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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1921, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - July 28, 1921, Postville, Iowa Herald a live newspaper in a live town Twenty ninth year Stville 25 years ago. Resting items taken from the files of the Iowa Volks Blatt of july 31, 1898. Fetn. Kuhs Ulm family have mov into thu in now Homo. Mrs. Kate Starr arrived Here fron on ii to attend Tho Fui Crul of iter her Jiu of let ii. Brltz we Lac and the it cd str i hrs attended the Singer Fost it a Iuelle tills week. E5ks arc bringing 8r per Dozer fonts higher than lust Wool a arc Down to $2.50. Joi Bencher and its inv Dietsch no several Days tit Milwaukee tin week visiting Trio i Puhst Wery. Oliu Glioma 1b Busy these dint ing apples from the Farmers Irh lie pucks and ships to tin Law Market. Big Harvest picnic will he sch the Henry Poosch place a Hal e South of Postville on nox Day. Male by Harrington Hestra assisted by prof. Nopil. It Luis cordon aged 35 year. Was employed a Tinner a k Valley since february. Die wednesday after a Fon a Lim Ess. The funeral was held no local m. E. Church on last Sun if of . An old Pioneer of i Hilly died at his Home in Oram Dow on last sunday lie a years old. The funeral a on tuesday afternoon from tin c in Irand Meadow where in eased lived for a years ser is being conducted by item. Sliu nil. Hain children to Trees. Hurles Croyle the City marshal sent to the Hammond lion monday afternoon to Elcas Young lads David Hammond in i t. And Lloyd Bailey nil 1 1 who were tied with chains an t to Small Trees. The hons Slat that they Hud been tied there Bellov by the name of Bailey resides with the Hammonds he parents of the lads had Tiki up before they left for Thil without food or water. Myle brought them to town am a Allied them with food. The est lad was sick and was unable ent for some time after Bis re e a wire which bad been Nisei a Collar for Helm was wrap pc to Elitov around his neck that tit Urshal was unable to unwrap i was forced to Cut it with a Pali oilers. He con nov attorney and the Slier were notified of the treat ii children and underdone an. Came from tues Dir Moon. They went to tin ii Noad Home and questioned the for the boys treatment y were told that the Hoys wer Cli Levons and that tying their the Only was they could Contro journal. To you Tell Why please dealer in hides was in our City week and purchased of the f. K seek & inure it fifty lies of hides at 3vj fonts per nil. The whole Load amounted %vi1. If the Glascock s had plied the hides themselves they have lost Money on the trans to nil it is they Only lost n few dred. Iter the above Devil was con minted to a Skod Fritz cum lock Eliut to was paying for the in cd Mator Lii that be uses in lib e cobbling business and he told he paid Between 85 and 0 cents Pound. . Whore is the leak ? it ha1 Home to us now a Lascol out bides no 3i,i cents per a it and Onn Dackor buys their k at 85 mid 10 cents por Pound be Congress was looking some of a things Union on. To k and Moccasin Battle. Is Schilling who with his fam spent a Day flailing and Plenck in set Gnu River together a v of friends witnessed a real 6i" Battle Between n a neg mock it and a Mink near Nevada Iowa Miziko attacked the Mink when y were out a distance from 1-n re by wrapping itself around the y of the Man la. Finally the Mink e l the Snake in Moaref the re and then As he slipped out a a grasp of to Snake s Colls got Elter conce at the reptile and a hold of its head finally a eed to kill the Moccasin. To Clayton co. Farm Bureau. Grand Meadow Community club. The members of i lie Giraud Meadow Community club met Friday cd plug july2nd, at the Bonie or or. And mrs. Inert Waters. An sex Ellent program by local Talent of slating of readings solos and n la freon contest which Inola Leil n discussion of farm subjects by the ladles and men. The ladies won the contest by a unanimous de Islon which proves that the in Lucs Call hold their own when it times to talking. An address on Community interest and farm Bureau work by 10. F. Draff assistant of into agent Leader Ron lulled the program. Ii. Was planned to have moving pictures but