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Port Arthur News Newspaper Archives Apr 3 1926, Page 5

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Port Arthur News (Newspaper) - April 3, 1926, Port Arthur, Texas The port Arthur news sat Day apri 1926. Page five Lee Brothers circus today 4iri fiction open 1926 season in performances two Linns and elephants monkeys and camels leopards mid Hippopotamus is a these and Many other things Are in port Arthur to any with i dec Brothers animal shows for the first circus Day of 1020. The big tent has been stretched at Thomas Boulevard and fort Worth Avenue and the circus folks saturday morning were making Rendy for the big Parade scheduled for the noon hour. Two performances of the big animal show Are scheduled one for 2 p. In. And the other for 8 p. In Lee Brothers present purely i wild animal performance. There Are trained elephants trained Lions leopards and camels As Well As Domestic animals such As dogs jew vines and the horse display is said to be one of the finest in the country. One remarkable and outstanding act is a group of eight trained female nubian Lions which arc presented by Captain Jacobs an intrepid animal Trainer. There Are tile usual number of clowns acrobats and lad through the air in numerous gymnastic feats and another group of Iron Jawed performers that Fly through the air holding on by their Teeth and giving Graceful exhibitions of daring and strength. I be brother own what is acknowledged to lie one of the oldest elephants in Captivity. Ii or original name was Babbette hut she is now known As . She was brought to this country in 1877 by a Hollander by the name of Van Amberg and previous to that time was known As a most kindly Well disposed beast but for some unknown reason she All at once became vicious and became a Man killer and and took Nonas bands from ins Cunt As she murdered three or four of Lier keepers. Van Amberg decided to get red of Lier. As her character was Well known among the circus people no Fine would have Ber until finally a Man by the name of Monroe bought Lier for a ridiculously Low sum. Ile of Oner chained Lier Bead Down which is done by putting a Chain round the neck and a Headword of Chain and she was made helpless. She is said to have remained in that condition for 20 years before any one could Trust her until Monroe passed Anay and the elephant was sold at auction and again brought a Low Price. One Day her new owner took the chains off of Lier and from that time on , is she is now called hns proved to be one of the most easily managed elephants in the country. Belin Here today the town gossips of Bort Arthur have speculated for 15 years about the origin and business of Harry Morton Rich attractive Middle aged Bachelor who dwells with i adopted daughter Audrey. In expensive household in Bort i Bur. And who maintains an apartment in Kansas i try which visits nearly every week. A Man. Who Morton Calls Smith and who claims to be Audrey Stepfather Spears after an absence of eighteen years. Morton hurries him off to a Job in Smit i America. Nona a Beautiful Kansas i it girl who is in love with Morton quarrels with lads of whom she is jealous and is in a rage at Morton. She asks Morton to Call on Ber Hie next night. Ile finds a strange Young woman there. Apparently alone. A Man rushes in. Denounces him or being with the girl and demands Money. Morton laughs at them finds Nona hiding in the bedroom. She confesses that she planned the a a badgers a game. Morton starts to leave. Now go on with the Story the mimes and situations in this Story Are fictitious. Chapter i Morton turned. Nona was on Lier feet now Bolding to Bim with both hands. The other girl still in her thin Kimono. Was picking up Lier fur coat Lier Man companion fidgeting uneasily Hud retreated to the far Corner of the room. A you two prunes get out of Here Nona cried furiously looking at the girl find stranger. Morton set Down his Walkingstick. Bombs smash Pekin houses several fall near residences of americans biking a. D aviators dropped of Quot let a mba on peking today. Severn to were destroyed. No erne was i a communique from lie Peoples army yesterday said invading troops id started 1� ctr inf toward tientsin. This is the kit d time an attempt to bomb Beking i s been made. The i plane flew Over the City about to minutes it was estimated. One bomb was dropped in the Pei Ifni Palace Luke Kotlier in the place of Tim forbidden City. Another near the Temple of heaven. The object of the aviator it ens stated had teen to destroy the Barracks of the Peoples army. Several of the explosions occurred dose to the residences of americans. The bombing has increased the apprehensions of both chinese