Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
19 Aug 1926

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
19 Aug 1926

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - August 19, 1926, Postville, Iowa The Postville Herald Postville Iowa. Youth rides by will Irwin St w7to Barrie chapter i continued -15 a. These proceedings Are Legal then exclaimed the stranger with what appeared to a an nor of genuine Relief. In that ease Miner s Law. Best Law that is. But you la git a trial Cut in shorty and the captive s eyelid flickered. That will be All from Yon just now. Tie his arms boys and bring him Back toward the Clearing we started led by the group conveying the captive. He had an easy athletic walk. Everything about him in fact the no cent the precise speech the Cool formal manner suggested the gentlemen. Perhaps almost too much the gentleman. We were Well out in the Clearing before i looked ahead. So much did this Man whom i had captured for death hold my insane attention. Out of the Woods came the Cowboy leading that Little Black horse on which the posse had mounted the gagged and helpless Charlie Meek. The Saddle was empty. I saw then that a figure Lay shrunken and huddled across our path. The leading group stopped beside it. The whole Frame of the Captiva gave a Jerk and then settled Back As by Effort of the will into a pose of easy nonchalance. I hurried Forward. Charlie Meek. He was bleeding from a Hole in the Chest the Side of his head was All smear with another wound. The still stretched his jaws Over it rail a bloody foam. But his wounded Torso heaved and there was a pleading intelligence a his Eves. Better pit that thing out of his said shorty with a touch of softness. " Taia t needed no some one untied the . His eyes rolled until they showed Only the Whites the Muscles of his face Drew his Laws moved As though the last instinct in him the talkative was for speech. Then his rattled and a he s gone said shorty. I looked no at the captive. And other eyes now that the curtain had fallen on Charlie s tragedy followed mine. He was perhaps a trifle Pale but so i suppose were we All. Would one of you gentlemen mind slipping rope n Little farther no my right Arm he asked. It will hold me just As securely and won t chafe so much thank they led him on seated him by the clump of Trees. But shorty looking Down at the body vouchsafed a missed a word of explanation. Darn thoughtless of a he said. Ought to tied him to a tree up by the horses. Had some loony idea of keeping him where we could All watch him. When those Road agents come out by the Cabin the boys there on the Ridge showed a Little excitement i guess. Anyhow. Matt that fool Cowboy from the Slaughter House lost his head and let go the bridle. And this shorty dropped his contemptuous pronoun not a tenderly took his Chance and dug his heels into his Hoss. Matt got him Here he pointed to Charlie s breast and and somebody in the posse got him Here. Then the boys Down below had to shoot hey Here comes the killer Over the Ridge marched another captive tall Rangy bearded. Vaguely i had been trying to account for the fifth Bandit this evidently was he. Led toward the clump of Trees be passed me. He had a pair of strange staring Light Brown eyes which seemed to look through and Over the members of the posse crowding round or following like Little boys. Shorty ran Forward Barking an order. Left alone. I followed. The tall Man and my captive were facing each other and their eyes showed no recognition Only faint curiosity. Then they were led away made to sit Down under separate Trees. Shorty All executive Force again sent one squad up for the horses another Down for the bodies. A half score of us temporarily unoccupied withdrew beyond earshot of the captives. Tongues began to wag. They questioned me about my feat for 17 who had gone on this Hunt a suspected person was now a hero. I had taken my Man with my naked hands. 1 evaded answer. Then the posse fwd again into boasting and reminiscence and to me As reporter for the courier All addressed their narratives. Never did journalist hear any Story less curiously for my own moment of Elul Talon in tragedy was passing. But i heard nevertheless and absorbed half consciously the background to the night s events. I have heard it Many times since from better authority have put it together in logical detail. And because i have much More to Tell let me Here finish with that. Even before the robbery of the Cottonwood stage the Bank and express company had taken serious thought concerning the raids on their treasure shipments. From their own funds for an Appeal to the county was worse than useless they had hired Mike the bartender and two other Detec j Tives who never then or thereafter j showed their hands or revealed their j identities. The criminals and extortionists of our Camp were All rough ii interlocked one group knew the gos j nip of the others. Moreover they had grown careless with immunity. Every night Mike the bartender plucked gems from Drunken