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Port Arthur News Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1935, Page 4

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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - October 21, 1935, Port Arthur, Texas Page fourth port Arthur news editorial Page the editorial mind a your Liberty depends on the Freedom of the press and that cannot be limited without being a Thomas Jefferson. New York heartbeat face about town the 4 Ink spots of the famous door grouped around a Blind accordionist on 50th, whose showmanship features such ditties As Quot smoke gets in your Tunney window shopping in front of a Glove shop. Lincoln schuster the Book publisher hatless and Topcoat less. Inkling South on Central Park West near 8lst in the wee hours. Sheila Barrett who vows she never Bills herself Quot Public mimic no. In it s the tag of a ditty absorbed in a pet shop Over the antics of a Parrot which she is. Carmela Ponselle the opera Tress. Slipping coins into cups for Blind i musicians at 45th and Broadway thursday at half after noon Joan tone exits from the Waldorf on Park Avenue an enterprising wire haired terrier brushes against j Joan a shapely legs causing her to drop her purse startled and re the port Arthur news published every evening and sunday morning Orner foul Thano Waco both Quot saws publishing co., port Arthur mail subscription rates in Advance per month. $1 of. Guy subscription rates in Advance. One year is 40 six months $4.0, three months. $1 to one month. To Cen s. Entered at the Post office port Arthur Texas As second class mail Matte under the act of Congress on 3, Sig phones Pix system. Call la 4�?~i or 43 tor any department from s a. In. To o d in. After 5 p. Rn., circulation <1, 42 or 43. Editorial departments 43, from 7 30 a. In. To 8 a in. And from 5 o in. Saturday to 3 a in. Sundae full least associated press wire full teased United press wire newspaper Enterprise association associated press feature service Chicago Tribune Syndicate King feature service Mcclure Syndicate other valuable features thought for today All nations before him Are As nothing and they Are counted to him less than nothing and 40 17. The most violent passions have their intermissions vanity alone gives us . Believe it or not w. A �?�3-,v it Quot a Vav. V. Office by Ripley a a wings replace sails the Man who is Mournful because the age of exploration and High adventure is Over ought to go into the Pacific somewhere and watch those giant flying boats with which the pan american people Are preparing to set up a regular passenger carrying Ocean air service. Those huge air planes May be the last word in 20th Century up to lateness but they Are doing the same sort of things that the creaking wooden ships of Captain Cook did charting new Trade routes Ann bringing to the world s greatest Ocean something new in the Way of transportation. If there was Romance and adventure to the trips of Captain Cook the same is True of these air planes. They Are the products of an age which is almost infinitely More treat Back into the hotel foyer sophisticated and scientific than was the age of the great navigator breathlessly. A cabbie laughs to be sure. The world in which they operate simply is not the same and Manhattan goes on about its world As that which the old time explorers knew. Its map contains few Blank spaces its distances Are insignificant compared with the old distances and its South sea islands boast Chambers of Commerce modern hotels and guides for tourists. But what is being done now is the sort of thing that the cred timers could understand and enjoy. It is exploration in its truest sense a plunging Forward bodily into something new and untried with Success or failure life or death resting in the last analysis on the bravery and Cool competence of the navigator and commander and it is hardly going too far to say that its ultimate effects May be Quito As revolutionary As were the ultimate effects of those old time explorations. The voyages of the wooden ships of a Century and a half ago put the islands and kingdoms of the far East into touch with restless acquisitive Europe Ana started a ferment working in human affairs that has not yet ended. Spanning the Pacific with a modern airline will do the same sort of thing in a different Way. It will reduce the distance from Asia to America to something like a sixth of its present extent. China and All the Orient will be us close to new York As Boston was in colonial Days. The Bonds that tie Distant nation and races into a Community of Mutual inter depend ence will be drawn measurably tighter it is easy to make the mistake of thinking that we live in a world big town Heartbreak a Little in which All the great deeds of exploration and adventure Are finished girl of eight died