Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
16 Aug 1918

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Postville Herald in Postville, Iowa
16 Aug 1918

Read an issue on 16 Aug 1918 in Postville, Iowa and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Postville Herald.

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - August 16, 1918, Postville, Iowa The Post tulle Herald. Postville Iowa. A Story about an Experiment with life e. Phillips Oppenheim chapter Xix continued. -11 the reception in Honor of the Little company of French tragedian at which almost the whole of the English stage and a sprinkling of society people were present was a Complete Success. Louise made a charming hostess and sir Edward More than Ever justified his reputation for saying the right thing to the right person at the right moment. The rooms were crowded with throngs of distinguished people who All seemed to have plenty to say to one another. The Only person perhaps who found himself curiously 111 at ease was John. He heard nothing but French of All sides of him a language which he read with some facility but whih he spoke like a Schoolboy. He had been wandering about for More than an hour before Louise discovered him. She at once left her place and crossed the room to where he was standing by the Wall. Cheer up she begged with a delightful smile. I am afraid that you Are being bored to death. Will you not come and be presented to our guests for goodness Sake no John implored. I have never seen one of them act and my French is appalling. I am All right Der. It s quite enough pleasure to see you looking so Beautiful and to think that i am going to be allowed to drive you Home Louise looked into a neighbouring Mirror and gazed critically at her own reflected image. She had a curious feeling that at that precise moment she had reached the Zenith of her Power and her Charm. Her audience at the theater had been wonderfully sympathetic had responded with rare appreciation to every turn of her voice to every movement and gesture. The compliments too which she had been receiving from the crowds who had Bent Over her fingers that night had been no Idle words. She was conscious acutely conscious of the atmosphere she had created around her. She was glorying in the Subtle outward signs of it. She was in love with herself in love too. With this delightful new feeling of Loving. It would have Given her More Joy than anything else in the world in that moment of her Triumph to have passed her Arm through Johns to have led him up to them All and to have said after All you see i am a very simple sort of woman. I have done just the sort of simple thing that other women do and i am glad of it very glad and very Happy her lips moved to the music of her thoughts. John leaned toward her. Did you say anything he asked. Ton dear stupid of course i did not or if i did it was just one of those Little whispers to oneself which mean nothing yet which count for so much. Can i not do anything to make you enjoy yourself More i shall have to go Back to my guests now. We Are expecting a Royal personage and those two dears who keep so close to my Side do not speak a word of please go Back dear John begged promptly. It was Nice of you to come at All. And Here s Sophy at last thank goodness now i am All right she Laid her angers upon his Arm you must take me Back to my place she said. Then you can go and talk nonsense to they were Back in the crowd now and she dismissed him with a Little nod. He made his Way quickly to the spot where he bad seen Sophy. To his disappointment she had disappeared. Grail lot however came up and seized him by the Arm. Still playing the Moth my Young Friend he exclaimed. Aren t the wings sufficiently burned yet i am afraid it s become a permanent role John replied As the two men Shook hands. Where have you been All these weeks and Why Haven t you been to see me Paris my dear Young Friend Paris and life now i am Back again i pm not sure that i know Why. I came Over with these French people to see them Start their theater. Forgive me i have not paid my respects to our hostess. We shall meet again he strolled off and a few minutes later John found Sophy. How late you Are he grumbled. I could t help it she answered. This is the Only evening dress i possess at present and i had to mend it before it was decent to come out in. Why Are Yon wandering about alone has t Louise been kind to you she has been charming John declared promptly but she is surrounded with All sorts of people i Don t know. 1 can t help her. For one thing my French is absurd. Then they Are All talking about things which i Don t understand in the a Sophy remained silent for a moment. Then she took John s Arm and led him to the Buffet. Give me an ice and a cigarette will you please ton Are a dear