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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1921, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - June 2, 1921, Postville, Iowa Number 30 Stville 25 years ago. A masonic Joy festival. One of the most noteworthy Evertts in Postville masonic history was staged Turner opera House last evening and was participated in by about 200 of the Brethren of brotherly love Lodge and their guests who were Here from , Monona Clermont and Frankville in Good numbers. The event wan started off most auspiciously by a banquet c 30 served by the ladles of Postville a i chapter order of the Kustron Star l her time Iino Lallio Sirh Thev Minot be one of what masonic. Lodge could get .1. Their splendid scr treating items taken from the files of the Iowa Volks Bluntt of june 5, 1890. The repair work on the water lit has been finished. Iowa has a i masonic lodges with total membership of 2ti,ail. Henry Busacker received the third Ufi be of free masonry i iii. Ii. Randl und wife Aro the along without. Oil parents of a baby daughter vices on an occasion of this kind .1us Friday. An especially piercing and wholly folic Cholla washing machine unexpected pleasure of the a Amulet i aeon Yves theuay. Combined shows who Cam from Decorah their own expense to furnish music during the serving and they gave one of the very choicest musical programs Ever presented in Postville. And was appreciated Well ask any of the00 present who nearly wore lie hide off their hands in encoding and you will seek in vain for a negative reply. was a very pretty compliment paid by or. Ashard to the people of l of Stville among whom he plans shortly to reside when he shall have established the Winter Headquarters of his meat shows in our Clov. Following the a Amulet a Brief intermission a alien to enable the Home folks to Al Ciul the regular monthly meeting of the commercial Lull after which the Square and impasse boys returned to Turner opera House where third Degre wort was conferred in full form by the Loral Lodge. Koe Veula Bellith candidate. Near to. Noon of night the meeting was closed and the Nuiji serous pre salons of appreciation from the iii Lac Brethren Lead to believe was. Thorou blvd enjoyable event from every viewpoint. The port of missing men q horse Cut to shreds by disc. Win. Milne of Maynard. Formerly i Oatville Barber visiting with i ends hero this week. The love year old daughter of or. No mrs. We. Foel i had Hie Nils Liine to fall on monday and break r Arm. Joint Hart Lias sold sixty new lairs to the new Hon mings Anil which will be dedicated on m sunday. A meeting to be held Meier Ros. Shoe stole on monday night Complete plans for a bit fourth july Celebration. Or. And mrs. To. Joe went to cil Regor wednesday to attend the cil Diug of Frank Daubenberger to iss Kitna Schumacher. Dec. Thoma Godfrey standi enry Poesch and Frank Sebastian pm to com Miilu on saturday Eli ites to the do strict Turner invention. Through carelessness of lilo hired Lan a lire wan started in one of the Loet i Ali bail. Kris Izui Home a Moi Wilny. Wheeli did considerable before was Cliecy cd. The following Force of teachers or die l . Schools was elected in next year principal to. V. Hunt. Assistant principal Ida m. Sala. Mamie me Kinley. Mina i Ray 1 Ivy Orr and Cora Darling teach whither Are they bound another Sokool year practically inset. And the question not in frequently asked to How Manv of he present Force Are to main and whither tire those to eave bound. In answer to these ii lies we append the follow nor miss Schukel will spend die sum tier her Lionie in Wai Ikon and Hlll return to Postville tills . Miss Fulton will a mme in Montezuma and return too Villo. Miss Reece and miss True plug will attend summer school Ceil ill -. Die former returns to Villi and the latter will teach in Guttenberg. Miss Stolt Neil miss Martin will attend summer school Greeley Colorado the former will teach Ner year in Denendo no and th0 latter return to Postville. Miss Webber will Send dip summer her Homo in Cresco and return to Postville. Miss will summer her Home in Oelwein and return to Poi Tville. Miss West will attend summer school Stevens Point win., and. Teach next year in a vocational school oud Nhy. Wis miss Cronin will spend the sum Mer her Home in Marineo and does next vent to Independence. Mias a Trueno will return to her Home in Oia