Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
5 Jul 1918

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
5 Jul 1918

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - July 5, 1918, Postville, Iowa The t tier Alp. Postville Iowa. Tom s sort girl by Jane Osborn copyright 1918. By the Mcclure now spa per Syndicate it in t so much the fact that she s a cabaret Singer or even that Tom was deceiving me but she simply would t be Tom s sort of girl. They d be sure to be this is what Tom Rawdon s substantial older sister said when she first suspected that while Tom had told her he was going to marry one kind of girl As a matter of fact he was going to marry Mother kind of girl. The sister s informer was Pete Brevier one of Tom s old pals from the town where he and the sister both made their Home. The Young Man had made a hurried trip to the big City and there had met Tom and his girl Aud suspecting nothing irregular had come Back blurting out to the sister that he had met Tom and that pretty Little cabaret Singer that Tom was going to in the meantime for some weeks Tom s letters to his sister had occasional references to the stenographer at his office miss Remson whom he hoped some Day to make his wife. I Hope you Aren t going to raise a rumpus because she in t a girl of Leisure Tom wrote Home knowing perfectly Well his older sister s ability to raise a rumpus when things did t go to suit her ideas. Miss Remson is As Fine a woman As i Ever met. She came to this office As a stenographer a week or so after i did and though she has t hid exactly the same bringing up that you have you Are sure to like Tom s sister had thoroughly approved in fact she was so sure before Tom wrote this that Tom would be inclined to choose what she chose to Call some scatter brained Little girl with her head in her heels that the news that he was to marry a girl who was serious enough to be a stenographer came As a Relief. Then came the confirmation of what she had always suspected. He had actually introduced a cabaret dancer As his Fiancee and of course a cabaret was a scatter brained Little girl with her head in her heels. How could she be anything else if she was a professional dancer the sister spared no time in packing the few duds she considered necessary for such a Mission making her husband assure her that he would be quite Happy during her absence and going off to the big City to raise a she did t even wire to her brother that she was coming but after she did now i know she said. Get in about five o clock one evening telephoned to h s office and announced in a voice so cordial that it gave no warning of her suspicion and intention that she was there. Meet you for dinner Why of course i will Tom Rawdon said to the sister Over the phone. I had asked Little miss Remson Madge Remson Ito have dinner with Jne. You won t mind having her will you miss Remson Madge Remson the sister s voice was growing less cordial. I Don t seem to remember miss i wrote you about it Tom laughed. She is working Here As a stenographer that s How i met her and of the stenographer purred the Ibister s voice. I should be delighted. Where shall i meet you Madge dines Early said Tom so we were figuring on six o clock. Til come right Over to you at your hotel and she can have time to run Home and doll up and then meet us at the hotel. We can Dine there As Well As anywhere and that will Bemore convenient for Madge left Early and that gave Tom s sister an Opportunity to make the first of the Little sisterly speeches that she Felt it her duty to deliver. She s a perfectly splendid girl Tom she began. To entirely Satis fled. She will be a credit to the family. I m a keen judge of women and i can guarantee that i had hoped Yon would like her faltered Tom who was always a Little hit in terror of his substantial sister i did t see How you could help liking her but i never dared Hope you would say As much As and of course it was not Tom s sister s Way to say such Nice things without n reason she is n Lovely girl Tom and not the kind of a girl to trifle she looked intently at him so As to strike contrition to his heart but apparently there was no such result. There were several other meetings Between the sister and the Fiancee and on each one the sister was More favourably impressed than on the last. Tom was working harder in his office than he had Ever worked before. He told his sister that was the result of being engaged to Madge. She was inspiration enough to make any Man do his Best and of tills the sister entirely approved. No silly Little girl whose head was in her heels could have this effect on a Man that was certain. The substantial sister remained in the City two weeks and no inkling did she get of the cabaret dancer Friend of her brother s whom he had once introduced As his Fiancee. Well perhaps he had thought better of his Folly. She would not Force