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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - November 9, 1935, Port Arthur, TexasPage two the port Arthur news saturday november 9, .1935. Ezekiel teaches responsibility text Ezekiel the International uniform Sun Day school lesson for nov. 10. By we. E. Geroyd d. Editor of Advance in a Day of mass psychology there is profound need to consider forgotten aspects of individualism and of personal responsibility. If there is one thing that stands out most clearly in the old Testa ment which was profoundly a Book of the people it is the constant insistence of the prophetic leaders of that people upon the personal responsibility of each individual if the National life was to be Strong and secure. In a far off Day the Prophet of the lord stood against his people in an age of corruption and idolatry saying choose be this Day whom be will serve but As for me and my House we will serve the Here in our lesson a later Prophet sounds the same note and accepts his own full share of responsibility. He is an individual who must give an account to god. He is Sot As it watchman for the people of Israel. If the people will not heed his warning the responsibility is upon their can Heads but if he fails As a seer and Earnest Prophet of god to warn them against their evil ways and destruction comes the responsibility is upon him. Clear direct was the message that Ezekiel Felt god had Given him to declare to Israel. It was a message concerning god s mercy his yearning that men should turn from evil ways. But it was also a Clear Mes Sage that judgment was sure to fall if the people persisted in the Way of wickedness. Even the righteousness of a Man could not save him if he lapsed into weak Ness and error. For those who were living sin Ful lives there was Only one course turn from their sins and seek the Way of righteousness to make restitution of what had been wrongfully taken to turn from iniquity to decency and right. This alone was the Way of truth ant safety. Have things changed since the Days when Ezekiel uttered his prophecies is personal responsibility any less acute or can the nation enjoy wholesome health and safety while its individual citizens pursue ways of selfishness and Dis honesty we should not forget As we Lay emphasis upon individual responsibility that it is exercised in a social world and in social relation ships. When someone said to Gen William Booth of the salvation army that you could not boil1 a Kettle of water without boiling every drop general Booth s Wise reply was that you do not Boll every drop separately. That is a very real parable of the individual in his social relations. We need mass movements we need mass influences of righteousness and truth but we need along with them the influencing of individuals and the decisions of individuals for the right. Churches sunday school report nov. 3 Church in. Ail. Pet. First methodist. 187 225 136 Grace Nazarene ill 128 115 St. John s eng. La. .129 129 100 fourth ave Baptist .300 277 92 first presbyterian .146 141 90 Westminster Presby. .169 143 84 memorial Baptist .808 672 s3 Nazarene .___160 120 75 first E. South .1167 770 6 first Baptist .1242 765 6 first Baptist fifth at Shreveport a. O. Moore pastor Bible school a. Morning preaching 11 o clock. B. T. U., p. Evening preaching o clock visitors and strangers Are Cor dually. Invited to worship with in. All of our services. Salvation army Austin and sixth adj. Brennan commanding office sunday school a. Holiness meeting 11 a. T. P. Open air p. Indoor service p. Sermon Street meeting 7 p. A salvation meeting. P. Tuesday Gate meeting at go refinery at noon. Open air service 7 p. Training classes begin ners brass band 6 p. Corps cadets 7 p. Wednesday Gate iting Texas company at noon. Open air service 7 p. Soldiers meeting 8 p. Gate meeting at Gulf refinery at noon. L. Guards Parade 6 p. Training classes for All songsters and string band 7 in. Company guards preparation class 8 p. Friday open air meeting 1 a Salvation meeting 8 p. A saturday Street meetings at various intersections beginning at 7 p. You Are always the clinic for broken hearts and the Haven of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints mormon Odd Fellows Hall 900 Procter. Sunday school 10 a. Ouk