lips. Suspicion fastened on the five men who worked occasionally that. Remote unpromising claim above forty Bod. One of them had followed the futile chases of 11 Archil Mcgrath Niter the latest Binge robbery and the hold up of the it Duewall Jackson pay Roll and Matching cotes with his fellow who watched the claim had Learned some toe a code of signals by gunshot Tift place of marshal Mcgrath in to my erf urinal scheme of things Long re a pm a att or of doubt. Join aug the detectives and their employers rated him for what he was an anachronism a Back number representative of an Era from which Cottonwood Camp had emerged. Meantime Mike had plucked another Gem of information from the Tipsy gossip of the Silver Dollar. Tho killer that member of the gang who had wanted to torture the Stonewall Jackson paymaster had grown dangerous. On any big Job he was Likely to shoot prematurely recklessly. The rest of the bandits had quarrelled with him. What pressure they could put upon a wild Man like him unless it was knowledge of his manifold crimes i know not. At any rate they subdued him to their policy. The next time they went out they would leave him behind to guard the Cabin and watch the approaches. On the night of action a band of eight men picked from the vigilance committee for nerve and marksmanship hid in the Bushes above the claim. After supper they saw four of the inmates Start through the Moonlight to the Little horse Corrai on the Hillside above. A Candle still burned in the Cabin by which they knew that things were going As expected. Two expert plainsman stalked the claim this it seems to me yet was the most valorous deed of that night. Luck served them the killer went out presently for a pall of water. When he returned his right hand occupied they Rose up behind him poked two muzzles into his ribs. Having satisfied themselves that he would not talk the squad bound and gagged him and disposing to cause ves in the Cabin or in the woodpile waited for Dawn. When the Bank robbers having received the double signal for All Safe should return to the Cabin the vigilantes intended to let them enter to get the drop and to capture them alive. By prearrangement Charlie Meek was not arrested with the marshal. Marcus wanted to see what he would do. As Marcus expected he turned on the marshal announced his own virtue asked to Lead the posse. Let tins him fire the signal thereby putting in our hands the last piece of convincing evidence was an afterthought a final detail arranged Between Marcus and shorty before we started. So far the elaborate program had gone through with machine like smoothness not a break or slip. I Marvel yet that in taking Possession of the town and arresting so Many dangerous  characters the vigilantes never had to fire a shot before Charlie Meek was killed.   the horses had come. Up from the hollow men had borne the three corpses. A by virtue of Good marksmanship had mercifully died in their tracks. They rolled Charlie s body Over roughly composed it Laid out the others beside it. The first was that Man with a Short Black Beard whom i had seen giving orders to my captive in the Black Jack the night before. Lost night every time my mind formed that phrase i had a kind of vague wonder to think that years and Ages had not passed since the setting of yesterday s Sun. He had been struck squarely in the forehead by two heavy bullets at once and mutilated most horribly. Shorty was bellowing orders git those bodies onto horses tie up the prisoners and mount pm ton Matt Rustle Back to Camp and Tell or. Handy we re comin ride Don t anybody else go ahead this Job Ain t glad for anything that would break my tumbling flattering thoughts i hurried to my horse. Chapter Xii the Sun had fully risen Over the Pyrites was dancing even on the Westward slopes when from a Grove of Dwarf Pine our shoddily solemn procession emerged into the straggling litter of Cabins bordering Cottonwood. Horsemen were swinging now round the line of shacks which marked the rear approaches of main Street behind them ran pedestrians. One Man had recognised Charlie Meek was shaking his fist at the dead bandits. He would know belter presently. Before and behind riders of the posse were slipping bits of news from the Corners of their months to friends in our fringe of Camp followers. My own name. Men were pointing me out. And never even went to Bis gun i heard. My captive ahead Rode with Bis Back straight his head up. If he would Only Sag or spirit defied mine. This was main Street How the vigilance committee had grown a cordon of armed guards stretched on both sides of the Way. A woman looked from a Cabin door raised a hand to a Pale forehead crossed herself. I must not look at the crowds again. I might see what matter if i did see. 7 men crowding about me. Congratulations on my nerve. Marcus repeating it s great boy. Buck reassuring me that be always said i ought to have been in the gome from the first. Others. The touch of their hands were loathsome. ,. Would they Ever let me alone. A now the