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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Port Arthur, Texas French sign treaty hasten to Italy the port Arthur news thirty ninth . 175. Port Arthur Texas sunday june 23, 1940. 30 pages Price ten cents Churchill Gen. De Gaulle ask French nationals to Aid Britain % England is grieved. And amazed at France s surrender says prime minister Petain s government criticized London june 23 sunday a ins a prime minister Winston Churchill Early today voiced great Britain so grief and amazement Over France s capitulation to Adolf hitlers armistice dictate and called on All frenchmen to help carry on the fight against Germany. More than eight hours after France and Germany signed the truce pact at com Pisegne Forest last night the British Premier this morning issued a statement declaring a this majesty a government heard with grief and amazement that the terms dictated by the germans have been accepted by the French government at it May vowing that Britain despite the French defection will carry on the War a wherever y be a Churchill called on All frenchmen a outside the Power of the enemy to Dis turn to Page 12, column 8. Undersecretary of War in Reynaud s Cabinet appoints himself Leader of colonial people told to organize London june 22 up a Gen. Charles de Gaulle undersecretary of War in the Cabinet of former Premier Paul Reynaud tonight appointed himself Leader of French nationals outside France and urged them to continue the War against Germany. A i invite All French people who wish to remain free to listen to me and to follow me a de Gaulle said in a broadcast Over the British broadcasting corporation. A in the Honor of common sense and interest in the country i demand that All free frenchmen should continue the fight wherever they Are and by whatever Means they can. Undertakes task a therefore it is necessary to group wherever it can be done the greatest possible French Force. Everything which can be gathered together in military units and is Means turn to age la column 6. Congress passes five billion Dollar defense Bill Paf bombs nazi munitions Plant tax measure =1 is also sent War continues until la Duce a terms Are met 500,000 Poilu surrender in Alsace Lorraine nazis announce guns to cease firing 6 hours after Italy okays truce by Louis p. Lochner Berlin june 22 apr France made a final surrender to victorious Germany tonight signing in the Forest of com Pisegne a peace based upon the Broad dictate Laid Down by Adolf Hitler. It was an armistice still conditioned however on a second capitulation to Italy and tonight men fought on in a conflict that was a War no longer. Await signing with Italy it was an agreement that will bring a real armistice Only after the French have made their terms with Premier Mussolini. Six hours after the notice of this second armistice has been received by the nazi High command the guns will cease to speak. In the same old railway car in the comping be Forest where the Kaiser a delegation bowed in defeat to marshal Ferdinand Foch on nov. La 1918, two ranking generals at 6 50 p. In. 10 50 a. In. Port Arthur time put pens to the French surrender of 1940. Leave immediately for Italy the weary French delegation took a plane almost immediately for an undisclosed City in Italy to begin their con Reich held warship damaged when seconds were eternity on u. S. Ship Krupp works and aircraft factory hit in British raid italian submarine taken by Russell f. Anderson \ London june 22 ins a two tremendous explosions were caused at the Gigantic Krupp munitions works at Essen and hits were scored on the Focke Wulf aircraft factory at Bremen in one of the most successful British air raids Over Northwest Germany the air ministry announced tonight. Marking intensification of daring Aerial assaults which the British have been carrying out nightly for weeks the British also wrecked six Supply and ammunition trains Friday night Between Osnabrock and Bremen. A other factories hit Royal air Force planes ranged Over a wide territory for what appeared to be their Best record of the War. Other a a important factories a the air ministry announced were damaged in Bremen Kassel Rothenburg and Gottinger. Several bombs it was stated Ferguson due to speak Here pay and a a Quot team to bring gubernatorial candidacy War or no War gubernatorial campaigning Here will open in struck the Krupp works one of Earnest next Friday night with a the largest if not the greatest munitions factories in the world according to the air ministry. 