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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 19 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - July 19, 1918, Postville, Iowa Postville Herald successor to the Pell Blaw  Twenty sixth year Postville Iowa Friday july 19, 1918 number 38 rom our Soldier boys a go filettes from g. M. Hastings. Groat lakes 111 july 11, 1918, vivid ear folks As i have a few min if Talps to spare will write you a few roes got my last shot this morning. Gwin be out of detention in nine clays Aijoo less. They Tell Moas i got second saw Korlass firc nun i will be out of Here in it Lions on my Way to the Soa. Could a jowl it a furlough to come Homo before i Styes Start but us the time would be so Boi t will pass it up. I will not even Msj i Jujj a put on a training ship As being a a a a ill class fireman does t require it of Jiju clot the Box you sont and live min Jerat Tes afterwards nothing but the Box Sowas to be seen. Would like to be mme and get some of a s real Coffee Jimd those hamburgers. Plenty to eat ire and 1 feel better than any time in life. It won t be Long before i will be shoving off As they say Here when a Are going to sea. The floors Here re front and Buck but it Means fore id aft. Your son c. M. Hastings of. A Reg. 8, Camp Dewey. Re a Petter from Victor Edwards a Palestine april �0, 1918 g dear Alice Many thanks for your mud and Loving letter which i re olved 0 k. Glad to hear that you lire keeping Well and doing Well ave not heard from u. 8. A. For some Imo now until j got yours. I am keeping alright myself now thumb of. Well Alice i suppose you Don t Jet much news about the doings in lie East but i can Tell you it is very i a citing and times Here. Had some very narrow escapes this but attack that we had in taking a Ery High Hill Over 3,000 feet High Yery Rocky and strongly held by the l urls. We stormed it with bomb and Bayonet and drove them off it after a bight and Day of hard fighting. A lot Jef my comrades went under but i Hud Iho Luck of the Devil Only a slight scratch altho my tunic had three holes a it and my Rifle was smashed. I was company runner and took Mes sages from one place to another. Went for ammunition once Aud was like a spider climbing a Wall. Johnny turned his machine guns on me but did t got me altho he had seven other chaps. I can Tell you i did t like the thoughts of going Back again but my Lack was in altho i got caught in 8jbfell barrage one big one dropped bout five Yards off Rao and buried Inu Rith dirt arid dust More frightened than Hurt. I was told by an officer that i was the Luckiest Chap alive and i think he was right too. I was re ported killed but i can Tell you i am very much alive. Well dear Alice you want to know if 1 got your parcels. I have not had Lone from you yet but i have Hud some from the others. I Fuquey they get pinched before they Are sent to the i battalion. I heard from Fannie Peplow the other Day. She sent to a photo of herself the Othor Day she Don t seem to grow much. She tells me she is courting a Young fellow from Lickon. Be is in the Hospital now with Trench feet and Das Only been in France three weeks. Good Luck to him i Hope he Don t go there again it must be hell there without the lid on. There Are rumours that we Are going there. I wish this damned War was Over or else havoc dam Good scrap Aud have done with it i think Johnny Turk is about fed up with it although he is a Good fighter but a treacherous one and kills our wounded if to can t get ilium away As prisoners. Well dear Sis i think this is All i have to suy this time so i will now ring off. I remain your Loving brother Vic. P. S. Johnny shelled us very heavy this afternoon but did t do much dam age to us. Woll Good night kid and god bless you go to bed Aud undress you do you remember that i not the above is from a brother of mrs f. Eaton of this City and was addressed to her sister mrs. Alice Ecclestone of stolons Point wis., who is now visiting . Thresher men s meeting. The meeting of the Thresher men of Alla Makee county which was called by the county Thresher men s committee under the instruction of the u. S. Food administration was held at the court House saturday july Goth and was largely attended there being 50 or 53 Thresher men out of the 76 in Alla Makee who had listed their machines present. The meeting was a great Success every Way every Man signing a pledge agreeing to be governed by the instructions which the government had Forth in regard to the threshing and saving of Grain and to co operate with the government in doing their part. As the Thresher men in this county had organized an association two years ago it was not a difficult matter to go ahead and the govern ment wants and insists that every county be organized and come under one ruling. The government will have someone outside the organization to look after and Sec that All things Are carried on properly and that Justice be Given every Thresher. After the county Thresher s committee had Given their instructions and had read some requirements set Forth by the government the meeting was turned Over to p. H. Depping president of the county organization and the following was discussed and agreed upon a motion was made by Sec. T. Werhan that All those wishing to become