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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Dec 6 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - December 6, 1918, Postville, Iowa Successor to the "3�w�t vol bait Twenty seventh year Postville Iowa Friday december 6, 1918 number 6 7rom our Soldier boys Luy p. Gregg Elmer e. Mcmartin Joe Harris and miss Kathryn Olive Graber Are this j week s contributors. Letter from Elmer Mcmartin. Somewhere in Franca oct. 28, 1918. Idear friends Bill and Bert. I Well As i am still marked quarters land have nothing Olsch to pass away the time i will write a new lines. I have had tonsillitis for a couple of weeks. Had expect Ixl to go to work i again today but the medic said no i not Well i should worry f we Are having rather Peculiar weath of rain. When it Don t i rain the mornings will be Damp and foggy. This morning it was neither j but was cold and the ground was f to i zen quite a Little. The nights Are always cold. Where a Are the nights have been cold enough that we have used All our Woolen blankets and sometimes our shelter half to keep warm Ever since we arrived in France. This Section of France is very pretty and i see no reason if it was Farmed in the american style Why it would not be a great crop producing country. _ but everything is done old fashioned that is on an average. Once in awhile you see modern machinery american mowers and binders. Have seen several Deering mowers and a couple Mccormick binders. But the threshing machines Are the limit. I would like to see an american threshing machine with Wing feeders and Blower attachment and run by one of the big steam or Gas engines set Down Here i la bet the people would be As much amazed As they have been at quite a number of things the americans have done in the Way of work. The Speed that the Sawmill was put up and afterwards the Speed that the lumber has Befani turned out is a wonder to the French. Well not Only to the French people but even to our own men. Let me Tell you one thing when the Yankees have a piece of work to do they Don t Lay around for six months thinking about it. Our co. Hit Camp one Day about two weeks after Landing and began work the next. To were the first co on the Job at this place. I have been at nearly All jobs and at All Calips Here and i la Tell you it s hard to believe without seeing just How much work has actually been done. The boys at the front have shown what the americans can do in a fight. The French people say that the americans Are the ones that Are really winning the War and Are the ones that must win the War. I know nothing about the front As we have never been hear the front and i guess from the looks will have a slim Chance of Ever seeing the front. But As Long As Uncle Sam says that our work is Back Here we must stay and do our Woi k. Since the drive started on Metz we have not been Abl-3 to hear the big guns very much. When we first landed in Camp they were very plainly heard. Bert if i remember you always liked Good eats so i will give you the menu for dinner yesterday roast Goose with dressing potatoes with Gravy bread butter Jam Wolery pickles pumpkin pie and Coffee. How does that sound for a feed not so bad after All our schedule for the Day is Cooks Are called at 3 a�m., k. A s at 4, at 4 30 first Call sounds 4 45 Neville 5 breakfast is served 5 30 sick Call and 5 45 work Call. Dinner is served at 11, work Call again at 12. Supper served at 5, taps sound at 9. The night shift goes on duty at 6 p a. And works until 5 a. A. Do you think that gives much time to would like to sind you a copy of n few poems written by the poet of the company. By the Way he is a sure enough poet too. He told me i could ropy any of the poems he had. I was going to Semi you two of them but maybe i vill some other time. I was very much interested in. Guy Gregg s letter to the Herald. I looked up on the map the location of the town and find that he is Way West and mite a bit South of where we Are. Many thanks for the Herald. It comes quite regularly altho generally two at a time. The Home papers Are mighty Fine to read when you Are on the other Side of the Globe. The mail comes in fairly regular for awhile it did not. The letters Pone rally come in Bunches get them nil the Way from 4 to 15 at a time 4 letters has been