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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - December 20, 1918, Postville, Iowa Successor to the f a a tub Law Twenty seventh year Postville Iowa Friday december 20, 1918 number 8 torn our Soldier boys letter from Elmer e. Mcmartin. Will relish a Good talk with you on our old Tome. Have Learned a few things and thought a bit also so i would like to have another argument. Have not been convinced on some things yet and possibly am stronger through the Courtesy of or. 0. A. I it than Ever but will say that if i is l we permitted to publish the Ever had any doubt of that Power i lowing interesting letter written Don t any More meaning Sugge to wet t. Ͽ�1 to on and hypnotism in the cure of Shell Shock Well doctor i must close for this i time and go Over to dinner. We sure i Are fed swell and Don t want to miss. Your Friend a Elmer. Letter from c. Hastings. Week after the signing of the Nitice somewhere in France nov. 18, 1918. Sar Friend. Your letter received a few Days ago.1 ill answer it now. At present i am my seven Day leave and enjoying p scenery of the Alps mountains e Are at triage and Grenoble. Urie is a famous summer resort for lion Aires and Grenoble is also. I with the u. S. Naval forces operatic Urtiago better for nest As there ing in european Waters l t any noise to speak of and we s nov. 2g, 1918. Be better accommodations As to Friend Klingbeil Tell. Triage is up in this Moun Well Bill Here is a letter i veins Cabout three quarters of an promised to write you a Long Tim i or s ride from Grenoble. Grenoble ago and Here s hoping it finds you quite a Large City but is built Over Well Asit leaves me Fine. Say Bill a Ood bit of territory. I surely Don t know How to thank you took a trip up one of the Moun for the paper you have been sending ins Back of Grenoble yesterday. It me. It sure made where i re was quite a climb but As far As was when Reading it made me ing tired it nothing in comparison feel like i was right there at Home the climb up Washington f s Monu a letter or paper from Horn Over ent in Washington d. A it took Here is Worth More than three pay All Day. The climb was so arrange Days. They have taken the censorship. That on our Way Back we took in Oft our mail so by that i guess we be Sunset on a he Snow capped peaks done what we set out to do. T sure was something Beautiful. Also Well will try and Tell As near a visited one of the old a Stiles. It is can where we Are located at present. It used now As a fort but it sure is we Are laying in the Bere Haven Hay solid built one. If nothing happens on the Southwest coast of Ireland prevent it we Are intending to take there is a Mother ship and five subs trip up to a fort near triage. Lying within 100 Yards of us. And let me Tell you old Man it s a about eight sub chasers and twelve wonderful feeling to be your own Boss destroyers besides two other Battle Aid free from military discipline for wagons the Oklahoma and Nevada even a few Days it s the first time our ship the Utah is flagship. We be slept in a Good bed since leaving had the Honor of bringing Over add Washington. On our Way Down Here Miral Mayo he is a four Star Man Jwa stopped a Day and a night in the and the Admiral of the Atlantic Fleet City of Lyons France. It s some besides. We carried Admiral Ben swell place and no Small one at that son also. When we loft Norfolk we we Are tidying to make the Riffle to had a Convoy of 6 destroyers but they go to Paris on our return trip but Only stayed with us ii e Day and night Don t suppose we will be Able to do so. And the rest of the Way we came by if we Don t it Means another Day at ourselves until within two Days of the Lyons anyway. Irish coast when we were a Aio Niet those of the boys that like Petti and conveyed by eight destroyer Coats pretty Well find no trouble pick Well there is an Island Here called t ing them up As they Stop and ask you Bere Island where some limited sol Ion the main streets of some of these Diers Are stationed a few stores and cities to go with them. None of it Irish lace school. A Little farther up for me i m too damned much Amer the Bay is a Small Village called Cas ican to like the looks of any of them tie own and near there is a cast lie still there Are some very fins looking that was started in the year 1200, and girls Here. Believe me or not it in t All finished France sure went wild on the 11th St. Each generation still adds a and 12th. Some of our boys who Hittle More to it. Floors Are Marble were on leave were passing through