and foreign residents of the capital. Foreigners Are practically battled up in Beking inasmuch As no train hns left peking in any direction for to Days. Mayor selects wife As City safety director there Iff sir de Anis wife. Res a >11 Lorain Ohio. April 3 a. Distinct advantage in n City administration a a family mayor William f. Grad declare pouncing the appointment of i heretics Mother of Ai he i id r i., Rains new safety director a in the fir to place. Mayor asserted. A run now rest a that i will he in a safety direct will to Loyal to mrs grail sneered safely tor of g. King who was disc for a a Lack of loyalty and co the major a to Baa his father on the City payroll. Red Era up i _ v pains r or 63 year. A let Init a i 11 Mill ti1 have sensibly corrected this a a Liard lol Tuul by in chamberlains to unadulterated exquisitely scented Kin is freed by confession Slayer admits crime to save father in Law Walnut Ridge ark., april 3. A haunted by a murder committed dearly a year and a half ago silent ill these month while i father inlaw a prosecuted for the crime and driven to speak Only when the innocent Man waa bout to a ten traced to ten years in the Penitentiary Tom at Kina 25, a confessed in open court that he had killed Tom Scott on october 23, j024. At Kina dramatic confession unprecedented in local court annal came during the hearing in third judicial circuit court on the motion for a new trial for Seymour Christie local contractor convicted of the murder of Scott by a jury which fixed Ilia punishment at ten years Iii the Penitentiary. While the attorney were addressing the court Young Atkins Roar from a a eat at the rear of the courtroom and asked if he might a eak. Admits min lug a i am the Man who Ariot and killed Tom Scott a he said in a Clear firm voice that carried to every listener in the courtroom. After a pause Young at Kina went on in an even tone. A it wan a Case of mistaken men then Atkin gave a detailed account of the killing. Iii Story Fol Low a Man in Walnut Ridge had paid marked attention to or. At Kina. Who formerly a Mia i on Christi daughter of Seymour Chri to Tad Atkin had warned the Man repeated or to Tay away from i Home. On the night of the murder at Kina was walking Home when his wife admirer driving an automobile nearly ran him Down. Atkins hurried to the Christie Home obtained a Shotgun and slipped out a a car passed the House with an a1 Molt constant blowing of the Horn. Fires at ground Atkins ran toward the Road with the double barrelled Shotgun cocked stumbled Over a wire and both bar rela were fired. Seeing the car Stop he reloaded the gun and fired twice shooting toward the ground both Timea. He said that he had no in action of killing anyone but Only wanted to scare the Man who a trying to team his wife not knowing he a shooting at two innocent men Scott the Driver of the automobile fired upon died in a Hospital at Jonesboro a Short time later while i companion Keith Wike recovered judge Coleman accepted the plea of guilty and sentenced Atkin to five year in the Penitentiary on the charge of second degree murder. Ile started to speak but the Young woman in the Kimono interrupted shrilly a who told us to come up Lien a whore you calling a prune in advanced toward Nona Lier arms re voicing in the air and Lier Finger crooked As if prepared to scratch. Nona crouched and gloved toward her with the motion of in animal about to Spring. Morton noted Ber likeness to a Black Panther with Lier sleek Midnight hair and blazing dark eyes. There was no time for contemplation however. The girl were within an instant of physical attack upon one Nib tier. Morton was Between limn in one Ruphel stride. He thrust the strange girl Back and turned to Nona a you sit Down in he said quietly. She looked at him still blazing with Wrath. Then obediently die Sank into the Arm chair that Morton had occupied a few minute before. She seemed to shrink Aas she sat there and her Eye gathered a look of fear As they Tel Ted upon Morton. A i suppose your clot he Are in that j bedroom a be asked the other girl. She Shook her head. She still was snarling and casting vicious sidelong glances at Nona. A i live upstairs a Abe said. Morton a lipped to one Side Aud waved his band toward the door. A then take your coat and your Young Luau Aud go upstairs a he infarcted her. With tile Man tagging sheepish at her heels she obeyed and Morton closed the door. Going Over to the piano Stool be sat Down a a Well a he inquired. Non ship Ted off Lier chair to the floor Sud on her Ktie a she hitched Lier Way across to where Morton was sitting. Clasping her hands a if she were praying Aile lifted her White drawn face. Quot of my god hurry for god Sake forgive me i did no