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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1938, Page 7

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - August 4, 1938, Postville, Iowa A a a a thursday August 4, 1938. Jarm Bureau i publicity reporter is a very important office every 4-h club has a full quota of officers including president vice president Secretary treasurer and publicity chairman. The order of officers listed has publicity chairman coming last but this docs not by any Means signify that this office is the least in importance. The publicity chairman who Lias realized the importance of this office and has done her duty faithfully you can rest assured that the club which they represent has gotten its proper share of publicity. Remember that parents other club members and the leaders Are interested in Reading about 1-h Chib activities. Also that the More recent the news of the event the More interesting it will be to read. Therefore it is highly important that each publicity chairman Send in her report to the farm Bureau office immediately after the meeting has been held. Publicity articles go from the office to the county press on saturday of each week. There is a possible Chance of getting the news in the papers on monday providing the report cannot be handed in on saturday. In Case we do not get the article by saturday there is a possible Chance that it will have to be carried Over until the following week making it just that much later and less valuable As a news item. In Case of clubs Distant from Waukon when it is doubtful about getting the report in on time by mail it would perhaps be advisable to phone the or. . Or. M. F. Kiesau . Physicians and surgeons office Over Post office phone 245 Louis Schutte Willard Schutte funeral directors and embalmers Cut Flowers for All occasions report to the farm Bureau office thereby making sure that the article will come out in the proper time. Always give a full report of your meetings including the names of those present the Active parts on the program and the Complete details of the business covered. There arc six Little records to keep in mind when writing your report. They arc what who when where Why How by answering these six questions you will cover your report thoroughly. The office of publicity chairman gives the boy or girl valuable training in writing news articles. It is also a very responsible position for it is through this office that the club gets its share of publicity and informs the readers that there is a certain club of this nature in existence. Keep in mind that More publicity articles for your club Means a higher scoring in the number of Points at the end of the year. Do not hesitate to Send in your report for fear it is not properly written. Just write it As you would Tell it to someone and remember the Best report is the one that gets in on time. Outdoor fireplace brings family in closer Accord there s nothing like an outdoor fireplace to bring the family together for a Good time at Home. Such a fireplace can easily be constructed from Brick or native Stone. For a permanent fireplace a Cement Block base May be used although it is not absolutely necessary. Side Walls May be made of single Brick thickness if Economy is necessary. A 4-Inch Drain tile May make the Hue. If the fireplace is to be permanent bricks should be cemented together. A piece of Sheet Iron or two Iron stove top sections make the Tup. Which vests m a Niche in the top layer of the Side Wall. 4-h livestock members to meet at Voelker Home a meeting of the big four 4-h livestock club will be held at the de. Voelker Home. Post township. Friday evening. August 12. The evening s arrangement will consist of livestock judging 4-h discussions and demonstrations moving pictures and refreshments. Everybody Welcome. Franklin merry makers 4-h club met with Jean Miller c. M. Morgan veterinarian in rear of citizens state Bank Telephone no. 15s-r Joseph b. Steele attorney and Counselor at Law office in Koevenig building new York life insurance co. L. O. Koevenig agent Postville Iowa or. H. D. Cole Dent is t Ofutt Over citizens state Bank j. , . Offices Over Luhman & Sanders telephones office 188w residence 188x burling & Palas attorneys at Law Over the Postville state Bank Alla Makee rendering works we pay Cash for horses and cattle according to size and condition. Will Call for one hog or More. Call 555 Postville we will pay for the Call fourteen members of the Franklin merry makers 4-h club and their Leader met at the Home of Jean Anne Miller. Friday. July 22. Five visitors were present at this meeting. The president called the meeting to order and Roll Call by the Secretary was answered by articles made for achievement the Leader. Mrs. Don lamborn. Explained How to Blake a cleaning kit and How much easier it made cleaning when you had All the necessary things in one Basket. To improve the looks of cupboards use Glass food containers to keep cupboards orderly was a statement Given by Arlene o Brien in her talk. All members discussed things we can do to prevent fires Falls and accidents in the Gertrude Ball gave a very interesting talk on responsibilities of a 4-h club girl in her Mae Kraby gave a report on the state convention. The demonstration team told some interesting