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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - February 11, 1945, Port Arthur, Texas Soviet troops surge toward vital Stettin a a a a Story in column two save this paper let s Send it and All Poper to War the port Arthur news today s weather partly Cloudy forty fourth year no. 42. Port Arthur. Texas. Sunday. February 11. 1941. 38 pages Price to cents yanks seize Huse dam on Roer River anything but War a a a Little human interest items in news grist of the weekend Pardon the i nth Al it Ion Neu Youk. Feb. To ins a a Little Over three yearn ago Nhuc c bpm a in Lent Pihrt silk a in Manila wan broadcasting an Scro unt of a 4apen#��e air raid on the philippine capital when he wan hacked off the air. He wan not heard again until thin week following i release from pri�4�n. He la Egan i new transmission with the word a a i a saying when i want rudely interrupted Quot it s a Long was Home i any Valk Calif Tel Lorn a a Carnet Pigeon a1 rutted on he top Roost of the beat loft Here today. After a journey of 4272 mile. Cavalry tightens pincers on Manila chief Barrier to doughboy is eliminated reds take two nazi bastions russians push within 90 Miles of City of Dresden by Robert Muiel London. Sunday feb. I i up a red army troops nursed toward Stettin and the Hallie Coant of German Pomerania on an i i mile front saturday and Berlin admitted they had plunged 24 Milea beyond the it looks backward but goes Forward americans Are near Bay area 1 House to House fight rages in Southern area of capital by William b. Dickinson a. A 11 Jur s Iida. Sun germans fail in attempt to destroy giant Structure canadians make new gains in drive aimed at key City of Cleve Reie a from a Navy Blimp Wither River Northwest of Breslau. advanced of Dresden. Two a Ion fall to encircled East Prussia. Red a weather message Over California the Bird w a blow n far to sea in a i storm. It hitched a Nde on a h no Lulu bound ship. Returned to i Alameda via the air transport service in a crate marked a this is a member of the it. S. I naval forces and is to treatment a such t it a one of the weirdest looking planes to come off it. S. Designer drawing Hoard i the army s hitherto so rect a Ascender fighter pictured Alane during one of it first flight. Official the in a to within 90 Miles the plane near to Fly backward because the it 75-hp Allison engine in behind the Pilot with the propeller in the rear. Ming which have est Rem e backward Rake Are Al set near the rear with rudders at the wingtip instead of on the Tail. Elevator control Al usually on the Tail Are on the nose of this a Tail first plane. Curtiss Wright corp., which de up a the plane at St. Ixonia nay design give it extra Many Uve ability Spe it. And Witter visibility for Pilot. By Edward Kennedy Paris sunday feb. I i pm a. S. First army doughboy smashing across the Hoer River seized full control of the wrecked Schwa Imanuel dam saturday after one of the greatest Allied artillery concentrations of the War As Canadian first army troops scored new gains in their Cleve offensive. It can now be disclosed that american guns poured 2,000,-Day, feb. I i up a i or too pounds of shells into German positions around the United states first c cavalry Schwam Nanuel and other dams during the past six Days. Us tightening the trap around Lap picnic headhunters a announced that this Shell fue killed anese holding out Iii Southern i nne 200 nazis by it be up enemy counterattacks and prevented Manila i tossed a pasig River i reinforcements from Boms i a accorded 2653 dogs to have Hay new York. Feb. To us. Spectators May walk through Madison Square Garden the next three Days and be snubbed by champions in 102 different Breeds of dogs. Mexico Parley plans Are set army soldiers captured the fortress Radical c ties of Elbing and Preus Sisen _ eylau. Eastern and Western end of a 900-Square mile pocket of German resistance in the almost con unches gently into the air at quire Junker province. Alameda he flew straight Back to thirty five mile a fast Northwest Moffet Field 30 Miles away. J0f two thirds encircled Breslau. So a a Viet tanks smashed into the heart of the important lower silesian Industrial City of