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Portland Daily Press (Newspaper) - January 11, 1896, Portland, MaineWoman suffrage annual meeting of the Maine association. Addresses by mrs. Bailey and mrs. Chant. 4.urge audience greeted the famous and eloquent English woman mrs. Bailey again elected president various mat Tel s of business. The annual meeting of the Maine Wom ans suffrage association was held at the Advent Church yesterday afternoon and evening. The president mrs. Hannah j. Bailey of Winthop called tha meeting to or Der. I need thee every hour was Sung. Bev. Jar. Blanchard offered prayer. The records of the last meetings in Portland and Augusta were read by the Secretary miss a f. Donnell of Portland. The corresponding Secretary mrs. Etta h. Osgood stated in her report that she had written 75 letters 105 postal Oards and sent out 75 constitutions. She read a letter from or. Fulton who has made All arrangements to leave Maine and go to Colorado. She says we Are too slow Here and she wants to go where she can vote. The report of the treasurer was read by mrs. Osgood As follows of hand last year $34. 57 collection last meeting 4.78 dues last year 40.50 Hampton auxiliary 6.90 sundries 1.87 total $88.63 Tho re use of Church last year $10.00 Iriano moving 3.00 miss a tests address 10.30 dues to National association 94, 6.30 dues to National association 95, 8.00 Peel age 2.50 printing 4.00 collector 60 sundries .95 51.65 balance on hand $36.93 the next on the programme was the annual address by the president mrs. Hannah j. Bailey mrs l. A Stevens was called to the chair during its delivery. Mrs. Bail eyes address. Mrs. Bailey first referred to the recent history of the movement in Maine and the close contest at the last legislature when the lower Board which represents the people voted for woman suffrage but it was Defeated in Tho Senate which does not represent the people by the selfish votes of four men who Are elected Fly men and who doubtless feared that they could not be elected if women Oouida vote As they certainly would be. Mrs. Bailey de Larod that there Are More Good women than Good men and that there Are More Good women than bad women and that this movement by women to protect their Homes from the rum shops by votes is the most serious danger that the rum shops have. She said that next year she intended to make a Long journey in Palestine and the East and said that a now president must he elected in her place. Mrs. Bailey quoted from Many publications to Snow Tho remarkable Progress of the woman suffrage movement in the Western states and in Australia and eng land. The British women Christian Temperance Union numbering 100,600 women has declared in favor of woman suffrage. Twenty two state Legislatures have taken action on the suffrage ques Tion during the past year. Colorado has decided Iii favor of it and now has women legislators As Well As men. The num Ber of women in the United states now engaged in lucrative employment is 2, 747,157, yet it is still considered no crime representation. Mrs. Bailey declared that it is not True that fallen Aud depraved women will vote the wrong Way. Where it has been tried in England the women of the lowest classes besotted with vice and drink nearly always voted for the Temperance Sauee because they knew they were Vot ing against their own worst enemy. When asked by lady h enry Somerset How she would vote one of the fallen women said i will vote against those med who make devils of us women. Mrs. Bailey declared that it is a crime against civilization and a disgrace to humanity that the Burden of the social evil should fall the heaviest upon worn in. The first slip of a woman makes her a permanent criminal while a Man goes Scott free and is regarded As simply weak or foolish. All the or. Parkhurst of the land cannot suppress the social evils As Long As this great injustice to woman exists. In you Lusion mrs. Bailey said that she was persuaded that the cause of woman suffrage was the most important of All reforms movements and once gained would be More potent in All other reforms than anything else. To mans cause is mans cause always was and always will be. They must Rise and they must fall together. The address was warmly applauded. Mrs. Hamilton reported from the Sec auxiliary. It was a report of Progress. She said it was pretty hard to Flud a woman or a Man in Saco who was not a suffragist. Miss Mary e. Bishop reported for the Portland auxiliary that there had Boer two meetings during the past year. At the May meeting the president or. Her som resigned Ami no one else has been found to take her Plano. The report of the equal suffrage club of Waterville was read mrs. Osgood. It was formed in March 94. They have held ten meetings during the past year. The auxiliary at Hampden Corner which was formed during the past year sent a report which stated that they hav a letter. We Wil guarantee to cure your cough or Pai you Back the Money on a bottle of or. Bail cough and Bung syrup. He Steflja the great cough remedy of today. 