a Confidence out of him but she would not go Back Home till she had cinched the matter with Madge Remson. With this end in View she urged Tom to make a formal announcement of the engagement we Hud hardly wanted to do that Tom protested. A few people know of it but because Madge is working she does t want to Wear an engagement ring or have it announced till just before we Are there is no reason Why you can t be married in a very Little while said the sister. In the meantime the very fact that she is working is reason enough Why she should have the engagement announced. It is something that is due to every girl who has Given her Promise to marry. Tom i really insist that it be announced. I won t go Home until you perhaps this last stipulation had something to do with it for the next Day Tom told his sister that Madge had consented to announce their engagement in fact they had gone so far As to Send Small notes to the various papers making the announcement and Madge had written to All her close friends telling them of it the sister was satisfied and had actually made reservations for her return trip when she chanced to buy one of the papers to which the announcement had been sent and there espied something that made her immediately countermand her order for the reservations and unpack her bags preparatory to a prolonged stay. She confronted her brother that evening with a substantial scowl upon her face and a manner of determination. Now i know she said. You have been trifling with that Lovely girl. The girl you Are really going to marry is that cabaret dancer that Pete Brevier told me about and that said the sister with a Fine Crescendo that is Why i came All the Way from Home to see about things. Tom you Are going to marry Madge Remson if i have to make what made you think that i want said Tom with a placidity that was irritating to the enraged sister. This she said grandly producing a newspaper folded carefully to show a Short engagement announcement Young lawyer to wed dancer she read. Thomas r. Rawdon one of the promising Young lawyers of the firm of Babcock & Parsons and the Clever Young dancer Marda Daw have announced their engagement. Marcla Daw is now engaged in classic dancing in the cabaret of the Terrace Garden of the Bancroft hotel and is regarded As one of the Cleverest Young dancers in the City. There cried his sister in t that enough won t you read All of the announcement asked the brother. I be read enough said the sister with finality. That is As far As i cared to read but As she spoke her eyes did run Down farther on the column. In private life were the words she read there Marcla Daw is miss Madge Remsen a daughter of the late Bradley Remsen of this the sister sat speechless. Why did t you Tell me were the words she finally uttered. Because i knew your probable prejudice against a girl that made her living dancing. I wanted you to make up your mind first that i should marry Madge the stenographer and you know you recently registered the determination that i should do that in rather Strong but Why did t t a Tell me she was a dancer when y. First wrote me because i did t know she was said Tom. She worked very quietly away at the office and it was not till i knew her Well that she told me. She is a girl of enormous strength and perseverance it is her example that has set to to working so hard. She plugs along at the office every Day from nine till five and then dances from nine till twelve and she s fresher every morning when she starts in at work than the other girls that have no other work to then you Are going to marry Madge insisted the sister who still wanted to feel that her trip to the City had been very necessary and that somehow she had had her Finger in the pie of Tom s happiness. It seems As if i d have to said Tom generously since you have set your heart on they 8leep. Assistant professor chlorine tells me he electrified the class with his last lecture. S consistent naw he gassed it Chaparral. The u Kitchen Cabinet All Hail to Good health you never can buy it Tho Many by using a vegetable diet have lived a Long life with nerves steady and quiet then listen to Wisdom to people and try it do you like onions7 most of us Are selfish in regard to the onion prefer to eat them ourselves rather than sit beside a neighbor who has when we have been denied the privilege of eating them. Best of All is to everybody eat them then nobody is offended. The custom started in one town called onion Day when everybody eats them is Good but think of the suffering of the poor people who can t or won t eat them. Oue Good englishman said we would better be without noses than without Many dishes Are simply characterless without the piquant flavor of the onion or a touch of garlic. For an All around Good vegetable the onion stands High being stimulating Antiseptic and prophylactic. For the weak and feeble Tho onion