Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
15 Jul 1926

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
15 Jul 1926

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - July 15, 1926, Postville, Iowa My youth rides West by will Irwin the Story so far on the sir Way to the now Cottonwood sold dts ring i in Colorado in Tho Early seven Tim Robert Gilson easterner and his partner Buck Harden a Veteran minor it test the hold up of a stage coach from which the express Box la stolen before the Wandita Are scared off. Among the hold up victims Are mrs. Constance drano and mrs. Barnaby who intends to open a restaurant in Cottonwood. Ollson meets Marcus Handy editor on his Way to Start the Cottonwood courier. Arriving in town. Guson and Hayden together Purchase a min info claim. A threatened Lynching is averted by the bravery of Chris Mcgrath town marshal. Gilson becomes disgusted with rold digging what with us unending labor rewards and so the sudden appearance of shorty Croly old time partner of Buck is not altogether disconcerting to him. Ollson takes a Job on the courier and arranges to sell his share in the claim to shorty. His acquaintanceship with mrs. Deane ripens. As the courier grows in Power a Civio spirit is awakened following a crime Ware which the marshal seems to Overlook. Handy in his newspaper demands a clean up. Guson meets 2�ra. Deane in a notorious Section of the Camp in love with her and knowing she has a husband. Oil son. Noting that she seems upset about something attempts to Comfort her. Chapter Viii continued -10 but As the hammering of blood against my brain died out As the red Mist cleared from my eyes i realized that Constance had not returned my kiss that her Anas Clung to me not in an embrace but As though she had grasped at me for support fur safety.  then her hands fell from my neck began gently to push me away. We stood facing each other. Again that Black mood Lay on her face. She swayed grasped at her Saddle Horn. I stepped Forward this time in fear she might fall she was trembling so but one hand lifted itself for an instant and warned me bade now her trembling increased to a quaking which Shook her whole body broke her speech into queer fragments As she said Robert Why did you Why did we do this ton know Why i said. Because i love you yes said Constance and repeated it As though the words were a poem. Ton love me and you too i said. Tou too she started to answer and with another Rush of blood against the base of my brain i anticipated her word. But she did not speak. And suddenly her trembling stopped. If i Aid she said that Good would it do what could come of it i saw what she meant and the obstacle Between us which Only just now had appeared so feathery Light became a Stone Wall. I should t have done this she went on every moment becoming More the mistress of herself. Should t have let you do it Tou could t have stopped me i replied. I could t Stop such things Are always in the woman s almost was she again the Constance i knew. I had rent for an instant the veil Over her soul now i could feel its edges drawing together again. She turned to where the two horses a perceiving witnesses of this crisis in human affairs were grazing through their bits on the Edge of the Stream. A had t you better hitch them she said. Then come Back Here and talk if you wish to talk this Over any the simple act of catching the horses tossing the bridles Over their Heads steadied me also. I turned Back. She had seated herself on a broken pillar of the Castle Rock and her eyes regarded me steadily As i advanced. Robert she began Don t think you had better go away from Camp i asked. From me. See me no More will be safest safest from what from yourself and me what is the danger in you Robert a Man is always in danger when he loves a married woman unless Here her voice grew Sharp for an instant unless this is Only a flirtation with you. Unless you Are that kind of a i could t Tell you i said How much this in t a flirtation. Don t you thiner Rve fought it Don t you know that i did what i did just now because my guard was Down and you touched me and i was carried beyond myself i know All that she said. Tin trying to be very honest now. And it in t honest in me Robert to say i doubt your Honor. I m certain of that you re not like Well our Friend Barton for he was familiar i asked my hands clenching. Of somewhat but Don t let that trouble you. With Yon it s different. Don t