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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 29 1921, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - December 29, 1921, Postville, Iowa V Vrtlivb newspaper in a live town ,u.,A. Pcs Vale Iowa thursday december 29, 1921 number 8 Moises beware v j a 7 a a. Lakida prot to Pilowa Volki Blatt. Luary 1,. 1897. Complaints Aref being made about Tab Large number of minors using of Farette that it is Well to attain fall the attention of those 16 Tho following paragraphs of the new cigarette Law. A Sale or gift to minora penalty. Noma the druggy by is person who shall furnish to any nil or under Twenty one years of Ito Purchard the Chai #6i by gift Sale or otherwise any i 8� theorice a Hank on Larette or cigarette paper or. Wrap . Lars or any paper ?,,.prepared the purpose of Jub Hijab cigarette in. And prof. Fin de guilty of a misdemeanor., Yette visiting whoever is found guilty thereof for jobs Thi first offence shall be sentenced j Thule brought t Enid orb 0pay a Fine. Not Twenty-1 Market yesterday hat i dollars nor mors than one thin a m b or $15.34 Eafin. Dietl dollars and co to. Of prosecution. I i or imprisoned la Tho county jail for to not More than thirty Days and for a asking them to install the. Second and each subsequent of to wet Hama Corner tense,.upon conviction thereof shall a Stone Moos aged 82 sentenced to pay a Fine of not less t her Home on Tuss Daff j1 one Hundred dollars nor More he funeral is being held non Nve Hundred dollars and Cost ,01 prosecution. Ori be imprisoned in i i a a. " the county Tail not less than one entered the. Bardway month nor i Withan. Six months or Schroeder. & co on both such Fine and imprisonment. 1�and appropriated Agee. 2. Minors to give a Norma is consisting mostly of ton refusal penalty. That any t knives and revolver minor under Twenty one years of Adt returned Here a test in any place other than Upo fewest and brought the z1 of 1,18 Parent or of met family with Nairn. A being in Possession of a Cigar map re ___ed\80 acres . Cigarette paper May lie re Kos Alan reservation in a Ted by any peace officer juvenile or s.76 per acre. , truant officer or teach i or in any school to give information Del has equipped he smolt a8.,to where he or she obtained said Over Olgarette or cigarette paper andk4nly, attorney Liu this Onute fugal to furnish such info Raa Jef Raksanda underarm Otdis Tittl. Shall be Iii Ltd of a Mlade mean go a a Hoyt or and upon conviction thereof a to Larj practice. Tora any magistrate or Justice of the 8lsbea 83-years? and Peeace such minor being of the age of do mls Vicinity Dlen a to on or upwards shall be sentence list of on last so to Paya Fine not exceeding five " or to undergo an pm the jail of the proper Fokin Toul and 0 girls a Oughty not exceed Long five 5 Days his cites the funeral in new dear s a Froin Atholl Church. Burial town Council proceeding. Trie Hanav or a w at a ast it happened. Most everybody in pcs Tyllie had been expecting it to happen at Moat vat ,1.1. Up notes. Or both such Fine Pind imprisonment if such minor of shall be under the age of sixteen years he or she shall be any time since Washington s birth but fled by such magistrate or. Jus Day 1921, and have been conjecture los of the peace to the. Juvenile Long guessing hinting Yea even court of the county .f9r,such action. Asking confidentially for information Why not p0stvil1e? easier Money and credits Avail Able to Farmers through bunks or appreciation. The county , for want of Farmers co operative society by the poll la a a arc a a by ged with War finance corporation Between five and ten million dollars every week Are new being and aim to hide the fact that Shes a wonder. She madly rushes into print the moment she receives a hint that s Al. To said seem proper As to when it would take place but Vance to Farmers through their to in be Tell no or she then 0udj a pointy l or so a Post Jere work fas tweel Raj phased Dur Fig the provided Bow Evor that if if any pet the Only reply was the silence of the �0ti be con alced of violating any pro Sphinx and the reverberating Echo of vision of this Section shall give in the inquirer s voice. But at last Banks and co operative association j pm " of item shut a l Etta. ,. Torin Atlon which shall Lead to tho1 we have it within our grasp Black county superintendent arrest of the person or persons hav on White and will the tale unfolds Correct i nurse. Inu violated any provisions of Section Uvea to the teachers an 6nb of this act and shall give Evl is acc As a witness in proceed pcs that May be instituted against said Nerson a or persons the court shall Hya the Power to suspend sentence against such minor to to cond.,. I ten school i Sta Jitae county Niiro rear Alivn boy who Harl a the we seat saner a the set was lxm�lo6 Jeat Wetah dirt. School at " ? rr3pw scn00- by lutheran Church notes. Sofis is Sass morning ii �00 it m. My test that a a a or 8 p m. Pit instructed the Mother Day at-_-----_--.