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Port Arthur News Newspaper Archives Feb 10 1924, Page 1

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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - February 10, 1924, Port Arthur, TexasTo port Arthur Texas sunday february is o with frifi., a out for governor scout Merit. . Need satyr of Blue due this Art Burg in tto urion on of firing business. Radar has prot Otto an Al crop of Tsipin Ucli on his upper it Eft is out. He s Paw 3iah Hoagg writes of Bird. Add ii e time to pass to Aji Ples Harosia Mccoard. Boy Scouter. Admits a fondness for in indy. Str toy muted talk int shout the Bull nine they re so intr to have this May be dreary Days for but a Kiber opines it s getting to be dog Days again. F today s Wise Cilvick Cross the Bridge till you set to it him Don t Rosit it then if it s shaky. My c. Pic rib of naw Dothes Widt friends in the City sat Niaj on his Way a round the i o Mexico. A Cwm Tarn Dally is the port Arthur boy scouts try week for 1 tort arthurian to adopt. When Frank is absent Tatj flt Bow in assistant smokes clean. He d hare1 to buy two if Frank win present. Of. Or mid e. 1800 tenth tre entertaining Little Mildred. Margaret Moore weight and one half pounds. To fall concert net about 9150. Which the unique to bin the is the old Etta. W Drea Lantz Difo set Dit can str Fri Tea Par Courtesy visits to Gulf ports at Rived at new Orleans saturday. Fort Arthur wire Lisa station in runt into port Arthur Over the Beaumont by Chuny Between 0 a. A and 9 a m. Friday Debusk. Commerce chamber assistant Secre tary declares. Iwin Clit for Nia Kiiu or six Hundred delegates to the Tefas Ettac of labor feel at Home in port Artl iut when big april 21. B. For Brerly Texas arrived in or saturday to. Locate Here. Jacv visiting his Friend k Foster for a few Days. Of o of o of o -00 of judgment in Case entered will not Levy against tract up City lose big value Lynch Davidson former lieutenant governor who formally fies in his Campaign for governor saturday it Groes Lieck. On n platform of efficiency i government justness. In taxable values lost to City i by virtue of an agreement in 58th District court this week owners of tie five acre tracts lying South of Procter Street be j tween Boulevard and Blond s Bend Are to be exempt from the payment of a City Tivix for a period of ten years. Judgment was entered to this effect in the 58th District court by judge Coombs sitting i the absence of judge George c. O Brien. The judgment was entered after attorney for the five acre tract owners and the Citer Raghed a verbal astr moment that the tracts should be exempt from taxation until 1033. Or until icy Are Cut up into City follows injunction tic decision followed an injunction contest the Validity of the recent election which annexed Model Addi Tion to port Arthur on the basis of added axes resulting from such elec Tion v under the of tji Esfi. Tracts will be collection until is subdivided into town 1 editor Lias been receiving. Groks11eck. Texas div Yilsun Cmor. His Artim Panigit for today at the meth Odist Obj Rob. His Mclennon youths prank him Feath bed for furniture for needy Al caning or taking in Wash ing for women who Are forced to contribute to the support their families by Ciu of town last night and had Steeple this particular variety of the ground meat dishes is built up Colic shape to look like a Steeple. And i Chase pm. Hence steeplechase 1 Georje Spade explains. Rant lint around on the Anil spoil Bank Caulfi Futon baby must nought shelter under jog it wintry they by dog Little rodent into one or two town offices to tit huge discus t of fair Stengs s. Woo Dreir Fuller Lei matomen1 Cheeks Lay carelessly around on the counter adjoining the wish Register silo Day and a diner strolling up to pay for his meal dropped Tita Check in with the others. Hajj then shuffled the smallest one front the lot and handed it to me with tic Wood Roar charges. 7 the Sun always j Yvo shines on a upside of the Street the regular advertiser in tie news. He feels because Vinoff steadily be beams in. His forecast vice by 1 approx Prati the final fit Tell by and 1024 to the Money to buy with and arc to by mfrs appeals for regular through. They have it s Worth More to tf11 More Nurt sell More through the ,1vaco, Scias feb. Tic laugh the r wlii6h. La year old Cinyd Lindsey approached a Twenty foot Bluff on the West Side Bank of the Pielow Here in tidily changed to horror this after Jio Ori for his Tuou Plit of off Ita sith part of the Hish Bluff resulted to a big Cavin in which the lad was caught and car ried helplessly into ten feet of Rush cold a Star at tie foot of the Bluff Mccort Lonj to be Story told his Youtt Butil companion. Williard Perry. Nufi the near est fibrin House with the talc of Hor ror. All Hope of finding my alive hits been abandoned for during