the least i Ever received at one time. Received a letter from Talcott Boll Man the other Day. He was Well at the time he wrote. A our co. Has been changed from co. A 43rd engr to 47th co. 20th engr. There is no co. A 43rd engr. Any More. We Are now a part of the old 20th engr. Some mighty hard boiled boys in the various co s of the 20th. That s a part of the Gumo they would t be Good lumber jacks if they did t got a bit hard boiled. In the companies that Are located Here the Ages Range from 18 to around 50. In our company almost every state is represented and even Alaska and the Philippines our bugler was Bora near v Well i be written enough too much of for one letter and no Tenouth for to so will close. Yours truly pvt. Elmer e. Mcmartin. Forty seventh co., 2qth engineers private Arthur f. Brandt co. Elfish infantry 42ud division american expeditionary forces killed in action oct. 18, 1918, somewhere in Franco. Letter from Guy p. Gregg. Somewhere in the wilds of France. October 24, 1918 dear Friend and brother speck just got a few minutes before Retreat and guess it is about time i am answering your More than Welcome letter i received awhile ago this afternoon has been an off Day because of rain the reason Why i am Able to write. Everything is o. K. Here. I am at present Doi Jug very Well weigh about 187 lbs and As hard As a Hickory nut eat my 3 times a Day get up at 5 and go to Roost at 9 30, the Best Little fellow you Ever saw. Do everything i am told i wonder Why and am mry careful not to offend others that Are higher in rank than i am the weather has been and is now very poor rain and More rain i Don t know where they Are getting All the water from but us old hard lumber jacks Don t Nind a Little mud and water it is dutch we want and our wishes Are being fulfilled very fast. Speck this is a great country if you Don t care what you say everything runs wild cafes goats and everything . On Little town is about eight feet Square and there Are s or 10 wine shops and they say they keep Good wine. They sure can farm looks like Iowa in that line they put one horse or mule on a thing they Call a plow and if they have Good Luck they can plow enough for a by of onions by night. A their wagons Are two wheeled carts pulled by one horse but say they Are modern in getting the Money from us but what do we care when we get $1.10 a Day. We Are close to a City of 30,000, Aind now and then i go up and look them Over pitch myself a feed and one thing another. We have been with the French Ever since v#3 came to France and say i am a. Regular Frenchman use a Cane talk it and everything Olse. Last sunday evening four of us put on a feed at one of these Little cafes and it made me think of the Days of or. Cote. We had two Nice chickens the kind you eat with Spud is mushrooms Owlet Jam and piggies it went so Good we Are going to try it again soon Only raise the chickens to four. You know army life is just the Way you take it. We Are Here for something far greater than pleasure but if we were always to look on the serious Side of this thing it would be a poor War so any time anything comes up that looks like sonic pleasure we Are for it. As you know what army life Isi will not say anything about it. This is no Camp Dodge Here far from it. But you cannot imagine what Uncle Sain has done in the last year in this country. I guess no one knows but the dutch. There Are a Good Many of the Square men Here and All Are Dandy flows. Our co. Is made up of men from All Over the u. S. And you cannot beat Tham for Sood follows we have Dan y officers and taking it All together or cannot kick any. Of course we All want this War to finish but we Don t until we can go Back across the Little old Pond and won t have to worry about those dam Little pipes sticking out of the water looking for a place to set one of those things off at you. We had a Good time coming Over plenty of excitement and chill weather. Time is in so must Rug off. Give my Best to All Tho store and Hope you Are making a million. As Ever your Friend. Corp. Guy p. Or egg. Letter from Joe Harris. Dear Mother Well Todne is Grini Ull Low nov. 28, 1918. V.,. . But a no to be move Lik. Christmas As everything is covered with a nov and it is still falling very thick and fast. t la is a pre to a have c real feed today and will toll you who leu