you think you d better leave me for your own Good Constance is it absolutely hopeless absolutely she said finally firmly. But you re in trouble. I want to j help. If there s one Chance in a Hundred million to help you i want that More than anything else that i can have in life 1 said. She rested her Elbow on her knee dropped her Chin into her Palm and gazed at the Stream. Robert she said finally if i let you stay in my life do you think you can go on As before just coming to talk to me now and then until until perhaps i go away if that is All you will give me i have no Choice 1" i can give no More. Even then i warn you that Yon Are Likely to be but will you be burned that is a thing which matters no it does t matter. I am already Constance wont you Tell me about yourself that in t living up of the conditions she replied. No suddenly with one of her Light movements she slipped to the ground. I m going now. Would you mind tiling the reins for me As i turned to throw the bridle or her horse s head i saw that she had swung unaided from a Wayside Rock into the Side Saddle where were you going she asked looking not at me but at her hands As they grasped the reins. To forty Rod. Matter of a Little Story about a i said. It int really important. If but now she looked at me Shook her head. Ifo. Go on with it i want to ride Back alone. Try to forget this afternoon. Let us play to has t with the touch of an expert horsewoman she gathered the reins and her Brown nog started up. She broke him into a Trot into a Lope. Once she looked Back saw me staring after her turned her Bead quickly to face the Road. Then she disappeared round tie Hill. The aftermath of Marcus Han Fly s editorial on the political incompetence of Cottonwood was bluffed and obscured for both the Camp and me by another event which seemed temporarily much More important in the scheme of Fate. I was wakened nest morning by prolonged knocking at my door and by the protesting grunts of Marcus Handy. As i struggled out of sleep i saw Marcus sitting up in bed in his White and red Nightshirt holding his 45-calibre sidearm at ready. Then from outside a voice spoke and Marcus As he grasped the meaning of the words Laid Down his revolver with another Grunt pulled the clothes up Over his ears and fell once More asleep. Does Bob Gilson live Here All right Buck Buck Hayden wants to see you out to his claim right away. Says it s important came a heavy voice from without i hurled myself out of bed anticipating Accident and calamity dressed hurried to the livery stable for my horse and through a Clear Inspirit ing june air Rode up the Busy Creek toward the Rocky curve which i seemed to have abandoned such eternities ago. Busy All the Way with speculation As usual in such circumstances i reviewed every possibility except the True solution. Was trouble breaking Between Buck and shorty i wondered As i Rode toward the claim. Even had there been a tragedy and whatever happened i must get through this thing quickly. For i did not want to miss a single one of those noon breakfasts at mrs. Barnaby a which were midday dinner for the rest but noon breakfast for me and where Dally i met Constance Deane. You you this was the claim at the curve of the Creek but what had happened to the Cabin its thatched and sodded roof Lay on the Bank braced up six feet High on posts from beneath it protruded various familiar objects of human use such As our dutch oven my old set of red blankets. Where the Cabin itself had stood were Only chips piles of sawdust strips of bark a trampled floor. 1 was hailed from the Hillside across the Creek. I looked up and was aware of a new object in the landscape. A timbered Hole gaped at me Black and brutal mouthed beside it Lay a fresh new dump so Small that even my inexpert Eye could see How shallow As yet was the Tunnel which fed it. From that orifice Buck had emerged taking off his hat to extinguish a Miner s lamp was walking toward me not with his customary even stride but rapidly jerkily. I dismounted started toward him he waved me Back. As he approached i saw that his Eye glittered with some unnatural excitement. Got to see you alone kid All Alrone he shot out. He looked round his Eye rested on that ridiculous Shack of thatching and poles. Into this he Drew me. He squatted on his heels scrutinized All approaches before he burst out kid dont it beat the dutch i be struck it struck it Rich you have i asked i consequently. I sure have shorty