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Portland Daily Press (Newspaper) - January 24, 1889, Portland, MaineT f Juja press. Tub Sivay . 24. New 4�vbktaa. I 8 nuisance Brief jottings. Or. Charles Day who recently made an assignment makes an excellent showing and flu pay one Hundred cents on the Dollar on extended time. Several car loads Mora Stone have arrived for the soldiers Monument foundation and Mannix Brothers expect to have it All a a a. Ilij duo Lilac us Spring. The police arrested Robert f. Hayes and Weldon c. Swasey of Salem mass., two boys who ran away from Home and came to see the country. They will be sent Home. Bosworth Post g. A. R., of this City sent i a Check tuesday to Monson Post. The Hall occupied by the latter Post was recently destroyed by fire which left them in a critical condition. Any person desirous of signing the Peti Tion for municipal suffrage to women can do so at the Headquarters of the to mans Christian Temperance Union 51$ Exchange Street. The new officers of the willing workers society were installed last evening by a. M. Soule followed by an address of president c. C. Brooks and speeches from the newly elected officers. In our Marine columns yesterday we mentioned the wreck of the Sloop Merryman on Richmond Island in the late storm. She was 45 tons owned by h. M. Sargent j. Hamil ton and others of Portland and harps Well and was insured. Or. Sargent lost a diving suit Worth $300. The late Ezra Harford was a member of the aged brotherhood. He was also a member of the Veteran association i. O. O. F., admitted to Maine Lodge in 1843, and has been insured on his life at the Agency of w. D. Little with the Mutual life co of new York for Many years the policy hav ing largely increased. The committee of the North congregation Al Parish Groveville in behalf of said society gratefully acknowledge the gift of $25 from Hon. Mark p. Emery of Portland to Aid them in the support of preaching the present year. This society still continues the Union with the free Baptist society of which Rev. Josephs. Cogswell is now Pas Tor. As rapidly As the old Stock of Railroad tickets is disposed of the Maine Central is replacing it by a new style of passage ticket uniform in color Green with Salmon Back for first and yellow with Salmon Bak for second class. This is in accordance with the Rule of the National association of Gen eral passenger agents and is to be adopted by All roads in the United states members of the association. The transcript remarks that Many of our cm1l?.tp2 Bably not Ware of the in Rease of the scandinavian population among enough of they were numerous 1 Church and build a have formed St teen now they chiefly of norwegians who ave hire he a of try of Preble Hapel for a place of to ship have a minister settled Wito then propose in the not Distant future to a sold a an enthusiastic meeting. Reception Hall filled to overflowing with woman suffragists. A letter from United states senator Hoar read to the meeting addressed by mrs. Mary a. Livermore. It is not an exaggeration to state that a More enthusiastic meeting than that which was held yesterday afternoon has not been convened this Winter in reception Hall. Mrs. Mary a. Livermore delivered an address on woman suffrage under the auspices of the Maine woman suffrage association and that was sufficient attraction to fill the Hall to its utmost capacity with an audience composed mostly of women. The Hall would not hold seats enough to accommodate All who went to hear mrs. Liver mores lecture. The standing room was All taken and Many stood in the doorways who were unable to get inside. Rev. Henry Blan Ubaid president of the association called the meeting to order promptly at 3 Oclock. He said in so doing we believe the Maine woman suffrage association is engaged in a work that god himself approves. Rev. Marion Crosley then offered prayer. Before introducing the speaker or. Blan Chard read the following letter from Hon. Geo. Hoar United states senator from Massachusetts Senate Chamuel Washington. Dec. 31, 1688. My dear or. Blanchard l am glad to learn from your letter that Thero is Nabai Eisent of interest in the cause of woman suffrage in Maine. We Hope that the Gratifying result of tile late municipal election to Boston Aud the Impo taut contribution made to that re sult by the influence of women will enable us to take a Long Forward step in Massachusetts. I am. Lau fully yours. Geo. Hoak. To Rev. Henry Blanchard. After Reading the above letter or. Blanch Ard read an extract of one of or. Hoards speeches which was strongly in favor of woman suffrage. Lie said he was glad a petition was being circulated by the Remon Strants and would be presented to the legis lature for it is just that both sides should be heard. 1 congratulate the Maine women suffrage association said or. Blanchard upon the auspicious hour in which we meet. One thousand names of those in favor of granting municipal suffrage to women have been introduced into the Senate from Penobscot county7, and i suppose that today a list of names 104 feet Long has been presented. From All parts of the state petitions will go in asking that suffrage be granted to women. Is from our own City Aud is signed by my persons. I congratulate the Mains woman suffrage association upon the opposition. After referring to the following resolutions or. Blanchard called upon mrs. L. M. N. Stevens who read them and they were unanimously passed by the meeting resolved that lie Maine woman suffrage association desires that an educational qualification shall be inserted in the Bill to be introduced into the legislature granting municipal suffrage to women. Resolved. That. In View of the fact that such qualification is not demanded Lor male voters and that Many of those who favor woman suffrage deem it therefore unreasonable to ask for tills qualification this association while strongly recommending will nol absolutely instruct its executive committee to secure the introduction of tile educational qualification