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Portales News Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 5 2015, Page 5

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Portales News Tribune (Newspaper) - September 5, 2015, Portales, New Mexico Clovis news journal a Portales news Tribune saturday sept. 5, 2015 a Page 5southwest/national Southwest Roundup missing child found with Mother authorities have found a 4-year-od new Mexico boy who they were looking for after issuing an Amber Alert Days ago. Police say Kingston Rodrigue was found with his Mother. 36-year-old katrina Bryant in Washington state. Bryant was arrested in Kenni Weck Wash. Around noon Friday by the . Marshals service said new Mexico state police spokeswoman Elizabeth Armijo. The boy will be checked out by doctors and then put into the Washington child protective services Armijo said. Salmonella cases investigated Santa few the new Mexico department of health is investigating 15 confirmed cases of Salmonella that appear to be linked to eating Garden variety cucumbers grown in Mexico. Authorities say there san ongoing investigation of 285 confirmed cases nationally from 27 states. The cucumbers were sent to grocery stores and restaurants in new Mexico and other states through a non new Mexico produce distributed. The 15 cases involve seven residents of Bernalillo county two residents of Dona Ana county two residents of Sandoval county and one resident from Mckinley Santa be and Valencia counties plus one Case of an unknown residence at this time. Health officials say the new Mexico cases Range in age from i to 65 years of age and about 60 percent Are female. Erin Brockovich Tours spill damage window Rock Ari. A environmental activist Erin Brockovich will be touring the Navajo nation next week to get a firsthand look at the damage caused by the spill of Wastewater from a Colorado mine. President Russell Begaye said Friday that Brockovich will join him in surveying areas devastated by the Gold King mine spill. The aug. 5 spill from the mine near Silverton Colorado sent toxic sludge into Waterways including the san Juan River that Hows through the reservation. The tribe has been critical of the . Environmental Protection Agency a response. Brockovich says she is Quot deeply concerned Quot by the of pay a actions. She is scheduled to visit tuesday. The environmental advocate w As famously portrayed in the 2chk movie. Quot Erin which earned actress Julia Roberts an acting Mexico vaccination rates reach record High vaccinations reach record High Albuquerque new Mexico health officials say vaccination rates among toddlers reached an All time High last year the state health department Sass new Mexico now ranks 10th in the nation for vaccinations among children Between the Ages of i1 months and 35 months. New Mexico s rate for the vaccine series that covers illnesses such As whooping cough. Tetanus polio measles and mumps was 75.9 percent in 2014. That a up from 65.7 percent in 2013. Health department spokesman Kenny Vigil says the measles outbreak earlier this year helped to raise awareness and the state is interested to see what Cit eel that will have on 2015 rates. New Mexico is one of nine states that Purchase All vaccines for children. Public health offices across the state provide vaccinations for children who Are uninsured or otherwise unable to get vaccinated. Tsa plans firearm travel workshop Albuquerque a the transportation Security administration is scheduled to give a workshop on How passengers can travel with firearms on hights out of Albuquerque. Isa is slated Friday to give examples How passengers can legally travel with guns. The Agency says Tsa has found 7 guns at checkpoints this year at Albuquerque International support. Tsa says officials have found More than 1,600 guns nationwide in 2015 so far. Girl says teacher offered her pot Albuquerque a a driving education instructor in Albuquerque is facing felony charges after allegedly offering a 15-year-old student marijuana during a driving session. The Albuquerque journal reports Erie Robertson the owner of drive tech Drivers education has been charged with child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. According to a criminal complaint the girl told authorities she agreed to smoke with Robertson aug. 16. She said they pulled Over and he started smoking next to her after she said she did no to want to smoke. He then put his lips on hers exhaled smoke into her Mouth and kissed her she said. The girl reported the incident that Day. A a wire