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Portsmouth Times Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Portsmouth Times (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Portsmouth, Ohio Weather forecast Ohio Valley far and a incr today Wilh increasing cloudiness warmer monday. Two news sections and 20 comics in color 1852 a Outh Init Tullon Portsmouth Ohio sunday Mahull tie aug crud t no enl Pun. score five cents Airliner crash kills 10 aboard of test flight i of dead identified As members of Juleli Mission on aviation trip to United states Abr England France fear nazi move on Rumania As Ohio s no. 1 tourist spot a 01 legislators state where will Hitler turn next that s question Europe asks so viral victims air experts members of technical staff which turned out 33-passenger ship for sub stratosphere hops by the aug cited Jim Cli at least 1u Pei suns killed two officials of dutch airlines Wien a Fiir Inot Oreil nip Latif designed to operate through the bib i Viilu Wili plunged to Earth eur i arc Tot Iii during ii test thu victims wove tie assistant Sci Irrol Malinger it the Diu i airlines find a Linof dozen leading american Nvia Iii Liumei broke into a lice and with the fighting Liis controls and passengers in flight position. All aug Iii were filled instantly. The dead Guilonard. Assistant general manager of Royal dutch air and Leader of an air Mission to the United states. A Von Baumhauer of the dutch Kim line and second member o i Mission Julius Burr Boeing test Pilot and former personal Pilot for a by echoing Kai Shek. Karl a. Ferguson Boeing test Pilot. Rslph a. Cram Boeing aerodynamics expert. Kylstra Boeing chief Engineer. William Doyle Boeing test Pilot. Lisroy a Wesl jr., Boeing Foreman. Hirlan Hull chief test Pilot for transcontinental is Western air. Pearson Boeing sales representative. Of the dutch Ned to plane was not sex j by Boeing officials Al 1 reports said the men were Purchase of the siratolmpr1 or a sister ship. The liner was the first of a contemplated Fleet of four j charter group Heads picked under construction i the Boeing co. In Seattle it Clyde. Sennett de Switalski a. Been undergoing tests at Low Irti Turlis near Seattle for Sev Pilot prevents fire 5 iced indicators were at 200 Miles an hour . Residents of this Little leaders of committee of 29 citizens officials seek to develop attractions game Refuge included More acres in two counties offered state _ by flags estate by i. W. Burns possibilities or exploitation of a Lunce slate Lorest and the Roosevelt game preserve the Little smokes and Yellowstone Park of being explored Over the weekend Here and at Columbus. Preliminary Steps looking to Ward launching sell Ohio to the tourism projects were taken Here Friday afternoon and night at two conferences of chamber of Commerce officials and members of the slate legislature. Five Bills fending five Bills providing for publicizing Ohio s and spots Are pending in the legislature. A publicity pro Gram is being prepared by the Ohio chamber of Commerce of which a. Graves Williams Portsmouth is president. T i c Portsmouth Of c., along with every chamber in tiie state has signified its willingness to co operate with the appreciate Ohio program. Members of the finance com Mittee of the slate House of representatives met with the Cham j Ber of Commerce directors and the recreational facilities com Mittee at a dinner in the Hurth hotel Friday night. The commit tee along with officials of the state Forest service poured the state Forest and game Refuge Fri Day afternoon. The finance committee made the tour to obtain first hand in j formation of the scope of the forestry and conservation divisions of the state government if Germany takes this pincers 60 around Poland Only obstacle ma2i Way to Ifrael soviet Union Rich Ukraine prize of eastward drive Bulgaria Sofia state was be next to demand autonomy woo cooperation of Russia in Manev ers to Slop German Leader mos Sileus on reaction Daladier to Rule by decree voted supreme Power for six months cabinets of both nations hold extraordinary meetings events in Europe at a glance ii and France bitterly denounce Coccho slovak. Seizure seek soviet Russia s Aid in blocking German threat to Rumania British and French ambassadors called Home from Berlin to reject Paris London denunciations As lacking every political Legal and moral London ambassador re called for consultations City prepares to Welcome Hitler. Votes Daladier government unprecedented dictatorial Powers Senate concurrence tomorrow foregone conclusion sunday emergency Cabinet session called to approve defense measures. S. Extra 25 per cent Tariff in Many products Germany sends America Pittman proposes neutrality Law revision. With obliteration of Coccho Slovakia from Europe s map an accomplished fact Kun pc won Ders daily where will Hitler turn rumblings of the same sort that preceded Czecho Slovakia s fall have been heard in the mosaic states taken away from the Central Powers after the world War. Apple of Hitler s Eye is the Ricoli Ukraine now part of Russia. It also is possible he May strike Al the polish corridor and putting pincers around Poland just like lie did around czech Slovakia. Memel s another nazi goal Wilh Only Little