punian by or. Mud mrs. Guilder son miss Nettie Gunderson and Llu Lieut Luh Muu of Ridgoway or. Und mrs. Frank Hangartner and family of Henderson Prairie and or. And mrs i. V. Dunning and family of Luau. To also met Calvin Stilwell of Wau Kon who was taking his wife to the Hospital at Prairie do Chieu. Fred Oehring mud Clair Limbeck of Mcgregor were also in evidence Tho latter just Starling out to Isle a bit. The old Mississippi is away up Tho Wing dams Way below the surface of Tho water mud for the most part All that can be of the islands is the tree tops we opine it will he some time before a thirsty Lowcau can Wado across to the Wisconsin Shore for drug of Kentucky Dew or u Stein of Tho stuff that made Milwaukee famous Joseph visitor at Wau Iliou the students of Tho Rouville High school made a Houtler of their go Ruiyu text books and at upper Iowa University at Fayette All but a fit Weon Sei Outhous objectors destroyed All Tho Steele was us Over siriday German books and seut a petition to the Homo of his Sou Dan lathe faculty that they would take no Mure Lori Usu examinations. Neighbourhood news. Items of interest from Alla Makee and adjoining counties. North Mcgregor has 11 Young men in Uncle Sam s service. New Albi held a big patriotic rally in their Park last sunday. Elkport s new cheese factory was opened for business last week. Up to june 1, Guttenberg had sold . In kill Worth of War savings Stamps. A class of 65 was initiated into the k. C. Order at Cresco sunday june 2. St. Joseph s Catholic Church at celebrated its 25th anniversary last week. A new 00-foot steel hag pole was erected last week in the City Park at Guttenberg. Or. E. 11. Mcmasters Well known Eye specialist of Decorah has enlisted for service Over seas. Clayton county had c2a0 subscribers to the third Liberty loan who took ,305,h5l Worth of Bonds. A bulletin Board has been placed in the Post office us West Union for the posting of red Cross slackers. Lansing has ordered a service hag with s7 stars which will he dedicated on Flag Day Friday june 11. The lowlands and islands along the Mississippi Are under water owing to the rapidly rising River caused by the recent storms. The Campaign for s30o, endowment of upper Iowa University at Fayette is in assured fact. This sum is about raised. Grub Worms Are Are playing havoc with the Coin tie ids of Clayton county. One Farmer reports forty acres of his Corn a total loss. Arnold whether Bee of West Union nine years old purchased a $50 Liberty Bond with Money earned by himself Selling Chicago newspapers Roy Tapper a Monona lad Hud his jaw broken when a boy who was a guest at the Tapper Home pitched a Ball which accidentally hit him. A burglars entered the store of a. Ii. Langlie at North Mcgregor last saturday Aud made away with a number of hams Bacons and other articles. Lieut. Edward Isaacs a Cresco boy who was aboard the troop ship Lincoln when it was sunk last sunday is a prisoner on Board a German submarine. Dubuque bus received the sad news to the effect that Uve of her Brave sons were killed la action in France about week ago. They were former members of the governor s Grey. Iowa a crack regiment. J. J. Murphy residing North of Waukon. Had the flesh of his bands severely torn by a Stock hog while attempting to chisel off the tusks of the porker they having grown to Tho length of two inches. E. L. Drapier of a bakery at Prairie u Chieu was badly burned about the face and left Arm when he tried to blow out the hues of a Furnace by throwing Gunpowder out the tire. To in try lost his eyesight. Elmer Mcdowell and Elmer Pullon of Mcgregor Are Busy killing Wolvos in that neighbourhood. During Tho past eight years these two men have killed no less than a Hundred wolves in Clayton and Alla Makee counties. At Dorchester this county it is proposed to straighten out the upper Iowa River so that the Farmers Fields will not be hooded when there is a big rain. Manv valuable acres will be saved which otherwise cannot be used. The Elkport savings Dunk received a cancelled note from Richland county Wisconsin which had been Givon by Alto and Japen Hansel several years ago. This note was blown from or. Hansel s House by the Cyclone and carried about 2uo Miles. Mrs Minnie Drinkwater of Prairie do Chieu who killed her husband mud was tried at that place last week was found guilty by the jury of second degree murder and sentenced to fourteen years at hard labor in Wau Puii Tho state Penitentiary of Wisconsin. The new Frankville cheese factory which will be another of d. J. Murphy s industries in that Lino Waso Pou of for business lust week Aud from Tho patronage assured it Tho factory promises to be one of the largest of the group. Freeman Marlett of Mcgregor who was to go with Tho last drafted boys from Clayton county went out after a Wolf that had been prowling a round there and killing his father s sheep Bhot two toes off his right foot when the gun was discharge d while us was climbing Over u Feyeo

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