Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
13 Dec 1918

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
13 Dec 1918

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - December 13, 1918, Postville, Iowa The Postville Herald , Iowa. Carolyn cannot face Prospect of losing her Only Friend and companion. father and Mother reported lost at sea when the Dun Raven on which they had sailed for Europe was sunk Carolyn May Cameron Hannah s Carolyn is sent from new York to her Bachelor Uncle Joseph Stagg at the Corners. The reception Given her by her Uncle is not very enthusiastic. Carolyn is also chilled by the Stern Demeanour of aunty Hose Uncle Joe s housekeeper. Stagg is dismayed when he learns from a lawyer Friend of his brother in Law that Carolyn has been left practically penniless and consigned to his care As guardian. Carolyn learns of the estrangement Between her Uncle and his one time sweetheart Amanda Parlow and the cause of the bitterness Between the two families. Chapter a continued. The mole in question lived under a piece of Rock Wall near the Garden Fence. When Uncle Joe came Home to dinner on one particular saturday he walked Down to the Corner of the Garden Fence and there saw the havoc Prince had wrought. In following the line of the mole s last Tunnel he had worked his Way under the picket Fence and had torn up two currant Bushes and done some damage in the Strawberry Patch. And the worst of it is grumbled the hardware dealer he never caught the mole. That Mongrel really in t Worth a bag of do Nicks to sink him in the Brook. But that s what he s going to get this very evening when i come Home. I won t stand for him a Carolyn May positively turned Pale As she crouched beside the now chained up Prince both arms about his rough neck. He licked her Cheek. Fortunately he could not understand everything that was said to him therefore the pronouncement of this terrible sentence did not Agi ate him an atom. Carolyn May sat for a Long time under the tree beside the sleeping dog and thought How different this life at the Corners was from that she had lived with her father and Mother in the City Home. If Only that big ship the Dun Raven had not sailed away with her papa and her Mamma Carolyn May had been very Brave on that occasion. She had gone ashore with mrs. Price and Edna after her Mother s last clinging embrace and her father s husky Good by daughter with scarcely a tear. Of course she had been Brave Mamma would return in a few weeks and then after a time papa would likewise come Back and of so Rosy and Stout 1 and then in two weeks came the fatal news of the sinking of the Dun Raven and the loss of All but a Small part of her Crew and passengers. Vaguely these facts had become known to Carolyn May. She never spoke of them. They did not seem real to the Little girl. But now sitting beside the condemned Prince her companion and the Little girl Felt bitterly her loneliness and grief. Only real comforter during these weeks of her orphan Hood the Little girl Felt bitterly her loneliness and grief. If Uncle Joe did As he had threatened what should she do there seemed to be no place for her and Prince to run away to. Pm quite sure i Don t want to Uve thought Carolyn May dismally. If papa and Mamma and Prince Are All dead Why there Aren t enough other folks left la the world to make it Worth while living in i Don t be Lleve. If Prince in t going to be alive then i doa t want to be alive either by and by Prince began to get very uneasy. It was Long past his dinner four and every to my he heard the screen door slam be jumped up and gazed eagerly and with cocked ears and. Wagging Tail in that direction. You poor thing Yon said Carolyn May at last. I s pose you Are hungry it in t going to do you a bit of Good to eat but you Don t know it. I la ask aunty Rose if she has something for  she got up wearily and went across the Yard. Aunty Rose stood just in Side the screen door. Don t you want any dinner car Lyn May she asked. No a am. I guess pm better not eat said the child. Why not " cause my stomach s so trembly i just know i could t keep anything Down even if i could Swallow it. But Prince la eat his please. He he Don t know any Tut Tut murmured the woman he s the most sensible of the two of you i the minutes of that afternoon dragged by in most doleful procession. There was no idea in the Little girl s mind that Uncle Joe might change his intention and Prince be saved from the watery grave promised him. When she saw the hardware dealer come into the Yard almost an hour earlier than