facts about their demonstration. At the close of the meeting posture games were played. A delicious lunch was served by the hostess. Jean Anne Miller. Donna Mae Krambeer. Reporter. Mid summer Day s hunks that Are very palatable Rosy red fruit juices floating Down through a Glass of snowy White liquid with a marbled effect lend a new Aura to the everyday quart of milk. Capitalize on flavors and colors to put Cooling glasses of milk into the class of summer thirst quenchers for children suggests miss Ruth Cessna Extension nutritionist at Iowa state College. Hot weather drinks May represent real food value As Well As refreshment she said. Berry juices grape juice chocolate syrup and Plum juice May be poured into the milk. Some of these must be combined immediately before serving since combining with milk May change the color. For interesting color effects the combination should be served without stirring. Children also will to pleased with milk drinks if they Are allowed to make their own milk All that is needed is a Good egg beater and bowl or a Shaker milk and sweetened syrup. The syrup May be fruit juice chocolate or Caramel. A bit of Salt added to a summer drink not Only improves the flavor but helps restore some of the Large Quantity of Salt which the body loses in perspiration. Herald want ads bring results Alla Makee supervisors want tax Levy reduced Alla Makee county s tax Levy for the coming year is to be about 40 cents per 51,000 valuation lower than last year if the budget estimate proposed by the Alla Makee county Board of supervisors is not objected to and if the valuations of the property used for the budget estimate Are not changed by the state Board of assessment and review. The proposed expenditures for the year 1939 Are slightly higher than the expenditures for 1938, but the Board explained this week that in Many of the funds a Large part of the estimated amount May not be used and in the past Many of the funds carry noticeable balances on hand at the end of the year. The increased valuation of Alla Makee county property makes the lowering of the proposed Levy possible. The budget lists $45,000 in proposed expenditures for the county general fund for this year. The Levy for this fund is set by Law and is not to exceed Ivi Mills. Six Mills of the Levy go to the secondary Road fund for maintenance and improvement. The amount necessary to be raised by taxation in the state insane fund is reduced a thousand dollars this year As compared to last year s budget estimate while the amount to be raised for the county insane fund is increased $500. The amount to be raised for interest on county Bonds has been reduced $1,000 due to the retirement of Bonds this year while the amount necessary for the county Home will increase $500. The amount to be raised for secondary Road funds will decrease $8,000 and the amount necessary to be raised for maintenance will increase $7,300. August 11 at 10 o clock a. M. Is the time set by the Board of supervisors to hear objectors to the estimated budget for the r. & s. Alla Makee and Clayton farms get much acc help sixty three farms totalling 12,308 acres in nine Clayton and three Alla Makee county townships Are now Farmed on a co operative agreement basis according to Rex l. White acc Camp superintendent at Mcgregor. These farms Are located in northeastern Clayton county and Southeastern Alla Makee county. Under agreement terms Farmers furnish the materials and the acc s the labor. Work consists of terracing contour tillage contour strip cropping planting Trees and shrubs Timber stand improvement and Gully control. In the Gully control work 1,310 dams of wire logs and Brush and 20 Large masonry dams have been built in the last three years. Along with dam building has gone work of sloping and seeding and sodding some half million Square Yards of Gully Banks. The 151 men now enrolled in the Camp work on the farms in ten groups driving Back and Forth in the Camp trucks. This summer s main project will be dam construction. During the Winter when Snow and Frozen ground prohibit Field work the acc s engage in Timber improvement As a major Register. Proof of will to All whom it May concern notice is hereby Given that an instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Minnie Heckman deceased late of Alla Makee county Iowa has been opened and read in the office of the clerk of District court of Iowa in and for Alla Makee county and that August 22, 1938, has been set for hearing the proof of said will in said court. Witness my hand and the Seal of said court this Seal 25th Day of july 1938. O. H. Fossum clerk of District court. By h. H. Schroeder Deputy. Proof of will to All whom it May concern notice is hereby Given that an instrument Pur porting to be the last will and testament of Henry Blum Hagen deceased late of Alla Makee county Iowa has been opened and read in the office of the clerk of District court of Iowa in and for Alla Makee county and that August 15th, 1938, has been set for hearing the proof of said will in said court. Witness my hand and the Seal Seal of said court this 15th Day of july 1938. O. H. Fossum clerk of District court. H. H. Schroeder Deputy. To produce hybrid Corn requires no Little work first reports of de Masseling Corn one of the major tasks in the