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Portsmouth Times Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 5

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Portsmouth Times (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Portsmouth, Ohio Hat Mauch i. In the Portsmouth times Portsmouth Ohio ish to east1, do Jet my town Droke so graduated at 0. S. U. One of those things a German could t avoid if he wanted to. Kaiser could be helpful Cher in the Little dutch town of doom there sits an ancient Man. Old enough to be hitlers Granddad who could Tell Der Fuhrer a few things about the origin of the idea though he could t give the nazi chieftain Many pointers As to How the thing should be achieved. Hitler does t need pm. This aged resident of doom is former Kaiser Wilhelm in whose full Bloom. The world War put an awful blight on it and Cost the All highest his throne. But like old soldiers As described in the song the Drang Nach Osten never Dies. The modern version of the Drang dates Back to 1898, during the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm. Partly As a result of Germany a tw1 a. He dream of Edman rulers Kaiser had same idea As hitter seems to be following now Lull Witt Mackenzie a my lated press Suh Willer fat w v Ork. March 18�?the Jujj raw things about this a Drang Nat Quot ten a drive to the Easta Rich Herr Hitler has furthered of sensationally in his fresh czech slovak Triumph Are the meth and daring he is pm 1 tile general idea is so old that i was started to open the Kaiser it Long has been German Tradi-1 had a vision of Imperial Grunion. We first find the slogan j Deur. The Baltic was to be hooked cropping up in the 12th Century. With the persian Gulf 0ver the the Drang Nach Osten has be not o so much a part of the Ger. Berm Baghdad line the father. Iran purpose in life that any Lar gtd would push its economic fresh development of the scheme ant political domination even almost in the nature of a Bio j to the riches of far off India Faical reaction. I Mittel Europa Central Europe a like birth or death ifs just 1 a that was another famous slogan mayor cuts off Street lights Community wont Budge in tax strike to avoid flood assessments by Joseph Morton associated pre. Suh writer Newcomerstown. Of March 18�?the City Treasury As Flat a breakfast pancakes. Mayor Charles e. Mugford today calmly announced new economies in hts a Dollar and sense plan for meeting tax strike complications. A to asking the Council to turn off the Street lights to save Money a asserted the militant of by v \ and the Balkans were to be brought under control and while continuing As Independent states were to be consolidated into a great Etc nomic Empire which would contribute heavily to the support of the fatherland. Hitler already has gone far toward making this vision a reality. All Europe has been expecting Hitler to reach for control of the russian Ukraine presumably by indirection rather than through military intervention pursuant to his version of the Drang Nach reign the Diang finally came into Sten. Whether he will do that Only he can say. Certain it is that his present coup has improved greatly his strategic position should he see fit to proceed on this line. Czechoslovakia was Barrier prior to his Munich Triumph Hitler found his Progress More or less blocked by attitude in the tur-1 Varia a strategically situated i in greek War of 1897, the father powerfully armed French Spon and obtained from the ottoman sorted and closely Allied with rumple the Concession to con-1 mama and Yugoslavia. Rust the Anatolian railway and so he smashed the Gate. Still 18ii was Given the privilege of j the Job was not Complete until the Republic was dismembered completely and brought under German control. The racial hatred Between the miss Mary walking 1718 Baird Avenue who was graduated Friday from a Public m health course at Ohio state facial and then i in going to do University. Exercises marked some More cutting. Every Nickel i can save in a going to save and that even includes stamp outlined unexpectedly by the mayor at a chamber of Commerce meeting the Street lights proposal followed refusal of Tuscarawas county officials to Advance operating funds to the Village in anticipation of tax collections. This action. Mayor Mugford charged was aimed at breaking up the strike of Newcomerstown property owners against payment of tax Bills which include alleged unreasonable assessments j by the Muski Ngum watershed choir of too to sing each Tref worn key a Mcl or blood con night various pastors town