i Gugnitz nazi broadcasts acknowledged. Simultaneously russian forces smashing toward the Baltic port of Stettin expanded their front to the n the area of the a circled the Arr Ual Westminster Kennel pomeranian rail City of Schneide Senate foreign relations chair How has attracted 2hf>3 drugs i Muehl. More than 40 places wer Man Tom Connally and House for vice Ira a. Zl6 entries a venture seized. Moscow said and Beilin and affairs chairman sol Bloom or. Fractions made possible because my feed soviet Shock troops had Wil the inter american con f the pets have been entered broken into the Schnei Demehl. in two or More classes. The boxers Are represented with 37 entries m the show that opens tomorrow. Black sea Parley believed awaiting major setback for enemy meeting is longer than expected London feb. To Reut re dispatch said tonight that it Wester n Pait oif a once at Alexic Ity As special kid in offi #1# Iii if in i Arf solons will attend meet As special advisors Washington. Feb to go a big 3�?T May outline terms to Germany Rma s banquet is to be Fer. 27 in a wide out flanking Man Euver Southeast of the capital and is with in three Miles Ltd of Manila Hay it was announced today. Ilous to House fight troops of the 37th division wid Ming their Bridgehead across the j pasig in the Center of the City. I pushed ahead in House to House i brought up. I he shattered Schwamman Uel Damn one of the biggest along the Hoer was a vital German control Point of a River which is the chief harrier before the Allied drive to the Rhine he or Kiter Rise i azi sub hasp in i him mini that in ii. Barie la a Antis had i teen int it #1 to it Toke port Iii the big three conference now in ses a keep Cool i Reh Atlanta a feb. To a pm a Southern businessman w Rte the fourth a Vional mar labor Hoard asking that a ton authorize me to embrace All my ten Grapher at their t Vartou Una Tion under general order after a couple of huddle. Wage stabilization expert Grant the request deciding that a embrace a in this instance was a statistical approach to an Intra office wage problem. Jit a Hup in the Type. Washington feb. To now. Now republicans remember your blood pressure it to All an error the Federal Register hastened to explain today a the placing of Franklin ii. Roosevelt at the White House on Jan. 31, ism Trie very official Register whose column Are restricted to administrative o Der and regulations yesterday carried the Date of nine years hence on the president executive order no 9520. A front Page correction in the Register today said the Date on order 9520 should read a Jan. 31. 1945.�?T he annual banquet of the re of Aion in the Black sea area. I. U. 1. I 1 Ait. A Ai merchants association at earlier tonight after reporting j j a a t and a a Tel or Ench i dvrs a id taint member of than Nuh Urh of the capital and Hon Ruhr and . A a i Hoard of directors will be an plunged four Miles southward to congressional advisors the state furious Batt huge department announced today. The soviet High command an a important meet report rounded the capture of More than inclusion of representatives .>#00 prisoners in circled Budapest. Along a 220-mile stretch of the Cli Ture reflects a the importance cited to attend the puns Indio crier River Battles for Germany f attached by this country a to the quoted the French news Agency a a last ditch defense line reached scheduled to open feb saying it was unable to confirm new Heights of ferocity. Moscow Rumary 21. The state department said dispatches said the germans were Secretary of state setting. Is believed throwing in their last Ead of the american delegation available reserves to gain time t. An j Nelson Rockefeller assistant turn to Page la columns Secretary of state is his alternate. Two not invited the conference to which All the american nations except Argentina and Al Salvador have been invited is to take up postwar Security and economic arrangements in the Western hemisphere. Frank Carruthers of Houston will be speaker fighting on a front almost two Miles Long and within a mile and As a result of pertain enemy de a half of the Southern Edge of a Molit ions along the Schwamman-1 London sunday feb. I i Nila. Uel and Heimbach dams in Speed _,.As the