to know what i w a doing you la believe me wont you wont you forgive me Oil hurry Harry hurry Quot her voice choked until her words barely were distinguishable. Morton took Ber two hands in one of his and raised Lier to her feet. Ile led Lier Back Aero the room Aud seated her in the chair Abe had Juat left. Then he returned to by own Stool and leaned Back his fingers clasped around i Knees. A better Tell me All about it a he suggested. It a a Little time before the girl could speak. At last in halting sentence she told him what cd happened. Jealous of Lois and of by Light hearted acceptance it ii Ian com Pany tile night Lief re. She had raged nod wept All night after lie left her. In the morning a plan occurred to her. I wanted to get even with you Quot she said. A i wanted to Hurt you to humiliate Morton smiled quietly a he went on. A this girl you saw Here lives a couple of floor above. She was busted. She used to dance in a cub arty with that fellow. He a her partner. But they Haven to had an engagement for week and weeks and week. And i just thought that she would lie glad to get a Little Money and be the sort of fellow that will try an it things once. Anyhow they both said they dins tickled to death to try it Ami just before you came King George begins Economy Campaign London april 8.�?faced with the Ever increasing Cost of state entertaining. King George a started another Economy Campaign at Buck Ingham. One of his measures reduces the number of a Hie lord in waiting from 12 to three each lord in waiting serves for a month at time and receive a salary of a year. In future they will nerve four i Mes a apr and the saving of Foj fido thus effected will cover the cot of several state banquets at the a Palace in they were telling How they could use the Money to go Over to London and make a fresh Mart there. Hie cabaret Are pretty Punk. In Jjo Tinti said Morton and turning strummed a bar or two with one hand on Hie piano. Then he swung Back again faring tile girl. A do you really think that you could do anything to no Quot till a scheme like that Nona Shook her head. Quot i did t know a it Ive i thought so. I dido t. Know anything i guess except that i Quot anted to Hurt you. I wanted to Hurt your Pride in she crossed tile it room Aguin and once More Knelt at Iii feet a i a i love you so that Why i did a treacherous smile on her lips an swered his Quick la ugly. A perhaps it Vns right to dissemble your love. Blit Why did you kick me downstairs a he quoted. A i guess that when one is in love they re kind of crazy anyhow a the i girl said. Quot i know i was. I wanted those people to shame you and make j you give lieu Money and see you i just a Little broken. And then when i you did come in him they started i i wanted to kill them i a she threw Ier arms around i Knees and two Bigben in coursed Down Lier Cheek. A ooh Harry i did t really want to Hurt you i Jum wanted you for Morton glanced at i wrist water and the girl slowly a clasped ins Knees. Her Eye were questioning and full of a plea for forgiveness. Morton arose briskly. A i think ill wander on Back lie said. She continued to look at him pleadingly. Lie a at the door when he paused a by the Way that girl who tried this Badger game on me did t Loos any too Well fed. Are Abe and that a partner of Liers really hard up a Nona said dully. Morton Drew Forth a Hill fold and rapidly flicked from it a Little sheaf of Bilic. A give this to them a in said a a it la Toke them to London. And Tell them to do a better Job Over there i Ila to they did in Here tonight advise them to stick to their of it Nous took the Money Ami watched him with heavy eyes a be went out the door and closed it. A a a the Telephone rang when Morton was at breakfast the next morning his Lin tier answered. A there s a lady downstairs who a telephoned four or five times now a lie said. Quot she been waiting there Nim seven of clock. She would t give her name so i told them to wait until you were up and had your i Morton up a Morton Morton a taking ii Coffee lie reappeared. A the lady is Here a he said. Morton Lush de urn followed him a ire went into the Large room there was til crinkle of a Amil about Bis c Ile betrayed no ii j Otiis Brient Winn he saw Amia standing Iii tin Center of the be in. Til Butler withdrew us Morton nodded cheerily a a a Little Early for your morning be said Quot you la find this chair a a a done to treat me like that said earnestly. A i done to want to j sit Down. I Haven t slept since you i left me lat she had cd it. There were deep dark circles under her eyes and lines 1 of fatigue l id drawn themselves from j Lier nostro Down past the Corners it she had used Lier lipstick the but the effect a ast the pallor