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Port Arthur News Newspaper Archives Oct 21 1935, Page 3

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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - October 21, 1935, Port Arthur, Texas Monday october 21, 1 935.the port Arthur news Page three work Shivers hits at governor for policies senators demand to know executives views on pension question Austin oct. 21 up a gov. James v. Allred was denounced and defended on the floor of the Texas legislature today for his message last week ordering legislators to a get reps. Sam Hanna Dallas and Tom Cooper Lindale resented the governors message. Rep. Franklin Spears san Antonio commended Allred. Senators by 19 to 8 vote sect by Resolution to their finance committee asking the governor to give specific views on the pension question. Before the vote was taken sen. Will Martin Hillsboro took Allred to task for speaking in a glittering Sens. Clint Small Amarillo and Allan Shivers port Arthur commended the administration for not at tempting to Tell them what to do. Pensions first a a Jat the first session he put Liq regulation and a salary Bill first. Now he says old age pensions must come first a Cooper told House members. A but nobody in a Long time has accused a governor of being consistent and sincere. He a trying to throw 181 legislators to the Lions to further his own political ambitions. I am not going to be a sacrifice without a protest and perhaps pulling someone else Down with me. Maybe the legislators when they get a taste of blood May go out and eat a a a he a always quoting the democratic platform. That was written at his direction Anc approved because he was then one of the most popular men in the state. Why Isnit he now ill Tell you Quot said Cooper. A because every action he takes is political and has his own ambition behind Cooper said he expected to be a a punished for his outbreak on the floor of the House. A a i have been trying to get a Drivers License bbl submitted. I do not think the governor will submit it now Quot he said. Spears predicted Cooper would not be a a i for one think the legislature is entitled to some criticism. Nota West to Cal i Forn a East to new Orleans All cars air conditioned a Standard and tourist sleepers diner room car drawing room and . Lounge car soda Fountain Barber Valet Shower Baths chair cars coaches. West bots rid or. Beaumont7 05 am a. Houston9 00 am san Antonio. .2 45 pm paso.9 35 am a. San Diego. .8 45 am a. Los Angeles. .7 30 am a. San Francisco. 8 45 pm through Sleeper to san Diego. Connection for san Francisco and Pacific Northwest eastbound la. Beaumont 11 30 pm a. Lake Charles 1 09 am a. New Orleans. 7 35 am through Sleeper to Chicago a psf Quot to new Orleans then Quot in connections for the East. >26 from Beaumont y daily one Way coach Tare to san disco or los Angeles new thay Seh vice for coach chair car and tourist passengers. Mock Bottom prices sandwiches Ham or cheese i or Coffee 5c, milk a doughnuts 3 for i or addition to popular Rice dining car service. Southern Pacific City ticket office seventh St. And Austin ave. _ phone 3000 ing is just what we Are doing. Rep. Vernon Lemens one of our own members not the governor said less was done at the last special session than at any previous session. We passed nothing but an unconstitutional Chain store tax Bill. A the governor is no responsible for what is in the newspapers about us. He does no to censor them. Tile regular session was ours. The special sessions Are the governors. He can submit what he wants. The people hold him in a measure responsible. Hannah a criticism met rebuke from rep. B. E. Quinn Beaumont that Dallas was the last place from which complaints should originate. A the worst thing Allred has done has been to sign the Centennial Bill a Quinn said. A it should have been vetoed. This is the wrong place and time to Start a new Campaign against the passage expected most observers expected pension Bills to be passed in each House this week with some expectation that Bills would reach a final vote in much Shorter time if tax provisions Are not considered along with Aid for the aged. Barring the introduction of that controversial matter legislators must decide on limitations of state pensions. Views on the question a to whom shall we give pensions a ranged from furnishing $15 per month Only to those past 65 now on Relief to including All Texas citizens who have reached that age. While some members believed pension and tax Bills should be separated gov. Allred had specifically asked that Money be provided for paying pensions. Taxes of Many sorts had been introduced. A