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Port Arthur News Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Port Arthur, Texas Spotlight firemen control Blaze it a ship in Mississippi h. Destrehan la Mph fire erupted in the engine room it a too foot Righter saturday and burned out of control for six hours but firemen finally disregarded the danger of a possibly of in cargo Ana brought the Blaze under control with Mississippi River water coast guard spokesman Ken freeze said most of the Crew abandoned ship and All but two were rescued by Terry boats and other vessels freeze said a search was underway on the ship and in the River for the two missing crewmen a we have no word on those two he said a they Are still missing and we Are conducting a search at this time a the snip. The Central Gulf lines freighter Green Island was anchored toward the East Bank of the River near Destrehan. 25 Miles upriver from new Orleans during the first hours. Freeze said firemen and crewmen were afraid to use water because of reports that a chemical called ferr silicone was in the cargo hold scores of Detroit police enforce Tough City curfew Detroit up scores of specially trained police prowled the streets again saturday to enforce a Tough City curfew that apparently was succeeding in curtailing the City is recent youth gang rampages a Light schedule of nighttime events that might attract teenage crowds was credited with helping officers enforce the lop in curfew in two previous nights almost too youths were arrested for being on the streets without a Parent or guardian of the 41 arrested Friday and Early saturday a dozen were 17 years old and faced arraignment saturday in traffic court on curfew charges most pleaded innocent juveniles were to appear later in probate court with their parents. Viking i Lander scoop tries new Mars soil test Pasadena. Calif Ufi i Viking 1 s Lander scoop dropped a fresh Sample of red Martian dust into a test chamber for scientists waiting saturday to learn if Carbon molecules essential to any life form Are present on Mars. It was the second test in the robot s organic molecule analyser the first one was negative a final decision was to be made shortly on a Landing site for Viking 2. The spacecraft was photographing Mars from its Polar orbit a tentative decision had been made earlier to put the second robot Down in the Utopia Region in the Northern latitudes one of three possible Sites. The new soil Sample was the first full Load of red dust to go into the test instrument. The Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer an earlier attempt managed to get Only a tiny bit of matter into the chamber eight killed 16 injured in 11-vehicle collision Valley View. Ohio up at least eight people were killed and 16 others injured in a series of explosions and fires when a tractor trailer truck sped out of control Down a Long Steep Hill and crashed into to cars stopped for a traffic Light Here. Truck Driver John Harris 56, Detroit told police the brakes failed As he started Down Granger Road Hill shortly after 7 p m Friday the Hill turned into a holocaust of flames and screams As the truck slammed into the cars at the canal Road intersection. Police said the truck which skidded into the rear of two cars. Jackknife and rolled Over and crushed several cars. Was in fifth gear instead of second or Low gear. As recommended on a lighted sign atop the Hill inside the news a port Arth urans take advantage of Library adult education program Page Ilc a Bicentennial Battle set for 76 Dick Dowling Day. Page 3. A pc Snead charges into Hartford Lead. Page in Box 789. 7c editorial .4 Bridge. 9c Good morning in classified.id-8d horoscope.7c crossword Puzzle do obituaries.2 dimensions 1b-8b sports 1c-12c weather local forecast partly Cloudy and warm with a Chance of showers through monday High sunday and monday near 90 East to Southeast winds 8 to 14 Miles per hour probability of rain 30 per cent sunday and 30 per cent sunday night details on Page 2. Bibl thoughts i will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and their iniquities will i remember no More. Hebrews 8 12 it is human to forgive but not to forget divine love forgives and forgets Vaj no serving the Golden Triangle Southeast Texas the news Good morning sunday August 22, 1976 76-l9lfe vol. A xxix no. 235 35 cents port Arthur Texas Korea claims provocation Navy Bac bombers arrive in s. Korea Ford concedes Carter country Seoul South Korea up a North Korea accused the United states saturday of committing a a Large scale military provocation Quot by sending a heavily armed Force into the Panmunjom truce Village to Cut Down the tree where two . Army officers were killed earlier this week. The accusation carried by the official North korean Central news Agency came As the 7th Fleet aircraft Carrier Midway accompanied by a missile Cruiser and four frigates was reported steaming from Japan toward korean Waters two squadrons of u a fighter Bornberg already have arrived in South Korea the communist Agency said the . Action involved about 700 men and a helicopter Quot creating a terrible War atmosphere a the Agency in a report intended for the North korean Domestic service said the United states helicopter flew Over communist territory and accused the . Of trying to Start a new korean War according to monitors in Washington the attack wednesday came As a five Man work party escorted by . And South korean Security guards tried to prune a tree in the demilitarized zone near Panmunjom 35 Miles North of Seoul North korean guards tried to Block the workers according to the United nations command then attacked with pikes and axes hacking to death maj. Arthur bonifas 33, of Newburgh n y and 1st la. Mark Barrett 25, of Columbia so. Early saturday the unc headed by army Gen. Richard g Stilwell sent a work group into the truce Village and Cut Down the tree according to the korean Central news Agency report monitored in Seoul a More than 300 military brigades including in s troops in full combat trim were sent into the truce zone. It said they were backed up by a