has a Moa t and drawbridge. It Paris when the news arrived. They seems like Fah y stories to go in there Sav it was beyond description people has some vary old and queer looking Postville 25 years ago. Neighbourhood news. From Iowa Volks Blatt dec. 21, 1803. At Cresco Rev. J. Gass preached last sunday. De Swenson is assisting at the Douglass drug store during the holi Days. 1 the highest Price Ever paid Here i Days for milk was paid Here last week $1.05 per 100 lbs. The new City Well opposite Luh Man & Sanders store after a trial on tuesday turned out to be As dry As the Sahara desert. Market prices hogs $4.65, cattle $1.55 to $2.00, potatoes 35c, butter 20c, eggs 20.c, chickens 4 to 5c, Corn 25c, wheat 50c, Barley 25c, Oats 22c. Chris Salzgeber was called to bos chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Cobel wis., on monday owing to the fined $1,000 and Given six months in mess of his Mother his brother jail for transporting into the August who spent a few Days Here state. Went with him. On e Hundred tons of Coal were August Fischer marketed the hoax dumped into a ditch in a freight lest hogs of the season Here last Mon wreck near Lawler last week. All Day. H brought in six head which but ten tons were saved averaged 563 pounds or or a total of at Elkport All sidewalks must be crying laughing singing others furniture. Also As this Island is screaming. It was a mob gone balloon station where we put out to mad. But every american Soldier sea we have one of those with a was " " " a. Old. Camp the Church Bells never ceased maybe around a thousand feet As an ringing until some of our boys help observation ballooned them out ringing the balls and the latest dope 1 broke the Chain. It sure was sme Dent Wilson makes an address to con whale of a time. Beaucoup wine and Gness of the 2nd of december and Cognac was drank. The Camps were leaves for a foreign port and that beyond restraint that night. Would the Utah is to meet and escort him like to have been Back in the u. S. Into some French port lifter which to see How the news was deceived to go up in the North sea and re you said in your letter that by the View the German Fleet and then time your letter reached me the Ger homeward bound. Of boy and Man s would probably be nearly All right into new York Harbor. Let Mea i. tin this country is s wanted to s be and no mistake. It but Veneve me j. D take mine in there Are 24 of us boys on leave god s country real old u. S. A. And this time and we Are among 600 d. Now that we be done our bit Why-1 men. D stands for Yankee. Division am More than anxious to see Home 26. They have been Here 14 and i some familiar faces months and this is the first Bunch of it is near a time for pipe the first leave they have had. They have to close. Hoping you and sure deserve it. Was in Hopes i yours have a merry Christmas and a might a Lucky. W " t someone i knew from around Home. _ but not so. I Charles Mort Hastings. You said you expected me to come Home something higher than a Pri now doctor there is where you and i. Differ. I absolutely have vat i 11 Anil . Or i Pinr t no desire to be any different than 1 am. As now i am a lad among lads. Letter from Talcott Bill Man. Somewhere in for u co nov. 14, 1918. And a Rother be a Buck private in i t brotherly love Lodge no. 204, a to rear ranks As the. Saying goes f & a a Postville Iowa. Titles and i commimion7�ave"no value to me. I Pathine for them. Tes. Of than be. Major t0tj dear Brothers ear ii Uricio. M to. Voa. The idea of writing you a letter has care nothing for them. Yes de d t0 my Many Many times Sieve myself and in it a a since i came to far away franc but i could have gone on pfc i simply sine Felt most Uke writing refused to know any More about my. V Iai no time or else Zitery things than was necessary. Let of. Eiselt it those that care for the Mere earthly of most constantly during the whole period until recently when it cleared off froze up and became More like Winter. I cannot understand what kind of a motive 6ver prompted anybody to. Christen this country sunny the country outside of the War zone is Beautiful because the land is Farmed so intensively and it is usually kept so neat and clean but the villages Are far from being tidy and sanitary.  