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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 29 1926, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - April 29, 1926, Postville, Iowa A live newspaper in a live town thirty fourth year Postville Iowa thursday april 29, 1926 number 25 0nior-senior. Banquet comes Friday april 30 vial a. I in. Usual Brillian affair and will us held at Singer Hull this year. W. Jclark comes out. For county supervisor. I see or i saw the ninth Grade English class is a pinning a review of grammar. The Sec tial elements of grammar Aro to c St live. Rather than those which re considered non essentials this a cock the class is stressing verb poems which deals with the Correct orb being placed in the Correct place Tony school people seem Una be ,t6 so see saw Seon in the Correct places n intensive Drill will help them Junior science.-, some interesting and practical pc i intent have been performed in Ilith Grade science classes i this Cek. For example the .te3ting.,of hard and soft to determine thei Dif Ernee in their cleansing possibilities e reaction they have also the origin of the washing machine and. E Fri nipples of some of the common the sixth Grade Hygiene class has Een learning How. To Rescue and Earr y drowning persons How to release runt Anil Back strangle holds the of ble trip on one wrist and to break no people apart. They have Learned at a Noiin can last forty minutes or Ore if water is freely supplied but his diaphragm is. Paralysed for rce minutes depriving him of air May perish. Each member of the lass is Abb to perform both the Rone pressure and Sylvester methods  resuscitation and have Learned at the Farmer is a More effective u tation of the natural. Process of rent hip. Because a it utilizes a the diaphragm and the muscular elasticity i the to prot fee a natural take of air. Persons who have been Ider water As Long As thirty minutes be been resuscitated by this simple Ethod. The class found that a sub it should not be abandoned until at ast two hours Effort has been made relieve him. Crest Init information about India. The seventh Grade geography class s Bien touring India the past week Ith the Aid of the Keystone stereo is geographical readers and 11-Straiiil talks. They have found that though the country is Only thres is the size of the u. A. It contains most one fifth of the whole human re. Stop were made at Benares and Llama and the cities of India. Calcutta the City of palaces at Bombay which is built on a Cluster of lands Ami at Delhi the capital City Tany Peculiar beliefs and customs of e indians were noted such As the Lief that when a Man Dies to will e born again As a Plant an animal r a Mineral and in order to become oly one must sleep on a bed of spikes r stand on one leg for Days at a time any indians think they would be filed if they ate from the same wishes we do there Are millions who Ould no think of taking a drink of the same cup unless it had first sen cleansed by fire. Vast numbers Ould rather take Poison than eat beef r pork and a Peculiar incident was id by mus Ryan of an Indian Prince in by her in Yellowstone Park who 1 brought with own Butler of India his body guard. As a tans of Protection and his chef who As Cook for the group while on e tour. Junk senior banquet. The uni Iier senior reception will be Iven on Friday evening of this week pro 30, it. I 30 o clock in the Singer Ina much As this is the real Cial eve. It of the approaching commencement season the juniors Are aking Sun Nous efforts to have it get. To on food program Eeor Tiu Etc. Are Busy before and fsr each Day. A the class in arithmetic is studying different kinds of insurance Ould Wery person Eari v insure i True stir a discussed one Dir Terent kinds of engines Are " studied by the class in physics As a Oara engine gasoline in Ana turbines. The automobile is a combination of Good Many ii Ciplet of physics is also being wiled. Tie Smith Hughes. Agriculture lass is studying. Some of the import to diseases of Are learn a the causes symptoms preventives for such diseases As copious abortion milk a fever tuber Losis bloat target and infraction. Sixty three words mean j pupi.l8 in the third Grade have a list of sixty three words i can be used in the place of the on a great Many of these As they thought of themselves and tiers were found in their Reading. V a. Adding these words to their eat Lary and Are using them in air sentences and stories. 