that edged put there was m or figure too an meanness in Lier voice. A a to forgive me. Harry Quot Iii the name of heaven give me done to be so Don t keep that Shell a i just wanted you for myself is final sup of winning personality for men and women Polson Oak or Ivy is relieved quickly and permanently with Imperial eco Eta ratted j. All druggists Are authorized to refund Jour Money of it a ii a in. Remedy the cause end constipation help nature glee you better health if your Stoma h and liver Are wreak your food is not digested. Thi cause food to a held up to your body. The usual re lit a constipation which cause headache and severe Gas pains. For 63 Veara. Peo Ity corrected the con using chamberlains Tablet for the stomach and liver. They he p the digestive organa atop chronic constipation. 50 chamberlains Tablet coat Only 25c at your druggist or Eegao 2.v to Chamberlain Medicine co. 619 Park Street. De Moines. Iowa. Her Mouth. Ami Lier p ghastly Aga the Carm 11 Droop to i arts Ible a Quot i a trait she a Iii. Can to a a cold to to a Nona my dear a lie said slowly pausing before Lier. Quot i pm simply i not going to permit any woman on Earth to do the hut of thing to in j that you be Bretl trying to do the lat Day or so. You quarrel with my friends and you Lay a trap for no a n ridiculous one i ii admit but you intended it to be a trap. I understand what was in your mind but your motive i. Beside the question Ifor the moment. A child might play with a Box of mulches with the Best of intentions Aud set your House on fire. Yon understand his intentions but you take matches away from him thereafter. I want you to Quot there was a stir on the Balcony a hat ran in re the end of the room to a level with the second floor. Audrey was standing there looking intently it him. And it the girl who sat in Hie chair before him. To be Pont inned to Opy rigid Bdl jul Nea service inc a la asked Quot ill see sir the Butler went slowly into the a Muir Hui and up the Steps. Bros in Fly he ret ii r net. A miss Morton maid says she is nearly dressed a a Lake word to miss Morton not to Rome Down stairs until i Send for her a Morton ordered. A Tell her there will la someone Here whom i do not wish her to meet. When you have i done that Tell tile woman downstairs j that Abe come the Butler went away a an his Mission. A few minutes later As around you you re killing me. half Automa Hally she obeyed by gesture Aud to k the hair he offered. Her by were not on him now. But were fixed vacantly on the floor. She went a Lier tone monotonous. By if Al a i be had been withdrawn front her. A you Don t understand what you re doing to me Ash said. A Avon would t do it if you did kirov a. You Arentt cruel but you Are being cruel to Morton made a Quick gesture. A i Haven t said an unkind word Nona a he said. She nodded slowly. A no you Haven to Suid anything unkind. I wish you had. I w ish you had struck in a beaten me. Quot of hurry hurry done to you know that there is nothing so killing to a woman As indifference a site held up her Arm toward him. Quot beat me la anything you want to anything in the world is better than to have you cold and hard like Morton took one of her baud abruptly gave ii ii single put dropped it and began pacing the room thoughtfully. Nice twisted herself until she could Lay her Arm across the Hack of the hair. Then Abe dropped her head upon her Bentel Lew a Ini fat there quiet and drooping. There was a Long silence. Morton. Walk log up and Down glanced it her from time i time. She did not stir tint sat with the air of one who has been utterly Defeated Quot Nona a he amid at length. Quot you j can t win a mail s love or hold it by keeping him in hot water. Mighty few women know that. Most of them i think do the Way you re doing. A Man May he fond of a woman Wren he in love with her. But if she is always exploding emotional dynamite under him. Making scenes and keeping him acutely uncomfortable he is going to wander she nodded without replying and without lifting Lier head from her Arm. Ile took another turn around the room. Then he resumed Quot i suppose there Are men who will stand that sort of thing. I doubt of they ate Worth having though. I done to believe the women even want them after they get them. Dreadful pains Georgia lady who had lost too much weight was advised to take Cardui and is now Well. 8. A Good looking Man or woman who can smile is a sure Winner in business or in love. A Good a flite Means smiles and health it How Many enjoy their food they suffer from liver trouble or indigestion and life becomes a Burden. An old reliable Medicine Good for stomach and liver is or. Pierces Golden medical discovery in liquid or tablets. A Druid Rte will begin