0 As the Raf planes swept away through curtains of anti aircraft fire pilots reported hearing two violent explosions. Battleship damaged the Focke Wulf aircraft Plant founded Only in 1924, is famed chiefly for its a a condors passenger planes. In 1938 a Condor flew from Berlin to new York 3970 Miles in 25 hours non Stop. The factory has been concentrating on military planes since the War started 0 bracing for the anticipated Early turn to Page 12, column 4. Just Cool 92 on saturday approximately 60,000 perspiring port Arthur people May disagree with this but it was a cooler sat urday than it was Friday. Weather Bureau records show that the Mercury climbed to 92 degrees saturday afternoon compared with 95�?the years High Friday afternoon. The saturday night forecast Calls speech by sex governor James e. Ferguson and possibly his wife mrs. Miriam a. Ferguson also a former governor in favor of the latter a candidacy for governor it was announced Here saturday. Sponsors of the rally c. W. Howth and Elton Cruse both of Beaumont said the couple will speak in that City saturday night. Scheduled for Park e. R. Winsted in charge of arrangements Here said he hoped to hold the rally at 7 30 p. In. In Lions Park if permission can be obtained from City officials. Probably no other candidates will speak he added. Speeches Here by the famous team of a Ama and pay Ferguson would be the first this year in port Arthur by any aspirant to the governors mansion although Harry Hines was Given a reception Here two weeks ago. To president in. S. War refugees Are shown in a Lifeboat Hung Over the Side of the is. Washington at sea when it was stopped recently by a submarine and threatened with being torpedoed off the coast of Portugal. The Captain of the american ship finally impressed on the submarine the fact that the ship was american. But until the a go ahead signal was flashed there were anxious moments in which passengers and Crew were abandoning ship. Nea telephoto. Both houses recess for Republican confab much work done London june 23 sunday map a the French peace negotiators Are expected to have their first meeting with the italians monday Exchange news a British Agency reported from Bordeaux Early today. Officials circles in Bordeaux were said to believe it would take two or three Days to reach a settlement. Oil worker is shot to death Lloyd Blanton gives up in Fannett slaying air raids on Allied base beaten off for studying Navy increase of a four italian air raids on this pre lit to the \ cult. Allied naval base were beaten off Beaumont june 22.�?charley. A Fannett Oil Field today by the i aircraft uns of Transfer of Allied fleets Alexandria Egypt june 22 a Gap p0ssjfc a qty Hyde Park n. Y., june 22 up a president Roosevelt it was Hargraves 29, Fannett Oil held l a Learned tonight is giving most be worker was shot and Antish and Trench fleets. Rious consideration to thai pos Sibil. Killed about 5 30 p. In. Saturday in i four of the attacking bombers qty that both the British and a quarrel with Lloyd Blanton fan were shot Down. Coastal batteries j French fleets May fail into the by John a. Reichmann Washington june 22 up a Congress tonight approved the final phases of president Roosevelt a $5,000,000,-000 defense program levied $1,050,000,000 in new taxes and then recessed until july i so that Republican members could attend their National convention at Philadelphia. The break neck Pace of legislative action at the usual saturday session had All the appearances of the annual Rush for sine die adjournment. This time the vacation from Law making will be Only a week and the Rush had the dual purpose of letting the republicans go to Philadelphia and to Complete action on vital appropriation Bills before the new fiscal year starting july i. House okays Navy Bill not Only did Congress put its final approval on the last big defense Money Bill the $1,76b,917,908 supplemental deficiency 0�?Tfil, but the House initiated another defense measure destined to Cost at least $4,000,000,000. It approved the 70 per cent naval expansion Bill which would add 200 warships to the Fleet. The Senate is scheduled to take up this measure after the recess when the administration will Send up requests for even More billions in authorizations to make the americas impregnable to aggression. The atmosphere in Congress was identical to regular adjournment evenings. While the House awaited Senate action on appropriation measures in disagreement members lolled in the seats and some turn to Page 13, column 2. Will not run Bouk lax incomes Nett my chant at the latter s Stoi o. J0jnec a heavy bombardment of j hands of Germany and thus Force pm hip burrs a to of tips at tuesday night Blanton Well known throughout the United states to double its juju a. In near speaking Here last a a a a -.�?�?z----. For mrs. Ferguson Cruse outlined the county surrendered to the of e my s Leamons. Bom s e i fight fleets to match the sea her plan to tax incomes of $5000 fice of sheriff w. W. Richardson in the Harbor but hit no warship 1 and Over and referred to governor of Daniel As a Quot political accidents and a Quot Kansas a Quot ,c, to Twood to replace Oil As nazi truck fuel monday with moderate to fresh Southeast winds. Weather report local forecast partly Cloudy and monday with moderate to Frosh Southeast winds. Today a tides High r 14 a. In p. In. I of a. In 11.