general sales tax backed by former gov. James e. Ferguson and opposed by Allred had Many supporters in each House. Sentiment in neither Branch of the legislature was crystallized in favor of any single Type of Levy. Besides sales taxes the House had received Bills for taxing Salt Sulphur Oil Gas Gross receipts Domino and dance Halls luxuries and incomes. Italians capture strategic Center a continued from Page a creation of game preserve studied Austin oct. 21 up a creation of a game preserve in Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo was considered by the state game fish and Oyster commission today. The preserve will be created if suitable contracts for land can be made. Coordination of fish and Quail restocking operations was seeded by the commission. Or. A. H. Wiebe was placed in charge of cultural operations in nine Texas fish hatcheries. A policy of distributing More Young fish for stocking Public streams and preventing unnecessary waste in private Waters was announced. Two Farmers go on trial for murder Linden oct. 21 up a the trial of Raymond t. Gillespie 50, and his son Wallace Gillespie 22, for the alleged murder of Kaydell Parton 17, and her father Jack Parton 40, opened today in Cass county District court. A special venire of 75 was summoned for jury service. District attorney Elmer Lincoln was prosecuting the Case. The gillespies Are Farmers living near Linden. Show is ordered closed by mayor Chicago oct. 21 spa mayor Edward j. Kelly said today that he had directed police commissioner James p. Allman to close the stage show a tobacco Road Quot immediately because of a filthy and obscene mayor Kelly said he attended the show last night. A the language was such that any decent person should have walked out a he declared. $20,000 fire sweeps building at Melving Brady oct. 21 j5 a fire razed the Noyes amp co. Building at meting 16 Miles West of Brady today with a loss estimated at approximately $20,000. Cause of the Blaze was not determined. The Brady fire department went to the fire arriving in time to prevent it spreading to adjacent buildings. $7,000 in jewelry stolen by burglar Dallas. Oct. 21 up a police were searching today for a burglar believed to have a Cut on one of his hands who broke into the Home of r. L. Dixon sunday and made away with almost $7000 Worth of jewelry. His hand was supposedly Cut on the broken window pane through which he gained Entrance. A great Deal of blood was found the the loss was discovered. Continued from Page i Lawe. Graziani acted swiftly. Trucks and Swift tanks to which the Somaliland native Soldie s Clung like monkeys transported 1000 men under cover of darkness to a Point near the ethiopian position. In the Days first Gray Light italian air planes swept Low Over the ethiopian trenches. Machine guns sent thousands of bullets into the Encampment. Bombs shrapnel and High explosives burst by scores. The somalis attacked in their Wake while the enemy Blacks still crouched dazed in the ruins of their trenches. Despite the attackers advantage the ethiopians put up a fight at their trenches Edge that threw Back the offensive wave. Virtually All of Ras Ivas Sibus a men were armed with rifles and had plenty of ammunition. Few used the guns. The fight was with knives hands and clubs. Reform forces while the somalis reformed their forces and the Sun rocketed the temperature past too degrees the ethiopians dragged in their wounded and scooped heaps of dirt upon their parapets. But their numbers were apparently so decimated by the Surprise attack that they broke quickly in front of the second raid just before noon. Most of them fled toward Gor Bahai. It was reported in Rome that the Southern ethiopian army under Ras Nassibo governor of Ogaden province estimated at More than 200,000 men has been heavily armed in the last two weeks with machine guns modern rifles tanks and trucks that have come through British Somaliland. The Shillaw Battle indicated to Many observers that Nassibo with Advance forces contacting the italian lines in Large grouper is ready to launch the attack expected for two weeks. Action imminent prospects of action on Large scale increased at the same time n the North. War minister Mulugeta of Ethiopia departs today from Addis Ababa to join Ras Siyoum in Active direction of More than 250,-ooo men streaming into line South of the italian eritrean army. The Exchange Telegraph correspondent at Addis Ababa said Capr. Francis Alex of Cuba Mulugeta a aide and the Man most responsible for turning considerable numbers of wild ethiopian warriors into a semblance of soldiers was to accompany his chief. He probably will be Given an Active command