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Portales News Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 29 2015, Page 4

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Portales News Tribune (Newspaper) - August 29, 2015, Portales, New Mexico Page 4 a saturday aug. 29, 2015 Clovis news journal a Portales news Tribune Southwest National new Mexico Sites National Roundup make National list of historic places the associated press Albuquerque a a 1,200-year-old native american ceremonial site in Northern new Mexico and the Post office that served scientists following the Manhattan project Are among the latest locations to make the National Register of historic places. Of the More than three dozen Sites added to the list in August six Are in new Mexico. It s rare for new Mexico to be recognized w Ith that Many in one month but it is not uncommon for one state to have a High number of listings in a month said Steven Moffson with the state historic preservation division. The listings illustrate new Mexico a diversity and highlight its history in transportation education religion and architecture. Moffson said. He pointed to the Large Pueblo settlement near Pojoaque Pueblo that dates Between 850 and 1150. A it is one of the Early Pueblos where native americans began to live together in architecturally sophisticated buildings a he said. Pojoaque Pueblo residents Are direct descendants of those who lived at k guv Emuge More than i xxx years ago. The settlement w As made up of a collection of buildings of staked poles covered in Adobe buildings made of Sandstone slabs and Stone structures mortared with Adobe. The settlement was also Home to one of the regions earliest kivas where Pueblo an ancestors would gather for religious and ceremonial purposes. Archaeology at the site has revealed unusual ceremonial animal burials indicating the Sites importance As a religious Center. The los Alamos Post office is not much different from when it was built in 1946 As part of a multimillion Dollar civic Complex funded by the atomic Energy commission to replace wartime housing used by people working on the top secret bomb making project. Today in history in 1533, the last incan King of Peru Atahualpa a tue Wahly puh was executed on orders of Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro. In 1814, during the War of 1812, Alexandria Virginia formally surrendered to British military forces which occupied the City until september 3. In 1864, the democratic National convention which nominated maj. Gen. George b. Mcclellan for president opened in Chicago. In 1915, Academy award winning actress Ingrid Bergman was born in Stockholm Sweden. Bergman died in London on this Date in 1982 at age 67. In 1935, the film top hat Quot starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers premiered at radio City music Hall in new York. In 1944,15,000 american troops of the 28th infantry division marched Down the champs Elysee Shams a Lee Zayn in Paris As the French capital continued to celebrate its liberation from the nazis. In 1958, pop superstar Michael Jackson was born in Gary Indiana. In 1964, Roy Orbison s single Quot of pretty woman was released on the Monument Label. In 1965, gemini 5, carrying astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles a Pete Quot Conrad splashed Down in the Atlantic after 8 Days in space. In 1975, Irish statesman Eamon de Valera a Muhn Zehv us Lehr us died near Dublin at age 92. In 1987, Academy award winning actor Lee Marvin died in Tucson Arizona at age 63. Today s birthdays actress Betty Lynn to Quot the Andy Griffith show Quot is 89. Actor Elliott Gould is 77. Actress Deborah Van Valkenburgh is 63 dancer choreographer Mark Morris is 59. Actress Rebecca Demornay is 56.actress Carla Gugino is 44. Rock musician Kyle Cook Matchbox Twenty is 40. Actor John Hensley is 38. Rock musician David Desrosiers simple plan is 35. Actress Jennifer Landon is 32. Actor Jeffrey Licon is 30. Actress Singer Lea Michele is 29. Actress Nicole Gale Anderson is 25. Rock Singer Liam Payne one direction is 22. Thought for today Quot be yourself. The world worships the a Ingrid Bergman 1915-1982. Eugenia last change is imminent but that s no excuse for you to lose your Cool. Consider All the consequences and take matters one step at a time of you Burn your professional Bridges you will have trouble starting Over. A romantic relationship will go through some unsettling periods but will emerge from them stronger. Virgo aug 23-sept. 22 dispense with customary pastimes and try something out of the Ordinary ask your friends to join you. Don t take unnecessary risks with your health and avoid a lengthy setback. Libra sept. 23-oct. 23 of you allow others to discuss their interests you will learn Many surprisingly remarkable things. Your creative juices will Lead to a new beginning. Scorpio oct. 24-nov. 22 Don t be afraid of a Challenge. Staying on familiar ground will not motivate you. Invite suggestions and be courageous enough to try out something unusual in order to find a new passion. Sagittarius nov. 23-dec. 21 it s possible to be too trusting. Keep your personal information a secret and be cautious with your possessions and Cash. Focus on what you Are doing. Overindulgence should be off limits for you. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan 19 you la feel lethargic and Down if you Don t push yourself a Day trip will give you the boost you need to get Back on track. Avoid investing in a questionable Enterprise. