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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 5 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - July 5, 1918, Postville, Iowa Postville Herald successor to the "36wa doff Twatt Twenty sixth year Postville Iowa Friday july 5, 1918 number 36 Speigh boyhood news. Is of interest from Al Larrita tee and adjoining counties. Up i p Stilwell one of Waukon s vet up i n attorneys celebrated his Eightieth inlay june 30. Ibo Talent at Spillville recently Stibi enter an operetta that netted the Oross $314.05. N i Fenona Gorman lutherans decided meeting a week ago to conduct All Lych services in the English Lan via barn dance on the Burkhart near Mcgregor june 28nd, the of 8103.50 was realized for Tho i Crosb. Tojga City had a bed Cross Sale that ought in the sum of $$300. It Vas Bably the largest sum secured for ked Cross at any auction in North i Iowa. Ork at the Waukon Iron mines was temporarily suspended. As pay Roll at the mines is $10,000 per Atli it Means a Heap to that City Ether the mines Are working or no by first the troubles of the country. Jani the new Law regarding mailing isl a publication by the zone rate be of filing effective and a percentage of my Llo advertising Revenue must also be a tit Ned Over to the government. C. Rosencrans of Prairie do Cluen of set out five acres of Tomato plants winged several acres of carrots Corn Send other stuff for his sanitarium and tt6l. About 3000 plants were set out Ray during the gardening season. Sin order has been received by the Slemp Tion Board to have ready to de Llop t in the five Day period beginning Llly 22, for Camp Gordon Georgia Jonil Camp Pike Arkansas the remain air of the class one men of Allama Jefe county who will number in the to migh boyhood of 180. Milwaukee Yard limits Al North sly ski Cregor have been extended so As to Kufel Delte in All the trackage and Railroad Fei property at Prairie do Chen wis the River Whiteii gives Rise Row the belief that North Mcgregor is a be made one of the principal Teru in a Fly of the Milwaukee system a so zip the German savings Bank at la srasfe""0 s a ova Cal Letl 11,0 Iowa savings Kim Hank the German hotel at Clinton in Ifni Dow named Eagle hotel and the Beiman savings Hank of Tripoli Iuis lyse a ree Hris toned american savings Lank. Everywhere Trio desire is to leak away from the rough stuff and get it. The body of Clyde Phillips a rail lad ticket agent was found in the Stern at his Home in new Hampton Ter the discovery of a note on the Ning room table which indicated Pillips intended to take his life. Rail iad officials who have been checking a Eris books declined to say whether not there was a shortage. Bail the size of baseballs fell at in Pendency a week ago sunday night r fifteen minutes and As a result text Day. There were no whole sky hts in the City and almost Overy Rie of Glass in three greenhouses was Jatto red persons who measured the Al stones declared some of them were a inches in circumference. A report of the births in this county r the year 1017 discloses that there As a total of 333 during that period a which is just three More Thau the pre Ous year and eleven More than in b15. Hoys predominate each year the Cord of 1917 shows 170 boys and 103 res. In 1010 there were 182 boys and m girls. In 1013 the boys numbered jj5 and Tho girls 157. Citizens of Strawberry Point painted e dwelling of postmaster sell Tig of that place yellow. When this country st got into War he would not put up Flag at the Postoff co tin til compelled do so and recently when a pro Norman got into the clutches of the Leral authorities to went to Dubuque and tried to got him free. 11 is shave been such that his follow cell face ii believed a coat of yellow the proper thing and he got it. While driving cattle to the pasture ast monday eight year old Orvillo Avle Over near satire soul in to play. Orc with a Good sized calf by tying Lino end of a Halter about his Waist and the other end of it about the calf s Eck. The calf took fright and Start id to run tripping the boy and drag ing him for Somo distance la re the Opuda and underbrush bumping Tiiu and s head against Trees along the Way and crushing it almost to a pulp. A _ rather two years Okler witnessed Trio tragedy and hurried to. Lha House to pop uni his lather who hastened to the one Only to find his boy dead. Posies from the press. The Brethren of the Presb of this locality live seen fit to say the follow ing pretty things about us and to say that we appreciate them is putting it very mildly Alla Makee Postville Herald successor to the Iowa Volks Blatt As its name indicated a German newspaper appeared last Friday and typographically is one of the neatest papers coming to our Exchange table it will be Independent but Loyal to country state and county and its Home town. Here s wishing brother icing. Beil its publisher the fullest measure of Success. Ossian Iowa Volks Blatt a German language newspaper published for Many years at Postville and for several years past conducted by Ronneburger & Klingbeil has been discontinued. Or. Klingbeil Purchas of his partner s half interest and converted the paper into an american Lan Guage paper under the name of Postville Herald the new paper making it initial Bow to the Public on june 7th the War with Germany has created a sentiment against not Only the Ger Man language but All other foreign languages As Well which prompted or. Klingbeil to