owing to the fact that part of the picture no hone failed to arrive the movies oiled not be shown but will be presented tit a later Date. Light refreshments were served in Over 150 people we Wirtl Speaks Well for the interest which the Brand Meadow Community club Lias rent Iii their township at a Busy time the year. Weed notice. Post a property owner in township a a Are to out nil a a along the Road the owned or occupied by you to Anent Tat 1021. It Woods not destroyed before that once s the duty of the Boad superin it to destroy Tho words and the Etise will be taxed against the ing land. Y order of the township trim circa b. To items township cleric. To notice to the Public. Otico la Horoba Given to All l a that driving Over the pavement in the incorporated town wifi Iowa with Trao Loi Shenr outfit is positively Ted by order of town Council Eorge w. Pay mayor. Willi m Boltri Phird. Of 01 pro Postville Iowa thursday july 28, 1921 number 38 the port of missing men a or Wool growers Pool Wool. Only unto the Wool growers of he county pooled their Wool a i Al Uler. On that Dale one car of Wool Twenty thousand sounds was loaded and shipped to the National Voul warehouse storage co. Chi Igo. This is a Good sum of Wool i Pool considering the fact thai a u be number of sheep men who moved their Wool last year have old their sheep Anil Rone out of the uis Ness. This Wool included a Nia orly of the sheep men of the coun this proves conclusively that lib Wool growers of the county have ill i in their organization and can be thai the principle of to opera live marketing will he the paving system of the future. The co univ Wool association was Well pleased with the results of pooling ibis year in fact More pounds of won was pooled than was Antoci ated. Co univ aleuts convention. The Eastern District of Iowa co. Lents met ill Convent Ion july is Mil 111 at Cedar rapids. The Par lose of this convention to Lake in any pro Vilcins which ii he Conn before Ibelli particular la the problems of Grain livestock marketing lid the Ivues Loii of Louance. Air. Grindley Lar. N Ourse prof Homes in of i he Meono macs he Lart ment of Ames Anil Milel air Lonalie. State county big no Leader vere tile speakers on the program. Lar. It Tilley in Dis Nessim top i nest Ion of Linance and taxation Rel Ilive to the Farmer brought out hat the Fanner is paving More than Lis share of taxation. A ii Calion of Clear ill the minds of the pubic is thai of a proper basis of lax Ilion of the Funn or and Industry Lar. Grindley showed conclusively Llinat taxes on railroads and others is assessed upon the income of those institutions while the taxation for the Farmer As Oad should lie a nine and try that the Farmer share of axes Farmer the inv 0h in p1-aah? of pad pts a 7 org died by the Rall asses Seil Oil tile Sale to make it appear is not Day in a a just in fairness to the assessment should in made upon the income if farm mils the same As upon the Railroad my not upon an inflated sales Price. This Aspessi Mienl we All will agree would be fair for All concerned. Lar. Nourse discussed the livestock Mil Grain Market ing situation bowing the Progress made and i lie Workings of this system when put into operation. I Rof. Thompson brought out and discussed the agr Ulli Irnel and economic sit Mil ions at ibis time. Or. Mcdonald discussed the county agent position and work it tie present time. A very Good no Tendance was res tit. Practically every county in the a astern part of the stale being represented. Holstein breeders meet a Good group of the la Olsten breeders of Clayton county met in the farm Len Ronnii office Ai a Lumler in july i list fur the purpose of con Wei Iii the advisability of or genl a if n county la Olsten lire eders association prof. Karles of tin Dairy Extension and Sec Elary Jeni ios of the loll Sweln Era association was present ire sred the meeting. These breeders brought there was no thought on of these men to tread on the toes of Hie other dairymen of he county. Vent there is plenty of room for nil my that much Good Enn come to any group or All groups of breeder by is eying together i shoe Littlon to help in their work. To Lief much Good can come to Tho Dairy interests