the Young men May seem to be pretty scarce at Home but they a re much More than the Small number Over Here in France now since the Wair although a few of those left alive Are returning Home now. It looked very strange to me at first to see so Many old people doing All of the work for they simply had to if it got done at All. One of the Many other Miat hods of doing work Here that interested me greatly was to see oxen and horses hitched up together. They always hitch one animal ahead of in other. Occasionally they will have three or four hitched always one ahead of the other. Automobiles Are not much used by the French people. In fact about one half of All the cars i be seen Are Fords in fact most All Are u. S. Manufacture. It would certainly astonish the most of you if Jou could see the hundreds and thousands of big trucks used by the u. A. In fact not Only the vast numbers of motor trucks but the big u. S. Locomotives and thousands of Railroad cars As Well. A year ago an aeroplane was quite a curiosity to a Good Many of us but they Are so plentiful every Day now that we Don t take a great Deal of notice of them. They will certainly be much used for travel by some people in the near future. The reason i am using both sides of my paper is because it is expensive like everything. Else Over example this is rather poor Quality of paper As you May notice taken from a Tablet which would Cost us 10c at any u. S. Stationery store. I paid 45c for this one. A fair Quality of envelopes costs me 25c per package. Eggs Cost a bout eight francs or $1.44 per dozen butter and cheese Cost about $1.00 per1 Pound and bread can not be bought at All in most places its certainly fierce the Way these French people boost the Price on the u. S. Soldier but the american is generous and will spend his Money no matter what the prices Are. So you can readily imagine about How the Soldier would Fieira on the pay he gets if the u. S. Did t clothe and feed him. I received a card from Brothen f. 3. Thoma and a very newsy letter it two from Frank w. Eaton which were u really appreciated. For awhile after i enlisted it just Fie emed As Tho Frh i never get accustomed to Battery regulations convenient. So at this late Day 111 those my honors have them i have no use for convenient. Them myself. As a private i can Endeavor to pen you a Little news face any Man and say i did my share which i Hope May interest you a lit of the work and did not shirk out of it tie even if a Little late. Later on in As Sonie higher up have. At Camp the letter i la toll you Why i am using Dodge i was lined up for non com both sides of the paper but when we reached Washington j. Woll useless for to to try to knew nothing about things. Sure Tell you much about the end of the am glad i let on i did t know now. Great conflict because you no doubt a my with. A Road More in one of your daily papers if i can corns out of this army with a i a m a a a. Clear conscience i have All the Honor than i could Tell you in a month so i ask for and i m going to , too. I la not attempt to a no. at Deal have been much interested in the about it except w talk of the boys from the front. It great and Good c sure must have been hell with a Venir place perhaps. Glance. Although i know one fellow realize. A that went Over this top five times and hire end .,.,v,m1. Received a wound but was been changed and reduced to fit the a a been conditions which gives a a mme changer arc taking More rapidly than we in the first place the amount of our work a has a Nice acknowledgement. The following taken from the last week s Waukon Republican concerns c. Postville boy now convalescing in a Hospital in. France master John is the proudest Little Man in town for the reason that last week he received the following Etter from a real Soldier in France and it came through his ability As an artist having made up a Book of cartoons and donating it to the red Cross chapter Here which found its Way to a base Hospital where the Young Soldier was confined far treatment of a wound. Falling into the hands of a older boy whose Home is in the same Oughty makes the Possession of it a valued souvenir. This letter is acknowledging its receipt base Hospital no. 20, nov. 8, 191-8. Or. John Scharf dear sir and Friend if i May Call you such. Your Book caricature came to hand yesterday afternoon and was elated As a Sll As surprised to find your name on the Fly my Home is or was at Postville up till a year ago when i enlisted and your folks have no doubt heard of my family whose name is Fay and i have an Uncle in the citizens state Bank t Postville. Had the misfortune to meet with a piece of Hun shrapnel on the 30th of october which landed me in the Hospital. Am not seriously Hurt but enuf to put me on the shelf for a few weeks. Was hit just Back of the knee Cap. Am walking with a Cane but rather stiff legged. A Carl