in Ibe aforesaid Bill. Resolved. That while the W. 8. A. Will cheer fully accept tile decision of its officers and the gentlemen of the legislature who favor the Bill it desires to put itself strongly on record As being in favor of the Massachusetts qualification Viz. That each Over shall he Able to slug ids or her name and read Llie Constitution of tile United states. Or. Blanchard then introduced mrs. Livermore who was greeted with applause and who spoke in Brief As follows lbs. Liver mores address. If the experience of the Maine woman suffrage association should be like that of Tolfe Massachusetts woman suffrage association you will by did by bail the Day when the remo Strants entered the work As one of the most fortunate Days you Ever lived. Let us have fight. Then we ate aroused and if we believe in our cause we go to work in Earnest. The remo Strants of Massachusetts have Given us Power. Now they have retreated. They could not afford to help us. I read the remonstrance in the papers this morning. I read All the names and read be tween the lines. I was talking with one of the remo Strants and she told me her objection to woman suf Frage. 1 do not know one of the persons whose names i read in the remonstrance x have no personal feeling in the matter. The remo Strant told me that her objections were the same As those of mrs. Kate Wells who headed the list of remo Strants in Massachusetts. Mow mrs. Wells is a personal Friend of mine we have worked together in other matters and x regard her As a Large hearted Noble woman. I do not desire to say anything against her but i will answer the objections that she makes to woman suf Frage. What Are her objections to woman suffrage women dont know enough to vote. Do they not exaggerate the amount of knowledge necessary to vote ? the temper Ance question is up. Dont women know enough to vote on that question ? they have made the Temperance sentiment in this country. They Are called fanatics they Are called Cranks they Are called lunatics and All this. Of so George Washington was a fanatic Abraham Lincoln was a fanatic the apostles were fanatics William Lloyd Garrison was a fanatic and be it reverently spoken the lord Jesus Christ was a fanatic. Grant the women of this land suffrage and they will vote overwhelmingly in favor of an amendment to the Constitution that shall prevent the manufacture of liquor. What Are some of the other questions that come up. The terrible increase of emigration. Never have emigrants come Here As know. Never have such a class of emigrants come Here As now. Shut Down the doors on All the sweepings of the old world. America is not to be made a penal Colony. Look at new York City under the control of the worst sort of foreigners. Bos ton was under their control until the women Rose up and helped the men to dislodge them. Applause look at Chicago under the control of foreigners. Do not women know enough about these things to know How to vote cannot they be trusted with the ballot. Carrol d. Wright chief of the National Bureau of statistics in authority for the statement that there Are More i protestant women in new York than Catholic that in the entire South there Are More White women than Black women and men combined. We need not fear that if the vm1vh a a � Viva a uu1iuu h1c Lui Ciglia would overpower us. Do not know enough to vote 1 Why my dear friends the average woman is much better educated than the average Man. The girls stay in school Louger than the boys do. More girls graduate at our Lith schools than boys. Then after girls leave school they join clubs and seek for More enlightenment. There is a net work of to mans clubs All Over the country. So there Are menus clubs. Yes but i dont know a to mans club where there is a bar. If we dont know enough to vote there is an inference on the other Side that i will leave you to draw. Laughter and applause mrs. Wells says that if the women Are Al Lowed to vote All the bad women will vote. Massachusetts has 70,000 More women than men. In her jails and penitentiaries Are 8835 men and 785 women. In a state where there Are 70,000 More women than men there ought to be More women in the Orisons than men. If the bad women were allowed to vote they could not overpower the men. Women Are not Given to deeds that Send men to state prison. Of the women at the Massachusetts reformatory prison 97-100 were sent there for crimes committed while drunk. Shut up the grog shops and 97 out of every 100 of these women will not go there. So you see you need not fear bad women. Finally mrs. Wells says it will take women away from their Homes. They Are Over whelmed with cares at Home and cannot be taken away. Mrs. Wells has recently been put upon a Board of education which has been holding meetings of three or four or five hours per Day for three or four weeks. She is continually called away from her Home to lecture. If she would drop All of these things and at tend to voting she would not have to be away from Home so much. There is some inconsistency in this. Women Are frightened needlessly. These remo Strants who have sent in petitions if they do not want to vote there is very Good reason Why the legislature should exempt them. I want to vote. What right has any woman when i reach my hand up for the ballot to strike it a. I i was opposed to giving the negro the ballot at the time just after the War. Henry Wilson happening to be in Chicago came out to see me Ana said he to me. It is an unspeakably mean thing for anybody to strike Down the hand of anybody who reaches for the ballot. For the 8ake of not hindering affairs ill be silent i said. Now i say these re Mon Strants have no right to hinder me. What will the ballot do for women ? it will do a vast Deal. It will lift them up More than anything else to a platform of Equality with men do you expect All manner of dire results from it do you expect they will simply duplicate menus votes i have been in Kansas since the women were allowed to vote and they told me women were the most