1 he poems the wind by Robert a Tevenson Ald who has seen j wind by Christina Rossetti have in memorized in the third Grade a a a april. I an interesting study of the Hussock 7? a s been taken up in the third we and the children Are now ready Nelp m the destruction of the a Miike mass of eggs which will a of on the Shade and fruit Trees. If e legs Are allowed to Hatch a band some Sticky substance around the la of the tree will keep the Cater la no Wing up tie tree and eng the language. Fri Grade has organized u Kaku cub consisting of the five Vav committees a a committee on Trutha committee on purity. 4 a tee a . 5 a on clearness. A a committee Beauty. Ͽ�4mrsji5m.litoe opt for two cot the errorsfixrf1ts in the mercantile business with the Hub clothing company and has been successful. Not a few have been of the opinion a that this Section of the county should have a representative on the Board of supervisors if a majority of the Republican electors Are of that opinion they will vote for a. J. Clark at the june primary and in so doing will vote for a Man who is capable and competent to fill the position he seeks and one who will look after the Public s business with the same Fidelity that to does his own. A the Queen of May c " " 7 i m a Tanvi a a a. A Ayento Emu find the x r00s Ort the Ual Jor h-60, beat in per and Hove Evev the work covers a wider scope. Besides Woodwork there is also project work in soldering wire splicing la cot repairing electric wiring and Cement. For the remainder of this year the class will devote it s time to the study and construction of projects in Cement. The object of this work is to create an interest in the use of Cement As a permanent building material and at the same time to give a fair idea of the various proportions and reinforcements to ii used in different types of work. Ai the present time the lumber Supply in our country is decreasing rapidly and Cement is being Mccog nixed As a substitute building material for this reason the Type of work being done seems justified to occupy an important place in our farm shop course. Safety first Many deaths by Accident and sickness Are caused by people breaking saftey first the fourth Grade is finding out some of the rules which Are broken every Dav by thoughtless people. A Chart has been made of broken the children read the magazines and newspapers for illustrations of these broken rules and they Are pasted on the Chatt. Following is a list of safety first rules decided upon by the children As the most important 1. Do not Nlay in a Busy Street. 2. Stop look listen before crossing Railroad tracks. 3. Never play with matches. 4. Look both ways before crossing streets. 5. Always obey traffic policemen s orders. 0. Never race with another car. 7. Never touch live wires. 8. Never pour Oil on the fire. 9. Never pick up food from the Street. 10. Always Wash your hands before touching baby when you come from the Street. 11. Never put clothing or garbage on the fire escape. Ͽ�12. Never hitch on wagons or autos. 13. Never run when your clothes Are afire. 14. Always face Forward when getting off Street cars. 15. Always keep to the right. 10. Never stand on the St p or jump from moving cars. 17. Never use gasoline in the room with any open flame. The eighth Grade was Given an efficiency Drill in arithmetic last Friday in an Effort to measure the student s Speed and accuracy in the fundamental processes of arithmetic. They were Given 2 1 minutes in which to work a group of problems. The results of this test in their order of rank were As follows. Speed. 1. Gale Wessol. 2. Harold Hein. 3. Helene Meier. 6. Lucile Hammond. 4. Keith Gregg. Accuracy. 1 Helene Meier. 2. Harold Hein. 3. Carl burling. 5. Gale avel Stel. 4. Harlan Hein. Total rank. 1. Harold Hein 2. Helene Meier 3. Gale Wehel. The seniors have begun work on their class play a full both the play and the cast chosen Are Fine and the present Outlook is promising an excellent play. The Toreador. The High school operetta the Toreador was Worth a great Deal to this Community if it was responsible for the rain. Even if it did t do that the pleasure it gave through Clever lines Bright colors dances and songs was Well Worth the time and Effort it takes to stage such musical put in characters were Well taken Clifford rounds As Senor Victoria was at Home both in song and action. His two daughters Viola and Dorothy Sang several very Beautiful songs their lovers Juan and Pablo Harold of Foeder and Wiliard Shutto were Able to weave the plot which Lead to Tho downfall