Drook and will probably retire from teach lug miss rata will Uin Imer nor Home in township and probably will attend school next Vear. . A. Williams will spend the summer his Homp in Vulcan mbii., and will return to Postville the list comprises a corps of teachers of which any Community my justly feel proud i hey Are nil capable in their several lines of school work have been helpful in Church and sunday school work and Ever ready to lend n hand in help ing put across programs of n Public nature when culled upon to do they not infrequently have und to have in acquaintance with and share Evon n Little bit of their Friendship bus been a pleasure and to e leh nil All to wish a Happy vacation time. And to those who will not return to again to can assure them their labors hero Liuvao not been unappreciated and should the. Back track Ever Load you this Way again Yott would find u h in Rev Welcome a wafting you. And May Success be with Yon in your Futural. Undertakings. year. Next year will find the greatest number of changes in our teaching Force that the Postville schools have experienced in u number of years. Nine of this Yefto teaching Force will return and nine new ones will be with . The touching Force with the exception of a Domestic Feo Leneo Toucher have been on Gugil follows superintendent a. B. Miller. Pron Copal a Sylvan Christlar. Manual a truly tag mibs Blanche Martin. Conf Morcall a. Ii. Williams. Music Dona Foley. 1 Alta Reece. Bull sit Mary Jedi Loii. 1st Grode Corn Nurlin. Fml. Non de Flea Webber. 3rd Ornde Ivy la.ahuke.1. 4th Grnde Nova laundry. Oth Orndor Aunch Gluck soil. 7th and 8th prudes Iowa Hutch legs and Selma Sjoboen. Of pry Lange Litis been retained janitor. Kismet Hie annual Junior senior of be he a school was he ill drool Lou a Kvin Nii Wiluin ii a Piv evening Mav to. The Wii ice ill were Laid in die form of an x and on March were rendered Verv  ."ii,., in in a Neie Center piece and the nil Idil 1 lint cups and Vitinu Elreed place cards in the senior colors purple and i old. Tim Tinner we served under let i Hon of of the Junior Moth ers and with the sop Nomore boys in waiters. After was done Einsle inst ice. Tile full Maliu Toast or Hiram was la n Ullh Cyrus Harris a Toni Toast Ini ister web Oine Paul Sua lie. V Samel the Umpire Edna p. Stolt the shortstop Dolores Thoma Riidu mask Irene Thomson the hat Lvov Schultz after this the come nov proceeded j Junior senior banquet. Obituary. Mrs. Louis Schutte full Marie w Eiho was Linen Hurrah for july fourth tile i und old Day Only 4th invented in 1771is just one Calendar month Distant from next Satur in Clayton county Iowa on june unit i. In infancy she was baptized Day. The big Day itself fulls on and april 10, 1 sil2, she was can inn monday ibis year and when a. in . Paul lutheran Church of Rives most everyone feels like ii which. She has since been a very must let himself Loose a bit and faithful member and a will Lui have la crackle i Ood time. Well he inti rest of the chi Ira a. in no reason Why the people 14, 11107, she was United of Postville and Vicinity can have in Maii Iai with Louis Schutte Alio a Batik up blow out this year if they this Union was blessed with two Are to Oldna for one and you Bel children. A son Willlard Audi the folks of thin neck of the tall daughter , who passed Timber Are always looking for a Good away in and hit eats. She was a member or the ladles lows Lodye of this City Are planning Aid of . Paul lutheran Church a Sala occasion Tor the fourth and and she was also president of the s a Lucli when they Start out of ladles missionary society. Ter Sineth Lii they always k,.t and h. Has been in poor lord failed her to her eternal rest. A �8 a he m she survived by her sorrowing Sion ti10v Arp kor invite every husband and son and by her Mother  my womb i ,.1,11,1 who wants to mrs. Ii. Welsho and til follow Lii a five u Good Lnu july fourth to join Brothers and misters  mrs. Sophia. Eliom in the Dav festivities and we Stoehr of Luna William. Charles. Cell i he. Von there will be plenty Lohn and Lucy of Postville mrs. Of il4,m w l yet tie pro ram to the american lesion Hall which Colin Schepple of Sumner. Iowa. Fun worked out so Heslyn now to and Rimer of Postville. A sister Llin 0i1 a k,.eat inv 0f Proa of an established amusement Enterprise of Quality. Announced for Early Date. Lin shh twin Thi h " i la a r. But Don get tue 0xi ,.s not a