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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - December 13, 1918, Postville, Iowa Postville Herald successor to the ?3m Render their separate Charters and farm the. Clayton county chapter. Elkader beings the county at Vas made the seat of the county chapter As is the t mechanical appliance the government will Supply it free keep it in repair and renew it when necessary. If after his discharge from the Hospital he again needs medical treatment on account of his disability the government will Supply it free. While a is in the Hospital and while in training afterwards the Soldier or Sailor will receive compensation As if in the service and his family or dependents a will receive their allotments. Also a wounded Soldier or Sailor regardless of whether his disability prevents him from taking up his former employment May take a course in vocational training free of Cost and the War risk insurance compensation will be paid him during the time of training. In this Case no allotment will be paid to his family. The training branches with their thousands of trained instructors will use millions of the nation s dollars and the country instead of being filled with dependent cripples and beggars an eyes i a to the nation and a constant reminder of tile horrible Side of the great War with its glorified cause and its magnificent Victory will Hava thousands of highly trained men heroes the glory of whose sacrifice will not have been Tarn used by a moral and mental disintegration. That s Oro of tha reasons Why the fifth Liberty loan must be oversubscribed. The first tree Loans launched America in the War built training Camps and equipped and sent men overseas the fourth Liberty loan the fighting loan backed up the fighting men and made overwhelming Victory for the allies., possible. The fifth or Victory loan will be just As important in the annals of War loan for both moral and reasons. America would be monstrously ungrateful should she not stay with her men in Khaki and Blue until hey sire returned to Thad Homes physically Strong and Able to earn a livelihood. The Best Way for every person to Chow his personal gratitude is to Start now planning How much he can subscribe to the fifth Lon. John Thill has quit the Saloon business. Louise Miller lost $15 out of her handbag Here saturday. Mrs. Carl Senholz is Ary sick with the Grippe at her Home. A Large number of tramps took up lodging at the town jail this week. Fritz Sandar shipped a Carload of sheep to the Chicago Market Friday Eddie Thoma had the misfortune to crush his hand while Sleigh Riding saturday. Fritz Baltz and Fritz Lammert were a Down at Volney and Watson looking for farms. G. W. Sawyer and miss d. Gano were married at Prairie Duchien last saturday. On last tuesday mrs. We. Mott died very suddenly of pneumonia. The funeral was held today. Gussie Harrington and h. Breckler gave a violin concert at the j. M Thoma Home tuesday evening. Henry Brechler of Boscobel wis., has been employed As successor to Oscar Doerring in tha Volks Blatt office. This morning at six o clock As Jacob Meyer was on his Way to his Blacksmith shop he discovered fire in tha Bixby & Williams store. He turned in an alarm and the firemen after a hard fight succeeded in putting the fire out without it doing much damage. The Blaza was supposed to have started from a Cuspid or filled with sawdust into which lighted Cigar Butts had been thrown the night before. Neighbourhood news. Chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Farm Bureau notes prominent Mason dead. John w. Barry president of the Hawkeye Lumbar company past grand master of the masons of Iowa leading business Man and one of the Best known members of the masonic Long a in the state died at his Home in Cedar rapids at 11 p. M., sunday or. Barry s death came after an extended illness. He had taken treatment at a sanitarium in Michigan and a had expressed the belief that the treatments there had been beneficial to him. He returned in apparently improved condition but it soon became apparent that there was danger that he would not fully recover. Always interested in masonic affairs or. Barry was Honora with the office of grand master in 1917-18. John Wells brought a sure enough Liberty ear of Corn that was grown with a number of others off the same kind to this office monday. The kernels Ore of the american colors red. White and Blue and there Are a few yellow ones no doubt to represent the pros and slab avs. While this ear of com was maturing our Brave boys were in France helping to put an end to prussian Enterprise. The Bee keepers of Alla Makee co. Will hold another meeting at the court House dec. 14-18. Prof. Mil Len will be present. The Ben keepers will All be there and others will find the meeting interesting and instructive. There would t be any flu if the Public health were guarded As carefully As these Bee keepers look after the health welfare and productiveness of their bees. President a. Kuehn has prepared question Box for the Bee keepers convention on saturday. If you cannot be there Send your questions and they will be answered for the Benefit of those present and the answer will be mailed to you if you so desire. This will be a very helpful part of the program. Some of the Alla Makee Farmers Are willing to pay for the. Privilege of keeping an old cow on the farm that does not produce enough to pay her own Board. Usually Thesa men Are wealthy and can afford the added expense. Others keep this class of cows so the Good wife the sons and daughters May have something to keep them out of mischief. Usually however these cows have been entertained because there was no cow testing associations and no judge of Dairy cattle who could pick producers from boarders. To remedy this condition some of the members of the farm Bureau have decided to Start a cow testing association. A cow testing association is an organization of 26 Farmers which should be milking ten of More cows. The association employs a Man As tester who is capable of making tha Babcock test and who is also in a position to help the Farmers with their feeding problems. The