make the change Postville Herald is a neat clean newsy newspaper and bids fair to Prosper. Here s Success to or. Klingbeil. Elgin Iowa Volks Blatt a German paper that for years has been published at Postville is no More. In its Stead a Bright Beugli a language paper the Postville Herald has made its appearance. It is a newsy Sheet Well edited and we Welcome this newly born american to our Exchange desk. Oelwein is mighty difficult to convince Postville people that governor Harding s lat Guage proclamation has no Teeth. The Iowa Volks Blatt a German language newspaper published in that town for a score of years past or More Lias gone into the discard and in its place appears the Postville Herald published in the official language of the u. S. A. The foreign language newspaper will be quite a curiosity within a few years. Monona Leader. Postville s new paper the Postville Herald made its initial Bow to the Public last Friday. It takes the place of the German paper the Volks Blatt which is discontinued. Vera. Klingbeil having purchased his partner s interest in the Plant is sole proprietor and we understand he has enlisted the service of the Veteran Printer 15. 15. Tittle and if so they will make a Strong pair and will publish a paper that will attract attention. Success to the Herald. Lansing would never recognize in the Bright and Snappy Postville Herald several copies of which have reached this office the old German paper known As the Volks Blatt. We Don t know what explanation the publishers gave for the change from German to English or whether any explanation was Given at All. But it is enough to say that the paper is Bright and Well edited showing Good makeup and Good taste throughout. We wish the publisher or. Klingbeil More Success. Five Days of patriotism. Harry Andrews who is to be superintendent of our Chautauqua arrived in. Postville sunday night from Lisbon n. D he is a genial gentleman to meet and assures us Postville is to Hove a Chautauqua program that will Excel in Quality and satisfaction anything of its kind Ever presented on a five Day circuit. Patriotism will to the big key note of it All and men direct from the lighting front in France who have been directly under the fearful lire of the German guns and gasses will Tell Yon truthfully Trio thrilling talks of terror As ouly they can who have been in the Battle line face to face with death with comrades falling All about them but who by the Grace of god have been spared to return three thousand Miles across the sea to bring a message to you that will awaken in you a deeper desire than you Over dreamed to get squarely behind your government and help in every Way Yon can to hasten the end of ibis awful War and bring Homo our Ivory roil blooded american should attend Postville Chautauqua. As is his custom when Auto Molling is on the blink Rev. Williams wont on the sunday noon train to Luana and conducted religious scr los after which to hoofed it the seven Miles Buck to Postville mud was on the Job preaching at the method list Church that evening. Trio reverend says to enjoys nothing better at this season of the year when Alf nature is dressed in its sunday Best than a ride thru the country on Sharks horses. Postville will celebrate july 4 plans perfected for a monster Celebration in this City on the nation s Natal invited. A big feast of fun and patriotism. Postville the town that does things and does them right has arranged a big program of patriotism and pleasure for next thursday july 4th, and invites All the Liberty Loving and happiness Hunting people of the towns and country roundabout to come in and partake of the greatest Gem of Joy that Ever lightened the gloom in a world of woe.  time and space forbid that we go into detail but we positively guarantee every feature advertised will be presented for your enjoyment and to your entire satisfaction. What Postville purposes that she performs. We make no promises we do not make Good. And Bear this in mind Postville always totes fair with the people and people tote fair with us. In the morning while the people Are assembling the Postville Community band greatly augmented will play plenty of popular and patriotic airs and promptly at 10 o clock will Lead the grand Parade to the Postville High school Campus where the speaking program will be held in the big Chautauqua tent which or. Keith Vawter has turned Over to the local committee seats Talent and All absolutely free As his contribution to our glorious patriotic Celebration. Here Hon. H. E. Taylor of Waukon will dedicate Postille a service Flag there will be music by the band and the Arden entertainers Reading of the declaration of Independence and a patriotic address by Hilton Ira Jones and possibly other features. No admission everything absolutely free. At noon a big picnic dinner. Eat and Park your autos on anybody s Lawn and you will be extended every Courtesy and convenience at their command. After dinner More music by the band. At 2 30 our big five Day Chautauqua opens with a grand program of music mirth and Melody by the Arden entertainers four Beautiful talented and superbly gowned american girls who never fail to please. Admission including War tax 30c.after the. Chautauqua a big program of sports races and contests for prizes and purses will occupy every minute of the time until the supper hour. After supper a big free open air concert. At 8 p. Another big Chautauqua program. A musical first part by