lady of Guadalupe Catholic 200 w. 16th St. Masses on sundays will be at 7 and 9 a. Sermon in English at 7 o clock mass. Sermon in Spanish at 9 o clock mass. During the week mass will be at 7 a. Sunday school and catechism class at a. Every sunday. Confessions will be heard every morning before mass and every night after Rosary. Rotary every night at 7 p. Saturday s confessions will begin at p. Every sunday. Benediction of the blessed sacrament will follow the Rosary High mass will be solemnized at 9 a. On the sunday after the 22nd of each month for the Initia Tion of the members of St. Rita Socle to. All who wish to join the St. Rita society May Call at the rectory a 132 w. 16th Street every wednesday at 7 p. There will be perpetual devotions distinctive gifts Chase chromium Glass pottery handkerchiefs linens stationery cards wrappings. Typewriters let put aside for your son or daughter a new Model Standard Corona portable. We repair and rebuild All makes of typewriters. Office supplies ledgers sheets inks Staples Carbon Etc. Nielsen s 417 Avo. Phone 489 across from Al flt not l in not in Honor of St. Rita with the Ben diction of the blessed sacrament followed by the adoration of the relic. Pear Ridge Baptist j. B. Powers pastor sunday school a. M., of Bradley superintendent. Morning worship at 11. Sermo by pastor b. T. Meets at g. Belk director. Evening worship at be Mori by pastor. Midweek prayer wednes Day evening at at Rev. A b. Powers con ducting. Choir practice thursday evenly Assembly of god 13th and Etc Lisburg Rev. L. Musgrove pastor sunday school at 9.45. Mornin devotional service at 11. Chris ambassadors meeting an regular evening evangelistic Mee ing at tuesday evening the program of the Chris ambassadors. Thursday morn in at 10 o clock prayer and bib study period and thursday nigh mid week evangelistic service All Are cordially invited attend the Assembly of spiritual first pentecostal next sunday july 28, is to b 1400 Lgth Street Rev. E. L. Moore pastor sunday school a. M., j. Cain superintendent. Preaching 11 a. Young people s meeting 6 p. August Doiron Leader. Evangelistic services a. Or sunday school bus leaves Church at 9 a. And will Stop at an address in the City for the Sunda school children Send in your address. Phone 1790-w. Midweek services t e s d a thursday and saturday nights the Church with n Welcome to All first Christian fifth Street at Beaumont Chas. D. Poston minister Bible school a. Communion and morning Worshil o clock. Toung people s meetings p Evening worship o clock. Meeting of official Board tucs Day evening o clock. Mid week prayer service wednes Day evening o clock. Sunday morning the minister Wil dring a message upon the cur rent his text being Roll be away the we be Lieve that it is a message which every professed Christian in of City should hear. The evening message subject is an omnipotent and should be heard by every one who is perplexed or puzzled about or interested in salvation. Trinity lutheran Missouri Synod fifth at St. Augustine c. W. Ladew Lff pastor sunday school and Bible classes a. M., Harry Miertschin Supern indent. German services 9 a. Divine service in the English language at 10 a. And a m the senior Walther league meets tuesday at p. The ladies Aid society meets thursday 2 p. M., at the Home of mrs. W. Moritz 301 Dixie drive. Sunday school teachers meeting riday p. Choir rehearsal Friday p. Trinity extends a cordial Welco i All. Men s Bible class Myca elks theater the port Arthur men s Bible Ilass will meet in the Myca elks Heater building at o clock inday morning. W. F. Sylvester will be the principal speaker tha subject being the Pinch All men Are cordially invited to at tend Church of Christ Groves f. R. Kilbournc minister. Bible study a. Preaching and worship at 11 a And p. Mid week Bible study wednes Day at ladies Bible class wednesday first presbyterian fifth and Mobile Larry Sarles minister sunday school for All Ages it a I. A wheless superintendent. Morning worship it 11 o clock. Anthem land of Hope and will be Sung by Tho choir. Mrs. J. Rcd Fofi will sing Praise the lord o my soul 1 the Sermon ancient gods and modern worship at a peace ceremonial will be Given by the Junior club builders of the for peace and for plenty by the Junior choir. Sermon a sincere purpose t