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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 7 1921, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - July 7, 1921, Postville, Iowa U17p at n a live newspaper in a live town Twenty ninth year Stville 25 years ago. I resting items taken prom the files of the Iowa Volks Blatt of july 10, 1896, Ife Iii Thill is up in Minnesota for tilt a h. Talas in clerking at Skelton two Milan s since Moi Luy Riu Irit re Mars arc receiving Fie per Doz for eggs tills week find $2.75 for Chris Poesch and Alto announce arrival of a baby girl it their be on tuesday worn Long. Fed a Prinell or. A. Cole John w Ami Kara Hughes Are spend a week Down on the Mississippi ilog. The win. Landt family residing t of Posl Volle was increased last Day by Tho or rival of a health to girl. Hilling s circus was visited by Sod people in West Union last to. At decor no 12.000 paid for int Tisinoe. No hard times Here Fenry Poesch Frank Sebastian. E. Harrington and Fritz Sahara i wives drove to Decorah by ten in witness the mingling circus. The bbl att editor went by train. A Stville California picnic. Los Angeles Calif in Dert lust returned from the Postville Nolc about 100 present. The old lets All look Tine and the second p is an Honor to Postville. I ird Good words for the Tern old i everyone. I enclose herewith graphs of those present.-11. K. Berts mrs. .1 a. Parker w. It. Thomas j. Thomas Perry Ullh. James Edgar Thomas or. And mrs. W. Ica Hec. Prof. J. F. Smith. Florae Parker Olson William Olson. Lester Parker and baby sirs sle Parker Mcallister or. And has. Hart Vertu True Hart. E. James Charley me Miff Holli Hart a Lonhi mrs. Lvi Lutler or. And mrs. It. A. In Pil or. And mrs. D. K. Reed her heed or. Und mrs Chas. K. Kitlan. Mrs. M. J. Watkins Chas. Hon. Mrs. J. W. Ward. Or. And h. F. Taylor. Or. And mis win. Icli Ell. Mrs Chas. Skelton. K. T. Ira in. Mrs. Irma Booth Mitchell i baby mrs. Ira Luzi Tovi. Curtis Sill. Or. A Mil mrs. A. C. Ripley Nln Parker. Or. And mrs. .1. A. Raker. Mrs. Knit Roberts. Or. And j. N. Topliff. Udyth rills Couch daughter. Mrs. Hall kills. Ruc i a san. Hortonse Vallean. A. K Rnell mrs. A. R. Cornell. Of org Hunan. Mrs. Melvln Cook and in Lessle Roberts los san ii. K. I Perls Tennis Kirton vol least. Or. 1 mrs. J. T. Parker. Mrs. M. I. Vard mrs. Ramft Raston lure and mrs. Solon to. Finney. Zullin m Hart. Mrs. Velum Powers up tired miss Lenora m. Skelton and mrs. Louis Rullson or. And Joel Bodge Ida m. Hart inn my flu key Lulu r. Finney Lois Pney Hartli John a. Finney Ira Allen. From a perusal of Tho above list is a pretty Good guess that there no town on North of any size that More Ros Lents in California than Stville. And the Herald joins win by friends of each in Tho old Home a in Tho wish that continued of 120 votes. Tho of to lion was out in full Force Whitlo friends of the menture failed to in the polls. Tho vote stood pen yes 250, no 343 iwo fun ryes 22b, no 203. Fifty decent the ballots wore cast. Of present school Hon Rte has been tide mod by Santa Ruth Orlos and tonal Board notified that unless cd to Lonsk Are made bettor the def a school will be her liken from up accredited list. All of the re led Farmers voted boldly against a weather permit tons or and tvs. M j. Kiln Jbell. Bull la and Cath no room Panold by Charlotte Urchin will Veuve Friday morning Monroe Wib for a Tow dives " to Home folks or and mrs. A b. Smith loft this Eronim Tor Pes Monea after n it to Tho p. W. Tuller Homo. Vlra. R. M. Hecker entertained the �w0t Hub. The soy. Honey in places funny. Community Church notes. A Good show coming. Rhoda Royal s world toured three ring shows Are billed for Postville july 23 if a Man die shall lie live again does death end All or is there something by yowl the grave is the life 1 now possess the Only life so that when i Lay Down my weary head at the end of lire s journey it is All Over. I Cense to he. Or inv i Hope fori Tulp Advent or the Thoda Royal s something More can we know latest allows on saturday july auth Ling definite Ibong it what is said Mark an epoch in Ball pens at death Whittier will "1" matter of tented in the Allver of life convey those Whol Oil vow 1 a lilt 1,1t Law we Lac Are Bis and what about the nth Hunt Tho biggest and 11 nest Street ers will there be others does pageant Posl Volle Lias yet witnessed cod want ii so is the fault ills " asserted without . All Are not saved or whose is i hat the Chow company numbers if can the bad communicate with in e show performers