---3.30 p. about what exercises Luther league at 7 0 p. Looy each Day to we sol voter services saturday at growl or Otto be _ Nar 7 8� a m a eve Consol in Man the Hov is la 8ntloub Watlan will attend. A i Shoma ked in services new year s Day morning if.5v.fe will soon arrive % a a a parsonage in Tho Afler in beats ,01, be made usual Alness Meoeun As it was told yesterday on a neatly engraved card received by a number of our citizens or. And mrs. Karl Brueno announce the rear Ridge of their daughter Anzia Toov Konna  to. Or. Lloyd l. Putnam december 2s, 1921, " Sla Bronk Iowa i a a High noon at Home after Jan. 1, 1922. Portville Towa. Tho Bride is a former Domestic advances made during the week ended dec. 3 for Iowa alone were $1,208,000,. Thib Money is available and the w. F. C. Corporation is anxious to put it out but it is required by Federal Law to ins lbt upon enough Security to insure it against loss. Any Bank or Farmers association by tilling out to Lac statements of its conditions required by War finance corporation Washington d. A con loan thl Simoney at s to 5% per cent. Hotoi or its Advance can be made for not exceeding three years and its rate is now 5 per cent per annul to at six months and a per cent for other papers and of glut to be loaned to our Farmers it i per cent. These Loann have enabled Many a Farmer and livestock Man to get on his feet to in to annual Siuess Manun o a i i a so Jav ? ar\2l the congregation will be held on one during fl82ft%i�sjss sunday. January7thr All members otherwise i hot a Consols with poor  he. A uhf honest and science teacher in the Postville again. Public schools and during her get the benefits thus conferred upon eral years work hero won a Large Farmers in different parts of the place in the hearts of our people As state should also he made available a modest Christ inn Young woman of if our Postville Banks cannot take or splendid attainments and gracious ways. And the to have met Chai be of the a to Tam with the Hearty approval of All Par-ht8iil�uwts Are enl ends. Cordial thanks is extended to of Tala credit Tor their la All who ass Stea in the Christmas Jat their work was Well Carol services to those who set of a news witnessed by the Trees prepared the and a Jet appreciation and attended to the Many other duties Bres given., a Lespeare club. Which helped to make our services a Tibuc Cess. K. A tier. Pastor. In a. Tjw pm. %. Than a four Square Man honest and industrious a the Day in Long and during the world War i served his country in the Navy. And with friends innumerable the Herald joins in extending kind Liest Well wishes to Anna and Lloyd As they Settle Lown to be Omo one of . And our sincere tit Hope in that health happiness Conte Timie world today Elep de mowing of to study of . the ensuing Yea Oracle Marie Davis. ,. Vice. Oracle Vera Kluss. Past arable Amanda Phillips. Chano Ahban Ahda Lio a. rec6raer-Sovanav Cohutta mass a do Klus v Cyer-Ibst-jljriar4ngtqnvlaie hot a i i so in i Siitar to Ltd Repp Alj ?l6�p yst8ra-_7altaireeco e to my Tim i i=_br__kf_i__-. trw9,j�kj8ru,k it for Madison pen continue a to a ave Hia Oil Keratt Klein re a Yirk Ponessi fun air i in by jury�ih.,. 1the co partner Shin of i Chroeder ijtia0�-e_-e4 murder $ Brenner will be dissolved cm134,.- in a Umo a i to Aoh ool Urry 1st, j98h. Week re a close tar in books not late Means Janaaw-eidjaatayl0-Tonaay of a \ Ida m. Dundee daughter of Henry and Rebecca brands was born in Clayton county Iowa june 13, 1869, and died dec. 20, 1921, at her Home in Post township Alla Makee county Iowa aged 52.years, six months and seven Days after two years of suffering from diabetes and drop in. Ida was United in marriage to o. C. Dundee november 22. 