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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Jan 27 1921, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - January 27, 1921, Postville, Iowa Twenty ninth year Lur Rural tax payers Splete list of the taxpayers of Post and grand Meadow townships Post township. 34,20 7.98 4.40 184.50 79.34 .298.14 .235.52 ,os3cl j s----.253.5o ring m a 95.40 Ris j 0.367.28 no John est. -1.46 Ier Fred. 91.46 Esser a . 29.3 vis Lester. A .50 a Esser lawrence.50 vis & Bollman. 19.64 Smith 58.50 i Craig morts52u2 Fussee .8?/2.-oc lesser j a. .76 Hui vey. I. 29.88 timer Henry est 277.82 Niels c 0. 20.7-1 Dee w a. 4.70 vis Chas. 1.50 Man wm.----.----160.28 Lis mrs Lydia. .90 ring it Al. 9.0a John or. 13.38 Erman Fred est389.10 t y miss ella113.06 Erman rudie.5.98 orman Fred.50 torn Lonnie. .271.36 a Nch harvey.65.80 Els m a maggie____110.52 i Soffi Gilbert. 8.48 torn Richard. 24.84 �1& 0 a. .60 i som l a. 3.72 torn thomas197.94 less w c484.26 ids Adolph. Ids a a. a. A each j a. Tricke j a. Rese Fred. Tricke Fred. Leke Otto Irdon. De. Icel win. Irdon c of. Ranier & Meyer Lanier l l., Irdon. Angus. Armicke we. .591.48 37.72 16.66 1. 10.82 247.44 ,.400.26 317.64 16.921.26 8.84 21.52 29.20 40.14 .171.84 .443.60 Fordon Wallace. 29.88 Olson mrs a. 3.39 my Orion. 1.26 froth/ernst.221.24 Bola Nier h a. 4.82 Picece Fred 39.910 pee Fred. .50 Pine Louis 208.18 Paris j w345.68 Irtis mrs 74.24 Irris we a .994.56 Irris Worner m."i329.02 tier & son r of. 67.70 to Vav 61.26 wis a a 7.66 Mack Bros. 27.44 Sirnack Louis., 11.2jb mini Len. 18.96 ins f .254.26 Mann louis____152.26 is sampson.,869.36 Sirnack Fred-.,.288.32 a Nir Artner con. .129.78 Eicr r of. ,406.64 Immel John. .2v4.0t� Tock john_______209.20 Iris a c & we. 64.02 snack Lester. .50 Osman pred ,.42.30 in Garbner pred. 41.88 miou8o Tonry. 41.90 Emme Theo. 79.04 to c a. .161.86 tiewm21.58 of. 6.0u up Jitiam Henry .242.810 lira John.117.06 Esau f w.191.86 is we. 84.3a Amati f w35,68 use Albert. 97.24 Jiey & Laughlin. 17.80 son .245.9v �8on Henry. 96.60 Lebra Chas. 153.22 Ommert mrs pred. 145.08 "8e ben.114.88 mover w c. Meyer Dartion g.". Vir a Martens Miller & Waters.2r7n mend Myron a Meier erwin____.,. Meyer c c.v.50 Meyer will l Marston mrs a to pm Meier h w.,. Mcclintock Geo. Martens we f. Martens carl.,. Mcdonald Joe Meier Chris. Meyer a a. Meier ii a. Miene Henry. 34 86 Mew b a. 35.to Martens & Guese. 21 66 Miller w f. 74 Meskimen g a. 800 Meyer aug. Meyer a Foels. Marston g a. Owens mrs Louisa. Olson Martin ooh ring we. Oleson Ole. Oit Darius. Oldag Geo a. I Orson Chester. Postville Clay pro co pleister p a. Reif a a. Ruckdaschel mrs c Ruckdaschel Walter. Rose Herman. Ruckdaschel j a Ryan Jas est. Schultz w a a. Smith l a Sander Chris. Schultz august.,. Smith Lester a. Swenson e Smith Stephe. Sebastian f a. Schnelle Simon. Sebastian John. Schroeder Art. Smith in p305.62 Swenson Anton. 12.82 Swenson 249.56 Stopperan fired .138.94 Smith Ira a 310.26 Schulte go337.10 Swenson Sevard. 1.44 Steele jos498.50 Smith 05.0.98 Schultz will62 to Cremen jbhn116.94 Starkey we. 3.54 Smith Mina Ida a. 33.70 Schlee j c.13.70 Schultz 0 a. .50 Sander w f50 Schroeder & Wilkie. 35.26 Steele h a. 3.04 Smith he. 3.02 Sybert b of 5.3 Schultz Art. 18.48 Stockman Gilbert. 1.50 Schultz pred h173.12 Schuette John.�.,-.�2 Smith is r602.66 Schara Chas-----.38.90 Sanders j g & k448.88 Sander & Sander. 22.92 Schulte hnrvoy.-. Schroeder e a. 9-84 Smith s a. 11.98 Schultz Edwin. 23.96 Swenson Elmer. Sams r a. 22.98 Smith mrs j a.  Thoma geo19i 00 Thomas he. T-22 Thomal. A a Tuller . 100.18 Topel. Paul.339.02 Thoma & Thoma. 20.70 Uhl jesso176.701 Yangon or Honry. 13. Vicker Martin. 80. Waener Ciao. Webb h a. Wilke carl.102-7 is Lei hfery1o"ql Wilke 9338 Waters Sam Waters Geo & ------323.54 Waters John Waters mrs Millie. 72.64 Wolsch Henry. 91-t Waters g i a.18�.� Willman rudolph174.26 Waters s Weke co. Waters h a. Webstr Laruo. 51.26 Webb mrs rosella.350.5b Willis go. 52-54 Welzel j p.529.60 water go of -5f Waters c h.-55?