Battle of Manila entered red by Allied Headquarters As to Quot a Allied night Raider its second week. Gen. Macarthur their extent and apparently in aroused i Estern Germany a lady War bulletin announced that known by Headquarters spokesmen in a a the japanese had converted houses As to their effect a certain amount Jar a today the i azi radio re and Public buildings into pillboxes of water is pouring Down the Hoer. Ported after a series of Day a by fortified Iron Point a own to Row a tom4 a wac attacks by treat Ila i my to and fighters which flew 1500 per the bulletin disclosed that maj. To recede however. Latest report rpm up Quot con Verne p. Mud first Cev it we till Reding. A a Hrh a airy which made the first pen Natl units exploded the Gates of j i boat pen blast ration of Manila last saturday the Schwa Manuel dam sending a Small Force of 150 Amer ext had advanced five Miles in its out a flood roaring North through the i heavy bombers and 130 fighters flanking Iii Ive around the Eastern Vall in Hopes of bolstering their smashed a boat pens at la Maiden sule of the 14qunic mile City. Western defences. In so doing Holland and exploded a gasoline fax airy Crosse River they toe d away a Trump with dump at due men. Sou a Vest of the cavalry struck East aril which they had forestalled since i Muenster Germany. Saturday through new Manila a Northeast november an Allied smash into the using artillery against the steadily the due ten area and was 125 feet advancing americans. Wide Friday noon. It then began a Wallace May be confirmed the report., h. Announced saturday u Ai of i i Al toll f. Lee Ted by Alex Singleton i Frank Caruthers of Houston London feb. To up will he the speaker for the event. The Quot by three Quot in a move to a Quot or quoth re kn0mn f a h he i a St. N Moron addresses. Eliminate nazi propaganda ten braid members Are to be Noiin red will he held tuesday Force the twisting pasig near the feb. 27. At 7 p. In. At the Goodhue i town of san Pedio Makato a mile hotel. President w. A. Weathers Southeast of the City s lower Boundary anti five Miles Southeast of the River a Mouth at Manila Bay. Near san Pedro Marat it Gen. Madge a men were in position to strike three Miles Westward to Jila Bay just below Manila and Hope Lessly trap the enemy still holding minister Joseph Gobbels dire elected eight for a term of two pal to of the City South of the pasig Washington feb. To bit act Tori against Lions efforts to Amend or do Lay legislation severing government lending agencies from the Commerce department threatened today to alter Senate sentiment on the Hemy Wallace Cabinet appoint Merit. Sen. Geol be i in i told a reporter lie is beginning to believe that if House opponents either Brittle up his Hill or Load it with veto inspiring amendments the senat Mig lit vote to confirm Wallace for Commerce Secretary with All the Powers Jesse Jones wielded. Capt. Greene Dies in crash interpretations of unconditional Vear and tue for tem of on it surrender May soon Lav Down the a Quot a 1,1 cant in the i first specific statement of the Price afternoon and he smut w 1,1 or the German a eople must pay for iof a not Iris do to the dinner. Nominees years of nazi militarism i Aon it 1 k a Awalt so Lack Smith. In i t this possibility a raised in toting a. It. Lien by. I k Gifford both British and american quarters inn is c. I. Today with the prediction that a formal outline of surrender provi Sions would be Tim a to Coin in be with a major military setback for tile get mans. Just when this will he remained Uncertain hut its lamp a it once Wax reflected in unofficial i Potts Flint Mory like than nylons Chicago feb. Ions it seems if you want Cigar ets these Days you have to be a flamed typist. The Gaiter menu Fatui log Roin Pany of Chicago seeking to alleviate its w manpower Aholt Are announced that it would give free Cigar ets to trained typists. The company reports that it was swamped with Job applications after releasing the advertisement. Nazis thrown Back in Italy Rome feb. To up. German activity along the fifth army front in North Italy from the area of mount Castellan South of to i Logna to be w a to in coastal sector has increased Allied headquarter announced today. American troops in Valley on the West coast front sen. Mahoney will Cissil morning or. And mrs. I. I. r a fully proud of than a on Lac. Jack i Kingston who in Fri awarded the combat infant a Many a badge Picuro in Page 7. Clips. Roy Jack Greene. 