committee had gone into conference. Flashes of Light on their wont take Long i heard from shorty. Mayor Brown was to be judge. ,. Well come on let s get it Over with Marcus commanded. Then his Sharp strained countenance turned my Way and he seemed again aware of me. Coming along to the proceedings boy and that ing ulry jerked me out copy Liht by wu1 or win id of the base into Tho Light i would not i could not attend that trial because of what i knew and would not Tell but mostly because that softening picture Rose again the Blue eyes of Constance Deane. Guilty Sha might to guilty of course she was nevertheless i could hot face her reproach. And Marcus peering into my face must have guessed something of this for his expression softened and All right he said. Then As though finding for me a logical Way out he added a pose you stay Here on others were listening now and for their Benefit he went on with a jocularity i knew to be assumed Tou brought him in and you keep him. Hey Mcneill Bowles i you re to stay Here on guard. Or. Olson s in the door had opened again. The killer emerged Between two guards his hands now unbound. There was a Welt above his wrist where the rope had Cut. But he walked straight some one had Given me the key. Some one had commanded that i was to open the door Only on signed order or personal demand of the Central committee. Down the Street walked the captive and his guards. The beeline swarm about the courthouse became Active moved shifted. Heretofore it had been silent or nearly so merely buzzing with subdued conversation. Now its members broke into audible speech even into voc iteration. A l arge squad of guards had detached itself marched away it disappeared into that Alley which led to the Pioneer Corral. Ten minutes later it emerged augmented. Between the ranks i discerned the tall form of Chris Mcgrath framed by on in ranked crowd. A there were the prisoners of the Pioneer Corral they who were held for deportation. There was Colliver there was red Nell. The sound aligned itself end its captives before the log assay office beside the courthouse. From the Peak of its Gable extended a new Timber. It had not been there before. A horse was being led into the crowd a bar backed Bay horse. Tho guards were beating men away from him and the babble had stopped. The Only sound was the shuffle or thump my captive Rode with his Back straight his head up. If he would Only Sag or Droop his spirit defied mine. Of feet on the Board sidewalks. Men had come through the courthouse door. Above them emerged a form bareheaded blindfolded Natress they were lifting him on to the Horbe. They were leading the horse toward the beam. The killer s heed was wagging As though he was talking. There seemed no Benefit of clergy and Marcus had summoned a Clergyman for the Gambler who lost his nerve. I knew then that his speech was but blasphemy that the killer on whose departing soul Lay the blood of Twenty men was dying As he had lived. There was a Man on the beam. Tying a rope. Some one standing on a choir had dropped the Loop Over the killer s neck. His head wagged was still. The horse gave a violent leap out from under Bim. A murmur that was a Wall from the crowd. A Man on the outskirts pitched Over on to Bis face. The heaving shoulders the blinded head visible above the spectators were spinning. And a voice wailed and choked i my ear of go on 0-dl" the prisoner stood at the window. His hands clutched the bars. His eyes stared. His Loose Mouth had fallen open. His head was wobbling on ills shoulders. And Bis despairing glance clutched at mine. Let me go be pleaded. Let me go i Shook my head. Then Send for my wife the words came out of him in spurts in jerks. Shell she night get me out of this. For of s Sake Send for my wife 1" who is your wife it was As though some one else spoke. Mrs. Deane mrs. Constance Deane mrs. Barnaby s place he was sagging from the bars now. She came to get me out of this. All the Way to make me Stop this. My god if i d listened to her i d have been a decent Man and then As though the sense Back of his emotion warned him that he was fatal admission his. Mouth snapped shot something like intelligence returned to Bis eyes and he finished weakly seed for my mechanical i repeated i do no know Why get Back from the window i for 1 was Robert Gilson again like naked soul at Tho judgment sent i saw what insane jealousy had made of me what i had done to the woman i loved what a thing had been. And i turned As though the motion would relieve Rue of my thoughts and saw her and thought for an instant t was seeing a Olsion. She stood it the jail door. One hand rested of Tho Latch. The other clasped round her Bead a Black shawl. Her Blue eyes swimming in anxiety which i took for reproach seized mine clutched them you 1" she said. You i is this your husband v i naked.  