Tor the pc liar Fellows alone they May be Odd Feins d been beautifully decorated Foith occasion. A lattice divided to Mikima and a brother Georg and her Wilth the Odd Fellows Oil july 4th Hall into two apartments one done father preceded her in death. A you will have to do will be to in purple and Gold and die other in i the time of her death she was Rustle up a Bli Basket or eats and Junior colors Silver and Rose. An1 years 10 months and 2. Drinks and join in the fun. The be Cialli Urette be iture was . Details of the Celebration will be dozens of Bright coloured toy i111i--1 the funeral was held tuesday worked out tomorrow night the loons in a elided All about. Music afternoon from . Paul lutheran regular meeting of 10 order and for dancing was furnished by mrs. Church and was conducted by Rev.0,r next slip we will a Ive you Teucher and or. Olarri Kirton. And r Rel Mildt assisted by Rev. J. A. On alphabetical analytical and Clas who who wer., not Danlene amused snot Boff of the Community Church aided program of the feast of fun themselves with pictorial prophesies.1 in Many Beautiful Floral offer iat we he spread which will mottoes Etc. I Rem the first Ings and the Large assemblage of clod even thing you Ever heard of moment when the orchestra struck friends fully atle isted the Large in Metlin perhaps that never. I grand to the Home place she filled in the hearts of a Wero thought of before. Sweet Home 1?, 00 there was not people among whom her life had ,.pa, for tit. I Post .,11, 0f Dull moment and this lors Are lie ii lived. _ _ Only of your Lypa for u-8 com no or. Ashard die manager of to i Teglia Ashard combined shows has assembled an immense number of noteworthy features of amusement. Including prof. Lee All american uniformed band of 20 musicians Nicholas Chefalo in his open air free attraction the Heath trap Loop die Loop and leap the Gap die n Ivai Iet Smith cycling four an the Odd Fel a act of thrill skill und dexterity will be presented free on the Midway of the american legion carnival Benefit one week commencing monday june Goth Overman Field. Postville. Or. Ashard the manager of the Reginia Ashard combined shows has received Many compliments on the wonderful improvements i endeavours have added to the attractiveness of the imposition. The Region Ashard amusement company present positively one of the most pleasing Midway performances Ever attempted with an out door amusement organization of its size. Remember this amusement co. playing under the auspices of the Arthur f. Brandt Post no. R. 18. American legion carnival Benet. Arrange your plans to see All and boost Postville. If s great to have a band. Emerson Davis who works for James c. Hannah who operates the Charles Harrison farm North of Hansell near Hampton made a Lucky escape one Day last week when he barely got away from in front of a 4-horse team they started out on a brisk runaway. Or. Davis had just hitched the horses to die disc for the afternoon work when the runaway took place. One of the horses a Colt was bitten on die neck by another Aylmar which was hitched his Side and tie Colt made a Quick move and stepped one of his legs Over a tug. The rubbing of the tug on his leg frightened him and he gave the signal for a race and in a moment All four horses were ready for a Speed Tryo . Or. Davis was in front of the horses the time but soon found that if he did not get out of the Way lie was liable to be ground up into sausage so he moved an. Made his escape. By this time die four horses wore imitating a merry go round and before going very far one of the horses fell Down and the disc was pulled Over him. Over thing was getting badly mixed up lines horses and harness and they made another turn and ran the disc Over the same horse again and then the whole Bunch of horses went Down in a Heap Anil were so tangled up that they could not move another foot. After a whole Survey of the transaction was made was decided to kill the injured horse in order to relieve its suffering. He looked like lie had been through a meat Slicer beware of strangers girls girls if a strange Man asks you too Riding Don have any words with him take the number of the License plate if the car standing still and Call 11 policeman if he anywhere in sight. Recently we have heard of a number of instances where men in cars have accosted girls and women in tills manner. Such an instance occurred