or first E. South 1 fifth and Nashville g. H. Wilson pastor sunday school at a. M., g. K. Lomax superintendent. The spirit of Christ will be the pastor s subject for the morning Sermon at Serpent in the hedge will be the subject of the evening ser Mon at o clock. Miss Dorothy Baker will Lead the devotional in the Young peo ple s department on sunday morn ing. Subject god May be known through the Bible and through the the evening meeting of the department will be under the leadership of Jean Ann Gallo Way. . Sims will speak on the subject of prayer groups will meet wednes Day morning at o clock As follows no. 1 with mrs. A n. Ten Nail 1248 .10th no. 2 with mrs. W. R. Fuller 3900 third Street. Magnificent obsession will be the pastor s theme for the devotional service wednesday evening at Groves methodist Derwood morning worship Church school t. F. Farque superintendent. Epworth league evening worship 7 o clock. W. S., wednesday 2 p. Church night sunday services will continue on the old schedule but the new schedule will be put into effect a week for this sunday. The coming year will be with a full time pastor. This change makes possible the regular hour for All services. Plans Are under Way for building a parsonage. The cooperation of ii members is urged. Objectives will be the topic of the Bible repentance no. 2 by Edd Holt minister Church of Christ he morning Sermon. The evening message will be evangelistic. A Bible study course will be instituted for Church night services this course will be especially help to Church school workers. First Naza Iiene Lith and Galveston Geren c. Roberts pastor sunday school a. M., s. Superintendent. Morning worship 11 o clock a terrible Kopac broadcast from to 45 p. N. Y. P. Groups will meet at 45 p. Evening worship o clock Felling the w. Will have charge of he mid week prayer meeting at p. Wednesday. The w. Will meet All Day thursday with mrs. Gus Rudolph n charge. A cordial invitation is extended o the Public. How Are we led to repent ther Are some who believe that repent Ance is brought about in a miraculous Way. This Conception is no new for we read in the Bible o a Man insisting on. This very the let being done. I refer to the Rich Man who was in torment. Luke h made the following request father Abraham Send Lazarus Back into yonder world where i hav five Brothers and let him testify unto them lest they also come t this place of but Abra Ham replied they have Moses and the prophets let them Hsai but if one go to them from the dead they will re and he said unto him i. They hear not Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded if one Rise from the Goc has commanded to hear Jesus instead of Moses and the prophets Jesus said except be repent it shall., All who will Noi obey Christ As the Bible teaches would not be persuaded if some one should Rise from the dead. Bui just How Are men led to repent 1. By the fear of punishment repent. Or now com Mandeth he All men. To repent inasmuch As he hath appointed a Day in which he will judge the world in then be Gan he to upbraid the cities where in most of his mighty works were done because they repented not. Woe unto thee chorazin., if the mighty works had been done in Tyre and Sld ii which were Dony in they would have repented Long so the fear of punishment and the thought of a Day in which we Are. To be judged of. The .deeds1 done in the body help in persuading men to repent. Knowing the terror of the lord we persuade 2. By the goodness of god. The goodness of god Lead eth thee to there Are those Iri the world today who object to men doing Good for the thought of a Reward or the fear of punishment. But they do not believe the Bible nor him whose we Are and ought to daily serve. We love him be cause he first loved god has warned against continuing in sin he does not wish that any should perish his goodness is revealed that we May be led to re pent but if men do not repent hey Are certain to perish. Repent or perish perish All the pleasures of sin cannot silence the decree. Let the wicked forsake his Way and the unrighteous Man he thoughts and let him return unto Jehovah and he will have mercy upon him and to our god for he will abundantly Pardon memorial Baptist Lgth and Shreveport Oscar Perkins pastor sunday school a. M., c. R. Burks