yes. Quick 1 have you the key then give it to me i her hand her eyes pleaded you Bay you love me no i said i will do it myself. And while i was saying that so Quick is thought i had formed both a determination and a plan. All save us stood watching that drama of n passing soul their eyes captives of horror my fellow guards were not watching. My Roan with his trick of Speed stood at the door. I moved Forward to act she raised her hand As though to protest dropped it As though realizing that she would waste time. I threw the reins Over my Saddle Horn 1 turned the key. In the lock. It grated i glanced involuntarily Over my shoulder. Mcneill and Bowles had not heard the sound. My captive was crouched on the floor half collapsed As i entered his eyes went wild. Listen i said and get yourself together if you want to live i there s a horse at the door. Here is my hat it s a different color from yours. Follow me out. Get on to the horse As quietly and quickly As you can instantly control came to his face his limbs. But i staggered the six Steps to the door. Walt a moment i i said i placed myself by the Saddle on the Side toward the crowd. A tiny practical consideration troubled my mind for a instant and was As instantly dispelled. I was tall he Short but i Rode still with the Short Eastern leather he could reach my he mounted so suddenly that his foot crossing the Saddle struck my Back. The beat of n Trot a Lope he was gone. I looked Back toward the crowd. Mcneill had turned his head. But this phenomenon of a galloping horse appeared neither to warn nor to in Terest him. His gaze turned Buck toward that suspended Torso again moving and Sway log toward those bound convulsed arms. No one Elso had seen. I was facing Constance now. Of you must go. Too she cried. And you Bald i. I am responsible for this i will once the responsibility she said simply. And her eyes were Superb. No. I am responsible i said. It was i who caught him. It is you who must go. I will face and i will not go 1" she replied simply firmly. I saw i could never move her. Then we will both looking into my eyes she must have read a determination equal to her own. Her look lightened a Little. Perhaps i can find a Way out she said. For her i knew there was a Way out. They were not hanging women. Marcus had elected Only to Deport red Nell and had withheld even that punishment from Constance herself suspect though he held her. For me the vigilance committee had Only one punishment for such As me. It was immunity or death. The killer was gone at last he had been a Long time dying. Some one probably Ono of the doctors had announced this i Felt for the crowd buzzed again in talk. Now the guards were carving a Way Between the courtroom and the jail and i filled my lungs and squared my shoulders for my ordeal. If i died i must entry one thing across with me. And is a slow moving body of men emerged from the courthouse moved Between the lines i spoke it like a last request Constance you love me Don t you i asked. Yes she said a imply and pressed my hand before she released her hold. But i have tried to do my duty. And How i have blundered her voice her delicious voice broke Here. But she controlled herself and smiled reassurance into my eyes. So we blood until the Central committee reached us and shorty marching with two guards said give me the key and As he said this he cast at Constance a frown of Surprise and disapproval. I had been forming my plan. I had not dared confide it to Constance. It would give the refugee More time All or nothing for me now i i saw that Taylor was not with the Central committee. And swallowing my sickening fears i lied. The key i said affecting Surprise As Well As i could. Why the door s unlocked. No one s in there. Or. Tay Lor came and took Bim away with a guard sounds to me like a in lie said shorty his eyes travelling from me to Constance. What but Marcus Cut him off. Taylor was in the courtroom last time i saw him. One of you guards you Robertson go look for the face of Marcus seemed ten years older. His Bright eyes Hud gone dim the dark bristles of his unshaven Cheeks emphasized the waxy yellow of his complexion. And through my anxiety my mounting terror my Battle for Resolution i spared Energy for regret that i was deceiving him my Friend my partner. Buck too. Between the file of guards Taylor come running. The crowd sensing some hitch in the proceedings wus pushing toward the jail. The guards were forcing them Back. Taylor had reached our group. What s this he panted. What s this about taking away the prisoner i Haven t even seen him the voice of Constance Rich level even no gentlemen. 