the Arden entertainers followed by a wonderful demonstration of electrical science by Hilton 5ra Jones entitled a study in admission including War tax Only 40c. Welcome to Postville thursday july fourth to our big patriotic Celebration. Bring your family friends and feed your sweethearts and hired girls and have a Happy Day in Postville. Hip flip Hooray editorial paragraphs. Be a Patriot in the Back Yard As Well As on the front Steps. When you see an Idle Quarter conscript it for a Thrift stamp. Every Amateur Gardener can grow greens but raising pork is a gift. Muny a Case of neurasthenia will in War. Gardening this year. Carrots will not win the War nevertheless they Are useful Plant a Carrot. Now is the , save against another Liberty Bond if there should be one. Patience and perspiration plus patriotic Effort will make your Thrift Garden a Success. Calling a Spade a spa Devis not enough now. We must refer to it As a patriotic weapon. There can be no culture awl no Kul tur that is founded on anything less enduring than truth. Get a Little More seems to be a More popular slogan in some quarters than win the War if u person has no desire or intention to commit sedition Why should he fear a sedition Law Franco is sending calamity howlers to. Prison thus giving them a real calamity to howl about. Bond issues come and go hut the Chance to paste Thrift Stamps on the Kaiser remains with us. Although the Hoe is not so military As the Guh it is equally necessary to Hie the Kaiser. Take Cave the Thrift Stamps and the savings certificates will take Cam of themselves and of you. The worst punishment for those interned aliens who Are attempting to escape might be to let them get Back to Germany. No Able bodied Man who lives in idleness millionaire or pauper ought to have one Swallow of victuals unless he works. Uncle Sam is calling recruits at the rate of 10,000 n Day which Means that he soon will be turning out finished fighters at the some rate. In order to conserve material these cute Little belts on College clothing Are to be abolished. There s a Bright Side to conservation after All. A California Man wants a divorce because his wife is pro German. Evidently he wants to he married to one of the fair sex not the unfair. Food is Energy and by saving food you conserve All that Energy that would otherwise be required to digest the food you have already saved. A $250,000 theft of diamonds has been reported from a liner on the Way to India but to won t know the Prima Donna s name until the vessel lands. An appreciation of real american tobacco in Europe which will Render it available in the shops is. Something for the tourist to look Forward to after the War. A Cable says Nick Boiu Isoif tried to quit his Job As Czar Hack in.1005. Nic a made a great mistake in not quitting then when the quitting was Good. It is sold hint the Kelser has hallucinations. One of them and the he can whip the world and make America pay the expenses of the Job. Pm Stehlo 25 years ago. From Hies of Volks Blatt july 5, 1893 d. A. It Rald has moved into the Ray Schuler House. Robert Schmidt of by Leader was a caller tuesday. W. N. Liu Rdick was at Prairie Duchien saturday. Mrs. C. Wegner Lias returned from her visit at Mcgregor. Markets utter 17 to de eggs 13a hogs 80.10 cattle s3.30 to $4.00. Ham Campbell was run Down by a mule Here of the fourth. Or. And mrs. R. N. Douglass returned Friday from the world s fair. John Thoma Cut a goodly part of his thumb off monday while cutting meat. Tomorrow evening milkmaid convention in the big tent near trite to vhf Ter works a shooting affair at Ezra Hughes Saloon last saturday broke the usual Monotony Henry Range injured his Arm severely while assisting with the Burn raising at Joe Nick s. Tony marshal Tom Knudtson and Charles Oehring departed yesterday for the world s fair. _ the millinery store of Meyer it Thiese has been moved into the new store of it. F. Flecker. City Marshall prior has resigned. Street commissioner John Schultz will ill the vacancy for the time being. Carl Sci Iulla residing six Miles South of Postville had his right foot badly bruised when a Timber fell of it while he was raising his barn. Two runaways saturday caused quite a bit of excitement in town. The teams of s. A. Green and a or. Pearson played the leading parts. Not much damage resulted in either Caie. Aug. Fischer purchased the Arm of so acres located 5 i Miles Southwest of Postville for $2800, or s35 an acre. Or. Regan received a goo i Price for the Jand. Note this land today is Worth $250 an acre Postville s big fourth Celebration was a grand Success. The following were winners in the contests horse race Lobert a locker 1st Mcgreevey 2nd. Mule race de Schroeder. Bicycle race we. Kluss. Wheelbarrow race a. Thoma Elgin. Pole climbing will Thill. Ever since to lived on what is now the Henry Meyer farm just West of this City quite a Span of years ago Toots White now of Volga City i As always had a Strong desire to get Back to old Postville How and then. So a week ago sunday accompanied by his wife and another gentleman and his wife he set out for this Man s town in his Ford. Hut when he got within about three Miles of town Down near Lee Folsom s of the military Road the Bloomin Ford bucked and refused to pull him into port despite All manner of petting and cussing administered. Consequently Toots took advantage of the Opportunity thus Ift ered to learn How bully his old friends wanted to see him