it is no or not ofter Dii nor. Doubt Yosfi Vou have rend Maud s Letton or will that i wrote her yesterday to mod t f t Tell you about our Belne ism ipod. Hope Thoy Sinne our uniforms so we Civ Wear them Homo though. ,1 feul Rotten about my overcoat but probably will not have to Wear it very Long so Don t care. Will finish this evening because i want to run Down and see de this Noi Ning. Well Mother the feed is All Over and to my notion i need a doctor. Although a were sick they brought us a full dinner. First they brought in grape fruit then mashed potatoes Gravy olives Brown bread Cranberry sauce celery wit i Cream two great big pieces of , dressing then Rauise pie last ice Cream and then after dinner mints. One of the boys had a bottle of grape juice sent Over by one of the processors so had a Good drink also some swell Coffee. Then alter dinner we were each presented by pres. Main with a Beautiful red Rose Inis is Somo thanksgiving out we boys would enjoy it so much Moie it we were norne. Voula sitting Down to the table with the rest of you eating Tho old dinner thai was prepared of Mother. But we made the cent of h. The Best part of it i Haven t Tola you. We will Start to disband next sunday Ine boys Are nearly wild. Uni Captain Maue a Spur Chat mess this noon saying he would soon go and said we would soon go also. I am quite sure they will Issue our us Loans so that we can Wear them Homie. Will get to keep them at least thirty Days some say three months and also there is a Bill be fore Congress to give All our equip ment to. Us. We probably will have no More Drill just have a Good time waiting to go Home. Jalso say that there will be no Mote College work until after Christmas vacation. They will also probably not let us out until we Are absolutely Well and until quarantine is lift. Will probably be Home in a Wei a or two weeks at the most. Will it you know just when to Are comin. Will close. Now and am going do i the hell to play a game of 500 with a Bunch of Fellows. Love to All Joe Harris s. A. T. C. Dear sister m rec d your i surely was glad better. The nurse let Grinnell Iowa . 27, -1918. Ther and All per Liis morning and to hear that you an is three boys up yesterday and Diss say but it Jelt Good. Last Nigat our y. M. C. A. Secretary Bro Ugric up a big Basket of the grandest a ignuts and Candy that the girls at the Quad made and sent Over. It i a real feed. He keeps us Supply d with magazines Boole is Etc., and Are always glad to see him coming. Our doctor was up this morning am talked a Long Timi with us about h n getting All of us kids that just Jive to rest up now a furlough Homi but our Captain would t allow it Fco can t come Home. But wait until Between dec. 11 and 21. Of Joy we have the bit Bunch of nurses Jolly. One came i yesterday morning and told us to Wake up and Healths Birds sing. Anc she said she wanted to hold our 1 ads for awhile. Last night the i Hows got me to part my hair in to Middle put on a nurses Cap and a Jath Robe stuffed me All out with of pillows and then told the head Nur Sato come Down As a new nurse had Vived. Well she nearly thrower up la lung. Of we have some Gay to mrs up Here. The doctor told us we Auld go Down in the convalescence Lorn tomorrow have the club Roo Niall fixed up for us piano in it Ediin Etc. We Lay around for ton Dahl and Light fatigue. Will have a Touple of weeks work and then Homel the lieutenant Caric up this morning and asked us if a wanted to go Down and get put Obre Oats so we dressed and went Dove thru the Tunnel and got them. Lord you should Soo mine buttons we off it was torn and terribly worn but a Good fit. Am sending it Down or tailor to fix up and press and it my look a Little civilized in the end. If forint parts of our uniforms Are driving every Day so will soon be sued them i suppose. Have heard Chey Are not Wool though j Haven t ree d my to Xvi Candy that Motler sent yet. Write Esther to Send it Over thursday is they will permit us to get eats Iru the mail that Day. Esther said be entertained Tiv girls on her Floo Aone evening Reading All of those fun list readings of mine. 1 that is terrible about kit Brandt. I Don t think anything lib happened to Dave you know How Ard it is for him to write and probably the has not been where he could. So Jewey is of his Way Home do you Tik he will