22. A killed in an air plane crash in Fiance on Jan. In. Sci Ordog to a Telegram received saturday from the War department by his Par Anta or. And mrs. J. E. Greene of 1625 fifth Street. Capt. Greene Pilot of a b 26 marauder. Entered the army air forces in 1942, following i graduation from Thomas Jefferson High school. He had been overseas since Janu the likelihood that these report Ary 1944, and held the distinguish j w it e Well founded w As strengthened flying Cross with Oak leafed by indications that the meeting clusters and the air medal with somewhere in the Black sea Mica clusters. J attended by one of the greatest a j rays of diplomatic expel to since the Versailles Pear Parley already has last a longer than was ii Gina head Oil committee by scheduled there Wax some Spe Washington feb iop. Ulat Lon that the announcement sen. Joseph c a of Taboney i it Whin military develop the Sirchio \yy0 n Champion of the develop-1 mint of Domestic fuel resources has j i repulsed a counterattack mounted open named had of the senates a a a. In battalion strength. Strong Ger aporia committee on Petroleum t i y Iii a n a p a i Prea Aura was being exerted. The Btl sen 7 a throughout the heirs to Villi v. The Mriela t. My let Ney of Connecticut in Iii St attack was held at Lama i no in of i acc 12 flashlights from pilfered cars found St i y. So a a it so to in. Page k about a Ltd a Zyri flashlight who a or among thl a a it Pil Fer a from pm re a i by a group Ltd up a it Arthur youngsters were re a or a saturday poll chief Claude a of Mith a Noiin a last night. Y Sunj c. W. Raker Salt a Blanton c. R. Burke. Fred l Davis or. Albert biennial n. Or w. Vav Wolford Vav. Vav Gin. Lea Baker Allen Vav a a a Linker Vav a went in a 111 Ledi Ivian mid Pat Wood. Fixell Gold it i Erm a Mhz a Holdover member of the Hoar me e. I. Tizeker Canadian first army troops made new gains in their Cleve offensive capturing two More towns Hein Kont a mile and a half South of veil or and Scho theide. A mile and a half deeper into the Reichwald Forest. German resistance in this sector was increasing and the allies have resorted to using smokescreen. No nazi counterattack late reports said no important counterattacks had been launched against the canadians. The germans have employed some self propelled gun against troop fighting near the Edge of Cleve but so far no nazi tank have Bern thrown in. Two flying fortress Veie a. Ported lost and i continent Basei i Craft were missing by a doze fortified German villages were ripped apart by dive bombers Ani Strafer transport wrecked the v 8. Ninth air for file e almost 900 sorties and the Raf second tactical air Force made 6# j trips Over the front lines the Plo a concentrating on transport feeding into German positions and Bitt Rani 42�� piece of rail 14? vehicles. Equip Mei planes watch Forest blazes co pfc. F tile Allied a ii Ein tinned their at tent on to Victory term of after go big Hampton a completing military diary Iona St Frank . Their Black sea Ron Feterico. J members who ise term expire Are Parley in wort pm i Weathers returns i evident la it he Rel role. Davis Wood c. T i Glass and w atts a a a in it. Sadler of the pint Arthur and Orange to a. Dupuis and Lary dulls. The 8���ut show will open at 7 p in Earh Day in the pier ballroom Arni will feature Booths and a Lem Baker ont radon eff a it of j More than 3000 8#out and Cut. _ _ i music monday evening will he fur a i a i i a. A wished by the Orange High school p l cell ill h i i j hand die Tel by Ford Lan and i tue Dav. By Thomas Jefferson High user proposal school s Maroon and Gold band to Miami. Fla. Feb to a a. A soviet proposal Bat German Lal of be Foi be it it to Lull a Lari aged Rittir in War torn Europe was assailed today by president William Green turn to Page ii column i woo boys to be in a Trail i Tex i legislature acclaim area shut a Page 3. The third annual a Trail to citizenship a main feature of the a hint Aiea Council s Obei Vance a of re a Ruer dam what is weather wide control it of k is fit National boy scout week will i a known however i that the dough a Lff a Forest service Crews held monday and tuesday at the boys crossed the blown Crown of fewer fires were not Ted today. Pleasure pier under the sponsorship the dam. Drove on to the other Side however. Civil air patrol a 1 try and gained Complete control of Forest Patio plane pilots said. The water Barrier. An incomplete tally today revealed. That Woodland Blaze raze had the blown la who la Friday. A in a fir a a a irprrtr�?