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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1940, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - August 14, 1940, Postville, Iowa Postville a live newspaper in a live town. Forty eighth year. Postville Iowa wednesday August 14, 1940. Number 42. Postville schools its will be opened Rural districts should Register Early organized in county a meeting at cd a Young republicans league of Alla Makee county. A i Orfia my was hew on last Fri monday sept. 2 s�3 r of Waukon was elect l \ is.  to ? Leri an it county airman and freshmen entering from a mock Peterson 0i Post vice vice chairman. Two additional vice chairmen one from Waukon and another from Lansing win be elected at the. Next meeting. According to an announcement made miss Nellie Beal of Waukon was by supt b. I Graeber Postville pub elected Secretary treasurer. Leon lie schools wifi open for the fall term Henderson Nathan Hager and miss on monday sep tember2./"graduates Beai 811 of Waukon were appointed of Rural schools who Are watering High As. Members of a permanent finance school As freshmen will have the of committee. A permanent publicity port Unity to Register a week Early committee was appointed composed of or. Graeber will be in his office daily Edward l. Burdick of Postville and beginning Monda August 28. He mrs Evelyn Tousley of Waukon. Asks All Rural students entering High the next meeting of the Organiza school for the first time to bring their Tion win be held Friday August 23, in Rural school certificates when they the court House at Waukon. Register. A. A a when school convenes on september Farmersburg Kitte Ball 2, the following new teachers will be team beats Postville 5-1 present to assume the task of teaching sin the local schools % Postville s Kitte Ball team lost a Well miss june Mathison of Nevada will played same to Farmersburg sunday teach vocal music. She is a graduate a ? to 1 score Irving Deering did of Cornell College arid has had two the pitching for Postville. Turning in years of teaching experience at Tripoli. A steady game but his mates were Milton Gulsvig of Sunburg Minn., unable to hot when runners were on Bill teach physics mathematics latin a ase Clarence Everman and Rodney and be assistant athletic coach. He Smith handled the catching for the has and four years of experience at local team if Falker Minn. A Melvin Bell of Cedar Falls will teach k commercial. He is a graduate of Iowa of 11011 106 Frog Raffl state teachers College at Cedar Falls 3 and has had five years of teaching exr i i a i a. Hor Lianas annual miss Florence Thomas of Lime Springs will be the first Grade teacher. Of of  she is a graduate of Iowa state teach pc a hit Ere College and has been teaching for a _ six years. Miss Alice Frederickson of new dates set for August 31st Hartford also a graduate of Iowa state j pen am wic. Teachers College will each the third 3110 ept Emder is Grade. She has had two years of experience before coming Here. Luana 15 making ready for its 21st miss Erma Whannel of Traer will annual seh�o1 Community fair which teach vocational Home making. She is win be held saturday August 31, and a graduate of Iowa state College at sunday. September 1. Ames and has had ten years of sex free sta8e attractions have been be Prience As a teacher cured and officials or charge of the fair Eugene Sutton of Iowa Falls who announce that a different program is replaced Adrian Gamble As vocational a a presented each Day. There Hole allure instructor for the final five be singing dancing and music by w of school last Spring will re Ras Sunshine revue. The turn to carry on his work. He has it jul also feature an r gang a bad two years of experience and is a comedy with acrobatics and balancing Paguate of Iowa state College Ames. There we be concessions owned and _ a operated by the Luana consolidated last two teachers elected. Schoo a band concerts by t be Luana j. The following two teachers elected a Nooi band rides of All kinds races this week completes the staff for the a Horseshoe pitching contest and i timing year. Kitte Ball tournament. Towns Corn miss Lucille Muschewske of Gutten Petig m this tourney will be Castalia Berg will teach Art and English in the Mana Eldorado Postville Monona Junior High school. She has been and Farmersburg. Teaching for the last three years at Pau on of the fair will have no Dif Arlington. Miss Muschewske is a faculty bearing the programs As a pub Paguate of Iowa state teachers col inc address system will be installed. So a Large list of premiums has also miss. Margaret Damon of Minne been arranged to make the fair the polls Minn., a graduate of the uni most attractive in years both from the varsity of Minnesota will be the Sec standpoint of educational features and cd Grade teacher for amusement. Teachers returning for another year in the High school include or., _ r a Graeber superintendent Wilmatrum-1 we. Gericke is injure cd my of Belmond Normal training critic Harold j. Gamble instrumental _ Misic department Ivan Blackmer we her joke suffered a serious in athletic director and social science in. Tuesday afternoon about six Cmor Pauline Smith of Wapello 0.dock i ii working with a thresh Tamaric Art English and speech in ing Crew on the mrs. Orma Schultz mor.  fall