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Portsmouth Herald (Newspaper) - July 8, 2008, Portsmouth, New Hampshire Portsmouth Herald wednesday july 9, 2008 a5seacoast/new England its round 2 for Bradley Stephen today candidates for Congress set to debate by Michael Mccord Newington a the first debate last month Between Republican 1st congressional District candidates Jeb Bradley and John Stephen in Dover sparked rhetorical fireworks. With a full blast of summer heat in the air Bradley and Stephen will have a second encounter in Newington this evening As each candidate makes his Case to Republican voters in the Lead up to the sept. 9 primary. Set for 7 . At Newington town Hall the debate is set to last around an hour. Hosted by the seacoast federation of Republican women and Strafford county Republican women the event will be moderated by Fergus Cullen chairman of the Republican state committee. The Winner of the sept. 9 primary will take on first term democratic incumbent Carol Shea Porter of Rochester. In one of the country a biggest congressional upsets of the 2006 mid term elections Shea Porter ousted Bradley after the Wolfeboro resident served two terms. Cullen said he hoped to facilitate a debate that voters get something out of. A i always appreciate when people get off their talking Points and say something new and take some risks a Cullen said. A from what i heard the debate in Dover was surprisingly spirited and i Hope we can do the on june 20, Bradley and Stephen sparred for an hour before a crowd of about 75 people in the Dover City Hall auditorium. In the Dover debate the candidates exchanged Sharp views on their records economic priorities and Energy policy a and the congressional John Stephen Jeb Bradley funding mechanism known As earmarks. Stephen the former commissioner of health and human services called for change in Washington and claimed that Bradley was part of the problem for his opposition to drilling for Oil in previously off limits areas such As the Alaska National wildlife Refuge and Bradley a use of earmarks. A Washington is broken a Stephen said at the debate. A we need to replace the people who contributed to this whether they were there before or Are there Bradley criticized Shea Porter for not representing a your values and being indifferent to Low taxes personal responsibility and maintaining a Strong military. He said he wanted to go Back to the House in order to strengthen the nations Energy policy and would vote for drilling in Anwer As Well As off the Gulf coast and in the Rockies. In defending his record in Congress Bradley criticized Stephen for being anything but fiscally conservative during his time leading has. A Finger pointing Isnit going to help anyone a Bradley said. A conditions change and when conditions change you have to change with the race Between Shea Porter and the candidate who emerges from the Republican primary Battle will be one of the most closely watched congressional contests in the country. National republicans have targeted Shea Porter As a vulnerable candidate and the seat is seen As a possible pickup As the republicans attempt to regain control of Congress after losing it in 2006 a in part due to upset victories such As those by rates Rose this month Portsmouth a hiring a police detail with or without a Cruiser became More costly effective july i. The City a police commission announced it increased the hourly Billing rate for officers to work details from $44.50 an hour to $45.74 per hour. The Cost for a Cruiser at the detail has jumped from $10.50 an hour to $12 an hour. By notice of police chief Michael Magnant residents and businesses that hire the police details Are required to pay a four hour minimum. Anyone with questions about the new rate or work details is asked to Call the police departments business manager Karen Senecal at 610-7400. A Elizabeth Dinenman guilty in �?T91 rape Back in jail Laconia apr in a Case that attracted National attention the Man convicted of raping a 75-year-old woman in Alton 17 years ago is Back in jail. Forty two year old John la Forest has been returned to jail on a parole violation after his parole officer reported he had been using drugs. Laforest pleaded guilty to raping Florence Holway in 1991 and agreed to serve a 12-to 25-year prison sentence. He was released last september. Laforest is being held without bail pending a parole revocation hearing set for aug. 12. When released last year a condition of Laforeste a parole was that he not use any drugs or alcohol. Bill Holway the victims son said his Mother will be pleased to know Laforest is Back in jail. In an interview three years ago Florence Holway said she lives in fear after being attacked in her Home. Holway went Public about her ordeal after learning Laforest was offered a plea Deal without her consent. Her outspokenness helped change the Way new Hampshire Law enforcement deals with rape and influenced the