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Postville Herald Newspaper Archives Apr 17 1940, Page 1

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Postville Herald (Newspaper) - April 17, 1940, Postville, Iowa Tsofi . Senior class to give annual play remember the Day wins Geo. M. Cohan s Praise other school news s by a h s. News staff the senior class will present its an Hirial Cluss play to the Public at Turner opera House on Friday evening May 10. The play entitled remember the Day will have the following in the cast of ch�racters�2 Civ Telemah Robert Frenchi it first Bell Gruel second Bell Foels Mason Eric Lubke Nora Marie Brewer Flower girl Marjorie Koth Dewey Thoma Kate Sander Tom Duane Kamp Steve Smith Meyer miss Oldag Dan Schroeder or. Marion Edith phelps.,.maxine Hills mrs. Schroeder Olson Jacobia Everman Bloxham Jan Ewinnifred Groth or. Williams or. Gunderson miss Kugel Schultz a. R. Meier George m. Cohan a musical comedy Broadway critic made the following comments on the play remember the Day Philo Higley and Philip Dunning have contributed to the american stage something More than a Good play m their remember the they have taken me and countless others Back to those delightful Days of our childhood. They have made us think All of us. What wonderful and Sweet existence this Short term on Earth is. There is nothing of the wild and frustrated scene As currently enacted in America in this play nothing of the exaggerations of hopeless world nothing to make one wish that the curtain had fallen and that life was far too Long and much too weary. Night after night in National theatre in new York i watched the pleasant performances. I believed every word of the play i lived every word of it. Was my play. Me a song and dance Man. Thrilled with emotion and also thinking of my childhood i went directly Home after seeing the play the first time i had lost interest in night life and in a cold Community. For ours i sat at my window looking out the lights on the Avenue at the Izzy damsels and at the hysterical heathens one sees after Midnight on a Manhattan Street. My mind was on he play the real thing. A play and of a synthetic make believe reality. As i gazed upon the frenzied crowd Elow my window i Felt like shouting sober up All of you and Rush Down see remember the it s what " of you instead i wrote a Telegram to or. Dunning it is the est play i have seen in ten years. It a play that every Man woman and my should forestry worker will be engaged for Alla Makee. Alla Makee county will be the site for the first farm forestry demonstration work in Iowa this Spring according to plans announced thursday by g. B. Macdonald state forester and head of the forestry department at Iowa state College. A full time forester first in Iowa paid by Federal funds provided under the Norris Doxey act which this year makes $300,000 available for promotion of farm forestry in the United states is being hired for Alla Makee county. The forestry demonstrations Are being sponsored cooperatively by the soil conservation service the state conservation commission and the Extension service of Iowa state College. Manford ellerhoff who was graduated from the Iowa state forestry department in december 1936, has been recommended for the Job of Alla Makee county forester. He will work directly under the supervision of Macdonald. Ellerhoff has worked on the pasture demonstration project in Southern Iowa and now is with the soil conservation service in Illinois. His appointment has yet to be approved by the authorities at Washington before he can officially begin work. Cooperating Farmers will sign five year agreements the same As Farmers who cooperate in soil conservation service demonstrations. A Complete plan of soil management forestry and farm organization will be worked out for each farm. When ellerhoff assumes his duties he will have charge of developing the forestry part of each farm project and the soil conservation service will supervise the conservation programs on cultivated land and pasture land. He will work closely with the county agricultural agent the county planning committee which was largely instrumental in getting Alla Makee county selected As the site for the demonstrations and the county farm Bureau. Spring training no fee member a of the men s wimp. \ training pack school petition circulated May vote on it soon signers ask for addition with needed classrooms and auditorium f. T. A. Ten members and the sponsor miss Rumbell. Of the Horace Mann Poolville High school attended i int meeting of the Decorah Froebel Lub at 7 30 wednesday evening in e Decorah High school. The Froebel club is the second hire teachers of America chapter Iowa to receive a charter Postville having the first charter. Following the meeting a round table i session provided suggestions for entering our clubs. This was the first joint meeting of kind but due to its Success we Hope continue these meetings. Folio open door meeting. Towing is the plan for the open Oor meeting to to held on. May 3. Is to be. Sponsored by the Normal raining department and the f. T. A. Class discussion from a Rural school. Choral readings. Shadow plays. Rhythm bands. Interpretative readings. All Rural teachers Are invited to of id As Well As High school students he Are interested in taking the nor a training course. Pirates win opener. In a ragged game played under bad Eather conditions the Postville rates won the opening game of the Ason from Castalia Friday april 12, the score of 