superintendent. B. T. U., p. M., mrs. R. H. Lorie director. Morning preaching service Ermon subject witnessing Power or evening preaching service Ermon subject Faith in Rogen teachers round table monday 7 o 8 p. Teachers officers meeting wed essay evening 7 to 8. Midweek ervice 8 p. Choir practice thursday i., Carl d. Pace director. St. George s episcopal fifth and St Hvall w. Meade Brown Rector. Twenty first sunday after trin v. Holy communion 7 a. Please ote hour. School and Bible Eland 30 a. Morning prayer and Sermon 11 clock. Sermon subject rethink in Young people s service league if p. Evening prayer and Sermon Ermon subject the world court wednesday mid week common a 10 a. Junior choir Al p. Young people rum p. Thursday senior choir rehear .1, p. First Church of Christ scientist 12u fifth services sunday 11 a. Subject Adam and fallen sunday school a. Wednesday evening testimonial meeting 8 o clock. The Church maintains a Reading room at 526 fifth Street room 16 Harris building open each week Day except holidays from 12 to 5 p. The Public is cordially invited to attend our Church services and to visit our Reading room. Studio programs of science Are radio cast Over station Kopac each sunday afternoon from to o clock. Adam and fallen is the subject of the lesson Sermon which will be read in All churches Christ. Scientist on sunday nov 10. The Golden text is lord who shall abide in thy Tabernacle who shall dwell in thy holy Hill i that walk eth uprightly and work eth righteousness and speak eth the truth in his heart psalms among the citations which com prise the lesson Sermon is the Fol lowing from the Bible where fore take unto you the whole Armour of god that pc May be Able to withstand in the evil Day and having done All to stand Epes lans the lesson Sermon includes also the following passage from the Christian science and health with key to the scrip Tures by Mary Baker Eddy it True that a knowledge of evil would make Man mortal. Has evil the reality of Good evil is unreal because it is a in every statement Page Groves Baptist the Church with a Welcome sunday school worship and study at a. M., mrs. Geo. Hardin superintendent. Preaching services at 11 a. And 8 p. Rev. G. W. Parks will speak at both services. Rev. G. W. Parks is the father of mrs. L. B. Dawson of this Church. B. T. Meeting p. M., mrs. Macon Carter director. Choir practice tuesday p. M., Malrie Jones director. Teachers and officers meeting wednesday. 7 p. M., followed by prayer ser vices at 8 o clock. All members Are urged to attend these services visitors and now Mcm Bocra Wel come. Our Church will begin i study course monday nov. 11, the Book being taught is when do teachers the teacher will be miss Eunice Riley of first Baptist Church and the intermission program will be under the direction of mrs. D. Pace of memorial Baptist. All our members Are urged to take this study and the Public is invited port acres Baptist sunday school 10 n. M., Ted Cal superintendent. Services 11 a m., Carmon subject the news daily Marian Martin sew Chart Complete diagram included pattern 9642 a budget wardrobe Shoum in clude among its members a num ber of pensive Home made House frocks if you d practice Homo Economy. This one has. Any number Points in its the simply pointed neckline which takes to Revera for deep Points of a triangular front and Back. Nothing could be easier to make. For those inclined to be a hit plump the Center panel is just teething to create an illusion of slenderness while the narrow Sash adjusts itself to any Waistline and puffed sleeves lend just the right note of femininity. Choose a sturdy Ging Ham or Percale. Diagrammed Marian Martin sew Chart included. Pattern 9642 May be ordered Only in sizes 18, 20, 32, 34, 40, 42 and 44. Size 16 requires 3 3-4 Yards 36-Inch fabric. Send fifteen cents in coins Stamps coins preferred for each Marian Martin pattern. Be sure to write plainly your name address the style number and size of each Pat Tern. Send today for our pattern Book for fall and Winter see How easily and Thrif tily you make attractive clothes for yourself and family and what ovely yet simple gifts you can make for Christmas. Learn How you can choose and Wear your clothes for greater Charm Price. Of Book fifteen cents Book and pattern to cents. Thur news