their usual supper time she was not surprised. Nor did she think of pleading with him for the dog s life. The litle girl watched him askance or. Stagg came directly through the Yard stopping Only at the shed for a moment. There he secured a Strong potato sack and with it trailing from his hand went half Way up the Knoll to where there was a Heap of stones. He stooped Down and began to select some of these putting them in the bag. This was too much for Carolyn May. With a fearful look at Uncle Joe s uncompromising shoulders she went to the tree where Prince was chained exchanging the Chain for the leather Leash with which she always led him about the Little girl guided the Mongrel across the Yard and around the Corner of the House. Her last backward glance assured her that the hardware dealer had not observed her. Quickly and silently she led Prince to the front Gate and they went out together into the Dusty Road i i know we ought t to whispered Carolyn May to her canine Friend but i feel i be just got to save you Prince. I i can t see you drowned dead like that she turned the nearest Corner and went up the Road towards the Little closed Gable roofed cottage where aunty Rose had lived before she had come to be Uncle Joe s housekeeper. Carolyn May had already peered Over into the Small Yard of the cottage and had seen that mrs. Kennedy still kept the Flower Beds weeded and the walks neat and the grass plot trimmed. But the window shutters were barred and the front door built up with boards. Carolyn May went in through the front Gate and sat Down on the Doorstep while Prince dropped to a comfortable attitude beside her. The dog slept. The Little girl ruminated. She would not go Back to Uncle Joe a no indeed she did not know just what she would do when dark should come but Prince should not be sacrificed to her Uncle s Wrath. A voice Low Sweet yet startling aroused her. What Are Yon doing there Little girl both runaways started but neither of them was disturbed by the appear Ansce of her who had accosted Carolyn May. Of miss Mandy breathed the Little girl and thought that the Carpenter s daughter had never looked so pretty. What Are you doing there repeated miss Parlow. We we be run away sold Carolyn May at last. She could be nothing but Frank it was her nature. Run away i repeated the  pretty woman you Don to mean that yes a am i have. And Prince. From Uncle Joe and aunty Rose Carolyn May assured her. Nodding her. Head with each declaration. Of my dear what for asked miss Amanda. So Carolyn May told her and with tears. Meanwhile the woman came into the Yard and sat beside the child on the step. With her Arm about the Little girl miss Amanda snuggled her up close wiping the tears away with Ber own handkerchief. I just can t a to Dom Prince drowned Carolyn May sobbed. Cd want to be drowned myself i know dear. But do you really believe your Uncle Joseph would do such a thing would he drown your dog i i saw him putting the stones in the bag sobbed Carolyn May. And he snid he but he said it when he was angry dear. We often say tilings when we Are angry More s the pity which we do not mean and for which we Are bitterly sorry afterwards. I am sure Carolyn May that your Uncle Joe has no intention of drowning your of miss Amanda Are you pos Tiv positive i know Joseph Stagg.1 he was never yet cruel to any dumb creature. Go ask him yourself Carolyn May. Whatever else he May be he is not a hater of helpless and dumb miss Amanda cried Carolyn May with clasped hands you you Are just lifting an awful big Lump off my heart i i la run and ask him right she raced with the Barking Prince Back to the Stagg premises. Or. Stagg with her arms about the Little girl miss Amanda snuggled her up close. Had just finished filling in with the stones the Trench Prince had dug under the Garden Fence. There he grunted. That drafted dog won t dig this Hole any bigger i reckon what s the matter with you car Lyn Are Are you going to drown d Princey Uncle Joe if if you do it just seems to me i i shall die he looked up at her searchingly. Humph is that Mongrel so All important to your happiness that you want to die if he does demanded the Man. Yes Uncle Humph ejaculated the hardware dealer again. I believe you think More of that dog than you do of yes Uncle the Frauk answer hit or. Stagg harder than he would have cared to acknowledge. Why he queried. Because Prince never said a word to Hurt me in his life said Carolyn May sobbing. The Man was silenced. He Felt in his inmost heart that he had been judged. Chapter i. Prince awakens the Corners. Camp