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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 26 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - July 26, 1918, Postville, Iowa M Postville Heral successor to the "3�wa us a my a Twenty sixth year Postville Iowa Friday july 26, 1918 number 39 our Soldier boys letter from Fred Tuttle. Iowa s Buffalo Herd. Ose heart 111., july 22, 1918. Whole Bunch of printers Fer Here if you re car just an Ordinary Buck a Pray Oftis. However. Be arc to be Here but eight weeks then transferred to a a a. Organizations with recommend commissioned officers. They air applications saturday for juicers training Camp. I sign Peor it but Hope i Don t get in Gin thru Here for i sure want to i can Here. $ sure Are treated great Here lend a sketch of the grounds Fine Barracks fair feed and i Vilches we need. We had our is picture taken this morning ill sure Send some Home. Eur uniforms this week and then look like soldiers. Tell All the that if they want something to get in Here for they sur e treated White and will get filing they can use after we paved the streets of berlins the Job that s ahead of us and ire All anxious to be up and at it go not necessary for them to have k practical knowledge of Concrete just in Here. All they need is a Mac education for you get All the f Here from the ground up Hui emetic dealing with estimates Ilu prints and sketch work Carpen to Gyro re As to form building Pratti Tel Concrete work and also Concrete no. Jonly about a dozen of them Here g done any Concrete work before i rest Are All Farmers mechanics a shooters or poker players a a. E get saturday afternoon and Lay off and i say there s lots of fishing Here. Lots of fun catch them even if you can t eat them close for now for its nearly bunk now. Regards to All private Fred w. Tuttle Eheart training detachment Mooseheart 111 it tar from Arthur h. Kung Beil great lakes Illinois july 15, 1918. Brother and sister have been very Busy the past k As we have moved twice once the main Camp to Camp Perry again from the Large Drill Hall at by to. The tents. Our time is Tak up to the minute so do not know if an finish this letter tonight. Hope however As it is raining and we generally excused from work Ile it is raining will Tell you a Little of our exper ces Here. We were ordered to pack our sea bags and blankets and stress take our tents Down and Roll within an hours time and Well i just got the Call for Chow so finish this later foil i feel quite a bit better As we d a very Good Chow tonight shed potatoes sliced cucumbers a Marian Gulash or beef Stew Jam d bread and Tea. Of the above we e Given All we care to eat. The end is of pure wheat no Susti. you see we Are getting better of Here than you folks at Home. Now to get Back where left off. Ter we had our packs All rolled up e were ordered to pick them up and he carry them from main Camp to amp Perry almost two Miles but we Ade Allright and that night we slept a Large Drill Hall six Hundred of s. But the next Day after it had Leared up we pitched our tents on a ill top and since that we have been building our Camp to make it As Eon lenient As possible. We slept in our its the same night we pitched them you see we Are kept so Busy that " e dont have time to do much of any _ else. We have to carry Sod or Rass for nearly a mile which we use Sod our tent fronts and the Side Alks Are made of cinders but have be As straight As a die. We do not expect to go to school until August 10th, but we cannot say or certain. Hope we can go before that As we do not have to go on working parties then. It is late and i am very tired for i did t get in until 310 . And had to get up again at 5 o clock. Regards and love to both of you also give my Best regards to All my friends who May enquire and for goodness Sake Bill Wilto write your brother Arthur h. Klingbeil co b 4, Hospital school Camp Perry great lakes i. Carl Leander of Bancroft has a Herd of buffaloes on a ranch at that place. Two calves were dropped in the Herd this Spring. The Herd now numbers thirteen head. We know of Only one other sight in this state so interesting As this Herd of buffaloes and that is father Dobberstein s Park at West Bend. People living in Kossuth county who never visited mrle Ander s ranch and looked Over his Fine Herd of buffaloes Ore missing some Advance. Fewer marriages last year in Alla Makee county. The marriage record of Alla Makee just being completed by Deputy clerk of court b. L. Robey shows a falling off during the last fiscal year of 33, As compared with the previous fiscal year the figures being 140 from june 30, 1916, to june. 30, 1917, and 107 from june 30, 1917, to june 30, 1918 this seems remarkable in face of the fact that so Many places showed such Large increases in marriage s on account of the War weddings which have been so frequent since War was Standard. Rockets Are loaded. On the night of july 4th, Frank Towsley sustained a severe injury to one of his hands. He bought a sky rocket in town and not being an expert in the handling of fire arms held the rocket in his hand and touched a match to it. Of course there was the usual explosion. Frank said he quickly realized that there was something doing. He heard a Racket Felt it sting