and me have As Rich As Buck paused As though to find a simile wild enough to express the situation. Rich As h-11" he concluded. From my whirl of thoughts , not All generous i brought out another triviality. Gold Quartz i asked. Gold Quartz your grandma ejaculated Buck. Gold s a sucker proposition. To what Rve got is the Only poor Man s Ore. Silver carbonates he might have been talking arabic for All i grasped the dramatic meaning in that technical term. But Buck was running on you can scoop her out with a spoon assays three Hundred to the ton she widens As she goes in that stuff we hated so like Pizeno that Sand you be called it shorty seen it Buck stopped Here fumbled through the pockets of his overalls produced a creased paper. Here s where you come in he said. It was a mining claim filled out in toy name and As yet i saw unregistered. Ain t our claim Buck hastened to explain. It s the ground next and waved an excited hand toward the Hillside she s crammed with it jammed with it you can t lose your play is to git this registered Quick before the Rush starts. Ride boy yet i lingered to extract the details. Trivo years before shorty As Buck expressed it had been shoved oat of with a College bred mining expert Buck s phrase again he had been looking for Gold. And Down in Chihuahua they had found the natives washing not Gold but a Brittle and. It was Lead carbonates bearing Silver Tho expert informed shorty. Further they had tunnelled into the adjoining Hill had found the Parent body. Some of this Ore assayed better than three Hundred dollars a ton. So much they extracted from the Cholo workmen. Then the mex Boss came Back. He looked at things differently. That night he tried to murder the two americans and falling raised the Zurales against them. They barely got out to Elpaso with their lives. And shorty had not worked a Day on our claim before be recognized that Brittle Sand which had so hampered our Gold washing As the same Ore. It was Lead carbonates and the Sample assayed three Hundred dollars a ton la Silver alone. How shorty overcame the innate conservatism of Buck did not at this moment come out. I imagine that when Buck raked Over those Little pellets of pure Silver which the blowpipe had mag liked from this inert Sand Bis single minded belief in Gold collapsed. At any rate he was by now so thoroughly converted As to forget that he Ever held any other Faith. Of course the Sand in our Stream was but a trifling overflow from some main body of Ore. Where did it lie shorty working merely on a hazy resemblance Between the Lay of this land and that in the mexican diggings sort of suspected said Buck the Hillside across the Creek. He selected i know now the spot which of All locations on that Hillside would have been the last Choice to an expert mining Engineer. But there is More Luck in Silver mining Tau any expert will admit and the kind of Man that shorty was always played the game of life in the spirit of one who shakes Dice for the drinks. The Crafty shorty As i half suspected at the time had not parted with the last of his resources when he produced that Hunt Fred Dollar Bill from the Back of his watch. They bought the necessary tools explosives and apparatus in Cottonwood hired for assistant a swede who not Only knew nothing about minerals but almost nothing about the English language. Mining timbers being expensive and slow of delivery they had cast their last Coin into the pot and torn Down the Cabin for the purpose. Skidding out their debris on a crude sled and a trackway of poles in a fortnight they had driven their Tunnel Twenty feet from the prism and had come to a Streak of carbonates. It widened to a vein to a pocket to heaven knew what Buck s conscience and kindness were troubled because i who shared the discovery of that curious Sand had no longer any stake in the game. And shorty refused to give me a share maintaining with Justice that hundreds of others must have seen that Sand and failed to identify it that if anyone should be favored in this transaction it was he. Shorty. So yesterday before they visited Cottonwood to get final results. Buck had staked out for me a claim next to the twin property of the partnership had drawn up the necessary papers and but for shorty s insistence on their agreement of secrecy would have broken the news to me there old then. The samples from the Tunnel assayed three Hundred dollars a ton and upward the farther you went the Richer it got