25e and 50c. H. H Hay & son. C. H. Guppy & co. Clinton Gilson j. H. Hamel Simmonds & Hammond e. K. Guru Tinei Jana Dot 23 members Ami have a Village improve ment association Shioli is a Branch of the suffrage association Anil through which the suffrage movement is propagated. A committee of live was appointed on motion of or. Blanchard to nominate a list of officers and delegates to the National convention. The committee was As follows Rev. Or. Blanchard mrs. Geo. C. Frye mrs. Martha Fairfield of Saco Rov. Or. Bellows and miss Titcomb of Portland. Mrs. Osgood said that there had been a request for a Delegate to the meeting of the new England association february 12tb, and it was suggested that the nominating committee provide for this Delegate. Short addresses were made by . Hunt mrs. Geo. C. Frye Rev. Or. Bellows and Rev. Or. Prescott of Ken debunk. The evening session. The Little Church was filled in the eve Ning. The exercises opened with prayer by the Rev. Or. Prescott of Kennebunk. The nominating Oomen Pittee reported the following list president mrs. Hannah j. Bailey of Winthrop. Vice president at Large mrs. L. J. Ohrion of Cornish. Vice president or. Jane l. Hersom of Portland. Corresponding Secretary mrs. Etta h. Osgood. Recording Secretary miss s. L. Don Nell. Treasurer mrs. I. H. Nelson of port land. Directors Rev. John a. Bellows mrs. H. H. Saw mrs. F. B. Clark mrs. T. Hamilton of Saco Hon. Frederic Robie mrs. John f. Thompson of port land. Honorary vice presidents Bev. Or. Blanchard mrs. E. Spring Cis Fessenden sex gov. Frederick Robie mrs. A. F. Greely Ellsworth . W. Watson Skowhegan Hon. Andrew Hawks Deering col. . Peakes Dover mrs. Geo. Hunt Hon. T. B. Reed or. F. H. Gerrish Hon. Nelson Dingley of Lewiston mrs. C. A. Quimby of Augusta mrs. Peasley of Auburn Hon. J. W. Symonds of Portland. Delegates to the National convention at Washington miss Elizabeth n. Yates of round Pond mrs. Charlotte Thomas of Portland mrs. Jane h. Spofford miss Martha a. Fairfield of Saco mrs. H. H. Shaw of Portland. Delegate to the new England Conven Tion at Providence february 12thmrs. Geo. Hunt of Portland. The above list was unanimously elect mrs. Etta h. Osgood offered the follow ing Resolution which was adopted r resolved that the Maine to mans suffrage association views with deepest regret the present warlike attitude of the nations and emphasizes its Conzio Tion that t Here is a better Way to Settle disputes Between nations Thad War the Way of arbitration. Resolved that we earnestly solicit the Maine senators Aud representatives in Congress to use their influence to for Ward All legislation looking toward the establishment of an International Board of arbitration. Mrs. Laura Ormiston chant. Mrs. Bailey introduced mrs. Laura Ormiston chant of England who is famous on two continents As an eloquent speaker and effective worker in Tho cause of woman suffrage and other re forms. Mrs. Chant was received with great applause. She is a typical English worn an of medium size and build and in the prime of life. She has the typical eng Lish intonation of speech but a liveliness of manner that is not typically English. She spoke at first with much Earnest Ness of Justice and injustice in general and injustice in particular in connection with the right of suffrage. She spoke with much emphasis of the common place woman who says Ive most All i want Why should i trouble. There is no common place so detestable As that. But some say that the women Are no hotter than men. Arentt they Isnit there one reason Why they ave had to be better Isnit the care of Little helpless children conducive to tenderness there May be bad mothers but most of them Are Good and tender to their Little ones. Tenderness goes with Justice and love and Wisdom and indeed it inspires All those characteristics. She spoke at length of to mans work in England and her own share in it. It was of the greatest interest and showed wonderful Progress in England. In England they now have All the Suff rages except one and that is the parliamentary suffrage. Had the Liberal party remained in Power they would have had that also. But there was a wave of conservatism in England and we returned Lora Salis Bury to Power land All that he stands for and we shall have to pay a very heavy Bil 1 for that. You cant take a step backward with out suffering for it. " a very effective and striking part of