reports amid grief Jill Biden said to share a pm a hesitation on 2016 it by Josh Lederman the associated press Washington a vice president Joe Biden a reluctance to enter the presidential race centers on his family. His wife. Jill has never relished political life and is said to share his misgivings about whether the Biden Are emotionally equipped for another Campaign. Those close to the second lady say she wont stand in the Way of her husband s political ambitions but her feelings about a White House bid Are a major Factor in Biden a decision. Only three months after losing their son. Beau to brain cancer the 72-year-old Biden appeared somber and weary at an Atlanta synagogue thursday night As he pondered his family a readiness. Quot the Hon est to god answer is i just done to know Quot he said. While the vice president s deliberations have played out in Semi Public fashion. Jill Biden s have taken place away from the spotlight. She has yet to discuss in detail with her staff her views on a possible presidential run. But she has been looking out for her husband and echoing his concerns a fiut whether he can completely devote himself to a hard fought Campaign according to several people who have spoken to her in recent weeks. Some of these people demanded anonymity because they did no to feel comfortable publicly discussing the family a private deliberations. Soma Sloan a Biden family Friend since the 1970s who volunteered for his past campaigns said she saw the Biden at a Mutual Friend s funeral a few weeks ago and that their grief was Quot just written All Over Quot Beau was always a part of those the Factor is can i do it. Can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment that wed be proud to undertake in Ordinary circumstances a Joe Biden a ice president 55 deliberations and they Are grieving terribly a a Sloan said. A when he a run in the past the family a been a very Active part. This time Given the situation it will be a really Long thoughtful Jill Biden campaigned actively for her husband when he ran in 2008, and then when he joined president Barack Obama a winning ticket. As second lady she has played a visible role promoting education and military families. Said her spokesman. James Gleeson a anyone speculating about or. Biden is Only doing just that a she previously has said her husband would make an excellent president. Gleeson noted adding that Quot she will continue to support him in his career As he has always supported or. Biden in speculation about a late Entrance by Biden has spiked in recent weeks As he has actively explored the possibility of jumping in. Such a move would reshuffle the democratic primary at a time when some in the party Are concerned about Hillary Rodham Clinton a Campaign struggles and Pine for More options. Forty five percent of democrats and democratic leaning independents said they wanted Biden to run in a Gallup poll last month. Biden has been speaking with donors longtime supporters and potential endorsers As aides and friends tally How much Money they might fat a Able to raise for a Campaign and How quickly. He and his advisers have told potential supporters that if he were to run. He would not attack Clinton despite persistent questions about her use of a private email account and server while Secretary of slate. Quot he has to make a really difficult decision Quot Clinton said in an interview with Nhuc news on Friday. A you can see him struggling with it and i just wish the Best for him and his family. If he gets into this race there will be plenty of time to get into the debate and the Back and Biden in his most extensive Public remarks on his deliberations said thursday it would come Down to his family a emotional Outlook a not on practical considerations like the other candidates standing and building a viable Campaign organization. Quot the Factor is can i do it. Can my family undertake what is an arduous commitment that wed be proud to undertake in Ordinary circumstances a Biden said. Weighing heavily is Beau s wish conveyed before his death for his father to run. Another son. Hunter has been among those reaching out to potential supporters. And sister Valerie Biden Owens who led previous campaigns has been intimately involved with the discussions aides said. Find what you be i a it King Tor in a snap sin it a today Haw ii tied for you Melter a Rex a. It Portal news Tribune new Day crossword is Longfellow one letter stands for another. In this Sample. A is used for the three los. X for the two of a Etc. Single letters apostrophes the length and formation of the words Are a. Hints. Each Day the code letters Are different. 