~1 mar than so a a r. Orr. An to font Lido would to thur by station. Tex it was not quite Clear exactly feb. Iowa planes flying Low what happened after men of the Ever the Piney Wood of fast Texas u. S. First army a 309th infantry reported today Foiest fires still regiment of the. 78th Ilia lion storm i god and that High wind and do v economically Picton president of the Sabine Audi Reservoir is emptied would no to and indefensible Council announced saturday. Nolan produce an additional Handicap to to the principle which 14 yanks killed in crash of fortresses London feb. To in Many. Eleanor hark Worth teen american airmen were killed St. Mary s when two flying fort i esses collided in midair near London on heir Way to bomb Germany it was a in Dondon today. Moscow reports Mutiny of German sailors refusing to enter Battle receiving treatment in Hospital for bronchial pneumonia. Qm2-< la in Lyon it ailing his father k. M. Lyon from new Yolk Learned with belated birthday wishes. _ of. Georg a Ferguson jr., Ai living from Phoenix Ariz for a visit with parents or. And or. George a. Ferguson his brother. Jirm Ferguson who is attending Jefferson military College in Mia i Sis sip Pis also Here to visit while i t. Ferguson is on leave. It is a Rondon. Feb. To of Chi. The were dispatched to Bremen. To Gar t Alice i Honi Asson Home from Moscow a list reported tonight Row said and their attempt of t. Mary a spiral after an emerge that German naval personnel Hail quell the revolt resulted in a pitch or. \ appendectomy. Jacket n a ii revolted at the por t of Bremen the Al Battle Vith a number of Cas Ivo Ader Dat d Meek approaching site of communist inspired Apt is unities on both Aid. Calcutta feb. 10 in i Brit r. I 1 a h big a Day and the Ings w hich preceded conclusion off a Al Supply Low j ish and Indian troops come let my Navy will pick him before the the first world War. I the Mosc to radio als Quot a a 3 a mile March Felt pm the Northern. Or. I red m Lyon dragged i rom ship Stockholm Ili Spatcher list bet tin shores of Rami Inland hint in i at it Ackrman Bettr after an a German language broadcast by was glowing increasingly Panicky copied its in tee town. The principal a # Rdee omy. It to Frank the soviet radio claimed that sail and that Only a three weeks sup renter of population it was an guide it a riving a v t with his ors who Hail been a of dragged a from ply of fora was available. All a noun today. In Central Burma parents or. And or. S. J. Guidry ships for army duty had ban leaded to \ try in the capital was related other Albe forces completed the. S try 2b months of duty with. The themselves in Barracks and refused limited to indispensable jobs Ami reduction of kale which gave them Navy irs he Pacific he part id to go to the for it it. Other workers and civil servants a or Ige Hea to on the East Bank of rated in to major engagements. A May disappear Washington. Feb. 10 #.1�. \ meats May virtually disappear from civilian Mal Ket by mid summer i government food offi my Public j til today. The forecast a a a Iii panic new Steps to Ili Veit the in Ger fat option of pm tent prod act on into War stocks. With livestock marketing falling Tilow previous expectations the tempting to split the world labor of the Al As being unsound contrary the United nations ale seeking to establish when the War in is a Hitler an those a expo Sihle of a i the War must by punished hut the people throughout the world in a holing labor every heir. Must he made free anti must he Guain tee i livid to enjoy tin blessings and benefits of Freedom libel to an democracy a sail the president. He also accused the Cio of at by o i i jut a net i i