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Port Arthur News Newspaper Archives Nov 9 1935, Page 24

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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - November 9, 1935, Port Arthur, TexasPage four the port Arthur news editorial p a be the editorial mind our Liberty depends on the Freedom of the press and that cannot be limited without being Jefferson. By Walter Winch Ell summary joyous we were to find All roses joyous we were to find All kisses Sweet you were a rare wine going to my head grief was a at our feet never were songs As Gay As those never were skies so free of storm s alarm life had a Rich and strangely Pung ent we were beyond All sorrow and All harm. I cannot name the night that magic paled i cannot probe my heart the anguish in yet Here we Wastrel who have burdened once More to make a sorry Start. The port Arthur news published every owning mid sunday morning Jorner Itou Ith Ano Waco both is was publishing co., port Arthur tit Xita. Subscription rates in per month City subscription in Advance one year a six months three months Ono men . I pen a. Inter pm at the Post office i Ort a ilium Texas As second class mail matter under the act of on k Rich 3, 1s97 Pho Iyub Pix Myslem. Call 41, 42 or 3 Tor any department from s a. M. 10 5 d. M. After 5 p. In., circulation 41, t i or 43. Editorial departments. -13, Froni a. In. To s a. M. And from 5 o. A. Saturday to 2 a. M. Sunday full lentils associated press wire full leased b United press wire newspaper Tiiu Rerisi. Association associated press feature service Sniras Tribune Syndicate Kins feature service Mcclure Syndicate other valuable features Good neighbors Piti Zens of Waco contributed to their Community Chest year. They Are out for another record of this year. The Waco news Tribune carried this Box editorial monday nov. 4, in the record made last year it said that s not All though. Did you read the grand How net one Young criminal hauled into the room had Ever b Een identified with the y. M. C. A., boy scouts or similar organization. Well that s another thing our will be working at. During the next months it will be building character. It will go after some of those boys now coming up who Haven t yet gone before a grand jury and it will keep them from going before grand juries because it will instill in was flame in ashes them High t living. And All because we Are Good soot and j character builders Are the greatest of All builders and the com with love gone stale As s latest Munty builders of port Arthur and All other Texas cities should Bear it in mind. A fort Arthur Community Chest drive soon will be on hundreds of men and women who believe in character building wit i be called on to give of their brain and time to secure the offerings of Merle Oberon was banged in the. Those who realize the importance of All people being Good neighbors Wahn. Conk by a falling window aboard Merle was quoted on the Accident then y. Evo g journal did the quoting to wet i was watching the Waves. Top Down came the window. Well it does t matter. I will go to hol Lywood and make a picture for or Goldwyn whom did you plan to work for Merle dear before the window Faw Down Secretary Morgenthau of the Treasury says the new Dollar Bill is the handsomest Ever made he doubtless Means slender minus that 59 cents that used to make it Worth de Howe most colourful and famous of the country editors is threatened with blindness at 81 and is therefore going to Shelve writ ing which is too bad there Are very few outstanding Rural editors any More and that Means a lot of excitement. H pass ing from the newspaper business. Which is an excuse to relate the Story about the battling Yokel Edi Tor who liked to sock politicians in his columns. He used to get his nose poked for his daring but that when it comes to those who Are in need of a helping hand and an encouraging word. There is no tainted Money when it is Given for a Noble purpose and a hard earned Dollar is just As Welcome As the largest offering by the most opulent citizen of the Community. Another Republic goes ancient Greece had been a Republic for 12 years. Now 90 per cent of its voters cast their ballots for the return of King George ii to the throne he quit by request 12.years ago. Europeans Are Strong for Kings emperors or dictators. After the election was Over the populace and soldiers and sailors paraded through the streets of Athens and Church Bells rang out clanging the glad Mussolini and his armies Are on the Way to the stronghold of emperor Lineal descendant of King Solomon and the of Sheba. Incidentally the emperor has let it be known that Ethiopia is responsible for the Petroleum concessions made to foreigners and donie.3 of foreign nations to interfere. When the time comes for foreign nations who Are the winners of the Law of sanctions to take Possession of the territory of the direct descendant of King Solomon they will Divide Tho loot among the representatives of the powerful nations of Europe. America will not be in when the Petroleum