mrs. Clients remarkably effective and it ought to he in connection with the advancement of should t be simply the place for the Man to Home Home at Niehr and rest and sleep in and go away again in the morning. It should be the Central place of his life where he Shoul d and the proper conditions and inspiration to think his Best thoughts and take them wit i him out into the world to put into execution his wife should to his natural confidant. To her he should express his thinking and by her should his thoughts be quickened and brightened. How can she help him if she is not equal in education and knowledge and in citizenship and with fellow sympathies and interests. She has been taught that it is proper for women to know nothing of the practical Side of life and not express it if she does nor can she help her husband to think his Best thoughts. The e meeting closed with the Benedic Tion by Rev. Or. Purdy. G a. R. General orders of department commander Green. Department commander Green announces in general orders. No. 8, issued yesterday by adjutant general a. S Awyer that the 39th annual encamp ment will be hold in Bangor february 18th and 19th with Headquarters of department and to mans state Relief corps at the Bangor House and meet Ings of the Encampment at City Hall and Relief corps at k. Of p. Hall. Head quarters of the women s Relief corps will be at the Bangor House and the convention in the y. C. A. Hall. At 7.30 p. M., the 17th Council of administration will meet in room 20, Bangot House and the Encampment will open at 2 p. On the 18th. Tickets sold february 17th, 18th and lt9h, Are Good to february 22d to return. Commander in chief Ivan n. Walker and staff will by present february 18tli. Tournament of clubs. At the to wining tournament at Stan Leys alleys last evening the oxfords ant unions bowled. The oxfords rolled a steady Uphill game and won beating the unions by 38 Pinns. Theodore f. Mcdonald clerk to the now work court of Spoo Ial sessions ten dered Bis resignation to tile Hoard of justices a week ago last night and they accept d it and caused his arrest on a charge of grand larceny in the second de Gree. Marine notes. Movements of vessels in Portland Harbor yesterday. There is a very heavy storm outside and the Harbor is Well dotted with coast ers forced in for a Harbor including the most of the schooners previously reported wind bound at Booth Bay. The British Schooner d. Breaton arrived yesterday with Coal from Nova Scotia. One of the Orew had his face badly Frozen in the Way Down. J. W. Trefethen reported the arrival yesterday of the following schooners of the Portland fishing Fleet. They were out but a single Day contest with 10,000 pounds Roberts and Carr with 7000 pounds Cora e. Smili with 6000 pounds Uncle Joe with 5000 pounds Amy Wick Sou with 4000 pounds Emma Jane with 6000 pounds and Lilia b. Fernald with 4000 pounds. The Augustus Palmer went out again yesterday. She is said to have earned her owners More Money for months past than any other vessel that touches Here. Cap Tain Haskell s last trip to Nova Scotia was remarkably successful. A few Days ago the Schooner Eva and Mildred put into Orris Island from bos ton where the Crew disposed of their Catolfi. Securing $3.75 for Large cod $2.35 for Haddock and $1.35 for Hake. Their entire Stock amounted to $366 for about 3,000 pounds. The members of the Orew shared $15.19 each. It is still unsettled what Steamer will take the place of the Dominion to this port. Her cargo is already being received. The steam slip Laurentian now on her Way will bring 3500 tons of freight to this port the largest cargo received Here this season. A despatch from Vineyard Haven re ports a heavy Northeast storm prevail ing there and the Steamer Manhattan new York for Portland was obliged to put in there the Captain not deeming it advisable to Oross Massachusetts Bay. Yesterday for the first time this season the lower Bay was covered Over with Ioe and has Frozen around the vessels anchored in the Cove at Orris Island. Alpha Turner Curtis a scholar at the Che Beague school met with a painful Accident wednesday. While playing at re Cess with the other scholars he fell strik ing on one of the benches an d outting a deep Gash in the Side of his face beside knocking out several Teeth. Or. Hale was summoned and took a half dozen stitches in the wound. Tho tiny or tt.11 a one Ayres with 440,781 feet of Spruce lumber 11681 feet of Pino 678 feet Ash and 1116 feet of Maple. The Josie of Weymouth n. S., bound for Boston with a cargo of lumber put in Here this evening for a Harbor. As the Schooner was coming through White head passage and As they attempted to Home in stays she struck an unknown Lodge Between the spindle buoy