Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
4 Feb 1926

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
4 Feb 1926

Read an issue on 4 Feb 1926 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Herald.

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - February 4, 1926, Postville, Iowa The Postville Herald Postville Iowa. Lore for dog owners by Albert Payson Terhune a trick Worth remembering a Jukl fruit auctions grow rapidly provide Quick sales medium and Are used by Large organizations. Awe with one hand he pulled open a Corner of the dog s lips Tilting the head a trifle higher As he did so. There was a scene of conflict in the Yard behind judge Gray s rambling big Bungalow. The judge was elderly. But he was pain fully new. In his role of dog owner. Less than a month earlier he had bought his first dog a Dashin Gly handsome Young Aredale. Old Man Negley was trimming the Bungalow s front Edge when the sounds of strife from the Back Yard Drew him thither. He found the Little judge trying to hold the Stalwart Airedale by one hand while with the other he attempted to pour a big dose of Castor Oil Down the dog s Throat. Naturally the Airedale was not anxious to Swallow this nauseating dose. Every time the judge released his hold on the Collar in order to Force open the jaws the dog would wriggle free and had to be cornered. At first the pint bottle of Castor Oil had been full. Now it was half empty. But no drop of the Greasy yellow fluid had trickled Down the Airedale s Pink Throat. Indeed most of the Oil adorned his owner s hands and clothes and the dog s head and the surrounding grass. Hold on there judge hailed Negley. You re wasting a lot of Good slapstick comedy when there s no camera Here to snap you. And you re a wasting Good Castor Oil too. At this rate the bottle will be empty before you can get any of it Down him. Like to help you i d like Yon to shoot this dog and All the other dogs on Earth 1" fumed the judge relinquishing the bottle to the old Man. The brute was off his feed today. I remembered what you said about giving a tablespoonful of Castor Oil to any dog that did t seem just Well. So i tried to. I d rather take the contract to dose All the patients in the City the patients would know what Yon a were trying to do suggested old Man Jegley. They d know it was for their Good and they d gulp the stuff Down no matter How bad it tasted this Puppy does t know Why you re giving him Medicine. All be knows is that you re trying to Force him to Swallow some Nasty tasting and Nasty smelling ii Gojii Oliai he hates. Of course he tries to get out of taking it. Let s see you said something about a Tablespoon did t you where is it did he Swallow St search revealed the spoon in the Middle of the Bush whither a toss of the dog s Bead had Flung it As it was inserted Between his jaws. Here said old Man Negley filling the spoon with the Viscid yellow Oil just hang onto this a second and pass it to when 1 Tell you he held the indignant dog Between his Knees the Almedaie s neck pinioned thus by a knee on either Side. Then with one hand he pulled open a Corner of the dog s lips Tilting Tolfe head a trifle higher As he did so. He paid no heed to the fact that the Airedale s jaws were locked shut. He made no attempt to open them. Judge Gray saw that the opening of the he Corner revealed a Small open space where the Back Teeth of the jaws did not quite come together. It was an Ideal opening through which to pour Medicine without forcing the stubborn jaws apart. Old Man Negley reached for the spoon with his free hand. Holding the dog s head firmly Between his Knees he poured the Oil carefully in through the opening in the lip Corner. The Airedale gulped and tried to Shade his head. But the head was too tightly held. Dropping the spoon the old Man lifted the dog s Chin a Little higher so that the Oil would Roll Down inside the Mouth to the Throat thus he held him until presently a gulp proved that the unhappy Airedale had swallowed the dose which pressed against his palate. There remarked old Man Negley. That s perfectly simple in t it he swallowed it without having to open his jaws. He swallowed it because he had to Swallow it it was t brutal and it did t Hurt him and it s All Down. Not a drop is spilled. Remember to do As i did next time you have to give Medicine to a dog. No use in yanking his jaws apart or hav. Ing a squabble with him. It is easy to give Medicine to any dog if you la do it As i just did. By the Way Castor Oil can never harm your dog even if you give him a Little More than a tablespoonful. An overdose in t poisonous. And you were Wise to give it to him when he was off his feed. But Don t be in a hurry to give any other kind of Medicine besides Castor Oil to a dog just because he does t Are to eat All his dinner one Day. There is an even Chance that nothing at All is the matter with him. I Don t mean if he moves and his appetite Falls off for some time but if he refuses to clean up his dinner plate on any single Day. A dog has lots More sense that Way than we humans have. If he feels out of sorts or if his last meal has disagreed with him he will have the brains to let his stomach get Good and empty before he forces any More work on it. More people and More animals Are killed by overeating than by under eating. A dog knows