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Port Arthur News Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1940, Page 1

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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - August 11, 1940, Port Arthur, Texas U. S. Hitting stride in defense program says fdr4 a Story in column three Britain a answer to Blitzkrieg the port Arthur news thirty ninth . 224. Port Arthur. Texas sunday. August la 1940. 32 pages Price ten cents Aid rushed to flood victims Progress Resolution to oust quietly tabled worries demos a pleases president very much demos set aside former senators proposal to keep commissioners name off ballot Germany kills rumours political questions brushed aside in interview Boston. Aug. Off a president Roosevelt asserted today that a we Are really getting into our stride on the $10,000,000,000 defense program. He told reporters that fact was demonstrated on his inspection during the Day of the Portsmouth Wheeler asks popular vote on draft plan the British claim this picture is proof of the falsity of the German boasts that nazi air losses were few in the fierce Battles Over the Channel. This picture which the British say is a 1000-to-l shot shows five a German aircraft plunging toward the Channel in flames. The germans admitted loss of to planes the British said 60 were shot Down. Nea Cable photo. Italians push on to Berrera levee closing will be urged spends Day inspecting Navy Yards Arsenal a a a Austin aug. To up a the Texas democratic state urges full production executive committee meeting Here today to canvass returns of the democratic primary election tabled a Resolution to leave off the party ticket the nominee for agricultural commissioner who has conferred with Wendell Willkie and accepted an invitation to address the Republican state Conven i Tion. E. B. Germany of Dallas announced at the meeting that he will vote the democratic ticket from a president to Germany in addition to being state demo cratic chairman was also National chairman of the committee that sought to secure the nomination of vice president John Nance Garner for president. Rumours Are unfounded j. E. Mcdonald see Story at left Boston aug. of two warring nations Germany and Italy dipped their flags it Salute to president Roosevelt today As he entered Boston Boston Harbor on the yacht Potomac to inspect defences. The greetings came from the nazi freighter Pauline Friederich and the italian freighter Dino both of which have been tied up Here since their respective countries became belligerents. Major Battle British Somaliland Cairo aug. To ins a despite at Watertown the chief executive was asked whether he was Satis brewing in meeting monday to discuss projects. A very much very much a he re Rthur May be en-1 plied. A things Are going along awfully Well. In a very Well pleased with All i saw today and it shows we Are really getting into our heated debate in Congress looms on conscription measure Washington aug. 10 up a sen. Burton k. Wheeler d., mont., tonight challenged proponents of compulsory military service to submit their Case to the Public in Tion wide referendum. Wheeler said a decision by the people on the draft Issue would be the most efficient and honest Way i of determining the course the government should take. A should be willing a if the proponents of conscript Side the administration building a a a a a a favor a demo Cla it guardsmen get rest one Day Camp Beauregard la work weary Here. The former was under from Germany said a it has been re Mored by those not acquainted aug. To up. With the facts that i would not National guardsmen fatigued aft ree to our fee of water with support the democratic nominees i r a of a a storm refugees being moved out by planes boats carry food to ravaged areas Vermilion Parish resident is first drowning victim 15,000 homeless damage runs into millions evacuation hastened worst flood in the state s history brought about by heavy Rains following last week s Hurricane moved Forward on a rampage in Southeast Louisiana late saturday wire services reported and welfare agencies red Cross workers state police and the coast guard went about their business of feeding and evacuating from High water area. At least 15,000 homeless hungry and i la i a a a i 1% a threat ened m n and the first death in Vermilion Parish from the storm and flood was Omed move i it the drowning today of Ledia to i Jpn Raff i i Mero 25-year-old resident of Erath i Iii i whose body was found near his Hill x n Ahu a Home this morning in about three i l Al St i u v feet of water q i 11111 jul Aldo damage is great Crowley and Gueydan appeared to be hardest hit of at least a dozen flooded cities it