of Arbie and la Verne the comedians. We will probably remember the words when of a when do we eat longer than any others. Carolyn and Lulu Sang two Lovely set a girls and boys chorus seemed to enjoy their parts dancers furnished plenty of snap and action. Dolores Wehel assisted at the piano in an Able manner miss Dorweiler should be congratulated for staging so Happy an hour. Ͽ����., Library association elects new officers. Obituary. Samuel Waters sr., was born at Arklow county wicklow Ireland May 26, 1833. When 18 years of age he came to the United states Ami with his father Mother and two Brothers lived in Pennsylvania where he worked in the Coal mines till april 185 i he came to Iowa and located on the farm in Ludlow township Alla Makee county where he resided with the exception of nine years spent in Clay ton county till he removed to Fraitik Villa in the Spring of 1908. In the fall of 1920 he came to Deborah and for the past five years he has lived with his daughter mrs. J. A. Peck at 712 Washington St. On february 3rd this year or. Waters fell ill but after several weeks recovered and had been quite Well till sunday afternoon april 18th he was Sticken while asleep in his chair and without regaining consciousness he passed away at 4 30 p. In. April 20, 1926. Soon after coming to Iowa or. Waters was married to Sarah Ann Overholt and to this Union were born George Elizabeth William and Thomas. His wife died leaving the babe Thomas but a week old and George and Thomas preceded him in death seven years ago. December 5, 18g6, he married Mary Catherine Lyons who died february 7, 1910. To this Union were born mrs. Susan Marston of Earlham r. B. Of pus Triue mrs. Jennie Mckinley of Iowa City mrs. Kate peek and Wallace of Deborah. Samuel Chris and Calvin h. Of Frankville. Or. Waters was proud of his family taking great pleasure in counting the number of grand children of whom there were thirty seven and great grand children numbering Twenty five. Few men burdened with the care of Motherless babes and an aged Mother kept Pace with the times through the meager Means of outside communication available in those Early Days As did this Man storing up for future use a fund of useful knowledge we. Rarely find in the More Modernly educated. Charitable in his views he made Many friends who will miss him greatly. About two years after coming to Frankville he United with the presbyterian Church which especially in later years became of deep interest to him and from this Church Home As by his request his mortal remains were borne by his six Stalwart sons to the Little cemetery nearby on thursday afternoon april 22, 192g. Funeral services were held in the Home at Deborah conducted by Rev. Burling at 12 30 and at the Community Church at Frankville at 2 o clock when Rev. J. C. B. Peck officiated and preached from Job 5-26. Thou Shalt come to thy grave in a full age like As a Shock of Corn cometh in his the sympathy of the Community is extended to the bereaved ones in the loss of their beloved father and Grandfather. What the Postville folks were doing obituary. Obituary. Albert Kuhse was born on the 27th of a a a a a usus 1848 in Wegesin Prussia. A a to i ears ago he was baptized in the lutheran Church of his native land and after a a. T. A a _. To i full course of instruction he was also interesting items taken from the confirmed alld received As commune f Les of the Iowa Volks Blatt i cant member of the Church. A. Of april 26, 1901. I i september 1874 he a Oil re Schultz and daughter Sophie have moved into their own new Home United Wilhelmina in. Marriage with miss Zell of Prussia. Five years later they with Many and Are comfortably settled therein. I others were lured to America. Thoy pm Meier. Started on his trip tainted Gutten Berg Jis. The place m of Efman monday. The Volks Blatt will which a to establish their new Home. Follow him each week into the Fath Erland. The work on Alonzo Dresser s new Lenas been started. Saturday evening a lady gave a lecture of woman s rights at the r. N. Douglass Home. Halver Lien has recovered enough to b4 Solo to leave his bed. The commercial House was closed from Friday until sunday in order to land four years ago. Or be thoroughly fumigated. Dora a Kuhse a death occurred on fc"i9 years they resided there and then moved on to the Laribee farm near Postville and continued faithfully in the employ there until the year 1900 when they came to this City. The Union was blessed with eleven children three of whom died