water Melon is carved for distribution. America is Only in where there Are Loans to be made and then repudiated by the gambling statesmen and traders of Europe. Did t Stop him it got to that every time he saw a so Ranfred in the shop he knew he was in Foi either a word of Praise or a punch in the Eye. So he never asked questions. He always dug into ills desk drawer yanked out a bottle of Giggle milk and a pistol Ltd turning to the always said will the gentleman choose1 " an editor of one of Tom hoarse magazines and a newspaper Man were having word Are Over Walter nud Anty s Hook i write As i which is an account of baptists condemn betting their state convention in the City of Houston. Their committee on righteousness declared opposition to horse racing gambling and liquor sales. This is the Plank on gambling we deplore the fact that our fair state has Given Sanction to Gam bling and has made certain forms of this evil Legal. To especially de Peloro Tho efforts of teach the youth of the state to Gamble. We Baclic a j that gambling is not Only disastrous to our state Nio rally but also financially. We go on record As. Opposed to horse racing dog racing Marble tables or any other forma Tho evil May then came a ringing denunciation of John Barleycorn and the liquor traffic. We recommend that this convention go on record As expressing ourselves As Ever opposed to legalized liquor business Ani pledging ourselves never to give up the fight until we have won the Victory. , As advising our constituency to support no Man for office High or Low who favors legalizing Tho Sale of liquor. Third As organizing All prohibitionists under one Flag that we May put up a his Job for the times in rhe so Viet the idiot or alleged that All big reporters were yes men. The newspaper Man disagreed pointing out that the most Success Ful correspondents have invariably been men of plenty of or in Plain talk who risked being chased out of countries to say what they liked. Finally the objector began of reel off his list of world beaters Moat of them essayists who fill the tiny mags with protests of Well interrupted the slave there is m Point to this argument. We re no talking about the same in Liq. You Are discussing men who Tell u what is wrong with the world. I or referring to working reporters Are mercy there when it goes majority of the voters of Texas voted for repeal of the 18th amendment. They won. A majority of Tho citizens voted to take prohibition out of the Constitution of Texas and Tho amendment carried. Both houses of the Texas legislature declared for the Sale of hard liquor in unbroken packages. There is another Campaign coming next year. All the spellbinder will to on the Road. All the candidates for office wet and dry will engage in the big political frolic. Thuro Are warm times a coming in. The the presidential Campaign year in state and nation. Hellinger in a hurry to was f big shot. So big he had six secretaries and four telephones. Hody could get to see or. Biff 3hot he would have made the pros Ideal Cool his heels for an hour or longer. He would have done it purposely just to show How really Hie he was then one Day in walked or. Small Fry just email by like you perhaps. Just a Plain seedy ton coat gent with an idea but Small pry did t even to see Secretary no. 1. 2. 3. 4, 5 or 6 he got is far the o. We mean officious brat not office boy the o b. Told Small Fry to go Home and write a letter for an appointment. This made Small Fry so my that he wept away and never came Back again it seems int Small Fry had an idea for a Gadget that was re grit Down big shot s Al he took the idea to one of by of shot s competitors and Iween them they cleaned in n Mil lion dollars and then another Mil lion and exploded shot right out of business and Down to pan handling now kiddies. If you think this is one of those ironic yarns where big shot winds up working for Small Fry you a Phil ugly because Small Fry Alq Ltd up 15 secretaries and 12 Tele phones and nobody nobody in the world can get to Sec him the legend is that yesterday a Puy walked into his office with in idea for n went away Rore and will never come Hack Nunin Peter Lorro Tho German flan heavy told an interviewer he mastered English in 18 months in hol Lywood by refusing to talk to any body with the accent he can learn English that was. Maybe hut he won t learn much about movies thought for today lord thou Wilt ordain peace for us for thou also Hast wrought All our works in 7. Peabe is rarely denied to the believe it or not Reg. U. S. Pat by Riple can you draw this with on5 continuous line wi1rlourj.lftin6 Pencil a line f solution monday Isth Auto License number of nile5, Mich. Scandalous Bill jsthetruenftmeofth15 California Cowboy. A Lull is we family when he was born h6 parents wanted a it p a boy-50 they decided to new baby Saft mugs Kim ii ctn up dolt 1st, Giat Bituin Tomti. Irow who played a game of football n his use coached the Princeton football team in i8b9 explanation of yesterday s cartoon pm incorporated an order of the eur error court of Dougherty county