legislature to create tougher sentences for . Lynch signs boat Speed limits Concord apr boaters who drive fast on Lake win Nipes Aukee next summer will risk speeding tickets. Gov. John Lynch signed a Bill into Law monday that sets Speed limits on the Lake for two years. The Speed limits will be 45 Mph during the Day and 25 Mph at night effective Jan. I. Boat Speed limits have been debated for years. This plan differs from past plans because it applies Only to Lake Winni Nesaukee and would go off the books in two years. Speed limit supporters had argued two years would be plenty of time for a test. They said people Are afraid to Canoe or swim especially on weekends when boat traffic is most congested. Opponents said the limits Are unnecessary. They pointed to a state Marine patrol study last summer that found few boats exceeded the proposed limit. Out of 3,852 boats clocked by radar Only 83 were going faster than 45 Mph. Police say drug suspect has history Rollinsford Man part of Home depot bust by Elizabeth Dinan Portsmouth Anthony a a Tony Sawyer was buying and Selling cocaine and oxycontin in Portsmouth for months before his june arrest sgt. Mark Newport testified in Portsmouth District court tuesday. Newport a testimony was presented during a probable cause hearing for Sawyer 49, of 424 Church st., Rollinsford on three felony charges alleging the Sale of $1,800 Worth of oxycontin. The Sale was part of a massive june 26 police bust at the Woodbury Avenue Home depot parking lot. Newport told the court Sawyer sold both drugs to undercover police officers in the fall of 2007 and at Home depot bought $1,900 Worth of oxycontin with a Street value of $4,000, from an undercover officer. Following the hearing judge Sawako Gardner found probable cause that Sawyer committed the crimes transferring the Case to Rockingham county Superior court where it is expected to go before a grand jury. The judge also maintained Sawyers bail at $500,000 Cash and ordered him to have no Contact with co defendants and police informants. Sawyer has been described by police As the a bring Leader of a gang of violent Home invaders and testified Newport threatened to a put a Bullet in the Heads of any police informants. Sawyer was one of four people arrested during the Home depot drug sting by officers from the Federal drug enforcement Agency . Marshals the seacoast emergency response team and Portsmouth and Rochester police departments. After his arrest Sawyer was charged by Rochester police with committing a Home invasion using a .50-caliber desert Eagle handgun. Also arrested during the bust was University of new Hampshire wrestler Saxton Lynch 22, of 66 Baer Road Rollinsford on a felony count of conspiracy to sell controlled drugs oxycontin. He is being held on $150,000 Cash bail. Sawyers Girlfriend Christine Anderson 29, of 29 Weald Road was charged with hindering apprehension and released on $1,000 personal recognizance bail. Also charged was Steven Anderson 43, with no fixed address on a charge of conspiracy to sell a controlled drug. Groups push for Universal health care alliances prepared to spend millions in quest by Jim Kuhnhenn associated press Washington a health care is returning As a Campaign Issue with special interest and advocacy groups preparing to spend at least $60 million to push politicians to embrace Universal Access to medical coverage. The efforts one by a coalition of labor and Liberal groups and another by Harp also include direct appeals to the presidential contenders and congressional candidates to change a system in which millions of people Are without coverage. A coalition of labor unions and democratic leaning organizations called health care for America now on tuesday was announcing a $40 million Campaign to promote affordable health care coverage for All. The group is spending $1.5 million on a National Cable and and print and web advertising. It also plans to spend $25 million on advertising through the end of the year. The Effort will concentrate on key congressional districts in 45 states where the coalition also plans to deploy too organizers. Maine backers of the Campaign held a news conference in front of the state House in Augusta to promote the Effort. Supporters in Maine include the Maine Peoples Alliance the Maine women a lobby and the Maine state employees association. A top goal is to encourage lawmakers to devise a plan that would offer Consumers the Choice of retaining their current private coverage choosing a new insurance plan or joining a government run plan. The options Are designed to address one of the insurance Industry scentral criticisms of president Clinton a failed plan. A a we be got to make the plan that we put Forward reasonable to people who done to have health insurance and desperately need it but also not threatening to people who do have fairly decent health care and would gladly support health care change As Long As it does no to undermine