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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - January 7, 1926, Postville, Iowa A live newspaper in a live town thirty fourth year Postville Iowa thursday january 7,1926. Number 9. Blic schoos open monday after Ion re Chru and pupils Back on Job with determination to continue Good work. Action is Fine but it is Nice to Back on the Job. Here Are some absences this week to chickenpox. Notes were sent v. Monday calling 6ho attention All parents,.to this disease. While Iny Wibo As serious As some other eases two weeks absence at this e is very serious. Next week seme will be Given and be hot told not be mused. To mind malaria and yellow fever heh the americans went to pan Irthy found it one of the hottest test and most feverish regions in once. Malaria and yellow fever e caused by these conditions and mall Mosquito. But Iby the time the Al was completed the zone had a Ter health record than Many North Erica cities. This was duo to the its made by the sanitary depart to under major general Gargus had previously performed a Sim a service in Havana. O begin with the sanitary Engin a out Down each year five Square is of Brush drained one third of quart mile of swamp land Cut ten Are Miles of grass maintained Miles of ditches emptied 1,300,-cans of garbage i a and fumigated 1 0,000 cubic feet of residential be All to stamp out the Mosquito t was the greatest tight made inst the Mosquito known an the Ory of . S., 8th. A hat a Man really learns really is is never lost the things he Learned Are like a quiver Ful of it Sharp arrows to which he can a Back when he wants to Send a sle straight to its Mark some be Day. He who knows How is the 3, the great Man the successful or to Day he who knows How. Knowledge comes mainly from Edu i the schoolhouse on the Hill is to equip the Young men and to coming Down the Pike the old Erica Pike. There he comes the the who some Day shall be Gover of Illinois possibly Only 20 or 10 years old now but he s coming ing sure and he will surely be governor some Day 10 or 20 or a tars from now take off your hat. There comes the to Isth who 20 0 or 60 years from now will be president and there comes. The who out of these Days will walk your House and up to your Hearth Uji to your heart and take away Dearest thing you have on Earth Darling daughter. Would t you like to meet him Way out there in the distance and and the dark and Tell him of e of the things he must meet and e of the things he can do to meet n right would t you like to go to him and say of rav son let help you but you can t do it can t do that you Are helpless of can do is to stand and wait and n and Pray. But is there no Way up thank god there is and that v give this youth education and him the things he ought to know Ake him the Man who knows How iving All men education and Allen too and in this Way that is educating and informing and lung All you help your own. Long As i live and move and my being 1 will cast my voice my vote for a member of Congress from Oiin sixth Grade language class Are Ine compositions on new years ions the following was handed Liss Kegley new year s resolutions will not whisper in school. I will e to school clean every Day. I will talk out loud. I will not ask to of pen paper or anything. I will is have my lessons. I will do thing my Mother tells me to do. Try not to fight. I will try to be school on time a. H. Gift monday the 8th Grade science received a set of books and a Ica outfit from the Porter chem company. Over five dollars Worth material was Given us free for and Ising purposes. Hot lunch menu asked potatoes Cocoa bean soup ered beets creamed eggs. 11 e Scarlet West Mammoth movie us an unusual and massive Back and the Scarlet West the first Teal picture soon to appear at Ville theatre where it will be a monday and tuesday in a Story of Romance and Advent such As the screen has Seldom o producer Frank j. Carroll depicted in bold strokes the drama of the West from the to. Two thousand red men and any american soldiers Are the s in this Mammoth production Orting a cast of rare excellence he Scarlet West is notable for y reasons. Threading the action c. Story of a tender Romance of Nique nature there Are weird dances by hundreds of indians Are a number of breath taking the indians and the firs1, there Are Scenic shots of Beauty and majesty. In Short the notion contains every element is Al to pm fact entertainment 6ert Frazer As an educated in Clara Bow As the flirtatious or of the general and As an army lie tenant head imposing cast. John Adolphu i conscience fund i now totals $600,000. At the United states Treasury department in Washington there is a conscience fund and Vav growing rapidly. Conscience stung individuals from All sections of the country and oven in foreign lands frequently Send in sums of Money to make goad frauds that they have perpetrated on Uncle Sam. Since the first contribution of two dollars More than 