the first White Man in history to Lead ethiopian troops into Battle. Emperor Haile Selassie ordered an investigation today of deaths of unfounded ethiopian soldiers in Ogaden. Ethiopians believe the italians Are using an unidentified Gas or chemical pollution of water. Several thousand ethiopian soldiers have been incapacitated in Ogaden by scurvy the news chronicles Addis Ababa correspondent reported and italians were said to be suffering severely from typhus fever. The claim was supported by the fact that More than 500 of the italian soldiers returned to the dodecanese islands recently have been convalescent. New wiring new fixtures and other electrical service Call on us for All electrical jobs. New fixtures installed houses completely rewired at moderate prices. Call 307. Stoneburner electric company 637 Procter phone 307 ethiopian army is planning attack by Edward Vav. Beattie United press staff correspondent copyright 1035, by United press Addis Ababa oct. 21 up a evidence that the ethiopian army is preparing to take the offensive against the italian invaders multiplied today. Several thousand troops of Tho Imperial guard streamed out of the capital for Tho front equipped with modern weapons. The emperor called in some of Tho Best warriors in the country including those led by former War minister lore Biru who had been in disgrace for Selling government arms for private profit. Birus old offence was forgotten in this National crisis. He is known As one of the fiercest fighters in Ethiopia. Meanwhile disconcerting reports reached the capital from the South of outbreaks of old tribal feuds there. The withdrawal of the majority of the amhara from Malual by the governor of that District for War service has resulted in a flare up Between Silti and Murako tribesmen. The former raided the Market town of Makaro. Later Tho Makaro tribesmen returned the raid. After being out of communication with Ray Siyoum commander of the defense forces in the North for nearly a fortnight the government today re established telephonic Contact. The ethiopian High command is planning an attack on the italians in the Region West of the Vethe Shi Boh River according to reports which added that Large quantities of ammunition and supplies were being concentrated near Varassa. Dros perts for an ethiopian offensive against the invader appeared improved As it was rumoured that a credit of �2,000,000 $9,820, too for Purchase of munitions was being arranged in England. Departure of these forces did not greatly decrease the number of 116 Call in my kor office supplies a Blank books a rubber Stamps a Ledger sheets a Post binders a ring books a typewriters Harris Book store 524 fifth 8t. Troops encamped in the kills around the capital. As fast As soldiers move out to the East and North new fighters come in. It is estimated that 70,000 fighting men Are in the various Camps within walking distance of Addis Ababa. Race of Black jews oppose italian Advance by Webb Miller United press staff correspondent copyright 1935, by United 1�?Tref. Aduwan Ethiopia oct. 20�? via Asmara Eritrea oct. 21 up a the italian army on the Northern front is ready at the Given Signa. To Start a wide keep Advance into the largest unexplored Region in the world. It will be an Advance unique in warfare in which baby tanks cooperating with air planes will Lead an Advance into a country unmapped unknown whose mysteries include a race of Black jews whose origin no one knows. It will cover great tracts of country where people have never seen a White Man never heard of the world War who if they have heard of such countries As France great Britain and the United states believe that their names stand for tribes. The army is on the Aksum Adu a ent Scio Adi grat line from West to East. Within the last few Days the area of occupation has been extended out southward from the line for strategic reasons giving the positions of the soldiers greater strength. Official spokesmen hesitate to estimate the total ethiopian strength before them but believe it May reach from 30,000 to 40,000 men. However they say the ethiopians May be Able to Muster 100.000 men in All on the whole Northern front from the Sudan to the red sea. Actually the italian Northern army is occupying a front of Only about 37 Miles from East to West. It has met with almost no resistance since the Campaign started Ort. To. The principal activity at the moment is the continuous consolidation of the position advancing supplies for the next stage extend ing and widening roads. London oct. 21 up. The ethiopian legation issued a statement today warning Italy that Ethiopia will resort to Savage methods of warfare