14 to 0. The losers got off to a four run Lead he first inning on some poor fled and two hits one of them a triple Tehel. The pirates tallied once in the first continued on Page eight the much discussed question of whether or not a new addition should be constructed at the school will be brought before the voters of the Postville Independent school District sometime in May a a petition was being circulated this week to bring the matter to a vpig7 the petition read As follows to the president and Board of directors of the Independent school District of Postville we the undersigned qualified electors of and residing within said Independent school District and being a number More than 25 per cent of those voting at the last regular school election being satisfied that it is necessary for said Independent school District to construct and equip an addition to the present school building and the said necessary addition to the present school building cannot be constructed and equipped within the limit of one and one Quarter per cent of the actual value of the taxable property within said Independent school District do hereby petition the Board of directors of said Independent school District to Call an election and submit thereat to the voters of said Independent school District to be by them voted upon the proposition of issuing Bonds of said Independent school disc it in the sum of $60,000 for 1$ purpose of constructing and equipping an addition to the present school building. On monday july 15, 1935, the voters of this District went to the polls to decide the same question. At that election a total of 434 votes were cast 147 being for the measure and 286 against it with one spoiled ballot. Now after a lapse of about i years the electors will have another Opportunity to vote on the question. Although the Date of the election has sat a indefinitely settled it is believed it will be held monday May 20, county attorney will again be a candidate Arthir h. Jacobson of Waukon in u letter to the Herald office this morning announces thai he will be a candidate for the nomination of county attorney of Alla Makee county at the june primary. Or Jacobson is the present county attorney. He will be seeking reelection on the Republican ticket. His announcement advertisement appears in this Issue of the Herald. Two court cases of local interest up next week court dockets Are usually filled with Litigator matters pertaining to private suits Between two individuals or groups of individuals which Are purely personal matters. But at Waukon next week two cases Are scheduled to be tried which have attracted the interest of the entire Postville Community and As such they will be watched with More than Mere curiosity. One Case is the state of Iowa is. Carroll Berres for the murder of Post Ville s town marshal Elmer Lennon last november which Case is scheduled to Start next monday. The other Case is the suit for damages of Leroy Foels is. Independent school District of Postville which has been on the court dockets since 1936 and has been set for trial following the conclusion of the Berres Case. The court is exceedingly anxious to Clear the Calendar of All old litigation and an Earnest Effort will be made to get this one settled. Postville boys leave on 6,000-mile trip to Alaska five Postville s two Youthful adventurers Shafer Cole Jan Harold Meland embarked Early saturday morning on a Long journey which will take them 6,000 Miles into the Klondike country before leaving Postville Tottey bid All their friends and relatives goodbye among whom was Harvey Clark who lives North of town. To make sure the boys had plenty of supplies or. Clark augmented their Supply by giving each a quart of syrup from his sugar Bush. Shafer and Harold had a Little trouble with their car on Friday As it suffered a Little engine trouble and had to be towed to town for repairs. It was put in running condition again and when the boys left town saturday morning at 8 o clock it was running smoothly. When they arrive at their destination near Anchorage Alaska they have promised to record a few of their unusual experiences and Send letters to the Herald. Their friends Here Are eagerly awaiting to read of their experiences. School Commerce teams win three first places we. E. Durno escapes injuries in Auto mishap teams representing the Postville High school commercial department in the District commercial contest last saturday at West Union came Home with three of the six cups awarded. The fourteen schools competing in the contest were Oelwein West Union Decorah Monona new Vienna Cler Mont Calmar Ossian Marquette gut Tenberg Mcgregor Lamont Strawberry Point and Postville. Four events took place in each of which Postville had a team entered Novice and Amateur typing Novice and Amateur shorthand. In the typing events the two teams Are scored on both Speed and accuracy and in shorthand on transcription thereby making possible six first places. Postville s Novice typing team composed of Joan Searls Leona Foley and Marian Sonnkalb won first place in Speed and also a first place in accuracy. The Amateur shorthand team composed of Bernice Oldag Gwendolyne Rekow and Joycelyn Engle won a first place also. Postville s other two teams Amateur typing Bernice Oldag Gwendolyne Rekow and Helen Sander and Novice shorthand Joan Searls Bernita Han Gartner and Opal Gordanier each placed sixth in the lists with which they competed. The contestants were also ranked individually Gwendolyne Rekow had the second High