Over 400 armed personnel and a helicopter creating a terrible War . Army officers reported no incidents along the Border saturday Union wants computation method change pensions Caw Issue by Phil Lusignan of the news Suff Union members of Oil chemical and atomic workers and the nations Petroleum Industry will soon be trudging into Winter negotiation sessions and one of the major stepping stones will be computation of individual pensions. On a visit to port Arthur last week Bob Goss Caw International vice president said a major goal of the negotiations will be to do away with what is known As the a social Security offset a that is now figured into retirement pay. Goss explained the off set saying that under current pension plans up to 50 per cent of a persons social Security payments Are figured into the workers pension. A hypothetical example of this would be if a person was to receive $200 per month from social Security and was entitled to a company pension of $400, his total retirement Benefit would amount to $500 because half of his social Security payment was figured toward the pension Benefit. The International vice president said the Caw was proposing a four year phase out of the practice under the Union plan in 1977 Only $137 of the social Security Benefit would be used to compute the pension checks in 1978 the amount would drop to $90 $45 in 1979 and would be phased out completely by 1980. Goss said the Union Felt so strongly on this Issue that it could become a strike Issue if the negotiations did not go Well. The pension Issue was part of the . National Oil bargaining policy that Goss presented to members of the Texaco main Plant and terminal group thursday at the Caw local 4-23 Union Hall. Health and safety contract language will also be another major Issue in the negotiations Goss stated. Goss said the contract language changes being called for by the Unior included the requirement that at least one educational Survey on Plant safety and health conditions be done each year. This information would after being see pensions Page 2 Gerald Ford by Andrew j. Glass news Washington staff and United press International Washington president Ford has reluctantly decided to write off much of the deep South and Northeast to Jimmy Carter As he prepares to mount a 60-Day come from behind Campaign against the democratic nominee. The republicans according to informed sources High in the Ford Campaign. Will seek to fashion a tight electoral majority from the Industrial Midwest the farm Belt the Rocky Mountain states and such states in the a peripheral South As Florida Texas and Virginia. But the a Cotton South and the highly Urban heavily democratic Northeast is viewed by these gop insiders As Rock hard Carter country hopelessly beyond Republican reach in 1976. In recent weeks Ford has been torn by conflicting advice from his political Counselor on How Best to try to overcome Carters formidable Early Lead in the polls these internal conflicts coupled with the need to focus attention on a stiff Challenge for the nomination by Ronald Reagan have perilously set Back the White House timetable for the november election. Now with Reagan narrowly Defeated and the Republican National convention safely behind him Ford has gone to his favorite resort at Vail Colo where the Basic anti Carter strategy will be folded in the next nine Days. Some gop tacticians have urged Ford to a Campaign Quot from the w Hite House stressing the built in advantages of his incumbency. Others have urged him to take to the Road Harry Truman style to confront Carter directly on the issues. According to several top aides Ford recognizes that he has a Long Gap to make up if he is not to become the first president since Herbert Hoover to be turned out of office. Carters press Secretary said saturday the democratic nominee has completed planning for the fall presidential Campaign. President Ford said his strategy sessions would begin sunday or monday. Carter will waive the customary see Ford Page 2 Jimmy Carter in port Arthur summertime the Sun either scorches or is blocked out altogether by rain Clouds. Unfortunately one can t build a Road in the rain. So every Day except saturday sunday and rain Days for the past six months workers have endured the heat on the Dryden Hoad Extension project. One More Good week ought to finish it. Sadler says City a Fate tied to result of coastal program workers say. J my papers of Orange will finish one month ahead of schedule on the plan to pave and Gutter Dryden Hoad through Pioneer Park along 17th St. Between 6th ave. And 7th ave and 6th and 7th a be from 17th St to Gulf Way drive. The project was created to remove the overload of traffic at the intersection of ninth ave. And Gulf Way stated Lyle Vickers Coor it staff photos by Mona Brittain dilator of Community development projects in the City. Those going West on Gulf Way can choose to turn right on the Extension to eliminate the bottleneck at the intersection. This will also provide another Access to St. Mary Hospital. Vickers noted although Dryden Road Extension in 7 paved in Gold motorists May consider it heaven sent. By Mona Brittain of the news Suff the City Council will conduct a routine meeting monday while mayor Bemis Sadler is in Beaumont attempting to insure self determination for the destiny of port Arthur. Mayor Sadler is scheduled to speak at Public hearings of the coastal zone management program which will begin at 9 a in at the red carpet inn the coastal zone management program was created by the National coastal zone management act of 1972 its purpose will be to develop Long term berms Sadler programs for the management of land and water resources on the Texas coast through a coordinated permit system for commercial Industrial residential and recreational development Texas coastal zone management advisors committee has now released a list of proposed activities to manage growth and development along the 2,500 mile Shoreline and adjacent counties along the coast monday these proposals see Sadler. Page 2

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