Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
14 Jan 1926

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
14 Jan 1926

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - January 14, 1926, Postville, Iowa Nameless River Nance synopsis. Kata Cathrew cattle Kate owner of the sky line ranch on her Way to my Kane s store at Cordova seemingly infuriated by the sight of a girl blowing in a Valley below Plao a a Rifle Bullet near the horses feet. The girl takes no notice. Kate goes on to town where her presence brings on a fight Between Mclane. The trader and sheriff Selwood. By Vingie e. Roe copyright by tha Mccall compar in u so Trice. Chapter ii continued it -2 Here she left them in the hands of a boy of seventeen very much after her own Type but who walked with a hopeless bait and Weil on to the Cabin. Hello Mammy she said smiling and if she had been Beautiful before she was exquisite when she smiled for the red lips curved up at the Corners and the Blue eyes narrowed to drowsy silts of sweetness. But there was no answering smile on the gaunt face of the big woman who met her at the door with work hardened hands Laid anxiously on her Young shoulders. Nance. she said straight. "1 heard a shot this afternoon i reckon it whistled some out there in the held it did said Nance honestly so close it made Dan in spite of her courage the woman paled a bit. My lord a nighty she said Dis tres sedly i do wish your Pappy had stayed in Missouri i make no doubt he d been Livin today and i d not be eating my heart out with Mongiu for him sorrow Over Bud an fear for you every time you re out of my sight and the land Ain t Worth but Vance Allison Laid her hand Over her Mother s and turned in the doorway to look once again at the red and purple veils of dusk Haze falling. Down the Mountain s face to listen to the song of nameless River hurrying Down from the mysterious canyons of the deep heart Hills and a sort of adoring Awe irradiated her features. Worth it she repeated slowly. No not Papp s death not Bud s lameness but Worth every lick of work i Ever can do Worth every glorious hour i spend on it Worth every Bluff 1 Call every sneak thief enemy i defy and some Day it will be Worth a mint of Gold when the cattle grow to herds. And in the meantime Why Mammy it s the anteroom of heaven the fringes of Paradise right Here in nameless Valley. The Mother sighed. You love it a lot Don t you she asked plaintively. I think it s More than love said the big girl slowly As she rolled her faded sleeves higher along her Golden arms preparatory to washing at the Well in the Yard i think it s principle j a proving of myself i think it s a front line in the Battle of life and i believe i m a mighty i know you said the woman with conviction faintly tinged with Pride but there la be few cattle left for herds if things go on the Vay they have gone. Perhaps there la be neither herds nor herders but her daughter interrupted. There la be a fight at any rate she said As she plunged her face Man fashion into the Basin filled with a she tidied her hair before the tiny Mirror that Hung on the Kitchen Wall a Small matter of passing her hands Over the shining mass for the braids were smooth almost As they had been when she pinned them there before Sun up and rolling Down her sleeves sat Down to the table where a simple meal was steaming. She bowed her head and mrs. Allison her lean face gaunt with shadows of fear and apprehension folded her hard hands and asked the customary Blessing of that Humble House. Humble it was in every particular of scant furnishings of Bare cleanliness which was Only adornment of the Plain food on the scoured elot less table. These Folk who lived in it were Humble too if one judged Only by their toil scarred hands their weary faces. But under the Plain exterior there was something which set them apart which defied the stamp of commonplace which bid for the extraordinary. This was the dominant presence of purpose of the two younger faces the spirit of patient courage which shone naked from the two pairs of Blue eyes. The Mother had less of it. She was like a War Mother of old waiting always with a set Mouth and eyes scanning the distances for tragedy. The living spirit of stubborn courage had come out of the heart and soul of John Allison latter Day Pioneer who for two years had slept in a Low neat bed at the Mountain s foot beyond the Cabin his end one of the mysteries of the wild land he had loved. His wife had never ceased to fret for unravelling to know the How and wherefore of his fall Down rain How Cliff he the Mountaineer the sure the unchanging. His