in Early infancy and one daughter mrs. Ernest Hoffman departed for the Home Albert August cobs one of the employees was takenf8 l,92. ,. Ill with Scarlet fever and this action1 or. Kuhse continued to reside Here was necessary. John Thoma Joe Nicolay and Chas. Skelton Are improving their Homes by building on additions. Mrs. Eugene Stockman and children have gone to Charles City for a visit. Tho Well known sewing machine. Agent a. M. Thompson of Mason i Day last his pastor called on him and Civ met with a Street car Accident a a a  a a in Postville until last fall when his son Fred and family prevailed upon him to spend the Winter with them. He attended the services of his Church a week ago last sunday apparently in Good health but on the evening of the following Day he complained of not feeling Well. On Fri at Batavia Illinois. It took 60 stitches to Patch up his torn Scap. The More Rural mail routes that Are Laid out the less these so called Star routes have their use and will soon be discarded. The Post ill Wau Kon stage also will soon be a thing of the past. Hall Roberts and wife returned wednesday from their trip to California i the Best of health and spirits. Jason Meyer and wife John Moetsch and John Welzel went to new Hampton thursday morning to attend the funeral Johann Moetsch. During the last two weeks Over 2000 Home seekers passed through la Crosse. They were going to the Dakotas Montana and Oregon. At an auction of full blooded cattle at Victor last week the prices realized were amazing. The first Day Thov averaged $317 nor head and the second Day/$536. One cow brought $1750 and another $1100. Anna Noma and Sophia Kluss went to Era Ftfe Duchien saturday to visit the Yfim Kluss family. Henri Blumhagen near Castalia report the arrival of a. Fine boy last week congratulations. Cora strike who used to clerk for Skelton and Tangeman was married to a travelling Man in Seattle Washington. During the month of March the a Postville Creamer took in $3170.58 for 15l ,595 pounds of butter. Tho expenses were $773.13 leaving $2,397.-45 fur the Farmers hereabouts. The authorities of Clayton county he declared War on the Slot a Chivie these Luck wheels have been for Biden by Law. Now that House cleaning time is Hore you can buy bundles of newspapers for 5 and 10 cents at the Volks Blatt office to put under your Liis request administered the blessed sacrament of the lord s sup per. The Angel of death came on tuesday afternoon at 2 30 o clock to take the soul of our father brother Home to god. Death to him was gain for he fought the Good fight of Faith. Left to mourn Are seven children i. Ernest h. Brandt of Clermont mrs. We. Mecklenberg Chester la., Fred Kuhse of near Postville Rudolph of near Farmersburg mrs. August , will Kuhse and mrs. Alvin Meyer four grandchildren and Many other relatives and friends. Card of thanks we hereby extend our Heartfelt Hanks to the neighbors and friends for their kindly assistance and sympathy during the illness and burial of our beloved father Albert Kuhse. The children. Obituary. Card of thanks. Elsie Bertha Anna late Man daughter of or. And mrs. Louis Rolfs was born september 30,. 1900 neat Clermont Iowa. In infancy she was baptized in the lutheran Church in which Church she later april 5, 1914, renewed her baptismal covenant with god in the sacred rite of confirmation at Postville Iowa. She received the greater part of her education in the Public schools of Post Viu. February 7, 1919 she was United in marriage with Albert Latermann. The newly wedded established their Home on a farm in Frankville township. In that Vicinity they continued to reside until they moved to Postville a Little More than a year ago. The Union was blessed with five Fine children Mildred now seven years of age Hartley 0, Leslie 3, Vernon 2 and Maxine who was born on the Day of her Mother s death april 26. These and their father will miss her most. A Ashe is mourned by her grief stricken parents or. And mrs Louis Rolfs of near Frankville,.theesistersmra. Ella ,-mrs, Liy i Grote let and miss Rosiski i-rg3lf a Vbk four .,-.--,.