a Nice is tenanted by cloy in the Grade school the following Gerick i located three and a half Miles of Myers Are returning Elma Berkland Northeast 0f town. Lawood fifth Grade Eleanor Cade or Gericke was running the thresh to of Elwym fourth Grade and Harold ing machine and it is believed that a Ink of Bloomfield Junior Oligh. Wet bundle struck his Arm forcing it Herman Schutta completes the list Imp the. Beu running Between the Wool employees the succeeded or machine and the tractor. Cloy Ger Barlesh Ohloff who resigned As the Icke stopped the tractor immediately Jodian of the building last Spring. Gericke s Arm was badly injured West vice High school been and he Tju be forced to be on the % accredited by the North Central inactive not for several weeks. Iwo nation of colleges and secondary and ranks High among Iowa Raing hinder. ,.1. The inquiring reporter at the fair White elephant Sale will be held Here on Friday the White elephant Sale which has aroused the curiosity of so Many of our people will be held Friday from 9 00 a. M., until 6 00 p. M., in the basement of the Community presbyterian Church. The Sale is being sponsored by the social service committee of the Church with the proceeds going toward a social service project. Mrs. Harvey Douglass chairman of the committee announces that donations will be received up to the time of the Sale anyone having clothing shoes hats school Board members approve addition plans members of the Board of directors of the Postville Independent school District met in special Sepio Ibn thursday evening to put their stamp of approval on the plans and specifications of the new school House addition not architect Charles Alt fit Fisch of de Corah was present with the Blue prints of the proposed building. He also had Complete details of the addition which had been prepared by his assistant Edward Novak and himself. The details required a 120-Page Book. Or. Altfillisch has 60 sets of the Blue prints with 17 pages to each set. This amount is necessary for distribution among various contractors. For the last nine weeks or. Altfillisch and his assistant worked continuously preparing their work. Contractors will be Given three weeks to look Over the plans and prepare their bids. The letting will be held tuesday september 3, at two o clock p. Construction work will be started Witlin a Day or two after the contract is let. Payette county fair is next week s big show. The Fayette county fair greatest county fair in Eastern Iowa will be held at West Union next week from August 20 to 23, and Secretary de. Bauder has gathered together a great array of free acts exhibits and entertainment features for the thousands of people who will visit the fair. For the last 18 years sol s Liberty shows mile Long pleasure Trail has toured the Middle West and has won favor with millions of Midway patrons both Young and old. This company which presents twelve thrilling rides and fourteen High class feature shows a veritable world s fair comes to West Union As the largest and most Beautiful modernistic mid Way of the present Day. The sol s Liberty shows travels in its own Fleet of monster Semi trailer trucks numbering 65 in All and is comparable to any big Railroad show. They carry 386 people with them and northeastern Iowa fair goers will be Given a treat when they attend the Fayette county fair this year. Book great array of platform acts for big four fair committee seeks assistance for big Parade to be held on saturday shoes nats the 21st annual big four ? household articles etc., which they be held in Postville on september 8, wish to donate can leave them this a 8 and 9, and within the next few evening or tomorrow evening at the Days the Large fair Book showing the Church basement. Premium lists will be distributed exhibits at the fair porn use a or be Carl Erb rents Sanders the most outstanding in several years. Farm in Hardin Vicinity free acts and other entertainment _ which has been secured Are also of Carl Erb who has been Hying on the top notch calibre. Elmer Zieman farm South of Postville included in the free attractions Are has rented the Enneth and Gilbert the following acts cortello s Holly Sanders of Jar Fliear Hardin. The farm Wood canine mimics the Salado duo has Bejel tenanted for the last 21 years the sky Man. Roy Barrett America s by the Christofferson families the past Foremost White faced Clown and fan several years by Louis Christofferson. Tastes of 1940. One of the feature it is a 190-acre place and the erbs will events will be the Marvin Wicks train move to it next March ? de horse and Pony show. Elmer Zibo we will move to the place baseball games Are also scheduled now occupied by or. Erb and Lyle for the fair Jonn l Gregg announces Zieman will operate the Home farm. That Postville will play Frankville on or. Christofferson has not announce saturday St. Olaf will meet Monona de what his plans for the future Are. Herald subscribers Are being offered free tickets to fair Here s Opportunity to see fair without Cost Farmers report Good yields As threshers Dodge showers in threshing Accident Farmers and threshers or 5a d wears the announce f. To. A a local showers continued to inter Walont likes our band rust Farmers who were attempting to i save tin a do a a Complete their threshing duties during pc my Day Jio Oster the past week. A total of 1.20 inches f be a.  1 of rain was measured for the week by is Cole m in Sun Tecl feral thousand peo-1 Alteio y a a rain had Cut Down August 7 dance on saturday. -. August 8 a present including the High a Norih the band made a Fine showing August 11 Rue Dana made a nne us a a is attested to by the following augus u my which was received at the her August 1j max. min .78 53 .78 56 .73 62 .70 65 .78 67 .85 69 .80 65 .59 .46 .24 office. N a our n ?,,1sh Soi now located in county be is to and Harold j.  