Anil of a bet was told that he to living will there lie another or order of Merit than have hereto " \ Postville s Chautauqua. Field manager outlines program. The dates Are july 27 to 31. For unite an extended period five jews flee these Are a few of t he j one. Management is also stated Post Vears As we heard he questions we shall try to answer in lug held responsible in Case of the a series of sermons beginning next death of any animal. This will give sunday morning on the life the the Young Man an Opportunity to get on Bis feet financially and is one of services Post sunday As follows die most near tical manifestations of morning Kerr Lee at 1 1 o clock Sun lie growing modern Community Day school at ii Christian spirit which has come to our notice. Buried alive in Sand pit. While digging Sand last Friday afternoon on his farm. Weir Al Lansing met with an Accident which Church. This is a daughter s Hay nearly Cost him his life and but for and both the program and supper the presence of Henry Duwe. Who is will be in charge of the Young Wom Iii his employ the Accident Zouki in of Tho Church. Thev invite eve have resulted in slow but certain cry in Man connected with the or tit 7 p. M. Ili irling the Rummer months the evening services will be Dos Conlen nod. The missionary meeting for july wll be held this week Friday the st. At three p. In. At Tho methodist death says the Ossian pee. The men were loading Sand into a Wagon when the pit caved in tons of Sand engulfing or. Lansing to Tho neck. He was in the act of shovelling when the Sand fell about him. Church n attend. J. A. Saathoff a minister. Odd Fellows fourth. Cangui a a a. " i advantage of Hie Odd Fellows fourth bed and sprained and o. F g ribs on his left Side Hadly.  and due to the position in which to a a coolly number of town and was caught his body was badly1 co in v folks we to pleased to take Wren flouting bruised. Or. Duwe worked hard to release him which lie did in about an hour and a half. He then Hall re a the Wagon to where or. Lansing Lay into which he placed hint and look him Home. Or. Lansing has since suffered excruciating pains being confined in his bed constantly. For several Days Little Hopes were held out for the Shade and eat a grass lunch. Mrs. Clara cordon and her band furnished music for Tho of Caslon. And among the other things that helped to pass the time away wore a program by Tho Madron a Reading by cd word standi a speech by Rev. Hayes and games and contests of sundry kinds. Tho one big feature in the j museum edit line was liai1 came Between Pearl rills Colts and., nil it u t 7 Al for faithfully carrying out nil his Advance promises and for fair dealing with Tho Public in All things. If Fords Point Len Assurance that in i show will Eelise Iny Thler of a like nature Ever seen Here before. Treasure Island a re lined review by Russell Itilman come and sail Tho Spanish main with Swarthy pirates bloody Crow come and All Boyoung again with to tally Rones & old Blind Pew you la clean Forret your worries when Morry lights with Stout Ren Ounn again you la Fen the magic spell of Robert Louis stove non. For treasure Island lives once More in Tournour s wondrous photoplay a Story packed with richest lore of Gay romantic yesterday. Treasure Island will be presented of postal Len theatre for Lav and saturday nights july st and 9th. Mickie says firemen s annual picnic. Tho members of the Posl Volle fro of Timber inn Dan proportion a to Cut department and honorary Mun Bors my atm land in comparison with Tho will hold their annual picnic next average farming sunday july 10th, at the old Stone House. All members Are requested to meet at Koevenig Al restaurant at 8 00 o clock sunday morning whore Corn is King this year o. W. Pilgrim Ono of the pro will to Presslye and Well known Farmers of 1 " " Madison township is mighty proud of his hold of Corn this your at the Corn is now 4 % feet High and on Juno 26 Tus Soled out that s a record we to lion that s lined to beat and spool cd Well for or. Pilgrim and lit Public opinion. While to Honvo lived in Iowa Long enough not to be surprised at mgr. Anything our Good Soli with plenty of moisture and Sunshine May turn out Woll admit that. R. K. Thorp it son almost took us off our feel and Bethel Church notes. Sunday school,.x0 a. A Pio itching service11 a. M. You Are cordially invited to the services Ivory sunday Rev. A a. Hayes pastor. It. American of Begioni notice. Tie Arthur f. Brandt pout no 5j8, american legion will hold in a net out or