pattern department Send your order to the port a port Arthur. Texas. Church of Christ 1601 sixth o. Lambert minister. Bible study at a. Preach ing communion evening services tuesday Bible study 2 p. Lesson judges every Mothe whose children Are fighting or Wil Lave to fight the great Batty against infidelity and atheism tha s going on in Many of our school and colleges should prepare t help by knowing what god has Sau n All matters. Sunday morning o. Lambert minister will begin a series of ser Nons on the great religions of the world the first will be buddhism 500 years before Christ Buddha lied yet the errors he taught enslave millions today. And Jesus said i am the Way he truth and the life no Man cometh to the father but by me sunday evening the subject Wil i wednesday p. M., mid week Bible study and song tract Lee. Centka Baptist ninth and de Queen t. E. Cannedy pastor. Sunday school at a Cooper superintendent. Preaching 11 a. And p. Special music Good singing Bap Ismal service at evening hour b. T. At g. A. Nunnelly director. Teachers meeting wednesday 7 i. M., followed with prayer ser at 8 p. A cordial invitation to worship Ruth . The supreme b. To u., p. M., Wiley a clan director. Services p. M., mormon led the Ever present Grace Nazarene eighth Street and 10th Avenue s. W. Hampton pastor sunday a. The superintendent will be out of town. Mrs. Smith assistant superintendent will have charge. Worship 11 a. N. Y. . Groups p Minnie Lee White presiding. Mrs. Darby supervising juniors. Worship p. A midweek prayer service wednes Day p. W. Meets thursday at i. M., mrs. Charge. Hampton in St. Pauls lutheran Missouri Synod san Antonio and 14th h. W. Liedke. Pastor sunday school 9 a. M., or. A. F. Lehmann superintendent. Divine services at 10 a. And p. Bible class tuesday p. Ladies Aid at Home of mrs. Edgar Cedars thursday 2 p. Sunday school teachers and choir meeting thursday 7 p. You Are Welcome to our services. We preach Christ fourth Avenue Baptist the Homelike Church fourth Avenue and Thomas blvd. W. Cowles pastor a. M., morning worship. 11 a. M., sunday school r. E. Stewart superintendent. Classes for "1 Ages. P. M., b. T. U., c. E. Dowies director. A special program will be presented in the general Assem Bly. P. M., evangelistic service. The pastor will preach at the morning and evening services. Re Vival services will Start at the Church sunday. St. John s methodist port acres Hermit Pritchett pastor preaching at Sabine pass a. Church school a Morning worship 11 o clock Worth league p. Evening worship p. A. The morning message will be delivered by the pastor. Tho Aub Jet will be War or the evening service will be con ducted by Bill Montour. These services will begin the con Ference year. Let s make a Good Start by attending. Wednesday night belongs to the Church. Be there at 7 p. Kermit Pritchett. First Christian Orange Texas w. B. Blount pastor. Bible school a. Morning worship 11 o clock. Christian Endeavor p. In evening worship choir practice monday prayer meeting wednesday p. Subject matter acts firs chapter take time to be holy speak Oil with the we Welcome All. Church of Christ 3548 eleventh Street Edd. Holt minister Bible study sunday a. Sermon the pure in a. Sermon p. Ladies Bible study wednesday 9 a. Song Drill and Bible class for All thursday p. The tiny mites by Cochran and King the Story then color the picture the tiniest Sernel real glad to rest. The Sandman said ill do my Best to Tell you All about the land of snooze if you Don t mind. I Rule Here so i know what. You la like my Story like As not. This really is the strongest place that you will Ever find. You Sec when Day turns into night i have to work with All my might. It s to me to see that wee folks get the sleep., they need. I sail away to every land o or the wave my of said dunce you must travel at an awful Don t interrupt Schuty said. Why Don t you Ever use your and then the Man continued sleep s important As can be. When you stay real late no doubt Trie next Day you Are it tired out it is my Job to help tots feel just wonderful you see then when i be travelled Wery there i keep on sailing through the air until i get Back Here. That s Why you found to Here today i sit and rest while it is Light just waiting for another night. The first real sign of darkness sends