A. Ellerhoff farm forester for Success win c0ps�ttulated upon Alla Makee county has a trently a a whole be evs an 1110 located at Waukon and is. A a i a a .,.i�,w.�1�? to assist banners of the county i h their Woodland problems. Plans and evening which gave the ate 1 ice areas threshing went Forward at a rapid Pace in this Vicinity last week until saturday s Light rainfall halted the work. One of the record yields of the season was reported to the Herald by Carl Erb and his son Elmer who Are on the Elmer Zieman farm South of Postville. After they checked up on the yield of a five acre Field they were surprised to learn that the Canadian Vanguard Oats averaged 80 bushels to the acre. Oats on a nearby Field of 40 acres went Only 40 bushels to the acre however. What is believed to be a record was established on the j. W. Harris estate farm which is tenanted by Vera Koth. A Crew of 13 men went to work wednesday noon and in five hours they had threshed 1,942 bushels of Gopher Oats the yield being about 39 bushels to the acre for the 50-acre Field. Use 36 Inch machine. A 36-Inch threshing machine owned by John and Henry Gericke was used during the record run. Eight men hauled bundles one Man Hung the sacks two pitched bundles and two men ran the machine. A total of 32 loads of bundles averaging 61 bushels to the Load was pitched into the machine. The threshing ring in the Lybrand Vicinity completed several other jobs last week. Dale and Keith Brainard who Are on the George Schultz farm received a yield of 1,485 bushels of Oats and Barley off 40 acres,.for an average of 37 bushels to the acre. Fifty one acres of Oats yielded 2,422 bushels on the de Voelker farm. This a High average of a bushels to the acre.  a a. We a. A on the c. C. Meyer farm 40 acres yielded 1,566 bushels or an average of 39 bushels per acre v or. Meyer had Barley and some Oats on the 40 acres. Clarence Peake who is on the John Bareis farm received a yield of 42 bushels of Oats per acre. A Field of 26 acres produced 1,094 bushels. Water cuts Down yield. In the Luana Vicinity Harvey Landt received 987 bushels from a 20-acre Field. Flood Waters of Silver Creek damaged the Oats on two or three acres cutting Down his yield per acre Lester Doerring South of Luana threshed 1,570 bushels of Oats from 25 acres making the average Over 62 bushels per acre. A Afred Becker also received a High average per of Oats netted him 1,287 bushels or an average of better than 60 bushels an acre. Herman Snitker who lives vhf Miles Northeast of Frankville threshed 32 acres of Oats and received a total yield of 1,104 bushels for an average of 34 bushels per acre. John Grotegut in the same neighbourhood averaged about 31 bushels to the acre receiving 1,135 bushels from his 36 acres. Arno Larson s 14-acre Field went exactly 50 bushels to the acre As he received a yield of 700 bushels. Vic Sebastian gets Good yield a 3.3 acre Field of the Vanguard Oats on the Victor Sebastian place East of town produced 216 bushels last week. Will Christofferson had 10 acres of Oats that went 69 bushels per acre Sherman Lawson South of town had a High yield threshing 1,200 bushels of Gopher Oats off 22 acres for a yield of 54 bushels per acre. W. H. Baltz who is on the John h Gericke farm North of town reports that Oats and Barley on his piece averaged about 42 bushels per acre. He received 580 bushels of Barley and 587 bushels of Oats a total of 1,167 bushels from 27 acres. Harry n. Turner combined about 38 acres of Oats and Barley on his farm South of Postville last week., they were a Little thin he reported and i would say the yield was about 3fj bushels to the or. Turner Haa a additional 12 acres of Oats to Bem combined which he says look much better and should show a higher yield Falas gets heavy yield. Arthur Palas,.living" West of Luana had a Fine yield from 48 acres of Oats. He received total of 2,361 bushels or an average of More than 49 bushels per acre. The Grain was exceptionally heavy or Palas reported. Arno Krambeer who is on the Otto Schroeder place Southeast of town finished threshing 22 acres of Oats and five acres of Barley. The Oats went 54 bushels to the acre and the Barley 44 bushels per acre. Oats on the Louis Krambeer farm went 40 bushels to the acre As or Krambeer received a total of 1,320 bushels.from.33 acres. Jess Uhl who is located Northeast of Postville threshed ,65tf? bushels off a 20-acre Field for an average of 32 bushels per acre. Chas. H. Ohloff former Postville school custodian who is How farming his place Northwest of Here received 800 bushels of Oats and 55 bushels of wheat off approximately 33 acres. He states that flood Waters of yellow River ruinedsl5q. Bushes of Oate on sunday and monday s game will be played Between the winning teams