1. Let him go that Lent sol i cried. I had the key. I unlocked the door and released to be continued the too constant use even of Good things 1 hurtful syrup summer pruning of Dwarf Trees summer pruning done properly has the most beneficial effect Espe Cully As regards cordon and espalier or other trained Trees. The brunches should be kept at 12 inches distance apart and the leading growths shortened to insure a proper breaking of the buds throughout the whole length of the branches which of course results in Side shoots says the gardeners chronicle. The Side shoots should be Gono Over during the season of Early growth when they have made six to eight leaves and pinched Back with the Finger and thumbnail to five leaves. The shoots will push growth from one or two of the upper buds and these laterals should he pinched Back to two leaves if the Trees Are very vigorous or the autumn wot n third pinching May be needed. Tho immediate result is to keep the Side shoots within Bounds. The leading or Extension shoot will be clean and vigorous and the growths from the buds lower Down will be Well nourished. At the autumn or Winter pruning of these Side shoots four buds lire left on each. If the tree be Young and vigorous or three will suffice on old Trees or those of modern vigor. The reason for leaving four buds is that two must make some growth while the two lower ones make ouly r Little Wood and a few leaves practically spurs to develop into fruit buds the following year. The reason for pinching Side shoots is to transform them into spurs instead of allowing them to grow freely and then Cut them hard Hack to two buds causing them to push fresh growth from one or both while giving a Check to the tree by removing so much foliage at one time. The result is a Thicket of shoots for the close pruning in Winter to n couple of buds Means two Strong shoots from Euch one then shortened and the object of having bearing spurs near to the Branch is frustrated. Tho thing is to get the Spur and Bloom buds formed on alien for As soon As a Blossom Bud has developed on a Spur the growth extending beyond it May be removed so As to make the tree neat and prevent Over crowding of the foliage. N11 buds beyond the Bloom Bud Are necessary to draw the sup into it the Spur being provided with its own foliage and also thu truss of fruit that follows while a Blossom Bud cannot be forced into Wood growth by close pruning. The foregoing remarks apply to such fruits is arc grown upon the Spur system apples pears and plums. Spray Cherry Trees for control of Leaf spot the fight against Cherry Leaf spot has Only begun when the growers finish the application of summer strength concentrated Lime Sulphur immediately after Harvest states a. Freeman Mason Extension specialist in fruit growing at the new Jersey College of agriculture new Brunswick. At least two additional sprays must be applied at intervals of two weeks. If the disease is to be kept in Check. Cherry Leaf spot is Ono of the most serious diseases attacking the sour Cherry. Small Brown spots appear on the leaves in Midsummer. These leaves soon turn yellow and fall off occasionally resulting in practically Complete defoliation by the Middle of August. The presence of Large healthy Green leaves is essential to the. Production of fruit buds for successive crops. The defoliation of the Cherry tree we Ukeus the tree and makes it less Uhle and less Likely to set fruit on succeeding years. The application of three successive sprays of concentrated ume Sulphur diluted one part to fifty parts of water at intervals of two weeks starting immediately after Harvest will control Leaf spot and will Eurble the tree to retain its foliage until october. Horticulture hints raspberries should be set in rows 6 to 8 feet apart.    Many Orchard Trees would get no fruit were it not for the bees which pollen Lac the blossoms. A Apple growing requires More thinking and planning perhaps than any other Hue of agricultural work. The grower must think accurately on time and ahead if he would succeed. A   judicious fertilization May be needed because the grower cannot expect Apple Trees to Erow Well or to hear regular and profitable crops unless plenty of Plant food is supplied. A Apple Trees require priming and training. This is necessary to develop Trees which will Bear n heavy Load of fruit without their limbs breaking. It is necessary to prune and train the Trees properly in order to facilitate such Orchard operations us spraying and harvesting.  take the mystery out of fruit growing. There is no hocus pocus or Black magic in fruit growing. Neither can the grower depend upon  a  the Apple producer who grows strawberries grapes tomatoes potatoes and other crops is Likely to stay in the business of tipple production. These other interests or Side lines May tide the grower Over during lean or no Apple crop years. A a  better watch your currant and Gooseberry Hughes for currant Worms. As this pest starts to work from the Bottom of the plants it often has them pretty Well riddled before it is Duscov ered. The worlds great events Albert Payson Terhune to. A by Dodd. My 1 a oomph a the fail of Romm when n Bison on the Prairies Falls sick the mod of or win to or from nil Over the heavens ready to attack and rend the help eee giant when the world Power of Home a Ftp a enduring for live Hundred rears a sick Trout its own Loee end int rail dissensions the Savage Trux that for. Centuries had cringed in Awe of the Imperial City gathered to help on the work of destruct ton end tear asunder among themselves the Vest territory that could no longer be a intact. Power