will give new strength. Our grandmothers knew the value of onions when used As a poultice or in a cough syrup. The Antiseptic effect is found in the action of the onion in the Large intestine where imperfectly digested food May be causing self poisoning. The onion disinfects the whole system cleanses and heals. Robert Louis Stevenson Calls the onion the poetic soul of the salad truly few salads can do without the restful vegetable. A bit of Parsley taken after eating onions is the Best breath purifier known although everybody has a remedy milk an Apple As Well As a dozen other breath killers. A person with a Good digestion will not carry onion odor on the breath very Long. Onion with cheese one of the most appetizing of hot dishes is cooked onion with cheese. Put a layer of cooked onions in a baking dish a layer of cheese and Rich White sauce then another layer of each finishing with a layer of buttered crumbs on top. Bake until the crumbs Are Brown. Use a Good Flavoured Rich cheese otherwise baking it will make it stringy. Onions roasted with their skins on Are delicious peeled and served with butter Salt and Pepper. However Dull a woman May be she will understand All there is in love. However intelligent a Man May be he will never know but half of it. Mad. Fee. War dishes. A most appetizing Way to use leftover fish is to carefully remove the skin and Bones keeping the fish As unbroken As possible and arrange it in a baking dish. Cover with a sprinkling of bread crumbs and if the fish is not Rich a Little Sweet fat in bits. Pour Over sufficient Cream or Rich milk to moisten Vivell and bake until the buttered crumbs on top Are Well browned. Serve from the baking dish. French baked fish stuff the fish with Plain bread dressing seasoned Well with Salt and Pepper. If there is any left arrange it around the fish. Pour Over the fish a can of tomatoes add a finely minced Clove of Gar lie add butter Salt and Pepper with a dash of Cayenne. Bake until tender. Holland the Rabbit for roasting and put an onion inside place it in a baking pan and pour Over it a cupful of boiling water. Cover with another pan and steam one hour. Remove the cover and Baste with the following mixture a cupful of Jelly currant is Besta half cupful of mild vinegar and a tablespoonful of fat mixed with a teaspoonful of prepared Mustard. S Erve with baked onions and Brown Gravy. Minced Chicken with Green Green peppers with boiling water and Cook ten minutes Drain remove the seeds and Cut in narrow strips using a pair of scissors. Melt two tablespoonfuls of butter add one and a half tablespoonfuls of flour stir until Well blended then pour on two thirds of a cupful of liquor. In which the Chicken was cooked. Bring to a boiling Point add a cupful of diced Chicken and the peppers again Boll and serve on pieces of Toast. Chicken two tablespoonfuls of Chicken fat with three Hord cooked egg Yolks add a fourth of a cupful of Cracker or bread crumbs soaked in a fourth of a cupful of milk fifteen minutes. Pour on gradually one cupful of hot Chicken Stock and when boiling add a cupful of Chicken Cut in Small bits. Southern Fried the prepared Chicken in flour seasoned with Salt Sage and Pepper place in an Iron frying pan with hot fat to cover the Bottom set into a hot oven and bake until Brown. I la no be Devyln that we Mriln Are foolish. God almighty Imide pm to Mutch the Eliot. Good things for occasions. Oae May find some among these which will Appeal to the taste and be Worth while saving for various occasions. Cherry tart take Rich canned cherries preserved will be better Drain from their juice Ond add to it a bit of cornstarch or Arrow Root to thicken slightly Cook until All the starchy taste is removed. Bake a Rich pastry Shell Lii with the cherries and pour Over the thickened juice. Set in a warm oven for fifteen minutes then serve with sweetened whipped Cream. Serve hot or cold As preferred. Orange Jelly put into a pastry Shell covered with whipped Cream is another delightful pie. Ice Cream in Angel food in a round tin. Remove the top take out the Center and fill with Vanilla ice Cream cover with whipped Cream or crushed fruit and serve at once. Braised a beet Tongue slowly until tender with a slice of onion and a Bay Leaf added to the water while cooking. Remove the Tongue skin it and place it in a casserole add the water in which the Tongue was cooked thickened with three tablespoonfuls each of Lour Aud butter mixed add a pint of stewed tomatoes strained a Small Carrot chopped a Clove of garlic half a table spoonful of Worcestershire sauce a few dashes of red Pepper Anil simmer with the Tongue for two hours. Serve from the casserole. Roquefort is a most delightful salad for roquefort lovers. Take a Crisp head of lettuce Well washed dried and chilled arrange in a salad bowl that has been rubbed with a Cut Clove of garlic add four tablespoonfuls of Oil Good