and so called up Meeker s garage by phone and says Hobbit i m Here if Yea want to see me come out and pull my and to show Toots he never forgot in old Friend Obhie went out and Bro t him in Ami entertained him until about two a. A. When the Goldau Ford rambled right a Boston scientist announces that Man is descended from a Large Lizard now extinct. The professor must have been studying the males that infest the Nugo teas. William Dell the 17 year old son of 11. Dell near Luana suddenly from his Home last sunday using his father s absence leaving no Ord of his future whereabouts or Auy Plau Tiou Why he left. He has been faithful worker on his father s farm Here his services were More than Ever needed this summer and his going away is a serious Handicap to the father. The supposition is that he has been encouraged to Lake this step by boy associates. Will had a comfortable Home Ami the. Boht of everything to make a boy contented. Eling Loxie the Veteran Milwaukee passenger conductor now Rotmil was Ray taken off his feel one evening stoutly when chief dispatcher Mey i and train master Janes of Mason a together with a Hunch of local Road men am a ii Tvr of commercial travellers drs bonded upon his Hotuj in Mcgregor with a generous Supply of strawberries Cream and Coffee and Arun spending a pleasant social Stasun with Lylo and his wife presented him with a Purtum of $110 in Gold. Fai re i Cit from our Soldier boys Vietter from Merle Cole. The following letter was received by a. J. Phillips of this City somewhere in prance May 31, 1918. Dear spec i received your peach of a letter today and am answering in the wee Small hours. These watches Are lonesome but not half As bad As guarding a picket in the rain. Am operating a switchboard but it is some different than j. Thoma s. We buried a pal of mine yesterday and it sure was an impressive funeral. As we passed Down the Street every French Soldier snapped up to a Salute and Young kids and old Grey haired men bared their Heads until we passed by. Everyone was mounted but the tiring squad and pall bearers. I was a a Fyall bearer and it was a hard thing for me to do. When you Bury a Friend 6,000 Miles from Home it is no picnic. I took my nag out to a Creek today and gave him a Bath and he looks Fine. He did t exactly appreciate it at the time but he sure does now. Postville sure did go Over the top in the Liberty loan did t she if you Fellows did t go Over Back there we would be out of Luck Over Here so go to it. We will give old Man Kaiser that Pill you were talking about in record time if you keep that up. Fatty a letter reminds me of our times at Camp Mills when they were taking us out to dancing parties. At the time Brooklyn and new York kept us pretty Busy Tho and we did t appreciate it. I sure would like to dance with an american girl at the present writing Tho. Coming from the funeral yesterday we met a red Cross nurse and she said a hello boys whoops but it does and a thrill up a Guy s Back and makes him proud of being a yank. The French girls never can compare with our distinctly individual americans. Gee i did t think Harold was in the graduating class. It makes me feel As if i should retire and Settle Down to a Ripe old ago. I Hope we never have to retire. Joke so you and Heck Are teaching the Rookie squads East we sure got our Lill of that at Camp Mills. Can t you did Heck write a partnership letter i Haven t heard from him since i packed my tooth Brush and Towel and left Postville and would like to hear from him. So Ai and fat Are both lieutenants Send me the address of some of those kids that Are Over Here and i will try and look them up. Your Friend m. W. Cole Huq. Co. 151 p. A., a. E. F. Letter trom Avill Beyer. Camp Dodge logo june 30, 1918. Dear Mother rec d your letter and $4.00 enclosed last sunday and the shoes came Friday but As they were As heavy As the shoes i have on i did not like them and sent them Back the same night. Also received letter from Lucy and one from Lena b. Hecker. You can come Down Here Ana see me if you want to. Have been very Busy the past week at the Rifle Range practising shooting. What company is Clayton Stantorf in at this Camp. Saw All the boys i know Here. See the Brandt Hoys every Day. Got card from Ella ast week. Like it Here All right. In fact a Man has to like it in the army. They Are working us harder now than they did at first. We have to get up at 4 in the morning go to the Drill Field at 6 a. And stay there till 0 p. M., dinner being brought to us. Am feeling Fine and Hope this will find you the same. As Ever your son William Beyer. Co. A. 352 inf. Rev Isaac Cassel formerly pastor of the congregational Church at Elkader but now in the National service commission at Camp Dodge writes the Lului Iteld that the Clayton county committee for entertaining the soldiers at Camp Dodge met on thursday evening and decided to entertain the Moil who thru now in Camp. The time for the Clayton comity social is saturday evening july la when it is hoped All of the in men now in this eau Loument from Clayton county May be present. Rev. Schmidt received a letter from and picture of his son Paul this week Aud Paul s Many friends in Postville will to pleased to know that he is now a Corporal in Tho Sigual service is in the Best of health Aud is still wearing that smile that be tokens his innate Good mature. Masonic third degree work tuesday evening next

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