-vt p. In. Berlin june 22 German authorities anticipating a shortage of motor fuel when the european was is ended Are making plans to equip All diesel motored trucks throughout the Reich so that they ran Burn Wood instead of Oil. And was held in jail saturday night. According to Blanton interviewed in the sheriffs office shortly after the shooting Hargraves and Louis Scherer son of sheriff Sam Scherer of Chambers county drove up in front of Blantons cafe and Tum to Page is column 4. And Over the City a seafront. Only last night French official sources predicted that France s big Mediterranean Fleet and Middle East armies in Syria would fight on beside the British regardless of the Home governments decision As to armistice. Today a action bore this out. World events at a glance Power of the totalitarian nations naval experts it was Learned have handed or. Roosevelt memoranda showing that americans first line of defense would be tremendously outweighed in the Atlantic by totalitarian Battle fleets should Germany and Italy defeat Britain As Well As France and gain Possession of British sea units. Big increase looms or end of present term judge r. L. Murray will not As re election to the Bench of 60th District court. Late saturday judge Murray at his Home Here said he had decided to abide by his original decision to retire from official life at the end of his present term december 31. Lei March the Jurist revealed his intention of quitting the Bench. Roosevelt studied the nip Quot however following the death of nether Landers May see indies service Independent French government could have acceded to German terms appeals to frenchmen everywhere to continue the struggle at Britain a Side As Frances Only Hope for Liberty and restoration a British bomb Krupp armament dutch in u. S. Asked to Register for military duty in works at Essen and German air nations Empire or possibly great Britain Weddell visits Franco Ull a a j Madrid june 22 ins a Oranda whelp Germany and Italy j mrs. Murray friends petitioned United states ambassador Alex 111 dictating terms of an armistice Jim to reconsider and file for re Ander Weddell was received today to War crushed France sought to a election. A week ago he did file. By Generalissimo Francisco fran is log Transfer to them of the High then after pondering the matter co. It was understood the visit was by effective French Navy where. Be finally announced his with London Churchill saying no purely a Courtesy Call. I turn to Page is column 3. Id Rawal. Versa ions with Mussolini. This French surrender at an old and bitterly remembered scene of German defeat the railway car in the Forest was sighed by col. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel for Germany and by general Charles Huntziger for France. Just what France had agreed to the end of a Short and bloody struggle which in 43 Days left half her country in German hands was not disclosed pending the italian negotiations. Conditions outlined by Hitler but when Hitler took his dictate to them yesterday he stated in a preamble to his detailed terms three Broad conditions that must be met. France was to agree to give a a guarantees a to Germany to help her wage War on the historic French ally England. Submit to a a a new peace in Europe which would be designed above everything to help to wipe out the a wrong Dona to the German Reich by Force in the last War. The fuehrer was not present at today a session. Even during the last hours of the solemn discussion in the shadows of comping be Forest the French armies were being pursued by German forces in the Field. An official announcement said 500,000 French surrender a half a million French soldiers surrendered in Alsace Lorraine including the commanders in chief of the third fifth and eighth French armies and several other generals. A sporadic resistance in some places will be broken . The fact that this struggle might go on for agonizing hours seemed Plain in the terms of the German communique announcing the capitulation hostilities not yet ceased a the cessation of hostilities is not connected with the signing of the treaty. It will follow six hours after the italian government has notified the German supreme command of the text of the Italo French armistice while the Berlin press took a very reserved tone toward turn to Page 12, column 2. 4 a a a t a armistice plans Are kept secret Rome june 22 up a the place and time of armistice negotiations Between italian representatives and the French emissaries flown Here today from comping be Forest was kept secret tonight in Rome pending official announcement. Italians first Learned that tile French had signed the terms of German armistice in a special German radio announcement. The German broadcast said the terms could not yet be disclosed. A later italian radio announcement said the terms probably would fall into three groups in German occupation of Frances English Channel ports until the War with England is ended. 