Lithuania to whom it was Given in his Way. Some observers have expected him turn Westward and grab Alsace Lor Raine industrially Rich Region chopped off Germany after the world War. Two co chairmen Clyde sen Nett and de Switalsky were appointed saturday to serve As main town reached Lac i pm dvrs for newly created is. Although the ship car City charter committee dedicated to carry Forward a Campaign for retention in Portsmouth of the about Gallons of Gas j ii a there was no fire. Pijot ?.i the controls had shut off switches before the plane the cuter left motor fell on a 1.000 Yards from where m plane landed about 200 Yards the Tacoma mount Rainier . C left Wing broke off about j incl from the fuselage and Cen the two left Wing to one Section landed about kids and another about 500 from the plane. Bits of Rii Aue from the Tail were scat Over a Quarter mile area i were gathered up by int Ntelis. All at flight positions t landed flatly and the wre at flight stations the ship with Pilot for the two departments Are considered by the finance committee. I More Forest offered j three Days pass a without major revelations developed at the conferences were an additional tract of Hill land in Sciota and Drivers record even Berhl wonders Lead nazis next thoughts and intentions kept within confines of tight 11? tie asocial re i Ren , mini Cli Levit Iii and Kristi i Nilay sent bitter holes la ice Ninny for Lier seizure of cd Folio Slovakia and quickly 1o Block a a up Vlad Maici move Agai Bibl Lilli nations in Snail on ninth oily. Arc. Trying to n a is Imide soviet Russia to ii in them in aiding run Nubia to pro list inn self against a Ler imm threat to her Independent co Niomie acting ii mite us a team the two Lemou ices lost no time in i Novini to i i pc with file Nimby s Laisur Tiou of Ceelio so Vii Liin and the lir Al to Linini Mizii. Prime minister Chamberlain rushed Back from Birmingham and presided Over a momentous 2 1-2-hour Cabinet first saturday session of the Cabinet since last year s september crisis. Premier in Ladier won from his chamber of do pulses approval of his plan to Rule France by unprecedented dictatorial Powers until nov. 30. Lie called a special Cabinet meeting for tomorrow Ata Vicli it is expected specialists will be called up to join the powerful French announcement followed the British Cabinet meeting. But it was stated the session dealt a request i from Rumania for a statement of Britain s position both e German rumanian situation. Rumania was reported to have in which Field marshal her to crash Page 19 manage ship form of govern ment. The Uvo were appointed by John j. Tirney who was authorized at a meeting Friday night of civic organization representatives and other interested individuals to appoint a committee of no fewer than k persons to set in motion immediately a Campaign in behalf of the charter. The appointments Combine the county s political leadership. Or. Sennett is chairman of the county Republican exec Lucve committee and or. Switalski holds the same position at the head of the county democratic executive committee. Serving under the two co chairmen will be 29 citizens drawn from a variety of sections of the Community s life. Com Milice members As announced turn to charter Page 19 Man who Falls employment gain i four stories Hurt Adams counties adjoining Shaw Nee Forest have been offered to the state Gratis for conservation development by the Flagg estate. C. E. Drumheller manager of the Clale submitted the offer to the conservation department which is expected to assume title immediately. Extension of the Forest Over the Flagg estate would Lilace approximately acres in Shawnee Forest. Conversion of Roosevelt ame Refuge into a Hunters Para Dise by actual propagation of Small game is being pushed by legislators. Establishment of recreational centers throughout the vast Forest for the Benefit of the pub Lic is being stressed by the Forest service. Acquisition of additional acreage for Shawnee Forest is advocated by the stale Forest serv ice in cooperation Wilh a s. For 1 Cost service which has offered to cooperate to the extent annually. Mishap truck Drivers make Portsmouth motorists com Little Circle Mendel most tempting p. associated press staff writer Berlin March is plated last week what police be the next a Hunt a " tier s sleeve Lieve was the City s safest week j this question Lii Nimg of the year to Date. Beelmers in every walk of _. .1 asked themselves today As the three of the seven Days passed Nail ital 0 Jed a Cim Quer. Without an Accident reported m i Welcome for the re. The City according to reports turning Fuhrer compiled by Charles Clowe head that Lac wiping out Czecho of the police record Bureau. Last j Slovakia As a stale was not he sunday wednesday and Day were free from crashes. This is a splendid record which All motorists should want to help said Frank h. Rowe chairman of the citizens approximately re a ported on payroll 0 11 1 y s 1 i la t 1 v i further development of the i j Forest through use of acc Camps Forest through use of acc Camps _ a v which be used to build rec Dan Cox Aboul 35, of tire centers providing the Brick ky., after an experience i at Portsmouth of saturday feels certain he is Wheeling steel