meeting time was Over and the Church at the Corners was to open for its regular sunday services. Both satan and the Parson have had a vacation said or. Stagg and now they can tackle each other again and see which u get the strangle hold twixt now and revival you should not say such things especially before the child Joseph Sangg admonished aunty Rose. Carolyn May however seemed not to have heard Uncle Joe s pessimistic remark she was too greatly excited by the Prospect of sunday school. And the very next week Day school would begin by this first week in september the Little girl was quite settled in her new Home at the Corners. Prince was still a doubtful addition to the family both Uncle Joe and aunty Rose plainly having misgivings about him. But in regard to the Little girl herself the hardware merchant and the housekeeper were of one opinion even though they did not admit it to each other. Prince proves himself a real canine hero and makes himself solid with All the people at the Corners. His exploit is described in the next instalment to be continued i an order for 240,000 pairs of knee length rubber boots for the French army has been placed with american manufacturers Rafun Oft ornery util Fol More Endicott copyright -191s of Bodd Mead Aid company Prince proves himself a real canine hero and wins approval of the Corners. father and Mother reported lost at sea when the Dun Raven on which they had sailed for Europe was sunk Carolyn May Cameron Hauna s car Lyn is sent from new York to her Bachelor Uncle Joseph Stagg at the Corners. The reception Given her by her Uncle is not very enthusiastic. Carolyn is also chilled by the Stern Demeanour of aunty Rose Uncle Joe s housekeeper. Stagg is dismayed when he learns from a lawyer Friend of his brother in Law that Carolyn has been left practically penniless and consigned to his care As guardian. Carolyn learns of the estrangement Between her Uncle and his one time sweetheart Amanda Parlow and the cause of the bitterness Between the two families. Chapter i continued. Aunty Rose remained apparently As austere As Ever while Joseph Stagg was quite As much immersed in business As formerly. Yet there were times when she and the child were alone that mrs. Kennedy unbent in a greater or less degree. And on the part of Joseph Stagg he found himself thinking of sunny haired Blue eyed Hannah s car Lyn with increasing frequency. Did t you Ever have any Little girls aunty Rose Carolyn May asked the housekeeper on one of those intimate occasions. Or Little boys i mean of your very yes said aunty Rose in a matter of fact tone. Three. But Only to have them in my arms for a very Little while. Each died soon after coming to me. There was something quite wrong with them All so the doctors of my dear All three of them sighed Carolyn May. Two girls and. A boy. Only one lived to be three months old. They Are All buried behind the Church the next morning Early Carolyn May with Prince went Over into the churchyard and found the. Three Little stones in a Row. She knew they must be the right ones for there was a bigger Stone with the inscription Frank Kennedy beloved spouse of Rose upon it. The names on the three Little stones were Emeline Frank jr., and Clarissa. Weeds and tall grass had begun to sprout about the Little lozenge shaped stones and about the taller one. While she was thus engaged a tall Man in Black looking rather weedy himself if the truth were told came across the graveyard nil stood beside her. He wore a Broad band of crepe around his hat and on his Arm and was very grave and serious looking. Who Are you Little girl he asked his voice being quite agreeable and his tone kindly. I m car Lyn May if you please Bhe replied looking up at him frankly. Car Lyn May Stagg he asked. You re or. Stagg s Little girl i be heard of car Lyn May Cameron Stie corrected seriously. I m Only staying with Uncle Joe. He is my guardian and he had to take me of course when my papa and Mamma were lost at indeed returned the gentleman. Do you know who i am i i think said Carolyn May doubtfully that you must be the for a moment the Ger Etleman looked startled. Then he flushed a Little but his eyes twinkled. The undertaker he murmured. Do i look like that excuse me sir said Carolyn May. I Don t really know you you know. Maybe you re not the no i am not. Though our undertaker or. Sylv vans is a very Good yes sir said the Little girl politely. I am the pastor Here your pastor i Hope he said putting a kind hand upon her head. Of i know you now said Carolyn May brightly. You re the Man Uncle