about a year ago these great air planes soaring Over the limitless wastes of the Pacifica few weeks ago her parents Are enough to prove that that in t so. There is As much romantic achievement in the world now As there Ever was if we just know How to recognize it. The Royal Palace of King Bim of the kingdom of Zoar of 10 the zcarites-225 German separatists from ?nem6erg-camet0 0hi0 and created a Little kingdom within the u s a. No Koney or property was owned individually and All necessities of life were produced within its boundaries business Street scene de luxe Marie Blake of 42 East 59th Street. Manhattan. Was an Eye witness. She demands orchids for the Man in the incident. He was crossing Park Avenue at 49th a week ago today at 5 30 p. Rn., when a woman Motorist trying to race the lights hit him and spun him around without knocking him Down she stopped her car at the next Corner for the Cerise lamp. He ran towards her car. Opened the door dragged her out and while he sat on the machine s running boards he administered a sound spanking to her. He then tipped his hat and walked on mrs. Those who seek work went to the grave for the unveil ing of the Stone. They took a snapshot of it when the negatives and prints were returned the grieving Mother and daddy were Given another fierce aches because the picture they took revealed their Effii moderate work never Hurt anyone and if the people of this own laughing and Happy cd. Country had indulged in this Good healthy Means of livelihood Rushing with outstretched arms to or years we should not have Many millions of our people on the unemployment Relief so declares mrs. Edward b. Hung. Chairman of the d. A. committee on National defense through patriotic education in a speech before a new York state conference of the assembled revolt Jamnie Dunmeyer of Pittsburg can Tell every member of the i pirates j baseball club s by looking Only their eyes on explanation of Satu Dav 5� uak Al Ourn been spending one Day a week in the tree have worn Monkey Man of Portsmouth any Sun deep footholds Between the branches. Mathews Day a passerby May see Harry Mathew who is pm Only reason for this bizarre practice is that he employed on the farm of a. Sherman in port Troutn Joys watching the automobiles go by. R. I., spending his Day off perched in a tree near the farm on East main Road. The Manx years he has took Kun the president maker. I ftdre5t Hills by. Lost her wedding ring inst Louis,mo.,in 1910 and recovered it again 23 years later a 19ij. King Forthun so of Wjk in. Tau arc Brt taxer Hobo no Ltd the National w la i r i i m i a a a a a Washington by Ray Tucker new York by James Mcmullin Ward them through the Headstone. Hours later after they got Back their respective reason they realized what had happened and Why their child a likeness was superimposed on the Stone it seems that the picture of the child a snapped with the camera had been taken a few weeks before she became remembered to wind the film and it had t been used in recently a he grave thus producing the fantastic double exposure. They Are Saxon Sisters Kin tactics rumblings Over communism a new labor party and Craft unionism at the recent a. F. Of l. A mention sound More threatening than the con inside Monsiv with the Complete and ireful.#. Truth of this remark it is hard i a a Quot these imply Mark skillful to quarrel it is like saying that if a sick mar. Had univ been Able i for portion Between Orem. To avoid getting sick he would be perfectly healthy but it does t soc pro cd no to Advance our understanding of our economic difficulties very much 0 be to the vast majority of the millions on Relief would like nothing better ban a Chanco to find a a a Good healthy Means of to speak As if All it or troubles arose because people just wilfully refused to work is to talk Complete nonsense. Social smelled cities it actually happened right before Many of cur eyes in one of the swankier night clubs the other half past 12. There was a great to do about getting an even a attired couple s photo. Outside the Law come of the Queerest situations in the history of the criminal courts a have been recorded As a result of Uncle Sam s Campaign against men what fail to pay their income taxes. The Way in which such men As Al Capone who were never touched for their various flagrant Law violations were finally imprisoned be they prepared themselves primed cause they did not pay faxes on their illegal earnings is still a matter and ice their breath a Little and ? recent memory and now the trial of Abe Shushan former Huey then gave the management the gig Long aide in new Orleans has added another Gem. Nal to go ahead Pho Shushan was accused of evading income taxes. His defense hinged tog measured them and Flash on the Contention that he obtained his Money wrongfully hence had went the b lib and