by instinct usually when he does t need food and when More food will disagree with him. So he leaves it alone unless we humans coax and tease him into eating it. He tries the starvation cure. He gives his stomach a Good rest till it is ready to handle another meal. We humans get indigestion. What do we do instead of starving ourselves until we Are Well again we try to end some appetizing food that won t disagree with us. We Don t give our digestion a rest and a Chance to get Well. We pile More work on it. Then we wonder Why we Don t get cured up faster. A big doctor told once that a 24-hour fast and a quiet Day in bed will generally stave off almost any threatened illness a 3 Fri Trace up Jfe whole system. A dog is Wise enough to know that without paying a doctor s fee to find it out. Hell Stop eating and hell sleep a lot. Just the same it s a Wise precaution to give him Castor Oil at such a time. It would be a Wiser precaution if we humans would take it too when we re out of sorts. But there s nobody to Force it Down a human s Throat and most of us Haven t the Pluck to take it of our own Accord. Dogs Are More fortunate that Way than we copyright by the Mcnaught Syndicate inc pm poured by the United states department of agriculture american fruit auctions now occupy an important place in the machinery of distribution. Approximately $150,-000,000 Worth of farm products were sold in 1923 by these auctions compared with less than 550,000,000 in 1912. The auctions provide a rapid sales medium and Are used particularly by the Large private and co operative organizations which must keep their Large volume of production moving in a continuous Stream. These facts Are brought out by the United states department of agriculture which has been making an extensive study of the fruit auctions. Twenty four companies were engaged in the business in 14 lending distributing centers in 1923. The principle of auction Selling the department Points out is predicated upon the necessity for assembling in one place a sufficient proportion of the Market supplies to attract a Large body of the buying Trade. Numerous changes. Numerous changes have taken place ii the auction business in recent years the department says. Reorganizations consolidations and the establishment of new companies have occurred in several cities. Most of the changes have resulted from the demand of the Trade for impartiality in the services rendered and the charges imposed and from their desire to participate in the profits earned by the auctions. The tendency is toward greater uniformity in method and practices. Auctions in the receiving markets occupy a position in the channels of distribution Between the shippers and the retailers. On the one hand the functions of the auction Are identical with those of the carlot wholesaler of the commission merchant while on the other the auction operates in much the same manner As the jobber and other less than car lot wholesalers. Sales Are open. A great variety of commodities Are sold at the auctions but most of the supplies consist of Citrus and deciduous fruits. The sales Are open to the Public and anyone May buy. Charges and commission rates by the various companies Lack uniformity but in most cases Are less than the Cost of Selling by private Sale. Another Factor appreciated by growers is that the companies customarily Forward net returns to the shipper within 21 to 4s hours after the Sale is detailed results of the department s study have been printed in department bulletin no. 1302, entitled american fruit and i reduce auctions copies of which Matiy he obtained upon request to the department of agriculture Washington d. C a 192twas Tutti Nova paper Union if you would know the value of Money i5 o Ami try to borrow Yomo for to hat Roea it borrowing goos n sorrowing Anil indeed a dues to who to such people when he Korea to Ket it Utran. H la easier to suppress the first Delro than to satisfy All that follow in chord. Codfish dishes food Supply important for Success with bees As it gets warmer Heos will emerge from the hive in search of pollen for Brood rearing. Examine the hives some warm Day when the bees Are flying Well see if there is enough Honey for their use. Warm weather Hist fall led bees to consume More than the usual amount. That makes it nil the More important it this time to keep plenty of food in the hive. The instinct or race preservation is so highly developed in the bees that when the food stores get Low the Queen slops laying. This too conies at a time when the Colony should rapidly be building up. Here is a Safe Rule if the stores in the hive drop below 20 pounds feed Honey or syrup. Honey left Over from last year May he used. A syrup that will not granulate May be made As follows dissolve two and a half parts of sugar by volume in one part of water and one tablespoonful tartaric acid to every Twenty pounds of sugar. Pare should lie taken that this preparation is not scorched and that All crystals Are dissolved. A Good Way is to Reserve at least a shallow extracting super of Honey As a food chamber above each Colony using Liis As a Reserve Supply throughout the year. These facts Are taken from the Bee bulletin of the Ohio state University. Number of pure bred animals imported for Breeding uses conditions favourable Here for Stock raising. Would