and the next act was to look for a doctor. He has t worked since and said yesterday that the hand is giving him much pain. Sky rockets Are always loaded and Are not to be held in the hand a fact known to most Mirror. Some hogs. Why i buy at Home because this is the place where i make my Money and this is the place to spend it. Because my interests Are Here. Because i believe in transacting business with the people that i count among my friends. Because the Community that is Good enough for me to live in is Good enough to buy in. Because i want to see the goods. Because i want to get what i pay for. Because 30 per cent of every Dollar spent at Home stays at Home and works for the development of the City. Because the Man i buy from pays his part of the City and county taxes. Because the Man i buy from stands Back of the goods he Sells. Because i sell what i produce Here at Home. Because the Man i buy from helps to support my school my Church my Lodge and my Home. Postville 25 years ago. From the Volks Blatt of july 27, 1893. 100 degrees in the Shade last sunday. Henry Birch and family have returned to Oelwein. Neighbourhood news. Items of interest from Alla Makee and adjoining counties. City an All night Celebration. Ern Holzer has in his Herd a thoroughbred Poland China sow which gave birth to ten pigs this Spring. The pigs grew up and at the end of four month sern put them on the Scales and they averaged 100 pounds each. What makes this More remarkable is the fact that one of the Little pigs a stepped on by the Mother when quite Young and in this Way was stunted and the other nine pigs had to make up the extra pounds. It is a Nice family of Little porkers and bids fair to make several thousand pounds More of pork before another year Rolls around. Ern says they Are about As Good a Bunch As he Ever Echo. Work or fight in Clayton county. Eleven men were rounded up her last Friday evening. Sheriff Embert Bergemeyer and county attorney Davidson were Over and with the Aid of the local police made the arrests. The men picked up were of the Hobo Type and had no visible Means of support and were not observing the work or fight Rule one had a registration card and had registered in Chicago. They were locked up in the City jail. On saturday afternoon they were brought before judge Sullivan and after a hearing they were bound Over to the grand jury. They were taken to Elkader and lodged in jail where they will remain until the grand jury is in session a. I. Times. Postville had an All night Celebration last Friday in Honor of the big Victory America and her allies had achieved Over the barbarian beast of Berlin Bunch. The affair started at a Little before 11 o clock alien the band boys arrived Home from playing for a red Cross Benefit in the country. A big crowd awaited their coming and followed and cheered to the Echo As they played up one Side of main Street and Down the other from the commercial hotel to the German lutheran Church punctuating the interim be1 tween tunes with shouts shrieks yells shot guns and Cannon crackers and As sleeping was t very Good in Postville that night most everybody rolled out in whatever wardrobe came handiest and joined in the Jubilee and say Fellers it was some circus. About 1 30 the band boys lips were so badly swollen they could t get them in a soup bowl let alone the mouthpiece of a Horn and had to Cut out their playing. But the arcs of patriotism were burning too fiercely to be so soon subdued so the boys hiked to our four churches the fire House and the school House and Mug All the Bells continuously until close to three o clock a. In. That s the kind of Pep we have in this Good old american town and Don t you forget it. We re after the Kaiser s Scalp and we re going to Nail it on his barn door in Berlin. Our boys Are Over there to do the Job for us and Well Back Thein up to the last Dollar we be got. Kids Burn Kaiser. A Bunch of school kids boys and girls assembled at the school House grounds saturday evening with ban ners tin cans etc., and stuffed a Dummy which they labelled Kaiser they then marched Down the Street to the Farmers store Corner where after stoning and clubbing the Dummy they poured on Oil and burned the beast. Postville school acids Are Loyal to the limit for Uliey had patriotism instilled into them by their superintendent g. W. Hunt who by works As Well As words proved the Faith that is in him giving up his position leaving wife and baby to Eulist and he is now in France in the uniform of a common Soldier ready to die if need be that his country May not be ravished by the hated Hun. Or. And mrs. We. Mott left Las evening for Chicago. Conrad Thoma of Charier was in town last week. Or. Turner has moved his family in the Walter Chriss House. John Kampke is confined to i Home with a severe attack of hear trouble. C. Meyer who resides on the a Gan farm has purchased the t. B Easton farm. On tuesday Frank Sebastian sold 7 hogs averaging 350 lbs. Each for 5 cents a Pound. The misses Jauert and Swenson have opened a dressmaking parlor in the Staadt building. Fred Schara invited a number of families to his Home sunday. The Day was spent playing croquet Etc two of our town boys were arrested for shooting within the town limits but were