their picture no Legal title to it a. I so was not responsible for income taxes on it had been too Ken. We got the some Day historians arc going to find these things very very hard ears of the photog and the Man to understand. Gement. Quot who Are the we whispered. Quot dam Fino a was the retort. Or. Lewis holds the key to the situation behind the scenes. He opposed formal denunciation or communists sympathized quietly with radicals de new keen new York observers spot As significant the emergence of John l. Lewis As the dominant Leader of the american federation of labor. They feel that Lewis has built himself up skilfully and patiently never challenging Bill Green directly but making himself a Magnet to attract elements discontented with greens Quot antiquated policies Ann tendency to temp Orize rather than act. Now be has Given the old line leaders convincing evidence of his strength and insider s Sec it Only a question of time before he seizes the scepter openly. For Mand for an Independent political party and hoi years a minority has criticized Matthew Woll s today a radio program Broadway love a a Story he showered her with i ses and Kies and Kie so she married him. They were Haj it by for a while. But gradually his Kie a she thought were just Kie they soon became very Dull kids est and she grew to hate kiss -. Then one night to came Home and kicked her like this that a. Enough. She went to Reno. Divorce but later he fell in love again and it clicked because All he had to offer in his love and i oreo memos of a midnights Here s an idea that Mig make somebody a million smacker hut if used it must be split with Leslie Delmege of Greenwich Village. Why has t some manufacturer thought of turning out miniature major Rowes gongs for the kiddies. A swell Novelty too to take with you to shows pictures and night clubs with which to offer a form of criticism. Especially Fine for the stink or s. Frank Parker wins today s prize of Eppius with his description of an idea thief to wit Quot he s a Bloke with a great take Nique Quot. Some years ago a great sculptor was paid $25,-009 to do one of the civic advancement statues in Central Park. A then came the lamented 29 de 1 bade and the artist went on a he skids along with too Many others j last week he was offered a Relief jobs and his first assignment was to Wash the statue for which he had been paid $25,000 to Sculp it a fact that the Doorman at the Stork club pays $600 a year for the Job. City controlled hospitals must not use sirens anymore because of the anti noise thing. But private ambulances can what kind of arithmetic is those. Best simile of the week Neal o Haras while describing a football game on the Ait a a pair of holy Cross players went through the Harvard line like the Roo Evelt boys go through a Railroad Gat i1 monday october 21 Central and Eastern Standard time note All programs to key and Basic chains or groups thereof unless specify lit to coast c to cd designation includes All available stations. Programs object to change without previous notice in Advance. P. M. Cent. East. Wile arc mid Neu Wear network Basic a East Wear wow wet Tju. 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Tim Healy Stamps 6.30�? 7 30�?lum and Abner cast 6 45�? 7 45�?dangerous Paradise snit 7 00�? 8 00�?fibber Mcgee and Molly 7.30�? 8 30�?paris musical evening 8,00�? 9 00�?.weekly minstrels show 8 30�? 9 30�? three act radio drama 9 00�?1000�?ray Knight Ltd cuckoos 10 00�?11 00�?news Dorothy Lamour 10 15�?11 15�? Ink spots negro quartet 10 30�?1 1 30�?ray Noble a orchestra 11 0o�?12 0�f�?shandor and fris violin 11 08�?12 08�? Romanelli Orch a. 11 30�?12 3q�?Al Lyons and orchestra lured his Jovian head off for Industrial versus Cratt organization. Or. Green lined up against him on 8ll three issues. But the real controversy is More deep rooted. Or. Lewis recently suffered some losses from the activities of the Craft unionists. John Frey of the Metal trades Union invaded Coal mines in Colorado and organized some of Lewis cohorts into Craft unions. Any spread of this movement would deprive the mine chieftain of Power. So he sought to strengthen himself by an Alliance with radicals in the Needle clothing and garment workers groups who want a separate party and a tie up with communists. Underneath he is almost conservative As or. Green. He simply wants to save his organization against inroads by the craters. Battle although Defeated on the floor or. Lewis demonstrated a strength which worries the Green Woll faction it May hot be Long before he will win out in the historic struggle to organize american labor on Broad lines. The vote against his proposal for Industrial unions was Only h to 7 in committee. What or. Lewis faces is the serried Anc Ana satisfied ranks of organized labors Jobholder. Min printing Trade for instance