Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
10 Feb 1921

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
10 Feb 1921

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - February 10, 1921, Postville, Iowa By eosttlliie1 Herald Post Hae Iowa. Mtg. Alice Gresham Dodd of the to Fri am room Soldier Kulw a Froio who l car Dione. The Only Way Topcu a i. To gut lion Brand shoes to the jul i incr in a for ,.i,.e was to drop our jobbers Utida Den Lorn and sell by mull. A Inlang no. I & being distributed from Bur factory at a Trimor tin d Maple its Waukee Wisconsin a foes shipped a Nln u hours of receipt of adv.  a virtue being its own reword know no Feu ular pay any. A a to for of Lack of it Entrance to Lincoln farm Here is a face upon which men May see eyewitness tells of Lincoln assassination in Ford s theater an eyewitness of the Assassin Nylon of Abraham Lincoln i is a phrase that even fifty Odd years tins fulled to strip of interest. In an office of the old National museum building at Washington one can find George c. Muy Nard curator of technology. An atmosphere of peace pervades the place until one Speaks the Englc words which bring to mind that fateful night at Ford s theater in april 1865. Then Poctor Maynard tells of what saw that evening says doctor May Nard referring to the night of april 14, 1805, i went to Ford s. As everybody knows the play was our american Cousin my seat was in the first gallery on a level with and in full View of the upper right hand Box Welch was reserved for president Lincoln and his party. The occasion was an unusual one. The War had come to regarded As an interminable conflict something the hushed austerity that nature wears at touch of Twilight brooding on the cares of bygone Days and of the Days to and yet which bears the Clear Tranquillity of one whose youth has breathed Sweet Prairie airs or followed firm behind the Plowman s shares or trodden Leafy Forest ways and free. The forehead tells of Mastery a mind which holding life a thing inscrutable kept Faith and Hope forever Sentinel the furrowed Cheeks the locked lips 8orrowlined, betray a will the nation knew so Well and deep eyes showed a love for All Mankind. Clinton Scollard. Ford s theater on tenth Street Washington where Lincoln was shot 20 minutes past 10 on the night of april 14, 1885. It it now used As a government office building. Which would always engulf this country. Those in the theater that night were giving vent to perhaps their first real enthusiasm that the War had actually ended. It wis to a gala night. An atmosphere of festivity pervaded the place. Also it was Laura Keene s it was a patriotic performance. I still have a Small scrap of paper on which i wrote the musical program. The Star spangled Banner. Bed White and Blue and marching along wore played Wyllo the entire company was Sung Honor to our soldiers a patriotic song of tie times. The president and his party did not arrive before the curtain Rose. It was during the Dairy scene when Uliey Cariie in. Miss Hurt playing Georgi Nna was telling an american joke to or. Beers oui taking the part of Dun dreary and failed to catch the Point twice she said Tolt Ltd in Ltd v can you see it and replied no f Citon f Seo it at this moment the presidential party entered passing a round to hts South so def the gallery to no until president Lincoln was seated the audience having risen with one Accord and cheered enthusiastically. After some time Geo Rglenn said with emphasis Well everybody can see that and Dun dreary drawled they ought to see it you know it was about 10 30 when the pistol shot which sent the Bullet at Lincoln was fired. Booth suddenly Slid Down from the front of the Box onto the stage and rushed diagonally across disappearing. caught his. Foot in the Flag decorations and made some exclamation which i did not understand but do such dramatic speech As has popularly been accredited to him. Had done anything of that kind i believe would have been mobbed before could have escaped. As it was j. B. Steward a Man of athletic build sprang onto the stage and was after Booth immediately. There was no panic such As a fire would have caused. The entire nude ence was stunned the real significance of the tragedy coming Only after several minutes. The theater people swarmed upon the stage. An officer in military uniform managed to get to the president by climbing up from the stage into the Box the door having been barred. Laura Keene come quickly through the gallery with b Pitcher of water lending an Odd note to the scene with her costume and make up. The door of the Box by this time was opened and she entered intense excitement reigned yet no Lack of self control. There seemed to a desire to lend whatever assistance was possible while the air was electrical with a spirit of vengeance against Booth for the crime just committed. Several people climbed Over seats i myself helping one lady thus in making her exit. Some seats were broken. Yet withal the people left the theater slowly and quietly. It was about ten minutes before the president was removed followed by mrs. Lincoln supported by two gentlemen. A crowd of people filled tenth Street. At that time i was a member of the military Telegraph corps of the War department being a cipher operator i rushed to the office. Persons i met on the Way were ignorant of the tragedy. At the office the news had been Learned but no details and d. H. Bates manager of the office asked for particulars. A full Force of Teleg Raphers spent the night in the office sending out reports of the president s condition. It was eight o clock on the following morning before i left for my lodgings. I walked along g Street. The morning was Rainy raw and cheerless. Between thirteenth and fourteenth streets almost in front of Epiphany Church i met n Small squad of cavalry accompanied by a few military officers and civilians on foot the band was proceeding quietly and with in evident desire to