in approaching major Brown the Cottonwood assayer Buck had maintained the fiction that he came from Over the Range. But in Brown s Porter and Man of All work who was not in the j office when he delivered the samples Buck recon mud an individual that had formerly delivered meat along the Creek. This Porter hailed my by name. He s seen this Tunnel the boys on these Here placers think i am digging for Gold Quartz. Only a matter of time till he puts two and two together and she gets out remarked Buck. He swept his gaze Over the Hill. By gee she s out now he said. Looked than dim on the Hillcrest two men were digging furiously. Buck scrutinized the group for a moment just As i fingered he said major Brown the assayer and his hired Man. They put two and two together in Quick shorty s sitting on your claim with a Shotgun and the swede he added. Already started a Shaft so s you can claim development work but you never can Tell. Git this registered and git Back now Vamoose my Roan. I had discovered possessed a trick of Speed. I let him go his Best i was in a state of mind which i can describe Only As triumphant greed. I was going to be Rich Rich Rich in my own right through my own Enterprise i had absorbed. Indeed not Only the joyous greed of Cottonwood j but its indomitable optimism. I no More doubted than Buck that the i piece of inert Earth of which i was so strangely possessed held Fortune. That i was already a pampered child of luxury needing no wealth beyond that which my father had won for me never entered my mind. I had made a Fortune in my own right i would Tell Constance about it Constance Deane. She and i and there the Rosy Light which illuminated my dream flickered and went out. I could not throw this Fortune into the Lap of Constance. Encircling Constance Deane a Barrier and a Cage was that mysterious wedding ring. And As i Rode furiously Down the Creek Road and into the head of main Street another drop of acid worry curdled Ray triumphant mood. That morning s courier would carry the editorial about the Curtis Case a Challenge to marshal Chris Mcgrath. And Chris was the official registrar of mining claims. Was he up yet he usually slept late. If he was already in his office be might find ways to Block my claim. But when i entered giving an impersonation of Leisure there was within Only his Blond Sphinx like clerk. He glanced Over the form which Buck had filled out for me. All right he said come Back i had not expected this and my ingenuity was taxed to invent a he plausible enough to suit the circumstances. I created it at last something about having to leave Camp that afternoon to be gone a week. Clerk and his manner was insinuating. By Good Fortune i curried most of my Money on my person is was the fashion in Cottonwood. I Drew out a Gold double Eagle balanced it carelessly is i sold i d be sorry to trouble you but i done the clerk foil in Ramedia tally to work in ten minutes 1 had theoitis All registered and sworn and he had besides Bis fee my Twenty dollars. Another glimpse i reflected into the run of affairs at Cottonwood. My Little piece of justifiable bribery had occurred to me just in time for As i mounted and Rode away i passed the marshal headed for his office. Then As i emerged into the head of main Street i saw that i was not Riding alone. Down the Roud other horsemen carrying awkwardly across their Saddle oms shovels picks mining paraphernalia were spurring furiously northward. Dotted hero and there Over Hayden Hill horses were tethered or roaming at will groups of men were digging or driving stakes riders fording the Creek at a furious gait were spurring on Over the Crest Down by the site of our Cabin Buck s last stake in his Gamble with Fortune stood a knot of men gesticulating. As i Rode toward them i saw Buck in their Center and As i dismounted the air Shook with a resounding unanimous Aye the meeting whatever it was stood adjourned. Part of the crowd splashed through the Creek and part surrounded Buck shaking hands shipping him on the Back. Hello there s the kid exclaimed Buck As i approached. Boys shake hands with or. Guson the kid located the next claim after ours and i had to take my own pummelling. And now concluded Buck you boys better Hustle Back to your locations and git set for the Rush obediently the rest of the crowd scattered Buck but yesterday a private in the hosts of 111 Luck bad become a commanding general in the army of Fortune. And already he looked it