Georgia dated at Jib any june 8, 1934, j. A. Davis wirehaired Van officially incorporated. A petition for the Chai or was published in the official Gazette of the. Of my during the month of May and petition was resented and heard before a judge who signed the order making Adrian s Peg a body politic under the name of Adrian s Peg astounding family of ing themselves As Mexico s most prolific parents Spencer and so Nora Leon Chavarria appeared in Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico with their astounding family. In forty years Senora Chavarria bore 3v children by one boys and 14 girls. There were 18 pairs of twins. Friendliest Man in the the National Washington by Ray Tucker new York Mcmilin saturday november 9 Central and Eastern Standard time note All programs to key and Basic chains or groups thereof unless Senci Ned coast to coast o to c designation includes All available stations. Programs subject to change without previous notice in Advance. P. M. Cent East. Dailey s orchestra Abc Wear network Basic East Caf wow Wei wit War tag wish Kew who Webr in when Waco Tam woj weal mid kid a May a Cal who wow Pilaf wire Northwest Canadian wit n Wila i tsp web Day fyr Crit of of South Wreva Wplf Wonc wis Tjai Wood ism wac web was we do Wking Koo Wafaa wrap in pc Woal Leoc wave War Kon. Odyl i Gir a Gnu ital Kew Komo Khz Kosc Star Kegu Apo Kex Aga kor Kya Keca cent. Each. Lee Gordon Orch Fidler orchestra Rex battle1 and ensemble be announced 3 or a Cappolla choir kit Liell contralto Chilco revue news news Periot religion in news talk Fisher sports the Sailor sketch sizzlers male Trio be announced Parade of c Rubinoff c Beery cart to Cost be announced Stern orchestra news r. Childs orches. Berle and the lads Lyons and orchestra lbs wac network wac Wade Woko wac Waal Wano War we lev we try Whit War Ortre Cau was win a fool a spa Jav Midwest a ohm a ohm mho Knox knit Wpm who a acc Wlaz Ofca wore win Norb Cikac a Lex win in wisc a san Hrc wram Edoil Kara. I fir who we Loti to voc Keld Korli Kiwi warn Stoma or to what Wclay Whir it lbs Umbi Wajs Embr Wala Kiil Ksn whoa it inc Knox Kwh Midwest trl a Mart a Lbw itch we Tel a Ken Wco a Sci Wax woe Wro Khz Koli Kal coast 1thj Kiln Kyrc incl Kupy Xvi it Fol pm Kofi Korn Kwh Kumli Kph cent. East. Shannon and solos strings ensemble n. Y., Presenti i Izar Tenor solos to souvenir Prog. Game. Broadcast we. Wile talk Little words Trio press radio news period of football games be Jack major _ Midwest Russell Brown with Parker s Basic Kurkdjie Niagara Falls band Basic Sunset americans answer from California Martini c Marty May comedy time moderne concert be announced red Cross Roll Call Hopkins orches. Basic Herbie Kay Mercner orchestra Geo. Olson Vou Nuj orches. Basic Eddie Kelbaur Abc Wiz network Basic East Wiz Weir Wyza Wal Hani Kilka War Xyz wow syr Wal mid Welty went was Kwh Koll Wren War so Wood wire Northwest Canadian it my Wila a fit web Day fyr Crit of of South Wreva Wplf wine win was a Fla a san Wood ism wac web Waif we do womb Koo Why Wana wrap pro Tbs soc wave Odyl Inglr Khilil Kofl Komo Liq a fed a tar Apo Kex Kuffa kor Kya Keca sent. Old skipper s gang music program Siso a to be announced 3 hrs Sparnon a ensemble Hent or a period the kindergarten news period Morin Sisters builder program the Mesi Aoe of Israel Chicago music Jamboree symphony Orch. Symphonic choir was darn o news news Dane inn Orch dancing Ray Noble orchestra and violin orchestra Tommy Tucker s Orch St. Vulnerable military experts shake their Heads As they Trace the italian army s snakelike crawling through Ethiopia. Privately they predict ii Duce s troops will not reach Addis Ababa before the Rainy season sets in again next March halting All operations for seven months. War students take All claims of italian gains with a helping of Salt. They dismiss Gen eral Graziani s air raids in the South As a sideshow their eyes Are fixed on the three Northern columns. The invaders made Only thirty Miles the first month. Now they face 400 Miles of Rocky mountainous and Jungle terrain. Lengthening lines will offer Ideal targets for ethiopians now retreating with tantalizing deliberate Nesa. Experts Don t anticipate a real Battle till the ital ians Havo been allowed to penetrate about 200 Miles. Great Britain s attitude places Mussolini in a Jam not generally understood. Literally to does t know which Way to turn. If he pushes ahead and then is forced to relinquish a vast territory the heart breaking Retreat May undermine loyalty of soldiers ind people. But if he decides to Bluff it through a United Europe the deeper he plunges the More vulnerable he becomes to sanctions and Block Ades. Though to can t afford a delay he halted for i month on the Adowa Adi grat line because he ii oped for a Way Back. It was due to diplomatic As much As military considerations. Guerilla american military observers attached to the belligerents expect to pick up valuable information. The fact that a completely modernized army a clashing with poorly equipped tribesmen explains Why the United states asked for