Independent voters in Kansas. They will not duplicate the menus votes. My husband voted the Republican ticket. If i could have voted i should have voted for Fisk. My husband voted for Protection. I should have voted for free Trade. Still we did not quarrel about it. If women dont vote As their husbands do there will be trouble in the family. Well Pei hapa. But i am inclined to believe that if such will be the Case there has been trouble in the family Al ready. Laughter i pay a Pew rent in one Church my husband Pys for a Pew in an other Church my daughter has a Pew in an other Church and my son in Law has a Pew in another Church. It would be More economical if we All went to one Church Flaughter i have one Doc Tor my husband has another one of my daughters patronised Home Patby another goes quietly off to the mind cure Andi comes Back Well it i dont think you could find a m0k harmonious family than we Are. Laughter and applause men Are much More willing that women should vote than women Are willing to vote. Women do Al ready have a Good Deal of suffrage if they will Only exercise it. We Are nearer the end than any of you think. Dont be faint hearted. We Are to win. Applause Livermore referred to How the women voted at the recent election in Boston and the Good that resulted therefrom. She also told several1 stories that admirably illustrated her Points and elicited the Hearty applause of the audience. Rev. Or. Blanchard then stated that he had some petitions that he would like to give to those who could circulate them and secure Nevor More signatures in favor of woman suffrage. Mrs. L. M. N. Stevens said that Al e would agree to get 100 names in addition to the Large number which she has already secured. Miss Charlotte Thomas said she would get 100 signatures to her petition. There was a great demand for the petitions and Many present signed petitions before leaving the Hall. Mrs. Livermore answered satisfactorily and clearly questions asked her in regard to the injustice of taxation without representation to which Wojeik Are subjected and to the amount of time necessary for attending to ones political duties. Concerning a reformatory prison or. Blanchard said that if the women could have voted Maine would have had a Reforma tory prison for women years ago. A reply to nor. Blanchard. To the editor of the press i have read with interest or. Blan Chardos courteous reply to my letter in your paper of the 23rd instant. Were the question of giving the ballot Only to such women As mrs. Stevens mrs. Merrill Aud the others whom or. Blanchard mentions there need be no remonstrance whatever. Did Universal suffrage include Only women of a certain degree of education or women who hold taxable property much opposition would be silenced. But if mrs. Stevens votes so also must the women who traffic in rum. If mrs. Mcdow Ell holds a ballot so does Many a female who signs a Cross x in lieu of her own name. And the Ign Kraut women outnumber the Wise. 1 have spoken lately with a great Many women on the subject. A Large Pio portion have answered. I dont know Noth ing about it. Some added 1 dont want to know and these were not of the so called lower classes but persons living in highly respectable houses. But Madam 1 pleaded this subject has been agitated for 30 years. Surely you have some opinion. No i aint they said. I dont know nothing. L Mea culpa once i lost my temper. Anri but it in inf lw.n3., to u you that the suffragists would thrust the bal lot May heaven defend us i exclaimed. But the ballot educates we Are told. Sometimes. In a d Gree. But we fail to find that it has educated half the Meu hold ing it. And women Are no More teachable no More above bribery no less subject to sins of ignorance and vanity than Are men. Is the reason that l r. Verrish wishes woman s vote on the state Board of health because she knows so much More on the subject than do the men who have made it a profound study for years ? it seems to me that if men trained to the work have failed to know their own business the Mere voting of a Large number of women might also miss the Mark. By All Means let us have Intelli gent women on our poor Board. But May they not be appointed As they Are on the boards of other the orphan Asylum the temporary Home that mrs. Howe mrs. Livermore and or. Hill approve of the ballot being Given to women is As far As it goes a weighty suggestion. But even gazing at or. Long Fellows statue does not convince me that i May not properly hold a different opinion from his. 1 hat he wrote poetry i acknowledge but that consequently his judgment on All subjects was infallible is yet to be proved. Were there a possibility of limiting the present male vote of excluding from the polls foreigners ignorant of american politics of refusing the ballot to men who can neither read nor write i would say amen amen but As matters now stand is it expedient to double double toil and trouble by adding the mass of undisciplined ignorant women. One of the remo Strants. To mans suffrage. To the editor of the press president Blan Chardos answer to a re Constrant would seem to be an argument of the kind which he describes As calculated to be useful to the opponents rather than to the advocates of the cause in behalf of which they Are cited. To say that a measure is advocated by men and women worthy of toe highest respect and Honor is what might have been asserted since the world began of every theory not absolutely immoral and of itself constitutes no proof. But the opinion of the intelligent majority has always been held to afford Strong presumptive evidence of the reasonableness of any particular View and it is this and not the relative excellence of the partisans on either Side which a remo Strant brings Forward As an argument. As to the grounds on which or. Blanchard bases his Appeal to women in favor of suf Frage we confess that even we who humbly acknowledge that we do not consider our selves qualified to vote should prefer to be influenced in any important question by other