1890. Tula Union was blessed with nine children three daughters and six Sony Wlllie of Waukon mrs. May Steffens of Clermont John Fred Walllie Lawrence to Lille we Annie All at Home one Eon Frankle who pave his life for his country in the world War having died oct. 20th. 1018, at Camp Dodge Iowa. Besides her husband and the children above mentioned she is survived by two sons Andle and Roy Clark of Franklin town help by a former marriage also two Brothers be Orgovan Frank of Minneapolis the funeral was held Friday december 23rd, from . Interment in the Smith cemetery m. W. A pct officers at their regular meeting last note the local Woodmen Lodge elected the following officers Tor the ensuing year venerable counsel a. Worthy advl86r_-rb. E clerk a. J. Phil Lipsi banker a. L., . I a Cort no a Ammons , h Welge Ftp Tatry Hutti Shepherd. V i a Sloan or a. A Schmidt. Manager for 8 years we. Ii so the a a -. X there we la he a big banquet is must to a night watch for further announcement. A Ropte Rotax Oytt meeting it Hal Iree Milan month a meet no of the Post Pijl a room Leroial club will he held a st. Wednes div even Lar Jan. 4, at be Teflon h in. Prior to the meeting a 8 80 Han Quot win he sewed st Steele a restaurant at Roii ape Pony Wejebe. To Xor via by tube�0 in no ovum a4mtw\wvjio sure to wisc Tell All about her Virtues thru the press. And Whon her greatness is disclosed the Reading Public in supposed to Swallow this b. S., and wonder with mind be fogged just How it came that Waukon hogged most everything that s great. How she isolation s pet with hide hound policies could get such old Ings to relate. Yet stuck hark in the Brush until the Hoot owl and the who Ppowell Are counted household pets she manages to Stem the tide which might assail her from outside and gets the Way Bhe gets Tom onto the Virtues she doth own if one which i Oldiv stands alone she s got the Wisest bravest group of Guys that Ever climbed a stoop or faced in incensed mob when seeking out the votes which might enable them to softly Light upon pome Public Job. And if Dame for tune doth decree that they in of tres shall be. They take the o Ith and join that Stalwart Bench of which never yet o Erlo oked a Chance to draw Down Public Coin. When murderers infest the land Don t they assume a knowing stand beside some Telephone and notify each v a lace Dick to overtake some wild a and Hick in an impressive tone Don t he or she proceed to say i t milk he s headed Down your was. At least to passed throw or just a Why the fugitive should fall to bust his Way into the Lail is not made wholly Clear. What matters it if he and fled or that his was had nlop.lv lend right through the Blo Omlor town does the Public think it fun to face the front end of a gun when running culprits Down if they through Caro Lessner were killed Bow could their offices he filler1 the idea is relocated that they deliberately should choose to fill a slaughtered hero s shoes and not to re elected. they proceed to von the air shout a sturdy cushioned chair without concern or fret. And if Tho victim of their Wrath and swerved an Inch out of his path he d sure be going yet. But Hiim after if had flown a message conies by Olen Hono which proves of some Wall Postville s marshal says hello i want you Hutc Karoo to Enow i be got your Man in incl. Then Down to Bob steel b studio the office holding cohorts Iro and eth not to dress. Thuv fear that ill lying Mav mean their righteous f ices won t he seen in this week c t a sprayed upon our patient ear. The part each officeholder played a Row a Avo old Sherlock Holmes dismayed but seems nil piffle Here. The on twp Lse of Balv s Sheet is nothing if not. Hard to heat when chill he i All the glory. He surely did no Overlook the part that. Postville s Wir Hal took when making his Story. But Waukon was must win. Yon know. The Only thing we have to show is Jupt a lob Well done. But we will match that Hunch of frisk prs until we be grown Long Goat like whisker with want our ways have wone. H. Prior. To a a a a a 0. A w. Officers. Official publication adjourned meeting. Adjourned meeting of the town Council of the incorporated town of Postville Iowa held nov. 8. 1921. Councilmen All present ceo. W. Fay mayor presiding. On motion Council adjourned to 7 o clock p. M., nov. 22. 