what they be got a said Roger Hickey co director of the Liberal Campaign for americans future part of the health care for America now coalition. Still Sharp disagreements Are certain to surface. The insurance Industry a proposal for expanded health care puts More emphasis on private plans than on Public ones. And the coalitions and which was to air tuesday on Cable makes Clear that the old Battle lines remain. A we can to Mist insurance companies to fix the health care mess a the and states. The Harp led group is airing an and on National Cable and in markets in key states calling on the presidential candidates a Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John Mccain a to keep discussing health care and financial Security. The seniors advocacy group acting on behalf of a coalition called divided we fail plans to spend More than $20 million through labor Day to push for bipartisan solutions to health care and social Security. Mccain would provide refundable tax credits of $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families that buy health insurance but would not require Universal coverage. Obama would require coverage for children not adults and would aim for Universal coverage by requiring employers to share the Cost of insuring their employees. A we Felt we needed More than policy ideas but the political will to actually get something done a said Nancy Leamond an Harp executive vice president. To that end the Harp is working with partners from across the ideological spectrum a the business round table the National federation of Independent business and the service employees International Union. They Are asking candidates to sign pledges that state a i am committed to working with my colleagues across the aisle to develop and implement policies that provide All americans with Access to Quality affordable health care and lifetime financial to the membership of health care for America now bipartisanship is less important than adherence to its principles which also include greater regulation of health insurance companies costs based on a family a ability to pay and Cost controls without sacrificing Quality. A the whole goal is to create a mandate next year for the president and Congress to enact health care Reform that meets our principles a said Richard Kirsch the coalitions Campaign manager and a health care advocate who has worked on Reform legislation in new York. Health care for America now members include such unions As the Seizu the Al Cio and the american federation of state county and municipal employees and democratic leaning organizations such As the Center for american Progress , and the Campaign for americans future. Many of the groups have endorsed Obama or have members advising his team. Neither coalition plans to become involved in the presidential contest though Kirsch made Clear that Obama a plan meets health care for America now a principles and Mccain a does not. A it is time for our government to step in and ensure that everyone in this country has guaranteed affordable Quality health care a Bruce Hodsdon the president of the Maine state employees association local 1989 of the service employees International Union said in a statement. Exhumation funds raised in Maine murder East Millinocket Maine apr an East Millinocket woman whose teenage daughter was murdered nearly three decades ago said a grass roots Effort to raise funds to exhume the victims body for Dan testing will reach its goal. Joyce Mclain a 16-year-old Schenck High school student disappeared on the night of aug. 8, 1980, after going for an evening jog and her body was found two Days later in a Clearing near the schools soc cer Fields. Her head and neck had been struck repeatedly by a Blunt object. The crime remains unsolved. Pamela Mclain says that with $17,000 to $18,000 already raised she is confident that the Justice for Joyce committee can afford the services of or. Michael Baden the chief forensic pathologist for the new York state police and Host of Hbous a a autopsy series. He has agreed to examine Joyce Mclain a remains if the family can cover the Esti mated $15,000 in expenses. With the investigation ongoing some committee members suggest that interviews in the Kathadin Region by state police detective Brian Strout in april May have Given investigators new insight into what happened. A if i was the Guy who had done this i would be shaking in my boots right now a said Ivan Curtis Pamela Mclain a Boyfriend. Neither Strout nor his supervisor it. Jackie Theriault returned messages seeking comment. Despite scepticism by state police and state forensic experts the family has expressed Hope that technological advances will shed new Light on who killed Joyce Mclain. A i have too percent belief that its going to do something a Curtis said. A i believe Back when this happened there was no Dan technology like there is today. 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