and weightier reasons. If the votes of women Are to be determined by the consideration that or. A. And mrs. B., who Are Wise and Good people advocate or oppose a Meas ure we fear that they will scarcely fulfil or. Blan Chardos prediction of saving the Republic. Another remo Strant. The suffrage and Queen Victoria. We would like to ask one of the re Mon Strants if she thinks Queen Victoria was any less a kind affectionate wife or is any less a devoted and True Mother because she is Queen of England and Empress of India if anything should be considered in giving suffrage to Man or woman it should be Edu cation. No persons should be allowed to vote on any question unless they know All about it. If this were a Law we should have a much larger vote from woman than from men for All women Are better educated than All men. A greater number by far graduate from High schools and seminaries. All women Are better than All men therefore they would vote More conscientiously Audi have More regard for principle than for party and that is what our government needs. One who asks for the same right she is music and drama. Little lord Fauntleroy. Tomorrow evening Little lord Fauntle Roy will be produced at Portland theatre and there has been a great Sale of advanced seats. The Boston sunday times says the general and commanding Charm and Excel Lence of the play a play by the Way of absolutely no deteriorating influences is sufficient to overtop any minor faults such As have been or May be suggested. It is a singularly Strong example of a play for the family. Maid and Madame master and ser vant child and grandparent will each find in it a particular Appeal for him or her self. The philharmonic orchestra. Portland is to be congratulated upon hav ing an orchestra of which she May be proud in the philharmonic which gave its first Public concert last evening in mechanics Hall. We have had Small orchestras but it is a Long time since the City possessed an in Strumental organization of the size and Merit of the philharmonic. Under the Able con Ductor ship of or. Henry Duncan last eve Ning the thirty musicians displayed a body and Quality of tone a precision of attack and an attention to shading that was highly praiseworthy. There is no reason now Why we hear the orchestra frequently. Or. Morawski miss Pullbrook and miss Knight gave great pleasure in their several parts. There was a Brilliant musical audience present that completely filled the Hall . Miss Myra Goodwin who will be at port land theatre next week is thus spoken of miss Myra Goodwin continues her engage ment at the 14th Street theatre new York or another week where she has danced and Sung herself into the Good graces of Large audiences. At the conclusion of her engage ment in this City mis Goodwin will make a starring tour of the evening with Burns. Tomorrow night the evening with Burns will come off at reception Hall. Tickets notes. Municipal court. Defoe j urge Gould. Davis. Intoxication 30 action. Months in county the proposed Rochester Extension. Text of the Bill to be presented to the legislature. Adopted by the Board of mayor and aldermen after an interesting discussion of its provisions. A special meeting of the Board of mayor Ana aldermen was held yesterday afternoon at 4 Oclock to upon the text of a Bill to be presented to the legislature in reference to the Portland & Rochester Extension in accordance mayor Chapman said with the action taken by the Board at its informal meeting held lately. He said he had the City solicitor draw the Bills one of which had proved acceptable to the Portland & Rochester Road. This latter Bill he would have read and any amendments could be offered that were desired before the Bill was adopted. The City clerk then read the Bill which reads As follows an additional to the charter of the Portland & Rochester Railroad. Lie ii enacted by the Senate Arul House of representatives in legislature assembled a sollows Secl Tou 1tlie Portland & Rochester Railroad is hereby authorized subject so far As the Loca Tion hereinafter named shall fall within the limits of the City of Portland to the approval of the be Gal voters of said City of Portland voting in tie manner hereinafter provided to extend its Road or a Branch thereof commencing at a Point in Portland or Deering in or near the Mill Pond on tie Westerly Side of Green Street thence Westerly to and crossing Grove and Salut John streets thence southwesterly to a connection with the railroads of tie Maine Central Railroad company and Boston & Maine Railroad Between Portland and Congress streets and to locate construct maintain and use the same provided that said location if made shall be subject to the joint use by other Railroad companies ill such manner and upon such terms As May be determined by tie mayor and aldermen of Portland subject to re vision by the supreme judicial court As provided in Section one Hundred and Twenty chapter fifty one of the revised statutes. Section 2the qualified voters of said City shall be called upon to give in their votes upon the question of any Extension which May be proposed by said Portland & Rochester Railroad or to offi cers. Under the provisions of the preceding Sec Tion. At the meetings la the several warns there of duly warned by the mayor and aldermen to be held on the Day of tie municipal election which shall be held not less than fourteen Days next after said Portland & Rochester Railroad or its officers shall file in writing with the clerk of said City of Portland a full and Complete description of any such intended Extension and a statement of the terms and conditions upon which the same shall be constructed and maintained if granted. Such question shall be determined in the following manner that is to say Eracli voter in favor of such proposed Extension shall express such preference by a bal lot bearing the word yes and each voter opposed thereto by a ballot bearing tie word no All such ballots to be deposited in separate ballot boxes in the manner provided by Law