100 yrs. Ago the fund has grown to nearly $000,000. Those who contribute to this fund hardly Ever give their authentic names,.,and. Few go to the trouble to explain How they come to unjustly get into Possession of government property or Money. These contribution s have varied from a one cent postage stamp to $30,000. At the present time the annual receipts arc said co amount to Over $5,000. The largest contribution that of $30,000 was accompanied by a Brief note stating that it was the final instalment on an $80,000 payment which was four times the amount the sender had stolen. The most frequent contributors to this fund Are Little children who Send in a few cents to make Good cancelled postage Stamps which they have used illegally. These Small remittances it is said Are often accompanied by pathetic notes showing the mental tribulations suffered by the writers. Pathfinder Magazine. Poker player remembers poor on Christmas. A big 250-Pound Friend of ours who owned a race horse and enjoyed a game of poker with an aeroplane limit had never enjoyed a real Christmas in his life. He remembered the family of a Man who had been killed and wondered How the Mother and five children were getting along. He finally caused an inquiry to be made which disclosed a pitiful condition. Christmas morning he drove to the Little cottage with three Bushel baskets filled with substantial eatables and a lot of toys and clothing. As he carried the baskets into the House a Little Chap bareheaded barefooted stood at the door and watched his every move. At last the boy s face cleared and he shouted i know you you re Santa Claus you can t fool me if you has whiskers Cut off that big hearted easy going horse racer and Gambler experienced a Joy that he never knew and that Money can not buy. The Little boy was his Santa Claus and he carries with him a memory that makes life Worth the living. It is More blessed to give than to Star Clipper. Clayton sheriff has big Moonshine party sheriff Chris. P. Larson of Clayton county had a party of his own new year s Day. The invited guests Ware other officers and newspaper men. The repast consisted of 70 Gallons of Moonshine White and coloured. The party was held on the Large Stone Bridge spanning the Turkey River Here. During the course of the year sheriff Larson has gathered a Large amount of Moonshine Liq Tor As evidence. Seventy Gallons of this representing perhaps eighteen or Twenty varieties has served its purpose As evidence and was ordered destroyed by the judge of the District court and so the liquor was taken to the Bridge Friday afternoon and thrown to Rock Banks of the River below where every barrel Jug or bottle was broken by the fall and the contents flowed into the River. The fish in the River soon after the party were seen doing the Charleston and few of the modern dances. Winneshiek county s Highway Snow plow his annual stunt Toa Jas be. \ a devoted Mother goes to Reward in this City at3 30 a. M. On Jan. 1, i 1920, mrs Mina Mickelson passed 1 away at4 the Home of her daughter mrs. Clara Newell. Deceased was. Born near Oslo Norway november i 20, 184& and had attained her 84th. Year last thanksgiving Day. Mina Holter was married to Chris i Tian Mickelson in Norway and they came to America in 1871, locating near Postille Iowa but later removed to Neenah Wisconsin where or. Mickelson died in 1875. Returning to Postville with her four children she made that place her Home for 42 years and Here this faithful and patient Mother reared and educated her children. Eight years ago failing he Allih made it necessary for her Rev. W. W. Robinson died Christmas Day. What the Postville j folks were doing 25 years ago mrs. Chas. D. Bayless Dies in Mcgregor. Of january 4, 1901 zen old. Anton stand pc rail be 80 years Al first time in Fayette com Fri woman is serving on gland jury she is mrs. Poor a Arlington. Commercial club had a we jul Utis Nell is last evening with a we lunch and \ Good Jolly to the Snow plow ordered by the Board of supervisors arrived last week Ami the Man to assemble it was expected on monday afternoon. If it is not delayed in assembling the Cunot Engineer expects to take it out today and test it on the drifts. P. the foregoing was written we learn that the plow was put in operation of the Cainkar Road tuesday and it is doing excellent work. Tuesday the state Highway commission notified county Engineer Arneson that they were sending a larger plow to be used in opening the roads. This plow requires a ten ton Caterpillar tractor to operate it and will Cut through drifts 8 1-2 feet in depth. With the plows in operation it will not require much time to open the roads in Good Republican. Successful school party upwards of sixty six attended the Oak Hill school of which miss Helga Martens is teacher and made it the Success of which it was deserving. Edward Martens Gretchen Hein Robert and Ralph Kneeskern Leonard Harlan and Charlotte Koenig were among the pupils taking