Back of him to take part townsmen meanwhile almost universally endorsed the mayors plans for the Union pre easter plan of action. Main streets be held in Jackson Lone taxi Driver thought the Street for one Wcur beginning monday Light proposal a swell. The end of the Winter Quarter at o. S. U. Miss i Lomg was graduated at Portsmouth general Hospital in 1936. She will take up her duties monday for the instructive District nurses association a publicly financed organization at Toledo. Jackson plans Union service intending the Baghdad Road hich had been inaugurated a decade before. As Tho Gateway to the Golden czechs and the slovaks has boiled up again and Hitler has taken Quick advantage of it. These two Peoples never have got along together since the Versailles conference violating the never heards Mach ulcer pains the Indian of yesterday. Wha was a Chih of Batara knew Little of Pitt hmm put civilized mtin.mkaabiabjoat1 their Union. It was something of Southern the Portsmouth girl scout Council gathered monday to Honor members of the first Council on the anniversary of the organizations founding in Portsmouth 17 years ago. Mrs. E. C. Hood below the first local scout commissioner Cut the a birthday cake. Above Are the five members of the first Council who still reside in Portsmouth left to right mrs. Dana Chappelear mrs. Hood mrs. Samuel Horchow mrs. R. B. Lukemire and mrs. Louisa Sprague. Bag the car Patho Ukraine Ruth-1 enia which is the Eastern tip of the old Czecho Slovakia. By this Man Euver he will in effect have extended German a spirit of Woodrow Wilson a code Hority along the entire Northern of self determination forced Border of Hungary along the Colt stake to de fair event a with the lights out i ought to get a lot of business from women afraid to walk Home commented. Or. Henry b. Kistler chairman of the tax strike committee also fostered the plan observing a we can get along without lights if we watch our step by darkening the streets. Mayor Mugford pointed out that the Village would be Able to save $350 a month. It already is in debt $1,000 to the Ohio Power co. For the last three months. One of two persons who preferred to remain unidentified opposed turning out the lights be april 3, have been completed by the Jackson ministerial Assoc he j action. The services will be held at the High school auditorium and will feature special music each night by a combined choir of More than too voices under the direction of Merrill Davis. Climaxing the Observance of holy week will be the special easter cantata to be presented easter sunday night. Or. Davis and his combined choir already have started practising for this musical event. Another highlight of the religious program will be the j presentation of the religious the play was written by Rev. L. B Mignerey pastor of the United kill thousand Prate Urga. Tit it a l of ulcer and stomach pain 1 in pains for boart born. St Ion. Bloat and Otter condition leads to return for this years race card. _ Boundary of Poland. A ii a a a a in Moo a to ilk tlik9dkktti�atttt a Sbott in we<foin8 ant bound and across a piece of the Northern Success it Loo Altair Milt hit in num j to go on the rocks. Frontier of Rumania. Laity non. Also to get Ruthenia Berlin presumably expects that Hitler now controls the czech the move will have something of government has adopted the new a a a a a Quot a Sun a a him at Vui Money will a refunded. I and so called Independent state Tike Poland Rumania and Hun u myth drug company in ports-1 0# Slovakia and is expected in 8ary which lately have been Mouth i of win drug Stoff in Jackson ii rest less and showing vigils of and All cd a a a or Torch. I one Way or another to add to his restless Ana snowing signs of trying to Block Extension of the Reich a Power. I cause such action might scare some residents into paying the i drama Quot Quot Simon Quot of Creti assessment. A storekeeper Sug-1 tested business establishments on the unlit Street might become your face is familiar rat i can to recall your name a the ability to remember Peoples names has been known to constitute the difference Between Success and failure in the lives of a lot of people. A Elf you Haven t a natural faculty for remembering names cultivate it. It will help you win friends and influence people far More than will a knowledge of greek or latin Dale Carnegie a there Are ten commandments in salesmanship the first is this remember my name. There is nothing that so pleases men and women As Subtle flattery. Or. Frank Crane with one evenings instructions i guarantee to increase