impractical person but you Are As ranch out of this world As a human being Well could be John waited upon her without any further remark. The Prince of Sieyro passing through bowed to them. John looked after his retreating figure. An irresistible impulse seized him. Sony he asked sitting Down by her Side Tell me Why have the Prince and Louise always been such great friends Sophy looked steadfastly at her ice. I suppose because the Prince is a very Clever and cultivated she said. He has been of great assistance to Louise several times. It was he who financed Miles Faraday when he put on this play of grail lot s. Grail lot has t a Penny you know and poor Miles was almost broke after three that was just an investment John remarked irritably. He will get his Money Back of course Sophy agreed. I think the Prince generally manages to get value for what he does in you Don t think Louise Ever thought of caring for him do you John persisted. Sophy paused until she had lit a cigarette. The expression in her face when she looked up at John irritated him vaguely. It was As if she were talking to a child. I think she said you had better ask Louise that question yourself Don t you it is Only in the finer shades of emotionalism the critic declared that these French actresses get at us a Little More completely even than Louise Maurel. Do you know the reason til Tell you. It is because they live the life. They have a dozen new emotions in a season. They make a cult of feeling. They use their brains to dissect their passions. They Cut their own life into Small pieces and give us the result without concealment that is where they score if anywhere. This mine. Latrobe who opens Over Here tomorrow night is in love at the present moment with Jean tour Beti she had an affair with that italian poet in the summer so they Tell me. She was certainly in Madrid in october with Bertoldi. The sculptor. These men Are All great artists. Think what she must have Learned from associating with them now Louise Maurel. So far As we know i has never had but one affair the Prince of Eyre and has been faithful to him j All the it was out at inst John had heard \ it spoken in Plain words. The Black i Demon upon which his hand had Laiu so heavily was alive now without a doubt jeering at him mocking at him \ alive and self assertive in the sober words of the elderly Well bred Man who lounged upon the table. J John for a moment or two John was Tom see fee ions it is my or in would not hesitate. Toe s it an out Rasenas this it t2� race should have bees her a ver. perfectly Frank. I d i ?�." very much Sac res a raised it John is in h ? in ? a remembered pc airing if . ". Had no recollect a  . R -.5- Street. A few a cd a liter. is i Sray from his rooms. Ertry i to�2y was tingling. We i Arzati i Sais. Of any sort. So re t a or Cir a l the night Clit is a introduced by or Ray re of his arrival z Leo dress too. a his disordered to Iii. Of the cab in i the skirts of the women Hru Slid tier table As they danced the rhythm of the music Rose and foil above the murmur of laughter and conversation John looked around the room and n sort of despair crept in upon him. It was no Good he had come to London to understand he understood nothing. He was a de of the wrong fiber. If Only he could change Hutu self if it were not too late if he could make himself like other men i Mast not ask you any More ques. Tons. Sophy he said. You Are her j Friend and Yon have Spokny very sweetly. Tomorrow i will go mud see j and tonight forget it All she a Jea id. Wipe it out of your memory. Tonight she is not Here and i 2�j. Even if you Are furiously in love Iti to there in t any harm in your a to just a Little Nice to me. Give soc coca Spague and i want some caviar sandwiches a i won. The o a ? we a when the is Denly Casio a Jimiy. Who done her pm tolled Fri Juds. It a a voice. Soc i a a in Ciao and John with out John she All people in s Nie in Hyo a time of night is anything the exclaimed. You of a world what do you Jug Here alone at this fancy not telling me matter look Here grail lot you know it is not nothing when people make suggestions of that sort. I make no inquiries. I accept life und people As i find but you Don t believe that such a thing could he possible Why not grail lot asked steadily. John could do no More than mumble 8 repetition of his words. The world was falling away from him. I will not discuss this matter with you my Friend. I will Only ask you to remember the views of the world in which we live. Louise Maurel is an artist. A great artist if there has been such an affair As you suggest Between her and any Man if it were something which appealed to her of he replied. I really Don t exactly know Why i am Here. I simply Don t want to go to where is the Prince he asked. Sophy struck by something in his voice