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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1921, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - July 21, 1921, Postville, Iowa Herald a live newspaper in a live town Twenty ninth year Postville Iowa thursday july 21, 1921 number 37 Postville 25 years ago. H0me nursing in the schools th0 Elf my a in Fth atm unroll or a items taken prom the amt Oue a in a files of vol Oblatt maintain school my visiting Nur of july 24. 1890.tells work is of equal or greater importance than general. August me on 18 in Milwaukee this nlnt0 l Thlu Thek a business. A Tho nur8no it Joe Colum. And family Woro Over physician also Are protective Andt Banning Over sunday. A a in necessary additions them is Wum Lugen has opened a Ftp j fat of Public j Minery hop in the by Nat build a Ltd inc saw the " i the school nurse will have thou on Gunny Korniuk or. It nil mrs. Sands of children observe. Her Vail mover became the parents or duties Are Public duties and her baby daughter. Place largely protective of Public Henlly in the schools. The visit Imp in thus not " " a  a a a a a a tvs we ,1".,1.2t,r�?� Tollum by confined very closely those who att aged a years. Cannot afford pay the fee of a Jilin Sennit has the contract special nurse. She May lie Anil install a hot air heating system in should lie a very Busy woman and he a drool building. A son ire is in great part one of emergency and in a manner lemt.,the army worm la Des roving . Excellent a of acres of Grain in this a be. We a atm a ""1 Colon of the state. A in s in. Prom the Post lilo Farmers opera Why not put nursing the in non ire Creamery is installing two rentals of care of children and the urge new separators which Cost sick of All Ages into the school cur-1 g0o Ric ulum Natl make it a part of the High school course and the Young people s society of the of Var uth Enin Church enjoyed a picnic flip upper it Henry wellies farm Sun am my Lisl Kenel " a _ Hon what the service of school Nur 1 " is and county nurses and visiting Clayton . Farm Bureau. Nurses cannot reach in a Century or can never reach. Not that the shool Miro and visiting nurse Are not needed and valuable especially representatives of Tho farm by the school and visiting muses but aus and livestock shipping Asso establish an Independence in the is Lons of Clayton Alla Makee win family instead of a dependence and whelk and Howard counties met relieve not continue a condition of t Calmar. Saturday july 2nd. Helplessness. The purpose of this meeting win there Are not and never will be get better shipping service from enough school and visiting nurses the motor cop owners want better r. R. Service. E Railroad for the livestock ship ers of these counties. The Mil Sukeo Railroad having compe ton in this territory has not give n the pre War schedule in Many Sei a a result the love Stock take the place of Home watchful Ness and Home self help sickness. Nor Are professional nurses in sufficient number Supply the needs or imagined needs of those who Are Ibie pay their fees. Yet the nil Rebekah install new officers. Chautauqua next week. The grand old Chautauqua sea saturday is circus Day. Saturday of this week will the uppers Are at a disadvantage and versa helplessness of he average re standing a heavy shrinkage on last thursday evening Post Rebekah Lodge . Is. 1. O. O. 1 wife and Mother and husband and installed the new officers for 1 ing the fact that the livestock father for the matter of that is ensuing term mis. Carpenter and As be on the Road Long. Both pitiable and alarming when Fasse of Waukon acting at this meeting the northeastern sickness comes. As installing officers. The follow shipping association was formed we have grown demand tag Are the new officers r the purpose of presenting a Una vice in All things and with the1 Noble Orund mrs. Vena Eil Effort Tho Railroad Coninis Ruth of that demand have drifted Scutta. Owners at a future time. The Fol into a habit As Well As a condition of vice grand mrs. Amelia Sander Wing officers were elected helplessness. There is Good Rea Presl Ilent a. Ii. Cunningham of son be urged against a course of Rusco. Common nursing in the schools. Vice president a. J. Carpenten it is plainly a general advantage Elkader. And Short Cut health education Secretary judge ii. E. Taylor of that is beyond Ai Ikon.  shall town times be publican a Board of directors was elected it a of tamist countle8 t0 Art Stone age booze found a Ood attendance was present at por Sam v Pphaen m. I meeting and