was reported democratic nominees i r r Laj. Ter a week of fighting storms for president and vice president i. I a a c that is false and without any foun and getting into condition Tor Dation. If it Ever became Neces War Maneu vers tonight Laid Down sary for me to take such a course their arms and Road building tools a i i would resign As state democratic chairman. It is generally known rest the thousands. Gueydan was completely isolated and apparently the worst damaged. Crops in All parishes in the flood other vital nazi Blitzkrieg bases blasted by British fliers by Thomas c. Watson London aug. To ins Gix Arsi Ecsi so rec or ass heavily with monetary damages _ j ,. Dolls reaching into untold thousands of i Germany s new Blitzkrieg Basea i am not satisfied with All of the after rigorous candidates even locally. From and inspections president to Constable i will be cavalry included a March through _ _ _ no voting the a Der in ref t annl Prmt food from air planes to marooned numerous other Reich War centers a sub committee on resolutions afternoon for most of the persons in stricken Gueydan and was claimed tonight following tabled unanimously the troops for rest until Early monday he coast Uard continued to Send fresh wave of German a terror that the committee omit the name Morni a boats to All Points for evacuation raids around Britain s coastal of j. E. Mcdonald state agric Jolt mean juror gwm i purposes the weather Bureau at areas. Tural commissioner As a candidate most of the nearly 50i00o guards new Orleans predicted rapid re attacking British territory for the for re election. �?��?11 a a a cession of the flood. First time in the War raft squad morning which for the and Boston Navy Yards and the army Arsenal at Watertown mass. Well satisfied at an informal conference out dollars. In the As the red Cross was dropping Channel nazi occupied British Island of Guernsey and protective measure k so that port gruelling punishment from strafing tirely Safe from the dangers of British planes mechanized italian High water the executive commit a troops and artillery tonight were tee of the chamber of Commerce reported to have pushed along Tor has voted to ask that City officials stride thous desert roads to Points within Point out the necessity to county officials of closing the in the City a protective levee where it 1 intersects with the old Beaumont Road and take up with Kansas City Southern railway officials the matter of closing the at the firing Range of Britain a principal Hill bastions defending berbers seaport capital of British Somaliland. Is necessary to have conscription in order to save democracy they ought to be willing to submit the question to a referendum because that would be the democratic Way to ascertain the Public s reaction a Wheeler said. The Montana reiterated his Contention that the army has not made an a honest Effort to procure volunteers to operate the it army a new mechanized units. Re i Hope by late fall All the Navy. A \ auction of the period of army serv turn to Page 13, column 4 1 j ice from three years to 12 months presents Resolution former state sen. Paul Page of Bastrop county democratic committee. He conceded the state men Here from 13 Southern states and the regular army troops brought Here to train with them flood at a glance Rons swept Over the English Chan a coast guard report gathered Nel and delivered two blistering probably bolted their Noonday meal from pilots of service air planes in blows Friday and Friday night All and started for the nearest flood i the stricken areas and giving the the German held Lebourg air committee lacks Anthol Ity to refuse Creek or River f0r an afternoon extent of the flood was issued sat drome and other Landing Fields on w big Battle brewing a major Battle that May prove to be one of the bloodiest in the levees intersection with their main history of african warfare was line it was Learned saturday brewing South of Berbera where j of water were to Rise As much As British White and colonial troops did in 1915 or even three or four a were entrenched in the bristling feet above the Normal level it fortifications of mount enter the City at those two and other nearby Heights. An of places it was pointed out. Fort by two italian columns to storm the Hill defences and seize the strategic Gulf of Aden port of Berbera was momentarily anticipated if it has not already begun. A communique of the British Middle East command in Cairo admitted that the a italian Advance is continuing toward our main positions in Somaliland. It said that on other Points a fall is quiet a although egyptian end British forces in Northwestern Egypt were hastily preparing for an expected italian anti typhoid precautions