swung around and looked at him. Then she thrust both her arms through his clasped her two hands together mud led him firmly away. A glimmering of the truth was beginning to Dawn upon her. Tell me where you have been since you left the reception she insisted when at last they were seated together. Wait till i have ordered some he said. A waiter served them with Champagne. When John s Glass was filled he drained its contents. Sophy watched him with Surprise. She came a Little closer to him. John she whispered you must Tell me do you hear you must Tell me everything did you take Louise Home " what happened then you did t quarrel with her nothing at All happened he assured her. We ported the Best of friends. It was t then what remember that i am your Friend John dear. Tell me i will Tell you he assented. I went to a Little club i belong to on the Adelphi Terrace. I sat Down in the Sra King room. There was no one there i knew. Some men were talking. They had been to the reception tonight. They were comparing French actresses and English. They spoke first of the French woman Latrobe and her lovers then of Louise. They spoke quite calmly like men discussing history. They compared the two actresses they compared their lives. Latrobe they said had lovers by the score Louise Only Sophy s hand stole into his. She was watching the twisting of his features. She understood so Well the excitement underneath. I think i can guess she whispered. Don t Hurt yourself telling me. Something was suld about the Prince his eyes blazed Down upon her. You too he muttered. Does the whole world know of it Atid speak As if it did not mutter Sophy is it True speak out done be afraid of hurting me. You Call yourself my Friend. I be been Down looking at the outside of her House. I dared not go in. There s a fire burning in my soul Tell me if it is True you must not ask me that question John she begged. How should i know besides these., Are so different la our world the world you Haven t found out much about yet. Supposing it were True John she went on remember that it was before you knew her. Supposing it should be True remember this your idea of life is too absurd. Is one Creed made to fit human beings who May differ in n in no. No differ in a million different ways a woman May be As Good As any Ever born into the world and yet take just a Little love into her life if she be True and faithful in doing it. I Dou t believe there is a dearer or sweeter woman breathing than Louise but one must have love. Don t i know it a Man May be Strong enough to live without it but a women never 1" the Prince reeled Back. Either to marry your Young Man Down at Bath or to have a sweetheart of your own a companion some one quite How different someone who cared for you of Yon deserve to be cared for and whom you cared for i cannot take these things As lightly As i used to she answered a Little sadly. Something has come Over me lately i Don t know what it is but i seem to have lost my taste for flirtations. John Don t look up Don t turn round i have been afraid of the Prince All the evening. When you came in i fancied that you had been drinking. When the Prince asked me something about you an hour or so ago. I knew that he hid. I saw him like it once before about a year ago. Don t take any notice of him Don t talk to him if you can at All help it toward their table the Prince was slowly making his Way skilfully avoiding the dancers yet looking neither to the right nor to the left. His eyes were fastened upon John. If he had been drinking As Sophy suggested there were few signs of it. His walk was steady his bearing As usual deliberate and distinguished he came to a standstill beside them. Sophy s fingers clutched at the table cloth. The Peluce looked from one to the other. You have robbed me of a guest or. Str Newey he remarked but i Bear you no ill will. It is very Seldom that one sees you in these haunts of it is u gala night with me John replied his tone raised no More than usual but shaking with some new Quality. Drink a Glass of wine with me Prince he invited taking the bottle from the ice pail and filling a Tumbler upon the table. Wish me Luck won t you i am engaged to be in ruled i wish you Hoppl Ness with All my heart the Prince answered holding his Glass up. May i not know the name of the lady no doubt you Are prepared for the news John told him. Miss Maurel has promised to become my the Prince s hand was As steady is a Rock. He raised his Glass to his lips. I drink to you both with the greatest of pleasure he said looking John full in the face. It is a most remarkable coincidence. Tonight is the anniversary of the night when Louise 1 Maurel pledged herself to John s Frame seemed for a moment to Dwhite and fire flashed from hl3 eyes. Will Yon be Good enough to explain those words he demanded. The