has eleven different types of workers each organized into a Dit Terent Union. That Means eleven sets of offices officials organizers Etc under the Lewis system the Chi would be Only one Headquarters and one group or paid officials. Naturally those now on the payroll oppose this Stab at Industrial bureaucracy. The March of events seem to favor Lewis. As Industry becomes More and More special Lea through inventions and the new deals reclassification the financial Cost of maintaining Cran unions May become unbearable but the most significant feature is that in order to win this Battle the Lewis faction May ally themselves even More closely with the anti Green radicals. Beneath the superficial clash is a More Basic struggle Between two personalities Lewis and Green anti two antagonistic factions. It s just like politics. Denied several Hundred corporations have asked the securities Exchange commission to keep confidential their reports on the salaries which they pay to management officials. In most instances they offer the formal reason that publication might Burt the feelings of stockholders and employees but in private conferences with hic officials they furnish another excuse. They explain that they anticipate real recovery within the next year and therefore fierce Competition Between great corporations As has occurred in the steel Industry a for Able executives. They fear that publication of their salary setup would tip off competitors that worthwhile captains of Industry Are purchasable for a comparatively Small increase. Thus the bigger companies would gobble up the Best men. The explanation sounds plausible. But in Franker moments the protesting industrialists admit that they know to a dime what their rivals Are paying for executive service. Though its slow work Dis connection with the National civic federation Anil Woll has blandly shrugged off their protests the time he hastened to resign the minute Lewis mentioned the matter which is a tip off on How eager the old guard is to deny him issues. Lewis accession to Power would make organize a labor More dynamic and aggressive. The aim of increasing the dues paying membership from Throe million to five million in two years would become realistic. Charles p. Howard of Tho t Apo graphed amp Union a Man to watch has ambitious plans tor capturing the company unions wholesale. Federation veterans Are waging a losing fight for their pet Craft unions As against the Industrial form of organization even though they stave off the inevitable for another year. Recruiting will be Muon More rapid along Industrial Union lines. David Dubinsky and Sidney Hillman leaders or Strong leftist groups Are due for prominence in the modernized federation setup. Lewis has avoided committing himself on the question of a labor party but informed sources predict he will come out Strong for such a move when he feels the time is Ripe. Here again a Radical switch from traditional federation policy appears certain by 194�?T it looks As if organized labor is on the verge of a sweeping new Deal of its own. Smooth the Treasury a final Liberty Bond conversion turned out better than Wall Street critics expected. $99f�,000,000 of the called Bonds were exchanged out of a total of $1,250,000,000. This is 79 per cent or just about Par for the course. But financial circles insist that Only direct Treasury intervention in support of the Bond Market made this satisfactory result possible. Federal agencies bought 70 per cent Unbro government securities in september than they did in August insiders estimate that this support made a Difei ence of at least to per cent in the conversion response. This amounts to a saving of $125,000,000 in Cash which the Treasury will not have to use to redeem unconverted Bonds. New York admits that the Treasury can afford it Pat itself on the Back for completing a Mammoth Job so smoothly. The staggering sum of 16,2 50,000,000 in wartime Bonds has been called tor payment in the past two years yet conversion offers have been so Well received that aggregate Cash redemption of these issues amount Only to $934,-000,000�? or Lese than 15 per cent. Rumours British propaganda moves in Subtle ways its wonders to perform. Recent reports from London that Premier i aval is in a shaky position Ana Likely to be supplanted by sex Premier it err lot Are a Case in Point. It would be very Nice for the British if this i were True. Herriot and his Radical party favor the stiff sanctions which England wishes to impose men Italy. Laval on the othe r hand has commute j the heinous offence of falling to agree with London. Sanctions will be held to a mild minimum As Long As he a in Power. New yorkers with excellent French contacts say that although Laval is sharply criticized for some phases of his Domestic policy he is warmly supported by the great