corp., has j blessed with Good Luck. Approximately the number to be employed tical Plant since october of the men Are eni n the wire and Rod Range and barrel units which operated full blast. Wick s schedule also in of four open or. Cox was working for a wrecking firm on a four Story Brick Structure on front Street cast of Market Street when an Accident sent him to the ground Ith a mass of bricks. The Workman was on lop of a four Story Wall Section when part of it buckled and carried state meets acc requirements. Members of the legislative com Mitilee ant Forest service officials recognize Shawnee Forest As the most Beautiful Scenic snot in Ohio. Much has been accomplished in development of the Forest through efforts of acc Camps. More than one death recorded while four persons had lost lost their lives in traffic within i the City limits up to this Lime last year Only one fatality has Jeen recorded so far in 193d up o the week closing saturday noon or. Clowe reported. So far this month there have been 30 accidents in the City compared Wilh 31 during the same period last month and 31 last year. In this month s Acci to Dale seven persons have Bee i. Injured and none killed compared with 11 injured and none killed last month and five injured and two killed last year. Traffic arrests showed a slight Daladier gets decree Power Given right to Rule entire turn to Forest Page 8 to appear at Floo Owall nation for six months on emergency basis end of territorial rearrangements in was taken for granted by everybody foreigner and German. The group of men surrounding Hitler who Are told of his plans in Advance is exceedingly Small. Sometimes it includes Only Field marshal Hermann Wilhelm goer ing foreign minister joachim1 von Ribbentrop and or. Otto Dietrich the Fuhrer s press chief. All sworn to secrecy they Are sworn to secrecy and they keep dependably Light lipped. Nevertheless events have a Way of casting their shadows Besoiu them though As the tech Nique becomes perfected these shadows grow Shorter. Two Cardinal principles o hit then virtual ultimatum from Germany alarm Wilhelm goering1 is m to Grant the Reich sole Access Teresie said in ils sunday Edi Humania s Rich Oil Grain and j Tion that examination in Praha in Exchange for of Cru Lin German Protection of human last few Days has demons rat Ian territory tie report met official denials in both Berlin and Bucharest but the British news Agency Wilh excellent government sources carried a report Lac rumanian minister to London had informed Lac foreign office of the demands and of the rejection. Tiie controlled press in Berlin bitterly threw Back criticisms to the democracies. The National Zeitung of Essen de forcefully the hypocrisy of the English policy in the Czecho slovak it added that. Germany had sought Britain s Friendship Foi years and received threats for an answer incr before one. Should not be surprised in London if Germany draws therefrom suit Able conclusions. Out of the entire mass of hypocritical attacks and political turn to Britain Page 10 a s. Puts extra 25 per cent Tariff on German products i ton 1 lawlessness of the occupy Washington March Ion of Coccho Slovakia Ler s foreign policy furnish clues inc heels of the slate department s 1 _ to the direction from Winch lore denunciation of j remark recalled casting shadows Are Likely to fall. Germany s absorption of Czecho la recalled Loo that president the first is that All germans Slovakia the Treasury ordered an i Roosevelt said in his message los and unc1 "1e Cham u a per Cen a Oay on c Cham who regards As has do. Many he scnd3 Paris March Ber of deputies voted Premier Mission to bring Home into Daladier unprecedented dictator the Rich All whom it is phys Ial Powers tonight As extra 25 per cent Lariff Loday on Congress last january that there informed i French-1 turn to Berlin Page 9 quarters disclosed British move to enlist soviet prepares orders this country. War but Russia s Aid in a triple front Jaq Bijj off seizure of the czech stronger and More effective than a Treasury spokesman who an j Marc words of bringing Home to bounced the action said it was i aggressor nations the aggregate taken with the slate departments sentiments of our own but refused comment i Zhc Treasury ordered the extra Lariff by imposing what Are it was related to against German economic pres sure on Rumania. Iii macs Coke Plant blast i him to a pile of Blooming and bar Mills basement of the building pots in the Cal fellow workmen believing department him seriously injured rushed Claylon she fun and Martins recalled formerly him to the office of or. A. P. In Tho Fri Hunt who found or. Cox suf sued Back Nith bruises and Only with minor cuts on the head. Estate activity business better Citati activity in polls Jan. 1.reflects Busi Pio vement. towards president of i Mouth real estate Board believes that increased activity is prompted r wed Confidence in ports proposed new 77-foot and he proposed in 1 at Portsmouth works 1 no Elcel or. De f enhance the value Mmith real estate and business Page 19 hideaway for Hitler authoritative information about Adolf Hitler s new hideaway is almost impossible to get. Few germans know anything about in. And some of Hitler s closest friends have not seen