of the county of this kind belter sires Are brought to minty where hero i Conion blood line Breed and and on t the that part. Big base Ball tournament. I Charles City Oelwein cres co Ami Lansing in championship meet at Postville aug. 5 and g. On Friday and saturday of next week. August 5 and a some Liloon Cin Illing base Ball Battles will be Stai id in Postville for the baseball Cli of northeastern Iowa. Oelwein Charles cily. Lansing and Fresco will be the four contesting teams thai will make fandom go wild with Joy As they fight to a finish for the big Belt. The games will be played in Hie following order Friday. August 5-Charles City is. Oelwein. Saturday August i the Cresco is. Lansing. All values will Start promptly at two o clock p. In. Admission 50c, War tax 5c total admission 550 Taeb game. The winners of hip above games will meet at Postville the following week to play the Oram championship a Wiinie the Date of which will be announced it the close of saturday s game. Tie players of these four teams Are the highest salaried players outside the big leagues every Man in the line up is a professional performer and you May confidently expect to see the Best baseball offering to be played in Towa this year. Hon i fall to witness these great games As their equal has never before been offered outside to big Lei Giter. Burglary in Postville. No less than five Postville Homes were entered by burglars during lust monday night and the various jobs Wero done so quietly that no one knew anything had happened until they had occasion to use their pocketbooks on the following Day. As most everyone sleeps Willi windows and doors opon at night it i an easy matter to gain admission to most anyone s Bouse. / the Homes entered were those of l. O. Buchor a. J. Phillips John Hari Uick a. J. Schiller and illicit Shepherd. At the a. .1. Schiller Home some dirty sheets and Pillow cases ready to be sent to the laundry wore Takon but at. To other Homes Small amounts of change were removed from the Purser that were lying around Loose. As might to expected there is to clue to the perpetrator. To two old settlers dead. Monona wins in tenth. Several had errors after i women i were out in the tenth inning caused Postville to go Down to def in before Hill s crack Monona team on die the last run ing tin lot of local Diamond last sunday score blood one and up to the half of the tenth when Monona ill three scores., to game Enil i in i in Moi Iowa s favor. Monona Boya Are As Good a wishes to Alieel players an one i he game was played sportsmanlike manner in hoist an argument., As one Monona player the game. Post Villi i and forming an Ivnik. I Tho thru whereby into the is More use of also by Gudvor this county and up with and in a clean i h Rovig Loul nevertheless remarked Ai had us Belleli bands Down if Sorbin won i Liace had the Sorbin ill he Box for Postville struck Outh men in nine innings allowing but 5 bits and no passes while crab i throwing for Monona struck out 10 men. Passed one and allowed 7 . Postville run up a total of eleven errors a Louiia one. Chas. H0th in Canada. Stonewall Manitoba Canada july 22, 1 121. Brother Billie set our feel on Canadian soil wednesday a in. And by even Iii we had seen it Large part of the country such As Bills Woodland Ulm Prairies. When we got through in / custom and houses w Hud enough paper to make a Good Sil de mail order catalogue beginning in tie Western part of Iowa crops Are looking very Good. Glad to get to America. Driven out of itus Siu by the bolshevik robbed of All Money and personal properly suffering untold persecution and hardship or. And mrs. Miler Friedman and son Harry arrived in Crosaro last monday morning at. The Home of their son Anil brother if. Friedman who has a general store on the South Side. These people no Hussion jew a. Who Honvo suffered All manner of persecution for the Pant few years their Home was Vckov. If Issia. Where they have seen their friends and neighbors massacred before their eyes. Nearly nil their cloth ing and household goods nov to Ken from them executing two car tons of goods slim h they a Igod a night and they bad Loide for weeks of a month at a time in in dark cellar to prevent