1921. William Shtop hard. Town t Lerk. Geo. W. Fay mayor adjourned meeting. Council met As per adjournment nov. 22, 1921. Councilmen All present Geo. A. Fay mayor presi Tului. A Resolution authoring and directing the mayor and town Clori of the town of Postville Iowa to execute and deliver Street improvement Bonds for the Cost of improving and paving on the following streets in the town of Postville which Cost has been assessed against private property abutting and adjacent As required by Law and which work has been done under a contract with the Dearborn construction company dated february 5, 1920, an., supplemental contracts dated april 7, 1921. Said Bonds to aggregate the sum of $87,221.21 to pay cout of paving. On Bruce Lawler streets Between the South corporation line and Tho North line of Creen Street on Oreen Street Between the West line of Lawler Street and West Lam of Ogden Street. On Reynolds Street Between North Lino of Green Street and South rail of South Side track of c. & st. P by on Williams Street Between the West line of Lawler Street and East line of Boody Street was duly adopted and approved. A Resolution authorizing and directing the Envor and town clerk of the town of Postville. Town to execute and deliver Street improve ment Bonds snid Bonus to aggregate the sum of $19,037.91, for the Cost of imn roving and in Vang the follow Long streets Lawler Street from the North line of Creon Street North to the corporation line. On Ogdon Street from the South line of Oreen Street to the North line of Williams Street. On born to Street from t in North a slip Herd. Town clerk Geo. W. Fay mayor. Adjourned Council meeting Council met As per adjournment councilmen All present Geo. W fax mayor presiding. Resolution granting Extension of time to the Standard Tell phone co to remove poles from main streets was duly adopted and passed. On motion. Council adjourned. William shr Phird. Town clerk. Geo. W. Fay. Mayor regular meeting. Regular meeting of town Council of the Ancor norsted town of Post Volle Iowa held Doc. 2, 1921. Councilmen All present Geo. W Fay mayor presiding. The following Bills of account were allowed and ordered paid general fund. A. R. Coffeen. Drainage Woi-1. 15 l. A. Bellows salary and expense Street fund. John to Gregg Cement band and lumber a. Chas. Warnholz labor Man and team 13.30 c. F. Reyneke sprinkling Man and team 17 Iii it fund. Interstate Power co., Light for Street $71.70, allowed g9-6" water works fund. Interstate Power co., pumping 2540 Kwh----------127.00 Geo. Koh Linann extra 25 feet Lead pipe water connection ---------------19.2 health fund William Shepherd expense s a Resolution making Levy for town improvement fund adopted the members of Noble Lodge no. I named Ami invt re. A. 0. U. A of this City rallied p in love 1 to Tho Call lost thursday evening in goodly numbers and elected the fallowing officers for t he ensuing year master Workman a. A. Schmidt Foreman a. P. Ellis. Overseer a. Chrle Offerson. Inside watch John l. Gregg. Outside watch Dick Weighner recorder we. Shepherd financier h. H. Douglass. Receive div a. Thou a. Resolution directing the Issula of town improvement fund Bond adopted passed and approved. On motion. Council and our nod. William shul h lord town clerk Geo. W. Fay mayor. A a it f0stvii__e monday Ciiab. Fays who were the monday club will meet with mrs. Eva Tiller january 2nd. The following the business session the i following Prog Rani will be Given Brethren assembled at Thoma Bros restaurant and enjoyed an Oyster supper and info kor. Watch for the announcement of installation a later and be sure to dime out Tor there Roll call_hnppej\lng9 in Congress Powers of Congress general Leader Julia Allen special Leader Dora Williams Road legs of pm Alice Adams Winneshiek county has outstand no $237,000 Bridge Bonds. That s hard Luck when we Stop to consider he country s gone dry. The Board of supervisors of Pocsi Ontas county has direc.te.i1 the coun ii Ditner to 1 ii Corn distend of Coal i75r heating pump neb in the fur aces of the court House comity Home and insane infirmary. The City Scales receipts for the month of november $120.27, were the largest in the Cut Yob history the Unsiog journal states. ,1150 hogs7c8 rattle and one horse were weighed besides Many loads of Hay lats. Corn Coal and shells. Lenter Moore of Lime Springs was arrested he the town marshal at that place for throwing stones thru a window. He was tried before Tho mayor am fined $10 and costs say the Crof co times. In default of payment the and was brought to Roro and lodged in the county jail last saturday. The Decorah american legion divided its membership into two armies recently and declared War on the wild game thereabouts. The result of the Slaughter was 19 rabbits. 