be Home for Christmas ? i came up to see me this morning a guess he is feeling pretty Gay. He d a big Long letter from Harvey Herts also receive a letter each some me Rorr of the sunday Jacol who write to All the Coni res Rajpal a Dyer boys. What is Pete fug now Tell Viviana if i could get hid of her i would never have. Any Lnore flu germs in me. Well write when you can. Love to All f Joe. Letter from a red Cross Turse. Somewhere it France nov. 12, is. Dear sister and family How i would Lovo to see of of our towns in Amorin tonight.,i can imagine what it would be Ike and j know How Happy you All Are tonight for the first time has our Little Villa be j been lighted up and How that ranch have been demo ibo a Ting darn on i night duty and a 2 30 p. Of i was j awake de with 21 volleys and such shouting and such manifestations of Joy to in arc i i ?.jjpy one docs not wonder alter Ioui of Wai. Now we will is bolting Forward to Crossin the big and again. We May have to stay hero for quite awhile Anc. Say w do Well if we g to Iio by Spring. Hove or 1 can _ Tay Cor hero very contented a new Iris u at thit Tui shedding of blood has corns to an ind that our boys will not have to sleep in dugout this Viator. I am thinking of the Many Happy mothers Thoie will i Evns u13 is a joining Over this ended War. Yet grief is mingled with our rejoicing when thinking of the stricken hearts and Hemes that Are paying the Price of this Victory. To these our hearts go out 111 sympathy and those that Are e eat or to return Home their Ysa it finished. They wore anxious to go b a a to their re Nientsu no matter a hat they suffered until their work was finished right. Now Many ar3 ready to return to civil life and the. Work they left to put. Down. German militarism. We have been evacuating our patients until we ate not so Busy but have plenty to. Do. I am on the sur gory floor where All have fractures along with the septic wounds a id amputations so you can realize something of what we Are doing. We ate getting used to Rainy weather and cold rooms and do not mind it any More and will hardly know what to do when we have autos to ride in and Nice heated rooms to live in As to once had but i am not complaining it is much better than we even expected. Are establishing convalescent hospitals All along the coast and much help is needed and expect Whan we Are through Here will have to go somewhere else to work. I am Well and have always been Abl i to work and am vary willing to stay As Long As i am needed for when i think of the Many Homes that will be loft childless from this War i feel that the sacrifice that we have made has been Small indeed. But when my work is done i too will be glad to return. Kathryn Olive Graber. Neighbourhood news. Former Postville boy kill Eden Franco. The following from a los Angeles paper refers to a Young Man who was bom in Postville a son of Fornor mayor and mrs. James i. Shepherd of this City whose Many friends Heui will sympathize with them in their affliction a hero of tha lost battalion destined to become As historically famous As the Light brigade first lieutenant John s. Shepherd company i 362 infantry 91st division was today reported by the War department As having been killed in action october 1. Lieut. Shepherd presumably met death in the terrific fighting in the Forest of Argonne when Lieut. Col. Whittlesey s battalion became separated from the Othor units and for Days was lost in the Forest and subjected to heavy fire from the huns. Lieut. Shepherd was a University of California boy and a graduate of the College of Law University of California. He held the degrees of la. B. And Lam. He engaged in the practice of Law with his father. He was a Mem Tor of Sigma Iota Chi Legal scholarship fraternity Skull and Scales lexical and the Law lyceum. His father attorney James i. Shepherd and Mother reside in the Walker apartments 108 North Hill Street. To has a sister mrs. Helen Shepherd Chapman at 3160 san Marino Street and a brother Virgil i. Shepherd at Portland Oregon. This tribute to the Young Here was paid today on receipt of news of his death he was a Young Man of Strong character absolutely Foar Ess devoted to principle and a believer in Justice. Loyalty and Fidelity we re i s chief Virtues. That the principles he loved might not perish from the Earth lie