his tall Rangy figure had stiffened to a pose of authority. For the first time i realized that Buck if he should Ever clean up would be a mightily presentable figure of a Man. Miners meeting he answered my word of inquiry. If we Don t work Toge her there la be claim Jumpt and Shooten All Over the Hill tonight just As soon As the crowd gits think enough Well have All Cottonwood up Here by Nightfall i m going to hire mine guards for the whole Bunch you too. And a Miner or two to keep your development work Gold. They re local in fast got any Friend you want to let in on this my conscience smote me a resounding thump. I had been less generous than Buck i had never thought of Marcus Handy employer and Friend. It is Odd As i look Back to remember that Constance Deane did not Cross my mind in connection with this Gamble for Fortune. But to me Constance dwelt in a world apart from the practical realities of Cottonwood. Still breakfast less i mounted and spurred Back toward crap. I had not gone two Hundred Yards before i realized that my generous impulse had come too late. The trickle along the Road was now a flood. Horsemen weaved through knots of pedestrians walking briskly or puffing along at n Clumsy run. All Hayden Hill must be staked out by now. Then i saw a Way out and the tangled excited emotions of that full morning melted into a Rosy altruistic glow. It would take Money to reach my Ore body. I had no Money or but Little unless i Drew on my Mother. Marcus should put up Money and receive half of Ray Buker quits to become missionary Roy Bukor National a. A. U. Half mile running Champion Hiis deserted the track to become a missionary. The Northern Baptist convention. In session it a Shin Tan sent hint along with his brother Rev. Richard s. Buker to Burma. Buker is one of the Best known runners la the unite states having been a member of the relay team of the Illinois athletic club which set a world s record for four Miles several years ago. He also was Amateur of the 1024 american olympic team. Few batters Able to stick at .320 first to have a proving ground Pur. Only 24 since 1871 have hit at that figure. Just two dozen batsmen out of the More than a x 0 regulars who played professional baseball in the big leagues since the sport was inaugurated in 1871 have maintained a batting average of .320 or better Over a ten year period. Of these 24 select players eight or one third of the number Are playing Ball today. They Are Tycobb Rogers Hornsby George Sisler urls speaker babe Ruth. Harry Hellman ii Eddie Roush and Eddie Collins. The first four named placed their name near the top of the Heap. Only one of the ancients Tete Browning of the eighties broke into the snobbish Circle of swat. Cobb with a lifetime average of .300 conies first then Hornsby with St 3 with Browning batting .333 for ills dozen years of play. The others with their averages Are Sisler .352 speaker .349 James o Neill .348 Dan Brouthers .348 de Delehanty. .346 babe Ruth .340 Willie Keeler .345 w. R. Hamilton .344 Jess Burkett .342 Cap Anson .341 Nap Lajoie .333 Sam Thompson .337 Harry Hellmann .330 Rousch 334 John Mcgrew .334 Mike Donlyn .334 Eddie Collins .333 Hugh Duffy .330 Hans Wagner .320 Barry .323 g. Van Saltren .322. Cobb leads those with the greatest total of hits with 3,823. And the others with More than 3,000 Are speaker Anson Lajoie Eddie Collins and Wagner. Anson played the longest term of years-37, while Cobb and Lijole totalled 21 each. Sisler and o Neill have the shortest term of years in the Register with the minimum ten each. Ross to try Channel my that claim. Main Street was almost deserted As i galloped toward the office. I pulled up my horse to make a Sharp turn round a freight Wagon blocking the Entrance to our Street and there coming along the pavement toward me was marshal Mcgrath. He had seen me first was stopping. He was reaching toward his hip. His face was a mask As on that night when he stopped the Lynching. My Arm tingled with an impulse which a Flash of reason happily for me put Back. Did i but make a motion to draw this dead shot would kill me in my tracks. Suddenly the marshal s hand stopped fell to ids Side and he turned away. Tenderfoot better go up and look after your Little blackmailing Friend he said through clenched Teeth. I galloped on. From the door of the courier burst Johnnie the office boy mercurial excitable celtic. The Boss is hunted of the Boss is hunted he gasped. I rushed inside. Marcus