daughter and son had accepted it Laid it aside for the future to Deal with and taken up the work which he and dropped the plow the rope and the cattle Brand. It was heavy work for Young hands Young brains. The great Meadow on the other Side of nameless was Rich in wild grass a priceless Possession. For five years it had produced abundant stacks to feed the cattle Over and the cutting and stacking was work that taxed the two to the very limit of endurance. And the Corn land at the West that too took labor fit for Man s Muscles. But there were the hogs that ran wild and made such Quick fattening on the Golden Grain in the Early fall. It was the hogs that paid most of the year s debt at the trading store providing the Bare necessities of life and Nance could not give up that Revenue work or no work. Heaven knew she needed them this year More than Ever since the fire which and flared in a night the previous Harvest and taken All three of the stacks in the big Meadow. That had been disaster. Indeed for it had forced her to sell every head of her Stock that she could at lowest prices leaving barely enough to get another Start. Mckane had bought but he had driven a hard bargain. This was another Spring and Hope stirred in her As it is Ever prone to do in the heart of youth. Tired As she was. The girl brought Throat to flare to the roots of her banded hair. With no Uncer Nln hand she jerked the Blade from the profound pages leaped to her feet snatched a stub of Pencil from a broken Mug on a shelf Tore a Fly Leaf from the precious Book and bending in the Light wrote something on it. She folded the bit of paper. Thrust the knife Point through it and turning swiftly Flung them viciously through the window where the thin curtain had been parted. She stood so facing the window defiantly scorning to blow out the Light. Then she dropped her eyes to the desecrated word and they were flaming and this is what she had written on the Fly Leaf the lord is the strength of Ray life of whom shall 1 be afraid though an Host shall encamp Agni not me my heart shall not very deliberately she closed the door and window turned locks on both picked up her lamp and Bible and went into her own room beyond. Serene in the abiding Faith of those divine words she soon forgot the world and All it held of work and care of veiled threat and menace. At Daybreak she opened the window and scanned the ground outside. There was no thin bladed knife in sight no folded bit of Puper with holy Defiance. The whole thing might have been a dream. Chapter Iii the Iron hand of sky line. Kate Cathrew cattle Kate Cathrew lived like an Eagle on the Crest of the world looking Down. She looked Down along the Steep slopes of mystery Ridge dark with the everlasting Green of conifers speckled with the lighter Green of Glade and Brush Patch the weathered red of outcropping Stone far Down to the Silver thread of nameless River flowing Between grass Clad Banks the fair spread of the Valley with priceless feeding land. The buildings of sky line ranch Lay nestled at the foot of Rainbow Cliff compact solid like a fortress reached Only by cattle trails for there was no Ter from the bucket which she bar \ Forth from Lle ancient Bureau in her i. Own room beyond a worn old Bible. And placing it beneath the lamp sat herself Down beside the table to the study of that great Book which was her classic and her school. Mrs. Allison had retired into the Depths of the Cabin from the Small room adjoining Nance could hear the regular breathing of Bud weary from his labors. For a Long time she sat still her hands lying cupped around the Book her face pensive with weariness her eyes fixed unwinding on the yellow flame. Then she turned the thin pages with a reverent hand and at the Honey Sweet rhythms of the psalms stopped and began to read. Lifted hand Over hand there la be a fight to the finish when i Start and some Day i m afraid i la she looked at her Mother with a Shade of trouble on her Frank face. For two she added the been turning the other Cheek to my enemies. I Haven t passed that stage yet. I m still patient but i feel god forbid said the older woman solemnly it sounds like feud will be returned the girl shortly though i Pray against it night and Day " the boy bed care up from the stable along the path and Nance stood watching h a. There was but one i with David she wandered afar into thing in nameless Valley that could i Fields of divine Asphodel was soon lost Harden her Sweet Mouth could break up the habitual Calm of her eyes. This was her brother Rud. When she regarded him. As she did now there was always a flush