Amateur shorthand score and Leona Foley was third in the 34 Novice typists. It is very unusual for a school the Aize of Postville s to. Take so Many first places. Never before have teams from the school been Able to compete so successfully with other schools in commercial contest work. The three winning teams Are now eligible for the state contest to be held in Des Moines on saturday May 4. Mrs. Pearson recalls Early Iowa history Warren Harrington and j. E. Horgan went to Riceville Friday with a wrecker to bring Back w. E. Durno s car which was damaged in an Accident the previous Day. Or. Durno had been in Riceville visiting relatives and was on his Way to Charles City where he intended to get his sister miss Josephine Durno. A Short distance out of Riceville he lost control of the car and it rolled Over. Luckily or. Durno escaped serious injury just suffering bumps and bruises. He was taken to Charles City by a Friend and returned to Postville with his sister by train. Work progresses in summer like weather far hers in this Vicinity and Postville residents took advantage of regular summer Days on monday and tuesday to work in Fields and gardens with a warm Sun pushing tie Mercury up into the sixties Many local residents raked their lawns cleaned up their Yards planted grass seed spaced and planted their gardens. In the country the Farmers were also Active some seeding has been reported gardens have been planted and work in general has been progressing rapidly. V. B. Ladies supper. The ladies of the u. B. Church in Postville will serve a supper in the Church basement next wednesday evening april 24, to the Public at 35c. All you want to eat for 35c. Mrs. Julia Pearson of Postville who has contributed interesting stories of historical nature to the Herald in the past has prepared another article containing data As far Back As 1794, which is being reprinted in part. Mrs. Pearson will be 90 years old in May. She remembers dates Back As far As the civil War and writes that she can recall scraping lint from old Linen to put in wounds of soldiers during the civil she also remembers the Day of Lincoln s assassination. Her store concerns the Pearson family its Early history beginning about the year 1794, and up to the present Day. She writes As follows. George Pearson my husband was born november 26, 1823, on an Island in Chesapeake Bay called bomb Kook near Maryland. Several years later he accompanied his parents to Cleveland Ohio where his father a Well to do contractor undertook the task of building a Corduroy Road from Cleveland to . It was along Lake Shore and Over swampy wet land but he agreed to finish the Job within a certain period of months. A set of experienced foreigners were hired to do the work but soon after the task was begun cholera broke out in the Camp and nearly All of the men died. He a could not get another Crew so All of the. Money he had put into the venture was lost. The Pearson family was without funds or Home and As there were five children in their teens it was a serious situation my. Husband was 10 years old at the time. His father collected a Small sum of Money and took the family to a Small town which is still located on the Mississippi River in Illinois. Here he left them for a year and in the meantime mrs Pearson although she was continued on Page eight the Man from Dakota is coming to the Iris Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette will be seen thursday Friday and saturday at the Iris theatre in the new film Rancho Grande a picture based on the popular song by the same name. It is a show which will please All theatre goers and is very Fine entertainment. The Man from Dakota a gripping drama packed with dynamic action will be shown sunday and monday Wallace Beery John Howard and Dolores Del Rio have the leading roles. Beery plays the part of a Good bad Man and roars into action at his Rous ing Best. He is an Orney no Good Guy who proves he s a son of fighting Man when he storms into danger for a girl and a Man who taught him the meaning of gallantry. A double show will be shown tues Day and wednesday. Ray Rogers plays the top role in a grand Western Young. the other half of the double program is Granny get your gun starring May Robson. Green Bros. Sugar Bush attracts sunday visitors the Green sugar Bush proved to be a popular place sunday Lis Many people from Postville out to the Green property to watch the workers gather sap and put it in the huge boiling vat. According to some of the visitors the sap was running so Well that it was All the men at the sugar Bush could do to keep the pails emptied. Window curtain Burns at Frank Sebastian Home Postville s Volunteer fire department answered a Call at the Frank Sebastian residence thursday morning where a curtain had caught on fire. The window Shade also burned and slight damage was done to the window casing. Pet and doll Parade to be staged May 4 event scheduled for final Day of merchants 3-Day Spring bargain Sale 70 business men attend Fine program music groups boy scouts entertain probation officer Speaks a gala sales event is being planned in Postville for the week end of May 3 and 4. Heading the special attractions will be a pet and doll buggy Parade on saturday the county baseball tournament on Friday and saturday and three exhibitions by the Postville High school marching band on thursday Friday and saturday. It was previously planned to hold the event from april 22 to 27, but a change was necessitated As Many members of the marching