-4i a live newspaper in a live town Postville Iowa thursday january 27,121 Law of Gravity number 13 modern steam laundry for Community Postville. Church notes Melbert Folsom to Start such an establishment Here about March first. Postville people have Long Felt the need of a steam laundry and this want is soon to be satisfied As Gelibert Folsom of this City has leased the Riley & Davis buildings in which he will j Date from him. Waters Ray. .213.16 Willis mrs Anna. 27.46 Waters trios Witt c e & smitli851.00 in is Waters h a. 24-62 Welzel & Welzel. 55.80 grand Meadow township. Nume first Pinal payment payment son we. To Jphn " Ommert Edwin  a son Sherman. We Noel a r word Icari. j Vigo of Willa rid w Burton "tta1 Lodi a wow k Fttie h Eyer Kohls.  a ristoneraon553�l a a a. Christoul Truon Elbe. . U Ass Chr a Toffee san Honry. ,20.92 187.96 ,. 31.80. 9.20 .201.16 ,.-246.5b-. 20.50 .256.24 .128.38. 75.92 45,1. .ro9 " 43.68 14.10/ 18.06. 6.36. .50 .50. A ,.135,85 .135.24 .,807,60 4.71 69.63 78.65 6.50 2.51 8.53 83.45 66.22 180.57 174.45 16,19 112.44 114.92 43.07 78.77 53.28 12.39 18i50 10.87 0.49 22.13 ,89 .,1.29 91.76 98,07 51.26 28.00 8.82 10,764.85 87.85 87.78 240.97 3.06 conduct a modern steam laundry or. Pompom has spent the past several weeks in Dubuque familiarizing himself with the work and has secured the services of an experienced laundress from that City to As Sist him in getting the business started properly. No Small amount of machinery is required in the present method of Lau drying and it will take some time to Gett it All Here and on the floor in run Ting Ovder. However or. To som asserts that he expects to have the business Well under Way by March first., located As Postville is an establishment of this kind would draw considerable business from the surrounding towns As none of them have a steam laundry and Are conv pulled to Send the work quite a distance to have done. Or. Folsom collecting and delivering All work by truck which Wil rive the patrons Quick sew ice two launder Ings a week can be completed in this Way. It s up to the people of Postville and Vicinity to assist in making this new Enterprise a Success and we feel sure that if or. Folsom s of ans Are harried out he will give entire satisfaction to his customers and the lat a Tai r will be we pleased with the service rendered. Since the above was in . Carl j. Zuber. Who for several years Oast has conducted the Blue Bird laundry at Dubuoue came to Postville and be entered into partner Shin with or. Folsom. And the two Eft a St night for that Rdv to Shin the equipment to Postville immediately. Or. Earl Roadman who is at the head of the department of Rural leadership at upper Iowa University willbe with us next sunday january 30th. Or. Roadman is an exceptionally Strong Man in the pulpit and is in great demand As a pulpit orator throughout this part of the state. A a Ange ments were Oriade several weeks in Advance to get this 1 " he will speak at Postville 25 years ago. Interesting items of news taken from the files of the Iowa Volks Blatt of january 31, 1896. The Dixons reappointed. The Board of supervisors have retained and mrs o. A. Dixon As superintendent and Matron of the county Home for another year these Are doubtless the hardest positions on the county staff to fill and carry with them the heaviest responsibilities. always More or less danger a to a be encountered with the insane patients some of whom must be Humoured with limitless in Tience while others must be constantly held. Under restraint necessitating a level Headland Complete control of temper at All times. Besides the superintendent and Matron must hive a knowledge of various forms of illness and understand especially the care of contagious diseases and quarantine methods. It is necessary that they retire late at night and arise Early in the morning and be on duty 365 Days of the year. To addition to these responsibilities the superintendent must be a practica1, Farmer and it is not an easy matter to find a couple possessing All these qualifications As or. And mrs. Dixon. Realizing these facts and that visitors out at the Home always have a Good word to offer for their management and for the c pan and sanitary always found there the supervisors at the beginning of each year reappoint them with a feeling of Assurance that the Little City under county management will be looked after with Diligence and r a.  a Arlington school Burns. Rebekah install officers. Continue on it p�4 at its meeting last thursday Niht Post Rebekah Lodge installed the following officers for the ensuing Vear Noble grand mrs. Amanda Phillips. Vice grand mrs. Seven Schutta Secretary mrs. Marie Davis. Treasurer miss Hattie Weihe. Warden mrs. Elizabeth Brooks. Conduct Ress mrs. Queija Krog. Man. Chaplain mrs. Gwendolyn Campbell. R. S. N. . Tillio rilev., S n. . Elizabeth Weg. Nerr s. V. . Vera Kluss. L. S. V. , Emma Meier.  