tester spends one Day each month on each farm of the association. This record is taken As an average for the month and the Tacord for the month is computed by multiplying by 30 or 31, which is the number of Days in the month. A record is left on the farm in a hard Book which is furnished by the Dairy division of the United states department of agriculture and a duplicate record is taken away in a Ledger carried by the tester. At the end of the year the Ledger sheets Are sent in and summaries Are made of the records of each cow in the association and Thea summaries Are sent to the owners of the cows at the end of the year. This furnishes the men own nip the cow a reliable record upon which to base his estimate of the value of his cow and also tells whether such cow should be retained in the Herd or sold for beef. This is the cheapest and most practical method of constructive Breeding that has been used in Dairy communities. Now the expense to the members is very Little considering the value received. The Board of directors of the farm Bureau have decided to put on some demonstration work next Spring showing methods of Orchard and poultry management. If your neighbourhood seems to be neglected see tha director for your township or see the county agent about it. The Farmers Institute committee appointed some time ago Are arranging for some live speakers. As soon is the flu will permit such meetings the dates will be arranged for. The present plan is to hold institutes at several places in the county rather than at just one place As was formerly done. Will you be wearing a red Cross Button when the boys come Home get one during the week of Dee. 16 to 23, when All you need to join is a heart and a Monona s service Flag contains 114 stars two Golden. Seven Winneshiek county boys were reported killed in action last week. Mrs. Thos. H. Mcgovern of Cascade picked strawberries from the Patch on nov. 18. Glen Hagian of Waukon who was reported missing in action has been located Safe in Geo. Bryant former county treasurer of this county died at his Home in Waukon on thanksgiving Day at the age of 81 Yia ars. A Wood chopper by the name of spores of near harpers ferry was struck by a train there last thursday and died almost immediately. John m. Collins for 17 years county auditor passed away on Friday of last week at his Home in Waukon at the age of 75 years and four months. A dozen West Union girls have agreed to forego the custom of exchanging Christmas gifts but have agreed to use the Money that would be used in buying Christmas gifts to be used in caring for one French child. Sudden death due to heart failure following Spanish influenza struck Down one of Johnson county s Foremost Farmers and Stock raisers Edward Casey sr., famous throughout Iowa fair and fair circles As a breeder of Percheron. J. Hart the Waterville House and cattle buyer recently purchased in Hanover and Union Praise townships Alla Makee county 117 head of steers. These he sold Tod. Dris Coll of Williamsburg this state for the sum of ?12,2s7.s0. Farmer August Krueger of dour lass township sold 23 pigs Only 7% months old in Tripoli last week whose weight was 266 pounds each says the Waverly Independent. He received $16.65 per Hundred pounds and the Check brought him ?1,018.89. Supervisor Megorden has resigned owing to continued ill health. His Success will be named on monday dec. 16, when the Board of supervisors meets. Thus far fifteen names have been presented from which the auditor clerk and recorder Are according to Law directed to select a successor. One of Alla Makee s Gold stars on her service Flag will be in memory of an Indian youth Jesse Thompson by name who was a registrant i Rorn new Albin and went with one of the quotas to Camp Dodge and from thlire overseas where he sacrificed his life among the Host of others for the Freedom of the world. Mrs. Converse aged 84, Mother of mrs. George l. Goodrich of Missouri Valley met with a serious Accident As a result of dreaming that her son in France was calling her. She sprang from her bed while asleep entered the hallway and fell Down a flight of stairs sustaining a broken Arm and other serious injuries. Her condition is serious. After having Twenty seven shot removed from his Scalp last week by local doctors Dick Reynolds a Young Man about 19 years old who was accidentally shot while Hunting with three comrades near Greene was taken to Waterloo whre the a Ray was used and it was found that two shot had penetrated tha Skull and had  lodged in he brain. He was operated upon saturday and the two shot removed and it is now thought that he May recover. Death and disaster Are pursuing the family of George e. Wagner of Iowa City. Or. Wagner died Early last week of pneumonia following the Spanish influenza. In four Days his Young wife similarly afflicted died. Samuel Meyers the latter s Stepfather coming to the funeral of mis. Wagner was thrown to the Frozen Roadway when his team ran away and his shoulder was dislocated another Kinsman Earl nelsnj., also was thrown out but he Esca of with a Shock and Piru ses. Two train loads of French soldiers members of the French High air mis Sion passed through boons Iowa wednesday afternoon and evening. They were Enro Ute to Siberia for which place they started before the armistice was signed. They had All served in the War Many having As High As five and six wound stripes and Many had two and three medals of bravery. Very few could speak the English language. A number of the men were members of the famous French Blue a forty acre farm near Fontanelle sold for $350 per acre recently. The fact that the land lies Naar to an excellent town May have something to do with the Price. And yet Fontanelle i a town of less than one thousand inhabitants and is not making a rapid growth. The owner bought it simply and solely As an agricultural proposition. No doubt there will to other sales at that figure in Adair county perhaps this is6 not the first. And then by. And by there will be sales at higher prices so that ultimately that $14,000 for forty acres will look like a great bargain

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