the of after Filoon a diligent search made. Dynamite will be used in the River sunday. Boy was at Ville my Lynnan county. To Deputy fined h i costs Wichita Falls officer for alcohol ounce Ninde concise statement and at the close of Rizic Djinis position in approximately the following language i urn for Laws Atid quicker i urn for less and pm str state i believe the state be put on a cubs Lii is. Be Jive there is i in operation tic state govern ment. Ami Liat 10 million dollars can and should be saved every two be Hirw. Ami Ahjit this 10 million Dol Lars could he taken from the pockets of the Tux Zwyers. It should be left in the no Titues of business and for the Comfort Atnel pros Writy of Texas Homes. U could revoke surplus Laws when i say that l believe in less Laws Iii kor Justice i Menn that i the. Revoking every liw now on the statute books Are i Ridden us d Ivriy people. This Tuazon of Law paralyses and destroys initial in. If we Texas statute even one half of the or Laws. Which How Piulle acid confuse us. On life simpler and our conduct far More than if pass additional Laws to make it so. _ this Man in for Bias sin Laws has up our courts multiplied Legal John on the state s paly Roll. Do lived a tremendous weapon into the hands of the Rith Iri controversies with the Igor. The reason Texas inst More Laws but Mes Laws in achieve real i slice and enforcement of Law. For. Business government i believe the time has come when tote before Texas is to Stop want in Pijie Busi Wojs of govern ment and it is my belief that i am a fitting instrument for the Job. That causes me to sit Nonnce for governor. At tic Peak spy Jih Sicat. And strength. I myself f acini the Crotis minds personal or Public serum. The Best the world from the Cen feb. Lit1 claims of a Ilcho to a Fly Stefan to Sivc. The a dying bitty John Saye Deputy marshal it Wichita Falls was fined ?2t. Natl costs in court Here today. The ease grew out of the of Sajt Galins of Ftp Bohol. Which had been placed in is Wichita fails. Swedish Cruiser off new Orl neans it in Cocks Adviss that the swedish a cattle a Riiser Sylria arrival off the port of new Orleans Sulu Day bound twi Crescent Dity to stay an offi Cial Coti Ricsy Call the first of n dirt is of similar t a Stils planned by the War ship to we cd Lay the l Ort wireless company station Here Tury since Clorist through Galilee hns Denin Arteil Shatina Serre not himself hut serve All. In prac licit i to Luis Means Bluit when on has safely provided for Liis Persona i and family affairs any site i lit of time or Energy so Mimi be do to air forced to confess when car employees Watt five bombs before the pay Roll for their services is in liable am i in stating the Parnow sound need of is that someone of Hor Cutti in business offer him self us the helmsman during this if Iancin a other Issue i Eon Vidar secondary to these Funda 1 on n the n discussed n rid needs of the tie tall. Tic stated that the turn to pare 4 Accord ins to covenant in dating Bach to original Oivin Ambur Tot tote y vere1 bound not to lots until years. This a agreement among individual Tea. And signatories the deed in a of has already done result in Oij ners cutting tracts into lots before to flt this is the tax Tion feature will cease to operate to is understood. Contesting the right of. The City to Annex the property owners of the con tended they should not be taxed As town lots because Tutti to 2, can in 4. Sam Frazer out in governor s race Lone Oak Texas. Feb. Gigious Freedom preservation of natural resources a better i Othway and school system Are the Abief planks in the platform of Sam s. Frazer gubernatorial candidate which wan Public Here today. Fraser stated lie believed the Church and be kept apart. Appeals murder Case Austi feb. Has been filed in court of criminal appeals in to Casc of Carter Davis from Steph ens county sentenced to seven for ass built to murder Cuba Davis judges announce winners in love Mylove editor Tow ii Iii parties of tvs a Job on t Vicic hands figuring wit their sati Martl bes Reia the Pryst Decimal but they did t have a Ibrim on tic contest first prize miss Donora sos sixth Street is Liat in. Spires truth find table news in life. Jove is for Oil nil Ity. On ots the. The Best time of his whole existence As u love editor Xvi ii he wat Rietl port Arthur business men knit their iwas a Bitch their Heads unil Tonder ions and deeply at tie multitude of. Answers from which they were to choose these judges Weri picked men. Tucy to serve after a1 do Vii or so bad Noi tit blankly refused. Felt Liot some were afraid they would fish in Dot Tab love . Second prize mrs. J. Ii. My Kowey 735 k. Isth Street is the those who love rive Anil Jove wire afraid complications arts in with their off in Titita. Ami As for Thyl Well. Thev took the Hon is in Nuriu Rosity of answers but they to judge the to serve tic y