sat at his desk head and Back hunched Over his arms. There was blood on the scattered papers. And then he moved moved turned round faced me. His nose was bleeding. So was a Cut Over his left Eye. One Side of his Mouth was beginning to puff but the other smiled. He beat me up said Marcus that dirty Crook Mcgrath sneaked on me and got my gun and beat me up. Did t kill me and did t give me a Chance to kill him just beat me up. I feel relieved three years ago general motors re chased an 1125-acre tract 40 mile i from Detroit and accessible to All its car. And truck divisions. This was transformed into a great proving ground with every kind of Road and Grade Oyer which an Auto Mobile is called upon to travel. Here the collective experience and brains of the whole general motors family Are brought to Bear upon the problems of each member and Here each make of general motors car must prove itself against the Best that american or european Genius has developed. The proving ground Marks a Forward 6tep in the guarantee of motor car sati faction. It is your final Assurance that you Are investing when you buy a general motors car. General motors Chevrolet a pont1ac Olds Mabeb Oakland Buick Cadillac Gumc trucks yellow cabs buses and trucks a Cor for every purse and purpose go 111 Ere would be fewer undesirable i Don t attempt to ugh mothers in Law if there were More through life by burning i Good sons in Law. Both ens the picnic find the spot and with the poet a Here let us Monarch Cocoa made fresh at the Roadside fire or carried hot or iced in a thermos bottle adds a touch of completeness to the picnic repast. Monarch Quality for Loy cars it str sold tto Iwash i Iii 8om. Reid Murdoch & co. Cd Caio  Bozion  it Rubush a new York i he two largest hoists in the world a a now in Uso in Canada. They can raise r,0o i is of re an hour from a depth of 3,200 feet a it takes 70 men to Mai Needle. Each Needle through 22 different proce it reaches its marketable in fan or or swim Vine a tug for Ross. La be to clean up a mining Camp As you will soon see in t the simplest task in the world the fact is but wait judge for yourself. Is Larrt reasons it la make 8 lot of trouble said the to be continued importance of pictures a. Room without pictures Tatlong for two important the first is that it brings the Eye to a Stop at each of the four Walls which makes one feel unpleasantly crowded in. The second is that the room is unbalanced since the floor has All the furniture and decoration and the Walls give the effect of lightheadedness. Decoratively it is just As important to have the upper part of the room interesting As the lower part. No one wants to look constantly at the floor for inspiration i s the tendency indeed is to look at the Eye level and if there is nothing but blink Wall the effect is disconcerting and foolish and there is less of Good Opportunity to see something infinitely worthwhile. Nehf adds strength to reds twirling staff burgomaster Garry Hert. Al Natl reds Urmi s Cin a cardiac org0.?s Jay to moving Alons �n.,7. As 1iih to a Many eri�cxn7v, Drick a is made a doubt he e that Hen. He and Tipiere i. Cushions when one Gameel a be Many of. Hendricks now i rounded puu�2tv,. A us if it ,.5s in Bill. Function a refusal of Praise is a desire to be praised twice la Roche Foucault. A a Gnu to do be a i lib 1. A a for a Long t a a May i the numerous sure lit j furnl8h hitting helps pitch to t1 Cher a team win give he Moo. Una a that is a source i a runs l Weber and with Nindl uce to a of along i Al a of staff Knees have regal i Tow a a bldg Strida. R8lned Pennant y and love can Peff Why allow these aggravating filthy pests to. Ruin your outings in Camp or at Home w will free you from the nuisance. Kit Spray clears your Home in a few minutes off bearing flies and mosquitoes. It is clean Safe and easy to use. Kills an household insects flit Spray also destroys bed bugs Roaches and ants. It sew distr no ack a Crevis a where they hide and Breed and Penn dec the my Beir Egga. Spray flit on your Rimo. Test kluft Beu a which eat holes. War fabric at fut apr Fly m Dot 8tain m most a Crista Nurt ult of exhaustive research by expert enter Szivi .1 Kcf Muto. It is harmless to Mankind flit my Swit quickly meth0d8 to Ufa of the Losette a a a get a flit can and sprayer today. For Tola everywhere. Standard Oil co. New Jersey destroys Lea mosquitoes Mottl bed Butts Roach

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