31 squirrels and one ?. Which were served last thursday evening at a banquet to which the women i auxiliary was invited. Estel Morgan Guthrie . Won the state championship no a Corn grower by producer 10s 9ii bushels per acre. Glen Lull von Ruplis was second with ?03.14 bushels per acre. Both recon cd trips to the International Livest show. Clubs doing Corn growing work were located in 19t counties. The deadly Corn shredder has claimed another victim Rosa Kmer son. 17 years old., Sofe of or. And mrs. E. P. Emerson 11vlnar Trcic Blanchard. Met with a horrible evident. His hand was Raught i i the shredder and hand and Arm wore literally chopped off it pieces by tic rapidly revolving knives to the Elbow. During our civil War. I nid states Bonds were sold in Europe and were bought by europeans who paid for them with 40-cent dollars. After the War we paid off the a with 100 cent dollars and to did not oven complain. We it Oiler nations to meet their obligations with the same cheerful spirit that we displayed in Meetin Gurs the Decorah Rei Ebli ear  at least twelve husbands served in the army and Navy credited to mrs. Melon Dreyler of Wari Kegan in the champion., collect. Tor of government allotment Check according to Federal authorities who Lead iter in custody last week Sim. Said to have married husbands in Many different parts of the country divorced none and with having received approximately in a pin nth from i he government for the last three years. Harry Gardner of Independence. Had a Freak in to lib Way. Of a Buff Rupini Tou Uoc Korel. Or a Gardner had noticed that the Chicken Hurt in while leg and one yellow leg. Whereas an Ondong ten usual is Flo Dolored legs. To before thanksgiving tile. Bird a m of killed and Whell it was a tossed it was found that the flesh owns also of Dlf Ferent colors fhe Nvvf Fth Luhe running Down the Middle of. The Baric from the head to the Talli,., the. Greatest Diplomat we. Havre a card of if . Wmk was asked by Liis teacher to. Write the names t a the dozen greatest men. \ti.-.gisartdp?- Ann. Glaive he. Tils speaker. ,. President Wilson derailing. Fit v arb Ickle acid miss Oikle Satikis god Ilea huh or team Lar we a an Ima Rina that "100" Dpt Eai de id Large figures a Lett Lanter on1-themic Iii of Hll Paner. Adv on who expect to be Nrec Lelent Twenty years or so hence should keep an Eye on that hoyex.miss Rosamond read of to Svall. Has the Honor of being one of six women who have won a i in athletic work at the Iowa Stata la nit i sity. To win an i a c,Ed m mkt. Be n member of the women s athletic association Lind to oui Valfy for King a ship it is necessary. To Lii co 25 Miles swim 714 House in half hour within sly. Tycks time or paddle a Canoe a certain distance after becoming n member of the association Thev Are obliged to win 1.000 no lots in athletics before Thev Are allowed the much coveted Honorwaukon Democrat. W. 11. Barney for twelve year state Dairy and food commissioner handed his resignation to governor a Kend-,11 after the of Tito executive Council had exonerated him from the charges of mismanagement of his department and the. More serious Dune of having a old diseased c.tle from Stnons Holstein Herd the latter Hargo having been i do by Vevou Marshall editor of the Cedar rapids Gazette. Or. Barnev was first appointed by. Gov. Cur Roll and was Cemi pointed gov. Clarke gov Jarding. Or. Barney is past 70jbv a of age. At Colfax. A pea county a couple were married recently and a number of boys resurrected an ancient custom and Etive Thorn an old time Charivari. The Happy Groom handed the spokesman of Tho Bunch a Silver Dollar and directed him to take tha boys Down town and Purchase a treat in due Elmo the boy returned with four cents unit n list of the things purchased and handed them to the surprised Groom. Tho me Thod Lenl business method uni loved twirly took Tho breath of the donor i and before he could his 1 mental Equi Polso and hand the four will be a Rozular feed with All the --.-,-._____hattle Hilt cents Hook to the boy the Little Rol to Immenga a Musaio Low Hud vanished Down the Beteet

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