part in the program. Two one act plays were presented just like a woman being portrayed by Ruth and Clarence Green Howard Kluss Hazel Luebka Ruby Martens and Orville Hein and do men gossip by Ruth and Arthur Martens Orville and Lloyd Hein Harold Turner and Chester Green. A clarinet Solo was Given by Howard Kluss and several Harmonica solos by members of the audience. The whole was brought to a Happy ending with a picnic supper served cafeteria style an enjoyable Surprise watch night party was held on new year s eve at the Home of mrs. James Gregg where a Small company of friends passed several Happy hours listening in on the new year s programs All the Way from new York City to the coloured holy rollers in it Worth Texas. At the stroke of twelve ice Cream and cake were served. Those present wore or. And mrs. Frank Ervin or. And mrs. H. J. Schuette or. And e. Tuttle and Helen and mrs. John h. Meier. The following obituary of a former Well known and loved pastor of the Postville m. E. Church will bring a neg a sorrow t0 a lha Newhuis interesting items taken from the godly Man and sincere Christian who i f t a ,., was a Power for righteousness in1 Fles f the Iva Volks Blatt every Community which he served will Iam Walter Robinson second son of John and Emma Robinson Wasi born in Amsterdam new York Jan uary 25, 1849. In 1859 he came with his parents to Butler county Iowa. Here he lived on the farm and attended the country school until he left to secure More education. After leaving the country school be attended Bradford Academy for two years. His education was interrupted often on account of Lack of funds and it was necessary to stay out and teach school. Later to entered upper Iowa University and on june 2g, 1873, he graduated from this institution. His determination to secure an education May be seen by the fact that he worked almost his entire Way through the College by sawing Wood for the stoves in tie old Seminary building the Only building on the Campus at that time. In september of the same year he joined the upper Iowa conference of the methodist Church. In 1908 on account of failing health he took the supernumerary relation and in 1913 retired. He was United in marriage with Estella s. Walker at Burr Oak Iowa May 8, 1870. To them were born two children Mertie May now mrs. Win. E. Butler of Greene Iowa and Earl Walker of Minneapolis. In 1009 he moved to Sac City Iowa and in 1914 he came to Fayette where he lived i retirement until death called him Home. He loved the school from which he j graduated and from which he later received the degree of doctor of Dij Vilty. About two months ago after an illness covering a period of several yours he Felt himself growing worse. He went to Greene Iowa to be with his daughter. On november 5, he entered St. Luke s Hospital at Cedar rapids for treatment but his condition grew worse and upon the advice of the Hospital physicians was taken to Greene where he suffered incessantly yet uncomplaining by until Early Christmas morning lie passed Over the River. He departed this a life at the age of 76 years and 11 months. He leaves to mourn his loss Nis wife daughter and son who at the present time is ill with Scarlet fever in the Minneapolis Hospital. He also leaves one brother George f. Robinson of Nashua Louii and his Many friends. It is not necessary to comment on the Beautiful life he lived. To know him once was to know him always. He was always the same. To him it was never a matter of what was expedient but what was right. The funeral was held monday at 2 30 p. A in the methodist Church at Fayette or. Will Kirwin preaching the Sermon and Rev John d. Clinton assisting. Interment was in grand View Leader a phone message saturday evening from Mcgregor conveyed to Postville relatives the sorry news of the death in that City on january 2, 192g, i of mrs. Charles d. Bayless. I Addie c. Minnick was born in Hardin Iowa August 26, .1868, and -. I with her parents moved to Postville Street hats for 25 cents at mrs. I where she brew to womanhood. Currie s millinery store. January i7, 1885, she was married Sarah Prescott returned from her a Charles d. Bayless and to this in vacation trip to Des Moines. I " Ere ctr Llda. Verm a Charley Meier son of Chris Meier a re Lellam l. Of Chicago and was therefrom National for a visit i mrs hat be Owens of Fairmont aim Joseph Beucher was a business vis no Ota All of whom survive her. Tor in Milwaukee for several Days. The husband and father passed h. B. the week in Des 1 several years ago since which Moines with his Mother and brother.1 t me map Bayless has made her horns. Monday january 7, our worthy Eft i besides those above named mrs. Bayless is also survived by a Little Robert a. Bayless whom Herman Thies of Little Rock Arri grandson. To. A Dave monday for a visit with Rel a it of Vic St Fritz Heins died monday evening tear mrs Hama both of this at the age of 54 years his eath be pm , Chriss Are 1 a a a Utlz Thote Melro a m Winter Wearl it the undertaking Parlours of Nearun Mace it Nec Essiy Xor Ner manufactured and sold for $326,370.