Sweet Olive Oil one of vinegar a tablespoonful of Chilli sauce n half teaspoonful of Salt and a few dashes of Cayenne Pepper. Mix Well toss Over the lettuce broken bits of roquefort using As much or Little As one desires. Add More dressing in this proportion serving All very cold. Crackers covered with Jam and Over that creamed cheese is delicious with a cup of Tea for dessert cookery consists of the knowledge of the Mutual influences of ingredients and the judicious management of heat. Good ways of using currants. While currants Are in season let us put up some for Winter and use thera fresh for various dishes. Fresh currants mixed with sugar make a most delicious breakfast fruit when Well ripened. Ripe currant pie. Crush a cupful of Ripe red currants add a cupful of sugar and let stand. Beat the Yolks of two eggs and add two tablespoonfuls of water and a tablespoonful of Corn flour or cornstarch mix with the fruit and sugar and Cook until smooth. Bake in under crust fill with the cooked mixture cover with a meringue us ing the two Whites and two tablespoonfuls of sugar. Spread Over the top and Brown in the oven. Currant Cream an ounce a a gelatine in a cupful of water until soft then add a cupful of boiling water and stir until Tho gelatine is dissolved. Add to this two thirds of a cupful of currant juice and a cupful of Raspberry juice. Sweeten to taste and stir until boiling hot Over the fire. Strain and set aside to Cool. Add a half cupful of powdered sugar to a pint of whipped Cream add to the gelatine mixture and beat until stiff. Turn into a netted Mold and pack in ice und Salt several hours. Frosted Fine Large Bunches of Cherry currants Drain dip in the White of egg then in granulated sugar. Lay on Puper to dry. Serve As dessert. Currant and Cherry conserve. Take one Pound of raisins two pounds of tart cherries three oranges the juice and Rind four pounds of sugar chop the fruit Ami Cook for Twenty minutes. Seal in Small airtight jars while hot. Another five pounds of currants until tender add two pounds of chopped raisins Cook ten minutes then add three pounds of sugar. Cook ten minutes add the juice and grated Rind of two oranges reheat and put into Jelly glasses. The seeds of the currant if objectionable May be strained out before adding the other fruit in this conserve. A scoop with a notch in front the whole surrounded by a Rora has been invented for shaking insects from plants and cute lug them. Late incidents gathered from Over Tho state archbishop John Joseph Keene died at the Cathedral Parish Homo in Dubuque recently Afier a Long illness. More than 2,000 Banken from All sections of the state attended the state Bankers convention in Dubuque recently. There will be no intoxicating liquor Gold on Tho excursion boats out of Davenport this summer according to a Federal ruling. The restriction on beef to i i pounds per week per person by the state food administration does not apply to beef hearts liver Aud byproducts. The Iowa food administration is interesting itself in milk prices. Information As to the Selling prices per quart has been asked of All the county administrators. Tho state office has been informed that excessive prices arc by Tang asked. The thirteenth annual convention of elks closed at Ottumwa recently after a two Day session at which there was. A record attendance. Addresses were delivered by gov. W. L. Hording mayor Fairweather of Des Molues and mrs. Max Mayer of Iowa City. Rioting broke out in a gang of mexican Railroad workers at Marne recently when one of the workmen called a companion a German. One of the men was Cut on the leg and had his Arm badly bitten by his assailant. The other received a serious wound in the Back from a Hatchet. A Bill providing Tor the establishment of county tuberculosis hospitals in the larger count Lee of Iowa will be presented to the next session of the legislature according to plans made at a meeting of the legislative committee of the anti tuberculosis league held at Des Moines. W. T. Harper of Ottumwa has been appointed chief of the milk and ice division of the United states food administration for Iowa by administrator deems. Or. Harper will have jurisdiction Over All questions arising with reference to milk and milk products and the ice business in Iowa. The organization of the fourth regiment of the Iowa National guard is being pushed As rapidly As possible. Four companies have already been organized designated As companies a b. C and d. In addition to this there has also been organized As a part of the fourth a Field Hospital corps and a Battery of Field artillery. Men at Camp Dodge Are to have a Chautauqua course All their own. The five Days entertainment will be under the auspices of the army y. M. C. A. And will be free to All soldiers. It will be held at they auditorium at Camp Dodge. One of the Star groups from the Midland Chautauqua circuit