of Flam in a sea of spiritual Praise and song. Her Young head halted with a Golden Spray in the Light of the lamp was Bent above the Bible Hep lashes Lay like Golden circles sparkling on her in her face a wimple of anguish pass Cheeks her lips were sweetly folded ing on her features an explosion As it were of some deep and surging passion covered in. Hidden like molten lava in some half dead Crater Dull surface cracking Here and there with seams of awful Light which Drew together swiftly. Now for the moment the Little play went on in her face. Then she smiled for he was near. Hello she said How s All the boy smiled Hack and he was like her As two peas Are like each other the same Golden skin the same Mouth the same Blue eyes crinkling at the Corners. But there the likeness ended for where Nance was a Delight to the Eye in her physical perfection the boy Hung lopsided his left shoulder drooping his left leg grotesquely bandied. But the Joy of l be was in Hutn As it was in Nance despite his misfortune. Whew he said it s Gettin warm a ready. Pretty near melted working in the Garden today. Got three Beds ready. Earth works up Tine As so it does in the Field said Nance a be followed the Mother into the Cabin it s like Mold and ashes and All the Good things of the land worked in together. Each time i work it it seems Wilder and sweeter old lady Earth sending out her alluring land Sakes girl said mrs. Allison where do you get such fancies 1" where do you suppose said nonce out of the Earth herself. She tells things Here on nameless such As the value i f patience,.an How to be Strong in adversity. I be never had the schools not since those Long Back Days in Missouri hut i be got my Bible and i be got the land. And i be got the sky and the Hills and the River too. If a body can t learn from them he s poor stuff inside. Mighty to the words she unconsciously formed As she read. For a Long time she pored Over the ancient treasure of the scriptures and in All truth she was innocent enough Lovely enough to have stirred a heart of Stone. It was warm with the breath of Spring outside. Window and door stood open and no Breeze stirred the cheap White curtain at the Sill. Peace was there in the Lone Homestead by the River the Security that comes with knowledge that All is looked to faithfully. Nance knew that two huge padlocks on the Stout log barn that housed the horses and the two milk cows were duly fastened for their keys Hung on the Wall beside the Towel roller. She knew that the Well Board was Down that the Box was filled with Wood for the Early breakfast fire. " in thee of. Lord do 1 put my Trust " she read in silence. " let me never be ashamed deliver me in thy righteousness " she Laid her temples in her Palms her elbows on the table and her Blue eyes followed the printed lines with a rapt a plight. Suddenly she sat upright Alert her face lifted like that of a startled creature of the wild. She had Beard no sound. There had been no tremor of the Earth to betray a step outside and yet she Felt a presence. She did not look toward the openings but stared at the Wall before her with rows of shelves behind their screened doors where her Mother kept her scoured Pang. And then suddenly there came a e. Keen whine a Little Clear whistle a knife stood quivering Between her dropped hands. Its Point imbedded deep in the leaves of the old Bible. For a moment she sat so while a for a moment she sat so while a flush of anger poured up along her Throat to flare to the roots of her hair. Wagon Road. There could have been none on these forbidding steeps. The buildings themselves were built of logs but Alt that was within them had come into the lonesome country on pack mules even to the big steel Range in the Kitchen. The House itself was an amazing place packed with All necessities Beautiful with luxuries. Its contents Worth a Fortune. It had Many rooms and a Broad veranda circled it. Imine Trees stood in ranks about it and out of the sheer face of Hain How Cliff at the Back a six Inch Stream of Crystal water shot Forth in a Graceful arc from the height of a Man s shoulder to fall into a natural Basin in the solid Rock by own ceaseless action. And stretching out like widespread wings on either Side tills Majestic Cliff ran crowning the Ridge for seven Miles a splendid escarpment straight up and Down averaging two Hundred feet from base i. The slanting Earth to the Sharp line of rim Rock. Rainbow Cliff grim guardian of the upper country and the deep heart Hills themselves supposed to be impassable in All length dark in the Early Day but gleaming afar with All the colors of