me on my merry now that is All there is to Tell so if you wish you May As Well hop into my big Hammock Sheri i la wave my hand o or you. In just a moment you will be in Slumberland. Just wait and then Goldy said come tots let s do what he told they quickly spread out Side by Side. Well do your stuff Coppy cried. Be sure and Wake though when we be slept the Long night the Man s hand Thon in one Long put All the tiny Hes to sleep. Said he they All look Happy now and , copyright 1935, Nea service Tho to Jules Are awakened by in cheerful fellow in the next Story boy scouts Orangefield news Orangefield nov. 9. The Orangefield v. A. Class entered the Orangefield school Parade Friday oct. 31, nearly 100 per. Cent. The ones in the class that won prizes n the Parade Ware Lee Alford Webb Runnels and Tilden Alford these were in the v. A. Class that meets from to 10 o clock. The v. A. Class went on a Field rip monday to study the important hings to he kept in mind when fudging poultry for show or egg production. R. R. Stephenson who has had a course in poultry at Texas a. St. College and who knows Many interesting things about poultry gave an interest no lecture and demonstration he handling of poultry and also to judging of show Birds. The class judged and placed a class of icons. Then or. Stephenson judged hem and placed them. He gave a reason for Ench placement. The entire body of the female Bird to Difed from pictures brought by or. Stephenson from a. the Points to consider in judging or production were thus clearly brought to our minds. We wish to express our deepest appreciation to or. Stephenson his lecture and demonstration. The Vidor f. F. A. Officers could not be with during the weekend ending Friday nov. 8, so the late f the meeting has been changed to 30 p. M., monday. Nov. 11. Reel s 11 be out to celebrate the Lith and be c. Clifton Leland and a Oclus initiated As Green hands Fidor will also put on the opening and closing ceremonies and engage n n parliamentary Drill. Westminster presbyterian fifth it Richmond Malcolm l. Purcell pastor sunday school a. Morning worship 11 o clock. Intermediate y. P. C., a Young people s society p. Worship p. The pastor will preach sunday morning on and sunday evening on watching for your attendance at any or Nyji scr Vecch of thin Church will to welcomed. Modern etiquette by Roberta Lee q. When a Man and a girl meet often but have never been introduced is it All right for the girl to speak a yes if she la much interested and is courageous enough to run the risk of an undesirable acquaintance. Q. When netting the dinner to nor where should the water Glass and the wine Gluss to placed a. Place the water go fuss at the top of the plate towards the right of Tho knives the wino atlass to Iho right and beyond the water . Q. Is is All right to use Blue or Violet Ink for correspondence a. No Only Black Ink should House v troop 59 David Lee scoutmaster. We opened the meeting with Roi Call. There were 15 scouts and two visitors present. We All told stores and played several games. We asked about the next Board of re View and closed the meeting with the scout Ingram scribe. Troop 03 Geo. C Sculley scout master. After a Short and Snappy play period Assembly was sounded our spa Dianne called on Seoul Billy Burch to bring Forward Tho colors. Scouts Puddicombe Ana Lawrence Lanclos acted As guards. Patrol leaders were called on for reports and we found 23 scouts two visitors and four candidates pres ent. After the announcements by the scoutmaster the troop was shown a display of carved Wood that belonged to the scoutmaster of troop 60. Two types of rope Mak ing machines were Given to the patrol groups and shortly there were enough ropes ready Foi knot tying. After assembling outside Han sen gave a talk on the planets Mars and Saturn and the constellations pm codes and Auriga. Later scout Billy Burch won the dime race by a big margin. We now have a Large set of Bird pictures in their natural colors and our scout master urged to become familiar with them. He stated that it to to help in our Merit badge for Bird study. The meeting was closed with taps being sounded by scout Dionne. We were paid to have. Scouters Rodrigues of of icon and e. Hansen of troop 60 with Louis Pickard scribe. Troop 74 a. To. Bernard scout