consented to we Only under turn to column Murte Trail is dim death of Texas girl unsolved _ detectives Call it parallel to King mystery i Ouk. Feb. A Little Texas country Girt to new Vork four years to make her living ctn in full the _ she curried Meulli Sciort the pretty Louise different from the one her parents Hejl Micheil out for her when she Best child piano player in Texas. Her drab talented Little Tuott from the butter Fly her in the Bright Lig flt fun tons Ami died a horrible death it tic a Wirts of u skulking jewel that Mettet so try Louise Lawson it 24 was throttled from her aridity. Quest two taxi Rivere private chauffeur ski Agurs actors As As several men prominent in financial und turn 4, column 4.1 Buccaneer that s Tepni applied to colonel tyres in Ashington feb. Citation of wretched incompetence waste and dishonesty in the Bureau during tie Ai ministration of former director Chi arcs ii. For bin was inn de in a second report sub Iuit to the Senate today by the cant Mittee that spent me months in Rustika Tonj Trio Bureau. Accor Aiying the Rouimi Tecc of port was a separate report made Gentral Tohn o Byan committee counsel in which Forbes was do in Strong to cries As a Bucca countess Cousin of Harry k. Thaw sued for Balm burning letters of love introduced As evidence in action to recover half million damages for alienation new York feb. Ins letters from the countess de Rerig nay. Cousin of Harry k. Thaw to a Young automobile Salesman married whom she. Showered with attention were introduced in Satin the court today As part of a suit for alienation of affections. Her husband mrs mad clime Helen Modica a a rinsing writ. Roll Dejur from the time of her marriage Modican in 3022 until november of last year when the countess married her present husband the defendant constantly pursued and sought to alienate the affections of the e Young and Stalwart italian who is airs. Modi in s six a Wally. The countess full Nelme is ret thaw Carnegie de Etc Rincy. The Flory came out when i Xii a Walsh attorney for Mai Modica filed an order c to show Wiy she shot life not appear before Justice by Enron thursday next to testify regarding letters and Telp Ramg to Hare teen went by her to Victor Tel Odin at Var wits times. She also is to be questioned., if the Owler is granted concerning bar own handwriting were Ftp purr this complaint it Leger rent line Jinil Emmanuel Victor were married in j922, and have one child a daughter six months it alleges that the mod teas lived happily in Brooklyn at the time coun Tess de feign by s alleged alienation a ctn and was carried to a Success Ful conclusion. It was in 3022, says the complainant that the new countess de 1 Erigney passed Cheju path. The complaint declares there was an immediate malicious und wrongful Effort made by countess do i a Nijmey to win Emmanuel Victor s affections from Bis wife. The result was that by Means of gifts of Money As it is set out i the complaint of Automo Biles and other valuable things to say nothing of acts and demonstrations of love Emmanuel _ Victor was won away from his wife he the Progress of the affair a continued uninterruptedly the com plaint alleges until july 102s, when the How Nikl deserted the wife and As she alleges later went to Paris with the defendant. She says she hex not Cen him since a Ltd he Jucas not t contributed anything to her port since Bio desertion. At the Brooklyn Home of Modica s father William d. Mar Tino Weald by coat dealer where the plaintiff has been 11 Vine it was said scr Modica was Witk friends in Connecticut we have no idea where 5fri the reply her death recalled and is by the aim Whirity to but Loail vote on Gomes claim Sinclair paid to avoid publicity the Seu ale to vote monday on the Diu adding Liat Secretary Navy Conby resign. Tevi pot investigating committee Koi evidence Wilch senator its chairman regards As the Thost Concan Ssith yet unearthed of corruption in the leasing of to not dome to Narry try Albert b. Former Secretary of the Interior. These Day s Bis Cost in the testimony the e com Mattec Side red so important Frederick g. Boa Lils. Dan act Post which showed How Clair was. To tilling to in ill ions of toll frs if Tjce soar to prevent publicity or. Anything else interfering with the negotiations with fall for Teapot dome. Travelling expense report not mandatory a Stix feb. Tie state Iward of control has been by the attorney general that the concurrent Resolution of the calling upon the of every department of government to file quarterly statements of travelling expense of Ilif himself and ants is not binding in Law As it docs not have the Force and dignity of a statute. National guardsmen plan Encampment Austin feb. Are be ins considered by the adjutant sen Cral s department for Lio Dinc in july or August division Encampment of the Texas National guard in which All Hon Mclies of