seem that Fate appoints time to die lord Cardigan human sword Lade and daredevil adventurer led the immortal charge of the Light brigade at the Battle of Balaklava. Across a mile and a half of open ground he galloped at the head of his cavalrymen with russian batteries and sharpshooters tearing ragged gaps in the ranks. He Rode Back with his survivors trader the murderous end lading fire of the russians across the same mile and a half of unprotected ground. He escaped safely from those two ordeals and the intervening Saber Battle. His men had been slain by the Hundred. He was unhurt. By the Way. A few years earlier he had fought a Duel he had fought several before then in which he killed his opponent a noted dualist and escaped without a wound. He was in Battle after Battle. Nothing could Hurt Hirn. A decade or so after Balaklava lord Cardigan was jogging peacefully along a quiet English Lane when his horse stumbled and threw him. He was killed at Payson Terhune in Hearst s International cosmopolitan. Prepared by the United states department of agriculture an interesting sidelight on the Breeding of Domestic animals in the United states is the number of purebred animals imported for Breeding purposes. Most of the live Stock in this country is descended from foundation Stock from foreign countries but so favourable Are conditions Here for St Ock raising that this country now holds first position in live Stock resources. During the last fiscal year ended june 30, 1925. According to the report of the Bureau of animal Industry More pure bred dogs were imported than any other kind of purebred Domestic animal. The Ollic til figures Are As follows dogs 1 cattle 1.42 3 sheer. S40horses 3, Fri Swine 21 cats 14. Compared Willi the preceding year imported purebred dogs and sheep show a considerable increase and cattle a decrease. All of the foregoing numbers department officials Point out Are very Small in proportion to tie total number of Domestic animals in this country which is about 200.000,000 head. The figures Are Small also in comparison with native pure bred live Stock which though Only about i por cent of the total number several million head. The United states though still acquiring Small numbers of pure Rcd Breeding Stock from abroad apparently raises almost All of its finely bred Domestic animals. Sudan grass As forage crop for pigs is Good Sudan grass n a forage crop that Lias Noi been experimented with very much As a Pii remarkable and Gratifying re Lulu. At Alt. Diversified flushes i hold a flush last evonne Arm this i veiling by Hir Corrace i a ohling a very pretty irl with a. Hush upon her ate a wrecker what Are satisfying salads. Not always to blame getting wrong numbers Over the Telephone is not always the fault of the operator. Faulty enunciation is More often to blame. This incident illustrates one of the difficulties an operator has to overcome in answering Calls an englishman Speaks Over the Telephone yes this is or. Arr son. What Yon can t ear this is or. Arrison Haitch. Hay two Hars a by a Hess a to and an review. A modern failing business Man interviewing applicant for secretarial Post with these most excellent testimonials i am surprised at your previous employer parting with you applicant quite but the fact la i was of such very Little assistance to him in Cross word humorist White Navy bean is the variety most favored the Small White Navy bean is the variety generally planted rather than the larger ones. They do Best on soil that is not too Rich in other words a Rattler thin soil. When the Hind is Fertile enough to produce Large yields of Corn the plants produce too much foliage. Iveans should be planted after the soil is Well warmed up or about Lune 20 or 25. They May be planted a month later than this but in that event there is always some doubt As to their maturing before Frost or of being caught by late Rains that interfere with the curing of the crop. Beans should be panted far enough apart so that a cultivator can be used or about 30 inches Between rows. If you Are planning to use a wheel Hoe the rows May to spaced 18 inches apart. You can use a Grain Drill by closing some of the spouts or a common Garden Drill if your Plantation is not going to be too Large. Do not Plant the Beans too thickly in the Row but have plants three to six inches apart. It will take from 25 to 40 pounds of seed to t tie acre. When the Beans Are up cultivate frequently but never while the foliage is wet. Chance for improvement of Herd is big problem the old saying that a Good sire is half the Herd might be truthfully completed with the statement that a poor one is Blume near All of the problem of a new Herd sire is one which Many Farmers will be facing this Winter. The main Chance for Herd improvement lies in the introduction of better blood through the sire. At the Iowa Experiment station by using pure bred bulls on scrub cows in the second generation an increase of 130 per cent in milk yield and 101 per cent in fat production was obtained. And Many other instances could he cited of the value of a purebred sire at the head of the Herd. perhaps done the most grass As a pasture for of their work summer stations with Sudan shotes and the result show it up in a very favourable position As compared to Alfalfa As a Grain Saver. I professor reports that