for the sub Mission of a constitutional amendment. And us Vul in my of Ute Piv Ruiu a Ouail us Iliou in spec Tang tie sorting counting declaring and re cording the returns of said votes As is provided by Law at the election of a mayor of said City. And the Board of mayor and aldermen shall within three lays after such meetings meet to Gether and compare the returns of the Ward offi cers and if it appears that a majority of All the votes Given on the question of such proposed Extension Bear the word yes and Are in favor thereof the City clerk shall make a record of the fact and thereupon by Force of such vote and record said Portland & Rochester Railroad shall be authorized to locate construct maintain and use any such Extension upon the terms and conditions set out in the statement filed by said port land & Rochester Railroad or its officers with the clerk of said City of Portland As Hereinbefore provided. Section 3all damages for land taken shall be estimated and paid and All other proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with Ilia provisions of Law. Section 4proceedings under sections one and two of this shall precede the filing of the Loca Tion in the manner now required by Law. Section 6this shall take effect when approved. The City solicitor in answer to questions by the mayor said he considered the City interests fully protected by the Bill. The Only question that came into his mind when he framed it was whether there should be a majority or two tiros vote required from the citizens for its passage. The hoc Bester Road informed him however through or. Putnam that they would fight the Bill if it depended upon a two thirds vote of the Citi Zens. As to the location of the Extension it will have to be filed by the company and incorporated in the warrant of election before the voters on it. Or. Cunningham in order to bring the matter before the Board for amendment or discussion or both moved its adoption and or. Smith seconded the motion. Or. Tukesbury opposed the whole thing. He said he believed the aldermen had duties to perform and one of them was to stand up and be counted when an important matter was placed before them and not throw tue responsibility on some one else. He wanted to be put on record As opposed to this action of the Board. Or. Shaw said that he understood the City solicitor to say that was the Only Bill the to Chester would accept and if so it was the Only one that could be acted upon by the Board. Solicitor Coombs said the Rochester did not think the Board should insist on terms from them such As was not required in other Ilar cases. The Road a snot disposed to object to any clause that would protect the Cit yes interests. Or. Shaw moved to Amend the Bill by substituting a two thirds vote in place of a majority vote of the citizens to make the Bill a Law. Or. Tukesbury seconded the amendment. Or. Smith was surprised at this Amend ment. He had been in favor of the matter being disposed of by the Board in the first Slace but at the informal meeting of the Ioard he understood they were in favor of this plan and later Many of the opponents of the Extension had told him they approved of it also. He had believed better terms could have been obtained by settling the mat Ter in this Board but after these other assurances had been Given him he did not see Why gentlemen should wish to place the Road in this position. Or. Shaw thought that Here was a very valuable property at Issue which it is pro posed to give to the Railroad when the City is very much divided in its opinion As to whether such action is advisable and it is Well known that when such questions Are submitted to the people that manipulation can be used to effect results that Are not advantageous to the City. He therefore thought his amendment would not entail any hard ships on the Road. Or. Smith did not believe any More manipulation would be used there in disposing of the Ogdensburg to the Maine Central. L h.7 6 vow Kwic name View i the Bill As did or. Smith. He thought if or. Shawls amendment prevailed it would kill the Bill and prevent the people from voting on it or. Hobbs believed a majority of citizens should be sufficient to give the Bill a passage. Or. Gatley did not see Why a two thirds vote should be required from the citizens when a majority of the Board would be sufficient to pass the Bill. Or. Shaw said he did not believe in their shifting their responsibilities on to the people. He believed they should stand up and be counted in this matter. The vote on the amendment was called for by yeas and nays and stood As follows yeas Tukesbury Shaw. Nays Gatley Cunningham it Edlon Smith and Hobbs. Or. Cunningham then called for the main question and the Bill had a passage4 yeas and 3 nays. This was the vote yeas messes. Gatley Cunningham. Smith and Hobbs. Nays messes. Tukesbury bed Lon and Shaw. The senators and representatives Frem our City were requested to urge the passage of the Bill. Miscellaneous. The recorder of the municipal courts last report was ordered on file. The petition of the Maine genealogical society for a room in City building was referred. A communication was received from the City solicitor stating that the owner of the buildings on Somerset Street had Given a Bond in #500, that the buildings should be removed and was ordered on file. Or. Cunningham offered an order that the committee on finance inquire into or. E p chases offer of #150,000 for the poor farm and report at the next meeting. Or. Shaw thought the gentleman misunderstood the proposition of or. Chase the Bill just passed virtually takes the matter out of his bands. The order had a passage and the Board adjourned. Personal. Or. Thomas Fillebrown was in Augusta tuesday. The Lewiston and Auburn Gazette has made an engagement with or. Geo. O. Gosse As regular Portland correspondent and news reporter. Marriages. In this City Jan. 22, by Kev. J. M. Lowden Harry l. Mulliken and miss Edith t. Patch both of Portland. In Fryeburg. Jan. 22, by Kev. N. Stone Chas. Lord