majority of his countrymen in his determination to avoid commitments which the Golden Feather by Robert Bruj Cen copyright Nea service inc. Chapter xvii the door closed behind the Skinny perspiring figure of Sonny Boyd and Hagan and Larry Glenn looked at one another. There was a pregnant silence broken at last Hagans devout Quot Well Iti be damned a a Larry grinned. A a exactly a he said Quot the upright and respected or. Donald Montague. Leader of the bar and admired by one and All has been passing hot Mike Hagan Shook his head. Quot can you begin to see now Why its Tough for Guys like me Quot lie asked. A a Here a Montague a big shot politician shoving those Bonds off on a Louse like Sonny Boyd. And then they wonder Why coppers like me can to run the racketeers out of town Quot Larry nodded sympathetically. Quot i know. The cards Are stacked against you. But before i get through Here a he paused then went on a Mike in a beginning to get on the Trail of something Here. At least a part or that red Jackson gang is floating around Dover and part of the loot they got in that Neola robbery turns up Here. It passes through the hands of Don Montague who is one of Dover s most respected citizens. Before we get through in a going to have the whole picture. And when i do a things Are going to be Hagan looked Al him earnestly. Quot Larry i Hope to god you do it Quot he said. Quot in a just a cop but by Damn i m a Good one und in a tired of being held in Check by a Bunch of crooked politicians and racketeers working hand in Glove Root this thing out and cops like me May begin to have some Chance around Here. And of we do then the decent citizens of this City will begin to get the kind of Law enforcement they re paying taxes he finished slightly embarrassed Over his outburst. A going to have a Little Chat with or. Montague Quot he asked. Larry nodded and looked at his watch. Quot lord id no idea it was so late a he said. Quot he a have left his office for the Day by now. Of Well hell keep until Tomor Row that a one thing about these big shot slickers they dont run away from you Quot no a grunted Hagan Quot they done to need to. You can to do anything to Mem of they to stick Larry meditated. A a in a not so sure Quot he said slowly. A a this Man Montague is beginning to draw too Many cards in this whole mix up. Look we t race these stolen Bonds to him. Ile also appeared for our Friend Harkins when Harkins came in to prove that he was t mixed up in a robbery of which no one had even accused him. I Here a one definite connection with the Jackson outfit a Well Ane possible connection. By the Way Tell me about that Alibi. You say it was airtight. What was there to it Quot Quot of it was airtight enough a said Hagan. Quot Harkins d been out canoeing with a girl that Friday afternoon. Started out about half Fin hour before the robbery and did t got Back until after dark. She was with him All the time. And Tho Guy that renter the Canoe to him out on the grand River he came in. Quot Montague rounded Mem up of course a mused Larry. Hagan nodded. Quot funny thing Quot he said. A he did t even go out of his own office for his Star Quot How do you mean a Quot Why his own Secretary. Swell looking girl she is too. A what s her name again a he broke off As he Taw Larry gaping at him with open Mouth. Quot what a the matter a he asked. Quot you done to mean Jean Dunn a asked Larry. Yeah that s the name Dunn Why Quot Larry gripped the Edge of the desk angrily. Why Thor girls in be known her since was was keep High she a one of the sweetest Little youngsters Ever born. And she a she came in and Alibie for this lad harking shed been with him canoeing Ai afternoon a a a that a lord said Larry fervently Quot is Montague making that kid perjure herself to keep his clients a he got up and strode around Tho office swearing softly under his posing of these confidential requests the Sec has a a France the Tail of England a Kite. The last not yet found a Case where it though that thru a thing they want is to go to War in defense of the a Good reason for concealing the facts. British Empire. So done to take these Quot authoritative copyright 1935, Mcclure newspaper Syndicate re Morse from London too seriously breath i Don t think she was lying Quot said Hagan calmly. A a a think she was telling the truth. And that s what makes it puzzling. Because i cant help thinking that Harkins was the Bird who pulled that Rob Bery Quot that does no to make sense then a sail Larry stopping his mad pacing. Quot if she was with him that afternoon he could t have done it a i know a said Hagan glumly Quot you could see the kid was on the level and yet a Jean Dunn Drew her leg up under her As she nut in Tho Corner of the Davenport and beamed across the room it Larry Glenn who sat at his ease in the easy chair under the Bridge