our Ohnor when their regular meeting next wed nov. Recalled into Uio office tuesday Day evening. Morning june 31. Bearing with him a Broad Sinilo and How b that for Lith expression on his Fane and n lilt hand a stalk of porn which mens Pretl eight feet ton Inuos in length Waverly Independent attention Rebekah i Tolje let Bekas will Lyme their Reg "tov4w in 0ls.ta.vit states where dug Iahost by ivys of. Wie wars guv exam a due \wlpres5lcna w outs do wed How nou 5.uppowt noun. Wms. V m or m40 wow. Wins porous to Karle a. Monger circuit manager of the Redpath Lawler i Haslau Siua i in. Arrived in 1 Ost Vule thursday and outlined the headliners on the coming Cha Taui iia program to the local committee. The big live Days open Here july 27, and prospects Are Bright for he greatest Chautauqua of All time. The Bubble the famous Louis Mann comedy Triumph is to be one of Tho big entertainment features thin year. This comedy split the ides of new yorkers for a solid year s run and will be produced this summer by a Broadway cast including j. Moy Bennett noted new York ichor. " the Adanne. Quartet of Canada including ii. Ruthven Micil Lonalie Victor artist is one of the big musicals. This is considered the greatest male quartet in Canada. The rur Nhy , Pla ers who have won a great reputation for one act plans and musical novel lies have elaborate Stago settings and lighting. The Charmian concert party made up of live of Tho sweetest most talented most winsome personalities of the West will sing and play their Way into the hearts of on the opening Day. The 111 Clor Glo orchestra that famous Minneapolis organization led by Signor t. 1 1 Clor Glo himself formerly soloist with the Menno Apolis symphony Are coming with a full repertoire of songs the people love to hear. Rawol. The Brilliant now Zea Lander who has an elaborate stage Novelty entitled a gentle from Southern Sean transports Bis audience on an enchanting trip to die paradiso of the South seas. John Marvin Dean the Brainy pastor of Tho Calvary Baptist Church of new York City has been obtained and will speak on America s in gripping discussion of i tonal problems. Oney Fred Sweet the renowned feature writer or the Chicago Tribune gives Bis popular Story in the Oiler fellow s Sweet spout two years As everything from trapeze performer to movie actor to get material for Iii stories. J. V. Conner n real dirt Farmer Speaks on what s in the farm or s Conner is neither an Pilar night nor propagandist but has some things o make his hearers think. Ii. Richmond Mills a fluent spen Leer from the South lakes his theme the Battleground of the a for an address on present perils in american life. Junior town a delightful plan for the riddles that has captured custom Chautauqua is being pro danced on a More elaborate basis ban Ever before. Mother Orono s parly is Tho big wind up for Junior week. To lutheran it Turfle notes. It in t a haunted Bouse the Creasey restaurant und soft drink parlor at fan Kersburg but there in a mystery about the place that has been baffling the owner for Many years. Somewhere within the Walls there Are tons and tons of Honey. Bees swarm at Tho its Tara windows and under the eaves and no amount of fighting is Ever successful in driving them Newny. It is known that i through some crevices in the outer j Wall the bees Are finding Entrance and have been storing quantities of Honey in the Walls each summer. I in the fall of the year the Selling of the restaurant Kitchen Linn dripped j Honey for the last few seasons. Tie j building is a two Story Brick Ven Ccu i it would be expensive to tear out the Walls in n search for the Honey Cones so year after year the owners of the building have permitted the bees to add to their great stores in the Walls. There is a Large mine of Honey waiting for someone almost in tie business part of Decorah and it is not in any hive. It is located in the first building on East Broadway on the South Side of East Washington Street. It. Was noticed first by the frogs inn society some three or four years ago and the bees Are still adding to Tho store. The Entrance seems to be through a crack in Hie Wall near the second Story window on the East Side. How big the store of Honey May now be cannot he estimated. It is n Brick veneered building so it would be expensive to tear Down to get the Honey but it is there waiting for someone. A person passing lie building any time during Hie Day can see Large numbers of bees coming and going. Decorah Republican. Can Plant buckwheat still where