and miss Mary Marriner both of Frye Burg. In Auburn Jan. 19, Alice h. Noyes and miss Pertle c. Lucas. To Bristol Jan. 8. Edward Gray and miss lean Tea s. Carter. In Dixfield Jan. 19, Willis w. Wait and miss Edith Parlin. In Maclas Jan. 1, Chas. W. Davis of Mach Las and miss Lucy e. Johnson of Macluas port. In North Sedgwick. Dec. 30, John w. You a and miss Lettle 8. Hutchinson both of Bluegill in 8outh Thomaston dec. 26, Geo. W. Bowers of Thomaston and Lena 8. Butler of South Tho Mas ton. Deaths. In this City Jan. 23, miss Angelia Foster. Funeral on Friday Atte Roou at 2.30 Oclock at her late residence no. S Laurel Street. Burial at convenience of the family in this City Jan. 23, Lawrence Kelley aged 18 years 11 Mouths. Funeral on Friday afternoon at 2 Oclock at no. 69 Cumberland Street. In Yarmouth. Jan. 21, Carroll Leone infant son of j. A. Jr., and Lucy 8. C. Bucknam aged 2 Mouths 23 Days. In Eliot Jan. 21, l r. Calvin h. Lup Lill aged 74 years. In Knox Jan. 16, miss Mary f. Wentworth aged 18 years. In Llo Cornville Jan. 16, mrs. Etta l. Wight aged 19 years. In Augusta Jan. 20, Amasa 48 years in Augusta. Jan. 20, mrs. 8arali Branch aged 97 years. In Mach Las Jan. 11, Henry w. Longfellow aged 27 years. In 8t George dec. 16, capt. David Kalloch aged 88 years. In Lewiston Jan. 2, Olivia Wile of Hon. Alonzo Garcelon. And daughter of capt. Arch g. 8pear of Rockland aged 68 years. In Rockland Jan. 1, Edward d. Pierce aged 49 years. The funeral of the late sister Mary Ursula Sheahan will take place this morning at 9.30 o clock. Fromet Elizabeth Convent free Street. 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We now have All colors in on 50c. Plush. 46 Inch All Wool Henri Ettas in colors and Black on regular $1.00 qual Ity. During this 10 Days Clear Ance Sale ?7 so. Per Yard. Ladle misses and childrens of these we Hope to have about 25 garments that we shall close out at less than one half the Cost of material. If you want a garment you shall not go out of my store without it if Price is the Only object. Remember the Blanket Sale advertised for the next 10 Days. Manson g. Larrabee ass co., 346 Middle St. Jan 24 do of the leading photographer 514 Congress St., Portland me. Found in my store on Oxford and Wilmot streets a sum of Money. The owner can re cover it by making application and paying charges. Of a lovell.24-1 for Salk second hand Doub e Sleigh line russian style double Sleigh Little used and in line condition. Fall at factory on Elm 8t. a Bho. 24-1 Bov wanted a Strong Active Bov from 1 to 18 years old. Wanted at ua8kell b jone8,470 Congress St. 24-tf f hot soda i at Schlotterbeck & Foss. Row immense Sale double Width sheetin6s All this week. Great bargains will be offered. We shall begin a Sale of sheeting next week that 11 eclipse All past efforts in this line of goods. 10 Quarter bleached sheeting will be sold at Only 21 cents Yard. Also a Large lot of very Good 9 Quarter unbleached at 20 cents Yard. We shall sell 42 Inch Pillow Case Cotton at Only 10 cents Yard. Read prices of Yard wide Cotton. Extra Quality 36 Inch unbleached cot ton at 7 cents Yard Choice Quality 36 Inch bleached cot ton at 9 cents Yard rest Linen crashes marked Down. 10 Yards All Linen unbleached crash for 65c 10 scotch Linen bleached crash for 39c 10 unbleached crash for 50c table linens bed spreads and blankets will be sold very cheap. Rines Bros. In the window to Day Are thirty or Moie samples from the Corset department put there to show what is new in the line. It Isnit exaggeration to say that a new style of Corset is invented and put on the Market As the Best thing out every Day in the year and sooner or later a specimen pair finds its Way to us. Most of them Are Worth less and not infrequently cheap imitations of some special that has already gained a reputation but sometimes a genuine Novelty comes out is advertised extensively and the Sale forced for a while till a regular demand is established. From All the new ones which Are submit Ted Here we try to select Only those that we Are willing to recommend to Turcu Stomers and there Isnit one in our entire line of a Hundred and Twenty styles that we cannot sell with Confidence of its giving satisfaction. In buying corsets it is Worth something to be served by a practical fitter one who knows exactly what to give you the first time. It is also a matter worthy of consideration to know that corsets like every thing else bought from us can be brought Back and the Money refunded if not perfectly satisfactory. These Are two pretty Good reasons Why you should buy corsets of Owen Moore & go. Black dress goods. We have decided to reduce our Stock of Black dress goods if Low prices will move them. 75 cent Imperial Serge 53 cents. 75 Sebastopol. 53 75 French Cord. 53 $1.00 Fine Cord,.79 � $1.00 46 Inch Wool Henriettas 79 $1.50 silk and Wool Henriettas $1.13 Rines Bros. Jan Dot. Cotton Sale j b cent unbleached Cotton at 6 3-4 cents 10 cent bleached Cotton at 7 3-4 121-2 cent Lonsdale Cambric 10 Ecial prices on All other widths and qualities Ora few Days Only. Also one lot of prints at 5 cents Worth 7 to Day at wholesale. One lot of Gingham at 8 cents Worth 10 and 12. Last lot of Century cloth at 8 cents Worth to Day to. 15 cent tycoon reps at 10 cents. One More lot of table damask napkins and towels greatly under Price. Turner Bros. Jams Dot we Are Selling off shop worn books at Low prices and have some Good bargains at 10c, 16c, 25c, 35c, and upwards. Stevens & Jones 193 Middle St. Jan21 d6m fisheries 1889. For Furse Heines and repairs we have the Tow netting stronger than the larger no lore expensive for a Seine As it takes less ,40,000 pounds having been used la 3 ears satisfactorily Good settings for traps erring and Mackerel nets and an extra Good Vine Tor menhaden nets sardine seines. All the work of our factory in fitting into Roper shape and hanging is under the care of in. Geo. W. Cobb a careful and painstaking Erson. Il0uce8ter net & twine co., Gloucester. Boston office 04 commercial Street. Jaudio co Dow i some of the Best bargains Ever offered. All Linen towels 5 cents 10 cents 12 1-2 cents and an extra bargain at 25 cents. Also just received a Choice line of bleached All Linen table damask from 50 cents to $2.00 per Yard. Napkins to match. Come and examine. E. M. Owen t go., 538 Congress St. J551�_ tt&81i h. H. Ricker & co., Aue agents. Portland policies protected by the pop ular Maine non forfeiture Law issued Only by the old Union Mutual life insurance company off Portland Maine. Board. Both Duhn wanted rooms single or f Torst Elas table Board. Apply at Blanchard House. Free Street. In l j wanted. Yvain cd All persons in want of tranks or a it cal1 k i. A synolds854 f j�2,T. U note Eor. Of Oak As we Manuti som ssi Kooi a a can therefore give you 4 dotto repaired. 