and a piece of the keel about three feet Long and about As wide suddenly floated alongside. The Schooner continued up the Harbor. The Well was sounded and it was found that there was eighteen in odes of water in the hold and that the vessel was making about a foot of water per hour. The vessel is now beached at Leigh tones wharf. Washington gossip. Washington january 10th. There will probably be no meeting of the Senate Al Nance committee us it tues Day the regular meeting Day. Tho re publican members say at that time they expect to report the Tariff Bill just As it oame from the House and they under stand that or. Jones of Nevada will no longer insist of upon imposition of additional 16 per cent on raw sugar. Messes. Allison and Aldr Loh of the committee Are both out of the pity for a few Days. The Board of officers appointed to As certain the condition of the ram Fatah Din for acceptance made a report to Secretary Herbert this afternoon. The Board recommends $4300 be retained from the font Root Price of $930,000, As a penalty for overweight in machinery and about $20, 000, inclusive of this sum be retained by the government to cover the Cost of put Ting the finishing touches to the draft. The Ruperts will be made at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Bath Iron works will receive at Onoe $910,000, minus the sum to be held three months As collateral for any repairs Bioh May be found Neces sary in that time provided Tho work Manship of the contractors is deemed to be at fault. Gen. Craighill chief of engineers to Day Laid before the Senata of Ommittee on coast defences detailed estimates of Money that can be profitably expended by the Bureau of engineers during the present and the next Diosal year at the various coast pities. The sugar Trust trial Washington january 10. The District attorney put Secretary Searles of the sugar crust on the stand today in the Chapman trial but As soon As he asked the first question or. Searles Drew from his docket a written statement which he proceeded to read a follows under the advice of my counsel in re Spect of Why constitutional rights and with All respect to the court i decline to answer this question and All others relating to the transactions of which i have knowledge alleged in the indictment in this Case for the reason that i am my self under indictment in this court for an alleged Misdemeanour growing out of these very transactions and therefore any thing i May testify to those transactions might have a tendency to origin Nate my self if the indictment against me was valid As this court has held it to be. I have been guilty of no offence against either Law or morals in my conduct preceding my being called As a witness before the Senate committee. I am now accused of an offence in refusing to answer certain questions which were As i have thought and still think an invasion of the private rights of All citizens. In this state of things i feel it my duty to stand upon my personal constitutional Protection. The court sustained the witness. Our pianos All other largest Delight and Well Ware Aston Sii known rooms competent makes and critics and to sell greatest expert or rent variety artists at of styles none All kinds in better of the made prices world come and look before you buy or rent. Our prices and terms will suit you. New England piano go., 2oo Tremont St., Boston elder Waldron Story. He tells his Side of the let Ter trial. The testimony has been All taken. Argument. To be made today in the Anonymous Tetter Case that has stirred Buxton society to its foundations. Saco january 10.interest Mitinus unabated in the Buxton letter Uriu today and the court room was crowded Many women oame and brought their dinners and stayed All Day. Cyru. Davis who was on the stand last night when court suspended was exam ined and Porss examined for two hours and a Quarter this morning. The examination was mainly directed by the noun Sel for the defendants to show that the writing of the Anonymous letters received by Rev j. D. Waldron and Are. Willis Crockett were Wrt then by mrs. Mary j. Frost while of unseal for the plaintiff at tempted to show by the same witness by a comparison of handwriting that Rev. J. D. Waldron must have been the author. The next witness was Leroy Mccorrison one of the defendants he said i live in West Buxton and have lived there Twenty years and am Twenty six years old. I married Alice Miston the lady who received the Anonymous setter which mrs. Mary j. Frost acknowledged which she wrote to my wife. I knew that or. Smith was going Down to see mrs. Frost and ask her if she did not write the let x-_i_i7m j1_m_u_ a x .1 to Vul ui1v11u11 us i in iull3. Vex Vuu Ett i signed the agreement marked i so