released after being Given a severe reprimand. Eugene Stockman has resigned his position with Meier & Eaton. He has leased the store building adjoining Bixby & Williams and will open furniture store there about augus 20th. Threshing rules adopted. Goodbye hitching posts. One of the Best things that has happened in Postville in a Long time is the removal of the unsightly hitching posts along the East Side of the o. Vav. Meier Block and the putting in of a Cement Gutter to carry off the water and refuse. This Corner has for a Long time had a stockyards odor to it and the new order of things will certainly be appreciated by All who pass that Way As Welt a by the tenants of the a meeting of the Thresher men of Alla Makee county was held at the court House july 6th, for the purpose of effecting a county organization and Fonn plating instructions to the Farmers for the care of the Grain before threshing As required by the government the following rules were adopted for this county 1--the Farmer must let his wheat get Good and Ripe before cutting and take pains to get As Good a bundle As possible to prevent waste. 2-take every possible Means to put up As Good shocks As possible and not throw the bundles or sheaves together with a Pitchfork As some Farmers have been doing to avoid the Barley beards and to put a proper Cap on every Shock whether intending to thresh from the Shock or the stack. 3-every Farmer is strictly instructed to stack is much of his Grain As possible As it is impossible to have it All threshed out of the Shock and it will mean a big loss to the Man on the end of the route. 4-every Farmer should and must put sufficient rails boards or Straw under his stacks to prevent wet Grain Iowa goes Over the top with 110, 000 War gardens. Here s a Sample of the Way the women in Iowa Are lining up to can the forty two women in Cedar rapids each have agreed to interest ten other women in Home food conservation and Are out to distribute literature on the saving of Gardei. Vegetables. These women have Beer organized by Glendolyn Warren Home demonstration agent and at her request the National War Garden commission has forwarded a Supply of it Canning and drying manuals for then to give out to other women. Iowa has made a remarkable record in War gardens this year the preliminary estimates to the National Wai Garden commission based on report from All Over the state showing thu it has 110,000 War gardens. Aug now the women of the state Are going to see to it that As much As possible of the surplus from these gardens is saved. Many Canning clubs will compete for the Honor of winning some of the $10,000 in Thrift Stamps and National capital prize certificates which the commission is offering to Blue ribbon winners at fairs and exhibition for the Best canned vegetables grown in War gardens. A aboard for Waukon. Building. Pitch Init posts along bust Ness streets Aro curiosities nowadays j and waste which would result from in most All communities hitching Yards j neglecting this Point Albert Christofferson of Castalia went to Camp Dodge Friday to visit his brother Herman and the rest of the boys from this neighbourhood. Elmer Trudo who leaves Friday with Tho Clayton county draft contingent was the guest of Honor at a at the or. Aud mrs Frank Colahan Homo last thursday Evoniuk. Games and dancing were thu amusements of the evening. Delicious refreshments were served at Midnight. All who attended report an enjoy Obi e a cuing. Mrs h. J. Schue Tio harnessed up her Ford Sedan tuesday evening and took miss Anna Hanson or. And mrs. Bert e. Tuttle to Monona where they spent a very pleasant two hours with mrs. Frank Sherman and the Many Postville friends of this estimable indy will to pleased to know Elie Lias secured position As Saleslady in Steele general store in that City. Being provided for Tho Farmers by the towns which has proven a satisfactory plan for both the Farmer and Tho folks in town Anna Wegner our efficient Tele j government phone operator who is having her annual vacation went to Oelwein Friday to visit her sister mrs. Lee Ingersoll and family. 5-the Farmer must fully instruct his men or help when threshing to properly and immediately clean up after each setting As this is one of the important things urged by the a Waukon five year old told a lady with whom she was visiting recently that her Uncle who is a Soldier was coming to see her before he went to fight. She said he was t coming on the train because it Cost too much Money he was coming on a furlough. Leo Beucher and family or. And mrs. O. J. Beucher Verla Hart Harold Phillips and Helen Boucher a toed to Oelwein saturday evening to meet private Harry Beucher who came up from Camp Dodge on a 24 hour furlough before being transferred to somewhere. He returned sunday night  i every Farmer is instructed to have sufficient Coal or Good Wood on hand for the Thresher As this is much neglected in Many localities. 