Joe says is going to get a strangle hold on satan now that vacation la Rev. Of ton Driggs looked rather Odd Ignon. The shocking frankness of the child came pretty near to flooring him. I ahem your Uncle compliments me to said drily. You Don t know that to is ready to do his share do you his share repeated the puzzled Little girl. Toward strangling the evil one pursued the minister a wry smile Curling the Corners of his has. Has he got a share in it too asked Carolyn May. I think we nil should have said the minister looking Down at her with returning kindliness in his glance. Even Little girls like you.". Carolyn May looked at him quite seriously. Do you s pose she asked him confidentially that satan is really wicked enough to trouble Little girls it was a startling bit of new philosophy thus suggested and or. Driggs Shook his head in grave doubt. But it gave him something to think of All that Day and the first Sermon preached in the Corners Church that autumn seemed rather different from most of those solid indigestible discourses that the Good Man was wont to drone out to his parishioners. Dunno but it is Worth while to give the Parson a vacation pronounced Uncle Joe at the dinner table. Seems to me ills Sermon this morning seemed to have a new snap to it. Me be hell give old is Tenn a hard rub this Winter after Joseph Sangg said aunty Rose admonishing by. I think he s a very Nice Man said Carolyn May suddenly. And i Kep awake most of the time you see. I heard poor Princy howling for me Here where he was tied hum ejaculated or. Stagg. Which kept you awake the dog or the minister of i like or. Driggs very much the Little girl assured him. And he s in great full Tiou too i am sure. He he wears crepe on his hat and huh so he does grunted or. Stagg. He s most always in mourning for somebody or do you s pose Uncle Joe that he looks up enough it does just seem to me As though poor or. Driggs must always be looking Down instead of looking up to see the Sunshine and the Blue sky and and the Mon talus like my papa said you should Uncle Joe was silent. Aunty Rose said very briskly for her and your papa was right car Lyn May. He was a very sensible Man i have no of he was quite a wonderful Man snid the Little girl with full Assurance. It was on the following morning that school opened. The Corners District school was a red building with a Quatty Bell Tower and two front doors standing not far up the Road beyond the Church. Miss Minnie Lester taught the school and although miss Minnie looked very sharply through her glasses it one Carolyn May thought she was going to love the teacher very much. Indeed that was Carolyn May s attitude toward almost everybody whom she met. She. Expected to love and to be loved. Was it any wonder she made so Many friends there proved however at the Start to be a Little difficulty with miss Minnie. Prince would not remain at Home. He howled and whined for the first half of monday morning s session As aunty Rose confessed almost driving her mad. Then he slipped his Collar and Tore away on Carolyn May s cold Trail. Into the school marched the dog having drawn the Staple with which his Chain had been fastened to the Bole of the tree in or Stagg s Back Yard. Miss Minnie was both alarmed and angry. Some of the Little girls shrieked and wept when Prince pranced Over to Carolyn May s seat. If you do not shut that awful dog up so that he cannot follow you Here Carolyn May i shall speak to your Uncle or. Stagg about it. Ugh the ugly beast take him away at once so Carolyn May s schooldays at the Corners did not begin very happily after All. She had always loved and been loved by every teacher she had Ever had before. But miss Minnie seemed prejudiced against her because of Prince. The Little girl Felt badly about this but she was of too cheerful a temperament to Droop for Long under the pressure of any trouble. The other children liked her and Carolyn May found plenty of playmates. It was on the last Friday in the month that something happened which quite changed miss Minnie s attitude towards Tiit Mongrel incidentally the Corners As n Community was fully awakened from its lethargy and As it chanced like the sleeping Beauty and All her retinue by a Prince. The school session on Friday afternoons was always shortened. This Day or. Brady one of the school trustees came to review the school and before he left to pay miss Minnie her salary for the month. Carolyn May had permission from aunty Ilose to go calling that after. Noon. Freda Payne whom she liked very much lived up the Road beyond