the spectrum when the Sun dropped Over toward the West at noon. No Man was Ever known to have scaled the Cliff save and except John Allison found dead at foot two years Hack for the giant spine was alike on both sides. Men from the upper country had penetrated the deep heart to Northern base but there they and stopped to Circle Distant ends void of the secrets they had hoped to wrest from it. And Kate Cathrew lived under it a strange half Sybaris in woman running her cattle on the slopes of mystery Riding after them like any Man. Standing in at round up branding beef gathering her keen eyes missing nothing her methods High handed. Her riders obeyed her lightest word though they were mostly of a Type that few men would care to handle hard featured close lipped Sharp eyed hard riders and hard drinkers As nil the world of the deep hearts knew. Yet kale Cathrew handled these men and got Good work out of them Aud she belonged to none of them. Not but what there were hot hearts in the outfit and hands that itched for her. Has that wet themselves hungrily when she passed close la her supreme indifference. But Hio Charley carried a Bullet scar in his right shoulder and big Basford walked with a slight Limp yet they both remained with her. There was no other White women at sky line. She would have none. Minnie Pine a Stalwart Young Pomo half Breed and old Josefa Brown As Parchment and noncommittal carried on the housework under her supervision and no one else was needed. At noon of the Day after Kate s visit to the store at Cordova she sat in the big living room at sky line looking Over accounts. An observer having seen her on the previous occasion would hardly have recognized her now. Gone were the Broad hat the Pearl buttoned shirt the fringed Riding skirt and the boots. The Black hair bras piled High on Het head. Its smooth backward sweep crinkled by the tight curl that would not be brushed out. There was fragrance about her and the dress she wore was of dark Blue flowered silk Clever draping setting off her form to Best advantage which needed no advantage. Silk stockings smoothed themselves lovingly Over her slender Ankles and soft kid slippers All vanity of Cut and make and sparkling buckle clothed her feet in Beauty. She was either a fool or very Brave for she was the living spirit of seduction. But the somber eyes she turned up from her work to scan the rider who came to her his hat in his hands were All business. Impersonal. Well she said impatiently. The Man was Young scarce More than a boy. Of a Devil May care Type and he looked at her fearlessly. Here s something for you Boss he said grinning As he handed her a soiled bit of paper. It was thin yellowed with age and it seemed to have been roughly handled. The mistress of sky line spread it out before her on the top of the dark Wood desk. The lord is the strength of my life she read of whom shall i be afraid though an Host shall encamp against me my heart shall not it was unsigned and the characters while hurriedly scrawled were made by bold strokes As if a Strong heart had indeed inspired them a Strong hand penned them. With a full mouthed oath Kate Cathrew crumpled the bit of paper in her hand and Flung it in the waste Basket against the Wall. How did you get that she demanded. On the Point of the knife you sent the girl he answered soberly an right near the Middle of my rosettes decorate dresses pastel velvet ribbon popular cd of setts on dresses have become a favorite Themo of the fashion is. Not Only do they 1111 a decorative part on filmy evening and dance frocks but in n tailored Way they Are a Success on Street frock and coat As Well. It All depends upon the medium and manner of placement. Perhaps the simplest treatment is the shirred Rosette which May or May not he of the same material As the frock it trims. The picture shows an effective placement of the ruffled or shirred Rosette. It is interesting to note that this frock presents a two plied about Tia circular Edge of he skirt to form scallops. A second Row flanked those at Tho top so that a Coin Ploc toil effect was attained resolving into scallops shout the lower Edge As Well is outlining the shirred Border at Tho top where it met the dress a look into the Book of millinery prophecy reveals n future in which pastel color is to play a loading role. Nor Are we to be kept waiting for a realization of this Promise for the first he tween now and Spring hats bring a message of color loveliness. In the mid season chapeaux of piece appearance in that the Blouse faille taffeta Felt and velvet also Don t fuss with Mustard plasters Matush work