Meierkord of Waukon is in the same company As i was and was Well the last time i saw him. Also Mika Danaher from Dorchester Don t know whether you know of him but he was with us until the last of july when he was transferred to the r. R. Artillery. Well i will close hoping this finds Vou Well. Your sincere Friend of. H Fay a dvrs. Co. 57 artillery c. A. C. A. E. F., via new York France. P. writing this i have met your audit miss Minert who Isi quite Well and who know one of my uncles or. 0. J. Fay of Des . Slacker made to come across. At a recent meeting of the Cedar county War court held at Tipton with a number of Well to do citizens on trial who had shown a decided inclination to shirk their patriotic duty by helping the various War activities one wealthy Man from Durant was Given the limit. He had played horse with the committee on a previous occasion by giving a Check for the amount due and then instructing the Bank not to pay the Check.  being asked How Many Bonds he purchased he said he had bought $1,500 Worth at the Stockton Bank but a phone Call to the cashier of the 3320 pounds for which he received $149.40. A _ farm Bureau notes cleaned of Snow by 10 a. M., or the Street commissioner will do the Job and the costs assessed against the property. In Winneshiek county this year Only twelve pieces were sold to pay for the boys Are coming Home. Usu taxes due the sum received being ally they will go Back to their old $202.11. This is the smallest Delin Job. Some however Are looking for quent tax Sale Ever held in the history new and different work. Not a few 0f that county Are eager to Start work on the farm. ,.they have Learned to appreciate As a Hay robbery on the Road they never did before the healthful "e, Washburn was reported to the Tess and Independence of farm work. Police by Harry Lansing who allow they have Learned to appreciate the a a stranger to ride with him Lan Joy and pleasure to be derived from f pc is his passenger slugged working in the Fields and open of Lum and relieved him of $125. The country. Their training has at Decorah last saturday when the Reade better men of them physically 2200 red Cross pigs were being Load and mentally. When they Are Dis de for shipment to Chicago a moving charged from the army they can a picture was taken of the loading and ply for work through the Federal pm also of the whole train whereupon ploy ment service which is maintained the camera Man proceeded to Chicago at every Camp from which men Are anti get pictures of the unloading and d ise hanged. These applications Are Selling. Forwarded to the county agent in the to county of their Choice. These apply two Hundred and Twenty three red cations Are already arriving in the Cross pigs were shipped to Chicago  anti from Strawberry Point last week. The it to a that he had von Mav be Aura-1 shall Welcome the not. Subscribed for any Bonds thei Dav when our Uncle Sam turn sme he also stated that he had us bomb a t of the wort Loose so i can once More return to civilian life. Yours fraternally Talcott l. . Battery a 3rd f. A., a. U. Gels pen instead of posies. Private William r. Thomas a member of the depot brigade at Camp Dodge has been found guilty by a general court martial of appropriating $14 to use which members of his company donated for the Purchase of Flowers for the funeral of de for $200 to the red Crossi with one of the Durant Banks but a phone Call proved that this Story also was not True. He was then asked by the Board to put up $200 to the red Cross to give to the y. C. A., and buy War savings Stamps to Square his account the total amounting to $4,362.-50, and to give a draft certified to be Good by the Bank. He came across another session will be held in the near future. Attention readers. Herald the Bowers family at Toddville lost four members by the flu inside of ten Boone county is to have a permanent collection of pictures of every Soldier that left that county. The Guttenberg Canning co. Last week shipped $29,000 Worth of canned Corn to Uncle Sam. Or. And mrs. D. V. Tuller of near Independence have seven sons in the army five of whom Aire in France. O. J. Mcmanus of Waterloo Waukon office. The Soldier is anti i .7 1tied to a better Job than he left upon total weight of the hogs was 38,080 entering the army. Any progressive pounds. On each Side of the cars a by Isnell Man or Farmer can by Good i re sign was tacked with a red management make " " " a Nas s 1t" where t business pay enough deter income Lue has Over 100 Farmers who Mil More than the Uberty Bonds which 20 cows. About time move interest us a bed was being taken in making beef of the we _ cow that does t pay her Board. 