the thought is that of a s , u w., have been Mil More can be done n getting. Sli Lri m .1sp,.lkp iter service with the unified Effort Walls manufactured and the Ortli Eastern Coli Niles with into needed ,0 after. a plants being added by one or Lor Mikh be u.,.h succeeded in find individuals. W klln0ii l of m in Liine Ujj cunningly secreted under in Large and amusement feature of All the year for brings with it something Good and wholesome for All the people there is something in it for the people of All Ages every class and condition. Chautauqua gives town and country folks an treasurer mrs. Telia Sander. Opportunity get together and by Sec Earv mrs. Marie Davis. Come better acquainted while enjoy a Arden miss Luella Krogman. 1,1 k the s feasts of music mirth. Conduct Ress mrs. Vera Anil dramas etc., that Are chaplain mrs. Mattio service. Presented on the High class pro it. S. N. . Nina marring Krams lavishly prepared for the Ion. I. S. N. 0 son will Start in Postville on next l reddest red letter Day of All the wednesday for a five Days session i year circus Day. The Small boy Chautauqua the big educational for Miles and Miles around have the past people by the great Redpath Vaw mrs. Altha kill Gheil. U r r. S. V. 11. S. V. 01. A. Every one of Tho ton numbers on this season s course has been select mrs. My Len . Miss Mabel guardian mrs. A doth saw a n hearing on mrs. John Gregg entertained her intoxicating liquor a Man Cresco and give am Tulia pi0ses chapter . One of up what Tho difference is Between charges of Selling tie Postville bootlegging Case. The total of the season ticket Sale a informed n number of before Tho program starts on next from ter mrs. We coff of of Nix Clov. Bli Tift interested in breaking up Tho of Lei. Cnbe8 or a similar nature from wednesday night and $1,000. The in few Days this Welc at Tho Nark booze business having purchased a Vartous ports of the county Are also local committee gels nothing what Las Emma Cfoley. Ellon Cert bottle of the stuff Only a Short time0ng riven e once Ovorn Ami it Ever of admissions paid at the Ile Miller and mrs. 0. Staadt and before Tho sheriff Smulo the Afi of a general a a. It is up the pubic help rally Anont tuesday evening at the after making numerous Coll let on ule b0q7e propose ton was on in i the local committee by buying k. Ing Stato Monta in an Effort Clear earn in old Alla Makee. Rev and mrs. Stathoff and fam himself Fisher made a confession a prize fight in Iowa once. In 1st?. A group of fight fans came . Of st. Joe Missouri stage a tight Between Tom Allen who then held the heavyweight championship of America and a Man named Hogan who had challenged him. They and Boon unable re Eure a place fight in Tho East and when they nor veil in st. Joe they found the authorities of Missouri Ngu inst. Them. They tried the. State of inn sub with More Success and chartering n Steamboat went up the Missouri hoping that at Omaha or Council duffs they might find less opposition from officials of Tho Law. Nebraska however was As antagonistic As Kunsa and Missouri and the citizens of incl muffs telegraphed the governor of Iowa rot state help in preventing the match from or curing on Iowa Soli. Governor car Penler sent two companies of National guards Council Bluffs be used subject the orders of tin sheriff of county. In Spile of the sheriff Anil troops Bow Ever the fight fans managed leave Council duffs on a special train for the South Anil were joined farther Down lie line by Allen and Logan who had left the City in bocks. Near Pacific City. Towa a town opposite the Mouth of the Platte which had great ambitions be come a Metropolis the train stopped Anil the mulch was held. The men fought with Bare lists in an improvised ring on the turf. In the third round a lint was precipitated by the Logan adherents who claimed foul play and invaded the ring with knives and pistols. There were casualties but the fight was effectually ended. In lie Emu poll upset published by the state historical society of Iowa Donald 1/. Mcmurry describes the incident catching Bass by note. And mrs. Arduser and son of and Justice a. E. Darker bound him Tantim . Buque were entertained at Shady Over the grand jury. He has not grand Lodge in Postville taut Friday been Able secure a bail Bond Tor the Sloot the Shutos is in run $s00 and is in jail. A order and Over body seems This is a sequel u bit of Lowb i Lodge will held in it the old a Well As the Larrv perpetrated by several Young Postville on Tho Otto noon and oven a special session of the Odd Fel