band will be in Waterloo that week end taking part in the state District music contest. So thursday Friday and saturday May 2, 3 and 4, were selected making it possible for the National championship High school marching band to take part in the event. All Rural and town school children under the High school age Are eligible to compete in the pet and doll buggy Parade which will be held saturday afternoon at 2 o clock. To add interest the Herald is offering five prizes to the winners. An award of $2.50 will be Given the child adjudged the Winner. Second place Winner will receive $1.50, third place 75c fourth place 50c fifth place 50c. Hey kids you la want to get in on this pet and doll buggy Parade so Start preparing your entry now. Your entry May be the one to earn one of the Cash prizes. Rural and town school children under High school age Are eligible to compete. For any additional information  Call or drop in at the Herald office get started today on your plans to be Parade. Not to disappoint any of the contestants everyone taking part in the Parade with a pet or doll buggy will be Given a treat. Three impartial judges will select the winners. A a any kind of a pet is eligible for the Parade. So boys if you have a Pony dog cat cow Raccoon or any other kind of an animal be sure to enter in the fun. Girls Are also eligible. If they Don t care to enter a pet they can decorate their dolls. And doll buggies. All sizes shapes and models will be considered by the judges. Everyone taking part in the Parade is to be at the a City. Park bys1 30 o clock one of the finest meetings in the history of the Postville commercial club was held thursday evening with a crowd of 70 business men and guests in attendance. In addition to hearing an excellent address by Nicholas j. Sutton of Dubuque the commercial club members were entertained by six groups of Postville High school music students. Each group captured a first place rating in the preliminary state music contest at West Union last week. These groups included the clarinet quartet woodwind quintet saxophone quartet trombone quartet brass sextet and mixed clarinet quartet. Another Fine feature of the meeting was a Tenderfoot investiture ceremony performed by the Postville boy scout troop. Eight boys had previously passed preliminary tests in knot timing knowledge of the Flag and the boy scout oath and Law. This group included Hall Roberts Leo Meyer Robert Pearson Luther Suckow Don Jancke Gerald Schroeder Harold Boese and Duane Nesteby. The investiture ceremony was presented by Francis Kneeland senior patrol Leader Kermit Jonsberg James Searls Edgar Nelson Donald Ritchie Lyle Groth and Alex Ellenbolt. Presents badges. At the conclusion of the ceremony c. C. Searls who is chairman of the boy scout committee presented each of eight new scouts with Tenderfoot badges. The boy scouts Are being trained in scout work by scoutmaster Harold Plank who is doing an exceptionally Fine Job As was evidenced at the commercial club meeting. Or. Sutton the main speaker of the evening is chief probation officer for Dubuque county. He was sent to Postville through the Courtesy of c. C. Simpson Secretary of the Dubuque chamber of Commerce and the chamber of Commerce itself. He explained that As probation officer he was affiliated with work under the direction of the juvenile department of District court studying All cases of delinquency concerning boys and girls 17 years of age or under. His duties also included boys and girls 18 years of age or older who had been paroled in criminal court he said. In his address he related that the greater share of criminals in the United states today Are youths 21 years old. Only seven years ago the average age of criminals was 25 years he re Poi Ted. It was his belief that this drop in age was due to corrective measures undertaken by probation departments throughout the country. Four causes. Or. Sutton spoke at length on four causes he believed to be responsible for boys and girls performing antisocial acts. Striving for Security was first on his list. Parents Are to blame for children in this classification he explained. In most cases the child has been allowed to shift for himself or has been sadly neglected. This causes them to commit acts contrary to our Laws to secure food and the probation officer stated that four out of every 10 cases coming before the court were children who sought recognition and had performed unlawful acts. The other two classifications he explained were adventure and response. Adventure is an important cause of delinquency he said. Children often get in trouble seeking a few children expect to be praised for noteworthy Effort he concluded and when the expected words of cheer Are not forthcoming they become disappointed and commit unlawful appoint Paul Topel. Sr., to Church positions when the presbytery of Dubuque met at Waukon last week Paul Topel sr., who represented the Postville Community presbyterian Church was appointed to two positions. He was first made a member of the important committee on ministerial relations and later was elected As a member of the presbyterian Council which is a steering and advisory committee for the whole presbytery. Mrs. H. E. Roberts was elected As an alternate Delegate to the meeting of the Synod of Iowa at Ames june 24 to 27. The Rev. J. Ian Fraser was also present. At the Waukon meeting. Ray r. Douglass was in Decorah on thursday attending a forum meeting

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