production of hybrid seed Corn was reported started july 15 by the National hybrid Corn company on the j. N. Smith farm in Jones county Iowa. This is the earliest Date that de Masseling has been started in this world s largest hybrid seed Corn growing area. Officials of the National organization at Anamosa state the de Masseling was begun in a seed held planted in april and in which seed of one of their cold resistant hybrids is being produced. It is estimated that 8,000 acres of hybrid seed Corn is being grown in this Eastern Iowa area this season and will produce approximately a Quarter of a million bushels of hybrid seed Corn provided the season is Normal. It will require Over 2,000 men and boys to take care of this important Job on this extensive acreage. Many people have seen Crews of men and boys working in hybrid seed Fields pulling the tassels from the Corn on four out of each five rows across the Field or have seen such Fields after de Masseling has been done with the tassels left on every fifth Row but they do not know Why this is done. According to Paul n. Smith president of the National organization and one of the earliest producers of hybrid seed Corn commercially what is actually being done is to Cross two entirely different kinds of Corn both parents of which Combine certain inbred strains. The product of this Cross is hybrid seed Corn. The seed is saved from the rows from which the tassels have been removed the single Row being left As the Tassel Parent is used for feed Only. This process is necessary each year to insure a higher yield stronger stalks and other desirable characteristics for which hybrid Corn has become famous. Or. Smith Points out that different parents Are used in producing different hybrids. All hybrids now in use have been developed As a result of research work and after being proved by numerous trials to be desirable Are then produced for different farming areas. The hybrid seed producer depends upon the wind to carry the pollen from the Tassel Row Over to the Silks on the rows that Are de Tasse led thus making a Cross of the two varieties. Experience has proven that the Job of de Masseling hybrid seed Corn is one of the most important Steps in its production. State seeks control of traffic Laws in towns the number of Chicks hatched this Spring is estimated to be 26 per cent More than in 1937. That s Why poultry prices Are expected to drop. The Board of directors of the Iowa state safety Council met in Des Moines last week and declared in favor of state control to end Speed traps on the primary roads and extensions at the edges of cities and towns. A Resolution passed unanimously stated resolved that the Board of directors of the Iowa state safety Council go on record As favouring a centralization of authority with regard to traffic Speed control in the municipalities of Iowa on primaries and primary extensions looking to a More reasonable and uniform plan than now prevails in the motor vehicle Law passed by the 1937 legislature set the uniform Speed limit for All streets and state highways within City limits at 25 Miles an hour with the provision that cities and towns could raise this up to As High As 55 Miles an hour on primary extensions within their corporate limits. Only 38 municipalities had taken advantage of the authorization to change the Speed limit however by the last report of the Stafe Highway commission to Phil Sproul safety Council executive Secretary. On the other hand in some towns the 25-mile limit extends As far As half or three quarters of a mile into the country from the first residential or business outpost of the town. When this 25-mile limit extends into the country it is not conducive to creating a spirit of Law Observance in the minds of the motoring Public because it is not reasonable w. Earl Hall Mason City editor and president of the safety Council declared at the meeting. The Iowa state Highway commission is having a Large Oil tank erected on Rossville Road opposite the Amundson Oil station on the West Side of the Railroad tracks for storing Road Oil says the Waukon Democrat. Seven Cement piers were put in the ground on which the tank will be mounted. The capacity of the tank is said to be 12,000 Gallons. The Road Oil that will be stored therein will be used for repairing the Black top highways no. 13 Between Waukon and Marquette and no. 51 Between Waukon and Postville. Spiking of safety found travels logo Ftp a read that in the encyclopedia a planes have made better than Foo Miles per hour we read hat in avid non hews when Rac u0r.s?., swimmer. Or. W runner Breaks Speed record we read that on the sport Pae. 3ut\nhen some reckless Motorist turns the Highway nth a spe.6d-Way, we often find that in the obituary column. My National safely Council Here s a Good plan to kill the Large Weed patches july and August Are the months to Start a Long time Campaign to kill bad weeds especially where the weeds Are in Large patches suggests e. P. Sylvester of the Extension service Iowa state College. The plan which or. Sylvester recommends permits killing the weeds without sacrificing All crops on the land. The plan he recommends for Large areas of such weeds As Canada thistles horse nettle european bind Weed creeping Jenni Leafy Spurge perennial Pepper grass and russian knapweed