of the two games. Kitte Ball games have also been scheduled. Teams competing will be Farmersburg Monona Luana Postville Castalia and Eldorado. A meeting of the fair Board officials was held thursday evening to talk Over plans for the fair. A committee of six men was appointed to make arrangements for a Parade on saturday september 7. This committee is three Cash prizes will be awarded to winners in the big Street Parade. The committee in charge sincerely solicits the co operation of All business houses to enter floats in the Parade. And anyone having or knowing of worthy features for the Parade should Contact any one of the committee members at once Advance indications Point to a record attendance at the big four fair september 6 to 9, and the Postville Herald is co operating with the fair officials to make the attendance even bigger by offering free tickets to its subscribers from now until fair time. If you Are planning to attend this big Home fair Here is your Opportunity to secure an admission ticket absolutely free. For each year s subscription arrears and not More than two years in and composed of l. B. Folsom John a. Vance the Herald will give one free Schroeder Leonard Hammel Carl admission ticket to the big four fair. Blumhagen Harold e. Eberling and As an inducement to bring those of c. Morgan. According to tentative our Community not now receiving the plans the Parade will be staged at Herald onto our lists we offer two 12 30 p. A free tickets to anyone bringing in a fair officials have announced that new subscription. One ticket will go the Midway will be one of the Best in to the new subscriber and the other Many years. There will be six rides to the person bringing us the new a Corn game and Many Good shows to subscriber. Top the list. The Midway will be of an remember this offer is now in Independent nature As the officials de effect and is Good until big four fair cited against the hiring of an outside time september 6 to 9. Pay your carnival. Subscription now and get the tickets one of the real features of the fair for yourself and family for the greatest will be the return appearance of Nel fair Ever staged in our Community. Son s one Man patrons of the Don t put off securing your tickets big four fair have delighted in his get them Early and avoid the Rush that performances in past years and the is bound to prevail at fair time. Decision to bring him to Postville again should be a popular one. F f a Unver will Liap dances will be held on Friday sat a urday and monday nights with Gus on Long Western trip sin s band of Winnipeg Canada furnishing the music. Will Western Mot vocational Agricula Eugene Savut Ture instructor at Post Viii High school Gordanier Weihe return s taking a Large class of boys on a a,000 mile trip to Yellowstone National from West states tour Park in Wyoming this weeks a of the boys Are members of the future Horace Gordanier and Clarence Farmers of America organization. The we he returned to Post Viii sunday group will Teavy a urea air morning evening after a 5,540 mile trip which in it Schr Jobus. Took them to the West coast. Their in of the boys Are from Waukon homeward journey required Only six be Are from West Union and the Days but they took their time on the following Are from Postville Donald trip to the coast. Kugel Kenneth Rooney Lloyd Ever after leaving Postville they drove to Man Harlan Chamberlain Paul Miene Colorado Springs colo., and then took Clifton Mork Milton Olson Ray brai in the Beautiful scenery at Rocky lard Merle Lubke Earl Medberry Mountain National Park. One of the Ivan Peterson and Robert Schultz. Most interesting parts of their entire the gone ten Days. Journey was a visit with Louis Thomson near Larramie Wyo. They had trial jurors summoned quite a time getting to the Thomson to it i i i  property but decided that the Effort Lor duty september la was Well spent As they had the Opportunity to visit a Gold mine which the september term of Alla Makee Wuh soon be opened county District court will Convene on from Larramie they drove Over monday september 16, at 10 o clock snowy Ridge pass which was opened m., with judge h. E. Taylor presid up Only three years ago. The men ing. Following Are the jurors who reported that Snow had been cleared will serve from Southwest Alla Makee 0ff the Road Only three weeks before. John Powers cloy Gericke Wilmer they crossed the pass. According to Nordin Lawrence Dresser c. C. Hoth information received by them the pass Florence Thompson All i of Post town is Only open a Short time each sum ship Leo Sekretarski Franklin town Mer due to heavy snows ship Gus Shafer and Ben Flage of they drove through Yellowstone Ludlow township. National Park finally arriving in. California where or. Gordanier visit band will play concerted his Siste mrs Ethel Richards near at Castalia on saturday or. Weihe visited in Pasadena. Of a. " Ter a week s stay they started for -. Band director Harold j. Gamble Home on August 6, driving to Boulder announced this morning that the High dam the grand Canyon across the school band will go to Castalia on painted desert and thence Home. Saturday evening to play a concert they were absent from Post Niue. By. At1 a meet feg of the a a ladies Aid. For 24"daysv" 1 j. V�5

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