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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Aug 9 1918, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - August 9, 1918, Postville, Iowa Herald successor to the 4f%9w pm Lvera placed. Tho Strumor Ellon has been Transfer cd to Lansing and passed up Stream with four Large barges of Brush which As boing Cut at Lynx Ville wis., und placed in Danio. Tho Steamer goal Bluff which Hud been operating hear Lansing has Boon transferred to lower Points. Who did it ? when the War is Over and the medals Are distributed some one should be decorated for the big Allied Victory in this Vicinity. A big Grain crop. Prospects of a bumper crop of Corn. Record shipments of beef cattle. And a whale of a hog crop coming. In the face of the following serious difficulties loss of seed Corn last fall. Loss of farm help in the draft. Farm work has been kept ahead of schedule time All the season. Our Post ill Farmer has done this quietly with very Little help Froni town people or the government. However he in t hollering very much about his achievements and anyone trying to hang medals on him May find Iris name in the casualty lists the next Day. Pc tit boys father badly injured. E. C. Petti t of Alexis 111., father of Roy and Leslie Pettit of this City was the victim of a most unfortunate Accident tuesday of last week and that he escaped instant death is Little less than a Miracle. Zvir. Pettit is a Wagon maker Andon the Day in question was engaged in sawing out a Wagon reach in his shop using a Circle saw for the purpose. To keep the two parts of the Timber from binding on the saw he put in a Hardwood wedge and in some manner this wedge slanted Over a Little too much and when the saw struck it the wedge was hurled with terrific Force and struck or. Pettit in the face hitting him about a half Inch below the right Eye and continuing its journey about six inches up Over his head causing an ugly Scalp wound that rendered him unconscious and bled profusely breaking a Small Bone just above the Eye. His condition was such that his son Leslie was called Over there last thursday to assist in caring for him. We Are pleased to state however that i. Pettit is How on the mend and will in due time be As Good As Over again. Old Liberty pole removed. The old Liberty pole that has decorated will Shepherd s Corner for to these Many years was taken Down last Friday having been supplanted by the splendid steel pole now in our City Park which the old Flag followed after which recalls to mind the fact that old glory is pretty much human. For it is not at All uncommon to read in the papers where some old Guy has deserted his faithful Hel meet of Many years to Chase off after some Young Chicken in Oxier attire. A part of the old pole was purchased by the citizens state Bank and has been erected on the roof of their splendid new banking House for a new old glory to Fly from. Rev. Orth to speak in Postville. A goodly number of Postville people went to Castalia last thursday night and heard the address by Rev. Orth of the Iowa German american loyalty Lens to j. W. Campbell so cured this gentleman for an address in Postville on sunday sept. 8th, and no one should fail to come out and Hoar him on that Date. He has a wonderful message to those of German birth or parentage and there is no abuse in his entire talk. He presents cold facts und appeals to his hearers with reason and not ridicule. Begin to so arrange things now that nothing will interfere with your attendance at this1 meeting. Soldiers attention. A Friend of the Postville Soldier boys has arranged with this office to Send the Herald to the soldiers from Postville or who get their mail thru the Postville Posto fico he paying the subscription therefor. Henc we ask the boys who receive the Herald to see that either they or their parents notify this office promptly of any change in their address. Please give this matter your prompt attention so that the boys May get their old Home paper regularly Post township pig club. Frederick h. Luhman has been appointed chairman of the Post township red Cross pig club and has selected the following solicitors to assist him in the work sections 1 and 2-Harvey Clark. Sections 3 and 4-Willard Livin Good. Sections 5 and 6-Paul Topel. Sections 7 and 8-f. H. Preister. Sections 9 and 10-Ira Smith. Sections 11 and 12-Mort Deering. Sections 13 and 14-Geo. Schultz. Sections 15 and 16-Sam Harris. Sections 17 and 18-Dick Sams. Sections 19 and 20-l. H. Meyer. Sections. 