last saturday night. The occupants of the car even followed the party into one of the places of refreshment where shelter assistance was sought and Hung around with the evident intention of endeavouring to induce the into their car. A Young girl homeward bound responded to a salutation of hello from a car thinking was a not Distant neighbor. The car drove up beside the walk and proved to be ailed with strange men who began talking to her. She hastened Home Ward and the car departed. A Young woman on her Way to r East part of water Street was approached by a mall who quite in a listed 011 accompanying her. An. Only when she threatened to Call an officer did he resist. Tile authorities have been in formed about these cases and they will watch for offenders but off cers Are ii to always within calling distance hence there one Safi method to pursue Don answer when hailed from ear unless you can see and know the occupant. Decorah Republican Blue Laws for teachers neighbourhood news. Chris of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Adv to votes the he Ever their hosts the class of ijl22. -----------.----- married men beware a woman in one of our neighbouring towns suspected that her husband was in the habit of kissing the hired girl und decided to detect him in the net says a dispatch from or let. Saturday night she saw him utile try pass into the Kitchen. Then base Ball next sunday. Interim ont in the Postville come to by. In this connection the family wish to express their Heartfelt thanks j and appreciation of the Many kindly the real Bear killing season will acts and words dining open Postville next sunday june the burial of their beloved wife and 5, when Lansing Strong a Grega in outlier. Ton with Skinny Dye in the Box l will be i Ere to meet our boys and there no institution on Earth school boards Are taking Cogul 7tinre of the conduct of teachers out of hours. Shenandoah decreed by the school Board that that makes the Universal Appeal teachers must refrain from dancing that hits the spot or puts Pep in the chi from the use of tobacco dining step like a Good Home hand. Music the period covered by the contract hits the popular chord in the heart the school Board Carroll goes of All Mankind. And we have since nettle further and draws the line on memorial Day Hoard Many of our moving pictures. In speaking of Many hogs in Bremer county Are dying from an epidemic of pneumonia. A Twenty Pound Pickerel was recently caught in Clear Lak by Albert Transon. On tuesday of last week the Flat National Hank of Elkader held open House in Honor of its Elf Teeth anniversary. Judge Taylor fined de Olson of Decorah $5.00 for bootlegging and or. Olson will pay his Fine by live to in the county jail the expense of the taxpayers. New Hampton putting the electric Light Ami Power wires underground. A sensible move believes the wires from All trouble from Thunder storms. Billy Elnardo. The All player arrived Here last week from his Home in Michigan and has been engaged to play stir Stop and Captain the Waukon . Sl1erm1.11 Smith coloured Bell hop the Kalmar hotel in Mason City was decapitated by die hotel elevator. His head was inside the elevator and the body dangling out Side. He was dead about a halt hour when found. Smith was 24 years of age and married. On monday May 2. Iro iat arrested and hauled up before the Otmer a we for that of a a in front of the Winneshiek hotel Man we Flave 01 gut Tollberg to Lon to a mrs. Hunt and judge had left Tor Home so a Cape Doul iii Sci Lair arrested while in or wop6 the fam there by Lviv pfc med sour. Eur eur. Stops laugh graph film co., under the management of Tatro tiros., will be in Postville sunday tune nth. Making 80ino of the important,1 scones for their latest comedy. I Decorah lutheran Church notes regular meeting of the Tyler Aid on thursday june 9, Maenner Chor Hall. No services on sunday june 5th and Prosperity May be Ullh you and you b throughput the coming years sunday school picnic Tho annual sunday school plenty will to hold Tho Forest Mills pie Nln Gru iinds on Thui Silav june 10, on. Account of Tho Masslo Pfost 1921. All sunday schools in won Olav on Monona Luana Post Villa and Tho Aid missionary moot adjoining territory Niv invited to ins has been postponed until the be pros ont und take part in the pro first thursday in july. Gram. Sunday ,hool____.,.8 �0 a. M. All sunday wishing to