backed Here and an increase in Basic army pay from $21 to $30 a month would produce a flood of recruits he said. Given during recess wheelers Challenge was Given during a weekend Senate recess which advocates and foes of the Burke Wadsworth conscription Bill turn to Page 5, column 5 because of the numerous contacts Between persons in port a a meeting of chamber executives j thur and those in the Louisiana j City officials and other persons flood area or. J. Milton White i concerned has been tentatively set South county health officer urged warning issued for 1 30 p. In. Monday at chamber offices it was said. Lost invasion of Egypt from Libya toward the Suez canal. Supply centers bombed reason for British crafts sinking not Given London aug. To strongly saturday that All Here take typhoid vaccine. A since our own water Here was not polluted a he said a that May sound like an Over precaution. But it is True that we not Only have some flood refugees Here but Many of our citizens Are going to Aid friends or relatives in the flood area. A i urge All to take the vaccine unless they have had such shots ins a loss j in the last two years. Those on re a in addition to harassing the ital of the British submarine Odin was Lief Rolls May obtain the shots free Jan troops moving rapidly on Berj announced by the admiralty to at the county health office in the Bern from captured Hargeisa and _,_u4 sub courthouse or at the red Oad Weina Royal air Force squadrons dealt staggering blows to italian Supply centers and troop As a Eybl is. 1 ment of 50 officers and men italian warplanes retaliated bombings of Berbera itself and Aden the a Gibraltar of the Middle night. Cause of the Odin a sinking was not stated. The Odin built in 1928, is of 1475 $10,000,000 Span Over tropical disturbance moving northward says report to certify that Mcdonald received swim a majority vote for re election in and none had far to go because throughout the training area All streams were still at flood affording the dust smeared youths an Opportunity not Only to Bathe but to the weeks laundry in a manner that probably would not be approved if they were Back Home. The Short rest was All that was in Prospect until the end of the Maneu vers to Days hence. Training to be hard beginning monday All the guardsmen composing the red and Blue armies which in turn to ____7 from the third army that will Washington aug. To ins. Simulate actual combat will be put charges that the Roosevelt admin through the most rigorous train is ration a sugar coated its plan ing first in company units then to permit munitions manufacturers a5 �8 Mients brigades and Divi i Sions. To amortize costs by proposing a starting thursday the troops a a synthetic excess profits tax were head for the a Battlefront a and Zero hour of the a a battled which the democratic primary but announced he will ask the state democratic convention to leave the turn to Page 13, column i profits Levy is synthetic Clark avers urday. It read in part a a Gueydan completely isolated and apparently worst damaged. A Crowley three to four feet under water. A Rayne outlying Homes flooded Center of town dry. A Briceville badly inundated. A Morse partially inundated. A Midland entirely inundated with water three to four feet deep. A Esterwood same. Roads running East of Esterwood impassable. A Kaplan and Abbeville Par turn to Page 13, column 5. A hour at hand hurled today by senator Clark d., mo., at hearings on both proposals. Clark made his charges at joint of the House ways and session tons and carried a Normal comple. She is one of six vessels in the Odin class. U. S. Establishes two new listening posts Washington. Aug. To ii. A the state department disclosed to Quot 7 Clay that it was establishing Diplo 20.000 men join u. S. Army Natick listening posts at Dakar French West Africa nearest Point in Africa to South America and at St. Pieta a Miquelon French insular Possession off the coast of Canada. Record is set every month Mississippi is opened Baton Rouge la., aug. To up a gov. Sam h. Jones 3-year-old daughter Carolyn today Cut the ribbon opening the new $10,-000,000 Bridge across the Mississippi River three Miles North of Here. The Bridge replaces a ferry be tween the capital and port Allen. Miami fla., aug. To lib a the weather Bureau tonight issued the following 9 45 p. In. Advisory a Northeast storm warnings ordered Cape Hatteras to Savannah i Means and Senate finance commit a. Tropical disturbance attend tees after a dispute broke out heed by Strong shifting winds Over tween congressional and Treasury a wide area and gales near Cen ter was Central 6 p. In. Cost about j a experts on How much Money 250 Miles East Northeast of Jack the excess profits tax