the. Schoolhouse and she had invited the Little City girl to come to see her. Of course Prince had to be included in the Levit nation. Freda fully understood that and Carolyn May took Alai on his Leash. They saw miss Minnie it her desk when they went past the schoolhouse. She was correcting written exercises. Carolyn May secretly hoped that her own was much better than she feared it was. Not far beyond the schoolhouse Prince began to growl and the hairs stiffened on his neck. Whatever is the matter with you Prince demanded Carolyn May. In a moment she saw the cause of the dog s continued agitation. A roughly dressed be whiskered Man sat beside the Road eating a lunch out of a newspaper. He leered at Carolyn May and said i guess you got a bad dog there Ain t be Little girl of no he s us ally very polite answered Carolyn May. You must to still Prince 1 you see she explained to does t like folks to Wear old clothes. If if you had on your sunday suit i m quite sure he would not growl it he would they said the Man hoarsely Licking his fingers of the last crumbs of his lunch. An suppose a Feller Nln t got no sunday suit Why then i s pose Prince would t Ever let you come into our Yard if to was Don t let him Loose now Little girl said the fellow getting up hurriedly und eyeing the angry dog askance. Of no sir. We re going visiting up the Road. Come away Prince. I won t let him touch you she assured the Man. The latter seemed rather doubtful of her ability to hold the dog Long and he hobbled away towards the school House. Carolyn May had a very pleasant Call Freda s Mother even approved of Prince and it was an hour before the two started for Home. In sight of the school House Prince gave evidence again of excitement. I wonder what is the matter with you now Carolyn May began when suddenly she sighted what had evidently so disturbed the dog. A Man was crouching under one of the schoolhouse windows Bobbing up now and then to peer in. It was the Man whom they had previously seen beside the Road. Hush Prince whispered Little Carolyn May holding the dog by the Collar. She too could see through the open window. Miss Minnie was still at her desk. She had finished correcting the pupils papers. Now she had her bag open nud was counting the Money or. Brady Hud Given her. Of of breathed Carolyn May clinging to the eager dog s Collar. The Man at the window suddenly left his position and slipped around to the door. In a moment he appeared in the schoolroom before the startled teacher. Miss Minnie screamed. The Man with a rough threat darted Forward to seize her purse. Just then Carolyn May uns napped the Leash from Prince s Collar and let him go. Save miss Minnie Princey i she cried after the charging dog. Prince did not trouble about the door. The open window through which the tramp had spied upon the schoolmistress was nearer. He went up the Wall and scrambled Over the Sill with a Savage determination that left no doubt whatever in the tramp s mind. With a yell of terror the fellow bounded out of the door and Tore along the Road and through the Corners at a Speed never before equated in that locality by a Knight of the Road. Prince lost a Little time in recovering his footing and again getting on the Trail of the fleeing tramp. But he was soon baying the fellow past the Blacksmith shop and the store. The incident called the entire pop no lat Lon of the Corners save the bedridden to the windows and doors. For once the Little somnolent Village awoke. Prince continues to prove that he is a very important character in this Story. The next instalment tells How he is concerned in another incident that May a heard from later. Don t Mesa this. To be continued naughty Mamma s boy. My husband who is at Camp Sherman wrote Home and told us this joke the boys played on a Mamma s boy who was the Goat of the whole company. One night while he was Over to the y. M. C. A. They fixed up the head of his cot with Sticks and tied a string to then then waited until he got sound asleep and pulled the strings out came the Sticks and Down wont Tho bed. To nearly exploded he was so mad and my husband said had you been lit. Ten Long Yon could have heard him swearing Clear Trilb Une. All in 8ome Day. One Day at a Southern Camp one of the negro soldiers was showing me to service pin with Throe stars which he always carried in his pocket. I is Kcal him who the relatives wore and lie replied one is of miss Etc an Tho other two is to a rudders one is going to enlist an the other to to us draft Exchange

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