-to give up her own Home and she 727which with the Buttermilk etc., a ,11� lr.alj3.?r total Waukon. A spirit of Contentment and cheerfulness marked her closing years. She leaves to mourn her loss a sow and three daughters Otto Mickelson of Wisconsin rapids Wisconsin mrs. Mary Bryson and mrs. Clara Newell of Waukon and mrs. Anna Clifton of Seattle Washington All of whom were with her during her last illness. Also ten grandchildren and one brother or. Carl Holter of Postville. In Norway mrs. Mickelson was a member of the lutheran Church but during her Early residence in Postville she joined the congregational Church and was a devoted member during her entire residence there. After funeral services at the Newell residence sunday afternoon Buz Ial took place at the cemetery in Postville beside her Mother and sister the services being conducted of Rev. Paul Krebs pastor of the presbyterian Church of Waukon and by Rev. Galloway of the Postville Community Democrat. The above notice will bring a Pang of sorrow to All who knew mrs. Mickelson during her Long residence in Postville where she was Ever held in the highest regard and esteem by the Many who came within the Circle of her acquaintance. A he Fine Type of Christian womanhood Loving and self sacrificing motherhood exemplified in her life endeared her to us All and no greater heritage could she Confer upon her children. And to All who mourn her loss goes out the tenderest sympathy of All. Annual meeting Community l. A. The l. A. Of the com. Pres. Hurch will meet at the Home of mrs. Harvey Roberts on. Friday afternoon january 15 at three o clock. All members Are urged to come. Friends invited. Bring sandwiches one other article of food and your own dishes s a picnic supper will be served at the close of the business session. This s the annual business meeting when reports of the Secretary and treasurer will bar Jad and the officers for he ensuing year will be elected. A food attendance is very much de ired. St. Paul s lutheran Church annual meeting of big four Institute. The annual meeting of the members of the big four Farmers Institute will be held at the citizens state Bank Postville at 1 30 p. A a. Saturday january 9th, for the purpose of electing officers for the ensuing year and the transaction of such other business As May regularly come before the meeting. A full attendance is de sired. Euclid Marston pres. Will be sold at amazingly Low prices at Luhman & Sanders. Next monday sees the commencement of the so called Long session of the Board of supervisors. The Sylvester dance Given by the Turner Verein was very Well attended and a Good time resulted. H. M. Deborah and Allene Shortreed of Postville were married in Deborah december 24. The supreme court has finally decided that All saloons in Winneshiek county except those in Deborah Are to be closed. The Cro Kinole players repaired by pairs to the Home of win Moll on Sylvester evening and watched the new year arrive Harris & Schutte interment was Mare in Postville cemetery. Card of thanks we sincerely thank the neighbors and friends for their kind assistance and sympathy during the burial of our beloved Mother and daughter also for the Beautiful Floral offerings. Mrs. Hattie Owens. Verni Rex and William Bayless. Mrs. William Shepherd. Or. And mrs. R. F. Hecker wedded fifty years. On wednesday of this week our esteemed townspeople or. And mrs. R. F. Hacker reached the fiftieth Muex  ,.ii Stone on their matrimonial journey mrs. Wright the dressmaker has \ the. G cd in c Dav. J0winb t0 reduced her prices for the next three   a a a months. Call on her at her Home across from or. Green s. Jacob Hangartner of Sheffield and win. Hangartner of fast Orville were Here to spend Christmas in the parental f. Hangartner Home. The newly elected officers of the Eastern Star Lodge were installed thursday evening. The families of the members were guests at this meeting aet by Neverman of Castalia was in Cedar rapids last week and sold Tevlo fully equipped threshing machines to parties in this neighbourhood it Dolph thins is again clerking in the Luhman & Sanders store. Harry Barton has gone to his Home at Reinbeck and will attend High school at it. Vernon. Christ Ruckdashel was in Cresco last week on business and was astonished at the number of new Puiia Ings erected there. Yes not All towns Are As slow As Postville. Last sunday evening Fritz Schroe Der arid wife celebrated their Silver wedding at their Home on the former Mars Tori farm. A Large number of guests were present to congratulate. Some mis Chevious boys broke into one of the mail boxes on route 1 last week. They will probably be taken to Dubuque to answer to the Federal government As Uncle Sam does not i consider molesting mail boxes As a Jok the impaired health of the Bride no Celebration of the event had been planned while the