14-2 wafyp�1 0 know that the is in Enaif Max turn or rheumatism f Guf Fig. I w sex 7 a cent for three address Cash Tho re state. Wanted to contract with All Farmers with in 100 Tulles of Portland to furnish in kor Cream Dally als to establish Cream routes. And t dress softest City Cream key Portland me.__18-2 c wanted highest Cash prices paid for East off clothing ladles or gents or Exchange Tor turkish rugs. Please Send letter or postal to Do Root 9414 Middle Street. To few . Wanted a situation As a Cook. Apply at 99 Trees 8t. _23-1 wanted a capable girl at 75 Emery Street. Apply in the evening. 22-1 Burin Kim thanks. Raki. Estate bought sold and exchanged auctioneer and appraiser care of proper ties a specially mortgages negotiated estates settled rents and Bills collected first class references correspondence solicited. Charles Letts 28 school Street Boston. Mass. 16-3 Telephone wanted an Active reliable Man with some Means to loin subscriber in the Massachusetts Agency for established first class Short distance Telephone company those meaning business and none others write to Charles Letts 28 school Street Boston mass.16-3 i3131kdiatk walk Stock and business of Long established picture Frame manufacturing House a Dall appurtenances thereof owners Reil ring from business and will sell at great Sacri fice Fine store Trade the Lea a alone is Worth the sum asked for All. Charles let to 28 school Street Boston mass. 16-3 for Sale. The Good Schooner Humboldt 67 63-100 tons Well found and la Good condition for the fishing or coasting business. Address r. J. Iiaiw1 l at St a. 1 Ixos loot and found. Dos found a Large Young dog Well bred and a Pointer owner can have same by prov ing property and paying charges. C. It Moore Windham Centre me._23-1 1 Pound an old remedy revived it is Way s compound syrup of lungwort Tor coughs 1 Ana colds. Price 25 cents per bottle. C. Way a co., Cumberland & Myrtle St 21-1 Loat Jan. 19th, horse Blanket a Square double Woven Blanket. The under will be rewarded by leaving at 63 Market St., port land me. 21-1 Loat if the person that Lound two books in water closet Falmouth hotel will return the same to person named on cover at prob be House be will be rewarded. 19-1 savings Bank Book have been notified in writing As required by revised statutes chapter 47, Section 112, by Elmer e. Ross Portland me., that Bis Deposit Book no. 40,776, is lost and that be de sires a duplicate Book issued to him. Maine savings Bank. _ by Alphieus o. Rogers treasurer. Portland me., Jan. A 1889. for Sale. For of the most desirable build ing lots on Diamond Island a front tier Shore lot three minutes from the Landing. Appl toc. Thornton Libby Union Mutual Belld ing.23-1 for alb two Nice French roof Brick houses near the Park with All the Modem conveniences ten rooms each and Bath room hot air and steam beat hot and cold water up stairs and Down set tubs and Marble bowls All com plete l. O. Bean & co. 40 Exchange St. 23-1 per a a uk3800 pounds of buckwheat for poultry also 1000 pounds of dlr go egg food the greatest egg producer of the Market we guarantee every package. C. Dalton & co., 27 Preble 22-1 for Aavik a pair of Good work horses weight 2600 pounds Ana harnesses make Good horses for the Woods. Inquire 92 com Mercial or 83 York Street. John e. Cady. 22-1 shoe Stork for talk established years cleanest Stock in the 8tale and do ing Good business Best class of Trade in City first class Chance for Good party Stock and fixtures now under $3000 extra Good Trade to Early a towers. Address Box 133, Biddeford me. 17-2 in or Salk furniture 26 room Comer Long a ing House business streets Centre of City always full paying $80 a month above expenses a bargain if sold at once easy terms Call or address m., 2 Whitmore Cor. Kneeland Street bos ton. Ass.15-4 nor salk1 second hand 19 horse Powei f engine and one 14 horse Powei boiler with heated pump Inspiratory and All fittings at a bar gain. Address Biddeford stove foun dry Biddeford. Me. Oc6tf help. Wanted drug clerk of 3 or 4 years exp Tience. Apply with reference to c u. Guppy & co.22-1 wanted Bright Active boy to work in apothecary store High school boy living with his parents preferred. Address f. O. Box 1016, City.19.y wanted men to collect Small pictures to copy and enlarge in Crayon India Ink and water color salary paid and outfit free. Address with references for particulars Eastern copy 1 ing co 21 Malu St. Bangor. Me. 14-tf wanted. A drug clerk one who is competent of Good habits strictly temperate honest and will ing to work a permanent position for the right Man apply to asst Altug age. Length of time in business Etc., Etc. A. A. Howes a co., Belfast Malee janl9dlw Amenta wanted. Amenta wanted Mcd. Women Ana children in every town Village and City in Ibe slate Send 10 cents in Silver for one full package and satisfies to canvass a Tab also county agents. Address Box 22, Welc Billle me. 9-2 wanted agents for Milward s Calyx eyed i self threading Needle preserves tailing sight a help to Good sight perfect Bonanza for canvassers Sample package 1 us. Send for circulars to Headquarters stay Nek it co., provi Dence k. I. Dec31dlm to let to let 1tenement of 0 finished rooms at no. 71 Federal St., All modern improvements a. Sebar Etc. Apply to or. Flatt at the use. 23-tf of Fly be lower tenement no. 19 Spring St. A. In aral class order with Sebago Price la of Ner month i also tenement on Oak Street Deering near Leigh tones Marble Yard. In Good order seven Rijos Price 7.00 per month. Apply to w. H. Waldron 180 Middle Street Portland. 