in. But Louis p. Lochner chief of the associated press Berlin Bureau dug out the principal facts and Many of the details. He tells about it in tie times in an illustrated article you won t want to miss on the editorial Page. To be in Al least three Portsmouth men were planning saturday to at tend a hearing next thursday at Washington to seek appropriations for Ohio Valley flood control including the proposed 77 foot Portsmouth new Boston flood Wall. Mayor Harold Claylon and City manager Frank e. Shechan announced they expect to attend the congressional hearing. Albert f. Marling chairman of the Cili flood defense Commilles also plans to be present. He sex pc cd to Stop off at Washington Ion the Way Home from a Florida vacation. U. S. Senator Robert a. Taft a of Ohio informed mayor Claylon saturday that Lac hear ing of the polls Mouth delegation has been set for noon next thurs iday. Turn to safety Page 9 six Auto vers arrested by police driving complaints filed police saturday arrested six Ulo Mobil Drivers and incs i Ald three accidents. Thomas Hoover 43, of 4212 Spruce so acc new Boston was on unless Congress acts the sweeping decree Powers Daladier demanded to enable France to move As fast As the die Latorsha 321 to ate approval at tomorrow s pcs oils on april 1 arc being known is countervailing effective april 23. The Tariff act of 1030 provides for j that such duties shall be there seemed Little doubt How in addition to regular tariffs on Washington March 18-a Csc i that economic blow to any foreign products Republic. Reduction due to Start april 1 the he said Speaks m move As last is me Uil Ini Nazrth by a vote of spa official said tonight orders i Germany could be interpreted in in manufacture or Export by the 264 in the chamber. Sen for a reduction in work any other High than As a forceful government of the country of a expression of this country s sex Sion is considered a foregone con int nother move to Xiuhe country s Al what sum i prepared and probably will be nor Welles acting Secretary of i president Roosevell and origin the Treasury clod Afler at or. Turn to Tariff Page 9 turn to France Page 9 b. Onel f. C. A to k Boll cell 3 Ami Morava inel session for tomorrow Al Progress admin Sara or have in which members of parliament misled such a Cut in the Rolls ordered to said he will ask approval of do be necessary unless Congress a Crews calling to the colors special Propri acts an additional to replace the sum lopped off the pc Fidel s original re l for to meet re quest rain and warm spell net needs w july i. Forecast during week of Chillicothe str Cal at p. M. Saturday on a charge of drive hither temp lures due tues Day Wilh change Laler Chicago March weather ing while intoxicated. He was apprehended by lieutenant Edward Hamilton and patrolman Howard Wikoff. Delmar Jones 38, of 422 Camp Bell Avenue was arrested Satur Day afternoon by police chief Harry s. Sheels on charges of driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an Accident. Police reported that was arrested on a similar be fire and that his right to drive a s revoked. Police reported thai Jones car turn to traffic. Page 13 Outlook for the week beginning monday ready to talk peace loyalist Leader broadcasts inv Ullon to rebels Madrid March Span ish Republican government to questioning by the new German masters of broken Czecho Slovakia. The orders did not mean How Ohio Valley rain tuesday and night broadcast to the National probably wednesday and again its in readiness to negotiate in about saturday warmer monday with temperature above Normal until wednesday or wednesday night when the weather will be come colder warmer again near end great or rain mediately for an honorable peace to end Spain s 30-month old civil War. Minister of foreign affairs Julian Bette pro speaking from the government radio station de dared the moment has come to questions i heard foreign news broadcasts Praha March 18-at least had and inking the outside world showin8 a their Pavc been ordered to report Lor ate newspapers were filled instead with announcement of the appointment of Baron Kon Lanlin von neural As re chs Prole Clor Are Over Bohemia and Moravia and known to have been made. I that Karl Hermann Frank Assur the partitioned Republic was kept in ignorance of the fact that the United states Britain and France had denounced Germany s of scorpion of Czecho Slovakia newspapers of the Bohemia Moravia protectorate brought under nazi control made no monday and again about thurs talk peace and thai he was using Day warmer monday with temperature near or above Normal most of remainder o week the radio As the fastest Means of communication Wilh Lac nation Al Isu ant Leader of the Sud Elan Strug Gle last year would become his Secretary of stale a Day Praha residents continued their Allenl demonstrations before the Rathaus War memorial honouring patrols who were killed in when czechs Are Riazi Coroi Maue no Jurn Tion of Friday s statement by act once before lost their ind Epen ing Secretary of slate Sumner dance. O i Ham i women and without bated lion illegal Heads Only phase few who flanked by two Welles nor of the f r c n c h and British notes calling Hitler s

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