Early season crops have failed or where it a been impossible to Plant regular rotation crops on account of unfavourable weather conditions it is not Loo late for Iowa Farmers to sow buckwheat according to Hie farm crops department of Iowa state College. Buckwheat May be sown Duran a be last weeks of june or the first two weeks of july. Late seeding i1 recommended by the department he use with Early seeding there is Tiger of loss from i be blasting of a Large proportion of the blossoms in hot weal her. Seedbeds for the crop should he prepared As thoroughly As for other grains. The seed May be Broad isted and covered with a Barrow or drilled at the Rale of from 1 to 1 pecks per acre. The Price of seed is Biol High. The varieties most Ottn used Are Silver. Hull and japanese. Alt to japanese generally gives the largest Leld it is thought hint Many grow is prefer the Silver Hull i offers spacer growth and Lias earlier maturity. Allsho the most common use for i Rop is for Pancake hour it has been fed to livestock with Good results the Straw is too coarse to have blk i feeding value but it decays rapidly when used for manure. Many Bee men have found Hie crop valuable. If neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Sunday school---------9 30 a. M preaching servleo____10 30 a. M the ladles Aid meets at Mummer Chor Hall thursday july 14th. The la incr league meets the 1st and 3rd sunday of each month it 8 p. M. An Effort will be Mode next Sun Day morning to organize a men and women s Bible class at the la Thorn Church. All who Are inter ested and everybody should a will please be Thore promptly at 9 30 o clock. E. Schmidt. Pastor. To a mrs. R. M. Uginio and daughter mrs. Stu Bucik closed their visit at the k. P. Durno Homo this morning and loft Tor Springville. Mrs. L. Ii. Moody and i b. La m Hoeker will Tutor Tiu the g. A club this evening at the Home of the int ter. The wont Union legion Voyn made $1400 on their three Days col Ebi Atlon. Army deserter surrenders at about two o clock wednesday afternoon a Young Man giving the name of Waller p. Tracy walked into the office of sheriff a. K Raime Sixl stated that he was a deserter from the u. S. Army and that be wanted to give himself up. He Stales that he is 2" years of a that he served in the world War and after being discharged from the ii Iny things became rather Dull and he re enlisted i Waterloo May 1m�. On March lfil0. Be i sorted from it. Sheridan near Chi , and since that time has been wandering around from place to place not daring to stay at any one place any length of time lie a been around Waverly for never Days. Lie has been unable to occur work of any kind and ii had no Money and had but Lutle to eat. He ays that to was getting tired and discouraged so be thu Ugat that in Vivang himself up to the authorities would lie far ahead of the life he has been living no matter what the punishment lie claims he has no parents or ind Epen Ilent. The world s biggest s. S probably the largest sunday Hool in the world is in fort Worth texan at the first Baptist Church the total enrolment is nearly lev thousand and 3,347 worn actually present on Tho first sunday i Nornine in May the men s class studies in a great Down town theater. To Young people of 10 to 20 years a soon to have a magnificent three Story building All of their own. With Lull and class rooms equipped Elko n y m. C. A. It is this Church that is working on a Church Plant that i to occupy an entire City Block said to to the largest protestant Church building in America to Cost when Omleto Well up toward two million dollars. Farmer builds Power dam Herman ooh Long a progressive Farmer living three Miles South and one mile East of Ara Vista has built a dam and wooden water wheel to generate electric Light on his farm. Ills dam is three feet High and forty feet Long. It built nut of Iowa hard Heads and from Plank awed on his own farm Tho Uudo shot wheel la made of hard Wood planks. The wheel is seven foot in diameter and four feet wide or. Ooh link has electrified All his buildings and grounds. A Ull Yard the Monona Leader was 29 years old last week. The Chautauqua at Calmar went $300 in the Hole. The business men of Westgate Are backing free movies in that town. Waukon s Chautauqua came out the Little end of the Horn about $100. The wires of the interstate Tern phone Cov at Strawberry Point Are to lie cabled. Decorah has used four cars of Road Oil on her unpaved streets to far this season. A recent school census it Oelwein disclosed that 27 