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb 19 stand up for yourself of someone has been spreading rumours about you set matters straight people May give credence to the negative comments if you decide to sit Back and say nothing. Pisces feb. 20-March 20 use your Energy wisely. A new adventure will entice you but be smart and take some precautions before you make your move you Are Best off leading the Way not following others. Aries March 21 april 19 your reputation is on an upswing and improvements to your financial situation Are looking Good. Pass your Good Fortune along to people who have contributed to your Success. Taurus april 20-May 20 Don t let a Lack of Confidence prevent you from declaring your True feelings. Express your Heartfelt fondness for someone and share your intentions and future plans. Gemini May 21 june 20 you have a lot to contend with but haste will not make matters better. Don t Overlook important facts or details. Do things right the first time and avoid having to Start Over. Cancer june 21-july 22 your lifestyle May be hectic but Don t forget the people you care about most. Friends and relatives will be happily surprised if you make a Point to stay in touch. Leo july 23-aug. 22 Don t be shy about showing off your skillful Ness and dependability of you keep up the hard work rewards and opportunities will come your Way a responsible attitude will take you far. Trump to offer plan to overhaul us tax code Washington a Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is promising to offer a plan within a month to overhaul the tax system calling himself Quot King of the tax he a been hinting at such a plan recently saying that wealthy americans should pay More. In a phone in interview Friday on Man Bce so morning Joe show Trump says a i know the hedge fund Guys. These Guys done to really build anything. They shuffle papers Back and Trump says hell unveil a plan to simplify the tax code and eliminate some deductions asserting Quot nobody knows the tax code better than i Trump says hedge fund managers Are big supporters of Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton and cop rival Jeb Bush and adds Quot i will have a new Day crossword lottery winners told to wait for payment Springfield. Iii. A big time Illinois lottery winners Arentt getting the largesse. They re getting left out. Without a state budget agreement two months into the new fiscal year there a no authority for the state comptroller to Cut checks Over $25,000. That Means smaller winnings can be paid out but not the larger lottery wins. Susan Rick who lives in Oglesby Illinois planned Home fix and a visit to her daughter after her Boyfriend won $250,000 last month. But they were told to wait. Rick tells the Chicago Tribune that if the situation were reversed the state would a come take it and they done to care whether we have a roof Over our slain reporters dad finds voice on gun control Collinsville a. A Andy Parker a resolve to spread a message about gun control formed in the hours after he Learned his journalist daughter had been shot on live television. He made an impassioned pitch Friday for tighter gun Laws after giving several news interviews during the week. Parker acknowledged that winning restrictions on guns has proved difficult in the u.s., even after other High profile tragedies. He says he a not against gun ownership but wants stricter background checks to keep guns away from unstable people. Gov. Terry Mcauliffe has promised to work with Parker. A wire reports double dash by s n edited by Stanley Newman across 62 Quot night before 10 first film directed 36 storage units 1 tree surgeon s Christmas Quot by Streisand 38 Kin of culottes concerns preposition 11 onetime 39 generosity 6 Short Tnp 63 old school White hat 40 essence of mers 9 com product photo Shade wearers 43 proposal Fig. 14 vast Quantity 64 comeback 12 practical purpose 45 pugnacious 15 hitherto 65 drop off 13 bit of frisking 46 word often 16 smart set 66 county 21 altered atom following a 17 thanks thanks Borden no 22 practical purpose Tempo connector London 23 designation 48 one year 18 steamed state bestowed by Security 19 earliest stages Down states 49 drifted off 20 Simpsons i slow Ball 24 badly missed 51 unobstructed convenience 2 11 Down s hoops shot 52 decorated one store assignment 25 travel guide 53 in keeping with 23 Reindeer Cousin 3 fulfilled listing 54 King of 26 alternative to 4 world Leader 27 City on the diamonds snaps re elected in Rhine depiction 30 merchant of 2011 28 noted mount or 55 culpability rhyme 5 blizzard Mon Gasque so to speak 31 vast quantities by product 29 sphere with a 58 big client of 33 bladed 6 Short verse sceptre Boeing implement 7 Arbanan 31 round of four 59 dime making 34 fire marshal s 8 Browning thing 32 abridge perhaps stamp determination 9 quadruple 35 one of Agatha s 60 Quot just the Way 35 Knight at the Decker treats sleuths you Are Quot soloist fee of you know and never out of movies 36 fluent 37 ifs �2, behind Barnes amp Noble 40 come by honestly 41 casual shirt 42 farming major 44 non mainstream for Short 45 t traditional battlers 46 Large weight lifters 47 Donegal a Region 49 talking canine of comics 50 venerable Taffy Brand 53 the a Vinci code setting 56 snack to dispense with 57 certain House holders 61 ennoble i 2 3 4 8 i 8 7 8 10 ii 12 13 14 i 17 i ,8 40 21 26 30 a 31 32 50 34 a 35 a 34 la 38 39 i 40 sib41 i 42 44 i 45 a 47 my 88 88 in 57 61 i to 88 64 i of 88 answer to previous Puzzle a a a a a Anan noon mob a no noon ans a a a a a no Ann non . M i t o of t a a s in i Pec creators Syndicate �2015 Stanley Newman stanxword60aol.com 8/28/15 3 6 8 2 7 5 1 9 4 4 5 7 1 6 9 3 8 2 2 1 9 8 4 3 5 6 7 8 7 6 5 1 2 9 4 3 9 4 5 3 8 7 6 2 1 1 2 3 4 9 6 8 7 5 7 3 2 6 5 8 4 1 9 5 8 1 9 2 4 7 3 6 6 9 4 7 3 1 2 5 8 difficult Lei is Longfellow one letter stands for another. In this Sample a is used for the three los x for the two of a Etc. Single letters apostrophes the length and formation of the words Are All hints. Each Day the code letters Are different. 8-28 crypt quote n w it a b c s by w x b c c la a Zua go big eur Ahn Hys h p b j c it e m h j j my Toucha Autmy Xhu Jewby cd Ahn Hys Wes Cobeo. A l t a c free hot yesterdays crypt quote the very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building Block in the person we Are today. 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