to Iii. Killed outright by the cruel they  Nally made their escape going from town to town As Best they Enlil under Coyer of darkness. Various places heir Money was taken from them and they would be obliged to wire to their son in res co for More Money which was Tele graphed to them and i Ion i Bey would come on Fuelber until that was taken and they would have in wife and wait for More. Tone place they were robbed of air no by the Lime they had reached War saw. In Poland Liev had been Roll of $50,0110 in Iii Rev they were subjected to All snips of abuse and ill treatment. Final Fler More than eight Mouths of travel. Of towing and delay they reached their destination Al Cri r \ As Hie writer Shook hands with Lite father soon after his an Ival. Lie Shook Iii he id. Enre sed Bis up Precia fion of flip kindly words of reeling mid said lib. I am n glad to get to crests . Rejected suitor suicides. John a. Peterson a Wel stranger about forty year shot and killed himself til i a Rimoon on t he fit Road Drese of age Day no ii Shori 11 following is Llull n the score Book Posl vile st Ory tells the Gam 11 ii v. Brohm if -1 1 1 1 Marlon. Is a 1 0 i Mellara if 1 11 ii l Bencher a 1 i 11 i a Karnack la 11 0 l sorbian 4 i 1 l Abernethy of l 0 n Losen 2b______ t 0 n t Sorbin a 4 1 l 0 Monona a it be Bale r, .1 i u male Ion of. 5 0 0 0 1 Isher 2h______ 5 ii j 0 fuelling. Of ii in 5 0 l ii Cralli a 5 i 0 0 Schwab la r, 0 a 1 Hill Zzz i 1 u 0 Oelke a \ 1 a Snell if .1 t 0 longish i 0 1 distance had lie Pauling laying Willi n i Farsi i Mil place. 1vi or on the a nigh on the ter a vim est of new Albiol. La Coll ii ing i m is. In iia divorced woman who water. Mrs. My i i r two Linoi thai had Iii lived from a noon in ill review to Nollsh batted for Snell in thu kith. Struck out by Sorbin 0, by Crabb 10 Banes on balls off crash 1. Three base hits Marlon Bencher Chile. Two base Crabb. Umpires Koevenig it gush. I score Liy innings Postville Mil poo 0110monona -----001 not Oulu hits a n d 0-1 in i was to song the broods of getting the livestock in the future grouped so that buyers can he induced to come into to county to get Good purebred Dairy cat tie. After considering Tho Ai Tun i Ion voted to of Gatil Short Lime nil Erfurd by or. Pauline who had gone to tie idler Box for a Iho until. Coroner Ili Ueker was sum Mac from Wagon and Al the Ito Fuesl Lui i i address was found Hie Dee Linn s per. On of so be Mart at Pip Shine Minn to which i ice a sent of i he . The Man Illiad Over Suo in Cirii and an o count of la posits in a Minne no Bank. Ii developed Al Tho infill list that the woman had Given him had an engagement Ritzig at their mod in whereupon he Riib i ill resolve d Noii taking his life for a Noli was found at his Side that lie would meet her in heaven. Waukon Ileal shoots his brother s wife. One death and a serious injury to another was tie result of a shout in affray which occurred on the Isaac Vic Kernan farm eight Miles Norn of Harmony. The farm is tenanted by or. And mrs. Louis Christopher son. Sandy Christopherson lived Willi them either working for i lir other or in partnership with Linin while Louis was feeding the to lie heard a scream Anil ran to lit House where ills wife had been shot while on the porch. The deed a committed by his brother Sami Olio immediately sprang into the woodshed and killed himself blowing off the entire top of his head the wife is still living. The Bullet passed along the Side of her head my shot off the upper half of her ear. She is in a Ell Len condition in tie opinion of Louis Christopher son. The deed was commit Ted by i lir other in a fit of insanity brought on by the intense heat. Pecorari Republican. Of. J dragged to death by a cow. Wayne Keister. The eight year of son of mrs. Helen Cleas ii. Was dra ged to death by a cow at Bancroft Kossuth county. In company will several Young children Wayne a assisting in bringing Home lie cow belonging to mrs. Bessie Krosel fro i the pasture just South of i implement. Shop of Oldenburg it lunge. Contrary to instructions lie attempted to Lead the animal and in order to make himself Nior secure tied the rope around lib body. Several parties saw him in this and told him that he should