that if mrs. Frost did sign the Confes Sion that she wrote the letters that she might know and feel Safe that i would not prosecute her for writing the Alice Marston letter. I had no ill will against mrs. Frost and did not expect her to sign the confession unless she was the one who wrote the letters. I was not before the of Huron Council. I am in the Grain business. I thought that if mrs. Frost wrote the Anonymous letter and would acknowledge that she wrote it that it would Stop the trouble and talk that there was in the Community. Rev. John d. Waldron was the next witness i am a minister of the gospel and was ordained in 1869. I arrived in West Buxton the last of april 1893. X was Only pastor in w est Buxton. My first talk about hiring Money was with or. Hobson and lie told me to go to or. Crockett and be loaned me one Hundred dollars. It was a note on demand. X told him x could probably pay him in three or four months. I had a talk with him a year after that. I asked him if he wanted the Money and he said no and paid him six dollars in Terest. The next talk was when lie called at my House and he said his son had been sick and he needed the Money. I told him i would get it for him As soon As i could. X had no hard feelings against him be cause to wanted the Money. My salary was 600. I he first of october i paid the whole note. He was the collector of the Soei Tyand he kept Back my salary and i paid him 36 from my own pocket and i received the note. X asked him if Security was what he wanted when he asked me for the note. There was no ill feel ing toward Deacon Crockett because be wanted me to pay the Nota i received several Anonymous letters. The first was on july 37 of the year 1894. I received an Anonymous note after that. X burned the letter the Day i got it. I did not speak to anyone about it until after i received the Anonymous note about preaching from a certain text which was As follows let me die the death of the righteous that my last end May be like his. I said in the pulpit that sunday morning i have been re Quested to preach from a text which 1 have before me and from which i will preach this morning. I do not remember of walking Home with Deacon Crock Ett. I preached at pleasant Hill that afternoon. I do not remember of having any such conversation As Deacon Crocket details t received an Anonymous letter monday after had readied sunday. That is the one which 1 received marked c. The talk when t showed it to or. Hobson was this i asked him what it would mean and he said some one was trying to make trouble Between or. Crockett and myself. He advised me to Burn the letter. The first time i Ever saw the elder Waldron letter marked a was when i got it from the Post office. I never wrote that letter. I Wunt to East Wakefield monday and stayed Utill Fri Day. I had conversation with Charles Hobson. Or. Hebson said Deacon Crockett wants to see you. Mrs. Crook Ett has received an Anonymous letter. I drove up to his Plano of business and said. 1 have heard that your wife has received an Anonymous letter. He said Yea that he had and gave him the letter which i had received. I told him when lie got through with it to destroy it. I did not see mrs. Crocketts latter until i saw it before the Council at West Buxton during its session. I did not write the letter marked a. I asked Deacon Crockett to let me have the letter and he refused to give me Back my Anonymous letter. November 14 came into my Yard and accused me of of writing the letters. I said to him Deacon Crockett what do you mean i never wrote but one Anonymous letter in my life and so help me cod i never wrote these letters. Charges were preferred against me by Deacon Crockett. I did not object to very few voted to have an investigation and the report was sent to the quarterly meet ing and was returned. Then new Char Ges were made and sent in and the Routi Oil was appointed. I got the of All the persons who Lii ,1 Anonymous letters in the Villa last Lew years. I tried to get Mous letters and did get a few. Not get the letters called the 1. Drone and mrs. Crockett letters i first knew or. Smith was going to Sec mrs. Frost the Day before the Council met. 1 did not ask him or anyone to take charge of my defence. I did not in tend to take any action against mrs. Frost for writing Anonymous Lotters. I signed the paper agreeing not to prose cute mrs. Frost so that if she did sign she would feel Safe from prosecution. Or. Smith said to me before he went that lie was convinced that mrs. Frosi wrote the letters. I went up to or. Smiths House after he got Home and he told me that mrs. Frost had signed the confession. I first received the confession the morning following his return. It was sealed. I did not