22-1 to let the Beautiful constructed store with a Lovely basement Light and dry nos. 117 a 110 Middle Street Thompson Block suitable for wholesale or retail it will be let or leased to the right parties Low. Enquire of h. E. Thomp son no. 164 Brackett to let a pleasant front room. Enquire at 161 Cumberland St. Still a Good Opportunity for an enterprising Man with Only a Small capital. The International hotel in Complete repair will a moderate rental. Apply to aug. Fuller. Dec 17 12m to rent. The second store and of upper or third Story of the Large new building lust completed at East end of Kennebec dam Augusta me. Each floor has capacity of some is Tami so. It or 240 it. Long by 68 it. Wide. 200 horse Power already established with several Hundred More in Reserve. Building within 60 it. Of rail Road Side track running direct to building one of the Best manufacturing locations in Kennebec county. The whole or any part of the above now ready for occupancy and will be let on reasonable terms. For further particulars inquire of w. Cole agent at the Orrice or 004 Edwards Magatti comply. . To let Large pleasant rooms with or without Board. 06 Park St. 231 j to let a few More desirable rooms furnished or unfurl fled parties in want would do Well to Call at the Sivc i an hotel As they Are letting very Low. 21-1 Chat True w. Bennett 16 Elm Street. Teacher of piano playing. The greatest care Given to developing the i strength and agility of the angers. Pupils care 1 fully carried Forward by an almost imperceptible Grade so that whatever is attempted is properly performed. With All pupils a portion of each lesson is devoted to the study of music As a 1 science and after a while pupils find they have a Good scientific knowledge of music without real izing they have devoted any time to the study of t musical theory. 1 would be pleased to communicate with parents who wish their children taught m this manner having had Over Twenty live years experience i g feel confident of my ability to adapt myself to % their needs. Takh is reasonable. I80 _ dlwteod3w of o a a until Deo. 1#, we will Cut address i or Monogram m steel and stamp la assorted Colon five quires of new York Linen i paper with envelopes for 2.60 regular Price is $5.26. This makes the Best Christmas present i for the Money Ever offered. Samples seut . 1 Esfi assist Etc c Aittia Mem. 0. Bailey k co a auctioneers grocery store fixtures &c., by auction. N thursday Jan. 24th. At 2.30 p. In., we shall sell the stuck at groceries and store litre. Including butter refrigerator ice Chest. Ac., a. In store no. 22 North Street. Janl7td John w. Smith. 0. Bailey i co. Auctioneers. Louie hold furniture by auction. An wednesday Jan. 30th at 10 Zelock a. Pm. We shall sell la culture a. In House no. 40 Imti Street consisting of parlor , Isles mirrors pictures velvet Brussels and tap dry carpets chamber sets Hall rack parlor and oking stoves dining table and chairs crockery and glassware Kitchen furnishings ac., a. Ian24 did f. O. Bailey & co.," last Isodeen and commission Saleroom 18 Exchange Street. B �. to. W. Mai c. J. Farrington Sale of Winter clothing from now u to february 1st, when i take mock i of nil make Tome inducement to clothing Guyera never before offered to he people of Portland. Wens and youths slits broken in ales at $10, $12, $15, $18 and $20, cheap at $15, $18 and $85. Overcoats which rust be sold. Thu ? in tvs Iii Rico Mem in Price which will move them at once. Children Salt and overcoats in be from 3 to 16 years from �20 to so fit cent. From former prices. Ulster. I have a Large line which were purchased late at a great reduction from regular Price and i can sell them consequently at an extremely Low figure. This is the Opportunity to buy clothing. C. J. Farrington Iso Middle Street 1st Usa Exchange Street. Hop toilet to Fly the dainties of All toilet soaps. Thit it what All who ate u aay. Chemically pure Thi us Chi of to two not i Luttio analytical chill Chi in new u 1soap-2k u n d ointment n u r resolvent p pills 25e a borrow Mas. Jan. 3,1883. From 1838 to the present tune 80 years i have been troubled with a skin disease. Have been treated by at least w physicians Many of them having been specialists in skin diseases is has been named by them from Erysipelas to eczema. Luve also used Oit Laura Ayer s Sarsaparilla and numerous other leading remedies none of which have resulted in aay permanent Good As the first cold Day would bring the eruption to the surface of the skin to a very great extent. Four weeks ago i was induced to try the hop Kei Edlea. Without having much Faith in their beneficial fib it i did so but can truly say 1 was most wonder Italy surprised at the result. Mince using them 1 have had none of my former trouble and 1 Moat cheerfully recommend them to any one afflicted with a Kin disease especially the hop ointment and the hop toilet soap. This is Tho first and Only testimony i Ever gave to any remedy and on general Seln Cintea i am bitterly opposed to medicines but this Well deserved and any one can refer to me. Milton Austin. 133 St. Botolph St., Boston mass. The hop remedies co., Tud 101 bk0.li , Boston mass. L. Shaw family druggist at. A t si., per Iliad me. Ded3 to sly having formed a Copartnership with Rames Smith dealer in Loots shoes and rubbers no. 121 Exchange Street should be pleased to have you Call and examine our line of goods before purchasing elsewhere. Ine custom boots and up Palm in u specially. Yours respectfully. Purce Cram. Policies protected by the popular Maine non forfeiture a issued Only by the old in on Mutual life insurance company of Portland Maine
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