inside guardian mrs. Amelia Sander. Outside guardian Chas. Hoth. There will be Rebekah Melotin tonight thursday. Don t miss it. Both services and capacity houses should Avail themselves of this Opportunity to hear him. Special music has been arranged for these services. Rev. J. A. Saathoff pastor of the presbyterian Church at Lennox a d., conducted our services last sunday. He is a Young Man who has done excellent work during his file years pastorate at Lennox during which time a $20,000 Church building and a $5,000 manse were erected. He made a vet favourable impression Here and the Community Church has extended him a Call to come As our pastor. It is expected that he i i be Here to Betrina his work in this Field Early in March. The Community Church has been successful in securing the upper Iowa University glee club for a Date in february this will be a great musical treat for the people of this Vicinity. Watch for Date and further particulars. Hail storm victims Corn. Buying six carloads of Corn arrived lure this week for distribution Amone the Farmers of the Hail Entricken districts. The Farmers who suffered heavy losses to their crops from the Hail storm on july 2 last Are buying com for 60 and 65 cents per Bushe which they say is cheaper than they can afford to produce of these Farmers were compelled to sell their livestock Early owing to the shortage of feed. However the in Roefe received for their marketed Stock Early in the fall were High enough to allow them to realize bigger returns than if they had fed the season s Corn. Community ladies Aid society organized. The members of the congregational and E. Ladies Aid societies met at the E. Church on wednesday afternoon and perfected an organization to. Be known As the Community ladies Aid society. A ooh Stetu. Hon and set of by Laws was drawn up and the a following officers elected president mrs. P. C. Comstock. Vice . F. H. Welzel. Secretary mrs. J. H. Dannen Brink. Treasurer mrs. H. Miller. Directors mrs. G. W. Hunt mrs. S. C. Bail mrs. A. C. Marston mrs. J. W. Campbell. Annual meeting. The annual meeting of the Post Volle Farmers co operative society j will be held at the Maenner Chor Hall,1 on tuesday february 8th, 1921, at one o clock i m., for the purpose of electing officers for the a Huing year and the transaction we. Up Tush re two void a cup from the "41 years ago column of the Mcgregor times we clip the following items. As an evidence of prosperous farming and what May be done on the Prairie in northeastern Iowa we quote the result of a crop of hogs marketed by Louis a. Dawson recently from his father s farm near Garnavillo. He soy 86 shoats six months old weighing 20,860 pounds at $4.50 per Hundred which amounted to the snug sum of $938.70." married at the residence of the Bride s parents on Ash Avenue Jan. 7th, 1880, by Rev. C. C. Cragen George Goetz of Elkader and miss Ella Diamond. George is a steady industrious Youn Ryan agent for stauer & Daubenberger at Elkader. Ella is a kindly thought of Young lady who has a Host of warm friends and May the anticipation of the wedded life be fully Shakespeare club. The sink Speare club will meet tuesday february 1, with Edna burling As hostess and Mary Fulton As Leader observing the following program Roll Cal historic quotations historic Bells and clocks. 