21 and 22-h. W. Meier. Sections 23 and 2-1-Geo. Waters. Stations 25 and 26-a. C. Harris. Sections 27 and 28-Arthur Beh rens. Sections 29 and 30-Henry Wilke. Sections 31 and 32-Chas. Gordon. Sections 33 and 34-Darius Orr. Sections 35 and 36-j. O. Davis. The object of the club is to get every Farmer in the township to fatten and donate a pig to the red Cross and on dec. 2nd these pigs will be shipped to Market in a special red Cross train and the entire proceeds donated to that great humanitarian society that is contributing so much to relieve the suffering of our Soldier boys and the Peoples of those lands pillaged and Laid waste by the huns and we believe every Farmer asked will want to join the club and unless we miss our guess Post township will Lead All others in the county in this splendid work. Postville 25 years ago. From Iowa Voik Oblatt aug. 10, 1893. Joe Gray is in Minneapolis on business. R. F. Hecker has finished the addition to his House. Louis Salzgeber is attending the exposition in Chicago. Anna Jacobs left yesterday for Sioux fails s. D., where she will vis it her brother Henry. John Waters has started the foun Dation for his new House. The band picnic last sunday was Well attended but the people did not seem to appreciate the music. Mrs. Senholz returned from Minnesota Lake where she had been to attend the funeral of her brother. The Farmers Are through with harvesting. Good weather this Yeai made it possible to finish the work very rapidly. Sixty four property owners have thus far signed the petition for the building of a Railroad to the Williams quarries but it requires 90 signatures before the question can be voted or at a special election. Neighbourhood news. Items of interest from Alla Makee and adjoining counties. A time to exercise sober judgment. New registrants classified. The local and District boards have completed the classification of the the list from Postville and Post township and the classes in which they were placed class one Oscar t. Hanson Angler l. Paulson George Dewey Harris Eli Ellis Baily Walter a. Meyer Fred Jahnke Frank Dundee Otto e. Hager Francis j. Mcdonald Paul n. Hanke. Class two Carl f. Letchford. Class three George w. Beisker Walter f. Lammert Harvey c. So Liltz Neil Standorf. Class four a. S. Meskimen Lynn s. Gordanier. Brought to Light. We have added a couple of mighty mean words to our american vocabulary of late. They have successfully passed the various stages of Slang and Colqui Alisonr and got themselves accepted by the dictionary makers. One of them is the word slacker it was coined for the purpose of expressing odium and it certainly fills the Bill. It will never be dignified by capitalization. Like a Mustard Plas Ter it is All right when properly applied but extremely unpleasant to say the least when slapped where it does t belong. Just at present it is being Slung out in d gust imply Misc you manner. We have a Small army of activities of one sort and another under Way and an army of individual chosen to keep them moving and i seems like one is in danger of Bein branded a slacker for this that a forty seven other things if he can not see his Way to support everything in. Sight hot off the Bat. We re All keyed up pretty High these Days and our blood pressure gets far above Normal under such conditions slips of the Tongue it s always an unruly Mem Ber anyhow Are frequent and pregnant with possibilities for trouble making. Of course there Are slackers a few. A very few in relation to the entire population. It is a Good thing to Hunt Down the real slackers and Brand them but we would much rather see a few of them escape which is unlikely than to Blacken the character of a single Loyal citizen by Over enthusiasm and snap shot judgment. No slacker can be a slacker very Long without giving unmistakable evidence of it. On the other hand a Loyal Man can easily be misunderstood or made the target by some vindictive shyster who has a personal grudge to work out. This yellow paint dabbing is despicable. If a Man be under suspicion give him an unbiased trial according to Law. The first duty of every patriotic citizen is to be Law abiding. We have no place in Iowa for traitors and pro germanium neither have we any place for yellow paint and mob Iowa. Thieves visit dental office at Mcgregor during noon hour. A few Over in Holstein Iowa says the Cherokee Democrat where w. F. Hutton publishes the Advance a number of germans who became peeved Over that paper s Oyal expressions started a Boycott but did t get very far with it. They quit taking the paper and As or. Hutton also owns the Telephone Exchange there they had their phones taken out. The officers got Busy and ten or n dozen of the germans were taken to Ida Grove where they were induced to change their lands. We understand Toiv phones have boo put Back in their i Homes and their names Are again enrolled on the paper s subscription list if that does not do the business they know what they will get. The bricklayers finished their work on the citizens state Bank lust saturday last monday while or. Walter was at dinner some unknown party or parties entered his office and helped themselves liberally to whatever they could find. They appropriated All the Gold they could find to their own us of and there was about .