2�?military measures to assure that the French will not Aid Britain. 3�?economic measures to assure that the French will not Aid Britain. 3�?economic measures in preparation for peace in which reparations will be made to Germany for Quot the wrongs she suffered a at the end of the world War. By associated press brother May be fighting father Iid a a a local woman has no word of Kin in France and Germany Washington june 22 ins a the Netherlands consular Gerv j Bordeaux fro Nee a cd now by Fred Topping news staff writer was ordered by Queen Wilhelmina and her exiled government in London to Laise troops Quot to defend the empires of our government and its % registrants May be detailed to military service in the Netherlands East or West indies or in the British Isles he added a depending on the decision in the attache said he understood a Smilar registrations Are being conducted in Canada and some if not aged father another brother and to an Ever present thought she two Sisters and other relatives in spoke before armistice and an end France since april 14, before the to fighting in France had become of Belgium and the Neth a probability graph messenger have brought no Orlands. Prefer French Kule answer to that question framed talking about this War and the born in Alsace she was brought All of the 20 latin american re filming until after italian armistice constantly in the mind of mrs. G. Last one and the Fate of her Tam up under German Rule until the a declined to estimate Igried on r. Holme of 374? fourth Street ill the other afternoon mrs. Holmes end of world War i transferred ice today requested All male dutch nationals of military age in the pm a hard he of honorable a arms. United Stales to Register at the nearest dutch consulate. Germany Confidence cot an attache of the Netherlands legation Here said the registration i Marsha Ivain fighting con �?Ti-1 "ti77here Are my people a pm Rance 1 �-1 the postman and the Tele invasion rumoured deals by republicans denied Puri is. The number of dutch subjects affected but said the largest american colonies of dutch Are in new York City and in Michigan. Direct mail and advertisement.1 giving notice of the registration were couched in the form of re quests not orders to report. The notices directed attention turn to Page 5, col i Berlin a French capitulate signing armistice in railway car in comping be Forest fighting to end six hours after they agree on armistice with Italy German command reports 59he French soldiers in Lorraine surrender. Rome place and time of ital an French armistice conference kept secret. But Seldom voiced. Said that province and Lorraine Back the newspaper has brought Only a it is horrible to think they May to France which had lost the Sis the information that German be fighting each ter provinces in the Franco Prus armies have crushed their Way she had not intended to say it. Sian War of 1870. Generally speak farther into France. A woman of Serene disposition ing alsatian prefer to be part of she has had no word from her mrs. Holmes composure is Seldom France mrs. Holmes said. Brother Julius was one of the exceptions. He married a German younger brother Julius in Germany ruffled but who among the most since before the declaration of War self possessed could face that most last september. Trying of War situations without girl went to live in Erfurt Thui she has had no word from her loss of poise without giving voice turn to Page 13, column i Philadelphia june 22 ply leading contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrived in this carnival Bent convention City today denying fast flying rumours of impending a deals a and looking Forward to the party s first wide open contest for the nomination since 1920. Wendell Wilkie the new York utilities Man risen from dark horse ranks Thomas e. Dewey the Young new York District attorney who swept the preference primaries and senator Robert a. Taft of Ohio fresh from the firing line in Washington reached town to join senator styles Bridges Frank Gannett and governor Arthur h. A in is of Pennsylvania contenders who i had previously taken up their quarters Here. One of the prominent contenders senator Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan was not due in town until tomorrow. Dewey holding a press conference said flatly that there was no truth in reports that his forces were teaming up with those of Senhor Taft in an Effort to a Stop asked whether he would accept a vice presidential nomination he said a i Trust the question is subcommittees at work platform subcommittees were at work behind closed doors including i he group at w Ork on the turn to rage 12, column 7.

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