preaching 8ervco.10 a a m. Take part in the program please to the.uther. Leu who meets the 1st Talfy j. F. Miller chairman. and 3rd sunday of each month 8 Iowa .1. H. Palmer Secretary Wau pm Voitik town or a. 0. Harris out in. Schmidt pastor Ville Iowa. A. Tho weather permitting Johnt prompts the proscription the i sunday movies. A. When do dogs go mad i was Hie belief until recent years that mad dogs were the pro the pipe. Tile cans a mystery but the Man lies in a serious Condl Ion and swathed in bandages in Tho Home of l. P. Dennett. A pig almost three limes the length of the average baby porker included in die litter of eight ill which a Poland China Gilt on 1 he farm of Martin Tuverson near Lerolle presented her bluer. A present relive from a farm paper offered Ouverson $5u0 for the pig few hours after was born but the proffer was refused. The aver Ige length of pigs birth said to be a trifle under eight inches. A big modern dancing Pavilion in course of erection on the h. Logsdon farm on Trout run two Miles South of Decorah. will be ailed tie Rivera Bungalow dancing Pavilion and will have a floor space of 80\ts0 feet and the Pavilion will ail be screened in. being erected and operated by de Riih men who plan to conduct strictly moral dance Pavilion. The grounds will be i led up in Nice shape and will be Brill lastly lighted with a modern lighting Plant. Which will to shown Postville duct of dog Days in August Whei theatre later. The dog Star assumed a prominent Limey expect to be work the place in the Western lies Vena. Park one thirty a m. Tho Ensi such times snakes were supposed to includes Sonin of the world great he Blind and All animals were look est freaks. Pome in and see them in de upon with More or less suspicion action. Below Are their names Ondl Lons seem to have changed Lyle o. Tatro the Mill because the state Hoard of dealt Howard Tatro the Tuth Letic old Muld has been receiving requests for ilium Crip , cop ratios serum during every month o1 Auto ouuderson_.,th0 heavyweight the past Winter and present Spring his wife and baby will work in seventeen requests have been made the film Here sunday. The past few months the latest invent request for serum came from Community Church notes. Keokuk where was stated a dog bit a hog and in due time the hog you Are cordially invited to was afflicted fend visited punish rent tend sunday services upon All of his fellow Swine in the preaching services 10 o clock pen so that there was a possibility Subjeflt-"8eeu be first the King of a nuni ibor of cases of loin of in Tho meantime the dog"1 had sunday school 11 00. Aroused the suspicion of its owner Christian Endeavor 7 00. And was duly executed and its hem evening services 8-00,was sent to Tho medical department if you Are without 0 Church Home Iowa City where an examination one we can Lien you. Of the brain proved conclusively that if you Are  looking for Church the dog was mud. Work come you can help . Bethel Church notes. Lent lev phenol. Reaching service .10 a. .11. A. I pays for self each month we. . Sign Oeder to 70 uni Iise i cow produced 1 118 pounds of yellow i milk in Mav this brought. Ufi you Are cordially invited to the add �$4.r 0 in satisfaction and you Ler Vlcek every sunday. Will and that or. Schroeder got Rev. H. A. Hayes pastor Money bade Agulan in May William Nolan had the Klotz barn in Independence recently the largest team of mules Ever seen in this Section of Tho state. They were a Brown and Black weighing Over i,200 pounds and Euch of them about seventeen hands High. Or. Nolan purchased them from a Fanner near Maynard. They were or Meiyi in army service and of late were used on potato farms in summer and Tor lumbering work in the Winter. Or. Nolan has take them and 27 horses to Skowhegan Maine. Kilt the habitual drunkard with his cleared eyes and Rosy proboscis. Enter the Dapper and Well tailored bad Check artist with his suave manner and his ready fount Alt pen. This the message which Wise Eres read in a report of the Ivoa to gallon department of the Des Moines retail merchants Board. Since january first Over eighty bad Cheek men have been gathered in by the Arm of the Law while Only 80 soused have sobered up in Tho City Bull pen. The number of for Ichih Etc., an increase Over the previous records while the Drunken Brothers have decreased in number. Kismet

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