april 7 inspiring music a a lightning a Immanuel male quartet John b. Ratio a a Pollyanna great lectures text ailment americans Are proud of buy your tickets now at Mcmullen so Glass Hart drug Kleas drug Crowell Gifford k. C. Rogers piano City drug Pace furniture co., fullers restaurant Plaza hotel hotel Cook Seaboard Bank so Trust co. Columbus . George Hunter of this City writes a after i married thirteen months ago i suffered with dreadful pains s0<1 pm y. Adult $2.50�?student $1.50�?child $1.00 in my sides during. My aide j Hurt so bad it nearly killed me. I had to go to bed and stay sometimes two weeks at a time. I could not work and i Juat dragged around the House. Quot i got very think i went from 128 Potmas Down to less than too. My Mother had Long been a user of i Cardol and she knew what a Good Medicine it was for this trouble so she told me to get some and take it. I sent to the store after it and before i had taken the first bottle i began to improve. Quot my Side Hurt less and i began to improve in health. The Cardui i acted As s Fine tonic and i do not feel like the same person. I am so much better. I am Well now. I have gained ten pounds and am a till Gabling. My Eidos do not trouble me St All. A i wish every suffering woman knew about nc-160 Tim woman j Tomic rangers build 6,500 markers for roads Olymbia wash., april ,5.�? Forest Range a of Oregon am a shit ton have just Complete ,.tiki a Jug boards made in snare time during the Winter season the slab a Wood. Painted White lettered in Green each give the name of Acme Road or Trail distance Altitude and the usual fire warning. The markers Cost an average of 78 cents per Square foot and will be nailed up before National Forest week in april. Arithmetic bad he protests jail term Chick Asi i a okla., april 3.�? that a Fine Way to double Crow u fellow a a mumbled j. D. Thomas. When be was sentenced to 18 month in the Iez i tertiary on a plea of guilty to i. Charge of stealing chickens. Quot you officer agreed to give me two years if i pleaded guilty and along come this judge and gives me is Mouths. No sir i Tell you it Ain t uncensored plays in London scored London april 8.�?sunday per forma Nee of uncensored play in i London Are menaced with the ban of the Horn office. At present dramatic societies hire t lieu ter on 8uu�lu>j and give private performance of j salacious shows without any iut Erfer j Dice from the authorities so Long a tie King s peer is preserved and civic \ reformer have Long knifed askance at j the uni it made of this Liceri. A Dele ration of reformers Waite i upon sir j w. Joy Futon i ii in the Home Secretary Ami asked Bim to put a atop to even private performances of uncensored Playa. Combined a pc 414 yearn Danville ky., april 8. At the store of vol. Barks Berryville recently were five men including or. Bark whose age totalled 414 years Trey were or. Barks. 81 John c. Martin Khz j. Ii maxes 82 George j is 78, and i. M. Gray 82. Ice preserves your food ice protects your health open Day and night Call 114�?phone�?164 port Arthur ice co. Coal Wood Henry Mills mgr. A Little Tommy Jones wanted work. Extra work for the hour after achoo. Tommy figured thai1 he might As Well be turning i spare time into Dollar and making a Start Iii the Busine world at one Aud the same time. Having inquired at several situation wanted and in the to lash fied col urn a of tins new esp her. Teu minute later a rail earns Over our wire. Aud i got the Call. A boy a voice asked if he could get help in writing a situation wanted and. Tommy Jones hah the work he wanted now Sud other people May profit by his example. Juat Call Rue at �?\2 up the beanstalk when Jack climbed the beanstalk he got a new Conception of his needs. No longer would just a Hen do but a Golden egg Hen. No longer just a Harp but one that stood by itself and played. He did no to know what he wanted till he saw something better than what he had. Though he Laboured hand Over hand to get hold of that Point of View. Advertisements give you a High Point of View without any climbing at All. They spread world products before you servants to serve you conveniences to please prices Low because so Many thousands Are using the same. They give you a new Conception of what you a like to own. No longer will a watch or food chopper do but the highest improved watch or food chopper. No longer just a radio but one of purest transmission. They make you change your mind about what you started to choose and choose something More pleasing at no higher Price. They help you see the whole Field of satisfying wares. They lift you to fresh Joys. Read the advertisements honest facts Are in their news

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