master. After a Short talk on scouting Given by or. Bernard and Bertrand Dionne Roll was called and the following scouts were present Lee Ward Arcenaux , Junior de Cicitt Everett Mcdonald. Bertrand taught the boys the various requirements to Pisa tender foot test. This meeting was the first to be held by troop 74. Tho kiwanis club is sponsoring this troop and the club is very Milch interested arid Hopes to see it go Orward. The meeting was closed with the scout Dionne acting assistant scout troop fi7 t. J. Kubin scoutmaster. The meeting was opened with the following boys present Lovelace Trahan Roy Frederick Tod Hii if pair Lee Haven son Wil Liams. Junior Lumpkin and a. J. Devillier or. Or. Bahlin told or about the swimming and life saving training course to Start thursday night. We played touch football and steal the Bacon. The i meeting was closed with Junior Lumpkin Afif Idiner the scout a. J. Devillier scribe. Troop 70 e. W. Van Tyen scout master. The Mai fing was opened with 20 scouts and seven visitors present. Among the visitors were or. Nor on or. Babin and or. Bernard. Announcements were then made by or. Van Tyon and then a study i cried was called for athletic Merit Mdge and second class. Games Verc then played and Kelly Drill was Given by Bertrand Dionne with Hugo Clarke winning first and Joyd bore winning Tho second. The troop numbered off in ones and twos and volleyball was p played with the ones winning both games the meeting was with or. Babin leading the scout oath. An officers meeting was then held Robinson scribe. Troop 41 ii. D. Harris scout master. The meeting was opened by rus sell Getwood with 22 present. To held a joint meeting with troop 40. Our scoutmaster gave a talk on How to do things if you Are de All scouts will be used on nov. 11 at the football game at Franklin Field. Scout meetings will to held on Friday night beginning at 6 p. The meeting was closed by Clarence june. Elliott Jones scribe. Troop 60 Einar Hansen scout master. The meet Long was opened Friday in the regular this meeting was taken mainly with practice for the ra41y. Rope Mak ing was worked Well As first Aid. Twenty five were was called and or. Inspected each boys uniform Asif Luj found what each boy needed. The beavers were Given traffic duty at Tho Church sunday. Boys who Wydh to go on the armistice Day Camp Are to meet tuesday at the hut for further announcements. Boys were then requested to come Down sat urday morning for further practice for the rally. Two Kelly drills were Given and the meeting was closed with the scoutmaster s Bendl Coloni Dewitt scribe. Troop 58 t. J. O Halloran scout master. We opened the meeting with who scout oath led by Junior Ivy. To had 12 present. Buster Bennett was our visitor. We played a few games and closed with the scoutmaster s b e n c d i c 11 o Rowan Quick convenient Short term rates lain red men and women personal and aut0 Loam costs Roc 520.00 costs loan costs no or Rosary Coue loan co. Court records real estate transfers Christopher Rao club to John Lino. Lot 10, Blok 3, Oak Wood Nolc Eltoln. City if Beaumont 51 find of her considerations j. A. Pitchal of to Helen Delrea Tut lot .1, Block City of port i and other h. R. Collier of to Claude l. Potter sr., club. Int s. Collier a Jomoc it Cid Nodi inn City of Lien Mont j10 ill other considerations. Mar Reafie licenses William to. Jenkins and miss Cath Erine Berry. Joseph Milton Natl mrs. In Arlo in bite. Hon Nollac envoy and mrs. Jerry i divorce suits filed t Trio la Wil hums is. Jusso her non Viii Linns. In hopi trip vhf. Rokoch Troup. Men ill Robin vhf. Lillian Robin o a vol is. Leon o enl suit filed 58th District court j. .1. Murphy it of Beiqiu not or Al. Inifi Stefi in 58tli District court in Coth District court divorce do tet. Man sentences self to jail judge agrees fort Worth nov. 9 Arnold Ammons charged with receiving and concealing stolen areas. Sentenced himself in District court today. To hn.1 spent 40 Days in jail awaiting judge William Atwell asked How much More do you think you ought to thirty judge Atwell no Decd affirmation to Tho clerk. Personal Christmas cards you will to surprised hew let to it costs this Ynar to your Nemo on your cards. Harris Book store Al Fly Rii Onn 111

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