season tickets now. Thus getting in on All the attractions at a Price that is remarkably Low. The Chautauqua dates Are july 27 i both dates inclusive. The Price of season tickets has been placed at. $2.20 for adults and $1.10 for children which Millios the men from Ramn when one night last priday september 0th. For ten Proi rams Cost an adult but 21c. Meeting will be the occasion of a her. Tho season ticket Price also in Large gathering hero of the mom Claudos Tho War season c f. Hush and fam ii. Alev tru Alan Vista. It " let non Rma Civ i Ems w we maternity tickets for the whole family and save n Nav Antn Yasuro of Clear and his Way Homo As Host a Good la number 0f the grand Money a a. And cd a earring on and fam could. The girl it is reported also Togo off Herb a b0 Here on this or pos vile were celebrating was intimidated and several shots of Aslone Well As a Largo number a. A Abernell Titi Thony at the Woro fired. arrests have been of Roo linkers of this District fit wednesday we Many As yet hut the Story goes .ttt.whlcu includes All the subordinate Post twp. Community club. .,.,. ._.____, the Post township Community relatives of the Young men involved lk08 within a radius of fifty club will not hold a meeting in Curvo made a Cash settlement with neb. Further particulars concern jul y owing the Largo amount or the a inured parties. But the Ond of Long t jul important mooting will Woi t be done at this season of Yot Home. Lansing Postville i. Trio trouble has not Inacio game with Postville Crosco times. Nilay was one of the in psf excl it Iyoub of the National in Stan Over r l f1nney builds books. Besides a Large number of Artl Given later grand papa at some people Are born great some achieve  greatness and. Others Haye a a the Unsung a winning % 1. loan " if Wither College Pitcher was a a. In Box for the visitors Gnu end i Olsh in Solon Tofle Roll opus and Odu j Sci eve with Leoann into of Eatlo Iol journals or. Loss. Fin greatness Ruht upon them. The a a. Oarlee Marston and har Tho I. U. Class of 1800, third and last form enumerated s k i the infield which gave now of Tho logo of education in the manner in which it. Camo one m its Pond a club is is in the University of Minnesota has of Postville s Best known Cut Lens Ini Awakening " in 1�20 the William James oily is Tho name the your. Mickie says cars Are Cut in sections crosswise each Section built the exact size of the Van which occupies it. And you have perhaps surmised by tit is time instead of running the a on Down steel gang ways at i he end of the car the Section is tilled Sld Wise the ground and the Wagon Rolls off an easily As water off a ducks Back. Sure you la want see pm unload. Another new and novel sight will be witnessed at. The show ground in erecting their Canvas City. In the past you have been accustomed seeing the Lent stakes driven by a Crew of coloured men or else by Means of a gasoline stake Driver the makes for support of the Rod Royal enormous tents Are shot into the ground from an air plane by machine gun. You would t want miss that would you in the years before the honk wagons ruled the Road a Federal Law made it obligatory upon circus com panics avoid prosecution for any damages mint might result Send a Man on horseback ahead m the Parade proclaim in a loud voice hold your horses tile Klup Linnus Are coming hut the old order has lie ii changed and it is now up the cities which permit circuses the use of their streets for Parade purposes protect the circus from Ibi Mii res it might sustain hence it will fall the lot of Mavor Fay at 10 2s next. Saturday morning proclaim the owners of the rho Day Royal shows hold your who plants. Tho Fords and automobiles Are coming and of course you will want hear that All indications Point a big crowd born circus Day and As our streets Are somewhat torn up by the paving every citizen of Postville should appoint himself a com nil tree of Ono assist visitors in finding place Park their cars Welcome them your lawns for a picnic dinner and show every who May wander this Way that the Postville Brand of hospitality in the Best there is on Earlh. Welcome everybody Postville on circus Day. Weed notice. An easy Anil enjoyable Way a fish nowadays is take a musical in it raiment Al orig. And play sonic time that the fish like. need be bothered with Bonks lines and halt when you that. Sunday i Riiel four Ifni in men me sri a. T. Kino ads has. Price Mil Louis Holger wont rowing of the River near Hie old brewery and they had a Vic min in the boat which hypnotized Llie Lisle