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Port Arthur News Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 4

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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Port Arthur, TexasI or. Vic 1 a j Muk mews editorial Page sunday february 1024. To for tof1ay heaven often regulates effects by their causes and pays Ira wicked what 7 Aye Altal they have . Id flt y mind and and com not on our morning Moth la the glitter of Brouti Hinr u found to Ili ath with a bit of Lin Serif. Vain we Jirrels sistine two bad Bera a Holly before leavens her suite. Prominent company Ettic qty Toneo Wajd Lare notes a in coarse of time perhaps one will be punished. But it Iril not Jive Back this Young old Zomon in life. Of her the chapter is tit Dod. Way of the Tynni Grassor trots hard. A there Someth no the matter Altu t be moral code you might to link so. A woman Young. Accomplish Cal. Somewhere with vain regrets there lives Man who first her with Kwh him. What Noth k jilt. While society twin tines to Kiad. It is a Moth that escape the it a 5-Xwiser on that stay away from them. Live we Carn. We die. But More. Flaunt your your to yourself and Thore conies Day when you tire Saiid by spinning skulls. Sunlit. Tragic though the death of the Joun firl she a Vathes a More vol Carmon from Are bit the Iii will be tit ii. Snit. Girls listen. Others no n t. Lynch Davidson tells Texas How to get out of the Money dumps a foetal worker enters the Jovi de Init Iii Cunt is Wii ii a Imir Dew s body lanolin at i rope s end a Mother s void i1 to we receive my son s soul Chat i that is a definition of in Twenty words. Too. Lucre is a Poitier bust failed to have from himself but Slie save of it in tinting by in her agony. Torii it arc meaningless Wien they tit tempt describe new tier Luie. Acc attempt it. Britain. German Niu i tit indulging in is Erie under ii Iii a Are working Bohuml doors nil one is Tho Porder it Ith a cd. Reckio so t arthor boy or nines mitc Bix list in As Fisher will is Baci sikh told him tint he a inc a toe a Tor in. A lint Lynch Davidson Forster lieutenant governor and Houston made a speech at Groesbeck yesterday which pretty Well summarizes tie fix i arc in. Lynch Davidson is one of two Davidsons who Are seeking nomination the other one being t. Davidson of Marshall the present no tenant governor. From the stand Point of name and former and present jobs they arc sort of political siamese twins. They May live to serious time becom ing separated in the minds the voters before Jim Ferguson or somebody c be Steps m ail probs the grapes of the two the Houston Davidson Lynch bus the hard pan business sense. The. Other tins the Superior ability Fla p waving and would better qualify As the regular Standard Gard i variety of platform operator. There is very Little to be enthused about in a discussion of dollars yet Lynch David son at Groesbeek made this what is almost sure to be the rear nil dominant Issue of the Campaign. Davidson stated that he proposed to save this state in that is nov claimed by him As pure waste. And the queer part a wit the statement is that Lynch Davidson is the ouly candidate who has thus far announced who has the right to make the state tent without its being classed As political bunk. Lynch Davidson was the Man who took the sick baby of the state Railroad running from risk to Palestine which was be ing kicked around the state legislature from session to session at a loss of a year in operation Aud turned it into a real Railroad with Cash on hand without spending the that the state gave him to fix it up with. This same Davidson then went to work and saved the Orient for West Texas for tic time being Aud if we had any state s rights left in the prove Rumen of railroads we probably at this time would reporting that he had permanently saved the Road. To to be about the Only candidate running who is politically unfortunate enough to have made a comfortable business Success. The real question h whether it is time to put in tie governor ship a Man who has demonstrated that he knows the value of tin american Dollar. This Lynch Davidson of Houston has twice demonstrated. The Dollar Sharks say that it takes about eight present Ameri can dollars to equal five dollars in 1914. If they Are right it might be proper for the taxes to be 60 per cent higher than ten years a so but this 300 per cent business smells like something extremely odorous. Perhaps no one specifically to blame. From the beginning of the War to 1920 America went crazy in a spending sense. In the family pocket look and individual business reached its Climax. During the last three years we have been getting Over the drunk. But unfortunately what is nobody s business is anybody s bushmen and we never have gotten around to sanity in government spending. The Republican majority at Washington last week getting ready for the four year test Wii the democrats announced that he is after a 25 per coat slice off the test at be ult. He Iki tin