if Italy does. The statement said that of the italian forces continue to use Poison Gas and Durn Durn bullets Quot against a simple and unarmed people notwithstanding the orders of his majesty Haile Selassie to will not he possible to restrain the More wild and bereaved Section of the ethiopian army from Retalia ing by some similar Savage method on italian soldiers who May happen to fall into their Geneva oct. 21 up a november 7 has been decided upon As the Date on which to begin applying financial and economic sanctions to Italy it was Learned today in a reliable Quarter. It is understood that application of the measures voted by the league to halt Italy a illegal War against Ethiopia will be ordered for that Date when the big penalties committee of 52 nations reconvenes on oct. 31. Rome oct. 21 up italian native Dubai troops have occupied Dagne Rei an important strategic Center near the Wobby Skibeli River in Southeastern Ethiopia after a Sharp fight in which the italians lost 14 killed and the ethiopians 50 killed it was announced today. Dies from injuries Paris oct. 21 spa a. L. Kain 54, died Here today from injuries received in an automobile Accident on the North Highway oct. 12. Striker shot in fray Here non Union workers pulled from Box cars continued from Page i Acadia Parish la., dec. 24, 1900. Xavier Christ said this afternoon that he talked to his brother sunday afternoon and that he believed he was on picket duty this morning. One of the non Union men reported to have been badly beaten was said to have been named Locke and is in the first Aid room at. The Texas company Island in a serious condition. Two other non Union workers being transferred into the Island in a Box car were said to have been named t. Tomplait and 0. Adams. Both of these men were reported this afternoon to be missing. No Trace of them has been found since the fight with strike pickets shortly before noon. It was reported that strike pickets pulled four non Union men from Box cars As they were being moved into Tho Texas company by shippers. The non Union men were reported to have been badly beaten. Stevedore contractors Here denied any knowledge of the incident but it was Learned from other sources that Independent Dock workers were being taken into the terminal to Load ships now in port. Christ who lived at 513 i-i1 Street is survived by his wife mrs. Annie Christ one daughter Ethel seven Brothers Xavier Christ of port Arthur Rodney. Ferdinand and Henry Christ of Fannett Paul Christ of Aille Platte la., Lawrence Christ of Nowata la., end j. L. Christ of unite la. Four Sisters mrs. I. E. Miller. Mrs. Betty Miller miss Thersa Christ and o unite and mrs. A. P. Leleux it Houma la. Independent Dot k workers defied pickets and started handling car go on the vessel Forrest Bank at port Neches. Howard Allen Deputy sheriff from Beaumont who was sent to port Neches on strike duty said that non la labor w As loading Hie is Forrest Bank at the Texas docks there. When lie arrived this morning he said lie found the men re work and that All was quiet in tee picket line which is outside the Texas company s Gate. Nobody seemed to know How me men who Are working had arrived. Authentic reports said work also was being done on the vessels Garnet and Heidrun at Lake Charles la., and the cripple Creek at Beaumont. The Chester Valley also a cargo ship arrived outside the bar today and was scheduled to Dock in Beaumont this afternoon the ships Husvik and Crisco i Are tier up at port Arthur but to attempt to work them had been made at a late hour today. Stevedore contractors Here j pressed the belief that the work carried on today pointed to the end of the strike. According to a i Ort Arthur shipper pickets threatened die life of i the Dock workers foremen at port Neches and escorted him Back to. Port Arthur in an automobile. How the strike Breakers were placed i aboard the Forrest Bank was not revealed by the contractors. Picketing continued around the Texas company and Gulf refine cry company s docks it was report j de. What course of action is to to taken by the strikers with the loading of the Forrest Bank was not disclosed but operators said they were prepared to meet any trouble Field la., who came to Houston in search of work was beaten by three men today. Davis reported to police that the men knocked him Down twice then told him to a get out of town you re not going to get any work on the Houston numerous fights have occurred since the beginning ten Days ago of Tho strike of Tho International longshoremen a association in Texas and at Lake Charles la. Vessels Here Are boing worked with . Labor. Galveston police were ready to receive