-1iv Walter Richard a a and Harvey Rolfs a to a property mrs. Chas. Harris of Tom Teyf a\0w� Postville Hospital jor., treatment. We desire to than the Castalia Rire company friends and neighbors who fought heroically to save our Home from destruction april 19th we also thank the Postville fire company for their efforts in trying to get Here and feel very grateful to the. Good follows from Postville who came and. Assisted u3. In Clearing away the wreckage after the fire. A or. And mrs. W. F. Lambert clean. Up May 1st to 8tiwiv Clear up a Streek. All presidents and property owners will remove m, ashes cans and sub Bish of All 4ascrippnl-fiwm$stres w mrs. Minna Nee Kramer wich Man was born in Strass Mecklenburg Sehi Werin Germany november 5, 1853. She was baptized and in later years confirmed in the lutheran Church in Eldena Germany. In 187g she was United in Wedlock with Christian Witt. The Young couple Thon left their native land to establish a Home in America and first settled in Guttenberg Iowa. This Union was blessed with three children of whom one girl died in infancy. Four years after marriage the husband Christian Witt departed this life. In 1883 mrs. Witt married Fred Wichman and they resided first on a farm near Elkader then moved to a farm near Luana where they remained for six years before taking up Resi Deuce in Postville. To this Union were born 2 children who with their Mother mourned the departure of or. Fred Wiehman in 1910. Mrs. Wichman besides being one of the older members of the lutheran ladies Aid was until sickness prevented a regular attendant of the services of St. Paul s Church and when she could no longer observe the ordinance of the blessed sacrament in Tho Church she requested it in her Home. Until Tho hour of death at ten the Postville Library association held its annual meeting on april 27 at the Homo of mrs. Mae Douglass. The treasurer s report showed $29.24 on hand. The following officers were chosen mrs. Mae Douglass president its. Maud Baily vice president miss Amy Meier will be the hostesses. The Anna Koenig of Castalia John Witt program will be As follows Roll of Ossian mrs. Helen Shultz of Ionia. Calf patriotic a sentiment. Subject of and mrs. Amelia Schara of Seattle the meeting Continental Congress. Washington All present to offer their leaders mesdames Webster and last tribute of respect the departed Kramer. This is the annual Tea Ines is mourned by 14 grandchildren and meeting. Two great grandchildren. A few facts about the dark Angel the Uig first National special at the Postville theater wednesday and thursday May 5th and 6th. It s a Beautiful love drama of the Post War period. It features Bonald Oolman the most magnetic Lover of the movies together with Vilma Banky the Budapest Beauty in her american screen debut. And it was produced by Samuel Goldwyn and George Fitzmaurice who gave you a thief in Paradise tarnish and other Best Selling films. Those Are the High lights of the dark Angel and we maintain that they Are an ample guarantee that this picture will Malje More than Good every Dollar an exhibitor can put into it. The Story has already made Good. As a stage play it was a thrilling Success a big Money maker. It is not the usual Type of love drama. There is no villain. There is not n dishonourable act by anybody. A Soldier is stricken Down upon the Field of Battle in the world War not killed but blinded for life. A girl Back Home had promised to of become his wife but rather than submit her to his life of darkness he returns under an assumed name. The girl has received reports of his death from his Friend and rival for her heart. And she partly yields to the Friend s marriage plea. Then she suddenly comes upon the blinded yet eran. She throws herself at his feet but he maintains his resolve by sending her away. His Friend sends her Back to him. He know where her True love lies and honorable refuses to step in its Way. It is a decidedly fresh and Happy viewpoint on life that this picture presents. And that is the viewpoint you will Send your patrons Home with. Could you wish for a better thought than the title gives them the dark Angel is the one that brings happiness to a Man in the darkest hour of his life. And could you wish. For a More truly dramatic situation Colman has achieved a remarkable feat of acting As the blinded Soldier. Deprived of the expressive Power of his fascinating eyes he is still the magnetic Lover of All time. And when american audiences see Vilma Banky for the first time they will awaken suddenly to the presence of a new and shining Star in the film Constellation. All Hollywood has agreed even her rivals for screen Fame that her historic Genius is unquestionable and they very generously have predicted great things for her in this country. Jpsie funeral was hold from St. Haftl s lutheran of Church in this City Al

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