with others Brave and True gave the supremo sacrifice. He had that character that makes a Man. He was Tho be to Friend a Man could a a son and brother he was a Blessing and a Comfort to his family Tbs father said today. In his last letter to his parents he said remember whether you hear from me or not i am All right and am always All Corporal Hewitt l. Williams red Cross notes. A Call for sixty sweaters by february first More. People Are wanted to sew. Don t think Bernu Sii the War is Over there is no need for work. The Christmas Moniben hip drive will be on dec. Ui-2 i be ready when you to culled upon by Trio solicitors. Dir. Tilli to 2-Jid the time for the red Cross Christ new Roll Call. The go of this Campaign is 100 per cent membership. All those who have donated a red Cross pig will be anti led to two memberships one a subscribing membership of $2.00 and the other an annual membership of $1.00. Crashing through to Berlin. The most sensational most authentic Ami Moat thrilling War spectacle of thy hour. Go Hui no War pictures. The biggest one yet. At Clermont opera House saturday und sunday dec. 7th und 8th, at eight o clock. Admission 15 and 35 Centa. co. A 352nd infantry american expeditionary forces killed in action oct. 15, 1918 somewhere in France Postville 25 years ago. From Iowa Volk Blatt of dec. 7, 1898. Fritz Wilke has moved into his new House. Herb Waters of Mitchell has been visiting relatives Here the past week. A. Gass has purchased the 40 acre farm of Joh n Moir near this City Tor $75 per acre. John Phelan and Jim Brassfield will pull off a horse Rao in town today. The prize is a Keg of Beer. Rev. Gass on sunday informed the lutheran congregation that his resignation must Tako effect on March first. The town Council passed resolutions to install a third Well which is to be installed at the. Corner of the review office. Market prices for this week re As follows hogs 94. 35 cattle $155 to $2.00 potatoes 35c butter 20c Oggs 20c chickens 4c to 5c. In spite of the cold weather the Stork Nigado a visit to the Bert Tuttle household and left a Young Printer we congratulate our colleague and wish him Many Happy returns of the Jay. Hall Roberts today paid the follow ing prices for hogs to local Farmers. Ii. Weihe $839.85 for 37 hogs which averaged 476 lbs or a total of 17,660 ibs we. Meyer 404.70 for is hogs which weighed 8520 lbs. And averaged 473 lbs John Ramboer $629 for 35 hogs which weighed 13,240 lbs. Or an average of 380 lbs. Red Cross pigs. On monday Tho Farmers of Post township with but few exceptions brought in the red Cross pigs which they a designed up for earlier in the summer. In All 99 pigs were delivered to the Loca stockyards which totalled 16,540 lbs., or an average of 167 lbs. Each. Henry Wilke brought in the heaviest one weighing 370 lbs. Ace Cando who lives in the Hardin neighbourhood was the Only Farmer from Clayton county delivering a pig to Postville. Several Faim 3 an keeping their pig until it is fatter and some gave Cash instead of a pig. Altogether the Postville chapter will realize Between 82,500 and -$3000 from this source which goes to show that the Post township Farmers As a whoe is very much inclined to help bring Comfort to the boys who have by ought this world conflict to a Victoriou finish. School notes. Miss Lucile Harvey and miss Lyd Oti visited High school last Friday. Miss Sherwood a teacher in the Garner schools was a visitor tuesday. The High school pupils enjoyed a talk by mrs. Douglass wednesday afternoon. There have been Sovera absences from school luring the last week owing to the Llu. The Junior Home economics girls onto trained Tho school Board wednesday evening at u six o clock dinner. Top butter prices. Butter from prize Iowa Dairy herds sold for 521 a Pound at the recent convention of the Iowa Butto makers association at Cedar rapids which is said to establish a record Price for butter any place. Samuel Bingaman a new York butter dealer was the purchaser. The tub netted $520 and the Money was Given to the red Cross. Otto Bohrar of Waverly churned the butter. H. E. Fowler of tossup won the second prize for the Best butter at the Republican chips of news gathered from the woodpile of our neighbors in this and other counties. Decorah merchants will make two i deliveries a week hereafter. At Mcgregor some