without the blur Tenut quicker Don t mix a mess of Mustard to and water when you can relieve Paw soreness or stiffness with a ult eco. White Muster Ole is made of pure Oil of Mustard and other helpful ingredient so in the form of a White ointment takes the place of Mustard plasters and will not Blister. Muster Ole usually gives prompt Klief from sore Throat bronchitis Tux Billitis. Croup stiff neck asthma neuralgia headache congestion pleurisy re mutism Lumbago pains and aches of the Back or joints sprains sore Musca bruises chilblains frosted feet cold Sot the Chest it May prevent pneumonia am cd tubes better than a Moutard Faiu Garfield Tea was your grandmother s remedy. For every stomach a and intestinal ill. A this Good old fast loved Herb Boot remedy for constipation stomach Llly and other derange Nientsu of the Ujj. Tem so prevalent these Days is in even greater favor As a. Family tue eclat than in your grandmother s Day showing effective use of rosettes. Ties Over the deep flounce in the front. Sometimes lace rosettes Are formed of edging sewed Row and Row in Large wheels. These Are ranged about the hem of the colourful crepe de Chine evening frock to form scallops. This treatment is very adaptable to Junior modes. The Rosette idea is More and More being elaborated upon. Creative Genius is devising rosettes of. A n Novelty ribbon and of plaited velvet Bou Are used together. Velvet ribbon which Are crowding upon the scene refreshing color denies Winter As it gives notice that Spring is on the Way. One of Tho most important themes throughout costume design is that of pastel colouring. The use of velvet ribbon is very pronounced both As dress trimming Ami for hats. Toques Are made All of wide velvet ribbon in manner defined in the Model shown last in the group of mid season hats pictured Here. The original is in Silvery Gray for Gray millinery is very popular just now. Another color exploited is Green the tones which bespeak the freshness of Spring. That cunning suede hat with the Perky How which you see in this group is delightfully Spring like because of Dainty Green colouring. Its trimming discloses n brim bordering of velvet ribbon arranged in Cartridge plaits. The ribbon is in the exact Green Shade of the Felt. For the hat shown in the lower left of this group two shades of velvet rib artful color keep stomach and bowels. 1 by of Vimr baby the he Leo Portl and children s Remitter. Mrs.wns10w3 syrup brings it Only blog a . In making baby e stomach digest l food and Bowel move As ther thoum at Teeth Lnor time. Guaranteed fro from a Arouca Opi Ataa alcohol and All harmful incr Edu Enta. Safe and Mia factory. I at All thru Fitt is soothing 1 for baby s skin Sean ointment. Talcum a old Etar Yelm. Now you be seen cattle Kate and Nance Allison. Which one is most interesting to be continued source of quinine cd Lachona or Cinchona is the name of the South american tree the bark of which produces the Well known drug called quinine. The Virtues of the bark were discovered about 153fand in 1g35 a decoction made of the bark cured of fever the wife of the Viceroy of Peru whose name was Cinchona. The bark was introduced into France in 1c4u, and is said to have cured of fever the Dauphin who later became King Louis Xiv. The bark came into general use in 10s0, and sir Hans Sloan introduced it into England about the year 1700. The cd Lachona tree has a on planted la India and Ceylon and thrives there. Beggars Trade Union in China ode of the most formidable Trade unions is that of the beggars. Begging in that country is a recognized profession and there is a properly organized Guild of beggars in most districts. Each Guild has own president and officers and the members pay an annual subscription equating about $4.00 in our Money. The officials of the guilds Wield such Power that they enjoy the Protection of the magistracy. So far there has been no strike on the a sort of the members of this Union which is undoubtedly the Quai test organization of kind in the world. English town makes specially of Blank alphabetical love she will you have some Tea her Lover i d rather have ital comes after Tea. She what comes after ten progressive proper. Operation avoided Sioux City a Long Tim i was run Down in health Ami almost constantly sick. I Felt so weak and tired out most of the time that 1 was not Able to do my housework. T h t doctors said it Wai a feminine ailment and that an operation was my Only Chance. Mat before i consented to that a lady told me or. Pierce s prescription had cured her and then 1 decided to try it. Although i was tired o medicines i took several