is to work the ground at least once a week from now until Early september then sow it Down to Winter wheat or Rye. In working the ground fallowing it is essential to work it each time before any of the leaves have had a Chance to come through. For this purpose he suggests a cultivator with Duck foot shovels but a disc can be used. The Rye or Winter wheat especially Rye May be pastured some in the fall and pastured heavily the next Spring removing the crop entirely for pasture and then blowing it under or it May be pastured lightly in the Spring and the Grain removed As a Cash crop. Regardless of How the crop is used the land should then be allowed again the second summer and re seeded again that fall with Rye or wheat. The plan followed the first year is simply repeated the second year. The third year if the land is suitable it May be seeded in the fall to Alfalfa after it has been allowed All through the third summer. Quack grass and Devil s shoestring can Best be killed in Large areas by blowing and then repeated working with a Spring tooth Harrow in hot dry periods. As Many roots As possible should be burned. The ground should be worked until Frost and then seeded to a Quick growing heavy cover crop such As sorghum Sudan grass Millet or soybeans the following Spring. The fallowing and smother crop must be used at least two years and it May be necessary longer. It has the advantage of dispensing with regular fallowing in Busy seasons if crops like Sudan Millet or sorghum Are seeded. These crops if used should be put in rows and cultivated. As soon As they Are harvested the land should be slowed. Remove the summer fallow crop in time to sow Rye or some crop in the fall. These always should be seeded so As to get a thick stand. Sweet Clover seed can be combined very Well did you Ever Stop to think that week in and week out your country newspaper carries very Little crime news asks mrs. J. K. G. In her Waukon Democrat scrib lets. There Are few suicides murders or robberies to chronicle in a year. Your weekly newspaper is usually a pleasant record of the activities in your Community of the folks who visit in your town and those who go away for vacations of the promotion and Success of native sons and daughters of the births marriages and deaths. Civic improvements find their space too in this agreeable spot. In Short we May use the expression As wholesome As a country newspaper. With an increasing acreage of Sweet Clover in Iowa Many Farmers Are pondering the possibilities of harvesting a seed crop and How to do it. The Best method in the opinion of e. V. Collins agricultural Engineer at Iowa state College is to Cut the Sweet Clover crop with a wind rower or with a Binder from which the binding mechanism has been removed and then when the Sweet Clover has dried in the Windrow pick it up and thresh it in the Field with a Combine. This system works especially Well with Huber because it usually does not get so rank arid tall As the biennial. Where biennial Sweet Clover grows unusually tall there is often difficulty in separating that which is Cut from the standing plants or. Collins says. To avoid such a situation some Farmers clip the Sweet Clover Early in the Spring so that it will not get so tall. Because of the tremendous amount of shattering that would occur if the cured Sweet Clover was hauled in from the Field to a threshing machine the Only practical Way to thresh it is with a Combine if it is Cut and cured in the Windrow or. Collins says. Another method sometimes used in cutting Sweet Clover is to use a com Binder. In this Case the bundles Are sometimes tossed., into a Combine and threshed in the Field or it May be hauled to a threshing machine. The difficulty with this system is that much of the seed shatters in handling the bundles Collins explains. Still another system of harvesting Sweet Clover is to use a beater which consists of an old Grain Binder the Teeth of which Are covered with a bar and the reel is made heavy and Strong. It is essential to have the reel driven at a much higher Speed than normally. It simply beats the seed from the plants onto the platform where it is gathered up. The beater system has these objections it throws much trash and a Good Deal of Green seed in with that which is Ripe. This makes a problem of drying the Green seed and another of cleaning out the trash. With the method of windowing curing in the Windrow and picking it up and threshing in the Field with the Combine these difficulties Are eliminated to a Large extent or. Collins says. There s a lot of Lousy Corn in Iowa this year from All parts of Iowa have come stalks of Corn covered with tiny Green Plant lice to the entomologists at Iowa state College asking what they Are and what to do about them. They Are Corn Leaf Aphis or aphid. They Are most often seen in the unfolding tassels and leaves about them although some plants Are practically covered. There is no control for them explains or. Carl j. Drake state entomologist but they Are not going to do any commercial damage he assures growers. They May damage occasional stalks but there will be no wide spread damage. The Iowa Calendar record flock owners 23 of them reported an income of 18 cents per Hen Over costs during june

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