7-every Farmer must provide a tight Bottom in his Hay rack when stacking or threshing from the Shock by order of the Alla Makee county Thresher on s committee and the Thresher men s association of Alla Makee county. Of h. Depping president. Id is too bad to see the number of Idle men about the City at the present time. Some change in the local Button plants Are partially responsible for this condition. Several men have already gone out und others Aro talking of leaving Mirror. To Morrow Friday All Postville business houses will close at 11 a. In. For the purpose of going Over to Waukon to give the Soldier boys a Gram Farewell. The Postville band and a Large delegation of our citizens arc planning to go and show the boys we Aro with them to a Frazzo. If you wish to go and have no conveyance of your own leave word at once will Pettit Bros and they will find a Wax for you to go. Come on everybody and make it a showing worthy of the Community. To All holders of Liberty Bonds first and second issues the Banks Are now in receipt of Blanks to be used in forwarding Bonds bearing a lower rate than is per cent for conversion into Bonds bearing 4"i per cent rate. Bonds must be presented at the. Local Banks for conversion by november 1st in order that they May be forwarded in plenty of time. The Cost of sending them in for postage and re Gist Vatican will be paid by the owner and will amount to about 15 cents for each Bond. Big Creamery report. The Postville Farmers co Peiu Tivo Creamery co. Luis ivs statement out for the Juno business and it is a big showing. They received 200,-807 lbs. Of Cream which was converted into 61,103 lbs. Of butter. Tho patrons were paid 50 cents per la. For butterfat. Tho total receipts were $26,628.32 and expenditures $1,776.51. A barn dance at the Quillan place on Makee Ridge netted the red Cross $88.31. Sidney Bowen of Waukon now in France has been promoted to lieu tenant colonel. The town of Clayton dedicated a service Flag containing 18 stars last Friday m. X. Geske of Mcgregor was the speaker. Mrs. Mary Cook of Cedar rapids put $20 in the ice Box to kill germs. The next Day when she looked for the Money it was gone germs and All. A prize of $100 has been offered for the biggest pig raised in the 12 not Thorn townships of Fayette county it must be donated to the red Cross. The Capoli Button works at Lansing has shut Down owing to a Scarcity of help. In Normal times this concern employed from 75 to 100 men. One Hundred and fifty women have Neon employed by the Chamberlain machine works of Waterloo to take he place of men who have entered the army. While the automobile belonging to ians Keiser of Elgin was standing on he streets of Clermont in front of the Chris Miller residence last Friday , some party or parties smeared yellow paint Over the Hood. Forty seven of Waukon s Young men have been Calls. To the colors i the farm under the work or a ight order which went into effect uly 1st, and Are being located As Apiary As possible with Farmers who tie in need of assistance. Miss Mitchell of Over in Ludlow recently sold 47 head of 2ear old cattle for $6,410. She Pur based these cattle two months ago did placed them on her farm Over in the Waukon locality. It is said she cared ?2,000 on the Deal. There s a team of horses waiting or the Clayton county Soldier who ets to Berlin first. John Kauffman i Farmer living in Millville township near Guttenberg says he will give the Best team of horses and harness m his farm to the Clayton county Soldier who puts up the american lag n the streets of cry news. Thirty four dollars a ton for " run f the River Clam shells was paid re entry to Mcgregor and Prairie Duchien slammers by the Muscatine Clam boat which was in that Vicinity buying up shells. A few years ago the Best shells brought not More than six dollars a ton. Slammers had to sort the different varieties very care fid. Now All go at several times that Price except very thin ones. A pure White Robin was discovered in n. E. Gray s Yard at Nashua recently the Young Bird Luning made its first flight out of the Home nest and the Mother Bird was endeavouring of coax it Back into a Safe place. The Little fellow appeared to be quite a favorite of the Oiler bin. In spite of his unusual color Ami was quite tame. A Cage was secured and the Little fellow was Given a place where to. Would be Safe Ulm cats. In the arrest at Cedar rapids last Friday of three boys of Vinton Alt under Twenty and a seven Yeii year old girl the police believe they have captured persons responsible for Many automobile Frei is in that Section of the Slaw recently. Four machines have Leon recovered also. I?900 Worth of tires and a 0 j Worth of tools the tires and u ois were recovered in a Hay mow i . Warrants have been sworn out in foot counties for the arrest of the youths. They confessed the i Olive say and Loid e the loot was hidden. Many residents of Mason City were severely shocked to learn of the sudden death of u. ,1. , for Many years county treasurer of hut county. Or. Wood was found dead on his farm near Ludd by neighbors. 11 o left his Home Here in the City on monday evening in Tine health for his farm to. Haul the Oats which had recently been Cut. Lie was seen by his neighbors on wednesday evening when he returned after doing some hauling. He tied his horse to an cat shed on the farm that evening and when the neighbors saw the animal there in the morning they investigated and found him dead in the shed. Heart disease is thought to have been the cause of his death

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