where Corn and Tankage was self fed to shotes on Alfalfa it took hg1 pounds Corn and 20 pounds Tankage for 100 pounds Grain while on the Sudan grass it required o is Pound Corn plus 27 pounds linkage or 2,", pounds less Corn and 2 pounds less Tankage for each 100 pounds gain and furthermore the pigs on Sudan grass weighed 213 pounds against 210 for the Falfa pastured pigs. These result be striking and it May lie we have been overlooking a Good bet in Sudan grass As we nil enjoy is particularly Fuls of Tomato Ful of Sidt a whole i pasture for pigs. It will hear trying out scale especially in of the country. On a Small the drier sections How to Spray peaches to protect the peach crop from Brown rot peach Leaf curl and san Jose scale apply liquid Lime Sulphur one gallon to eight Gallons of water just before the buds burst. For cur Cullo Scab Leaf eating insects and Brown rot use a first Spray consisting of one and one half pounds of arsenate of Lead powder or three pounds of arsenate of Lead paste in an s-s-5 l self boiled Lime Sulphur solution and As soon As most of the shucks Are off tiie fruit. This Spray should be repeated six to ten Days after shucks arc off. If Curculio is not serious make this second application two weeks after shucks have fallen. A Large percentage of Breeding Rizui that change hands every fall go direct from ram raisers and litters to farm flocks. A use Tankage and minerals to balance Corn in feeding hogs during the fall and Winter. There Are other feeds that May he used if bought right.  the egg contains a High percentage of protein and ush. They Are the important building materials for egg construction. Common grains Are very Low in protein and Ash. Alfalfa is Rich in egg making and i oath material thut is. Or of bin some Good poultry men throw a a i i of it into the House with the wires unbroken for the hens to eat As they a salad when one attractive to look at and appetizing to the p it i to 1 c we will add it to our list of Good things. Pear salad one can of pears. To the syrup add one and one half Elm one fourth Teaspoon stalk of celery two cloves two tablespoonfuls of vinegar mid boil for three minutes. Rub through a Sieve bring to the boiling Point and add two and one half tablespoonfuls of Gelatin which Lins been softened in one fourth cupful of water. Mix Well and pour into a shallow Mold. Serve on lettuce with one half of a Pear on top of each meld of Jelly. Serve with Mayonnaise. Piquant peach tiie syrup from a can of halved peaches. Soak two tablespoonfuls of Gelatin in one fourth of a cupful of cold water add one stick of cinnamon one fourth of a teaspoonful of Salt and the same of paprika. Bring to the boiling Point and add the softened Gelatin. Stir until dissolved Strain and add two tablespoonfuls of Lemon juice place peach halves in Bottom of the Mollis and pour in the Gelatin mixture. Serve folded on lettuce with Mayonnaise. Cherry Large canned cherries and replace the pit with Small bits of celery. Mix with stoned Ripe olives and serve with Mayonnaise on lettuce. The Toyal Ann or White j cherries Are especially Nice for this dish. J fruit eel and Cut into pieces three medium sized oranges strawberries Throe maw Unai Are you going t0 do with Losli when he gets through with Paw i had t thought of that i was wondering what the College was going to do Willi itself when Josh keep Cole s in the Tan. It stops pain from Burn or Cut quickly and heals without scars. At nil Good drug slots soc and 60c, or j. W. Cole co., Rockford . Silence 13 a hard argument to beat sure Relief too kit by dicing is l1 a a next break 1,1st.jk" a for indigestion 5and75-of walnuts. Remove the centers carefully from the thinly sliced oranges. Place Throe slices on mix the strawberries meals together and spoonful of the mixture. Sprinkle with French dressing and serve As a dessert with crackers a lettuce Leaf pineapple and nut Heap on a a one a oms Man Vii Idun Well Xii nigh do m  " t so a a Guys annoying to maids. N kit Long the App Llonart a m.,. No sure i la for jealousy a main Over give Vuu Fiji. Soothes Burns nothing More comforting than vaseline Jelly. Emm pain. Hastens nature s Healing. Wonderful for cull scratches bruises and other Little accidents. Chesebrough mfg. Co. State Street new York cause is a dessert cheese and Black Coffee. N under dressed i that Hall dross daughter. T i necklace on yet. Be 1 scantily Clad latin Long dead latin ceased to he of fudge in 5s0 a a spoken in. A but remained the Organ of general literature until Early part of the seventeenth a the last great philosopher who to entirely a latin was in Tzy banditry c people we Ros i he the Ruu tills Tea he awful. That their business a new heavyweight Boxer u s1i,i. Be very handsome. H8 fim to however will doubles do tto to Correct this impression " je8t be night to to ours without Ever a Here find they purged us in 8crv�l Ean slate group re. Please absent minded c1.rk ,., something few Voun a "8 there -rthindttw7 1juwb be so i wrap it7 Ca. A a. Pat. Orr Petroleum pastor k0enigs Nervine i a epilepsy nervousness & sleeplessness. Price $1at 10ur drug store it ill in a lion Kalcl k0enig Medicine co. 1045 n. Wells St chicag0.1li dispel that rash Why suffer when skin troubles 0 so easily to the Healing v of Resinol

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