avoid Public notice. They were escorting the president s body to the White House. There is one other memory of that time of sorrow which i retain vividly. On the morning the president s body began the journey to Springfield it was warm Bright and altogether a Day Best suited to rejoicing yet All Washington had come Down town to see the funeral procession. Processions,1 normally Are stretched out but this one was made As compact As possible. In the front went a detachment of cavalry wedge shaped. Very slowly they proceeded making their Way steadily into the crowds which swarmed the on this tract is located the Marble memorial , ky., in which stands the log Cabin the Birthplace of the great president. The memorial erected through the efforts of the Lincoln farm association was a. Cepter for the nation with impressive ceremonies on the Centenary of Abraham Lincoln s birth february 12, 1909. Education might termed passion of Abraham Lincoln put Grant at disadvantage Sute Relief by 6 Bell ans hot water sure Relief la ans for indigestion the House at 516 tenth Street Washington where Lincoln died after his assay nation by Booth. Streets forcing them silently Back to the curb. Carriages containing officials instead of going single file went three and four abreast. The horses footfalls were the loudest sounds while sobs punctuated the stillness of the. Watching Abraham Lincoln once gave to a casual acquaintance whom met on a railway train the following particulars As to his education Well As to education the newspapers Are Correct i never went to school More than six months in my life. Lean say this that among my earliest recollections i remember How when a Mere child i used to get irritated when anyone talked to in a Way i could not understand. I do not think i Ever got angry at anything else in my life but that always disturbed my temper and has Ever since. I can remember going to my Little bedroom after hearing the neighbors talk of in evening with my father and spending no Small part of the night walking up and Down and trying to make out what was the exact meaning of some of their to dark sayings. I could not sleep although i tried to. When i got on such a Hunt for an idea until i had caught it and when i thought i had got it i was not Satis fled until i had put it in language Plain enough As i thought for any boy i knew to comprehend. This was a kind of passion with and has stuck by for i am never easy now. When i no handling a thought until i have bounded it North and bounded it South and bounded it East and bounded it supplementing these reminiscences by a few extracts from an article in the encyclopedia learn of Lincoln that his own Mother taught Horn to read and ills Stepmother urged him to study. read and reread in Early boyhood the Bible Aesop a Obinson Crusoe Pilgrim s Progress Weem s life of Washington and history of the United states and inter read every Book could borrow from the neighbors Burns and Shakespeare becoming favourites. borrowed a grammar and other books sought explanations from the Village schoolmaster and began to read Law. In 1834 Bis political Friend and colleague John Todd Stuart a lawyer in full practice had urged him to fit himself for the bar and had Lent him text books and Lincoln working diligently was admitted to the bar in september 1836. His mental qualities were a Quick analytic perception Strong logical Powers a tenacious memory a Liber no estimate and tolerance of the opinions of others ready intuition of human nature and perhaps his most valuable faculty was rare ability to divest himself of All feeling or passion in weighing motives of persons or problems of state. His speech and diction were Plain terse forcible. Relating anecdotes with appreciative humor and fascinating dramatic skill used them freely and effectively in conversation and argument. had unchanging Faith in self government. The people said Are the rightful masters of Hoth congresses and courts not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who Pervert the constitution., " these words just quoted of this self educated Man one of the greatest and simplest of americans and one who acquired by indomitable will a Mastery of self expression have their bearing on our problems of today which after All Are not essentially different from the those other times that tried men s Lincoln s Little Story probably More effective than any Long argument could have been. One of the latest stories of Lincoln is Given Here the president was visiting Grant in his Virginia Camp and the general was complaining of the interference of the Washington bureaucrats. The Only use i have for the War department said finally is to furnish soldiers ind supplies. But the department must t interfere with . I am doing the country s work and must t that reminds said the president meditatively that reminds of a Man i knew out in Sangamon county Illinois. was a Deacon and had the Long winded exhortation habit. In fact had it so bad that people began to stay away from meeting. One Day the preacher met him. Say Deacon said. I Don t want to curtail your religious Fervour but you must shorten up your exhortations. You killing off the membership of the Church can t help it snid the Deacon i m doing the lord s work and i must t hampered " Grant laughed and temporarily dropped the subject. Gives advice to women and girls Pekin . Pierce s favorite prescription is a grand Medicine for weak women a or girls growing into or 6 m a h h . When i was Odili a Young woman i. Suffered with fun to on a 11 disturbances would by Fer several Days at a time. At last. I was advised by a Friend to try or. Pierce s favorite prescription which i did and it completely regulated my system that i have never had any such trouble since have been in the Best of . C. Mejt Chabr 217 Catherine St. Send 10c to or. Pierce s invalids hotel in Buffalo n. A for a trial pkg. Of historic interest. The keys to the private Box in which Lincoln