members of the organization and do their duty As the government requires to Rise to their feet. This was unanimous As All those who were not members of the association joined the same. On motion of Geo. Herman five members were selected As an executive committee to assist the county threshers committee in their work As follows George Herman Union Prairie township we. Gericke Post township Gordon Clark Franklin township we. Hillesheim Taylor township m. Zeimet Lansing township. This was carried unanimously. Finally the matter of weight and measurement of threshing was taken up and discussed a ruling which every Thresher an is compelled to come under by sending in. Their report to the government. The members finally Nally agreed to thresh by Standard weight and on motion they agreed on a Standard Price which every Thresher an in this county shall and must follow. No one is allowed to thresh below the Price agreed upon at the meeting., although he May charge More where it is necessary. On motion the meeting adjourned until their annual meeting which will be held the last saturday in february 1910. Daylight shocking parties every City and Village would Benefit by them. A travelling Man who was in Postville wednesday told of a new kind of red Cross work which i might be adopted in Postville. He had just come from Southern Iowa and while there he attended a Daylight shocking party. In the town which he mentioned one Hundred business men and others went to the farms after supper and shocked Oats As Long As it was Daylight. The Oats were Cut by the owner during the Day. The wages earned in this manner were turned Over to the local red Cross chapter by the Farmers whose Grain was shocked. The red Cross chapter secured a list of those who were willing in this Way to help save the crop and the Farmers who needed help reported to red Cross Headquarters. Postville 25 years ago. From the Volks Blatt of july 20, 1893. A birthday letter to the Postville red Cross chapter. Pictures of the boys. From Talcott Bollman. A line from private Talcott i Ollivan under Date of july loth locates him it Gamp Mills Long Island n Yand says i am now at the jumping o place and at the rate Uncle Simiuel is sending has boys across the Pond it will not to Ion Boure my turn will come. I m Feol lug Fine most of the the members of the museum committee will consider it a great favor and privilege if the parents and friends of the boys who have gone and will from time to time go to serve our country will give a copy of a picture of each boy or Man taken with or without uniform and a few lines giving age and the division of the army in which he serves. They will not Only be cherished now but in the years to come will be treasured As Are the pictures and relics of those who served in the civil War. Through the kindness of some of the merchants in town most of the cases were loaned and about two years ago a museum was started at the High school building with very Little expense which or. Hunt said was of unusual size and interest for a town the size of Postville. We thank you in Advance for the favor which we feel sure you will be glad to Grant. Pictures May be left with mrs. Irvin Allen mrs. My a Gray or a. L. Peterson. The chapter records those treasured testimonials so eloquent of the spirit of service which awakened in our land in april 1917-Tell us that the Postville chapter was organized in july one year ago. The patriotic people of Postville heard the cry for help and banded together As followers of the Cross they went to the Rescue the month after general Pershing and his boys sailed away to a blackened and saddened land to a Battlefield for us. The great work that is being done by the Postville chapter is doing much to legalize our right to be known As a truly great people As Worth fighting for As the boys in Blue and Khaki think we Are As big As the Young private said we were As he stood on the platform of a train going Back to Camp after a Short furlough. In was about six i. Evidently not Welcome at rapid City s. D. A Short time ago the Emblem of the i. W., the order that is More popularly frowned upon at the present time was found in the Street in front of the hotel. The Emblem is now on display. It was found by a travelling Man who turned it Over to the chief of police who happened to be standing nearby on the sidewalk. The chief was displaying the pin in Phillips & Doherty s drug store and the Propri. Tors asked for it. He gave it to them and the result was the following placard with the pin fastened in the Middle which now hangs in the win Dow of their store. Found in rapid City. This is the Emblem worn by a class of individuals who Are meaner than any other living creature. Classed with them a German spy is a gentleman a Snake is a Domestic animal o clock in the evening and quite dark.  and a Skunk is a household pet. We downtown Chicago its thousands of dare the Man who lost this to Call and office windows alight was a fistful jewels piled High and shining against the Black background of night sky. The Young Soldier looked and swore a reverent oath. They can t beat that he said simply and without explanation. Not that and All that s Back of it. In t it big that s what we re fighting for that Down there and everything that is behind it new