Groom observed the Day by going out to his farm and chopping Wood. Mrs. Hecker however was Able to receive and to appreciate Calls congratulations and remembrances from her myriad friends and is slowly but surely gaining in physical strength a fact which All Are More than pleased to note with the Many friends of or. And mrs. Hacker the Herald joins in extending its Heartiest Well wishes on this auspicious occasion Ana Hopes that in health both May be spared to round out numerous Happy recurrences of their wedding Day. St. Paul s congregation elects new officers at the annual meeting of St. Paul s lutheran congregation held last sunday the following officers wore elected president a. Ii. Schroeder. Vice president Geo. Welzel. Secretary win. C. Foels. " treasurer a. W. Meier. Trustees Chas. Hoth and Albert Zieman. Deacons Louis Meyer a f. Palas and f. H. Brandt. Terms of office of those marked with a have not expired. Community club meeting Volinna Petri and her daughter of i West Iowa were Here for a visit m the Home of Hor brother Chat los Wegner. A party was Given in their Honor at the Wegner Home last Friday and All those present had a very god time. J last sunday after Church the Frau Enve rein had a meeting and added the following new members to their organization. Mesdames George barrels Henry Knodt Jno. Timmorman Frank Hangartner Henry Dahms win. A Jenig Chas. Ohloff and David source of gratification to grand Meadow Community club. Will hold their january meeting at Singer Hall Friday the 15th, com7 mencing at 8 p. M. Community club is invited to this meat. Up nig Ohe a it is a not the Ste steady growth of this society legion auxiliary elects 1926 officers at its annual meeting the Postville legion auxiliary elected the following everybody Welcome. A Good pro ing officers for 1920 Inq been arranged bring your president mrs. Agnes Hanks. In dishes sandwiches and fruit vice president or. Maude Baily. So or cake. Dancing after the pro Etc Anna Putnam. Gram 1 old Man blizzard. Press dispatches assert that the word " Blis Zai a originated in Iowa whether or not the dispatches Are Correct they present a novel Story. An old diary at Spencer has revealed the fact that in Early Iowa Days a Man named blizzard had a Way of flying into a Rago we Nevoit he was dissatisfied. During the us wifi snowstorm of 1806 a Spencer woman looked out of the window and said my this is a regular old Man blizzard of a storm every bad storm thereafter was called a blizzard. The name spread and eventually wa3 taken up by the newspapers. Now it is in common us ago. It seems particularly appropriate that the word should have originated in Iowa. The Rigours of Iowa Winters Are nothing to laugh at. They take their toll in life and Coal. And. Every so often becoming spirited they burst Forth with unreasonable and merciless fury veritable old Man Bliz Zards. Rev. E. T. Finck pastor. Sunday after Epiphany january 10th 10 00 a. M. And Bible school. As this is promotion sunday All scholars Are urgently requested to be resent so they May get to know their teacher and the new text Book. 11 00 a. M. Church service in the English language. Text of Sermon the lad special vocal and instrumental music. There will be no evening service on the above Date. Monday january 11th at 7 30 o clock there will be a meeting of the Young people s society in Staadt o Hall. A Fine program is in preparation and a Jolly Good time is assured All who will come. Tuesday evening january 12th, the Young women s missionary society will hold their monthly program meeting. The exact hour and place will be announced at the sunday services. Wednesday january 13th at 7 30 p. M. The choir will Convene for a rehearsal. Thursday at 1 30 p. M. The ladies Aid Wili meet at Singer Hall. This will be the first meeting of the new year and As very important business to be transacted we Hope for a Hundred per cent attendance. Mrs. Luver Schroeder Schultz is chairman of the serving committee. Thursday at 0 00 p. M. The catechetical class will meet with the pastor. Creamery co. Has big year new officers factory turns out 758,343 pounds of meeting is held Ron. Monday. Secretary Hangartner s annual re port of the Postville Farmers Coop. Ergative Creamery co. Shows that factory has done a very Gratifying bus-ih6�w-4uking 1925,i a All toldtss3?3.lbs. Of butter was to $323,197.59. The year s expense s footed up $29,538,08. A total of $292,-419.65 was paid patrons in Cash and $0,267.88 in butter. The total number of pounds of Cream received was 2,199,237 butterfat 611,647 lbs average test 27.80 average Price paid patrons for butterfat 48.83c average Price received for butter less freight 42.99c total Cost manufacturing a. Of butter 3.89c average overrun 23.98. The patrons of the Postville Farmers co operative Creamery held their annual meeting on monday of this week at Singer Hall and elected the following officers for the ensuing year president a. C. Deering. Vice president