would raise Sonville moving slowly northward. A the administrations proposed it will cause Strong East and North.,. It excess profits tax is just a sugar East winds from Hatteras to Charleston and Strong Northeast coating to make the people Swal and North winds Charleston to Salow an amortization program to Vannah ga., late tonight reaching Benefit munitions makers a Cia Gale Force sunday and will cause a. J1 a. High tide along the Carolina coast. Cd wet it it the Askin caution advised All interests in for another four or five billion Doh Ial a every time he comes Home from a weekend trip this tax is a j drop in the bucket. Its real Pur comes sometime saturday for activities lasting through the Middle of next week. Britain s time has Hess boasts come Guernsey Island which Points Lika a Dagger at England s South coast pulverize plants recounting widespread Sevasta Tion caused by British explosive and incendiary bombs and Aerial Cannon and machine gun fire to the roots of Adolf Hitler s invasion plans an air ministry communique tonight declared Raf fleets also pulverized huge German munitions i factories in the Rhineland cities of 1 Cologne and Ludwa shaven. Giant German Oil storage Tanka at Flushing Holland were destroy i in towering flames. The nazi seaplane base of Pou Mic near the French port of Brest was declared to have been heavily damaged. The j vital railway network in Germany a leading Industrial Region the Ruhr Valley sustained crippling bl6ws in turn to Page 13, column 6. Too die in clash i mexicans sought in Washington a or. To up a More than 20,000 in ar1 joining the army every or setting a new peace time Reco for recruiting War department officials said a today. A total of 64,534 enlisted during May j Une and july for the three year service period and Une enlistments of 23,444 and the 31,598 in july established new peace time highs officials said. Army awards contracts Washington aug. To up. Slaying of sex judge Raymondville Texas aug. To it up a Valley police tonight were searching for six mexican Cotton Chicago aug. To up Al. A. I pickers who during a Holdup Early pose is to get the amortization Railroad chief Dies italians reported in fight with albanians London aug. La sunday Telegraph British news Agency reported Early today a serious clash Between italian troops and albanians near a he yugoslav Border in which the italians suffered too casualties. The dispatch dated from Bel a Grade said the italians who were attempting to mobilize certain classes of albanians burned the villages of Mam sat Korma and Orr of. It said the revolt was spreading to the Maki District. Berlin. Aug. To up a Rudolf Hess Adolf hitlers Deputy for nazi party affairs declared tonight that the German nation was convinced that a the hour is now at hand to break England a Power even to the ruination of the entire speaking in Vienna concert Hall at a ceremony marking the succession of a new nazi District Leader Hess said Germany would a fight for the peace which the ruling English plutocratic clique derisively rejected when the fuehrer once More offered to England after England s aides and accomplices were Defeated. Woman Dies Downs 68, chairman of the Board of the Illinois Central Railroad died today at the Illinois Central Hospital. _ _ tonight shot and killed Meade former Willacy w. H. County 240,000 Homes built Washington aug. To up a a Secretary of labor finances per gun Battle in which woman is slain and two men wounded reminiscent of pretty boy Floyd s Day Art treasures not damaged during War Vichy aug. To. Up a All French Art treasures National relics monuments cathedrals and castles escaped serious damage during the recent fighting Louis haute Coeur general director of beaux arts announced today. Houston Man killed Houston aug. To up .�?john1 Goering head of the German air 240,000 new Homes with a Perma Richard King 24-year-old air plane Force was believed shot Dow n j Nunt value of $825,000,000 were built j Mechanic was fatally injured towhee piloting a Messerschmidt in Urban areas the first half of this Day when Tho car he was driving fighter in a recent Aerial Battle year. She said it represented an collided with a Southern Pacific above the English Channel it was increase of 8 per cent Over the Cor freight train at a crossing near officially rep tonight. Responding period last year. Here. Nephew of Goering believed shot Down London aus. To ins. Judge and resident of this Section Nephew of Reich marshal a it Wilhelm bins reported today that More than for the past 35 Stillwater okla., aug. To up. A out of the muddled aftermath of a gun Battle in which a woman was slain and two men wounded Hall 25, were badly a Bullet from Clark s Rifle. A they killed her a