has always moved Westward. In earlier times Persia rated the Civ Atleed Earth. Luxury and bad govern meet had to weakened the persian dynasty that it and crumbled beneath the Iron grip of the Creek Alexander Greece in turn through internecine dispute Lack of Union and departure from the old spartan strength and probity Hud fallen victim to Rente s onslaught Rome As Long As it was guided 07 democratic principles governed by Breve honest and Wise men and guarded by Hardy legions had risen on til it Hod held the Earth h its grasp. Then with nothing left to conquer with no further need Tor Provat Aptt struggle and armed defense the mighty nation Haft gradually fallen prey to luxury nud ease and to the vices that follow in their train. The once sturdy race grew effeminate 1 the once upright Senate waxed corrupt Home was falling Back. It ruled the world but it ruled with a hand that yearly grew softer and feebler for Lack f exercise. As Early As the Middle of the third Century a. D. Hordes of German and French barbarians took advantage of this weakness to swarm into Italy. Even then the name of Rome s prowess was such a terror in their ears that they dared not attack the City to self. But they found that the once invincible roman Power could not punish an invasion of its farther provinces and this emboldened them to new inroads. Prom Friendly and contented roman subjects these tribes h Cnoc Sollen and watchful foes awaiting Only the right moment to Spring at their former tyrant s Throat. Once Only did Rome s old glory Blase up for a Brief interval. In 232 a. D. The emperor Constantine United the shattered Ompre under his Wise Rule and made christianity its official religion. He also transferred the capital from Rome to Ryan Truro which latter place took his name becoming known in future years As constantinople the City of but soon after Constantino s death the state lapsed to its former inefficiency. It was formally divided in 304 into two practically separate Powers the Eastern Empire with constantinople for it capital and the Western Empire with the sent of government it the old City of Rome. The too heavy state not Strong enough to support its own greatness and with no hand skillful enough to keep it intact had split in two. This was the Chance for which the barbarians had waited. Ass rec King of the visigoths led his tribesmen Over the Alps into Italy. Rome which three centuries earlier would have swept Biro and his people off Tho map now meekly bribed him to leave the country. Finding Money so easy to earn Alaric in 408 marched his army to the very Walls of Rome. Again he was bought off. Two years later he returned and the terms offered being insufficient lie stormed and sacked the City. The Rome of Caesar of Antony of Augustus thus fell into Tho hands of despised Savages. It was the world Empire s crowning degradation. At about this time a Short squat Man with a big head Flat nose and Beady Little eyes Rose to Power among the Danube tribes. He was Attilla King of the his arid nicknamed by his victims the Scourge of he ruled a wild almost limitless Domain stretching from the Rhine to China. Attilla declared that he was destined to Rule Tho world and set about making Good his boast by devastating the Eastern Empire and beating Tho Eastern emperor s armies. He then turned his barbarians Loose on the Western Empire. His horde of huns and vandals ravaged France but at Chalons were beaten in a great Battlo by the roman general aet us aided by Thi Visigoth forces under theodoric. But a year later. Attilla conquered All Northern Italy and was advancing to destroy Rome when Pope Leo s plea induced him to withdraw. In 453 the visigoths turned against Rome and sign in sacked the City. Meantime n Danube peasant named Odoacre had Heen impressed As a private Soldier by Rome. He Rose rup1 Lily in rank and la 470 a. D. Overthrew the Imperial Power announced to the world at Large that there was no longer on emperor of Tho West and calmly took command of Tho state As King of Italy. Italy thus became a Mere province and Rome once All powerful was nothing More than that province s capital. The world Power was forever at an end divided up into n score of lesser and Independent states. Where culture learning and Genius had been pre eminent Savage barbarians now held Sway. The Golden age was dead slain by its own excesses. The dark noes of ignorance and strife were at hand. Before her a Baffi used Lydia e. Pink vegetable compound oame i was so weak i had to stay Joti 1084 most of the compound Mother in Law a a is a old Watfy Fey the it was All tool a Senesa Tor me to stay a bed. Told to to take vog tabla cob. _ Pound and it w Ulm a. 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NewspaperArchive’s collection of newspapers boasts more than 85% unique content compared to other newspaper sites. In addition to big city newspapers, we have a wide variety of newspapers from small towns that hold a wealth of information about day-to-day life. Our collection dates back to 1607!