York Duluth new Orleans Cheyenne san Francisco the Rockies the Prairies phew All the people in All those places you know when i get Over across no matter what kind of a Jam i May get into some time badly hit or struck alone in the dark when things Are coming pretty thick if i can just hold the feel of All that in Back of me i think i la manage to hold up and he will. Just West Piei from the Chicago that this boy looked out on lies your Postville and your claim to Date no one has claimed the pin. Rapid City daily journal. Threshing rules adopted. A meeting of the Thresher men of Alla Makee county was held at the court House july 6th, for the purpose of effecting a county organization and formulating instructions to the Farmers for the care of the Grain before threshing As required by the government. The following rules were adopted for this county 1-the Farmer must let his wheat get Good and Ripe before cutting and take pains to get As Good a bundle As possible to prevent waste. 2-take every possible Means to put up As Good shocks As possible and not throw the bundles or sheaves together with a Pitchfork As some far red Cross notes. The quotas for july and August Are--3 pairs pyjamas 14 convalescent Robes 12 women s petticoats 20 Comfort kits 20 sweaters. All garments come Cut from Headquarters. A part of the sewing quota for july and August has arrived consisting of women s petticoats boys Blouse suits pyjamas Bath Robes Etc. We Are very anxious to get All of the quota made up will every  woman who is willing to help Call at red Cross room and work or take work Home. Mors have been doing to avoid the bar Postville chapter of the american eve beards and to put a proper Cap red Cross your chapter which Haslon every Shock whether intending gathered together 720 people old t0 thresh from the Shock or the stack and Young the weak the st Ong All with one heart and purpose to be Worth fighting for to keep the feeling of Postville of Home Back of the boy when he finds himself in a Jam. And when the boys of Postville come marching Home in the Joy of the Home coming deep in the heart warming cheering will sound a note of great Community Pride while the boys were Over there 3000 Miles from Home you never once forgot them. We congratulate you for your Fine spirit and Hope for your chapter n new year of successful red Cross work. Sincerely yours Lewis n. Wiggins associate manager Central division. On saturday last Henry Sebastian sold his Beautiful new Homo in East Postville to or. Louis Hill of co Lura bub Ohio for the sum of $5,075 or. And mrs. Hill expect to move Here about a october first. Henry has purchased a Jot of Louis Behro Edor on East Williams Street and expects to build % House on mine soon 3-every Farmer is strictly instructed to stack As much of his Grain As possible As it is impossible to have it All threshed out of the Shock and it will mean a big loss to the Man on the end of the route. 4-every Farmer should and must put sufficient rails boards or Straw under his stacks to prevent wet Grain and waste which would result from neglecting this Point. 5-the Farmer must fully instruct his men or help when threshing to properly and immediately clean up after each setting As this is one of the important things urged by. The government. 6-every Farmer is instructed to have sufficient Coal or Good Wood on hand for the Thresher As this is much neglected in Many localities. 7-every Farmer must provide a tight Bottom in his Hay rack when stacking or threshing from the Shock by order of the Alla Makee county Thresher men s committee and the Thresher men s association of Alla Makee county. F. H. Depping president Henry Honn has sold his milk route to f. Knocke. Josie burling is Home from her sojourn in California. has departed for the wild and wooly West. Chas. Arnold has accepted a Posi Tion with the planning Mill at Eldo Rado. Mrs. Johanna Borgelt of st. Louis is visiting her daughter mrs. Gass of this City. Carl Stopperan entertained a Host of friends at his farm Home South of town sunday. Our band director d. E. Harring ton and son Gussie have accepted a position with a concert troupe. Market prices wheat 55c Barley 25c Corn 40c hogs $5 cattle $1.75 to $2.00 butter 15c eggs 12c. John Schultz was elected marshal by the City Council last Friday evening. John Van Velzer was the Only other candidate. Hugh Shepherd and family accompanied by Mary Starke left yester Day for an extended trip through Nebraska. Upon their return or. Shepherd will engage in the harness business Here. At the regular meeting of Thelca school Board monday evening the following teachers were appointed for the coming year. Prof. Hunt of Delhi Alice Feherly of Postville a. R. Kingsburry of Burr Oak Ruth Traver of Cedar Falls Percis Wood of Al Dora and Cora Darling of Postville. Neighbourhood news. Items of interest from Alla Makee and adjoining counties. Both roads to use same depot. Fayette county Union it is being rumoured and with pretty Good foundation for truth that within a Short time there will be a consolidation of railway stations a Long the line of the Rock Island. In West Union the Milwaukee business will be transferred Over to the Rock Island station eliminating one of our splendid agents. At Postville Ossian and Castalia the Milwaukee stations