9-4 crypt quote or in r o y m of s try yrs z m t of e b y y h a Max arc d r v k la a k r x i m b x Mai a y m of Quot c h v y. A whup Rcck m t s w s yesterday s i have an everyday religion that works for me. Love yourself first and everything else Falls into line. A Lucille Ball till Ujj 11 e i i \ a f in 1774. The first Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia in 1793, the reign of terror began during the French revolution As the National convention instituted harsh measures to repress counter revolutionary activities. In 1836, Sam Houston was elected president of the Republic of Texas. In 1914, the first Battle of the Marne resulting in a French Antish Victory Over Germany began during world War i. In 1939, four Days after War had broken out in Europe. President Franklin d. Roosevelt issued a proclamation declaring . Neutrality in the conflict. In 1957, the novel Quot on the Road Quot by Jack Kerouac was first published by Viking press. In 1961, president John f. Kennedy signed legislation making aircraft hijackings a Federal crime in 1972, the palestinian group Black september attacked the israeli olympic delegation at the Munich games 11 israelis five guerrillas and a police officer were killed in the resulting siege in 1975, president Gerald r. Ford escaped an attempt on his life by Lynette Quot squeaky Quot Fromme a disciple of Charles Manson in Sacramento California. In 1984, the space shuttle discovery ended its inaugural flight As it landed at Edwards air Force base in California. In 1995, France ended its three year moratorium on nuclear tests setting off an underground blast on a South Pacific atoll. In 1997, breaking the Royal reticence Over the death of Princess Diana Britain s Queen Elizabeth ii delivered a televised address in which she called her former daughter in Law Quot a remarkable Mother Teresa died in Calcutta India at age 87. Today s birthdays comedian actor Bob Newhart is 86. Actress Singer Carol Lawrence is 83. Actor director Dennis Dugan is 69. Quot Cathy cartoonist Cathy Guisewite Gyza Wyt is 65. Actor Michael Keaton is 64 actress Kristian Alfonso is 52. Rhythm and blues Singer Terry Ellis is 52, Rock musician Brad Wilk is 47. Actress Rose Mcgowan is 42. Actress Carice Van Houten is 39. Actor Andrew Ducote is 29. Actress Kat Graham is 29. Actor Skandari Keynes is 24. Thought for today Quot of moderation is a fault then indifference is a a Jack Kerouac american novelist 1922-1969across 1 four time reality Host emmy Winner 7 recently 13 commercial Center of Venice 14 Pupil protector 15 Start of a quote 17 Quot of you ask me Quot for Short 18 supplication 19 aerobics accessory 21 Back Muscles 23 part 2 of quote 27 cd holders 29 test track Section 30 Young Boxer 31 Blithe spirit event 33 Eleanor s successor 34 frat letter 35 part 3 of quote 38 i uniforms 41 exalt 42 like Midnight Cowboy 46 Snarky sound 47 Here in Armen titres 48 slowly crumble 49 source of quote 54 meantime mop 55 unctuous 56 Eleanor s Mother in Law 58 Shaw s Alma mater 59 end of quote 64 what wins an auction 65 87 for regular �9 66 business school course 67 seasonal resident often Down 1 Mandill for one 2 possible cheesecake ingredient 3 Bagel flavor 4 anomaly 5 absolute rival 6 moderates with a Down Quot 7 Bard s preposition 8 forwarded email header 9 ending like Ling 10 Best of the guests 11 typical civil War photo 12 squeak by 15 alternatives to nikes 16 quister 20 Butterfly formerly 22 Harmony for Short 24 be Tough on the nose 25 elizabethan Earl 26 give one s word 28 Rehnquist successor As associate Justice 32 portray 33 no longer edible 36 conservationist on California s Quarter 37 course averages 38 Birthplace of six presidents faking it by s n edited by Stanley Newman wow Stan words com 39 digress 40 onion Cousin 43 tugboat rope 44 Sag president before Patty Duke 45 clean up. As code 50 attendant of Artemis 51 Basic Cable Channel 52 estate Home 53 Juan Peron in the Evita film 57 Ltd. Directive 60 karate Belt 61 thus to Tacitus 62 extra Point precedes 63 word after hard or High creators Syndicate Zois Stanley Newman St Coa 9/4/15 concept is sudoku by a egret answer to previous Puzzle 3 i 4 6 4 5 6 7 i 9 i 3 5 6 2 3 in in 7 8 9 5 i 4 7 8i. 4 2 difficult Yle Elk a a a see 6 5 3 8 9 2 7 i 4 2 4 9 6 i 7 5 3 8 ? i 7 8 4 3 5 6 2 9? 7 i 5 9 6 4 3 8 2j 3 8 4 7 2 i 9 5 6 9 2 6 5 8 3 i 4 7 a 8 3 7 i 4 9 2 6 5 5 6 i 2 7 8 4 o 3 4 9 2 3 5 6 8 i

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