different languages Are spoken in one Ward. The attorneys of the 13th judicial District held a convention at Decorah last week wednesday. An Auto Buss service has been established Between Rochester. Minn., and new Hampton via Cresco. C. C. Miller of Clermont and h. Latimer of Calmar have bought thu Osage Light and Power company. The crimes orchestra of West Union is playing a season s engagement it Templar Purk spirit Lake. C. 13. Doak of Decorah has been a pointed Deputy Revenue collector for Northern Iowa with offices in that City. The Little son of or. And mrs. Nels Njerve of Springfield township fell out of bed monday morning and broke his Collar Bone says Ossian Bee. Chautauqua Don t seem to be going Over the top this year but seem to be running out at the Bottom. Decorah Liau Luusua failed of paying out by just. The electric lire Siren which we sent on free trial to the town fire department some time ago has been dismantled and returned to tile company on account of dissatisfaction. Strawberry Point press. Fire of unknown origin destroyed the Block Plant of the United states cyp Siim company at fort Dodge at in Early hour last wednesday morning. The loss is placed at three Hundred thousand dollars. Floyd Hack of Randalla i reports d or. Suffering from a Case of blood poisoning which started from the bating received upon Bis leg from Bis leather leggings during the March of the american legion boys to the Dunham drove cemetery to Bury a Comrade. The extreme beat of saturday killed four of those Beautiful horses owned by the Road building contractors and Laid out for a time Sev ral of the men who Are working near Orchard a ivs tie Osage Miner Colo of Osage was prostrated the same Day by the intense heat. Mrs. R. L. Schroder was severely burned last saturday when she opened the oven door of her gasoline stove Anil the Gas became ignited. The fire singed her a r. Burned her eyebrows and lashes and blistered the skin around her Mouth Mil nose. It is a most painful Accident West Union Union. The Bieber Brothers Lohn. Phil ind Peter and Herald Hadlock wore Down at the Junction a night or two last week and indulged in the fascinating sport of spearing frogs. They plucked quite a few from Imong the rushes and Lily pads Eusuf to appease their appetites with a Frog Democrat. An Auto club is being organized in Decorah for the purpose of helping out Street work. It is claimed there Are 1,000 cars in the City and it is proposed to get them All to pay 510 each and turn it Over to tie Street committee to be used in making the highways of the ice Cave City navigable for All manner of vehicles. A Good move. 1. N. Walters of near Colesburg was found Deal at his Home of last Friday with a wound on the lower part of his body caused by a Shotgun lie bad borrowed the Shotgun from a neighbor of that Day for the purpose of killing Rubl tits in his Garden and lust How be come to his death is hard to toll. Deceased was Ilont 74 years of age. Rdward m. Thomas was sentenced to five years at Anamosa last1 wednesday and was taken to his future Home yesterday relates the West Union Union. Thomas was just released from a ten months stretch in the local jail last Spring and it was thought he was going straight but some folks Don t seem to the opportunities there is in life and he is one of them. He has five years to think things Over. Last february Carl Ringdahl pleaded guilty before judge 11. 15. Taylor to the illegal Sale of intoxicating beverage. Judge Taylor fined him $1,000 and costs. He could not Pav so was sentenced to jail to serve the line out at the rate of three Days for $10 of the Fine. The matter wag appealed to the supreme court of Iowa by attorney r. R. Acres. There the Fine was Cut to $500, which materially reduces the time the defendant serves in journal. Or. Plimmer of Cresco has just added what is known an a resuscitating apparatus to his equipment the same to to used in cases of non drown Ngi. The resuscitating apparatus is of entirely different construction from the More familiar Pul motor and a decided improvement in Many ways. In place of a must has a 200 Candle Power Light mask to cover the face a tuba is so which brilliantly illuminates the arranged As to be inserted in the whole promises. His own current Mouth and air forced into the lungs runs Tho pump churn separator and out. As in Tho natural proc ebb Washer and can to used to run the of breathing thus preserving Lite it milking machine. Taken in time

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