the Cunil will be run resented with a toll strength i of approximately ten thousand men. Heretofore each Branch of tic service has held its making three encampments in one year. Texas Railroad in great need of repair Austin the Gulf Coant Linov Between to Connor titty. Dec Ratet v Mai Terra Antl in m i the Hiir band s need w. A has ctn rom to Austin from in inspection of the went As to that n part rebuilding. Mrs. Candler is under arrest wife of drink King taken at disorderly House a Vontin to ia., feb. By t chief of 1 Olive beat mrs., Asa Candler pretty Youins wife of the a died millionaire soft drink manufacturer and two men were arrested in in a Clit Here today. They released on Bond of and trial set for 1 us Dikiy mor Niit in Koitz was furnished by j. Dard prominent Young business Inah with w. Keeling was a re std at the time. Once disorderly charge the i Pec were charged with vol lation of at ordinance a Biclie de files it disorderly House. Way found on u table in the t to chief ,.-fr. i cresting Demelf Rcd wot Nati and Tai Brejc e Ven Ivas a tit blushed Hyp an of sirs. Candler a t were just having a Little no harm in Imit logged Loik Bell vets ii oled As say of. Whet police Chi Tarcil the n part men t. The he men were seated in room. They Wen to Pulukc in uie chiefs i u to Mobile Ihil Loek Clad they Cave of Tuil were drive a by uhf to Bjick the apart ment where they or Etc Rcd an Uko Niobe la and drove Utiler the influence of liquor the police silent efforts to airs. An ii. Cand Ler Tor soft Tennent were fruitless Tinl and relatives any information. Gaudier mild his new not at Tomt my Liat he did not know Ahe was denied nity six had been refused to comment in Way. His of routers. Cant Tunt to i axek4, column 5. L a. Troops May be astred for Powell Field Texas fcl., it is found in Pomilo to keep the crime situation in county under control. Judge Hawkins scar Borough Weir cd be in a vol of asking be said Here today a series of raids following Resu tiny in tie arrest of us men and women in the Otist two Cotton Belt asks Extension of lease Washin Flox feb. St. Louis to Western Kaib Vay Toji today applied to the interstate Commerce in continue Ite lease of the Vitle North und South Texas flail. Way for two years from july with an option for an additional is Yeats f peace being kept at poor rtt a a j pro Czar blames official for Teh guard units Lumson county was issued tins aft Doii sail be ii Asp Fefolt Hekkie Tkebi s peace at Point i co Unity keeps tic peace to Nix of Oit order Dot qty lighted streets remly for. Kutin. Dry Raj to bring trouble j dry raids precipitated out break. to Thieu til life n sheriff Licar Bullet wound tie Sli Riff of to e. T hot 1 oui Iff Jap it Vii 11 Iii Ushii Cotton Jiro Cla Herriot to t rooms killing Young s a find attacked by a mob to Leader of Tuc Davidson Back Home Austin feb. Of Over not t. W. Davidson left this morning for his Home tit Marshall. No Par dons were granted during his Brief stay in Austin. Governor Neff who is in Chicago will return to Siim Jay Nice it or Early monday . N. Asks valuation Austin. Texas of ctr. To raft Norl Librn Jvn Road for of ions to be Uio Prou Eft the june 1022. Than 000 has been t in fruity Vui Ideiil of participating attack was later wounded Ami Battle. He Tau taken to ten horrid Hospital Liis. For recovery were slim of occur it at ibo Bose vital Grbtip-v., Frici ids Cihi ii to of his condition. And Lowers Chi Tui at the satan them. Shots i if Cyc Hansel j 11 the two. Groups but sons seriously Wott Ednir warfare in precipitated Byju Nimg who took Over u life tin failing reds of Clano Tieti on scores off raids the country. The a Cordius to Oul Lifavi and his its looted and pillaged prop cry. Three pin tics troops n re not in the City Milt und to club. Describes Kiji ins you it charged in a Slatt nerf Evenitz that Assassin a went cup e a son to to Fol bin be k la at Ischua Sotic Viall Ulm he arrived Down Lite site Bijj Jit i at the after i arrived in Ellmin follow s the Cut Ltd by slip not some it put Istl and went to Al Orrin army to men charged with Crogle s murder. We knt liked the front lion Noil we were officers the Law. Shots answer Knock to this it Volley of in Sidra the door answer. Were several volleys. It was a. Inst Tery Nie wily us Nyji not injured. We inc cd Tiff and fire was opened on from Firul shots in but from fear of injuring patients we re Fuino from Ansec Rojc flirt bar by Yak and placet a sword. Mitil the arrival the statement Audi Ltd in was voting swore he Wai runt out charging sheriff with Iii rdc of shot the Jet meet hot Comer Muday prot Tunhla ruin some Arhat Cut Der in Ilion. Light to Scutti riot hens winds. Wrist tax air londay ice str in Soi la Cost portion. a bather and roads Totoa. Vort it Man roads Bod. An ton clo Fly Rondot t i newspaper

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