your ability to remember people s names to the extent that it w Iii approximate your ability to remember faces. You doubt this Shakespeare says a your doubts Are traitors and make us Loo get the Good we Oft might win by fearing to More than too representative business Ami professional men and women doctors dentists attorneys clergymen educators. Salesmen and executives Ages from 20 to 70, Are enrolled for this class at the american legion Hall monday March 20th, 8 p. M. A you have convinced me that the matter of remembering names can be accomplished with much less Effort than i thought p. C. Snyder cashier second Natl. Bank. Ashland by. A i do not hesitate to endorse and recommend your instruction to any progressive organization or individual. N. G. Beasley Beasley motor sales the fee $3.50, will be promptly refunded if you Are not satisfied. You cant lose. A. S. Kellogg Colt stake races will be held at Scioto county fair again this year. The first Colt races held Here personal property tax Blanks mailed Phillips was noncommittal but recalled hearing old timers talk a about the Days before we had Street lights when people sat on last year proved so successful their porches and identified that members of Eastern Ohio neighbors walking along the racing association voted at a re a free by their Whistler cent meeting to return the stake to frizzled mayor and the a a. I Brethren Church. Rev. Mignerey setups for visiting yes men we Ake he us role by mayor Mugford replied we production and will be assisted by Haven t got any Tores he Jackson payers club and no Rich people. The services will Start at 7 30 it was done once each night and the speakers for newspaper editor Charles the week will appear As follows monday. April 3, Rev. O. R Clary of the Christian Church tuesday Rev. James of the Baptist Church wednesday Rev. Auditor spilt and staff to assist in filing personal property tax Blanks were placed in the mail saturday by county auditor Carl r. Smith. Auditor Smith said his office will be ready this week to receive the tax returns. The office will be open from 8 a. In. To 4. 30 p. In. Or. Smith said his staff is pre races to Scioto county this year. Members of the fair Board approved the racing plans at a meeting Friday afternoon a. S. Moulton e. C. Rickey and s. C. Peebles member of the racing committee reported on their conference with the racing association directors at it. Vernon last week. Several owners who have harness racers Are training their horses at the Fairgrounds this year. The fair Board will Endeavor next year to encourage More horsemen to use the c. J. Yeisley of the methodist Church thursday Rev. Samuel whilding of the presbyterian Church and Friday Rev. Mig Nerey. Bonds dividends and interest insurance annuities credits accounts receivable livestock villages four other paid employees face pay less paydays. The Newcomerstown school District he j patrol sponsors show said will not be Able to finance _ new Boston boys seek funds for raincoats hats to raise funds for the Purchase of raincoats and hats for new Boston s school boy safety patrol members of the patrol Are Selling tickets for a show to be presented March 28 and 29 in the new Boston theater. The show was arranged by traffic patrolman William Hook who is chief of the patrol Raymond Hall teacher at Glenwood school who is faculty adviser of the patrol and colonel Billy Rendon proprietor of the theater. Its three schools next year if additional funds Are not forthcoming. A Volunteer firemen already Are serving without pay a he added. Newcomerstown with 4,465 inhabitants normally receives about $12,000 annually As its share of real estate tax collections. In addition it gets a substantial sum from gasoline liquor and other levies part of which May be used in meeting such Gen pared to assist any property owner in filling out the tax Blanks. The tax includes stocks and grounds�?