1 he upon a request from the cashier of Farmer who spends 20 minutes each the first National Bank at Nora Day milking and taking care of a cow Springs sheriff Marsh arrested miss that does t quite pay her Board Dorothy Cross who claims Arkansas has t anything on the Pool room Fis Ler Home state and miss Gertrude Loafer. Both Are doing what Thoy on Dutro of Clear Lake on the charge of Joy most both have Money enough so obtaining Money by false pne tenses. They can afford it. The world is a the sheriff located the Young ladies trently waiting for them to become at the Park inn and held them in Cus disgusted with their Lack of Progress Tody until the arrival of the banker and do something useful. From Nora Springs. The charge is the flu prevented a Large number of obtaining Money on checks that Are the Bee keepers from attending the worthless conference. Those who were present had a valuable meeting. Brof. Awhile the influenza still is Prev reus of the u. S department of a Lent m Many Iowa communities the a culture was present and gave an in state Board of health officials state Teresing talk. Officers were elected that the number of cases reported for next year and other important duly now " a in business transacted. Average during the october epidemic. James returned from Chi a total of new cases reported in Iowa Cago in time to attend the Alla Makee last week was 10,924, of which 1,257 Bee keepers conference. No he did t were reported m ship hogs this time. He was on the fears of an a Market with a shipment of Honey a cowardly act. Never for Hove us Imp. Sunui iv#�.�, of lightly gassed. We of -n4. M snare Timo to a Etc so re that we cow not a pm a it wih Ouw hat us More _ for saturday. To allay enormous death rate the state Board pointed out that in november the death rate was Only two per cent from All cashes of. Influenza and attendant complications reported in the United states. A Short time ago Lyle Topliff son two masked men entered and Rob of or. C. L. Topliff and Donald Blair bed the s. Lades general store at took a gun and started Hunting. Moin Gona in Boone county of $150, when they got to the House of a far made their get away to Boone and Mer they thought his Woods would be after a fierce shooting scrape with a Good place to Hunt and so they went officers there escaped. The men Are up to the House and asked the lady believed to have been Lee Meliza and the privilege of Hunting the lady David Allison Gibbs the latter being said no and told them to get off the from near Moin Gona. Tlle men enter place. Thay started away. The e l this store ordered the proprietor woman told her husband and he run to throw up his hands and when he Cross lots and met the boys Dow the did not immediately comply one Road some distance away. In a jumped behind the counter struck is cd them what Ades on the had and tied his hands been when the pleasant manner he kind of a gun Thoy Hud. Handed him the gun to look then he showed anger began Ber tag them for coming around and threw the gun into the River. He tried to catch the boys but was unable and a i 1, 1, to the charges Tnomas was a. Spotti toot each month a a a threw stones at Thorn. The boys were us worked for George Katschowsky to accompany the body of tutnrof0� insist on Residori to Kulli a med and waded the East of toxin and passed two checks Tho Home of his a Tlam so us the necessary Yeai fort Leavenworth has been Limpos acre Ding to the charges. Thomas was detailed House to eve but the houses with whom we Deal a month and by Money to River to escape the boys i a feet. Thoy then escaped with the k at and Satchel of Money. Judge Springer was Here last Friday to hear the cases of two Young men George Stackus and John Schmidt accused of forgery. Stack us worked for George Katshen Iuliu a sub . East 0f town and passed two him. Now As the j with or. Katschowsky s name forged a -----1" _ them. Schmidt had forged a wore 20th engr militias ceased the last Thomas went to ire i v their people. Come in and. Cannot be located and is lost Ai. To. A to tues by a bin filing Fine for nearly and Teuling to obey orders. K my service saw enough to get i Hay for i sch it is really to Rev lowing authority reduced the sen my if a Man were to look another Man and sentenced to not tie Tributino it hard labor 1 the sugar division Barracks. J end dec. 31. Down. Anamosa. He is but Schmidt got the Penitentiary at fort Register

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