1.elva Weber historic flags and forts. Josephine Dumo historic Trees and. Son�s.,. Helen West music notice of trustees meeting. Arlington s High school building burned to the ground monday Jan 17th. It was a two Story Frame building sheathed in Enetai with a Brick addition. About 9 30 some of the students discovered smoke on the outside of the building and found the building to be on fire. The Gong was immediately sounded Anav the  children marched put thinking it a fire Drill in a few minutes time the entire roof of the building was a Blaze. The greatest loss of the contents burned were the supplies in the Laboratory estimated at about $2,000. The piano Victrola and records Organ sectional Book Case and some text books were saved. The origin of. The fire is supposed to have been a defective wiring. School will be continued Iri perhaps the methodist dining Hall churches etc., until a new Structure be buit. Man s body found in River. The body of Nels Gardine was found on the ice near the old Pontoon Bridge last saturday having lain exposed to vultures and the elements for a week. Or. Cardine who was a Fisherman left his Shack of the River Bank in the fourth Ward on new year s Day and neighbors supposed that he had gone to his brother and nothing was thought of his absence. The body was discovered saturday Forenoon january 8th, by Jos. Double and George Lessard who had been passing that Way. The indications were that he was returning Home and was carrying an axe both feet slipped from under him and he struck the ice with the Back of his head in such a Way that he was either stunned or rendered unconscious and died from the effects of the fall. Prairie Duchien courier. Neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Another team thru ice. John Bechtel was unfortunate in the. Loss of his team through the ice last Friday. He had gone Over the ice in Lansing Bay and was returning with a Load of Hay from the islands when the horses and entire outfit went through the ice which up to that time had not formed to any considerable thickness. There were several men on the Load yet the Snow covered the see and the air holes were not distinguishable. The Oss Falls heavily on or. Bechtel who is a hard Woi King Man. It was about a Vear ago that Dick Thompson lost four horses through the ice. Bechtel had another team on the islands and Bro to them Over tuesday on the Mirror. Brains will beat Blue sky. One Good drive Blue sky Crooks out of the state is. For the people themselves to come to the conclusion that they will not be talked into buying stocks that they know nothing about. It is so silly for men and women to buy things that they know nothing of just because some Man with a Slick line of talk tells them it is a Good thing. If you Are going to buy a piece of land insist on seeing the land if a House insist on seeing that and if Stock in a corporation insist on finding out what the corporation has in the Way of tangible proper and prospects. Cedar rapids Republican. The Postville monday club. The monday club will meet with mrs. Miller january 31, observing the following program Roll Call. Dialect stories negro  Indian Eskimo their rights and . Durno negro songs and song writers. Mrs. Hunt selected Reading. Mrs. Dora Williams parliamentary Law in o t i o n s classified according to their. Mrs Milda Leui music object. Clayton co. Farm Bureau. Soil meetings. The weeks of. Jim a ii in is Jwta Ari department of Iowa state in this county Holder to meetings the annual meeting Otth term land lecturing on soil Fertility sureties of Post township will be held at n. And the of the various meet the office of j. M. Harris on monday b ,7, 1,921, at love Loeft. A to hire a Road superintendent and to Ings by ill be Given water Robbie aters of a new Fol a in Tan on saturday and Par Kaied a Carload of cattle Ham c. Fletr. A chess club with sixteen members a was organized at Independence. 600 people at Colfax during a revival pledged never to dance. On account of High Cost All drainage bids in Mitchell county were Iowa people bought $105,000 Worth of red Cross Christmas Stamps Dur ing the Holiday season. Charles Krumm was Down from Postville Friday enjoying a talk fest with his Elgin Echo. A Large still was found under a Corn crib near audobon with 200 Gallons of Mash and 400 pounds of Rai sins. The controlling interest of the first National Bank of Lawler Iowa Nas been sold by the Parker family to Shaffer Brothers and associates of new Hampton says the Tribune. At the Oelwein school election recently held 895 votes were cast against and 226 for the issuance of $20,000 Bonds