l Moon. fete in Beia. Shooting .1 ibs m ii Oil a in malting arouse traps. R Sakcs Are in Culiner. Visas queer you la rival untie Are Verj arc narc famous Tho n to Tal a i Jet Lott . It t i 11 Petsu li1 Tell Lff Tel la i been Pracki i x i for Boik i i i ii in j alive. In out of a pay Tor to Lal if y i to k skilled Law in tin1 value a rvs e Vnti a utile ret the of Latch. Eight dollars Tow arc i i i texan expenditures. The above is not to state that Lynch Davidson is the special Foss of Texas or the Only Man in the race Worth serious Eon it is Juat to Point out that Lynch Davidson at sch verday probably did annoy Mac what is tie real Fiti the slogan of the Eam Paiga which is to out like a jumper easy in auction Bridge Corr out 1919 w Hovia. Article no. 17 there b probably no convention in auction that Ham caused More Mats and Aro Tea greater interest than the info Nastory double. In the Early Lwirt of the double there Chance that your partner would either because be did not understand what waa wanted or because of Tome private theory of his own. Now How Ever the Informatory double be come fairly Well understood. The Tunoa important thing to remember about an Informatory double u that your part Ner s bid in response to the double it forced. He May have Only a four card Tuit six spot Bieh and he frequently a worthless hand. Unless a keeps thought constantly before him he will get into trouble especially of he is in the habit of making unsound one of the most interesting results of the Informatory double is the redouble by the partner of the original bidder. The purpose of such redouble which is Only used a Cue of a double of an original no Trump bid is to indicate to partner that the redouble also has no Trump hand and wishes to play for penalties. If he bids two no Trump be Mil score 20 Points for game and per haps 30 a total of on the other hand if he redouble it u with the understanding that re double indicates at least Good hand a required for an original no temp bid by dealer. His partner now that the Doubter placed Between two Good hands and that he and his partner accordingly have a tremendous advantage. Under such should double any bid made by partner of the Informatory Doublet am with the expectation of obtaining a urge penalty. The following the cards held by four players and it is a goad illustration of the redouble and resultant penalties clubs 9 Means Spades a v z b a 2 a a 9 diamonds a a 6 Spades a 4, 2 Davidson continued from Page one position in to attic set question was Well known ing been state As far Baik As of to Litile. Tint he ludic via that lie of of lib a Siemion. But that i ready in tic a Viii of u Reot. Of or Tejral Dib Tirb notice from Mich it Mirce to act promptly and la Orkini out the detail of his profit Phil that the find save "5 Ier com if edit expenditure that is per year lie proposed Liat the Stato Penitentiary faring b tie my personal reminiscences by former senator Charles a 2. The dealer had a sound no Trump second hand a sound double third hand a sound redouble and fourth hand had no Choice except to bid two clubs which the dealer promptly doubled. Second hand has no Choice except to let the double stay in. The Only other bid is two no Trump and that will certainly be doubled with probably worse results dunns my us governor Mallvil Iii pc i ii Ort among act Point to ill lion ton. In of Fri tues. n of mild to with a special the application qualified to i Tutu use of convict he proposed the uni Luigj of Matt Heth Wjk with convict Lati or Mill Ati Teil Ilia he Millioni ill. In deficit non Unity in the to to Etc pen intent Diirr would be Eta Neif and that Smith More Tymn million would result in inese tit of and Inay stump his toe on Many of the Iron Liaise will be Ali Owji along the path Between now Ami primary Date. Do barring accidents and an even of nl1 urea in tiie politic Al Luck pot lie ought to be running with coat Tail ily Iii on this less taxes Issue. In it Whitewash with a tar Brush r tie Bureau investigation it Ell. The i. St in inc Coin Htee. With much emphasis on the word Lias it and hied a Preti Minay report. This a nays nothing about the Clia pcs of Traft. Frau ii and Cor Rui Tirui. Which d enc Al o Kwaii. Committee counsel Hays was Jim tips a irony Siml Doi to Nicutari evidence. U not Mit in Otto of Hospital Sites at More Jijin their at Livermore. Cal., Sulphur Springs 3io., othi1 fireside fun it say Jio Thim Bont Tho Pii Yuent of Hvisc sums to architects Tor Ali Iii for hospitals never built ii not inc about the clean up in the Sale of government drugs from which witnesses said officials were alien caught. I says nothing about the use of wine women and song in by agents of big contractors to bag generous build ing contracts at fat and unfair profile. To says nothing Bont the testimony of Elias Mortimer that was to their doom. Trip Trail of the murderer my j la Sun Tidd today the Bun nto Titi of it in h Tui cd. Jaboro Idi in Ului i a very one Wiio came into the victim k even Luul by Hiss lain son s Molber is