will be the place of business for both roads eliminating three agents and Locking up the Rock Island depots in these three towns. This consolidation process is being worked out All Over the United states cutting out extra Man Power wherever possible. Already in business. A san Francisco youth who recently enlisted in the army was sent a questionnaire by a local draft Board and same was forwarded to him in France. Dutifully he sat Down and filled it out. Here Are some of the questions and his answers As they were received by the draft Board q. Are you an expert in any occupation ? a. Fighting huns with a Bayonet. Q. What language do you speak a. Pigeon French. Q. What Enterprise Are you engaged in a. Fighting huns. Q. State the name under which the Enterprise is conducted a. European War. Q. What is produced by said Enterprise ? a. Hell. Q. How Many persons Are employed in the Plant where you work a. Ten million. Q. Are you engaged in an agricultural Enterprise a. Blowing no Man s land. Q. Are you an employee or a managing head of the Enterprise a. Rear of Enterprise. Q. State Tho kind of farm. A. Poor farm. Q. What Branch of the work Are you engaged in a. Digging trenches. Q. Whats produced by that particular Branch j a. Shell craters. Q. State the number of live Stock on the land also what kind a. Crumbs huns and other vermin. Q. How Many persons live on the land a. None very Long. Alla Makee county is to furnish 84 men for the july draft Clayton 181, Fayette 85 and Winneshiek 130. Fort Atkinson realized $800 from their their fourth of july Celebration and which has been turned Over to the red Cross. Guy Leach of Lansing caught a Catfish the other Day which weighed 29 pounds dressed and for which he received $5.02. At Elgin the motor car on the Rock Island was hit by an Auto truck driven by Fred Muehlethaler without doing much damage. Six citizens of Illyria Down in Fayette called to Dubuque recently charged with making pro German utterances. C. M. Voorhies a travelling Salesman of Waterloo was badly bruised when the car he was driving near Elgin turned completely Over. Or. And mrs. Will Crowe of Clermont received a letter from their son Everett who is now in France saying that he had just received his first Stripe. New Albin s fourth of july Celebration was a grand Success and netted the red Cross $1300. The same amount was raised at the Celebration in Garnavillo. Frank Honzel at Prairie Duchien bought the first big Pearl found on the upper Mississippi River this Spring. It weighed 23% Grams and was found by d. B Lester of Lynx Ville. Wadena was placed on the map during the past week by having six of its citizens summoned before the u. S. Marshal at Dubuque. All were permitted to return Home after a few words of advise from marshal Moore. Francis Fitzpatrick a Strawberry Point boy who is in the aviation service fell 1000 feet while flying at West Point miss., the Accident due to engine trouble. The lad was unhurt but the $10,000 aeroplane was a Complete wreck. A Large shipment of Coal passed Mcgregor in route to la Crosse and Fountain City wis. It was shipped from st. Louis on seven barges and towed by the United states Steamer Coal Bluff. The barges were each loaded with 1,050 tons of Coal or what would make Twenty one carloads each. Mrs. H. I. Brickner of Decorah who is making her Home with or. And mrs. Bert Ruth celebrated her 84th birthday on sunday june 2sth. She is a widow of a civil War Veteran and and has been very Active in red Cross work having turned in is pairs of socks 16 pairs of wristlets and nine helmets. Corporal Judson Steele an Edge Wood boy who was severely wounded in France some weeks ago is to be decorated for special bravery. He was covered with Earth from the Hun shells but dug himself out and stuck to his Post until ordered to retire although he was blown up into the air three times. At Elkader Leon Goldsmith aged seventeen years of age was accidentally shot by a revolver which he was carrying he himself said the gun was accidentally discharged the Bullet striking him in the head. After the Accident he Lay out doors All thru the night. When morning came he managed to crawl to the House and was found later by neighbors in the Kitchen. Fred White a Farmer residing near Sabula accidentally shot and killed his wife on july 4th. Or. White his wife and daughter had left the House to go to the Field the Farmer carrying an automatic Shotgun Over his shoulder. His wife proceeding him when in some Way the gun caught on or. White s shoulder and went off blowing off the Back of mrs. Whip s head and killing her instantly. With six cows c. H. Smith of Bremer county Iowa last year made an income of $1,537.00. His milking Herd consists of these six cows which include three state champions. The total income from this 32-acre farm according to or. Richardson was $$4,100. The Salo of Lings which consumed the skimmed milk brought Rev. E. Schmidt received a Pho to g rap from his son Paul who is at a a $1,000, and chickens $554 on the Camp Dix n. J., which is a very in local Market. The total from All Teresing one. The picture repro j sources made an average of $128 an sents a human Liberty Bell made up Independent re pub of 25,000 boys in Khaki. Lican. ,

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