lamp. Quot you can t say it Isnit pretty flattering Quot she said. Quot what is a a Quot having you for a caller Humble stenographer entertaining the Busy business Man a what is it again that you re doing Larry a Quot Oil i do Odds and ends of jobs for Uncle Sam Quot said Larry. He hesitated on the verge of asking t he girl whether she knew anything about Ber employer a surreptitious Deal in stolen Honda. Then he decided against it. He would. Go to Montague himself in the morning. Time enough after that to question Jean if need be. A besides a a he added a i promised your father and Mother id keep an Eye on you did no to i and to far in be Only seen you once since in a a been in a Well a said Jean a a that a not my fault is it a a i Don t know a said Larry adopting a Light bantering tone a i hear you re so popular that nobody can see you unless they make a Date three weeks in a silly where a you hear that a a ooh its All Over town. I hear you even went Down to police Headquarters with a Young Man Tho other a ooh that i was doing my Good deed that Day a you know girl scout and All. I was keeping a. Nice Young Man from being bothered by the a were you indeed Tell Uncle All about a Well you see Quot she said Quot id been out with him this one afternoon a week or two ago a a a Bobby you mean Don t Tell me he a getting in trouble with Tho police a a no not Bobby. This this was Sandy Harkins Quot she Caid feeling somewhat self conscious. A a we How she a a ooh he a just just a Friend of she Felt More self conscious than Ever so much to that lha failed to notice that. Larrys jaw Muscles were tightening at this bit of evidence that she was on Friendly terms with Harkins. A anyway he and id been out canoeing this afternoon and next week it developed that he happened to look ilk a Man the police were looking for about a robbery and it just happened that the robbery had happened the very afternoon that to were out canoeing so or. Montague took us Down to police Headquarters and i told them about it. And that s All there was to Ooh.�?� Larry looked at her speculatively. A emr. Montague took you did he a a Why yes. Its funny your mentioning Bobby. Because if it Hadnot been for Bobby i might not have been canoeing with Sandy at All that Day. Anyway Bobby came in to see or. Montague that afternoon Quot a Bobby did a Osure.�?� something about the Surprise in Larry s tone made her open her eyes wider. Quot he had something he wanted to sell or. Montague a a sell him a a yes. What a the matter tonight1 Larry a he blinked and then grinned at her. �?odont1 mind me. In a getting flighty in my old age. Go on with your a ooh. Anyhow Bobby came in and went into or. Montague office and then or Montague came out and said i might As Well take the rest of the Day off As i did and i bumped into Sandy downstairs and we went canoeing. That a pm Mem. Know this a what do you Call him Sandy a very Well Jean a her Cheeks grew redder by just the faintest Shade and she looked at the floor for a moment. Larry missed none of it. Then Che Laid a a Why yes pretty he looked at her fondly. Then to her Surprise he got up and came Over and rested one hand on her shoulder. A Jean a he said a a in a getting jealous of All these Young Blades. I want to see More of you myself. I m not going to neglect you the Way i have been. You la save some time for the old Uncle wont you a she looked up in Surprise and saw that underneath his joking tone he was serious a Why of course Larry Quot she said. A the More i gee of you the happier i la be. You know Ile patted her shoulder again. A when you need a father confessor he began. Then he Rumpl a her hair and grinned Down at he a fall right Princess charming when May t see you again a a any time you or Larry i almost forgot in a going on my vacation next week. In a going Down Home will you come and see me before i go a see you Tell take you out to dinner. How about Friday night a a Larry will you in be tickled to death a after he had gone Jean Lay Back e n the Couch and mused dear old Larry so reliable and dependable and not like some other Cid friends always trying to bring up Tho subject of love and marriage. But Why had he acted to strangely when she was Tell Fehim about going Down to the police station with Sandy and what queer unwanted thought was floating around in her subconscious mind making her feel uncomfortable whenever she herself thought about it something was wrong somewhere what was it to lie continued look and learn by a. C. Gordon Quot 1. Who is the Quot wandering jew it 2. Where is the Home of vice president Garner 3. What Are decl duos Trees answers 1. A legendary character doomed to wander Over the Earth until Tho Day of judgment. 2. Uvalde Texas. 3. Trees that shed their least at certain seasons

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