Rentz Deputy Region Al re a so a it executive with to a i quarters at the ninth regional of fire in dulls will be Heie of or the second night of the show. W. M swept Down a he a the Roiti a see and and to. S. Ninth army he itis it a along the Rit a # re aging son that would have taken con in Lerdahl a time to repair. A front dispatch sail that the enemy Strongis of Judith was i Flat Lel by a tin be Kiwit Rise hut that the River Aliende Vraa falling Tipsi i earn at due ten arum shout return to Mutual in several Days. Even the destruction of the dams themselves once the so Mammen Stewart is general chairman. War with Japan will end suddenly. Claim new York. Frh to up the War with Japan Wall end Usu a Denly anti i artistically before Jan lanes i no a tit i y has been de the allies this account said. Expect new Allak apparently the gel mans Werr conv Ines a the i dish Ami Atti etl can offensive was Atquit to break rocket ramps aimed at America captured Minneapolis feh to i a huge launching ramps which the americans captured at Cherbourg. France were Intro Iez a platform for rockets Aimre to at the i nit a state. Joseph d Keenan v a chairman of the War or Luc Tiuis boat i deign red Heie today. A germans not keen on continuation of War London. Feb. La i up a Berj n Ralio commentator admitted today that Germany was a by no Means keen to continue the anti in the agriculture depart rent Cut its for cast of total production this Vopai from 22.7a0.000.odo pounds to it 22. J000.000.000 last year 24.700,000.000 j pounds were produced. It is possible that per capita civilian consumption this year May fall to the lowest level since 1935. Allied troops gain in two Burma areas movement a was they in the unite state divided labor Harbor. Out. For they reported Strong troop ship dispatches reported concentrations Between the dam its in the Industrial City of Kassel West of Berlin Britain plans mass Transfer to Pacific ix1ndon. Of Hio it vat. Cd Hee a r of t bulletins and Hie Canadian Fri it it Mea of Hie mum itself. In ship the Canadian of Gen la d g Al it roved. Robert Bellaire manager Crerar were in the forefront if the of the former United pres Bureau assault from the we St for the morn Tokyo predicted today. Bel \ ment and were less than two Miles Laire was a prisoner of the Jap for it a the Center of Cleve the North blueprints already have anese for six months after Pearl Ern Citadel and at least Halfway it Rawn for a mass Transf British land sea and air pow the far fast the moment Many has been Defeated it Learned tonight. Turn to pug la column i Nimitz Advance huq., feb. Ii sunday ins a then a top air Trik a against the Jap a of iwo Jinn in the a it la Ano Island we re Carrll a intr the 65th Ani with Days Fleet adm. A to pm Nimitz an uni Iii a today. M i he i is Pac Llic Arfa la Ike in Hll sunday in a he a it a rial attack on two vital p4#w�r stations supplying sour a Baya the Rmer Duth naval base in Java a Ann Nanc German is elite guard troops mobilized in the Volks Sturm. Cd today in a had it quarters rom the Larawa Idy just North of Singu j Niini tue. Is 15,700 to be goal of War fund Appeal of red Cross March 5-10 a a a $ Campaign we a Rke it a meet tuesday Page 6. Goal of the annual South Deflemon county War Fin a Campaign of the american re c re a who a a Haim in of or March Vii. Will a $ii5,7 Miroy f. Brow ii in ral chairman announced saturday. Of the goal set for the South county Wiit a in Lud port Arthur and suburb. Pm Iron is. Pm a it a res. Nederland Sabine Sabine Pas and Grove. Sia,700 will he us a in this area the remaining sit jew i to by employed nationally Ioni of the National Appeal i $700,000,000. Campaign a Al Quarter Are located at 722 Procter try to with or Lictor rum Secretary in charge. The the Eph one number ii 2-562l a 200 japs killed chunking. Feb to to counter attacking chinese trying recapture a lost airbase at in wan have killed at least 2 a re be in severe fighting the can High command said tonight. Weather report local forecast a Cloudy and Cool with diminish winds. East Texas sunday Par Cloudy colder Southeast and Treme South fresh to Strong a on the coast diminishing today. Sex is am

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