exhibit it to any one. I Laid before the Council the Confes Sion and defendants exhibit a a elder Waldron then went on to explain How to happened to write the Anonymous letter from Ocean Park. I preached there and my Sermon was not reported. Someone else said write to Small Aud Jask him Why it was not reported. I wrote the letter at someone is dictation and folded it up and sealed it and sup posed that he was going to sign it. I never had any malice or ill feeling towards mrs. Frost. My daughter worked for her. I left West Buxton in april 95, and am now Paster of a Church in Vermont a free Baptist Church. Cross examined by judge Savage. Have been in the ministry Twenty nine years. None of the defendants in this Case Are members of the Church. They Are members of the society. That is my Ordinary handwriting in the Gravesville letter. It is not disguised that is i do not Call it so. I re Gard the Gravesville letter to be in my Ordinary handwriting. The characters Are similar than this other letter to brother Small. Brother Small knew my handwriting when he received the letter. I wrote that letter to brother Small under the excitement or the jealousy of the moment because brother Small had not put my name in the paper that 1 had preach of a Sermon. There were several ladies there. I do not know what the cams of the Man was who dictated the letter i wrote to brother Small. I in tended to have the letter signed when i wrote it. Brother Small wrote to and told me if i wrote any More to sign my name. You wrote to him and told him you wrote in a fit of jealousy and that it was a foolish senseless sinful mean and wicked letter. Yes. Warren a. Mccorrison a Joseph f. Sands George k. Sands Frank w. Smith Horatio Bradbury and Charles Davis testified that the reputation of mrs. Alary j. Frost the plaintiff for truth and veracity was bad in the Vil Lage of Buxton also that her reputation a a writer of Anonymous letters was bad Aud that her general reputation in the Village was not Good. Judge Savage called Charles Hudson in rebuttal. He testified that mrs. Frosts reputation for truth and veracity was Good and that her reputation As an Anonymous letter writer was also Good. Mary j. Frost testified that she never took Money from or. Town sends store. H Kib to no r nor. In Rol Gilfol Lio. Cause Leroy Mccorrison had previously testified that Townsen told him that he got rid of her because she took Money. That finished the evidence in the Case. The lawyers will argue at the opening of court in Tho morning supreme judicial court Tho following decisions in oases Pei id ing before the Law court wore sent Down yesterday Cumberland county. James Hockinsmith it Al is. Joseph h. Blake. Prescript by Strout a lease which reserves an annual rental of Twenty seven Hundred dollars and contains a covenant of the Lesee to pay the said rent in equal quarterly payments of six Hun dred and Twenty five dollars each the or Roleous division of the reserved rent does not have the effect to reduce the rent to Twenty five Hundred dollars. Taken As a whole the lease in this Case satisfactorily shows that the rent reserved was Twenty seven Hundred dollars and Liat its erroneous subdivision into quarters was merely a mathematical mistake. Parol evidence is not admissible to control or explain the provisions of the lease. Judgment for plaintiffs. Franklin county. Eliza a. Skolfield is. Eben a Skolfield same is. William s. Robertson. Prescript by Strout the first Caso widower is demanded in Leev parcels of land and it was assigned five parcels Only asap pears from the pleadings and return of the commissioners. The assignment was made upon a writ of seizing and should have been from each is said in the argument that the writ described the real estate from the different deeds by which it was conveyed and that one parcel in fast thus appeared to be several. If this is True it should appear upon the face of the proceedings but it does not soap Pear the assignment therefore is in valid. In Tho second Case the assignment of Dower appears to to regular. In Skolfield is. Skolfield the entry will be exceptions sustained and in Skolfield is. Robertson exceptions Over ruled. Oxford county. Thomas Griffin is. David f. Murdock. Prescript by Strout count specially demurred to in this Case com Bines in one All the Money counts with one for goods sold and delivered work and labor and an to count stated. It is in the form Long in use and usually denominated As omnibus count. It has been sustained by pro time and authority a i York county. William j. Roberts is. Boston & Maine Railroad company. Prescript by Foster plaintiff while in the performance of his duty As brakeman descended from the top of a Box car Over the end next