Prince bowed. He glanced toward Sophy. Since you insist he replied tonight then let me Tell you. Is the anniversary of the night when Louise Maurel consented to become my what followed came like a Thunderclap. The Prince reeled Hack his hand to his Mouth blood dropping upon the Tablecloth from his lips where John had struck him. He made a Sindet Spring at his assailant. Sophy shriek lug leaped to her feet. Everyone else in the place seemed per Alvred with wonder. Him away. But to John the room empty. He stood there a giant a it Wonless figure his Muscles still to his once. Tense his eyes aflame a to ing Down at the prostrate figure of the Man. On whom lie had wreaked Uii accumulated fury of these lust and weeks of madness. Chapter xxi. Toward nine o clock on the follow ing morning John Rose from a sleep and looked around him. Before he could recall the events of i the preceding night he Felt Tom then was a weight pressing upon his by a miserable sense of emptiness in 1 a Dull feeling of . Al though he had no Clear recollection of getting there he real led that he we in his own sitting room and that it had Boon asleep upon the Couch. He saw too that it was morning or a Ray of sunlight Lay Cross the carpet. As he struggled to his feet he saw with a Little Shock that he was not alone. Sophy Gerard was curled in his easy chair still in even clothes her clock drawn closely around her As if she were Encl. Hot head had fallen Back. She too was asleep. At the sound of his movement however she opened her eyes and looked it him for a moment with n puzzled store. Then she jumped to her feet. Why we have both been asleep 1 she murmured a Little weakly. At the sound of her voice it All Cam Back to him a tangled hideous night More. He sat Down again upon the Couch and held his head Between his hands. I remember everything that happened it the club he went on slowly is the Prince dead 1 she Shook her head. Of course not he was Hart though and there was a terrible scene of confusion in the room. The people crowded around him and i managed somehow to drag you away. The manager helped us. To Tell the truth he was Only too anxious for you to get away before the police arrived. In was so afraid of anything Retting into the papers. I drove you Mick Here and is you still seemed stunned i brought you upstairs. I did t mean to stay but i could t get you to say n single coherent word. I was afraid to leave you Aline i suppose i wus drunk he said in a Dull tone. I remember filling my Glass Over and Over again. There is one thing though he added his Voles gaining n sudden strength i was not drunk when i struck the Prince i remember those few seconds very distinctly. 1 saw everything knew everything Felt everything. If no on had interfered i think i should have killed him you were not drunk at All she declared with a Little shiver but you were in a state of terrible excitement. It was a Long time before i could get you to he Down and then you would t close your eyes until i came and sat by your Side. I watched you go to sleep. I Hope you Are not angry with me i did t like to go and leave How could i be angry he protested. You Are far Kinder to me than i deserve. I expect i should have been in a police cell but for you i and now she begged coming Over to him and speaking in a More matter of fact Lone do let is be practical. I must run away and you must go and have a Bath ind change your clothes. Don t be afraid of your reputation. I can get out by the other remember she whispered you have to go to see Louise he covered his face with his hands. What s the use of it he groaned. It s Only another turn of the screw Don t be foolish John she admonished briskly. You Don t actually know anything yet nothing at nil Ryone in b seemed Prii a Onder. John seized the Prince by the Thront and held Hlin for n moment it Arm s length. Then he lifted him off his feet As one might lift a child from the floor. Holding his helpless victim in a merciless grip he carried him across the room and deliberately Flung him Over the table toward his empty chair. Sophy held John by the Arm clutching it hysterically striving to drug remember she whispered you have to go to see ,stvv.0u Are not sure of anything. And besides you strange impossible land011", the went on pitting he and Don t you see that you must mini a we j judge her not by the standards of your world in which she has Uever lived but by the standards of w world in which she was born a4 bred that is Only fair. In t it 1 he Rose listlessly to Bis feet the was a strange Dull look in his you Are a dear girl Sophy m snid. Don t go just yet i have never Felt like it before in my life but jul now i Don t want to be left aloof a Send a boy for some clothes Ana a will order some v she hesitated. To is

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