for the purpose of additions to the present Sites to acquire a new site and play grounds. Representative Haugen of Iowa and senator Gronna of North Dakota have or town up a new Bill to prevent gambling on boards of Trade and exchanges in Grain and other agricultural products. It will be strongly backed in both the committees on agriculture. It is modelled after the Cotton futures act. The Decorah Lodge of Odd Fellows believe in making the most of life and enjoying themselves As they pass along. Last thursday night they held a Little masquerade at the Lodge rooms which was for members Only. Young and old joined together and they certainly had a Good time says the Decorah Republican. The orchestra of the United lutheran sunday school braved the inclement weather of last sunday and went Down to the county Home at Freeport in the afternoon to give a concert for the insane patients there. With one exception the audience kept very quiet and All seemed to greatly enjoy the Republican. The Winneshiek shipping association has done a tremendous business the past year according to Decorah journal. It has shipped 300 cars of hogs 160 cars of cattle and 18 cars of  sheep. The number of hogs shipped was 21,310, of cattle 4,740, of sheep 1,187. The exact amount of receipts was $918,917.07 and the expenses were $16,354.34. We Haven t seen any account of a girl officer of an american legion Post or of a girl presiding Over an american legion Post meeting. Decorah has both. Miss Nelle Jewell is vice commander of Anton Bernatz Post 163 of Decorah and thursday evening in the absence of commander Oscar Norgard she presided. And she did it without an error Decorah journal. Wayne wines son of or. And mrs. Justin wines of this City has Hen confined to his Home the past Fow Days by a Bullet wound in his she. He was returning Home sunday night trom a neighbor s Home when a party of boisterous men passed the House in a Cutter and one of them fired a revolver the Charpe striking Young wines just As he stood on the porch of his Home. The Bullet went thru his left Side but fortunately did not result in a serious Waukon is. A an ultimatum has been issued by mayor Oliveine Spurden and county attorney Tom Boynton to All local Deal. Ers in tobacco that after Jan 10 no. Cigarettes Are to. Be carried in Stock or sold to any person the school authorities Laid the found Filion for the action. They found a majority of boy students addicted to the Nill habit. The officials Sav that the Law must be enforced and will Start action against local dealers that insist on violating the provisions of the a. A cigarette Law says the West Union Union. Ten mexicans were arrested yesterday afternoon while engaged in the fascinating Pursuit of rolling the Bones and were paraded thru town to the cite Hall by a delegation of officers. They were arraigned in the Superior court on charge of a lawful Assembly and assessed fines _ or ten dollars and costs each. Five were Able to pay and were released. While the remainder were unable to Oay and were sentenced to ten Days hard labor at the county jail. They were taken by special officer Forrest iowan. On the opening Day of the Iowa legislature a week ago an was introduced by senator hol Dowel of Calhoun which provides that All moneys paid into the county treasuries of the state from automobile taxes shall be retained at the Home office until such time As required for disbursement by the state. The Bill was rushed through both houses and signed by gov. Harding in order that it. Might be operative by january 15, the Date for remittances by county treasurers under the old Law. This measure will permit the retention of about $30,000 Auto funds Here in the Alla Makee Banks. Representative Beeman was Home from Des Moines several Days last week says the Waukon has and returned to. The Capitol monday. A cd inv pained by mrs Beeman terho will t remain there no Tern ? the session. We note by Des,moines1 a pro. That or. Beer Nan ihab0bn.a to pointed a chairman of " the Al Metlov committee of the Bouse and turns Cei Ved assignments to several other committees among them be intr Way Rimm it a Tomm mat Toi of a Tol Siryj Mem

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