to the tender with face towards the car and tried to pull the coupling pin with his feet on the lower round of the ladder Aud his right hand on the second or third round but the pin would not come out either on account of a Crook in it or the Strain upon it he took hold of it and turning it half Way round pulled it out and Laid it Down upon the dead Wood the engine had begun to Movo toward the siding and was in motion when he pulled the pin. He swung round in a position to go up the ladder and while in a sitting pos Ture was caught and jammed against the car by the tender and Liis hip was dislocated. Held that the evidence was so Prepend rating in Tavor of the defend ant not Only in respect to the soundness of the car but also in respect to the reasonable performance of duty on the part of the defendant in furnishing reasonably Safe and proper appliances that the jury were not justified in ? ? g a verdict for the Plain Tiff. M gained. New trial granted. Knox county. Almeda j. Wadsworth is. Fred p. Marshal. Prescript by Strout Der chapter 17, Section 23, of the revised statutes it is the duty of Parsons engaged in blasting Lime or other Rooks be fore each explosion to give seasonable no i Tice thereof for the Protection of persons within the limits of danger. Failure to give such notice is negligence per be Aud renders the party liable for injuries resulting therefrom whether caused by Fly ing debris or the frightening of horses by the noise of the explosion. But the defendant May show that the unsafe character of the horse driven by the plaintiff or his negligence in Otlien prospects contributed to the injury. Ii lie does this plaintiff cannot recover notwithstanding the negligent of of defendants. Exceptions sustained. C. Walker As is. W. A. Carciu. Prescript by Strout statute exempts from attachment one express Wagon. As vehicle suited and adapted to the transportation of Luggage truck Small paroles of merchandise Light coun try produce and other Light articles and one that May conveniently be used for such purposes. Is within the exemption. Itt \ see the times. Rearing people will want to read it tomorrow because it will Tell about the new buildings erected there / the past year in an illustrated article. It will show some \ of the Best of the new houses in this City of Homes. At St. Louis \ is the title of an article by George Grantham Bain on the \ arrangements of the Republican National convention at St. J Louis. Agnes f. Woolson the popular novelist writes for the times i i of that strange religious sect the Zoa rites and their belief j that Adam was a woman. / other subjects treated relate to cripple Creek and its / in the times Gold fever Alfred Austin the new \ poet laureate and a lodging House j experience of a Portland writer in Jamaica. You should Bead if you want to get a Clear understanding of f the times the latest phases of the european situation \ for the Only Maine sunday paper having the / full telegraphic news service of the United press is the \ \ Hor Lanb a it Hajj Colnes Are you going to a � replenish your Linen closet this coming Spring if so you certainly ought to attend the Mark Down Sale on table linens. Sale going on for the next ten Days. One Case of Fine dark Percale for 8 cts., Worth 12 1-2 cts Yard 451 Congress St. Paul Lett whether a particular vehicle Falls within this Desor Piton is a question of fact for the jury. In this Case the jury saw the vehicle real domed and found it to be an express Wagon within the above definitions. We see no cause for disturbing that finding. Exceptions and motion overruled. Salad Choc county. Nellie f. Hurley is. Inhabitants of Bowdoinham. Prescript by White Louse Cul Vert in question was covered with planks about two feet in length Laid Lengthwise of the Road and the Plain tiffs horse broke through the Plank in the horse path Between the wheel uts. It appeared that this Plank was so de payed that a piece eight or nine inches Long was broken out of the Middle of it by the horses foot leaving the two ends still attached to the stringers but at the time of the injury it was covered with Earth to the depth of to inches the plaintiff failed to prove that the municipal of fliers or Highway surveyors of the town had Twenty four hours actual notice of the defeat which caused the injury. The statement to the select men that there a snot a Safe Culvert on the Road when the Accident happened with out special mention of the Culvert in question was not sufficiently definite and specific. Neither can the state meet to the Highway Surveyor that All the Oul verts were in bad condition and needed repair be deemed actual notice of the identical defeat which was the canuso of 1 h n Nurmi re on f the words