orchestra seats at it conflict for the first time since the Early Days of the world War. On Tho italian Side our staff wants to study logistics rather than tactics. Logistics is the science by which a nation builds roads guards them for wards supplies and then repeats the trick after the next Advance. Second in importance is the Means by which Italy s medical service fights off disease in a tropical fever Ridden country. Another reason not even whispered about is to discover How mus or Iii maintains the morale of his men under such Adverse conditions if he does. The first question army observers want answered ii Ducc kept from his soldiers news of mobilization of world opinion against his venture several divisions from Northern Italy Are reported As communist minded. Not since the Conquest of the for the Brief foray into Mexico in our strategists had n Chance to observe guerilla War fare. The ethiopians Are acknowledged to Excel at this form of hit and run fighting. We want to know How they do How to combat such tactics. Nobody explains our curiosity on the subject. Clues Treasury agents dub the late dutch Schultz the most accommodating gangster in criminal history. Slain on october 22, the erstwhile Beer Baron Haj entered All profit and loss items on his ledgers to Midnight of october 22. His neat conscientious accounts would Shamo Many a reputable business Man. He recorded to Tho Penny the sums dished out for lawyers accountants bodyguards outside payroll Flowers of minerals whisky for personal state and fed eral income tax new York City sales tax to fix come tax. He listed Money paid out to winners n his numbers Racket As he set Down in profits As Cash funds handed Over for police or political Protection were described a his books Havo a special value to Uncle Sam s Smiths. Schultx had a deserved reputation As an enterprising ingenious racketeer. Gotham s under world lords and blocked him from resuming control of his old games end so to was engaged in exploring new territory for his Dobro Dallons a t Tho Imo to was shot. If the federate can decipher bin woks and run Down Tho clues they May discover Lus direction tomorrow s racketeers will Tako. Copyright 1035, Mcclure Syndicate brakes new York Sharps find evidence in three recent developments that Washington is More concerned about a potential Boom and crash than it cares to let on. One is the abrupt change in the inner Atti tudo of the securities Exchange commission since the announcement that Mike Mehan was to be the Golden Feather by Robert Nea service inc. Chapter Xxxiv Jean Dunn sat in an old fashioned rocking chair on the porch of the Little farmhouse and looked out at the Fields that Shimm Rcd in the summer heat. She had been at the farmhouse just a Little less than 24 hours now and every hour seemed to increase the queer fee ing of dissatisfaction and uneasiness that possessed her. To begin with she told herself she ought to be getting Back to Dover. She had delivered the envelope which or. Montague had asked Lier to deliver that part of the Job was finished. In addition she had found Sandy satisfied her self that his Accident would not have any serious consequences and thus eased her mind on that score. She could not then stay on Here indefinitely. She had done All that she set out to do it was time for her to be leaving. Yet when she had mentioned this to Sandy half an hour before he had been rather unsympathetic about it. Indeed his Lack of sym Pathy seemed to arise from a wholly new attitude toward her an attitude which she did not at All like _ what do you want to go Back to that dump he asked her As she sat by his bed and explained her desire to return o Dover. But Sandy i she said. It soldering there for a moment then she shrugged and stood up. It s too hot to have a she said. She started to walk to the door then paused and looked Down at Jean. You really mean you re going Why of Well talk to red about it then she started away but Jean caught her hand she begged. In much Here i Don t understand. Who a this Man red anyway Why does everybody wait for him to decide everything. You Sandy always til ask or something. Who is eve looked Down with a strange indefinable expression on her face. Then she withdrew her forced a laugh and said hand Why i can t stay on Here forever. I be got my work to get Back to for one he said waving a hand drily if you ask me old Mon Ngue Don t expect to Sec you her eyes widened. Why thou Len t he he just sent to Lown Here to give you that i1 whatever it Sandy grinned at her. Don t ool yourself he said. He mows you and i be got it bad. Bet by he s got a new Secretary n aged. he would t do she daid stoutly. Besides Sandy Don t you just can t stay on Here with of like Why just can to he grinned a Lazy Grin Laid one Aid on her wrist and Slid it slow up and Down her Arm. Why he repented. You ought to she Aid he said comprehension awning. Forget it. We re going be married. What difference Oes it she stared at him blankly while a hand continued to slide slow

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