~7or water and sprig a Quot a expenses Assa Anes Art inter but Trainin i it it and lighting Cost. The Board experts to obtain the i my a mus or it Sald he a a ,. Count a Contr Button to the tan j tax tarn. Machinery tools farm prod a Ler the c lax collection a Erk a no a he a arca had acts merchandise inventories b r a commit Zainner 1 Ken in on a $200 11113 it a ear come equipment furniture and fixtures Are Hopefl that funds flu a quoted with $5,200 at this time used in business. Available to contribute to the year the returns must be filed by Fajr april 30. After that Date a penalty will be added. One half of the tax will be due upon filing of the return. The balance will be due sept. 20. My Daniel is endorsed plan Kentucky night changes made to halt county jail escapes former Mountain Salesman to bars placed in stairwell alarm assist in service monday night will be Kentucky night in the revival services at Nauvoo u. B. Church. Lucasville Man favored for state Highway Post Clyde Mcdaniel of Lucasville was endorsed by the Scioto coun ,. To Republican executive commit on Hora Baek in i the Cumberland mountains. This travelogue will be of interest to also installed to prevent prisoners in the county jail from receiving outside Aid sheriff Earl c. Brandel tee Friday night for a Post in the state Highway department. Or. Mcdaniel would be in charge it hot mix roads. He formerly was superintendent of highways when Arthur h. Peake was county Engineer. Or. Peake now Engineer. The meeting will Echo with shaving a stairwell Between the stones and experiences As picked fourth floor and roof of the buildup by Rev. J. M. Sagraves who my barred. The stairway is outside of the jail proper and leads to the roof and elevator motor House on top of the courthouse. Everyone and will be followed by a special message by Rev. L. Investigation of a jail break p. Kirk the evangelist from St. Several months ago revealed that Albans w. A. Tools were dropped into the jail special music which All Ken through a roof skylight. Highway Quot division Tucky Folk like has been pro the bars Wui prevent anyone n pared. Reaching the roof without author do not wait too Long arrange now for your easter permanent wave. See easter Beauty specials classified Page. Important notice listen Cor the Story Quot slums Cost you Money Quot broadcast every monday at 6 15 p. M. Over Sto Tiou Way. All interested in Portsmouth future should arrange to boor these broadcasts sponsored by the Portsmouth metropolitan housing authority. Pupils sponsor show Harding school to have program of Mack Friday children of Harding school Are sponsoring a show of magic to be presented by Elmer Glenn of this City in the Harding school gymnasium at 3 45 p. In. Friday. Ity. An alarm which will sound in the jail office when a barred i door in the stairwell is opened i is being installed. Troop entertained scouts see peace movie and have Ham Berger feast Russell d Williams Post Amer proceeds from the matinee will lean legion entertained thurs be applied to the school fund for Day night 20 boys of their scout Purchase of books and other troop at a showing of the motion school equipment. Picture the dead March. This a a is in accordance with both or plan show at Harden Genii Ationo a principles of promote a series of educational films in peace and world brotherhood will be shown at Rarden High Friday night the troop joined school starting at 7 30 p m Mon in a feast of hamburgers As pert Day. The films Are being Spon of their regular meeting there sorted by Alfred Holbrook col were to pounds of hamburger. Leg and Roy e Blackburn of to dozen buns and a Supply of Manchester. There is to be no pickles and Mustard and not a admission. I Crumb was left. To achieve Quot the fax dog Frt blk look Quot Ardena cleansing Cream Light. Soothing 1.00 to 3.00. Fluffy cleansing Cream like whipped Cream 1.00 to 3.00 Ardena skin tonic Cool stimulating i of to 3.75. Ardena Velva Cream for average skins i of the 2.00. Orange skin Cream for dry or wrinkled Sains i of to 2 75. Toiletries first Flat Marting glamorous is the wow 10.00 millinery second floor Spring shoes Are wide open Heel. Toe. Away Thev go and even the sides Are Cut away in the new Spring shoes. Flattering is the perfect description to fit these smart styles. Left Black Patent with open toe and Heel. Platform sole with brass Nail head trimming. 6.95 left Cut out Dressy pump with open toe. Blue Japonica or Cranberry. 7.95 footwear first floor colourful 2 piece Hope Reed Quot originals sketched from Stock k-0 your own Hope Reed translates your own dress dreams into Spring prints. Thev Bubble with fun Sun and Crisp Young lines. The fabric is Rayon. Carefree p a c k a b i a washable Wear from now to september. Sizes 12 to 18. Sports shop second floor double the usual Quantity a a Ryt sex Tweed weave printed stationery March special Lively a a top hat in a March wind colourful As the easter Parade. Delectable a a Candy colors of Bon Bon Blue Gumdrop Pink Coral White. 200 Cingle sheets too envelopes or too double sheets too envelopes or too Monarch sheets too envelopes printed with your name and address or Monogram. I of first Fleer Martinos

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