in such manner they jumped into the boat nut All the fish in the River but enough Bass give the popular voting ticket agent it the Milf Aukee depot a fish dinner monday they Kiev the tune the Virt Rolu a playing was my record ought lie in Dermuid by fishermen now. He Corah i Tibb opinion. It every Day la be sunday. Moshing if you think we Are about this just figure ii for yourself. Day very year has Wight hours of sleep a Day is---12 this leaves---------------------2 1 if von rest s hours a Day i this leaves___________________12 there Are h2 uni lays this leaves 1 you have half Day saturday tills leaves one and a half hours for lunch this leaves two weeks vacation 1 which leaves and this being labor Day one works 1 you Don t work after All. Now Vii will believe us. Won t you neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties _  the Clermont picture show is closed during the hot weather. Elgin joined the majority this year and came $137.50 behind on her Chautauqua. More thant.000 a boys have filed applications the citizen s military training Camp at fort reel Long minn., during the month of August. The locomotive Purt ment of the great Western shops at Oeh Voln opened monday after two months of idleness orig Loyin several nun ired men Back work. A petition signed by a majority of the electors has been presented the county superintendent of Delaware county asking for dissolution of the consolidated school it the town of Lamont. We not believe in signs but Here is a new one on the Road from . A mile or from Winthrop. Aim near All Illinois i ventral Railroad crossing is a sign which reads prepare meet thy we wonder what s the idea. New Hampton Gazette. Probably the most unusual -4th of july oration Ever delivered in Iowa was that of governor n. K. Ceil null. When be sat in his private office in the slate House and thru file Telephone with a Magn Box at the other end spoke the Cele orators at Newton. Forty Miles Iway. Hills Are being posted in or City for Hie Rsioda Royal circus at Postville. Saturday. July 23. Postville has held the record for being the Best show town in the United states As set Forth by run Golrig Hros. Re Nort. We wonder if Postville can repeal.?--West Union Union. Yon bet come on Over and see. A boy at Sioux fails. A. Has i novel Way of killing rats. He has i Small Gas engine which be places near a nil a Olav Ile attaches a Luv e the exhaust of the engine places the end in a rat Bole Anil starts the machine. The fumes either kill the rat or drive him be killed by lib boy who stands ready As the rodent makes Bis exit. For the first time in history the dior it of this county old an automobile at sheriff s j Tiu. Case came from Oelwein a Man Liuying a High priced car. Placing a mortgage on it and railing pay it. Tho car was taken by sheriff Wright and sold Here saturday Forto or. Ross of Oelwein. The car in question was a Stephens. West Union Union. Fire started in the Coal bin of the High school building saturday and developed quite a Blaze. T Leiff bin was Well filled and some of the Coal was wet when unloaded and con Lainell considerable Slack which packed Down in the Center of the bin and caused the combustion. Lt6?� a " t. ,Ien social awl in Atto .o,1l. mho of Lane Ink journal. Felt that in his Short talk he had. Struck thirteen but it was Pov he results of the other games in generally surm sell at that Lei igbo were Monona 11. My tln\0 that the foundation for huh Eor a Guttenberg 3, a Aulder Lonb pc dinner and mr8toa1,supfl.?,y the a Herfi pm Holl its anti two Punto save mrs. A a Bernethy of this City m my of Bylut a a met i atone Hohm state Park. Thed Surprise of her Lite on the Mea 1 us nip 8,i?9? sop if a the not of Post value on a Jon. Other birthday. might game cauer.t 8.30 p. A a hyelota.thfm., tere.tqa in have been a Zotea it Nova aright Tor apus.  re Namm f vow the . in. Pfc All property owner in Post township you Are bore by Noj Flod Cut nil Woods along the Road adjoining the land owned or occupied by you before August 1st. 11 21. If weeds Tiro not destroyed before that Pluto it is the duty of the Toad us porn Tendon destroy the Woods and Tho expense will be taxed against Tho Aldol Nung land. By order of the township trustees. Am. A. Tutti a township clerk. A notice the Publio. Notice in hereby Given All Par ties that driving Over the pavement within the Incon of fled town of Postville. Iowa with tractor or threshing outfit is positively prohibited.