not lie the rope around him. But ii refused to listen to their sri Ila tie cow became frightened and ran dragging the boy to death to. Ingers0lls Chicken rival. It has remained for an Towa Hen to win Fame by laying an egg liar ing he outline of a watch dial Al neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Fayette Ijo Finly Farmers shipped 17.01 0 pounds of Wool last week. Waterville voted almost unanimously to Bond for $5,000 Tor an electric Light Plant. The West Union iceman is keeping his patrons Cool with ice shipped from Independence. While digging a drainage ditch Ira Itilia Viboit of Cresco was buried up to his hips when the embankment raved in. The Hod of a. K. Fox who was drowned last Winter near Lacrosse was round last week near new Al Liin. He was Riding on tie ice when lie broke through. Or. And mrs. John Miller of Osage recently received a letter from their son. Whom they mourned dead. Lie was Shell shocked in prance and recovered his reason in n Asylum in Michigan. H w. Stevenson of Jessip who a of Nice for line liver Nosey cattle Only sold a Bull for Julio. But lest showed evidences of Tollber Ulois. And he had to sell the animal i the Market for $ w. Prof. Oscar l. Olson of Decorah s been appointed president of Luther College. Decor Ali. To succeed Lar. . Deceased. The appoint Iii edit holds until tin Board meets in it Gull when lie will in All probability lie chosen for the full term. Marl in Cleveland was thrown from his hinder when his team ran Iway near Fagle drove. One foot was Cut olt Al the ankle by the sickle which badly lacerated Bis Ither leg and body. He Lay in the held until help happened along and in a serious cod lion. Chillies Pine a Veteran fruit peddle of Waterloo suffered injuries in a Peculiar manner that will probably prove fatal. Lie was hiding in Hie rear of Bis Wagon Iling fruit when All automobile Peri led Liyu mall a Gill a Ollil d Willi the Wagon. Pine was knocked to 111" pavement and it is believed ins Back a broken. Sunday school_________0-30. A. M preaching service----10 30 a. M. services next Hun Day at the lutheran Church. V0 having been Pul out of tie Iii dealing business this year As against is,000 last in. The i ice for hogs last year is nearly double the present Price hut the business in dollars for june was also a record Cenker. There was a big demand for Export which Mills for the increase in the i. Nine of the product. The second stage to a series of happenings ill to Salem township erred Ven Peter minister woke of of a morning to find four acres of Corn Cut and withering in the hot rays of the Sun. Indications Noi it to i body of men doing the lilting. How die party managed 0 col til entire Field without disturbing die family residing nearby 1 the mystery. No reason for the Al Ion has been commercial. The Ubl rate increase was Odo f the mailers considered by the. Deborah commercial club at its i ii i v meeting. The rates Here have been compared Willi other similar owns Sivis the Public opinion Ana i is found Deborah is higher. A of Nilalee composed of Bon real. L b . Leon Knight and Loo. W. Johnson was appointed to i in the matter before the City noun ii and see what can be done to get better Light rate. Several houses la a Dogwood were raided last saturday afternoon not Liy burglars but by the officials of Delaware and Iti ton counties and a result a number of Gallons of Moonshine some in the baby age Bui other in the advanced stage of Lluu were placed in East Ivlev. We understand that one party who had been manufacturing and afraid that the hands of the Law were going to lighten on him had dismantled his still and made the. Wood journal. There was an automobile wreck in front of the Mcmasters Home on main Street sunday morning about two o clock a Bulck was standing by the curb when another Auto came Down the Street and struck it Sii Naru by in front. Tho wind shield of the Bulck was that Terril and the fender broken. The Driver of the other automobile departed hastily As soon As he got. Out of the wreck. Amid the broken Glass of Tho was a Largo broken bottle which probably accounts for the collision. Devorah Republican. 

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