a. M. Kerr. Treasurer Carl g. Welzel. Secretary cloy Schultz. Directors a. A. Schroeder k. Christofferson Fred h. Brandt Geo. Schultz Fred Kuhse we. Baltz. The Buttermilk was. Then sold at auction by col. Geo. Waters at the Price per barrel indicated As follows mondays Arbie rose��_____35 c tuesdays Fred schultz_____3s%c wednesdays of. F Hangartner 33 c thursdays Ira Rose _________34 c fridays Art Schultz ________28vic saturdays Gilbert folsom___28 c Sun kissed dollars from san Pedro Calif. San Pedro Calif., dec. 26, 1925. Friend Bert As 1920 is about to Roll around i am enclosing two Sun kissed Orange wrapped dollars to have my paper extended for another year. I see in your answer to f. W. Tim Eaton you feel sorry for us former Lowans because we can t have a Sleigh ride when we want it. Say less than a Hundred Miles or approximately a two hours drive we could be wading in that Beautiful stuff up to our necks if we wanted to and then ride Home through Orange Groves hanging full of them big yellow Juicy berries and arrive Home in plenty of time for our evening meal of Green Corn and Strawberry Shortcake. And the Cucumber vines you spoke of. Say they Don t need any ashes out Here As the average California bugs have so much better things to eat they Don t even include cucumbers in their Bill of fare at All. Yes the Market is flooded with them just think of that Man Heinz alone with 57 varieties. Better come to California Bert where autumn comes in springtime and springtime comes in the fall. Summer conies in Winter time and Winter Don t come at All. Well hoping this and the two Orange wrappers reach your broadcasting station o. K., we join in sending you All our very Best wishes for the new year. Sincerely yours the j. A Parker family. Farmers Sho d select seed Corn for 1926. Community Church notes. R. Franklin Galloway pastor meetings in the school building morning worship 0 30 sunday school a. M. The pastor s Sermon theme will be the organization of the presbyterian the annual congregational business meeting will be held in the school building at 7 30 o clock monday january 11th. At this meeting will occur the election of elders trustees treasurer and Sabbath school officers. Special attention will be Given to plans for then a Church building. Any matters pertaining to the work of the Church May be considered. A full attendance of members is requested. United Brethren Church. Iowa Farmers must take prompt and vigorous action to secure Good seed Corn for i 2g, is the warning issued by f. G. Churchill of the Extension service Iowa state College. Germination tests completed by the Des Moines county farm Bureau on 48 samples of Corn show that 31 samples of Early selected seed germinated 80 percent Strong 15 samples of late harvested Corn germinated 55 percent Strong 4 samples of 1924 crib Corn germinated 85 percent Strong and 1 Sample of 1922 Corn tto sted 2. Percent Strong. Union county tests show that the seed which was collected Early and properly stored is testing out 97 percent Strong while the late gathered seed ranges Only from 47 to 67 percent Strong. The vitality of the Iowa Corn exhibited at the International Hay and. Grain show at Chicago was far from satisfactory. Altho this supposedly was some of the Best Iowa had to offer it tester out Only 55 to 89 percent Trong. Tests thus far have shown that practically every county in Iowa but. Have to use the individual ear Germin a o \ test in order to secure the Best seed Corn for 1926 and in preparation for this Iowa state College is revising its bulletin on the rag doll germination test and it will be available in a Short time. Castalia sunday school 10 00 a. M. Serm ii by pastor at 11 00 a. A Bethel sunday school at 10 30 a. M. Class meeting at 11 30 a. M. Ladies Aid meeting to be held at pastor s Home in Postville thursday january 14th, for dinner. Forest Mills sunday school 2 00 p. M. Sermon by pastor 3 00 p. M. Junior c. E. At 3 00 p. M. Senior Christian Endeavor 7 30 p. M. A special invitation to All the Young people. Chas. W. Harris pastor. Frank Hinton will hold Job in Spencer. St. Bridget s Church mass with Sermon on sunday at 10 30 a. M. Visitors Are always Welcome Rev p. Hogan pastor in a recent letter to pos Vitte friends the me Isacs of Hartley enclosed the following news dispatch which will a received most favourably Here Spencer december 29.-Frank h. Hinton who has been the Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul station agent Here for 23 years is to be retained in his present position although on account of an operation on this Larynx he will be Able to speak Only in a whisper in the future. W. F. Cody of Mason City f Rei govt and passenger agent for this division met a Large number of the Spencer business men and farm shippers at a meeting called Here and assured them that if it was their wish 1 that or. Hinton be retained it also was the wish of the company

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