unknown persons of poisoning the town dogs. Every town in Clayton county went j Over the top in the War work Campaign. Secretary Hall s report on the Alla Makee county fair shows a balance on band of $830.86. Wolves around Mcgregor Are killing Many sheep and several have been shot by local Hunters. Waukon red Cross chapter has sent 125 boxes to bring Christmas cheer to the boys in Franq. Two Days prior to the signing of the armistice according to word received by his Mother last thursday. For the first time in 23 years the Waukon fire department did not give its thanksgiving dance owing to the flu quarantine. John White of Naar Waukon last week sold five carloads of pigs for which he received a scrap of paper Worth $15,457. Four More Winneshiek county boys made the supreme sacrifice in France according to messages received from the War department. At Dorchester this county Tom and Levi sires treed a Wildcat but failed to get it. The dogs lost the Trail and the animal got away. On sunday december loth 2200 pigs donated by the Farmers of Winneshiek county will 12 shipped in a special train to the Chicago Market. Avord received in Clermont last  week confirmed the death of Fred Steffert killed in action also that Henry Larson was missing in action. Ossian s first boy lost in the world War is Sergt. Theo. J. Brockman who died of wounds receive and from the accidental explosion of a hand grenade last week Ernest Yarwood of near Decorah marketed 16 turkeys for which he received $67.60, and Almond Wheatman brought in 20 for which he was paid $84. The Nashua Post whose editor Chas. R. Wallis died a few weeks ago has suspended publication the Plant and Good will being taken Over by the Nashua reporter. . Vantassel of Chickasaw co., whose life sentence for wife murder was commuted saturday by gov. W. L. Harding to 55 years May soon be free. Wih the usual credit for Good a Savior his sentence will already stand As having served 46 years and being now placed upon a parole basis there is a Chance that he will soon breathe the atmosphere of Freedom once More. Miss Hazel Dunn 24 years old died in a dentist s chair at Mason City is she was under the influence of a temporary aesthetic of nitrous oxide and oxygen during the extraction of a Wisdom tooth. Physicians in attendance during administration of the aesthetic were unable to save her life with lung motor. Saw is survived by a sister and father. The Gas used is said to be fatal about once in 500,000 administrations. Government surveyors have been in Mcgregor and Vicinity surveying a number of islands notes the times. A similar Survey was made some time ago. The reason for the Survey is not known but it is conjectured by some that he government May be preparing to action in the matter of car twin parties who have been squatting on the islands in the belief that a five years resider.03 will entitle them to ownership. George Brown 58 years old was taken to fort Madison to Start serving an eight year torm for manslaughter. Brown shot and killed hurry Meindert 17 years old halloween night at Meservey Cerro Gordo county when the latter was in a crowd which Brown thought was planning an attack on his Home. He enter is a plea of guilty to manslaughter following an indictment from the grand jury for murder. A despicable variety of vandalism was observed at fir git methodist episcopal Church hat Waterloo where the Long Honor Roll of members now in army service was found to be dose crated. The Roll and two silk flags with which to was decorated wore torn from the Walls and trampled upon. The Roll was a Beautiful work of Art ten feet Long containing seventy four names. It was found to to badly torn and mussed up but the Church officers have rehabilitated it As Well As possible and remounted it. According to the recent census of the hog population there were 9,322,-199 hot in Iowa. Winneshiek stands 27th in the list. Dallas county is at the top with 822,888, and App noose the lo\m3st with 88,594. This is the calculation made up to october 1st. In this judicial District. This county is exceeded Only by Clayton county. The following Are the re turns for the District Alla Makee 76,718 Chickasaw. 68,235 Clayton 131,811 Fayette 101,793 Howard 41,562 Winneshiek 115,468.-Decorah Republican

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