has been secured. Grove the 5-year-old son of or. And mrs. Joe White of Colfax wa3 shot and instantly killed by his 7-year-old brother while the two were playing Soldier. The children had gone upstairs and found a gun which their father had loaded for Hawks. When it was discharged the younger one was shot in the Abdomen. Berlin has surrendered Berlin la. Notification was received recently at the office of the Secretary of state that the citizens of the town of Ber Lin in Toma county had held an elec Tion and changed the name of the town to Lincoln. The Berlin savings Bank has amended its articles of incorporation by changing its name to the Lincoln savings Bank. Charles h. Fridie an insurance agent of Davenport was recently 1 and guilty of manslaughter the res lit of an Accident on easter sunday v Hen his automobile ran Over and killed Willie Spier 2% years old. The statutory penalty upon conviction is eight years imprisonment and a Fine of $1,000. Fridie formerly lived in Milwaukee. Quotas for the draft Call for 17,829 men to Start to Camp july 22nd have not been made out by adjutant Gen Oral Logan s office. He is awaiting the closing of two special service Calls. One of these is for 103 men to go to Sioux City for training a Telegraph or wireless operators and also As carpenters. The other is for 103 men to go to Mooseheart 111., for training a Cement workers. R. W. Leeper Driver of an Automo bile which raced through Sioux City streets and killed two Young women a Tew weeks ego stands a Good Chance of being prosecuted on the charge of manslaughter. The county attorney at. The instance of the father of one of the Young women killed has suggested the indictments May be quashed if Leeper joins the army. He has intimated he will follow the Sua Gestson. E two Iowa boys on the Western front France recently covered them selves with glory. Private Ralph us. Caster of Council Bluffs and a Grade vie Chapultepec Natlo Naf Mill tary College of Mexico Orter being wounded himself carried a wounded sergeant to the rear dressing Sta Lon he returned to his position in the Lino Ond h the ush w0udded a a Ond time brought in another wounded Comrade. Aleuts. Earl w. Garvin of Ley Cal both having the War Cross an 0118,exp,0ubl led itt Taen m.". A a stopped a German movement sorry he left Baltimore. The congressional party brought Back Many stories from the fighting fronts in France. At a Camp for German prisoners behind the British lines said a member of the party in Washington a detail was called out for some ditch dig. Gitig. None of the British guards could Spenk German and none of the germans seemed to understand a word of English. Under the circumstances it was difficult to give orders and Tho mommies had a terrible time showing Tho prisoners what they wanted done. For this reason they drove the diggers a Little harder perhaps than the Union rules allow. Finally one big German his. Once glow with perspiration dropped his shovel straightened up painfully and said in a tone of genuine disgust " Ach i Why in h-1 did i Ever leave Baltimore i " cause for anger. Mrs. Flatbush at the piano Oil John see How angry that Man look across the Way or. Flatbush yes i noticed him dear. Shut the window Quick. He May throw i Don t think it will to necessary to shut the window if you Stop slugging High finance. Hubby Why did you pay $40.53 for that hat Wolfey i had to do it to make maj Check Book balance. Not always soundless. A pin May drop in such a Way that nothing could be louder. Just drop one that s red hot some Day into a Keg of powder. Discarded metaphor. Nobody seems to be mending political fences just no. Statesmanlike note Nylon it present is concentrated on Barbwire entanglements in no Man s land " something Odd. In Art. Henry he May be a Good artist but to has a queer Way of doing tilings. Happy How s that Henry he says he painted his greatest masterpiece on an empty stomach. Took a fall out of him. Was it muscular rheumatism Tinb attacked you i should Sny it was muscular. It threw me on my Back and kept me from getting up for a on the Job. Knocker of course i did t forget to mall that letter. Why do you ask mrs. Knocker simply because i forgot to write it. In something like h. Redd you say his father was la the Flash business Greene yes something like that. He taught people to swim. The retort courteous. When a woman gives her hand she punts something on when it inn offers his hand he ought to have something in pests at rest. Do you remember the drug Storo clerk who got you Wlms you wanted and then asked and now what Olsch with the Saccharine stress on. The now when he knew Thero was t any thing else enjoy yourself. I shot dial. Getting his measure. A new in Ember a stood to Lem Well replied senator sorghum. Be 6 n wonder for endurance. But a to est t class up Hwy Well Tor Speed

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