bottles of the prescription and it made my Stout and Well cured me mrs. Robert Cummins 119 w. Sixth St. A dealers. Tablets or liquid. Send 10c to or. Pierce Buffalo ,-for trial pkg. Tablets. Nim poor Prospect grocer How about is apples mrs. Number apples i hate pm. Mother died of progressive grocer. Demand Bayer aspirin aspirin marked with Bayer Cross has been proved Safe by millions warning unless you see the Sim Bayer on package or on tablets Yon Are not getting the genuine Bayer aspirin proved Safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for 25 Yea say Bayer when you buy aspirin imitations May prove dangerous adv. Dream of a dress Why do you refer to your new dress As a perfect dream because answered miss Cayenne it is Beautiful and yet so slight in material ribbon using these group of my season h ats. On party frock to ets there ought to be a game perhaps there is in which a town s name is answered by a Industry an Exchange observes. Sheffield cries one knives says the other Cheddar cries another cheese replies one. To Witney the answer without any quibbling Witney is pervaded you May say with blankets wrapped up in them indeed devoted to them and proud of them As Well it May be. For Are not they the Best in Britain and this is no new Industry but a 500-year-old one and it has Ever brought Prosper Ltd to the Little town and work for people. Still older than blankets is the town the Wita Neye of the saxons and a thank off i ing of Queen Emma wife of that Canute who sat beside the sea. It has Market place where the butter Cross of 1683 made shelter for the Farmers wives who came to sell their eggs and Hutter. But food is flush of Auger poured up along her secondary to blankets in this Tittle ters. Place. Behind the one Long Street of it runs the Windrush that server Inlet makers with Clear Wain the town stands the Guild Hall of the Blanket makers company with their arms and motto a motto that gives Good reason for the continuous Prosperity of the Blanket makers and their Industry  weave truth with Bureau of printing on j urn. 80, is confess appropriated �800,000 for the Purchase the site at fourteenth and b streets charming advantage. Flat rosettes of narrow grosgrain ribbon ate applied to cloth gowns As Well As silk in most effective manner. The latest Flat crepe daytime dresses make much of the Rosette form of trimming which either matches blends or contrasts the colouring of the fabric of the frock. In the instance of n very charming hols de Rose hut crepe frock the Scal loped idea was carried out through adroit Rosette positioning. These rosettes were nothing More a Large Flat wheels shirred of the material As the dress. They were up combination is Promise for the stance of the fuchsia tills colourful another future. Not so wild sweaters and Golf Hose worn on the Southern links this Winter Are subdued Southwest and for the erection 0f the lot be "ni1 pm in As com tit nil Cas Ruvalds a he print it fired with those of a year ago. T the build no was completed and so fair ble a a a Given was added to the Southwest end Anh a 1904 a Wing was added to z end. Congress appropriated funds for the new building in 1907. Thlu a completed and occupied la 1814, to the Diamond patterns which i seen on both Hose and sweaters a inv sweaters have the sleeves Plain the coat Cape the woman who is undecided whether to buy u cout or a Cape May Timve noteworthy in the in a pretty hat Here shown contrasted to Lavender. 1 Model tops e. Fur coat most become ugly. Ombre or degrade velvet ribbons Are especially indicative of the blended color schemes proclaimed for Spring. Brown ombre velvet ribbon is the medium employed for Tho forming of the. Clever trimming on the first hat in the picture. It is folded into triangles which somewhat cover the Crown. Julia Bottomly. 1c, 19l a Western Newt Viper Union both in one. One. Of he i url Siun designs consists of a Bolero jacket to which a wide sweeping Cape attached at the Collar. One such Model has a Cape of Broche in Pink and Green Over a Little sir Anglit sleeveless jacket of Pink velvet trimmed with Green and Sliver embroider latest to night it Letha of ult Antwi Roll a constipation and by a Summa and keep tha dog Melva 1 Calm Tauave functions Normak 1 i Ion Skaj Isedo Roll chips off fhe of Block. I juhior0-Utue me Ona third tha Rafn Lar data. Mad a a a m a of Radl enu. Then Candy Coamo a Iran and adult. A Youk drug Rota iry. The e vote of Green by to o moment a shades of Green a a Ell As huts. Cd a log costumes a w in4ist upon Kemps Balsam for that Couch

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