$200 Worth of it i All. They helped themselves to the finished and unfinished work and even took the old crowns that were of very considerable value. The same trick was played two years ago when some unknown parties entered his office and end rid away a Large amount of stuff. As Iii this present Case there is absolutely no clue to the Jerpe travors. It is hoped that they May be apprehended soon and meet their just deserts. Mcgregor times. Mrs. Ace Bush entertained a company of lady friends at a c o clock dinner saturday Alla Makee county has 292 silos. Stock is being sold for a tractor factory to be operated at Guttenburg. A government Sand pump is now Busy at Guttenburg deepening the Channel. Andrew Nordhaus of Clermont had his left shoulder broken in a runaway last week. The Clayton county Democrat says the wheat crop of that county will amount to 200,000 bushels. Alla Makee county s ten thousand acres of wheat is now being harvested and a Good crop is reported. A Home guard company has Ben organized at Hampton and Clear Lake is contemplating doing likewise. Mrs. Hugh Kain of Lawler while helping her husband in the Hayfield fell off the Load and broke her Collar Bone. Mrs. J. H. Johnson of Waukon has some Sweet Corn in her War Garden the stalks of which measure 101 inches. At the red Cross dance held at the Waukon opera House last Friday ?225 was realized for the local chapter Treasury. George Oversoul of Kelly lost the sight of an Eye when the lever of Mower flew Back and the end struck him in the eyeball. Charles Frasher arrested for automobile theft Cut his Way out of the roof of the jail at Mason City with a Jack knife and escaped. While shocking Grain on the we. Bakewell farm North of Lansing Leonard Sadd killed a Rattlesnake with nine rattles which had been lying under a bundle of Oats. Beulah Margaret Kauffman two year old daughter of or. And mrs. F. A. Kauffman died at storm Lake of tubercular meningitis. The child was Iowa s prize baby having won the prize at the state fair last year. The Fine y. M. C. A. Building in Charles City has been meeting with financial difficulty of late and on monday was sold at sheriff s Sale to the Des Moines Bridge and Iron co. For $12,987 to satisfy a judgement held by the original contractors. The City has a year to redeem the property which will doubtless be undertaken. While Canning fruit last Friday mrs. R. W. Sylvester of Clarksville met with a very painful Accident. While tightening a can lid the Glass Jar. Broke and she sustained a severe Gash across the Palm of her right hand. The incision was very deep and required the taking of four stitches to close it up. Besides the inconvenience it has Given her it has also been very painful. John Mcnamara was instantly killed near Shell Rock by the breaking of a whiff tree which flew Back and struck him on the breast. Or. Mcnamara lived on a farm on the Butler Center Road about three Miles from town and was driving a Load of Hay into the barn when the Accident happened. Mrs. Mcnamara and Little grandchildren were assisting him and summoned help at Onje but physicians snid death was instantaneous. He was about 60 years of age. The City of Waukon has a $5,000 damage suit to defend says the Democrat miss Bessie Terry being the plaintiff. She sues for that sum because of injuries to her spine received in a fall last Winter on an icy walk at the Post office Corner. W. S. Hart is her attorney. He has also filed two damage suits against the c. M. & st. P. Co. For Tho Joseph Swee Ney estate for ?25,0000, and another for $3,000 for mrs. Kathryn Sweeney Mother of the youth who was killed having been run Over by a locomotive out at the Iron mines a year ago. Near Waucoma in Fayette county Farmers Are missing butter eggs milk and other food supplies. Then along the Little Turkey the smoke of the Camp fire ascends but when searching parties reached the spot All that was to to found was some live embers the remains of a fire. A Man has been seen dodging when the parties appear but has been getting out of the Way with great rapidity. Whether he is a draft dodger or a work dodger is not known

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