sat when Booth assassinated him. Could Bear great Burden. Or. Lincoln s time in office four years and a month was filled with labor and anxiety did not know an hour of ease. had scarcely settled in his chair when called upon to defend the Union and from that hour until the end his whole nature physical and mental was driven to the limit. But was Hardy the son of a Bac woodsman and built on giant lines. did not spare himself but was Able to Bear his Burden. A portrait of Lincoln. None of the artists or pictures has caught the deep though Subtle and indirect expression of this Man s face. There is something else Whitman. Worthy tribute to Lincoln. Wealth could not Purchase Power could not Awe this divine this Loving Man. knew no fear except the fear of doing wrong. Hating slavery pitying the master seeking to conquer not persons but prejudices was the embodiment of the self denial the courage the Hope and the nobility of a nation. spoke not to inflame not to upbraid but to convince. raised his hands not to strike but in Benediction Exchange. Exemplar of land of Opportunity. Robert Lansing sex Secretary of state said born in the Humble Cabin of the Hodgens Volle farm. Abraham Lincoln is the National exemplar of a land of equal Opportunity. His life and his career reveal the fact that the seeds of greatness nourished in the soul of even the most lowly May germinate and develop to perfection in the atmosphere and environment of Lincoln a Fine Rifleman a. With weapon adjusted to his liking the president riddled target had set up.  the controversy in regard to the relative merits of the Browning and the Lewis machine guns is Only in Echo of similar contentions about rifles. In the Early Days of the civil War miss Tarbell in her life of Lincoln tells How the president tested a one evening n clerk in the Navy apartment who had stayed Lato heard some one. Striding up and Down the Ifill muttering 1 wonder if they have gone and left the building All looking out was surprised1 to see the president. 1ood 4�vmlnk-t Tell . I was just looking for the Man who goes out shooting with sometimes in. A. ,.,., As this Miln had gone the clerk offered his services. Together they went to the Lawn South of the White House where or. Lincoln Sot up u target which Cut from a Sheet of White congressional note paper. Then pacing off a distance of about eight feet raised the Rifle took n Quick aim and a fired the round of seven shots in Quick succession. I believe i can make this gun shoot better said or. Lincoln. With those words took from his Vest pocket a Small wooden sight that bad whittled from a Pine stick and adjusted it Over the sight of the end Blue. then shot two rounds and of the fourteen bullets nearly a dozen hit the companion. Hard indeed of How hard it is to die and not of Able to leave the world any better Foi one s Little Unev in it Coin. Home of Lincoln s father the Lincoln lob Cabin near Fariman Tzvi. Cotes county ill Lou built in 1831 by Lincoln s rather who Dieden 1851. To night tomorrow alright or tablets Stop sick headaches Lelieve bilious attacks tone and regulate the Eliminative organs make you feel Fine. Bethur ton pills Fer us the leather profiteer. At the players club in Gramercy Park they were swapping profiteer stories. Butler Glaenzer a critic and collector said "1 recently helped a leather profiteer Call him Peter Sweeney Johnson to choose a Library for his new fifth Avenue House. Among our Lucky finds was a in Mous old English dictionary. The Book wus in bad condition so sent it off to rebound. Well when it came Back gorgeously done in Green Morocco and Gold the leather profiteer flew into a ring. pointed to the title Johnson s dictionary on the Back and yelled " Why did t they use the full name Peter Sweeney Johnson s dictionary new York times. The Best ones never do. How was the lecture Fine. It did t last More than forty catarrhal deafness cannot cured by local applications As they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear catarrhal deafness requires constitutional treatment. Hall s Catarrh Medicine is a constitutional remedy. Catarrhal deafness la caused by an inflamed condition of the mucous lining of the eustachian tube. When this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing and when it is entirely closed. Deafness is the result. Unless the inflammation can reduced your hearing May destroyed forever. Hall s Catarrh Medicine Acta through the blood on the mucous surfaces of the system thus reducing the inflammation and restoring Normal conditions. Circulars free. Ail druggists. F. J. Cheney & co., Toledo Ohio. Entirely logical.  Why do you Call that performing poodle Sirius s a dog Star Ain t now eccentricities can borne if people Are not vain of them and always boasting about them. A. Most men use to test their Reform theories on others. 1 find the cause it in t right to drag along feeling miserable half sick. Find out what ii making you feel so badly and try to Correct it. Perhaps your kidneys Are causing that throbbing backache or those Sharp stabbing pains. You May Hare morning lameness too headaches dizzy spells and irregular kidney action. Use Down t kidney Pill. They have helped thousands of ailing folks. Ask your neighbor an Illinois Cue la it tact it till i itt mrs. Bert Stam. Baugh. Virginia 111., says my Back was so bad i could hardly get around. Sometimes i could out of in bed. I was troubled with my kidneys acting too freely i got a Box of Doan a kidney p 111 s and used them. The pains left my Back my kidneys acted regularly and i was cured of kidney Gat dts i at any store 60e a Box Doan Sto Foster m1lburn co. Buffalo n. Y. J Cuti Cura soap and ointment Clear the skin soap St Fiat at 25 Sci Talt 25c 1n� my flush the kidneys take a hot cupful of bulgarian blood sweeten the stomach tone the air cleanse the blood Kluj colds Ward Oil in a by Tom a it i Feut tests and trocar. A met

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