-. By order of town Council George Fay. Mayor. Wii Lum snap Birnn town. Lork. Bethe chinch n6t?s, chickens fat Al celeb nation. When Claudo 11. Keir of Sac City went a clock firecrackers for his Young son on the fourth of july be picked what lie supposed lie the most innocent of All the Little spit they were placed upon Trio i Dewalk or some Bard substance and stepped on and started going. He went Home and he and the Hoy started the fun. The he Keisir watched the spit devils perform look pm for Grasshoppers Mil followed them and had a Hearty meal. In a few minutes Claude was picking up dead thickens and loss than fourteen of them wore i Oivind. opened dome of the chickens Ami found that they were apparently Burneil Tho Lleslie smelled Burnt and the Gizzard smoked As he opened it. It jives us pleasure announce that the press dispatch concerning Otto rns Quisen published Goine weeks ago was greatly exaggerated Anil is entirely shorn of its most Damnable features which existed Only in Tho mind of n cub reporter with n bail ease of brain storm. Otto was held up alright Ami relieve of what Little Coin of the realm had on his person As has happened Many a brother and fellow before him but the rest of Tho Story is pure bunk marshal mellows of Postville took de Ewing of Franklin township into custody and lodged a charge of transporting liquor against him or Kwing it is alleged was carrying a bottle of booze in his pocket when arrested. His hearing has not yet been is. Yon can Beni Tho famous Rainbow division band at Decorah Park in Ina not Lieut concerts afternoon and night next sunday july 34th. admission collection taken. Large Quantity of the Coal was shovelled into the driveway before the fire was . John Grimm met with a distressing and painful Accident tuesday just before the noon hour. Juhu was working in i be repair shop . Was a Sling the Emery wheel that is driven by electric current. He had just stepped from the Bench a position in front of tile wheel lieu it hew pieces Cine of the living nieces struck him fairly on the nose crushing it and making a deep Hole in his face. Flan in ii. Burjust Schumacher living Fayette county South of Sumner is a real up the minute Fanner. On july i lie not Only had a Field of Rye Cut. But had it threshed and in Tho granary. On tuesday morning be commenced blowing the same piece of ground and will put in Corn making two crops from the Amo piece of ground in one season. Or. Schumacher is a progressive Farmer and uses a tractor for his farm work and has his own threshing Independent. At. The Dean Day wedding at Oelwein recently the Groom dined from Hie same plate which Hud been used by a Bride of nearly a Hundred years ago. Mary Rebbec. Great Grano mrs t. J. O Connor and son Ralph of Chicago arrived in Postville this morning on their annual vacation visit the Uii Rno families and other relatives and friends. Schnut Nunda starts next wednesday it will Toto Best one Ever. Willie it Wilke a driving a Chevrolet since last sunday. D. W. Baldwin was tin Ossian visitor Cut Nav school. .10 a. A tuesday preaching service. a. M. A 1 fdl8om went Oelwein thurs you Are cordially invited the a vicebreevorvhlundav.y j a a Chautauqua season ticket.f4u. Mother of Donald Day. Ato from the plate at her own wedding feast in 1r2j. And since then the bit of China has Boon handed Down from generation generation in the Todd and Dav families and used at weddings and anniversaries. The plate contains a likeness of Lafayette in the Center and is embellished with the quaint decorations of the colonial period. Over at Volga City saturday Wyllo workmen were heating Oil hat they were putting on the streets the Oil ignited and there was some warm Glaxo. About 5,000 Gul Lons of Oil that was in the car by inked. Tho roof of the depot the Coal shed and the water tank Ulm of aught lire but prompt action by Tho Tiro lighters prevented the destruction of those structured. The heaviest loss Falls Tho Iowa Road building . Of lies Moines who Are the Oil. Tho heat was intense and Tho Black smoke could seen for Miles. Mrs. Dimmer Smith and Mable Floyd accompanied by mrs. Schrampfer and George made up a ferrying party that went the Hutu Wormuth farm West of town Friday. Besides getting some Barrios they ran across tyo rattlesnakes which they killed one of the rattlesnakes was an exceedingly Largo one and carried eight nit Hob. For two women and three children give Battle two big healthy rattlers on Tho same Day and kill them both is displaying More nerve than is usually displayed by two women Ulm three Molio. A mss

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