Lier was Here Tway her father is .1 Gro cer in Texas. Memory a in and a acne die Ion it Cap but touch me keenly to uric of that stainless us Nio to Brilliant Soldier the. English a Peikin Tropic have Jet produced. It a Vrell Twat hate come for this is tile work women. this Iii u Itzik Ine out upon the Wilder Cust of flow ers Slipy have one can but exp Saint with the sweetest Sunj t of the stoop Ang Ela hither from the score game All a a 10 and a a nothing. Z dealt and bid one dub a bid one heart y passed and b bid one no Trump. Z bid two dubs a and y passed b bid fro no Trump and the others passed. At the first to do z led the Jade of dubs a played the four y the Queen and b the Trey allowing y to hold the trick. As the cards actually Lay there was now Only one less by y which would save game. There Are three deductions that y must accurately draw before he can decide upon the proper first that his partner z must have had at least six clubs to the a a 10 andean outside Ace to justify his original bid. As b is marked with the Ace of dubs. Z s Ace to either the Ace of Spades or the Ace of diamonds. He could t have both or his original bid would have been one no Trump. Second that he and tis partner must take at least five More obtains the Lead to Lead Back the hearts through a s band. The Only Way that these can be taken in dubs is for z to win the second trick establish his clubs before he loses Bis Side Ace of Spades or third the Only possible distribution cards that will make both possibilities is for z to hold the Queen and five of hearts the nine of hearts being in b s band. The problem As Given required one Lead at trick two that would the game and it is evident that the Only Lead y can make is the Trey of hearts. B must play the nine and z the qum. A can either win the trick with the Tine of or let z bold the trick. It be wins the trick with the King of bears. Then when z gets a with Ace of Spades he will Lead the five of hearts and y will nuke four heart tricks. If a lets z hold the trick with the Queen of tricks to defeat b s contract. One of hearts z will Lead clubs and b to there is to holier spot of ground Tiu in where dec need valor lies mourning Beauty copyright. A c. A. Culb Civan Elivs and Kins Wen close both Sirls were and Beautiful both dependent upon the Friendship and of wealthy acquaintances for sri tit fixation the Locc of Jetts and display they Candler Contoni Irry from i or Ami Clit nil a also talk. Asa cat idler filid Thov dial not care to inn pc any . St Odilard Emilil not be found Eitnier it his Home or office. I asked her if she to non t ashamed of a Wom in in her position in Iii taken to Polk a chief renters told the United press she said tie re was no harm in it. Flint icy wore Juet Litvins a Little Poniter a it v Essuf. Flae tonnage tin. Mai Scuro from Balboa to Liea unmet John k. Iti common both played tic Broadway 10 the full both Werf found in night attire sprawled amid the luxury their Jin Reto had provided suffocated both Hail in in robbed of n fur coat. I tet Petrie my Dot King befriended by to. Mitchell philae Elmbla rail Lonae Lawn by Gerhard a Dalil cd Nimrid of the executive she Riili of the Lew Ubati n year Giro. Slio Rily mrs one Zirita de Jjon chel. New entity filed Mir for Tika Tiht Ilic Coen cola Kins French of do Llo Tiche tier suit it fed eral court Here Early week. Slio Ruy Candler mrs. De it Giehrl Nii Nemuti rumours Roji Corning tin married life of Ca idlers were widely circulated Lijour lout Atlanta but could not be confirmed. One report was amt divorce action would to filed by m the heart Balm Mil wag disposed of. Impassioned songs barred at weddings sax Antonio. Texas feh. Impassioned love will Liaro no pm acc in future wry dings at it. A Lark s episcopal Chart a railed san Tito nit marry ins and furthermore it Jal ban ims Lieen placed on do Collotte new Dae feb. 8 to corp any. J. W. Inn 4ue feb. 5 to Wraa company. In Lam flit Ndler due feb. C to company. To Frh. 0 to text com i Hahira Doc t vib. 10 to company. Sch. Rosalie Btu Cati due feb. 17 to to Cist Truro City due feb. 1c to John Jon company. Patrick Henry due feb. 18 to Oear water due feb. 20 to . New Jermy due feb. 27 to text co Topany or Jeri. Due feb. 2s to Sitcov fcb s Knowis due feb. 2s to Lykiw . West feb. To Texas company. Union City due March 4 to John 3. Jones barometer. Reading Trio corrected Ren Ilins of Trio Roi Neter to Freu the u. Weather Bureau office in port Arthur. On saturday. February i. At 7 u. M. Was inches. This cams Ray 772.4 Millimetres. Moment is tense for this couple fort Worth. Texan wan m lean Moa Imit for officer Nin Hinkle in Light in Trio at of a Hooke Hern. Drop that a int a ordered he shoved pin in 3acteonv Stom Ach. The Yogi to Inu bed Anil shoved Bis Rod into Nicklo s Middle. Then Henry appeared on the and poahe6 his Gat % into Jackson s Back and induced him to rive tie Latt reception to the Prince of Wales took about tit of the municipal twin it rrphivf1

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