Hau declared from his Hospital bed Here. A she was the Only thing i Ever loved. But by god i got one of he referred to the gunfight in Floyd a Genoa later kidnapped a Farmer and which Clark was knocked Down by friends Bill wounded. Hall w to escaped from the Oklahoma state prison at Mcalester and officers pieced together tonight the Joe Lovelace 24 a fugitive from scattered bits of a crime Story Rem the Nebraska state prison farm at of a pretty boy trans r of vessels to 1itish favored new x r a Al g. To up a Admiral will 1 h. U. S. Chie a 1 naval advocated Tonit the recondition i i s. It from our shores. The army today awarded contracts Inis rent totalling $13,804,609 for various Day. Drove on to Perkins. Okla., where a Shotgun charge Iii the Chest and spa Britain a to Ker types of equipment including a the shattered body of red haired they were captured by two High he himself was hit by three pistol $1,090,894 contract with Continental i Jeanne Coffy 30, widow of an sex Way patrolmen. Bullets. The Exchange resulted from motor corporation Detroit for Ait a convict killed in a pistol Duel three Constable c. L. Irwin who was an attempt by Clark and Irwin to plane engines. Years ago Lay in an Oilton morgue with Clark when the officers shot question the gunmen about a Rob a j As authorities sought to determine it out at close Range with the gun whether she died at the hands of men. Expressed belief the woman standi a retired rations Fer of yes to enemy Texas gop invites Barton to Parley would add new York congressman to list of Beaumont convention speakers 2000 Are expected gets Moke Power Manila p. I., aug. To ins a a Bill giving president Manuel Quezon virtually unlimited Power to Cope with any emergency resulting from the Elt Roopan War was passed today by the philippine Assembly. Police or her gunmen companions was slain accidentally in the furious tossed from car Exchange. She was tossed from a speeding a got one of them a a Black Sedan in downtown Oilton i her body was torn by a blast Beaumont aug. To. Efforts were being made by Texas re pub Boeing plane Plant lican leaders saturday to add the name of congressman Bruce Barbery at Oilton earlier in the Day. I Otdis or a i i in nor Lun new York to the list of notable Epe Akeis for lie stale re pub Hall recovering strike Lallu Urr bean convention Here monday and j Highway patrolmen John Boyd Seattle aug. To up a threat tuesday. De to be available to talk. Bailey and j. R. Butler captured Hall and 0f a strike at the big Boeing air governor Ralph Carr of Colo is a Willkie Leader in Texas. Lovelace after putting two Jcj a Many Plant Here was dim Rado and state commissioner of j Early arrivals victim of attack by negro taken by death fort Worth aug. To up a mrs. Horton b. Allen 19, victim of an attack at Grandview thurs Day died in a Hospital Here tonight. About 45 minutes before her death sheriff Oran Smith of John son county had left Tarrant county jail for an undisclosed destination with Tommy Harris negro charged with criminal assault in connection with the attack. Mrs. Allen wife of a Grandview grocery clerk was beaten and stabbed. She was delivered Early today of an infant born dead. Vow chief in favor of selective draft new York. Aug. To cd commander in chief Otis n. Brown of the veterans of foreign wars of the United states tonight declared that his organization favored Universal military training As a essential to the effectiveness of a permanent and adequate National tense program a to talk Trade plans Buenos Aires aug. To a a foreign office officials said today conversations Are under Way to by ing United states Trade experts to Argentina to discuss a greater Exchange of products without attempting to revive negotiations for a Trade past which collapsed last december. Weather report local for pc a St fair to in Cloudy sunday with gentle to it and mostly a part bullets into Halls body and shoot-1 int night. Officials of the j agriculture Mcdonald already Are i flatly Comers began showing up be a us in orly Southwest winds last night after a gun fight in from a Shotgun carried by the Fugi ing Bill Glimp a Drumright farm company and the Al affiliated booked. Joseph Weldon Bailey saturday night. Several Hundred 11 1 11 Toni s tides which police chief Ben p. Clark fives Irwin said hut an autopsy or kidnapped by the gunmen in the need Aniess Union agreed to arb Dallas attorney and son of the late delegates will arrive by sunday Nogi in \ y nuns p m. And one of mrs. Coffyn a fugitive disclosed also that she was hit Byj turn to Fage 5, column 2 i ate disputed Points senator Joe Bailey also is expect turn to rage 5, column 3 1 Low 2 03 a. In 31 p. In

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