actual notice in the Sta tute signify something More than an Opportunity to acquire notice by the exercise of due care and Diligence. Evi Dence that a Highway Surveyor negligently disregarded a Genearl compliant that All the culverts in his District were in a bad condition has no tendency to prove that he had actual notice of a particular defect in Ono of them. The facts and in a Given Case May justify the conclusion that he must have had actual notice unless grossly inattentive to i hut proof of Gross inattention is no j proof of Acutain notice. Exceptions sus lined. Deering. The regular monthly meeting of the Deering City government was held last evening mayor Mitchell in the chair absent Alderman Cobb and Libby. Alderman Berry from the committee on streets reported adversely to the Peti Tion of the Deering grocery company for a Cross walk. C. Howard Winslow was granted a License to keep Pool table at 15 Forest Street. Alderman Davis presented an order changing the Ward room in Ward o from the primary school building to the engine House. Adopted. Alderman Ruel Small introduced and the Board passed an order in Effot giving the City solicitor authority to defend in the Case of a Bill in equity of the City of Portland against l. Frank Jones treasurer and collector of Deering and hold ing said Jones harmless on account of said proceedings in equity. The mat Ter in controversy is the tax assessed on certain lands owned by the City of Portland in Deering. The order creating the onion of superin provisions and groceries almost at Cost Fine Vermont turkeys 14 to 10 cents fancy killed chickens 16 to 18 cents fancy killed fowl 12 to 14 cents Nice roast pork 0 to 10 cents Nice beef roast 8 to 12 cents fore Quarter Lamb 6 to 7 cents lean smoked shoulders 8 to 9 cents sugar cured Ham 10 to 11 cents Salt pork by the strip 6 to 7 c ends Nice corned beef 2, 4 and 6 cents very Fine Vermont tub butter 25 cents 10 Pound tub pure lard Best 75 cents fresh and pickled tripe 8 cents Best Frankfort sausage 10 cents red Alaska Salmon 10 cents 10 bars laundry soap. 25 cents California White Honey 18 cents Box Best Baltimore peaches 12 cents 3 cans trophy tomatoes 25 cents 5 pounds new cooking raisins 25 cents 3 pounds Best California prunes 25 cents Fine cooking molasses. 25 and 35 cents gallon. All other goods As Low As the lowest for same Quality. Goods delivered. Telephone 228-5. Cash grocers. Johnson & Lambert 24 Wilmot Street. 11-1 cow and calf a Grade cow with calf one week old for Sale at Walnut Crest Gorham Maine. Write or. R. Wilson Westbrook or Call at farm near Westbrook. __11-1 for Sale three houses in perfect repair and occupied by permanent ten ants paying $480 per annul located Handy to Union station 33,000 Square feet land 200 feet frontage on electric line a forced Sale at $4500 Choice investment. W. 11. Wal Dron & co., 180 Middle Street. 11-1 l or Sale grocer team consisting of of horse Wagon harness and Pung. Address or Call at 143 Brackett Street. 11-1 to let a furnished room with use of Bath at 47 Myrtle Street upper Bell. 11-1 to let steam Ligated front rooms a suite or singly with use of Bath hot my cold water with or without Board at 2b9 St. John Street directly Opp. Union station Tippet Belli i i foils a in a store a sum of Money which can be obtained by the owner by Call ing at 280 Cumberland Street and paying for tilts advertisement. 11-1 pendent of the fire alarm Telegraph sys tem and defining his Duites wa9 Given a second Reading and Alderman Pierce objected that the penalty for certain offences under the order having been fixed at Foo the order itself was in conflict with the City charter. That Section of the order was then changed on motion of Alderman Davis from 50 to not More than 20, and on motion of Alderman Heuel Small it was passed to been grossed. Alderman Pierce presented and the Board adopted an order making Many changes in the original sewerage assess ments. Mayor Mitchell suggested that when the Board adjourned it should be to Jan uary 25, and it was so ordered. Adjourned. He writes for she Herald. 2 pairs january 10.in connection with the blackmailing of Max Lebauda Young millionaire who died recently while serving time in the army As a con script the police this morning searched the residence of m. Rosenthal who under the non de plume of St. Jacques Saint Cere has charge of the department of foreign politic san the office of Figaro afterwards m Rosenthal was taken be fore judge Meyer at the palais de jus Tice who length ily questioned him. Judge Meyert then conferred with proof eur de la rep Ellque who after wards ordered m. Rosenthal be imprisoned on the charge of attempting extortion

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