applications for More men today to keep the port open As an aftermath of the beating of a negro reported to to employed in longshore w Ork last night. Thirty additional policemen went on strike duty at Galveston yesterday. The heating of the negro. Clifton Thomas was the first violence at Tho Island City since members of the International longshoremen a association struck ten Days ago at Texas ports and Lake Charles la the negro was robbed of several dollars As Well As severely beaten. Four Negros who said they were members of the i. L. A. And a negro woman were arrested and charged with assault to murder. Three of the men also were charged with robbery with firearms steamship lines posted several additional guards at the Houston waterfront. Fist fights have been almost daily occurrences Here since the strike began. A negro with an i. L. A. Card was arrested by police and charged with carrying a pistol. It Lake Charles la., oct. 21 up. Seventy five guards armed with machine guns rifles and other firearms today marched to the Lake Charles waterfront and opened the port of shipping which had been blocked for to Days by the Dock strike of the International longshoremen a association. There was no disturbance. Taking the pickets by Surprise the guards marched Down the front port main Road followed by a slow moving truck which was covered with Tarpaulin. A few minutes later 17 automobiles and trucks carrying Louisiana longshoremen s association workers Independent labor entered the docks also through the front Road which prior to today had been blocked by pickets and within to minutes the workers were on the docks. Beaumont. Ort. 21. A non i. P. A. Negro Longshoreman was ret upon by a group of men near the Magnolia refinery terminal Here today and beaten up. The negro had strayed from a longshore gang gathered to Load a vessel. 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Its Rich refreshing lather Deodorizes pores stops a a a. 0.�?� its own clean scent vanishes As you rinse. Try lifebuoy today. Approved by Good housekeeping Bureau a dozen in the crowd that assaulted him. Thirty two employees of the Texas company at port Neches received special deputations under sheriff Richardson this afternoon to a protect property of the the men were drawn from various departments of the port Neches refinery. They came in a crowd to the courthouse to obtain their credentials. Ruling stands trusty escapes from Texas Penitentiary Huntsville oct. 21 up a Leroy Autrey state Penitentiary trusty escaped last night by leaping from a truck As it entered a Houston filling station. The 24-year-old fugitive was sent to prison from Cleburne where lie was Given a two year sentence for burglary and theft Over $50. He had served about half of his sentence. Square with Runyan twin Hills Oklahoma City oct. 21 up a Al Zimmerman Young Portland ore., professional whose Par Golf has been the sensation of the National pea tournament met his big test today in a 36-Hole Quarter final match with Paul Runyan the White Plains n. Y., defending tit list. At the end of the first nine they Vav Ere All Square. Corporations must pay tax on contributions Washington oct. 21 up a a lower court decision that corporations must pay income tax on contributions to charitable organizations in past years was permitted to stand today by the supreme court. It refused to review a Case brought by the evening Star newspaper company of Washington. To c., which w rns decided against the publishing company by the fourth circuit court of appeals. Earlier the Board of tax appeals had sided with the Star after the commissioner of internal Revenue bad ruled against it. The Star contended it was entitled to deduct from its income $20,000 it gave the Washington Community Chest in 1929, and $25,-o00 in 1930, on the ground such contributions were necessary business expenses within the meaning of the Revenue act. Fatally injured Longview oct. 21 # a Louis Bate 23, of Camden ark., was fatally injured in a fall beneath a fast freight train Here yesterday. He died eight hours after physicians amputated both legs. Pay Day specials i also All saturday specials Good monday and tuesday Early june peas s cans to. 2 20c dvc1 fancy Quality of lbs Mecl prolific 5 20c Fine granulated Cane sugar t j0lb. 55c fancy country gentleman Quot Corn no. 2 cans 23c White House evaporated milk 3 a / baby 9 cans 17c Nice size meaty prunes 2lbl 5c fruits and vegetables lettuce head 4c Crisi celery stalk Ioc string less Green Beans us 5c extra fancy Jonathan apples Doz 17c Golden rite bananas Doz 15c no. I yellow onions 3 us Ioc it. S. 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